Can I beat Mario Odyssey if he is tiny?

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20 Haz 2022




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David Hale
David Hale Aylar önce
It's interesting that the fact that you get more height out of launches means that the game is applying forces instead of vectors just, meaning that each physical object also has mass
Adrian Rubin
Adrian Rubin 13 gün önce
My brain hurts from reading this comment and reading the replies
Austin Sloan
Austin Sloan Aylar önce
i to get back
Austin Sloan
Austin Sloan Aylar önce
i to get get home 🏠🏠 i to take the
Austin Sloan
Austin Sloan Aylar önce
i to be
Austin Sloan
Austin Sloan Aylar önce
i to be a
Retro Gaming
Retro Gaming Aylar önce
As a short person, we do in fact spin, pound, and cap jump to get up stairs.
tyyg tyyh
tyyg tyyh 2 gün önce
mans speaking facts btw im 4,4 and im 11
The_lord2009 3 gün önce
Can confirm
Arian Houshidari
Arian Houshidari 7 gün önce
same here
FNaFmaster #1
FNaFmaster #1 15 gün önce
If ur under 4' 10, you know that u have to use hacks to get up stsirs.
Red Panda.
Red Panda. 27 gün önce
@Brendan Shammerlin ya mean 6 ft?
TimeBucks Aylar önce
This looks amazing
vlog @bisht
vlog @bisht Aylar önce
Manuel Da Silva
Manuel Da Silva Aylar önce
Excellent report
Carlos Aylar önce
Max khan list
Max khan list Aylar önce
Azimsha Muhammad
Azimsha Muhammad Aylar önce
Dazcar Aylar önce
the first set of strongholds spawn in a ring at a distance of 14 hundred to 18 hundred blocks away from (0,0) and the player can spawn in at a square area of 3 thousand by 3 thousand within (0,0). there is a very slim chance for the spawn point to overlap the stronghold spawn donut and for a stronghold to actually spawn there, so technically it is possible to get a stronghold underneath spawn.
Anshsgh 8 gün önce
@Archer Elms its a 1/1 trillion
Anshsgh 8 gün önce
i think wrong video
Wowz 11 gün önce
Ummm okay
EndlessLane24 17 gün önce
Dazcar 20 gün önce
@Qinkiebinkie watch the video
goseenanan Aylar önce
You can spawn above a stronghold in Java if you got crazy spawn displacement or on old versions where stronghold spawning was different. Look at the enter end wr or the pre 1.9 ssg wr
AlienXtream Aylar önce
@Mail-Main give it 20 years or so. then we will get skynet ;)
Mail-Main Aylar önce
@Zooning - i was just tryna piss off the bot, which now that i think of it, might be impossible
Zooning -
Zooning - Aylar önce
@Mail-Main being atheist doesn’t protect you from conversion, like “I’m atheist” and he be like “o I’m sorry, my bad I didn’t know, well never mind then. I guess I’ll be on my way, have a nice day.”
tam tri
tam tri Aylar önce
Mail-Main Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! i'm, athiest
Xplanate Aylar önce
imagine being bowser and seeing an Italian man the size of a tic-tac come up to you and destroy you
reza, used to be snom
@thi tam did you imagine it?
thi tam
thi tam Aylar önce
Donuts Aylar önce
@Zekromium he's actually very average
reza, used to be snom
@V HYPLEX! counter ratio
faze minecrft
faze minecrft Aylar önce
If you think about it the race in snow kingdom is really messed up, one of the racers doesn’t want to participate in the race so you take control of his mind and force him to race, then after you utilize his strength and skills you take the multi moon that you had no way to obtain by yourself and run before anyone realizes that you took control of someones mind to take the prize
Nadarith 6 gün önce
@ArtFromHer Better to be an atheist than a spam bot
ChrisTheCone 24 gün önce
Taking mind control of defenseless monsters who have lives of their own to defeat a turtle who stole your girlfriend
El Beano
El Beano Aylar önce
My dudes, this is Super Mario Odyssey, take the religious debate elsewhere
Icysnowman Aylar önce
I mean the dude wants to race, he’s just scared, right? So you pull him out of his comfort zone, get him to win a cool prize in front of a large audience, and then dip before anyone can find out it was you all along. Sounds pretty wholesome to me!
Komi is my waifu
Komi is my waifu Aylar önce
@ArtFromHer I’m just joking, religion is fine. There just isn’t any need to try convince people you have the same beliefs.
Matt J
Matt J Aylar önce
I'll never get tired of how he says "Goombas". It's like he puts in the effort to pronounce both O's.
Day 3 saatler önce
@Ace Kotana what? You just said it was an interpretation? I don't understand the last bits of your comment since you've said before it's an interpretation from modern day people? But then you say a God that hates you? Also I feel like this is far from what I asked tbh. This doesn't really have to do with being unhappy in life due to following religion. Edit: also it sounds like you are talking about Christianity and like nothing else tbh.
Ace Kotana
Ace Kotana 8 saatler önce
@Day I feel a need to explain my comment. I am not talking about Christianity, nor any religion in general. I am more specifically talking about the modern day (mostly American) interpretation of Christianity. One which goes again a lot of its actual lessons and is often used as a justification for hatred instead. Hatred towards not only me directly, but also the people I care most about. And if there is a God, and they truly were like that, then what would be the point of striving for heaven? Living your life, adhering to a diety who hates you, and you have no real proof for its existence. Why would I strive for the approval of a God who hates me for who I am, and my family and friends. A God which wants its people to spread hatred is no God worth striving for. A God who banishes people to hell for something over which they have no control, acts much more as a devil than a God
Day 9 saatler önce
@Ace Kotana I'm not trying to turn this comment section to a religious debate. (Well more so than it already is.) But what about Christianity would literally make life not fun for you? I'm genuinely curious. I mean I guess people enjoy drugs sometimes, but if your life would be unhappy without them I feel like there's a sign of a problem there or something?
Ace Kotana
Ace Kotana 22 gün önce
@Jesus Saves! If being happy on earth means spending eternity in hell I'll still do it. No point in heaven with a "God" as cruel as that
Joker Maguire
Joker Maguire Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! Imagine thinking a god exists. If you go to so called heaven, I'll gladly go back to purgatory.
GJERocks Aylar önce
I would love an edit of these streams where it's only SmallAnt saying "little guy, small li'l fella, tiny dude" and so on.
dancingllama Aylar önce
Or just SmallAnt saying the takatakataka sound effects for when they're walking.
•Dum_Lettuce• Aylar önce
You know you’re popular when there’s an entire mod mocking your height lol Great content!
danh tran quoc
danh tran quoc Aylar önce
đoan tran
đoan tran Aylar önce
tram nguyen duy
tram nguyen duy Aylar önce
Isa Blame
Isa Blame Aylar önce
Not really since the mod just makes Mario small. Look at the first episode- he just likes to jab himself.
enderguardian Aylar önce
@GPlumbob yea matpat made a theory about that
Roadkill Aylar önce
The stronghold generation is actually 1400 blocks from 0,0 not spawn The game will try to spawn you at 0,0 or as close as it can without spawning you in a illegal biome so it will sometimes spawn you very far out, like on top of a stronghold
Matiás the Mighty
Matiás the Mighty Aylar önce
@Remy NoneOfYourBusiness have you ever spawned in deep water? because Ive spawned in rivers and on the water side of beaches, but from my experience, I have never spawned in the middle of a reef or ocean, only rivers, lakes, and shallow beaches
Remy NoneOfYourBusiness
@Matiás the Mighty I have like 20 times
tri do cao
tri do cao Aylar önce
Max Out Of Ten
Max Out Of Ten Aylar önce
@Krewdood Probably like any type of ocean. it tries to put you on land typically, so if you don't have land anywhere near 0,0 it's going to put you the closest it can
V HYPLEX! Aylar önce
Ratio + k-pop better🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
PK Aylar önce
doing a mirror cube blindfolded is surprisingly easy due to the fact that you can feel how the pieces are shaped, where as a normal 3x3, you rely on the colors instead of the shape. Regardless, any cube blindfolded is a feat in of itself the mirror cube is also a good example of proving the huge misconception wrong, that being people solving rubik's cube by color instead of layers work.
Potatoking The Existent
@catharsis bruh man didn’t watch the vid
Marc Alcántara
Marc Alcántara Aylar önce
@catharsis try to watch the video bruh
Zee Dause
Zee Dause Aylar önce
It was subtle enough to go unnoticed, but I just wanna say the editing in this video is immaculate - the jumpcuts, little notes etc are seamless and smooth.
NV Aylar önce
18:30 there is actually an java seed, used for fastest end enter, where the stronghold is directly unter the spawn. This was because there is so much Ocean that the game spawns you 1500 blocks away from spawn. This happens because the game willl only spawn you on land.
Pokèfan Tom
Pokèfan Tom Aylar önce
Idea: Mario but he’s exactly 6 foot and Mario is massive
Etrelley Aylar önce
Already done, the vids should be popping on the channel soon.
Butter Aylar önce
As a short person, I can confirm, we do need to spin pound and dive to get up stairs.
1nf1n1te Noob
1nf1n1te Noob Aylar önce
@Butter as a short person, I can also confirm that I take these measure to also get on my bed, i but prefer to do a triple jump instead.
Stefan de Martelaere
@Butter as a fellow short person, I get it. you need to do jump cancels to safely scroll down the entire comment section
Butter Aylar önce
Oh shoot, I looked further into the comments and now this looks stolen.
pothocket Aylar önce
Nice mirror cube solve! And you're right, they totally look better without the stickers on them
Nick Rosica
Nick Rosica Aylar önce
I love how they started a conversation by a guy in chat saying I got a stronghold right under spawn to ant tying to solve a rubicks cube blindfolded
Doc Aylar önce
This is how a conversation works.
pro gamer
pro gamer Aylar önce
i love how he says "he is baby!" with so much excitement
Endruv_ Aylar önce
Smallant is so good he took a 10 minute cube break and still got the world record for Smallrio
Katharina P
Katharina P Aylar önce
This might be my favorite SMO challenge so far! Cute tiny mario transforming everything he captures in tiny creatures, too!
SporadicV2 Aylar önce
I love seeing these kinds of innovative runs. Reminds me of when I first started watching Ant’s content way back when. Crazy to see this mans on the main Trending page! BIG props to SmallAnt and the modding team that made this possible!
wooloo_vt Aylar önce
Loving a nice video to relax with. Great content as always.
brickbattle69 Aylar önce
This looks amazing. Smallant1 finds so much ways to make the game more interesting
Mad Weegee
Mad Weegee Aylar önce
We don't mention that guy anymore
SalemTheDog Aylar önce
But that lazy SmallAnt? That’s a different story
Aidan Heil
Aidan Heil Aylar önce
Who is smallant1
cupcake kitten
cupcake kitten Aylar önce
Who is this imposter you speak of? 🤔😂
Seth Sanders
Seth Sanders Aylar önce
Thanks for keeping up the consistent amazing content, and I’m happy the move went well! Multiplayer stream today is gonna be fun
TimberJackEB Aylar önce
As for the Dragon fight, that's how it feels to solo a world boss.
Ezra Aylar önce
I was gonna say on the emerald thing, it could've been two veins spawning right next to eachother, but obviously the desert bit rules that out lol
le_smoll Aylar önce
“Grass is just a ploy by big lawnmower” -Smallant
Ashen Leaf
Ashen Leaf Aylar önce
This run really was "Honey We Shrunk Mario"
Nikki Denarno
Nikki Denarno Aylar önce
Hope your move went seamless. Glad to see you back up and running!
Aiden Wei—Speedcuber
Wait Smallant was a CUBER??? omg this makes me wanna watch his content even more. As a cuber, pleasantly surprised.
MC XIM Aylar önce
Your uploads are always something to look forward to Smantanner. Keep it up. 💜
mudkip 20 gün önce
19:59 As a cuber, I was glad that Smallant actually used the proper cubing terms like OLL, shapeshifters, and scramble.
alolanraichu Aylar önce
the rubik's cube is already hard,but doing it blind folded? that's impressive I'm very impressed,fantastic job
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis Aylar önce
Brought back memories of trying to learn blindfolded solving, and then giving up and just solving the mirror cube blindfolded instead
Mateo9001 Aylar önce
As a cuber, I never see any non cube related TRvid/Twitch channels talking about cubing, so seeing you solve a Mirror Blocks blindfolded was really amazing
doire aintu
doire aintu Aylar önce
I was gonna say on the emerald thing, it could've been two veins spawning right next to eachother, but obviously the desert bit rules that out lol
TheMarionick Aylar önce
The Odyssey team should've made this a DLC mode. This is genius.
Beta Wooper
Beta Wooper Aylar önce
The conditions of this challenge could be a "tiny" problem
Your local Memer
Your local Memer Aylar önce
Just woke up, and honestly with a video like this, today is gonna be a good day
Your local Memer
Your local Memer Aylar önce
@FeeshUnofficial it was a great day :)
FeeshUnofficial Aylar önce
Is it a good day so far?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Aylar önce
i love how he says "he is baby!" with so much excitement
wuv wee
wuv wee Aylar önce
Thanks for making content smallant you’ve been my fav TRvidr for years and deserve every month of my twitch prime. Also the size mod is so funny
Seth Sanders
Seth Sanders Aylar önce
@Savetion (PROUD MAP) 🅥 your “videos” have the mic quality of a Nokia
Zeldrake Aylar önce
Came for small mario, stayed for cubing and learning how to escape Big Lawnmower
Serena Aylar önce
25:24 This is my favorite. You can see how long the stream delay is by how long it takes for chat to switch from being normal to spamming sus.
Lexington Aylar önce
"That is a big bird" 🤣 This tiny mario stunt is hilarious!
reginlief1 Aylar önce
I want to see the opposite of this mod, where Mario is normal sized but cappy is tiny. Would only have about 5 minutes of entertainment value in it but it’d be worth it.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Aylar önce
Smallant is so good he took a 10 minute cube break and still got the world record for Smallrio
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
Smallant is so good he took a 10 minute cube break and still got the world record for Smallrio
Mr.Tophat Aylar önce
Been waiting for this for a while now, I am really excited to finally watch it
Nikki Denarno
Nikki Denarno Aylar önce
I happened to be watching the first half of this when this came out! Impeccable timing!
Kellan Kice
Kellan Kice Aylar önce
As a short person, i can confirm, we do fling ourselves off of poles with our caps.
lunk Aylar önce
18:48 you took me back an entire decade to being cringe in middle school. Thanks smallant.
Keira Aylar önce
Small ant really became ant man in this video, what a legend
SuzieJoeBob Aylar önce
Tiny hide-and-seek when? The hiding area would have to be limited to account for the size change, but new hiding spots would definitely be possible
Evalinco Aylar önce
gotta say, that transition at 4:01 is SMOOTH
YPOB 007
YPOB 007 Aylar önce
You know the person is a real cuber when they spin the cube after solving it
Cheese Man
Cheese Man Aylar önce
As someone less than 5 ft tall, I can confirm that marios height is accurate Edit: I meant 6ft
Michael Zopff
Michael Zopff Aylar önce
I love how half the challenge is just fighting the urge to stop and talk about how "He's just a smol little boye :)"
Tiny Haze
Tiny Haze Aylar önce
I feel like an hide and seek with tiny Mario's would be hilarious if they could get it to work
GoAwayYouSTINK Aylar önce
They can! Grand POO bear actually already has a video of tiny hide and seek up!
theagentoftheworld Aylar önce
They call him "Small" Ant for a reason.
exxeld Aylar önce
lmfao they had to abandon the 5'11 joke
Corban Aylar önce
I guess this really matches up to SmallAnt now doesn’t it?
WeirdTyrant Aylar önce
10:48 "The Spiney is so hard, he's so big, and he runs faster than meeeee." -SmallAnt, 2022
lDuckk Aylar önce
In the end cutscene, it shows us Cappy is actually incredibly weak.
Tiago Gamer
Tiago Gamer Aylar önce
I just found out smallnt was a cuber. This is probably the best moment of my day
URAGOOFUS1234 Aylar önce
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Aylar önce
As a short person, I can confirm, we do need to spin pound and dive to get up stairs.
FLOCK Aylar önce
When you were doing the "grass is ass, moss is boss" bit, when you said fungus, I immediately said amongus, then you said it. I laughed out loud so hard, lmao.
Plushie+ Aylar önce
Yay, finally, part 2!
FeeshUnofficial Aylar önce
SmallAnt has truly become small and ant-sized
TheAdvertisement 14 gün önce
3:58 That transition was _smooth!_ 18:24 Oh my goodness SmallAnt just murdered a child.
DR MJ Aylar önce
the first set of strongholds spawn in a ring at a distance of 14 hundred to 18 hundred blocks away from (0,0) and the player can spawn in at a square area of 3 thousand by 3 thousand within (0,0). there is a very slim chance for the spawn point to overlap the stronghold spawn donut and for a stronghold to actually spawn there, so technically it is possible to get a stronghold underneath spawn.
goseenanan Aylar önce
This guy really just copy and pasted a top comment💀
I'm grooving
I'm grooving Aylar önce
i have never seen a content creator that sounds so enthusiastic yet looks so disinterested in whatever hes doing
Simon101 Aylar önce
I think we can all agree: that its not he size of the mario that matters its the way mario gets used
Devote Mordex follower
In Java edition if the Stronghold isn't able to spawn for whatever reason, it can be force spawned somewhere else, so it's technically possible
BluePrince Yt
BluePrince Yt Aylar önce
This guy probably knows this game inside and out by know🤣
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Aylar önce
You can spawn above a stronghold in Java if you got crazy spawn displacement or on old versions where stronghold spawning was different. Look at the enter end wr or the pre 1.9 ssg wr
TheAdvertisement 14 gün önce
SmallAnt referring to Mario as "he" in the title is funnier to me than it should be.
UsagiPaige Aylar önce
Love these highlight videos, great content.
Kenny Fugate
Kenny Fugate Aylar önce
Mario’s official height is actually 5’1.
Epic Axolotl
Epic Axolotl Aylar önce
SmallAnt was really living up to his name in this video.
Nathan Echavarria
Nathan Echavarria Aylar önce
i like how smallant experiences the pain that mario does
BaconPancakesX Aylar önce
i swear this title used to be something about a joke about mario being 5' 11"
Goku Aylar önce
Great video, but it would be cool if we could see some off the failed attempts off the 2 player mode vs the dragon 🐉.
Some kind of Garf
Some kind of Garf Aylar önce
Ant's a fellow cuber pog As you're already apt at using your feet in runs, the next logical step is footcubing in a run.
Lycka Aylar önce
I was waiting for a video on this, i loved the stream!
Tomadio Aylar önce
"The spiny is so hard and big and faster than me" - Smallant 2022
Phantom12206 Aylar önce
Thank you for finding the time in your insane schedule to post
IcarusPhil Aylar önce
i will never get over smant doing xd skip in every run it will never not be funny to me
MisterStubstep Aylar önce
Your skills are always impressive
Mann of Dober
Mann of Dober Aylar önce
I guess you could say Mario is a "small ant".
_Gamer1 Aylar önce
i love how he changed the title from super small mario odyssey to "can i beat mario odyssey if hes exactly 5'11" if we get mario but hes large and dangerous as a video on the main channel itd be super mario odyssey but hes 6 feet tall
Dc Aylar önce
Guess you could say he’s a small… Mario, nothing else
Dyl Picklesss
Dyl Picklesss Aylar önce
Mario forgot to pack extra mushrooms in his hat today
Judah the dudah
Judah the dudah Aylar önce
13:07 This made me laugh so much lol.
Naia Adams
Naia Adams Aylar önce
A part of my soul died when I realized that Mario is canonically 2 inches taller than me-
AaronBoi 18 The Yoshi Main
lmao you're 4'11
Carl Soll
Carl Soll Aylar önce
17:38 Wow SO many close calls, what a fight Ant
Michael Magnificent
This is my first time watching SmallAnt in a few years. I remember when he was smallant1 and had 2.4k subs, not 2.4m subs lol.
Empirrre Aylar önce
New challenge “Mario but all controls are inverted and everywhere has moon gravity”
Simithesock Aylar önce
All the comments are just lets thank small ant for all he does to us
Aiden van Dijk
Aiden van Dijk Aylar önce
18:30 it's actually possible, just so incredibly rare that I doubt they got it Seeds like this have been found before, even one with the portal entirely filled and a cave leading to it. How this happens is just the entire normal spawn of the world completely being flooded by water
aola wili
aola wili Aylar önce
could have found that
Audio Vizual
Audio Vizual Aylar önce
Smant talking about fiddling with the rubix cube in class is such an adhd mood they're basically the OG figet cubes
I tried Pokemon's Hardest Randomizer
the worst fanfics i could find
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