Can Miracle Berries make these meals taste good? - Ten Minute Power Hour

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Remember these miracle berry things? We’re putting Arin and Dan’s tastebuds to the test in this misphonia inducing adventure across a cursed tasting menu.
Arin is wearing the “HECK” shirt from psychiccircleoddities.com
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9 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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PR1DE 18 saatler önce
3:15 I love Arin's face when Dan asks 😂. He looks like he's trying to contain his excitement
Christie Knowles
Christie Knowles Gün önce
Their toilets will be punished for this endeavor.
Christian Bedard
Christian Bedard 2 gün önce
That steak didn't look very rare
STRNGQUARK 2 gün önce
arin: i hate (food) arin: _eats (food)_
Dat Artist Tho
Dat Artist Tho 3 gün önce
I'm with you, Arin. Tomatoes are DISGUSTING 😖🍅
AngeLPlayz 3 gün önce
Arin : tastes like eating an eyeball Me : wtf when did you eat an eyeball
Emilio Ibarra
Emilio Ibarra 4 gün önce
Dan: Still got a bit of kick to it Arin: it tastes like papapshueenzofdwlwb
TheGreatYukon 4 gün önce
I'd consider trying these if they weren't 17 freaking dollars for 10 of them, because this did seem to be an interesting experience.
Bonnie Mairead
Bonnie Mairead 4 gün önce
I love how they grind salt into their mouths.
Steven Arts
Steven Arts 5 gün önce
Arin could do a asmr of him just chewing stuff
Jazz 5 gün önce
6:55 sounded like a minecraft mob dying
Joker Lockhart
Joker Lockhart 9 gün önce
Dan: is this my son? That part kills me every time without fail
Joker Lockhart
Joker Lockhart 9 gün önce
11:12 btw
O.C. S
O.C. S 10 gün önce
This should be called the Grumps lip smack and do asmr for ten minutes.
DivaDivineGoddess 10 gün önce
i want miracle berrys where is it from?
Crow's Dome
Crow's Dome 11 gün önce
This video has made me realize Dan and Arin are just two Tumblr users that decided to record gameplay and other things.
512 12 gün önce
I for one enjoy the tomato sensation of "eating an eyeball" please direct all of your tomatoes to me
Mr. Coin64
Mr. Coin64 12 gün önce
It’s time it’s time it’s time again to go for another butt hole sniffing adventure
Charlie Charmander
Charlie Charmander 12 gün önce
I tried this in my anatomy class when we studied the tongue lol. It temporarily alters the taste buds to make make sour, salty, etc taste sweeter. Lemons became my new favorite food. That was a fun day😆
Trevor G
Trevor G 13 gün önce
Literally died laughing when dan tried the apple cider vinegar
The Conjurer
The Conjurer 13 gün önce
"Dan and Arin do recreation drugs on camera" was not what I was expecting to watch today.
CattusAhoy 14 gün önce
idk how else to say this but Dan's face is just delightful! He almost always has a lil smile :) Arin's face is great too of course !
CattusAhoy 14 gün önce
arin eating food: it burns
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez 14 gün önce
9:42 Arin if he was a judge on one of those cooking shows.
Emreld Fortnite
Emreld Fortnite 14 gün önce
What happen to the Dino’s they aren’t fossils anymore
C S 15 gün önce
I can just imagine Dan at the hospital with Arin by his side and then Dan "threws" up and then looks at the orange blob he just 'threwd" up and just say " is that my son?" and the docter comes in and says " no its your daughter..... and its arins"
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 15 gün önce
“Is this my son?”
Angel36930 16 gün önce
01:45 Dan has the face of every 5 yr old kid who tells their parents they didnt swallow their gum
LUCKYRiCK MUSIC 16 gün önce
AJ-n-Stuff 17 gün önce
10:50 is both a fact and a mood
Noah Hooves
Noah Hooves 17 gün önce
I like how nearly every 10 minute power hour is 15 minutes long
link 17 gün önce
i love that dan was the one who suggested the apple thing but was still hesitant to do it and said it was "too close"
A Lomay
A Lomay 18 gün önce
Eating a tomato
Whisper Animations
Whisper Animations 19 gün önce
Dans chest hairs
Justice Singletons
Justice Singletons 19 gün önce
Arin is the most annoying eater ever, no debate. *bite* *Lip smack lip smack* Ughhh *lip smack lip snack*
LOLHICRONO 19 gün önce
lemon on steak is normal not sure about the banana juice part
Olivia ew my name
Olivia ew my name 19 gün önce
4:32 5:00 5:07 5:13 5:29 5:35 5:42 *dies* 5:55 *dies even more* 6:54 *?_?* 12:32 12:54 I will edit as more noises he makes happens :)
Brgon2016 20 gün önce
Glad I somehow got here from a MC Mental vid
Beta Xeeta
Beta Xeeta 20 gün önce
Arin would hate this one kid I knew in elementary school who would bring a whole ass tomato and eat it during lunch like it was an apple
Mr. Meatballs
Mr. Meatballs 21 gün önce
Im a straight man. But Dans exposed chest hair? It scares me
Fox983 22 gün önce
I would’ve loved for arin to have gone to eat like a disgusting combination of like tomatoes banana peppers and horseradish on top of lemons, and by then the m berry had worn off and he just basically ate barf
Onyx Alagasia
Onyx Alagasia 23 gün önce
My first thought was that they weren't social distancing, but then I saw Dan's sleepy hair scrunch in the beginning
Oliver Stroben
Oliver Stroben 23 gün önce
Dan's orange TicTac story, and Arin sounding like a Minecraft zombie while eating horseradish is now, and officially will be my new happy place
Colosmic Gaming
Colosmic Gaming 23 gün önce
Little did they know arin was on to something if you take the mberries then eat their murch than you another reason to go broke buying there entire stalk this plan is full proof and im about to do this thanks for the idea arin 😁👍
DailyGamer 23 gün önce
I I thought title said Muscle Berries
TXC Slayer
TXC Slayer 23 gün önce
6:52 Batman Chewing with his mouth open
Rocket Crusher Gaming
Rocket Crusher Gaming 23 gün önce
Dans reaction to eating food with the miracle reminds me of Gordon Ramsey reacting to his own food
Jujuu Michelle
Jujuu Michelle 24 gün önce
Bone Ape Tit!!
Kevin 0
Kevin 0 24 gün önce
if arin would've have his eyes closed, 3:31, i would have that pic as wallpaper on my computer
Marl0w The1st
Marl0w The1st 24 gün önce
Put a miracle berry in the gaming community and that salt tastes so much sweeter.
Narwhal Dick
Narwhal Dick 24 gün önce
(Unrelated to the video) If someone could bring me a pack of Sour patch kids I would pay 10$ on the spot no questions asked.
Lian Kolombo
Lian Kolombo 25 gün önce
It’s not candy and apples it’s honey and apples 3:22
Madman Reanimated
Madman Reanimated 18 gün önce
Or caramel apples
Requiem for a Meme
Requiem for a Meme 26 gün önce
After the show, Arin and Dan experienced a ten minute power shit.
Awdi_ Almonds
Awdi_ Almonds 26 gün önce
On the next power hour I wouldn’t be surprised if they straight up did all the drugs
Alright Animation
Alright Animation 26 gün önce
The funny thing is I would enjoy salmon in a pool of lemon juice without any magic berry.
Alligator6000- Animations and Gameplay
the guyintheback127
the guyintheback127 28 gün önce
Dan looked like rango 1:45
Little_Lion_Heart 28 gün önce
Arin's eating sounds trigger my flight or fight response
SpitfiretheCat16 28 gün önce
"Hi, I'm your uncle Carl." "And I'm Weird Al Yankovic's animatronic double."
WingMan 29 gün önce
13:19 the video paused here for some reason and dans face is amazing
Pipe Dream
Pipe Dream Aylar önce
FINALLY A FELLOW TOMATO HATER seriously, I dont know anybody who dislikes them but I avoid them like the plague XD
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