Can I Beat Elden Ring with Only Thorn Sorceries? 

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17 Eyl 2022




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Bushy 8 aylar önce
Play Enlisted for FREE on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS®5: enlisted.link/bushygamesenlisted Follow the link to download the game and get your exclusive bonus now. See you in battle!
Timij k
Timij k 8 aylar önce
Matt J. Dylan
Matt J. Dylan 8 aylar önce
If I can give you an advice for the video production since you've been improving on that for a while, let a bit of a "breather" at the start of the video. A second/second and half of a background music before you start the voice-over (keeping the same music) can make a huge difference. The first impact now is a bit strange, it's almost some kind of jump-scare since you start talking immediately, when people are still focused on skipping the ads beforehand. On people that know the channel this does little effect, but it can be a detriment on retention of those who click on one of your vids for the first time. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
Davvy 8 aylar önce
Please do a mohg spells only, maybe with nihil, loved all your runs btw
Timij k
Timij k 8 aylar önce
@Davvy sure
Why Watt
Why Watt 8 aylar önce
Wonder if you've ever thought of doing a no-s melee run - no rolling, jumping or using skills like bloundhound step. Idea being the stereotypical fantasy knight who rejects all 'cowarding' and focuses on parrying, blocking or tanking to avoid dmg
mine 8 aylar önce
finally, a run that truly reflects bushy's play throughs, self harm
Dusto von Susto
Dusto von Susto 8 aylar önce
God tier comment
M12GProductions 8 aylar önce
Does the Human Torch run not count?
large monkey
large monkey 8 aylar önce
It also happens to reflect me irl
Kanishk Singh
Kanishk Singh 8 aylar önce
Wesley Wilcox
Wesley Wilcox 8 aylar önce
@M12GProductions ya I think it dose but it’s emotional damage not physical damage.
Nu Six
Nu Six 8 aylar önce
This solved a game riddle for me: The Alberich set description says that he was a heretical mage that went mad from being ridiculed all the time by fellow members of the roundtable hold. I never got around to testing thorn spells, but now I know they were bad enough for people to laugh at.
Alexandre v.b
Alexandre v.b 8 aylar önce
Thorn Spells are strong, but are made exclusively for arcane builds. Without Albinauric Staff the bleeding will not accumulate
NSK 8 aylar önce
It hurts to see such a cool concept for a Sorcery class being so wasted
Chiz 8 aylar önce
@Alexandre v.b say you have an arcane build, why the hell would you try to inflict bleed using these shitty slow sorceries instead of using any bleed weapon that scales with arcane which will yield better, safer, faster results? Thorn sorceries are very bad, no way you look at them
Lebron 8 aylar önce
@Chiz they're nice as AOE in invasions
NOSHUA 8 aylar önce
@Lebron if you’re doing invasions with an arcane build you are always gonna be better off using dragon breathe spells as an aoe
Glory to Ukraine
Glory to Ukraine 8 aylar önce
You know the run is nasty when you would rather do Godskin Duo than Renalla
Jstar338 8 aylar önce
You can cheese duo. Rennala is harder to cheese
Glory to Ukraine
Glory to Ukraine 8 aylar önce
@Jstar338 you know the run is nasty when you have to cheese renalla
Ezekiel Johnson
Ezekiel Johnson 8 aylar önce
@Jstar338 seriously though, its Renalla lmao, by far the easiest boss in the game excluding like, the mimic tear. Somethings up when you aren't able to do good damage to her. Frankly, from should use her as their baseline for balancing. Can this reasonably kill renalla? No? Buff it.
Hugh Mongus
Hugh Mongus 8 aylar önce
Rennala just has so much magic resistance, most in the game
SomeFrenchDude 8 aylar önce
@Ezekiel Johnson Her second phase is kinda of a bitch tho, not the easiest at all by far imo
Mark Robison
Mark Robison 8 aylar önce
It's so wild to me how all over the place spells in ER are. A spell with a long windup and self damage, but it's just so weak it's situational at best And then the starting spell "shoot glowy pebble" can trivialize fights by homing at range with good damage for barely any FP.
12 34
12 34 8 aylar önce
Ya id say Night Comet is the most broken spell in the game. You literally just stand back and spam attack and no boss in the game will even attempt to dodge it. No self damage, fast attack animation and it homes. Thorn sorceries need a major buff
Gaëlyr 8 aylar önce
In fairness thorns are the exception, same as bubble, most sorceries are fairly straightforward in balancing. Incantations to me are a bit more tricky since it seems like there are several spells you’d want to be under the same “etiquette” to make a coherent RP build (ER is still an RPG after all, that’s part of the stuff you need to account for) that is on par with sorceries in terms of investment, but are in completely different sections and can require wildly different stats.
Anthony Faiell
Anthony Faiell 8 aylar önce
Don't forget tera magica+kamehameha spam. Not only does it do MASSIVE amounts of damage. But also has pushback so you can just stand there spamming one button and watching giant enemies melt. . That said, I have always felt that fromsoft games implement difficulty into the gameplay itself. You can do a level 1 playthrough with just a torch if you want to play the game on "insane" difficulty. Or you can play full arcane faith rotten breath spam or intelligence tera magica+kamehameha spam if you want to play the game on "super easy" difficulty. The way you play the game and build your character dictates the difficulty of the game. This obviously results in some pvp related issues, but overall I think it's an interesting concept.
Luka Tosic
Luka Tosic 8 aylar önce
Honestly briars of sin is pretty solid for PvP and punishment is also useful for invasions by exploiting it's tracking bug when over a ledge
StarCultiniser 8 aylar önce
what situation is it better than any other spell?
bilal ahmed
bilal ahmed 8 aylar önce
My fav part from the run was definitely Loretta spamming her attack 13 times in a row didnt think that was even possible and the flying marionette sniping him mid air
ColoRpg 8 aylar önce
so you like spell spamming i can do that too
Ezekiel Johnson
Ezekiel Johnson 8 aylar önce
I've had ghost Loretta do that to me before, I think the longest chain I ever counted was like 21 or something, its nuts
Tyler Lackey
Tyler Lackey Aylar önce
You're talking about elden ring bosses and you're surprised one would spam the same attacks a dozen times?
Jędrzej Koszewski
Jędrzej Koszewski 8 aylar önce
From Soft: lets make cool aoe spell that causes bleed. Also From Soft: How do we balance it? From Soft: Make it cost HP AND FP, make it cause bleed to you as well, make it slow as turtle to cast and even slower to recover from and make it do little damage through most of the gameplay.
Kiba Nezumi
Kiba Nezumi 8 aylar önce
you have to build a dumb dex arcane build using the Albinauric Staff or dex faith build and grind 2 of the 2% drop rate staffs and its still slow and fairly weak
Yung Amare
Yung Amare 8 aylar önce
@Kiba Nezumi The Albinauric staff use to increase the bleed buildup of the spell, and if you had the guilty staff in your left hand, the spell was actually great. It had decent dmg and would proc bleed in 2-3 hits. Then the staff got nerfed.
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 6 aylar önce
From Soft: But to counterbalance those weaknesses, we'll also give it only two inches worth of AOE.
Mr. Kitty Saves The World
It's the same issue with bad cards in Yugioh; anytime they have a mechanic that seems powerful, they make it so damn _slow_ that it becomes completely unusable, not understanding that making something slow in an inherently very fast game is always going to completely break it.
Rooster 8 aylar önce
really sad that abberant sorceries didn't get much love, super cool idea for faith based sorceries, and being the only spells in the game that cause bleed (to my knowledge anyways), and having very cool designs with very nice animations, AND having interesting lore implications. quite unfortunate that there's only two spells, that are both super similar to each other and absolutely suck
Jonathan W
Jonathan W 8 aylar önce
Swarm of flies causes way better bleed (its an incant)
gooseloose 8 aylar önce
@Jonathan W his point was bleed "sorceries"
Nightmare 8 aylar önce
Yeah, and you know that move the enemies do where they stick their staff into the ground and a line of thorns goes towards their opponent. Why can’t we have that!? It wouldn’t be overpowered or anything, like come on Mizayaki Nvm I am a fucking idiot. That IS briars of punishment XD
Purriah101 8 aylar önce
@gooseloose no, he said “the only spells in the game that cause bleed (to my knowledge anyways)”
gooseloose 8 aylar önce
@Purriah101 oh, yea my bad. I read it as sorceries lmao. But, you could make the argument that spells are not incantations. Ahh, it doesnt matter in the end :)
FALLEN 999 8 aylar önce
Margit: 17 attempts Godrick: 2 attempts Red Wolf: 8 attempts Radahn: 38 attempts Mimic Tear: 1 attempt Draconic Tree Sentinel: 18 attempts Goldfrey: 8 attempts Morgott: 7 attempts Fire Giant: 4 attempts Godskin Duo: 6 attempts Elemer of the Briar: 1 attempt Maliketh: 2 attempts Gideon: 1 attempt Ghost Loretta: 1 attempt Mini Mohg: 2 attempts Fia's Simps: 2 attempts Fortissax: 1 attempt Astel: 2 attempts Regal Ancestor: 1 attempt Rennala: 6 attempts Placidusax: 3 attempts Niall: 1 attempt (probably) Loretta: 2 attempts Malenia: 7 attempts Hoarah Loux: 2 attempts Big Mohg: 7 attempts Radagon/Elden Beast: 3 attempts
I mean it’s all about the speed of the bosses
We will take Jerusalem
A saint you are!
Kevin Delor
Kevin Delor 8 aylar önce
How come that the f-ing Tree Sentinel has the second largest amount of deaths while the Godskins, Malenia and Hoarah Loux are on the lower side
Lugundury Murdurur
Lugundury Murdurur 8 aylar önce
@Kevin Delor they all have more damage windows.
FALLEN 999 8 aylar önce
@Kevin Delor welcome to challenge runs ahere Gideon usually can be the hardest boss.
Jack Bobb
Jack Bobb 8 aylar önce
34:14 has GOTTA be the best moment in the run
Llukan Dane
Llukan Dane 14 gün önce
Bird: no
FlyingSquirrel03 8 aylar önce
Completely understandable why, but I love how Bushy basically says “Rykard… yeah fuck that I’ll pass” and just kills everyone else.
Christopher Perkins
Christopher Perkins 8 aylar önce
11:50 I think bushy may have discovered a new radahn cheese. Radahn was clearly nowhere near him to get hit by the thorns but bleed still proc’d. I think this happened because Leonard (Radahn’s horse) gets pushed underground as radahn goes into the air, Leonard gets positioned directly below the player so the game knows where to have radahn land. My theory is that the thorn spell radius reaches underground, which in any other scenario would be worthless, except right here giving the player an opportunity to do boss damage while the boss is unable to fight back
DonutCobra 8 aylar önce
I thought the same thing and I am definitely going to use this in my next play through
King Slime Gaming
King Slime Gaming 8 aylar önce
I was searching for this comment
RiceKrispy563 8 aylar önce
@DonutCobra why that's such a specific and pretty worthless "cheese" to bleed him that would mean using that spell or another bleed weapon but that spell is shit and just using a normal bleed weapon would be a 1000x better so why use it
Valentai _
Valentai _ 8 aylar önce
@RiceKrispy563 the whole fuckin point is to damage Radahn while he’s in the air💀 You can’t do that wit a normal weapon when he’s flying😭
RiceKrispy563 8 aylar önce
@Valentai _ why tho it would only be 200 damage with the spell and getting the bleed would be so fucking hard your better off just beating the shit out of him normally
ABHISHEK DUGGAL. 207 8 aylar önce
After watching elden ring for months i still find it funny that TRvidrs do crazy builds and Margit tells them to "put these foolish ambition to rest "
Gaurav Devmurari
Gaurav Devmurari 8 aylar önce
At this point he can beat the game with anything that deals damage
Farzam N
Farzam N 8 aylar önce
"Can I beat elden ring without dealing damage " 😐
So What
So What 8 aylar önce
@Farzam NDidn't someone do a summons-only challenge?
onion 8 aylar önce
@So What yeah a few people have done that
Jadad TV
Jadad TV 8 aylar önce
@So What yeah, iron pineapple
All about animation
All about animation 8 aylar önce
as long as he has sleep pots for godskin duo
tacoman10 8 aylar önce
11:54 Radahn's meteor attack tracks you through his horse, which stays just below the player underground. I think you hit it with the briars which is what triggered the bleed.
Boost Mags
Boost Mags 8 aylar önce
Bushy: “Is this punishable?” Every single time: no
Red Bone
Red Bone 8 aylar önce
I like how for most mage build, Rennala is an end game boss.
RedFangTabris 8 aylar önce
I hope a dev sees this and changes the bloodmagic tree. A whole DLC would be sweet.
ObviouslyKaleb 8 aylar önce
36:56 there's a niche usage for Briars of punishment: it passes under environmental objects, while most spells get blocked by them
Blurk Rabarberskurk
Blurk Rabarberskurk 8 aylar önce
While most other builds just have to look for a punish window, this build has to look for a punish keyhole.
Neverheart 6 aylar önce
For those curious, the 1.07 patch did significantly buff this spell type
Sven 177
Sven 177 8 aylar önce
Last week I managed to beat Malenia while level 1. While doing my runs I kept watching your video where every enemy is Malenia just for some semblance of learning her moves better. And eventually I did it with pure willpower and luck. Took about 70 tries.
antx souls coinesure
antx souls coinesure 8 aylar önce
Ggs i could never
mintegral 8 aylar önce
Nice job! I did the same a while back, also purely through "willpower and luck". Took me over 1000 attempts. Was there some skill involved? Sure. But it was mostly stubbornness and waiting for good RNG, lol.
Tackitt 5 aylar önce
70 is beastly. Took me 350ish.
Jakub Pivovarnik
Jakub Pivovarnik 8 aylar önce
30:53 Best moment of the run
TakeAChance 8 aylar önce
This is really testing the understanding of boss windows since missing 1 cast is basically missing out on a lot of the blood buildup on top of it decaying even more.
Maki Harukawa YT
Maki Harukawa YT 8 aylar önce
These Challenges must be so frustrating at times, but you still manage to pull through, keep up the good work, first channel for me to become a Member on.
MimiMalloc 8 aylar önce
having not just self-damage but a BIG chunk of self-damage on EVERY stage of a spell with a 3-hit combo is really egregious. shit like blood blade doesn't work that way, you cut once and get as many uses as your blue bar allows without further health loss!
Ever-Changing Being
Ever-Changing Being 4 aylar önce
Okay. This was freaking impressive and scary at the same time. It was almost like Malenia got adapted to your build and knew how to counter it.
rednekdashie 8 aylar önce
At first this was a horrific challenge but it got significantly better as you got things to boost your damage. Just finished reinstalling the game so that I can give it another run through. This and the one shots only video were my motivation. Thanks for reassuring me that there is still a ton to do in this game and assuring me that these bosses can be mastered like any other in the series. I just haven't seen anyone do these bosses so cleanly until finding your channel.
Nira 8 aylar önce
By the way, if beating Rennala to get her staff becomes difficult in a run like this, the Crystalian staff is almost as good in scaling as it even up to 80int, and that one is just found in a cave somewhere. Might be worth considering.
Tobio Okuma
Tobio Okuma 5 aylar önce
You could have gone with the Albinauric staff pretty early on. It buffs aberrant sorceries, which is only the blood spells. It will also scale their bleed buildup because it works off of arcane. Then you go staff of guilty in your other hand and the thorn set, it does quite a bit of bleed buildup.
Futuristicbus 61
Futuristicbus 61 3 aylar önce
I actually really like the aberrant sorceries, I wish there was more of them. I recently started using them, so I came back to this amazing run
Travis Umbra
Travis Umbra 8 aylar önce
The Briar spell had 1 legit use before the patches, when spell swap quick cast was still a thing you could instantly cast this spell if somone got to close when you were casting somthing else. But sadly this spell is now firmly in the useless category.
Ezekiel Johnson
Ezekiel Johnson 8 aylar önce
From "let's patch out the coolest mechanic we've ever put in a game" software
Ruud 8 aylar önce
I love the kind of challenges that push you to try alternative routes
Fran FawfulGasterSpringtrap
Nice. Although, you would've had a way easier time if you used the Albinauric Staff alongside the Staff of the Guilty since it scales with Arcane (has S Arcane Scaling). It would increase the Hemorrhage (Bleed) build up from the Aberrant (Thorn) Sorceries. P.S. Good luck with Magma Sorceries only (whenever you decide to do that).
robbe3334 8 aylar önce
for some reason when people do Thorn sorceries challenge runs they just forget that the albinauric staff is a thing. i've seen this on like 2 other thorn sorceries only challenge
Fran FawfulGasterSpringtrap
@robbe3334 I don't know if you've seen it, but Worn-outGamer4 also did a pretty good Thorn Sorcery only run.
robbe3334 8 aylar önce
@Fran FawfulGasterSpringtrap pretty shure i've seen it
Fran FawfulGasterSpringtrap
@robbe3334 Okay.
bob vagana
bob vagana 8 aylar önce
We actually discussed this on stream, i was the one that suggested using it, bushy decided that the lower sorcery scaling wasnt worth the extra bleed, especially on bosses that dont bleed in the first place. I do still think he should have given it a shot though
Nunchuk Steev
Nunchuk Steev 8 aylar önce
Blood Lord Mohg is hands down the coolest boss fight in the game. He is badass, the arena is badass, the color scheme is badass, the reward is badass.
ShaunRF 8 aylar önce
I just watched Pincognito do a PvP build that used these spells with the Staff of the Guilty, and he had a lot of fun doing invasions with it. Of course he also had melee weapons to work with, so he didn't have nearly as many limitations. I can imagine how much worse it would be if you pretty much had only these spells to work with.
Fidge Faffler
Fidge Faffler 8 aylar önce
Most of these challenge runs are hard because you need to figure out how many blue flasks you can get away with... but the balancing act of figuring out how many blue AND red flasks you need?? Actual madness, I've only watched up to where you beat Godrick so far and it's still further than I'd have the patience for
MrMastaofDesasta 8 aylar önce
Briars of Punishment seems great against Malenia. Seeking, slightly delayed to counter her dodges... Up until the point she decides to use Waterfowl Dance as an input response
LunarMoon 8 aylar önce
Finally, after finishing bushy’s latest stream, I can consume more of his content with this video. Amazing skill as always bush, can’t wait to see the condensed version of the next run.
Protocurity 3 aylar önce
I guess this vid was made before the buff to this spell. I ran a faith build on my first playthrough, and I decided to play around with Briars of Punishment on a whim, and I found it to be quite useful. With Alberich's Set and Staff of the Guilty the damage is pretty good, especially for 9 FP per cast, and the self-damage amounts to very little if you have any regenerating gear (I.E. Blasphemous Blade) also equipped.
Jonniffer 8 aylar önce
New Bushy on a Friday night, what a treat! Can't wait for over an hour of agony!
Töb 3 aylar önce
I think Crimson burst tear (the one with healing over time) would have been really good on this build.
Aswdus 8 aylar önce
“This is doing much better than I’d expect it to” bushy then proceeds to die
Max Chartier
Max Chartier 8 aylar önce
I think this is the hardest challenge run yet congratulations on the win man!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 8 aylar önce
hardest one, def not lmao. i couldnt even do it but hes done some insane shit before, at least one being harder than this
Shaw 8 aylar önce
Wait until he runs out of ideas and does a fist only rl1
GrimPatriarch 6 aylar önce
I think a change to the thorn spells would actually make them good. Make it so the thorns stick around even after you cast them. They’ll act as a trap that builds bleed whenever people walk through it. Cooler and more useful.
SillyRabbit545 8 aylar önce
Just came back to the channel to see how it was going since your elden ring pivot… looks like you blew up man. This is insane. Congrats!! Glad you’re finding this success.
DrDelete 8 aylar önce
Really seems like you had a tough day at the office with this challenge run 😅 Thanks for the upload.
Ardyn Izunia
Ardyn Izunia 4 aylar önce
16:34 As someone in chat pointed out, but you apparenly didn't see. A lot of boss enemies in the game which are parryable, including this one I believe, require 2 parries in a row to be properly staggered.
Kensei 23 gün önce
i've been wanting to replay elden ring after 11 months but I didn't know what run to choose. this sounds very fun thanks for the inspiration
HarpingOn 8 aylar önce
Love your style and presentation. You also have boundless patience ! Nice run
RyANWaLlEt 3 aylar önce
This just reminds me that I really hope a DLC adds new thorn sorceries. Even just a blade spell.
ImNotKaleb 8 aylar önce
I pitched this idea to a buddy of mine who is also a TRvidr, and it fell through so instantly bc of how bad these sorceries truly are. Huuuuge props for actually giving this a go, mad respect.
Vorvanj Guy
Vorvanj Guy 8 aylar önce
Amazing run, I wonder if stacking two faith sticks would provide better damage
Maloxi 6 aylar önce
For this build, using an arcane staff would be better, actually
Veckoza 7 aylar önce
I think they aren't meant to be core parts of a build, but rather tools when using a bleed build. Briar's of Punishment is cast, it has the best average speed and range of any of the ranged bleed attacks. It tracks so well that you can use it after a Rivers of Blood to bleed-catch an opponent chugging Estus.
Divyesh Gobiraj
Divyesh Gobiraj 8 aylar önce
You're a good player bro, keep it up. The game gets really interesting when you put restrictions like this, especially because ER has a real lack of openings. This really reminded me of my rl1 run with hella restrictions, awesome run bro.
Apollo 3 aylar önce
Real shame that these sorceries weren't good. They looked so cool in the trailers! Hopefully they add some more thorn spells in DLC.
Pilgrim 8 aylar önce
Nice video as always, keep up the amazing work, it always makes my day just a littel more entertaining.
Jake Atkinson
Jake Atkinson 8 aylar önce
Love your work man! First channel I've actually became a member on as it's the only one I feel deserves it ❤️
TheAutumnKnight_ 3 aylar önce
The one weird thing in this run was he never picked up the albanauric staff and ramped arcane with staff of the guilty in his off hand. That would give him great scaling and massively ramp up his bleed buildup.
Zenni 8 aylar önce
Love these challenges, keep them up Bushy! Love ya!!
AndrewB73 6 aylar önce
Holy crap, imagining myself fighting some of these bosses with only the single worst spell in the game is horrible. Jeez. Can’t believe you managed to do as well as you did.
SirSeep- 8 aylar önce
I enjoy these videos so much. Thank you for creating this content for us.
TTC 8 aylar önce
34:13 This is the very essence of Elden Ring
D.S. Cris
D.S. Cris 3 aylar önce
29:00 whoaa i've never seen Renalla's phase change get bugged out like that. Killed her the frame her shield went back up so she had a permanent little gold bubble (until the black screen reset her)
Julian McQueen
Julian McQueen 29 gün önce
Would you guys think utilizing arcane / blood's exultation would've made things easier?
Luckydeath -
Luckydeath - 7 aylar önce
I appreciate the gear recap before boss, nice to know what's been switched/upgraded.
Mohammed Al-Shehri
Mohammed Al-Shehri 8 aylar önce
I really love those runs, Always appreciate you brother, thank you
Anthony Faiell
Anthony Faiell 8 aylar önce
Thorn sorceries missed a great opportunity imo. I always enjoy high risk high reward playstyles. But I learned pretty quickly that thorn sorceries were high risk, without the reward. It sucks that seppuku is much lower risk and provides vastly more reward. And then standing super far away with terra magica and kamehameha spam that not only pushes the enemy back, but also does immense damage with an extremely low risk, insanely high reward playstyle. . It's a primarily single player game, and overall I adored going through the game multiple times with different builds. I'm not complaining, just making observations.
Dillon 8 aylar önce
I do know that these spells can be fun in pvp. Highter cast speed with different staves and talismans helps.
Mary Stone
Mary Stone Aylar önce
Just stumbled across your channel! My first vid from you was the one you beat Malenia, with a FRICKIN' BOW! How in the F did you pull that off! Ended up binging your content for HOURS, while I'm playing Elden Ring! You got my new Sub.! HOLY S%#@! You're making a Thorn Bleed Build somewhat work! YOU are the Bawkbasoup of Elden Ring! Your skill is UNREAL!
Gryzziarth 3 aylar önce
I wonder if it would've been worth putting on the silver tear mask. Your physical damage drops but it raises your bleed.
OneWheeled Car
OneWheeled Car 6 aylar önce
I would think youd want to use the albinauric staff for the excellent arcane scaling allowing for much easier blood loss buildup, no? (Offhand briar staff of course)
Shiba Souls
Shiba Souls 8 aylar önce
I am thoroughly enjoying these challenge runs
Niftynack 4 aylar önce
Great job on this run! Spell is so bad that it literally ends up being more effective to bonk things to death with your staff. Please give these neat sorceries some love, From!
The Pandemonium
The Pandemonium 8 aylar önce
Idea for a challenge run: you play the game normally but you aren’t allowed to put stat points into strength, dexterity, intelligence, faith, or arcane. You can only put stat points into vigor, mind, and endurance.
osets 2117
osets 2117 8 aylar önce
I'm hoping thorn spells get fleshed out more in the DLC
Joe U
Joe U 8 aylar önce
Holy crap, I did not expect to spend part of my friday evening watching someone play elden ring with only thron sorceries lol!
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron 8 aylar önce
I was psyched when I saw these cuz I thought they’d perfectly fit a build for Skarlet from Mortal Kombat that I’d been wanting to do since DS3 but all my MK builds have to be PVP viable and… yeah
OnyX218 8 aylar önce
It would be cool if you'd include the time the winning attempt took to complete for every boss
Rei Zak
Rei Zak 8 aylar önce
I started making a Briar build, then switched it to a Mogwhyn's spear build and only really use the flies incantations. Thank you for making me realize that I made the right decision. :)
ScribeSorcerer 4 aylar önce
I dunno why Bushy didn’t use the Arcane scaling staff to amp up blood loss build up, but he probably had a reason.
Jorb333 8 aylar önce
when she goes up in the air with a delayed down fall you need to stay near her so she does a flower land instead of a follow up swipe combo
C M 8 aylar önce
Just needs a slight overall buff to make viable but not overpowered. Slightly less FP consumed and HP drained, little faster cast speed, bit more damage and bleed build up. Would also be nice if Blood Loss occurred during each cast like Seppuku so the White Mask or Lord of Blood's Exultation.
Tom Schlaiss
Tom Schlaiss 4 aylar önce
Smooth challenge run and video as always, many greetings from Germany, nice work 🎶✌
Harry 4 aylar önce
YOU KNOW it’s gonna be good when he says, as many bosses as I CAN
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson 8 aylar önce
I did a challenge similar to this. I only used weapons and spells that deal DMG to me aswell. But I didn't use the Briar armor or Staff of Guilty Bonk.
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate 3 aylar önce
With the amount of downsides Blood sorceries get it makes sense that Fromsoft intended for them to have amazing damage...but then just forgot to do that when adjusting for power creep & other spells
Squiddler Aylar önce
Here's a funny way they could buff this sorcery: have the self-damage be percentage-based (so less damage when you have low vigor and more when you have high vigor), and now make it the only spell in the game that scales with vigor on top of the normal scaling. Have it be a sorcery that can destroy enemies on high vigor builds specifically because you have so much HP to spare
JTdagoat2871 8 aylar önce
At this point I literally think bushy could beat the game using anything, not sure if it’s a challenge anymore for him at all lol.
Nevo Golan
Nevo Golan 8 aylar önce
Use the albenauric staff. It scales with arcane and boosts the blood buildup
iIVIakeitRainXO 8 aylar önce
Hey bushy loving the content. I’ve thought of a challenge run idea if your interested…. Beat the game while dying no more than say 10 times thought out the whole play through
Scalti 6 aylar önce
Love the claim in having a high intelligence of 40 right after getting shunted out of mid air at 34:13 - Awesome run.
Old Greg
Old Greg 7 aylar önce
This just beat the pacifist run as my favorite challenge run that ive seen on youtube
Wickermind 8 aylar önce
10:33 Moongrum looking at the sorcerer and back like "Thought he had more vigor."
TkKronic 8 aylar önce
The armor set that goes with this build adds damage per peice in the set just like the crucible set
Evan Smith
Evan Smith 8 aylar önce
It sucks for these blood sorceries that spell chaining was removed from the game. Made both of them viable in pvp and would’ve made this run a bit less hellish
Jstar338 8 aylar önce
I don't think you could ever have the FP to kill Rennala without going to level 100 or going all in on FP, which you can't do since you have to hurt yourself to use the spell Edit: I mean I was pretty close
Luka Tosic
Luka Tosic 8 aylar önce
You should have used an arcane build for this to get as many bleeds as possible
HankScorpio 8 aylar önce
when I started Elden Ring I tried using these spells and the briar armour + sword after I got them because I liked them, but these trash spells + the scaling bug on the sword was such a nightmare until I moved off them (did use sword once fixed though)
Void Gremlin
Void Gremlin 4 aylar önce
I used Thorn sorceries on my Faith caster playthrough and they were actually surprisingly useful. Briars of Sin has a much larger radius, more stagger power, and more poise than you'd think, and Briars of Punishment is long range, has slight tracking, a small AoE, and enemies don't react to it. In addition to doing Magic damage which full Faith otherwise lacks. Yeah it's they're not great when they're the only spells you have, but if used as part of a fuller build they're not in any way bad.
Serene Leskovsky
Serene Leskovsky 4 aylar önce
they're a lot better used interchangeably and chained together (specifically punishment followed by sin takes away a lot of cast time)
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