Buying a log skidder

Andrew Camarata
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Buying a 1980 JD540-a cable log skidder and dragging a few logs with it.

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20 Eki 2021




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Scott Klossner
Scott Klossner 15 saatler önce
You sure have some cool big boy toys to play with.
Steve Ashworth
Steve Ashworth Gün önce
Those old John Deere Skidders are tough!, good buy!.
harry Kaminski
harry Kaminski Gün önce
Now next a saw mill you didn't need that you got plenty of equipment around there that could of done that job but hey wish I knew how to make money like you
Russ Post
Russ Post Gün önce
Let's try it out .... other words let see if I can get it stuck
Jay Adams
Jay Adams Gün önce
Dude That thing is SICK!!!!
SuperBuck1986 Gün önce
Where are you located?
Robert Clifton
Robert Clifton 3 gün önce
Dude, I really enjoy your videos, but how do you afford all this stuff, I'm 56 yrs old and use to drive tractor trailers, I'm disabled now , but I love those old skitters
David Well
David Well 5 gün önce
All you need now is one of those small saw-mills things to cut you own lumber from the trees you drag out of the woods.
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan 5 gün önce
That machine gets the job done, a nice bit of kit.
у нас это штраф сразу .. эти гнилухи станут золотыми ...
Time's Masquerade
Time's Masquerade 6 gün önce
Andrew would have made a good Viking.
mikebright85 6 gün önce
i have no idea why I'm so excited that he bought a log skidder. But I think it might need a radio installed..
Bern 7 gün önce
would that skidder have pulled that crane that died up the hill?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 7 gün önce
Would it have un flipped it? IDK, maybe. The D7 dozer is way stronger than this skidder.
Dal v
Dal v 9 gün önce
Old JD sounds good for being 41 yrs old.
mark dombrowski
mark dombrowski 10 gün önce
That skidder is one of your coolest toys
hughvane 10 gün önce
A couple of short forks welded to the front blade would be useful.
lewis holstegge
lewis holstegge 11 gün önce
There is something funny going on with its drive line! Looks like maybe different size tyers? Also looks like it's got a diff lock stuck on or maybe just a full time locked diff
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 11 gün önce
I don't know how you keep all this equipment going, it must be a full time job, without doing any other work.
Patterson Landscaping
Patterson Landscaping 11 gün önce
The amount of "toys" ...
Gareth Judd
Gareth Judd 11 gün önce
Should have used this to take everything up to the mountain retreat.
Anthony Vandeheiden
Anthony Vandeheiden 13 gün önce
Might want to think about wearing gloves, winch line slivers are no joke !
Jason Labonte
Jason Labonte 13 gün önce
Why do you buy junk. 90% of your shit is crap. And that only reflects on you
theodore bormet
theodore bormet 14 gün önce
never hook in the middle
Dave W
Dave W 15 gün önce
What a Dog!🕊
the3rddecline 15 gün önce
The smile on his face when the mighty Ditch Witch jumped to life! 😄
greg rupar
greg rupar 15 gün önce
You know your didn’t need that. You just want to have fun. Lol
leardi58 15 gün önce
What kind of engine did they stuff in there
Cameron 16 gün önce
Andrew is the only person alive to use the drone landing pad lol
Michael Muts
Michael Muts 17 gün önce
I could see a county V-Plow in this things future!
FordManiac 17 gün önce
Nice to see a line skidder in action. No one has used one of those around here in a long time. All grapple skidders now.
JMMII 18 gün önce
Think you can make a video of you hauling all your equipment? Also, any plans to upgrade your yellow trailer with the electric brakes; installing it with air brakes?
Julia Townsend
Julia Townsend 18 gün önce
Another interesting video, dont realise how large machine is till you stand next to it. Could watch all day, better than housework.
jo 18 gün önce
Dude, you need the Exxon Valdez when it’s oil changing time around your place. That’s a lot of equipment.
camping in connecticut with chris
you got 2 for the price on one bay 1 get 1 free
RICK Erb 19 gün önce
Looks like your right front tire chain is loose
Woody Woodlstein
Woody Woodlstein 20 gün önce
Amazing production as usual.
Woody Woodlstein
Woody Woodlstein 20 gün önce
Of course you need this. What took so long. ? Lol.
Mark Adams
Mark Adams 21 gün önce
who wants to see Andrew build a custom snow plow for that in the winter..
vonwisch 21 gün önce
When do you plan to purchase a sawmill machine?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 21 gün önce
Steve Stober
Steve Stober 22 gün önce
can you please do a tour of all your equipment?
Joe tuktyyuktuk
Joe tuktyyuktuk 22 gün önce
Dog watches drone land... "I hates that thing, but I knows better than to go near it..."
Christopher Fisher
Christopher Fisher 23 gün önce
AC: Do I need it Er--- well -‐ noooo Do I want it? Hell YESSSSSSS!!!!!
my surly trucker
my surly trucker 23 gün önce
That looks fun andrew , I always wanted to see you make a sledge something simple to put under the front of a shipping container, it would make a good video ie the making of it and be so useful .
Arctic Exploring
Arctic Exploring 23 gün önce
Next equipment is a mini sawmill for making building materials? 😅
Chris M
Chris M 23 gün önce
That thing is a beast
O Bazaar
O Bazaar 23 gün önce
Can you do some bbq with all that wood you got on your property. Chicken or Beef or lamb or Goat will be awesome. That way we all feel like were camping at your resort.
Brian Dailey
Brian Dailey 24 gün önce
Lol love the drone landing spot
Percy Faith
Percy Faith 24 gün önce
Just keeping all that shit running is a full time job.
Bryan Turley
Bryan Turley 24 gün önce
She's about a mover hey hey hey
Morse Code Reviews
Morse Code Reviews 25 gün önce
Next project: Massive Awning for all of the equipment 😁
fastst1 25 gün önce
Not sure if you'll see this, you likely have a lot of work before snow flies. It looks like the tires on the rear are a little bigger than the ones on the front exp with the constant slipping seen in the chains on the ground. On that series they should be the same sizes for rolling diameter, I think the gear ratios front/rear are the same.
Shawn knight
Shawn knight 25 gün önce
I think it would be nice to see you line up all your vehicles and give us a view of them all at once.
panda dragon
panda dragon 26 gün önce
all of sudden a lot of trees around are dead trees...
superdog1964 26 gün önce
Andrew is FEARLESS! I have run many a skidder over the years and he does well for his first time. The way he pulled that Ash tree without securing the skidder on that kind of slope means that he should have to use a wheelbarrow everywhere he goes? He needs something that big to move those balls around because it's obvious they are huge, Lol He is getting smarter with age, as at least he checked the brakes BEFORE attempting to use it. We need more people like this, as he is a shining example of what this country needs and what made it great.
MrFilipT 26 gün önce
Go to Andrew chanel, to playlist and select unlisted B video. Thank me later ☺️
Salman Zafar
Salman Zafar 27 gün önce
You and your toys Andrew Camarata. Love your vlogs!
Tonyalto 1014
Tonyalto 1014 27 gün önce
Can't believe Cody is 2 already. Cool new toy, always wanted a smallish skidder myself.
Thomas Nichols
Thomas Nichols 27 gün önce
Go drag about a million trees out of the woods you pushed over at your snowmobile hideout
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 27 gün önce
That was the plan. i want to clean that up. The skidder is already up there.
slomoe49 27 gün önce
With the price of lumber these days, you should invest in a saw table and sell lumber.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 27 gün önce
Lumber is an obsolete material
Valentino Deerpalsing
Valentino Deerpalsing 28 gün önce
She ain’t rough she’s just broken in
sayan das
sayan das 28 gün önce
this is my life now - that tree which became a ramp lol.
Robert W Sieburg
Robert W Sieburg 28 gün önce
Andrew, you are dam equipment junky
Joseph Böhme
Joseph Böhme 28 gün önce
Dead trees on a forest floor are a significant part of the place fungus/mushrooms bugs etc. Breaking the tree down also create S O I L. And food and housing for many small things.
mark green
mark green 28 gün önce
Now you have to buy a sawmill.
Orhan kardeş
Orhan kardeş 29 gün önce
The New machine is great.👍
TheMonkdad 29 gün önce
Autumn in the woods with a Labrador… best day ever.
mmanut 29 gün önce
That is a machine a man living on a mountain needs ‼️ What a beast. Seems to run strong. A little TLC and a few gallons of paint it would look like a million bucks. Some kinds of canvas top would be good to keep the weather off you‼️ GOOD LUCK ‼️. Vinny 🇺🇸
MindCrime 29 gün önce
Seems like people that want to harvest lumber or firewood from their property could be good biz with this thing.
Cliff Collins
Cliff Collins 29 gün önce
Hi Andrew just a tip from an old skidder operator, take the tyre chains off, unless you are working in a LOT of mud,, they don't have that much effect on dry hard surface, they pick up snags / sticks and press them into the tyres. But the worst the chains wear out fast in the dry and are not cheep to replace.
Guy Maggi
Guy Maggi 29 gün önce
Sounds pretty healthy though
M H 29 gün önce
if that little tree wasn't there you probably would have it wedge in the rocks. i thought you planned it that way🤣
Mark Kyte
Mark Kyte 29 gün önce
Jesus Christ Andy you’ve got more toys than Father Christmas 👍🏻🇬🇧
Logan Theobald
Logan Theobald Aylar önce
Love ur video Andrew
Tamaz Tikanadze
Tamaz Tikanadze Aylar önce
where Andrew leaves? is it Canada or states?
Michal Aylar önce
Where do you store all this equipment. You buy an awesome new toy every week! Can you do a video about all the equipment you have?
DANZ Aylar önce
This is 1 of my favourite machines andrew owns. What a beast.
Joe Milbourne
Joe Milbourne 29 gün önce
Wait until he gets his 988 Cat loader going ..... Now that thing is a beast 😃
Mugshot Marley
Mugshot Marley Aylar önce
Pretty soon you'll need to hire a set of hands to maintain your fleet.
GREEK GODS Aylar önce
love it
duesenberg1000 Aylar önce
now get sawmill
Ramiro Gonzalez
Ramiro Gonzalez Aylar önce
What is the make and model number of the drone you use for your videos
Jon Dingle
Jon Dingle Aylar önce
A cool machine, sounds great too!
Chris Spence
Chris Spence Aylar önce
Id say ya have some firewood to block and split I think ya need a firewood processor next that can cut logs to length and then split , would,save you a lot of Time
Wouldn't it be easier to put the chain on the tree before you cut it so when it's on the ground you just have to put your cable on it
Bad Larry
Bad Larry Aylar önce
11:55 thats some fantastic motorcycle trials training terrain right there, people would pay good money in the u.k. to use that land, its trials paradise
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Aylar önce
Like that endlessly here.
Bad Larry
Bad Larry Aylar önce
that things a beast
That Dude Kris
That Dude Kris Aylar önce
Really need some gloves when you pull that cable.
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson Aylar önce
dear andrew please buy a used sawmill and do vids @Andrew
David Showalter
David Showalter Aylar önce
What a machine to have love it csnt wait to see it in more videos awsome
Per Pettersson
Per Pettersson Aylar önce
Need a lot of forest to feed the beast. 😁
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Aylar önce
I have that.
Aaron Brumfield
Aaron Brumfield Aylar önce
Build a equipment shed with all those logs. That could be a cool build
OldSkool 55F100
OldSkool 55F100 Aylar önce
That is one Manly piece of equipment...
TargonTheDragon Aylar önce
Thats is one of the coolest peices of heavy equipment I've ever seen.
A Aylar önce
Get it Chained Up...you'll see why later
Patrick Bussey
Patrick Bussey Aylar önce
Your very good with your camera skills and we’re to set your Camera’s
Henry Potter
Henry Potter Aylar önce
Glad to see that you use safety equipment, I bought my father a helmet like yours and some chaps but he returned them...
Aby7799 Aylar önce
My daughter is almost Cody's age she will be 2 in couple of weeks.
Jim Beck
Jim Beck Aylar önce
Needs a good ole Andrew hot power wash, oil change, hydraulic fluid change, filters, greasing and rattle can spray paint job!!! Good as new!!
Jim Beck
Jim Beck Aylar önce
Cody, “the dad what are you doing? I want to help and ride in your new toy with you!!”
Jim Beck
Jim Beck Aylar önce
You’re going to need a bigger “garage/carport”!!!
George [Noteverett] Ewing
Now you gotta have a sawmill .
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