Can I Beat Elden Ring While Getting Hit By Everything? 

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4 Kas 2022




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@Bushy Yıl önce
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@googol572 Yıl önce
Love your content, let's goooo!
@tostsalad6321 Yıl önce
I gotta say man the editing on this video is so fucking good. You've come a long way and I am here for it
@Telesgoooo Yıl önce
After this I think keeps is a must get pmsl 🤣😂 need the skelp fleece back after literally stressing it off
Funny for somebody named "Bushy" to advertise hair product.
@justsomeguy6336 Yıl önce
Bushy try playing Elden Ring with no lock on.
Regular veterans: ‘Why wear armour when I am not gonna get hit?’ Bushy, an intellectual: ‘Why dodge when you can wear armour?’
Others: Get gud! Bushy: I'm gonna unget gud
​@@glorytoukraine5524 🤓
@t_r_a_y_e9858 Yıl önce
Ironically this is exactly how I played through and beat Ds1. I remember literally killing Gwyn while overloaded and not able to move
@@t_r_a_y_e9858 Havel armor and chugging through attacks, while spamming R1 with a Zweihander. That was so cheesy, but so funny
@nobodyimportant4778 9 aylar önce
Radahn: descending as a meteor straight for the tarnished Tarnished: sniffing lead paint and getting hard
@questionsayer 7 aylar önce
@CPSPD 7 aylar önce
He’s just like me fr (for radahn)
@user-oz8on6ur6b 4 aylar önce
@elijahb6420 4 aylar önce
21:22 "Can we eat it?"
@kak42 10 aylar önce
That run was a definition of "strategy without tactics"
@vladtheimpaler9118 9 aylar önce
underrated comment!
@methos4866 7 aylar önce
unga bunga at its finest
@seanelgie 7 aylar önce
The only strategy is no strategy.
that run was the pinnacle of tactics. tactics is an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific goal/end. he had to plan out his armor, his stat allocation as he lvled, which invocation to pick up, which ash of war to use, how he should allocate his flasks, consummables, etc etc. sure. in combat it just looks like a walking tin can getting beaten on like a training dummy. but his tactic was to make pretty much the pinnacle "tank" build for elden ring and resort to "if i kill them first they can't kill me."
@Chrispheh 6 aylar önce
​@@alexanderbeardsley5465when people mention strategy and tactics in the same sentence, they usually mean strategy to be high level planning, and tactics to be low level maneuvers.
@TheKillerham5ter 10 aylar önce
Bruh imagine how terrified these bosses must be, they throw their strongest attacks and combos at this tiny Tarnished. But he Just….. Keeps….. Coming….
@Allie_S69 9 aylar önce
He just keeps what? 🤨🤨🤨📸📸
@beaneyguy3815 8 aylar önce
@@Allie_S69 did he stutter? 😏
@pualbaptiste8617 8 aylar önce
​@@beaneyguy3815 🤨
@weskintime4177 8 aylar önce
Lore accurate Great Horned Targoth be like
@joeymitchell2862 8 aylar önce
Bushy: *stands under the Draconic Tree Sentinel for 5 minutes and takes 15 shield bashes straight to the face.* Random Twitch Viewer: "YoUr AvOiDiNg HiS AtTacKs"
@benedictpatrick1574 7 aylar önce
What a baby that viewer is
@afallenhuman 2 aylar önce
Most observant Twitch Viewer:
@jeeBisOkay 28 gün önce
He is technically avoiding attacks because he's killing the bosses before they can do enough to kill him But also this literally doesn't matter
@nonipplenoah6179 13 gün önce
⁠@@jeeBisOkayyou can’t avoid attacks that haven’t even happened yet this makes no sense💀
@jeeBisOkay 13 gün önce
@@nonipplenoah6179 it's a joke
@OKLuta 10 aylar önce
“I have to play like someone who doesn’t know any of the bosses attack patterns and has a terrible reaction time” Bushyy is just describing my entire play through
@joshuawilliams4314 10 aylar önce
Did u know games like this could save your life as they improve your reaction time by a lot
@austinmc12 10 aylar önce
@@joshuawilliams4314 I did not now I do thanks bud
@davidgray8089 9 aylar önce
@@joshuawilliams4314 Once you get old, your reaction times just don't really improve, son... but some of us old folks still love to play games.
@joshuawilliams4314 9 aylar önce
@@davidgray8089 yes they do as u get older your natural reaction time gets slower but through certain exercises it can still improve age just makes it less noticeable that’s it
@meestersecure9060 9 aylar önce
Video games have helped some dementia patients by exercising their brains
@bungoose.mp3641 Yıl önce
‘Beating Elden ring as a game journalist’
They don't beat it
@jpteknoman Yıl önce
@@aCeruleanStateMusic maybe, but that's how they play it
@maesaigo8034 Yıl önce
@@jpteknoman you are giving them too much credit , they don't play
@FunLobsterFacts Yıl önce
@@maesaigo8034 you are giving them too little credit, they play, then go to the menu and quit cause it is "too hard" to press start.
@zenixkiryu 5 aylar önce
The chat: Riposte is avoiding damage Chat again: being too close is tech dodging "Is KiLLiNg tHe bOsS aVoiDiNg DaMaGe tOo??"
@coomenclave2670 8 aylar önce
The fact that elden ring is such a difficult game ,yet still can be beaten in a variety of ways makes it one of the most fascinating and repayable games of all time.
@_Bumazka_ 3 aylar önce
But the DS 2 still have more uniqueness
@marcosdheleno 3 aylar önce
yep, it reminds me of ds 1 and 2 in that regard. also the reason why im not that big a fan of bloodborne. as that game is too 1 note. you basicalyl play the exact same way but using diferent weapons that dont change it that much. and before people come talking about how in BB weapons are more unique, they kinda are, but changing them is not that diferent from 2-handing in other souls like.
@giulioceresini1435 3 aylar önce
​​​@@marcosdhelenono, changing weapon form is nothing like two handing, but you can tell yourself that if you want. You can dislike bloodborne, but this is just plain false. Every attack combos with every followup you choose. In other souls game R1 combos with R1 and R2 with R2, and that's that. Sometime you get a R1-R2 combo, but that's it. Hitting different button simply disrupts the flow of the action and resets the combo. Which is fine for souls game since they play at a much slower pace, but weapons definitely have less than 1/3 of the options and movesets bloodborne has. The changing form attacks have a moveset of their own. Two handing is an action that stays the same for every weapon, changing form is an actual attack and plays right into the fast pace of bloodborne. Again, it's fine if you don't like it, but the comparison makes no sense.
@eduardoledesma5568 3 aylar önce
Man what are you talking about? Elden Ring is the easiest of the Souls games.
@onionitis1227 10 aylar önce
Fun Fact: The Bull Goat Talisman raises effective poise by 33%. It reduces poise damage by 25%, meaning all enemies do 3/4, inverting that, you have effectively 4/3 normal poise, i.e 133%
@lampros1112 3 aylar önce
​@@jojolafrite90but 4/3 is 1.3333 repeating or around 133%
@theroyalgamer6560 2 aylar önce
@@jojolafrite90I hate to say it but 4/3 is exactly 133.33% rounded 4/3 = 1.3333 rounded By the definition of percentage, 1.33 * 100 = 133.33 and 1*100 = 100 Therefore 133.33/100 = 133.33% as percent is literally “per 100”
@SinHurr Aylar önce
@@jojolafrite90 Because that's how math works.
@chaoticstarfish3401 10 gün önce
​@@jojolafrite90I can't tell if you were joking lmao
@PhuLe-vz9zl 7 aylar önce
Funny how out of all the "tank" runs with poise being an important thing and noone remembered about Fia's buff which increases your poise significantly with about 10% HP trade. Plus you can actually get a hug so that'd be another win
@pennycat7276 9 gün önce
The buff only lasts 15 seconds, it's more likely that people just don't bother with it since it's not worth the trade. One could make an argument for the radiant variant of the buff which lasts for 70 seconds but is only obtainable once in a playthrough, can't be stored, you can't hold more than 1 and it doesn't carry over to NG+. They're simply not worth using. Hugs are nice though.
@stellarhades9517 8 aylar önce
Honestly a similar challenge that might be harder would be a panic roll version of this You have to dodge any movement of any enemy, and have to panic roll at least 3 times per roll to simulate someone bad as well You could also do it where you roll every attack until out of stamina
@questionsayer 7 aylar önce
would you ever be allowed to move and deal damage though? They move all the time
@dangerousfelon 7 aylar önce
​@@questionsayer yea seems overkill 😂
@MinorZero 6 aylar önce
Dodge roll attacks only? :)
@alexgac1801 5 aylar önce
There is a guy who finished Elden Ring by killing ennemies purely through rolling, briar armor adds 20 damages to your rolls.
@Never_heart 2 aylar önce
​@questionsayer the only way would be the Briar Armor so you could deal damage on rolls
An unspoken challenge of this run is to resist the urge pressing the dodge button after all those hours of muscle memory
i know what that word is supposed to mean, but i dont think its real
@@michaelbarker6732 What word? "Muscle memory"? Think about it has your muscles memorizing certain action, like push ups, writing or just gaming in general, in this case is every time a enemy attacks your muscle memory inmediatly presses the dodge botton due to hours and hours of practice.
@AntonisVaik Yıl önce
He probably unbound it in the settings
@@jesusdavidgarciaretana6567 lol i know what muscle memory is dude. The word I was referring to was “untalked.” Also muscle memory is two words so why would that even be what you thought I meant?
@@jesusdavidgarciaretana6567 also I said “I know what that word is supposed to mean” so even if thats the word I meant, explaining it wouldn’t even be what I was asking for lol
@fuskerfull2 6 aylar önce
Most impressive thing is to stand and watch how Radan is falling towards you meteor speed, not to flinch and be like - come at me bro. Manliest thing ever.
@Never_heart 2 aylar önce
Imagine what the bosses must feel. Using their strongest attacks that even other demigods try to avoid, and this lone literally unflinching Tarnished just eats it face first with zero hesitation, that's terrifying
@sanjosesharks31 7 aylar önce
It must have taken a lot of discipline to not instinctively dodge what you know is for sure going to destroy you. Lmao. Makes me laugh every time. Well done Tarnished.
@jeanphilippemalouin 10 aylar önce
''I'll show you you can beat the game without knowing anything about it.'' Proceeds to meticulously gather specific gear from all over the map for very specific reasons. Great run! Thanks for the content! :D
@lucianpayne5158 9 aylar önce
I think the idea is that, if you're really dedicated to not using reaction time or "being good," it's very feasible to still win! As long as you're using your brain and adapting to your problems, you can use what you have (probably the internet, if you're a new player) to win and have fun.
@Cubb7 9 aylar önce
@@lucianpayne5158 didn’t get the joke.
@lucianpayne5158 9 aylar önce
@@Cubb7 honestly fair I just really like when people branch out in the way they think about games. The joke is founded on the idea that being meticulous is boring and research is not fun but those are not true! I love playing games that open up when you're willing to be meticulous :)
@emperorborgpalpatine 9 aylar önce
​@@lucianpayne5158 The game is already really easy lol I think doing what's shown in this video makes game harder.
@retardedfishfrogs1 9 aylar önce
@@lucianpayne5158 Scouring the wiki is what got me through DS1, it's definitely my kind of experience.
@thisisausername9356 2 aylar önce
I can't imagine how hard it must have been to fight every urge to dodge those attacks, especially the extremely telehraphed ones
@JeffDAPG 7 aylar önce
I think your strategy with Rykard was definitely acceptable. With these special playthroughs you do, there has to be some room for certain bosses. Awesome job man. These do help me realize the advantages of some of these builds you do.
@pennycat7276 9 gün önce
Considering it's right there as soon as you enter the arena I think it's safe to assume that even new players are going to eventually figure that one out. To take that a step further, any new player gathering enough info to find all this gear is absolutely gonna know about Serpent Hunter going into that fight, so either way I agree that it's fine.
"You've heard of the virgin no-hit run, now get ready for the CHAD EVERY HIT RUN!" 10/10
@jstar3382 11 aylar önce
This is infinitely easier than no hit
@howdoifindaname2743 11 aylar önce
@@jstar3382 An actual every hit run would involve having to run into every attack... even those that would miss you if you did nothing... I'd say it's harder than no-hit because it depends much more on enemy attacks. Not the run in this video, but an actual every-hit run
@Wav03 11 aylar önce
@@howdoifindaname2743 well an actual ‘every hit’ run would be literally impossible
@lucasftsa4157 11 aylar önce
@@jstar3382 thank you sherlock
@slizer452 10 aylar önce
@@Wav03 Oh shit now you've done it. Someone's gonna go and prove you wrong in 3 years.
@gentlemanjester637 7 aylar önce
Honestly, the most impressive thing about these runs is that for a lot of them, you probably have to unlearn quite a lot of habits, such as rolling out of the way of certain attacks.
@dogf421 5 aylar önce
38:44 is an extremely based take, he has so much reach that getting in close and trying to find the blindspots in his attacks is more effective than any attempt at spacing
@raegan_1018 10 aylar önce
Whats ironic is that, while he said his goal was to simulate a complete noob and show that you don't have to get good to beat this game, making a build and run like this requires a lot of game knowledge
@alpharius1497 9 aylar önce
A noob with a wiki then
@ShjadeNexayre 9 aylar önce
@@alpharius1497 A wiki isn't the same as a strategy guide. Knowing all the things that exist doesn't tell you how to put together a specific build, which a complete noob won't understand without some trial and error at the very least. Fromsoft min/maxing isn't the most intuitive thing for non-standard "put stats into damage, do more damage" builds.
@uglypug6608 7 aylar önce
100% agreed. I am struggling because I don't have knowledge of the game. The fighting mechanics are easy to learn. It's the rest of the stuff and I don't wanna use internet every 2 minutes to ask, what's this, what's that. I just wanna play the game. But its the mechanics that are the issue for most new ppl yes I agree. And I don't want to "study" to play a game. I just want a fun time. Sigh... Probably just not for me I guess
@vibes208 3 aylar önce
I can't believe he one shot soldier of godrick the absolute undeniably objectively hardest boss in the game. What a crazy build.
@deamon6681 10 aylar önce
4:45 It *reduces* poise damage by 25%, which is equivalent to raising your poise by 33%.
@purplehaze2358 Yıl önce
This genuinely feels like a passive aggressive response to someone saying "just don't get hit" unironically.
@baitornot4697 11 aylar önce
To me it feels like a passive aggressive response to someone who gave up on the game after 1 death and said “it’s too hard I can’t do it”
@user-cg3em4cw4f 11 aylar önce
Honestly it reads more like an attack at people who point out the very valid artificial difficulty compared to other souls games.
@shiningpecan6978 11 aylar önce
@@user-cg3em4cw4f it ain't difficult tho
@user-cg3em4cw4f 11 aylar önce
@@shiningpecan6978 You're right, it's not. However compared to other souls games the bosses are significantly less interesting to fight which is my main issue. Everything past morgott is just a slog. Edit: to put it better, it's not the "difficulty" that's the issue it's how it's difficult. It feels like they tried to overtune bosses and give them all enormous combos and AOEs but it just makes them all boring and similar to fight.
@cheftroyardee7982 11 aylar önce
@@user-cg3em4cw4f I disagree completely. 🗿
@fanghur8165 3 aylar önce
The fact that learning all of these items, spells, effects, and stagger mechanics would probably take more time than developing decent attack dodging reflexes makes this even better
@stevenneiman1554 3 aylar önce
As a side note, I don't think Prayerful Strike actually does any holy damage. It just does weapon damage with a high MV and has the sacred affinity by default, but I'm pretty sure that if you switch it to one of the physical affinities it will do pure physical.
@looneymar9153 12 gün önce
I love how although the rules explicitly say that the one rule above all others is refusing to avoid damage, the precipice to the run was to prove how skill isn't needed to beat the game yet he is showing active thinking and adaptation which are among the most crucial of skills in soulslikes
@uolocur9356 10 gün önce
Yeah, like he's going to get very specific things for his build, a new player could never do that unless they struggle through the entire game, just hoping to find something uuseful. The game isn't too hard, it's too easy. It's bad because you wander aimlessly for hours with a weak build, and then suddenly you are a powerhouse that can't be stopped.
@Ashtarte3D 7 aylar önce
This is an even more window licker level build than I could have imagined, lol. One of my friends insisted he couldn't handle Elden Ring so I showed him how to get the Fingerprint Shield build going as soon as humanly possible (before they nerfed it a bit) to prove that even a potato could beat ER with a bit of knowledge.
@llukandane3337 7 aylar önce
“Okay, well I’m not dead.” - Bushy *dies immediately* 29:52
@Firefox-eg3no 9 aylar önce
Like imagine your Radahn and this random tarnished just walks up to you with the most armor you've ever seen and just facetanks all your attacks and even after turning into a meteor he's just standing there like: "hey! Want to do that again?" Lol
@jeast9648 2 aylar önce
Dude your runs are making me want to play through elden ring again.
@DarkHelmetgaming 5 aylar önce
Found your channel 2 days ago on the 10 starting classes Amazing content and massive set of cahones on you. Just watching you is bringing my passion for gaming back. Thank you ❤
@C0RUPTEDBLADE 3 aylar önce
The fact that someone bad at the game would at least panic roll but he decided that he would get hit by every single attack shows that with great power comes great vigor and poise
@dreamday988 8 aylar önce
I suck so much at souls games but I love watching them and people creating so many different ways to beat this game is always so cool to watch 👏🏻
@chipstick3856 Yıl önce
“Morgott’s great rune will be very useful” Proceeds to never activate Morgott’s great rune
@lordraiden007 Yıl önce
So about at useful as Malenia’s rune then. I’m sure that 20 hp he regened was more valuable than the alternative runes.
@davidtsmith33 Yıl önce
Godrick's Great Rune would have been better IMO (Raises all attributes by +5). I think that great rune is the best of the lot. It's what I always use.
@@davidtsmith33 godricks great rune falls off later game as it increases attributes, whereas morgotts is a 15% boost to health
@mrcheesemunch Yıl önce
@@davidtsmith33 Yeah I prefer to use it for general play since all attributes going up might save your ass with resistances and whatnot at times. Having the most health possible is handy sometimes sure but I don't think it's entirely necessary, if you're getting so screwed by something you need that then things are going badly anyway.
@davidtsmith33 Yıl önce
@@mrcheesemunch Exactly.
@jaydenfernbacher6064 2 aylar önce
The fact that he can change his play style to not dodge attacks is incredible. I’m trying to dodge them in my mind just watching the video and he’s got his hands on the controls, shows some serious restraint
@shaedric5733 7 aylar önce
This is actually a good build. Imagine if he allowed himself to dodge attacks
@mercurydrive9720 10 aylar önce
I love that this is basically playing Elden Ring as if it had Runescape combat
@Damanique 8 aylar önce
I'm impressed how you manage not to dodge or strafe on pure instinct!
@ShwooptyWopp 8 aylar önce
First video I've seen from you and I subscribed instantly when you started popping off about the sleep pots on the godskin duo. I just got through my first playthrough and absolutely love the game. Great idea for a video and amazing execution.
@1990themule Yıl önce
I imagine the hardest thing for you was to not react to attacks and not roll/dodge
@nondescriptname Yıl önce
Exact same thought. It must take crazy focus not to instinctively roll every time because you've done it thousands of times before.
@jayeff4337 Yıl önce
He most likely unbound/rebound the button
@jstar3382 Yıl önce
I mean you can unbind rolling
@@jayeff4337 he didnt.
@BluehaZe_ Yıl önce
these games have been rolling simulators ever sense demon souls mustve been real hard for him lol
@connormoore4718 6 aylar önce
these challenges have been incredible. I don't know how you got rid of the instinct to roll
@PhatDildokhunty 6 aylar önce
I'm probably going to fall asleep long before this video ends, but if there's one thing I've learned about these "Can I beat Elden Ring while" videos..... the answer almost always yes. So....good job man!
@ttops0680 10 aylar önce
Rogier really is the only npc I genuinely like and want to see win, even when fighting him
@DietmarEugen Aylar önce
That's my kind of playing ^^ This video inspired me to do a similar run, but by power stancing weapons (most of the time; or two-handing one weapon). Additionally I must follow the "traditional"/"historic" route and only use the gear and material I found in these areas.
@dogf421 5 aylar önce
actual turn based rpg mode imagine if for some reason people didnt realize you are supposed to avoid attacks in any video game so this was the only way people played and it was a huge community wide puzzle to figure all this out because these combos are pretty insane
@friccle_ Yıl önce
I bet radahn seeing this dude just CHARGE through their arrows and attacks just went “Finally, a fight worthy enough to die to”
@Spiritnick Yıl önce
Especially after this guy just TANKED the meteor phase transition. Finally, an opponent who passed the Vigor check
@elitedonut1089 Yıl önce
Naw a worthy is someone skilled enough to avoid his attacks
@alexobando5560 Yıl önce
@@elitedonut1089 you must be new around these here parts…
@@elitedonut1089 you keep quiet
@KibaKitsune 7 aylar önce
I'm curious what soul level the character was by the end of this run? Helps with innate damage reduction as you level up stats as well. Curious how much that helps out or if this could have been even easier?
I love these challenge runs. Very entertaining to see and I just finished my own challenge run. Not as sophisticated but I only put points into strength and vigor and only used the starting club from the wretch. Then to keep myself mobile I only used leg and hand armor. Pretty fun and only took a weekend to complete. Im not as good as this guy though.
The animation attacks are honestly nothing to complain about it’s the hit box being so freaking good most weapon that have animations can most likely dodge out and it’s the coolest thing ever 👍🏼🙏🏼
@anderswallin3883 3 aylar önce
The patience needed for a run like this is beyond me
@TheRedThirst 10 aylar önce
I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to ignore the dodge instinct, especially if youve played all the fromsoft games to date. Bravo sir.
@greenguard07 4 aylar önce
If I was doing this challenge, I would legit have to unbind roll lol
@yaraduardo1287 4 aylar önce
It felt so weird seeing him get hit by the easiest attacks to dodge. When Godfrey made that strong hit with the axe my eyes were bleeding because he could not dodge and punish Godfrey with a strong attack.
@SpydersByte 9 aylar önce
21:41 now that was luckily timed :D Blas Blade is such a good weapon for this run as it gives so much health page. This was one of my favorite weapons on my first 2 playthroughs, a nice long decent damage line aoe plus it has life siphon? Hell yes Ill take it! :P
@AcmeMonkeyCompany 9 aylar önce
Him eating the Radahn meteor was a huge "Shut up! You will never-" moment
@Mark8271997 4 aylar önce
You actually made the game harder, you made it so you actually have to think and somehow "adapt" to the marching playstyle.
@chiku1337 8 aylar önce
I love the idea of these builds, but it always annoys me so much when I can't reach something! Especially on horseback I much prefer those great and colossal swords. But this build still looks very funny
@CodexVR124 10 aylar önce
Casuals: Elden Ring is sooooooooo hard. Bushy on any random day: BEATING ELDEN RING WITH BUTTERFLIES AND RAINBOWS.
“I have to mimic someone who doesn’t know how to play the game at all”. Excuse me, but I’m gonna have to get some kind of recompense from you for stealing my whole flow to make this video…
@johnjack3329 Yıl önce
104 likes and no comments let me fix that(P.S same here lol)
@dtsnelson Yıl önce
I appreciate the use of the word recompense. That's all have a nice day :)
he stole ma whole fuckin flowwww
@malte3756 Yıl önce
yo I was gonna say, how is he just gonna commentate over my gameplay??
@chipstick3856 Yıl önce
-My Mimic Tear
@dabossdavis3624 28 gün önce
"Im here to prove that elden ring isnt hard" *shows one of the hardest challenge runs ever*
@ks_stunts 4 aylar önce
Amazing video as always man, just what I needed to watch while in greece
@eflarsen 10 aylar önce
i love that this is also the "learn nothing about the enemies" run where the challenge is you DON'T remember any of the enemy attack patterns when you refight the bosses.
@walternunez4118 3 aylar önce
Great video, i just think there were a few things that could've been done a bit different, like powerstance jump attacking with another great hammer to get better stace breaking, or sneaking in some extra hits before a riposte. Respect not using sleep pots on Foreskin Duo tho, huge chad move
@jerryp.927 Aylar önce
while this idea is super fun and you did a great job, if someone hadn't played these games, I doubt they would know half of what the items do or how to synergize them together to be able to do. Nothing wrong with how you did, just thought about this while watching the vid. Good job as always!
@sonokawaray Yıl önce
There's always something so satisfying about watching these grabs and fight-ending super moves from bosses hit, only for it to do piddly amounts of damage and you to stand back up like "that all you got?" This really is a game where you can play however you want, and odds are there's a way to make it work with enough time and effort.
@leinadlink Yıl önce
Bro is standing there like Senator Armstrong while he gets pummeled by all these attacks
Boss: *drops meteors and breaks reality to DESTORY him* Bushy: “I ain’t hear no bell”
@_Jay_Maker_ Yıl önce
It's even better when you face Tarnished bosses and are using Inescapable Frenzy. Once they do their big move and you tank the shit out of it, you just walk up to them, grab them, and set them on fire.
@andresambriz4153 10 aylar önce
You pretty much beat the game as a no-dodging boss. Well done!
@grothd09 6 aylar önce
Wasn’t it so hard not to instinctively dodge attacks when you know the patterns?! This would be so hard!!!
@tea.23 4 aylar önce
Really wish you'd stream on TRvid! Would love to watch these live 😢
@iliyablackswan 8 aylar önce
All I learned after having finished the game once and seeing the video, is that dodging is waaaaay easier than what Bushy is doing... for real. Also Rykard seemed sus.
@robetearley9978 10 aylar önce
im honestly curious how well it would work in pvp as an invader 1v3, would be interesting how they would react to him.
@aplomBomb 11 aylar önce
Watching him stand there and take the Rhadon meteor to the dome was hilarious
@Bane95 8 aylar önce
Yea that's crazy but I think the Radahn meteor is even better ngl
@leikezeold1376 5 aylar önce
@@Bane95 fr, the Radahn meteor was way more epic
@charlafox5701 2 aylar önce
I have a disability and thought I couldn’t play this game because of my lack of movement skills and coordination, but this made me very happy to see! Maybe I can play it after all!
@idkvwad 2 aylar önce
There's a lot of irony in the fact that in order to simulate being very bad at elden ring, you have to be really fucking good at elden ring.
@forlornecho3050 10 aylar önce
I have an interesting idea. I feel like the best experiment is to have 3 people play the game on 3 separate console/PC with 3 people. 1. A elden ring player 2. A casual ds player or rpgist seems like the best control. 3. Someone who rarely or never plays games. Have them beat all the story bosses and have them document their whole experience asking standardized questions.
@cerrax 7 aylar önce
Razbuten did a video "What is Elden Ring like for a Non-Gamer?": trvid.com/video/video-WamFLD7Y2-4.html
@notachance3444 11 aylar önce
Can’t believe people tried to say your swing animation was considered dodging. Give the man his props he’s killing it. Some people are never happy
@N38Productions 10 aylar önce
@jevislife5675 10 aylar önce
I mean no matter how he does it he won't be able to replicate a bad or new player tbh, it's a great video but still doesn't make the difficulty complaints about the game less valid
@thatguy12332 10 aylar önce
@@jevislife5675 how can you devalue something that has 0 validity in the first place😭😭
@Dr4gon785 10 aylar önce
It is because they are jealous.
@fearlessCABBIE 10 aylar önce
@@jevislife5675 what difficultly complaints? Apparently this is one of the easiest souls games. It’s my first one and I’ve been doing absolutely fine
@Neo2266. 8 aylar önce
The first time I fought Rykard I baasically used this exact strategy. The serpenthunter just stunlocks him
@StephenOwen 10 aylar önce
Great Stars is FANTASTIC when you add the Heavy attunement to get huge strength scaling. It was my go to in every Catacomb as the Prayerful Strike holy damage does a number on any undead and the strike is perfect for imps and watch dogs.
@kyleguajardo 11 aylar önce
26:08 my favorite moment from this entire video. Dude literally said "I'll sub if you add drip." And Bushy tried it and loved it, and so did everyone else.
@tearfulblade 10 aylar önce
did he sub afterward?
@kyleguajardo 10 aylar önce
@@tearfulblade Not sure
@methos4866 7 aylar önce
ngl that cape looks hot af
@llukandane3337 6 aylar önce
That is drippy af
@zonewanderer 8 aylar önce
This is deeply satisfying my dude, great content
@brennanperry8001 3 aylar önce
I wonder if it's possible to beat elden ring as a turn based RPG. Basically it would be this run, but you have to wait for an enemy to finish an entire attack before healing, attacking, or blocking.
@gavinlangley8411 3 aylar önce
After just finishing my 2nd run through, late to the game, I'm desperate to just stand there and smash :) I may give this a go. Nice video.
@Nightwalker170 8 aylar önce
Did a run like this except my focus was "Just how unkillable can I be?". Erd tree great shield, blessed dew talisman, prayerful strike and anything to increase max health to abuse the 30% heal from prayerful strike. I found myself trading most of my red flasks to blue and face tanking my way through fights with the passive regeneration as an assist. Later I found Holy Ground and slapped it on a buckler so I could cast regeneration without investing in faith. lol it was glorious!
@Toasty_93 3 gün önce
That Placidusax fight was legendary. It's the dumbest way any boss has ever been beaten in any game ever, and I love that it's possible.
@magicxmc27 Yıl önce
Re: Rykard fight The whole idea of the run is playing like someone who doesn't know dodge timings and all, so standing in the lava is absolutely valid in that logic. Also: Lion's Claw my beloved, favorite Ash of War in the game
@darianclark3980 Yıl önce
And as a bonus, you take consistent damage from Rykard's Lava "Aura"
Lion's claw my beloved, i want to do an Artorias cosplay but can't find a good armor
@Evarakeus Yıl önce
@@ArtoriasGaming0516 What about Black Knife armor? Pretty late game, but I think it's as close as you'll get in ER
@90bubbel60 Yıl önce
@@Evarakeus either black knife or night rider sets i would say
@eggnogsaber Yıl önce
I didn't realise what the spear does so I fought him with my regular weapon and this is what I ended up doing. It was an easy fight lol. The lesser known strat
@JulianimeIsAmazing 3 aylar önce
This is honestly extremely similar to my first play through of ER because I went in knowing I'm not some 1337 tryhard rolls all day backstabs all day epic Doritos Mountain Dew gamer legend, and I don't like when I feel like I have to play like a bitch to win, so I just built strength and health and endurance and went tanky. Obviously since I went in blind I didn't know about Patches so I never got that GOAT goat armor even though it would've been perfect, but I DID get Lionel's Armor so I was fat and beefy enough. But like, literally that's exactly how I fought and beat Rykard, in the lava only flinching on every like 3rd strike, that's how I beat Fire Giant and Mohg Lord of Blood first try, that's how I beat a LOT of these bosses like almost precisely, except I actually just equipped and used a shield, but obviously I have no idea how the potions work or perfumes and I had no buffing resist spells, but I got by just fine. Funny enough, I finally beat Malenia after about 7-8 tries by swapping to blasphemous blade, as the special for that actually fucks her pretty hard. I also didn't use the serpent killing spear against Rykard because it just didn't occur to me to, in the middle of a boss fight with a giant God snake, open my menu and swap out my strengthened weapon I've been using and have my build around out for some random weapon I just came across.
@broccolin 3 aylar önce
@theruneretriever 8 aylar önce
Hi! New to Elden Ring and Im still trying out builds that I can have fun playing with. Subbing for this video! Keep up the good content, man!
@kayn9651 9 aylar önce
Prelate's Charge would be good with the Godskin Swaddling Cloth. - Especially if you were to put it on the butcher knife from the invader on the road to volcano manor, where you also pick up Golden Vow incantation. Try it out, it's basically immortality.
@emerz3530 2 aylar önce
Used Blasphemous Blade on my first Elden Ring run because it looked cool and I was running faith already, it absolutely makes the game too easy, I'm not surprised he used it in this lol.
@gravelhs 8 aylar önce
the worst part about this video is that I actually believe this actually represents gaming skills of some game reviewers
@Schauspiels Yıl önce
I remember doing something like this when the game first game out. Before it was patched, Fingerprint Stone Shield fully upgraded didn't consume any stamina on block and negated pretty much all damage, so I literally went through the entire new game + just holding L1 and poking things with my spear from behind my shield. The whole run was incredibly brain dead and incredibly easy, and I was dying laughing my whole playthrough.
@leo_link Yıl önce
It's even better if you two hand the shield and simply use shield crash. It still works, and it's pretty good for pvp too.
@ColinForster 11 aylar önce
Led me to think
@mustbemeech 10 aylar önce
This game can be played in so many ways it’s insane, suits all play styles
@God-ch8lq 10 aylar önce
wait? upgrading shields imprive their defensive stats?
@MyNameIsSalo 10 aylar önce
he might be playing like someone who cant dodge any attacks, but he went across the entire map and found all the perfect items for the build to work which is not something an inexperienced player is going to do. Do this with a randomiser for the true noob experience
@marcosdheleno 3 aylar önce
i can confirm to you, this is EXACTLY how i played DS1 on my first try. with a guide open, telling me exactly where to go, and what to get, how to upgrade and when. so your argument doesnt work, when i know for a fact others play the game in this exact way. except, with some rolling here and there. and yes, i had fun, so much fun infact, i ended up getting all achievements on ds 1-2-3, elden ring, lords of the fallen(the shitty one) and the surge.
@phoenixfireblazz1545 9 aylar önce
Gotta be honest that since it was not in the rules that u can't use a shield, I expected a parry god walkthrough.... Surprisingly, you remained true to your word ;)
@bobbyslapin8099 10 gün önce
I just started playing the game and it's a lot easier then I thought to be honest. The hardest part for me is just figuring out what to do since I'm not used to games where you're just tossed out there, only other open world game I remember playing was botw
@thatoneguy2288 10 aylar önce
Does he ever use "flame give me strength" in this run? At some parts i wasn't paying attention and i don't got time to go back and rewatch this lol this was a very nice video though so far my favorite part is the "ill sub if u put the cape on" and the "bro this has no business looking this good" was pretty funny imo
@myhonor9 10 aylar önce
For some souls games there was a time when I wanted to imitate the main character of "I don't want to get hurt, so I put all my stats on defense", a girl who is the ultimate tank in an VRMMORPG game. Only problem, to use Great Shields, you need Strength stats, not just Vitality 😅
If you’re basically not running away, its basically a “Hesitation is Defeat” run
@midnight6284 Yıl önce
Hes playing it like sekiro
@ladistar Yıl önce
Bahahahaha so true
@ethan414 Yıl önce
isshin approves
@@midnight6284 No, iv played Sekiro, you cant facetank anything.
@midnight6284 Yıl önce
@@thealchemistking4063 ik, I more meant he doesnt back off ever
@chiangedison8080 8 aylar önce
I wonder if this is easier or harder than beating Elden Ring without rolling AND without healing
@anthonycardenas4994 10 aylar önce
Lions claw was the only reason this worked because it’s basically a dodge roll into a super high damage attack. Still appreciate the video. Learned quite a few things about defensive strategy.✌️
@rosemccartney1538 10 aylar önce
This is basically my normal playstyle. I don’t kill bosses until i can tank basically everything and faceroll it. But it feels hard to me simply because i’m really bad at the game