Can I Beat Elden Ring When Every Enemy is Doubled? 

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3 Eyl 2022




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@projectorochi Yıl önce
Second Malenia was just there for moral support
@aimanuarpro Yıl önce
or maybe just trash talking you
"woo! Go me!"
that's actually funny nice comment
''Introducing the champion: She is Malenia, Blade Of Miquella. And she has never known defeat.''
@darthplagueis13 Yıl önce
OK, but picking up a second greatspear so you can power stance the serpent hunter and get a faster moveset is a 400 IQ play that I didn't see coming
@gilliganinja Yıl önce
Putting the serpent hunter in the off-hand gives both the wind spear effect, too
@raider9784 Yıl önce
@@gilliganinja that sounds so op I'm gonna try that on my next playthrough
@@raider9784 sadly the serpent hunter loses the wind ability when out of the rykard fight
@raider9784 Yıl önce
@@sanguinarydemon3011 yeh I know I meant for the rykard boss fight
@@raider9784 oh my bad
@mangoscats4952 Yıl önce
Some of the bosses are just the quote of “he’s perfectly in sync with his parallel universe counterparts”
@FemaleAnri Yıl önce
TerminalMontage Speedrunner Mario Vs Hiya Fox
@Kaitri Yıl önce
@@FemaleAnri while yes the line was said by terminal montage, it actually comes from pannencoeks a button challenge to beat sm64 in as few a presses as possible.
@mangoscats4952 Yıl önce
@@Kaitri that’s interesting I only knew it from terminal montage I’ll definitely check that video out
@Kaitri Yıl önce
@@mangoscats4952 i think many ppl know it from him, but everything he does and says in his mario vids (in all of them) is actually based on the video "watch for rolling rocks in 0.5 a presses" by pannencoek2012
@HostileMustache Yıl önce
Godskin duo.... duo
@kingzecromatic Yıl önce
That fight is so funny, without wanting to spoil too much.
@cenvos3234 Yıl önce
too many foreskins
@sarabnayan1329 Yıl önce
Godskin squad
Godskin quartet
@TheMagicWiener Yıl önce
Was hoping to see the Trio Crystalian fight in this run, it would've been chaotic.
@zach8107 Yıl önce
I was thinking the same thing, it would be so fucking annoying having 2 of the spear guys relentlessly stab away at you while trying to deal with the other 7 lmao
@TheMagicWiener Yıl önce
@@zach8107 Lmao yeah, would've been funny to see.
@KingoftheApes Yıl önce
@@zach8107 other 4 you mean?
@zach8107 Yıl önce
@@KingoftheApes yeah lmao
@robbybevard8034 Yıl önce
At that point you switch to Radahn's starscourge greatsword and just AOE nuke. It can delete the trio no problem, it'd probably trivialize 6 of them as well. The only real weakness is how long it takes that attack animation to trigger, but that's why you pack a ton of poise.
@BendMax Yıl önce
This pretty much makes every fight into the godskin duo
@hheshhhhsh5959 Yıl önce
That fight being a duo is the only thing that makes it hard though. A lot of these single bosses would be OP with doubles compared to them
@thisguy00 Yıl önce
Quadskin duo would like to know your location...
I would disagree, the godskin duo are hard because they're a duo, you can fight hoth on their own in the world
@KingslayerSrb Yıl önce
@@mandrake6486 be wary of duo, but duo
@Hankshaw47 Yıl önce
Turns the game into DS2
@fallen9997 Yıl önce
Margit: 27 attempts Godrick: 1 attempt Red Wolf: 9 attempts Godskin Noble: 6 attempts Rykard: 16 attempts Draconic Tree Sentinel: 2 attempts Goldfrey: 1 attempt Morgott: 2 attempts Radahn: 1 attempt Mimic Tear: 1 attempt Regal Ancestor Spirit: 1 attempt Little Mohg: 12 attempts Fia's Simps: 1 attempt Astel: 3 attempts Rennala: 14 attempts Fire Giant: 46 attempts Godskin Quartet: 1 attempt Maliketh: 9 attempts Gideon: 11 attempts Fortissax: 2 attempts Niall: 9 attempts Loretta: 34 attempts Malenia: 7 attempts Placidusax: 2 attempts Big Mohg: 1 attempt Hoarah Loux: 7 attempts Radagon/Elden Beast: 37 attempts
@Tilburyy Yıl önce
@geniusreaps4609 Yıl önce
=263 attempts
@rickroll5298 Yıl önce
@Febo2310 Yıl önce
I like how gideon took more attempts then malenia
@spicynugget375 Yıl önce
Oh my God, halfway through and just realized he made Reilly Reid, because she's good at taking multiple things at once lol
@thebigeasye77 Yıl önce
lol I didn't even catch that until now
@pashby69 Yıl önce
@liamwithaspace 9 aylar önce
I literally came to the comments to say that while he's at fire giant lol
@euclidYT 3 saatler önce
I thought he picked Rilley Reid because he'd be getting fucked figuratively lol
Wish you showed a bit more than just the bosses. I can image the hilarity of Stormveil Castle with double the ballistae pointed at you, or certain areas like Leyndell being a pain.
@felixcote1697 Yıl önce
Bubble boys and ants at the Hailegtree lmao
@oliver2746 Yıl önce
you can always watch the vods on his twitch if you wanna see the whole process
@felixcote1697 Yıl önce
@@oliver2746 Oh good call
@m.douglas8492 Yıl önce
This applies to almost all of these runs, the most interesting thing tends to be the actual areas but only bosses get put into the videos because they're more 'exiting'.
@amidalaprin4846 Yıl önce
If you wanna see true pain in that theme, "challenger andy" has an all gael run going right now, just got past the Geacons of the deep
@Bxycee Yıl önce
I would honestly just quit if I saw two Malenias walking towards me with murderous intent.
He has done it before So he is old pro
@llukandane3337 9 aylar önce
Me: so *no*
@stephencurry4835 8 aylar önce
Mimic and rivers of blood and they’re both dead in less than a minute
@ironwolf5802 Yıl önce
I had accidentally walked into the mimic boss fight without changing my set up and beat myself first try without much problem. I asked out loud, "Am I really that easy to beat?" Since almost all my boss fights are in the double digits try's, I would say so.
@ThatGuyOrby Yıl önce
that is quite the RIP indeed
@LilacMonarch 10 aylar önce
The mimic boss reminds me of fighting Dark Link in OoT, you can go in with low health and make him a complete joke
@Barrythebarnabas 3 aylar önce
I was the complete opposite. I took my time getting to the mic so I was over level 150 with a tanky strength build that put down Radahn first try. It took probably 10 minutes to whittle down my doppelgängers health until it pulled out some black flame and named dragon incantations and ended me. I stripped naked for attempt #2 and quickly swapped to the winged scythe once the fight started.
@Barrythebarnabas 3 aylar önce
@_snowylil Yıl önce
it would have been funny if you did this whole thing with the Mimic Tear Ashes, so *you're* doubled as well
@roarksjuror4752 Yıl önce
Bushy facing two fire giants is like me facing one fire giant.
@KRFury Yıl önce
Just wanted to say, love the addition of boss cards with the equipment you used
Love the run and the editing, the latter especially at 55:32! Really cool adding visuals to your on-stream explanations.
@warisfoever4938 Yıl önce
bruh i could beat the game 1000 more times and still not be as good as you man. nice job with this
@JTdaGoat2871 Yıl önce
@@andreychetvertakov4574 exactly he literally probably hasn’t gone outside in years haha. If you did the same you would be great too.
@kromadomezz1026 Yıl önce
@@andreychetvertakov4574 ok then you do this and document it for everyone to see
@legendaryjayy24 Yıl önce
@@JTdaGoat2871 practice makes perfect. People have lives beyond video games
@REBELLION_1_ Yıl önce
I realize how much I love this channel when I'm using some of his catch phrases in my day to day love to see it LOL
@OfficerQuavers Yıl önce
Dude that graphic for your loadout to every boss makes me genuinely happy. Feel like I have a clue what's going on all of a sudden 😂
@medievaljedi Yıl önce
Only a minute in: I hope he uses Mogwyn's Spear since it does bleed to multiple targets simultaneously. It always make God skin duo too easy, I bet it would make God skin quad a joke too
@Eo-ms3kw Yıl önce
Any bleed weapon makes godskin duo a joke tbh
@zach8107 Yıl önce
@@Eo-ms3kw I use their own weapon on them, dual peelers with bleed on both. Big middle finger to the foreskin duo
@nolety_9156 Yıl önce
@@Eo-ms3kw Correction: Any bleed weapon makes any boss a joke
@memegod9982 Yıl önce
Except for radagon and elden beast.
@@nolety_9156 unless your a ghost, Cosmic Blob, a certain red headed dickhead with a hammer that works for said Blob, a fan of trees and horned shoulder tackles, Big Fuckin' Tree Man, a blue rasberry or Berry Tie-die flavoured sentient rock that hops around and a few other things i can't remember
@Jirekianu Yıl önce
"Oh man, some of these fights have been brutal and he's had to use some crazy strats. I wonder how he's going to handle Placidusax." Bushy: TOOT TOOT, BITCH.
@botobop Yıl önce
Interesting how most of the bosses never designed to be a duo, fight like the 1.02 patch duo fights where both bosses are constantly attacking instead of one taking it slow and just letting the other fight.
@Nightmare-pj4fg Yıl önce
36:54 “Sleep pots and . . . “ Prayers *sleep pots and prayers*
@Pingu23484 Yıl önce
Really cool challenge run Bushy - I loved how it made fights that are normally pushovers (see red wolf of radagon) become way more interesting
Finally! The Godskin Barbershop Quartet is a reality!
@SleepyDuckBoi Yıl önce
I loved this stream. excited to see it all put together!
When he was trying on the orochi stuff his facial expression was so goofy and cute
@bazah23 Yıl önce
Can we appreciate this man was going through the placidusax boss fight with talismans that collectively lowered his defenses by 30%?
@Diabeat Yıl önce
All of these challenge run videos are amazing, they all feel unique and are infinitely entertaining
@turnip2375 Yıl önce
Now imagine if the mod was made so bosses could only transition/die when they both reached the thresholds.
as Rocket team always say: "get ready for trouble and make it double" But this time is literaly with everything, and rykard is hell
@biguspingus Yıl önce
Rocket team 💀 (queen Elizabeth emoji)
@MsMoonDragoon Yıl önce
Its "prepare for trouble" you scrub
@MrcreeperDXD777 Yıl önce
​@@biguspingus 💀(Margaret Thatcher emoji)
Bushy has mastered the art of perfectly cut swears
Finally a run where you can level up and use some cool weapons. I'm kinda tired of generic specific weapon only runs.
Godskin duo: built a reputation of absolute torture Thumbnail: Godskin foursome Bushy: Beats Godskin foursome first attempt
@Wezzeth Yıl önce
Really appreciate the loadout screens before some of these bosses (maybe let them linger for a couple more seconds?), as well as de-fogging the map. Lovely little QOL touches that make the run easier to follow for us lowly youtube watchers. TY Bushy (and editor?)
There's a cool feature called "pausing the video" if you want the loadout screen to be displayed for longer
@Sirlyfeismid Yıl önce
@@tonyblobfish5418 lol
@Akuankka000 Yıl önce
You can just pause the video
@elcoolhaag7737 Yıl önce
the edits before each boss showing ur build are nice, nice video in general
Red wolf is the bane of my existence and seeing two in the boss arena is terrifying
I love how Rykard doesn't become 2 Rykards, but instead just a bigger Rykard with 2 heads lmao
@misoppas Yıl önce
I'm new to the soul games in general and I'm playing Elden Ring. Seeing how people like you know this game so well and can do crazy stuff like this is so awesome! Respect on the grind. 💗
@pieoverlord Yıl önce
The fact that he had to have beaten double Radagon 37 times... Absolutely insane.
@laxedgaming1351 Yıl önce
50:02 those dodges were unmatched, straight flawless
@kevinhiggs8052 Yıl önce
My jaw dropped when I witnessed that
@Nad23YT Yıl önce
This is what it must be like to bosses when we fight them using the Mimic Tear
@a_mega_pint1792 Yıl önce
The aramusha design aswell as the project name are references to For Honor. Both orochi and aramusha are samurai heroes in the game
They really are the fourskin duo niw
@Hatkid_39 Yıl önce
been watching your content for a while and I absolutely love it! Keep up the fun and interesting challenges!
@notjay9794 Yıl önce
I like that it's in extreme mode and gives full second health bar to the mid phase shift bosses like Godfrey and fire giant
@zach8107 Yıl önce
I tried the death poker for a little bit and didn't understand the hype as I thought the ash of war was way too close range. I never noticed it actually shoots flames for a distance and that they do so much damage lol. Thanks to you I'm gonna go give the death poker another whirl
@HGEntertainment Yıl önce
Solid video! this was super entertaining to watch
@CasualCasimir Yıl önce
I hope this video brings to light just how powerful deaths poker is. I’ve been using this weapon before people even started talking about it and I’m glad people are seeing how strong it is……
@hazelthemcwitch Yıl önce
Dude’s doing better than I do with only one of each boss 🤣
@Omni00 Yıl önce
Funny how the most infamous and boss fight in Elden Ring happens to be the easiest fight in the vid lol
@LixxLixx Yıl önce
seeing bush laugh and not mald is such a happy sight to see
@ManyPeregrine81 Yıl önce
A new Bushy video… Love to See it!!
@First_Take. 3 aylar önce
48:28 that camera unlock and dodge was so clean
@Timetravelzero Yıl önce
This seems like the hardest he’s struggled long term on any challenge so far
This is now my fav run to see you finish well played dude 👍👍👍👍
@WolfClant Yıl önce
i do love bushy's laughs of denial and mental meltdown
@thestranger1164 Yıl önce
Dude I'm so happy you're popping off. I Remember you got off Gwent and started streaming Elden and I had to take a break for work so I couldn't watch. I am so happy for your success, you've earned/grinded every bit of it.
@tommybury4421 Yıl önce
dodging that waterfowl dance with malenia not even in frame was crazy
@StoicKobra Yıl önce
video just started, already excited for godskin gang.
We forgot how many times Bushy crippled himself when fighting godskin duo, that when he has access to all the OP things he wants, doesnt matter if its godskin octuple, he would still one shot them 1 by 1 in their sleep
@SJCDGaming Yıl önce
Brilliantly funny and clever videos! Great challenge again!
@YeOldeMaaru Yıl önce
Double Elden Beast looks like the stuff of nightmares. Bless you for doing this so we don't have to lmao
@devilmancries9617 3 aylar önce
Tip for Godskin Noble's rolling move, i never see anyone do this but you can strafe the rolling move if you sprint to the left. I think it's pretty cool just running around the whole move, but honestly it's best for when you can't get to a pillar or if he's coming at the pillar at a weird angle. Still better to get him stuck in a pillar though, you get free damage and you can heal or buff if necessary.
@alycekelman3711 Yıl önce
Hell yeah! Just thinking about wanting to watch a new episode
@jonmann4980 2 aylar önce
50:03 that waterfowl dodge clutch was crazy 🔥
@platonios4666 Yıl önce
I have an idea:A NG+ Run,but you can only beat bosses by cosplaying them.
@joelmiller3653 Yıl önce
@QueenRatMan Yıl önce
@@bdd.208 trvid.com/video/video-rnWKD252BZs.html found it
@robbybevard8034 Yıl önce
@@bdd.208 TRvid doesn't allow links, even to other youtube videos. Just need the video name.
@thebigeasye77 Yıl önce
@@bdd.208 but I think with this idea, you have to cosplay as the boss you're fighting against to beat him (i.e. go as Godfrey when fighting Godfrey). I think the Kirby run just uses the weapon of the boss you just killed against the next boss.
@baconlover2907 Yıl önce
Stumbled on your channel im enjoying it late night from Alabama awesome videos keep up the good work
@boogeyman4237 Yıl önce
I really like what you did before bosses with the items you used
@JTdaGoat2871 Yıl önce
Let’s go finally some bushy content
I love these Bushy please keep doing them!!
@milkmangreg871 Yıl önce
"Prepare for trouble! *AND MAKE IT DOUBLE!"*
@petscoppyro7586 Yıl önce
I’m so glad people are making the DS2 remaster in mods. This really shows the creativity of the whole community.
@bazah23 Yıl önce
@linkesocke4533 Yıl önce
Cool video. I never used the death poker but it seems like a great weapon to try out.
@4person.440 Yıl önce
If you need to dodge the wind tunnel you can walk at it and dodge strait into it otherwise it will always roll catch
@thetrueking6137 Yıl önce
I think the last truly difficult challenge run to complete is a thorn sorcery only challenge. No summons or glitches and you can only deal damage with thorn sorceries. No one I’ve seen has been able to legitimately complete the challenge
@crikey1736 Yıl önce
Bushy plays elden ring so much he looks like an elden ring character that you can choose
@nguyenuc8950 Yıl önce
One Malenia getting slaughtered, while the other Malenia just menacingly walking
@kp-lj9pj Yıl önce
Said it once and I will say it again bushy you’re the best elden ring content creator glad to have you on this platform
@zerocugames1478 Yıl önce
after binging hours of your videos I subbed. You earned it keep up the videos :D
@0din__ Yıl önce
You keep coming up with great video ideas!
@Telesgoooo Yıl önce
Just keep rollarollarolling 🤣😂 bruh he quite literally rolled you pmsl
This mod has given a new appreciation for the bosses in this game
@LegendElTerror Yıl önce
What mod is this?
@scaIIywag Yıl önce
Behold… “Fire Giant Duo”!
@darkt3313 Yıl önce
doing this on a no summons run and no leveling weapons would be painful
@felixs7121 Yıl önce
For mimic tear fight should have gone in wearing full armor with the great sword and then gone naked once they spawned just for the theme 😂
@KericthePally Yıl önce
Really interesting to see the differences in these fights showing the underlying logic for the game. Some events like Godrick's phase transition seem to be attached to the entity itself so you get a phase transition for each copy. Rennala and Godskin Duo look to be triggered by the end of the encounter. Explains why the second healthbar in Godskin was able to be empty - I'm guessing the game is coded to keep spawning until the healthbar for the encounter is empty and in this case there's 2 healthbars so they keep spawning if both aren't emptied. I'm a real life coder so just found lots of little unexpected things in this video that I found strangely satisfying!
The redwolf fight is how pitbull owners get greeted when they get home
@Manigeitora 9 aylar önce
The "you got this" appearing in chat _just as he dies_ at 10:56 is fucking GOLD.
@Fr1pes Yıl önce
i like how u had more trouble with loretta than malenia
@Greyy66 Yıl önce
Finally !!!!! I have been demanding this video for a year Also yes ...Miyazaki trolled us and made the noble belly roll around 30% longer That handsome devil enjoys sucking the life out of our eyes
@cuddlequeen3225 Yıl önce
I was just hoping for a new bushy video. Awesome.
@karimismailemam7832 10 aylar önce
21:28 bushy dying from two general radahns but the chat talking about bald eagles
@Invertmini1212 Yıl önce
I get a good laugh out of your suffering, I promise im a good person. Ahahah, couldn’t stop laughing.
@kalmefaze Yıl önce
Yo the Gideon duo is the phobia I didn't knew I had
@naotohex Aylar önce
The character creation was of vital importance because she can take on multiple opponents at once.
@ShadowPlant876 Yıl önce
Really lovin the editing in this video
The Radahn fight was so cinematic
@aidanmccarthy574 8 aylar önce
godskin duo duo went way smoother than expected
@tehvyj5291 15 gün önce
Foreskin duo was so funny
Winter life hack #lifehacks
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