BUY vs DIY - Recreating a $200 Gem Lamp

Evan and Katelyn
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0:00 Intro
0:40 Iridescent laser tests
8:03 3D model and “small” test
11:08 Making the shade
15:47 Making the light
18:54 Final reveal of DIY
20:12 Reveal of “buy”
22:50 BUY vs DIY comparison

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31 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
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Julie Baker
Julie Baker 2 aylar önce
There's no visible seams because the glass one is blown inside a mold in one solid piece. But I honestly prefer yours because I prefer the diffuse light over the visible lightbar.
9ethergoddess369 6 aylar önce
I would love to see you do this again and add a scene to the base. It would be beautiful with your lighting. I'm sure people would order them. It was beautiful already, but I saw a serene and peaceful world waiting to be born inside. A secret place. Btw, I like yours better. Although the other was smoother, yours was more eye pleasing and peace inspiring. I could get lost in it.
guilherme henrique
guilherme henrique 6 aylar önce
good thing i can hire you guys for 5 days for only 125 dollars.
Its Silence
Its Silence 7 aylar önce
Just place something inside the DIY one, a figurine, a doll, something fancy your heart, then witness the glory of it basked in beautiful light.
Panos Magic
Panos Magic 7 aylar önce
From were can I get yours
ez Yıl önce
I think your lamp looks a bit like a fairy greenhouse, whereas the buy looks like a glowing rock in a mystical cave ❤️ I like them both a lot!!
Bethany Arneson
Bethany Arneson Aylar önce
The buy would be sooo cool in a movie or play as a magical rock, like you say!! 🤩
Seya & Suki
Seya & Suki 4 aylar önce
Bastet 4 aylar önce
Perfectly put.
🍃Sayge🍃 6 aylar önce
@Beth C that would be so cute! I'm definitely making this
Vegetarian Foodies
@Tioko Fairies residing on mis - shapen crystals could be cool 🤔
Raegan Elizabeth Ames
it’s actually made by blowing glass into a mold and that’s why the edges are smooth and rounded. 😊
Sven Bman
Sven Bman 2 aylar önce
@M water_moon there's actually a resin specifically for that
88marome 2 aylar önce
@I like cow ×you're
JustYourAverageWeirdo 6 aylar önce
@M water_moon I meant using a mold so that it's all one piece, or at least mostly one piece.
M water_moon
M water_moon 6 aylar önce
@JustYourAverageWeirdo Similar how? Shaped like blown glass? I doubt it, as resin tends to drip and take a VERY long time to set as compared to glass solidifying as it's being blown. Now you COULD do it with plastic, as that is also often injection molded (though it's usually vacuumed into place by sucking air out of the mold rather than air blown into place like glass.) But resin isn't going to go from liquid to solid fast enough to stay in place without drips.
JustYourAverageWeirdo 6 aylar önce
@M water_moon With all this in mind, they probably could've done something similar with resin.
WanderingWolfe Yıl önce
While I do like the smooth seams of the purchase, I find the crafted piece overall more aesthetically pleasing. Your facets seem to show their color individually, the light is far better implemented. Overall, I think yours is simply higher quality. The only real win the purchase has for me is that it is glass. But that's not a huge factor compared to everything else.
jlammetje 8 aylar önce
Totally agree!
Splash thefly
Splash thefly 9 aylar önce
I think that if you really want glass that you can buy a cheap photoframe and just use that glass (I haven't watched the vid yet, so I don't know how they made theirs...yet).
KukuHaku Yıl önce
I personally LOVE the DIY one more, cause the light source kinda looks invisible? and that's pretty magical to me! The infinity effect is also amazing. The only thing the buy has going for it is the finish. but 10/10 I would choose the DIY over the Buy
MarshmallowTeaLeaves 3 aylar önce
I prefer the one you guys made. I like the sharpness and how more colors are refracted.
Julian Hering
Julian Hering 2 aylar önce
Yeah Same here
leezha 3 aylar önce
if combined- glass shell with your lights- it would be the ULTIMATE lamp
Bethany Arneson
Bethany Arneson Aylar önce
Right?? The buy should be reaching out to them!!
DatGayDangerNoodle 3 aylar önce
Christopher Raff
Christopher Raff Yıl önce
So just an FYI: be very careful cutting plastic film with a laser. Most Iridescent film is PET which is perfectly fine to cut with a laser, but be very careful to not cut vinyl based films as they off gas hydrochloric acid which can not only be dangerous to breath in, but can also ruin the mirrors in the laser.
Miss B
Miss B 8 aylar önce
@Bacon Scooby Snacks nope
Geekwitch Nails
Geekwitch Nails 8 aylar önce
@Miss B except....they do things all the time that are dangerous without mentioning it (cough cough, multiple vids of them using resin without respirators or gloves)
HamidKarzai 10 aylar önce
@רוני שביט ריביר on the one hand if you break a laser cutter by blindly imitating an entertainment channel that's kind of on you, but on the other hand I would also prefer them being honest and open about their precautions rather than doing a cheap editing/writing trick to increase excitement, it'd be more respectful of their audience
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
@Miss B but E&K didn't say that they had checked beforehand. In fact, with editing, they make it look like they just dove in head first and started experimenting. Watching their trouble with applying the film my first thought was "hey, I have some Cricut stuff that might work for that, I bet it might be easier and cheaper!" but it's vinyl, which I don't find out could be VERY dangerous until the comments. And waiting til the comments for warnings is ALWAYS a no-no.
Bacon Scooby Snacks
@Miss B is reading often difficult for you?
Melissa Yıl önce
I was truly torn when I saw the nice smooth edges of the bought one, but like Evan mentioned, there is just something aesthetically pleasing about the sharp edges of the one you made as well. Plus, I love the light base. Gah! Such a hard choice.
Jeff Fu
Jeff Fu Yıl önce
I love how nonchalant Evan is about answering Katelyn's questions while holding iridescent film in his mouth, total pro. :)
James Yıl önce
They're both giving really dif vibes. But you guys just got your head cracking in there, with the light source! That was so cool, and it has the limitless edgeless feel to it.
Pamela Zimnizzle
Pamela Zimnizzle 6 aylar önce
I’d say that for $200 that lamp was worth it. Your lamp is one of a kind and very modern and a totally different, awesome look! AMAZING WINS for both!
Ezra Yıl önce
They both look really good in the light, but in the dark the DIY one definitely looks considerably better, at least on camera.
spinwitch Yıl önce
They are both beautiful. What I want to see: when the non-servicable light breaks, take the bought one apart and install your kind of base into it. The resulting No 3 would probably beat both in the category aeshtecs.
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
Very much this! Since cast glass isn't really a diy-able thing, I was hoping they might use the diffusion grating to make a mold and resin it just since that's closer in feel to the cast glass of the bought lamp, but I am ALL about DIY repairs and upgrades to keep things out of landfills.
Safala Bista
Safala Bista Yıl önce
Oohhh yes!
Zara Dawkins
Zara Dawkins Yıl önce
Good idea!!!
K M Yıl önce
Omg they're both amazing. Your version looks so cool. Honestly after seeing all your work I kinda see why the original is so expensive haha. Wish you could do a hybrid! The glass shell and your light would be so much cooler
Danielle Harrison
Your excitement over you how well you did was so great and well deserved
Fiona M
Fiona M Yıl önce
I work in my colleges makerspace and I love seeing you two use some of the machines we do! Would love more CNC focused videos! ✨
Googlemarie 6 aylar önce
Your lamp looks amazing! The diffused light really makes it a win imo. I really like the idea of "buy vs diy" since you're so good at making stuff, can you do more of these?
Catt xx
Catt xx 11 aylar önce
theirs looks like you'd find it in a mystical cave full of fairies, yours looks like it would be a source of energy or light on a vibrant, neon alien planet. both equally as beautiful.
Malcadicta Yıl önce
They're both really good, just completely different vibe. The buy is more of a fantasy-like soft glowing crystal and the DIY version certainly looks fits more in the sci-fi or maybe some cyberpunk-like aesthetics. The only red flag for me when it comes to the buy one is the lack of ability to change the lightbulb. I mean I'm paying all this money, I'd like my lamp to last longer then life of its lightbulb.
piratekit 10 aylar önce
I like the more smokey look of the expensive one, but since the buy version has a spray on finish which gave it that iridescence, I wonder if there is a finish that can be sprayed on to acrylic to come close to that (like frosted glass?) But the made version's sharp lines is a good look too, just not my jam. If the buy version DOESN'T have an LED or an easy way to get in to replace the bulb, that would completely kill it for me.
thorin693 11 aylar önce
@Kaisea my thoughts as well buy the glass one and make your own light's.
Kaisea Yıl önce
@cryofpaine It is absurd that you can't change the bulb. It's honestly a shame because then you could possibly put their light array in the bought shell.
cryofpaine Yıl önce
Plus I don't like the look of the light in the buy. It's just a big glowing rod in the middle. The diffused leds in the base of theirs looks so much cleaner.
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
On the other side, in a house with a cat, the glued to base is safer and more stable/sturdy. I do hope that there is really a way to change the light short of removing the entire base, but if you want to get down to it, E&K's light base will have to be completely remade once their LEDS start to fail too....
klfjoat Yıl önce
As always, Katelyn is THE BEST editor!
Red Lady
Red Lady 5 aylar önce
Katlin’s face as she’s trying to decide if the laser cutter is a bad idea 😂😂😂
Bethany Lyrock
Bethany Lyrock Yıl önce
Y’all are starting to get into the architecture side of things, I like it 😁 well model making because that’s literally all I’ve been doing in my class
HERETIC Yıl önce
It completely caught me off guard that after the final verdict, Evan just went “Bye!” 😂 One of the more brilliant pieces you’ve done for sure! Love it 🥰
Billie Hilton
Billie Hilton Yıl önce
that was DEFINITELY one of the most beautiful things you've ever made!
Aurionn Yıl önce
As someone who uses CNC lasers in my shop for around 7 years, I may be able to answer a few of your concerns about the laser. Highly reflective materials can degrade the cutting ability since less of the energy is being absorbed by the material, but it won't reflect back into your tube or damage your machine. The focus length is determined by the lens but power and shape of the beam rapidly diverges and diffuses like a cone on the other side of your focal length. It can't travel back across the mirrors once it goes through the lens because its no longer a cylindrical straight beam like it was before the lens. It can of course damage your eyes so make sure to wear your eye protection with proper filters for the right wavelength as usual. Co2 is 10.6 um and some lasers have filters on the glass viewing window too. As for the "flashes" seen at 6:49 the honeycomb table is reflecting some energy back upwards as the light passes over each metal cell in the honeycomb. Sometimes these reflections can score the underside of your work depending on the power/speed. It can mean that the power is a little too high for the application since a lot of unused energy is remaining after the work is done and the cut is finished. For higher powers, blade tables are good for heavier cuts and remove the frequency of this "backflash" on the underside of your work. Lasers are fun but deserve respect so your cautious approach around them is healthy! Happy making!
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
And evidently, as someone else pointed out, don't cut vinyl based films as they off gas hydrochloric acid which is bad for you AND the laser....
Maisie S
Maisie S Yıl önce
Thank you for your info! Nice to know the mechanics behind it
carlotta4th Yıl önce
The light reflecting back won't get to the tube, yes, but it will absolutely create more heat in the lens and potentially crack it. Those are wear items anyway but that's a LOT more wear on it.
Mary Shane
Mary Shane 4 aylar önce
thanks to this video i got so intrigued by the lamp and bought it for myself. was it expensive? yes. was it worth it? omg yes!! the lamp is by far my favorite night lamp. i can't sleep without it on and i would literally cry buckets if anything happens to it. idk i guess i just wanted to come back here and say thank u :>
_DivineBeast_ Yıl önce
The light is soooooo much better on the ones you guys made. Amazing work Evan and Katelyn.
eddy weddy uwu🤪
It would be super swag to watch you guys try glass art/making stained glass :D (it’s really not as scary as it seems lol)
Mary Swann
Mary Swann Yıl önce
@M water_moon Actually, you can do pieces that are several inches in size. There are some beautiful as well as funky fused glass pieces that are done in the microwave kiln. They could do jewelry, ornaments, various art pieces, etc... I am sure they could even do keyboard keys. Ones imagination is the only limit. Having a microwave set aside that you don't use for food is no different than having any other tool set aside that you don't use for food. With their creativity and artistic abilities I am sure they could create very unique items.
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
@Mary Swann yeah but that's all very limited in size. I think the resin keys/dice are the only things they've made that are really that small. Plus besides the kiln you need a microwave you don't want to make food in. They have the lampworking tools, they'd probably be able to make marbles at least if they really wanted to do more glass work.
Mary Swann
Mary Swann Yıl önce
Microwave fused glass would be awesome for them to work with using a microwave kiln.
bergrrito the beggoon
bergrrito the beggoon 3 aylar önce
I love yours personally, it's colours are so much warmer and the light reflects better :))
random clips
random clips Yıl önce
Loving this new editor. They are amazing with their skills.
Pink Buninja
Pink Buninja Yıl önce
Rather than one winning over the other, I recommend making more in different shapes and putting them all around your house like you’re living in a fantasy cave.
Bea Roqueiro
Bea Roqueiro Yıl önce
then plants plants PLANTS
HandyHelons Yıl önce
Yep! This! Do this! Just the best idea ever!
Lunon Disposable
Lunon Disposable 2 aylar önce
I personally prefer the smoothed edges, but I think yours is just as well done aesthetically, just different. And I definitely prefer your light source!
Ruby Salis
Ruby Salis Yıl önce
So so so stunning. Wish they shipped to Australia or I’d already have one of these 😭😭
Taracinablue Yıl önce
I prefer the colors and smoothness of the bought one, but your diffused spiral is much superior =) What a fun project!
Paula Yıl önce
I think the bought one exterior with yours interior light would be perfect!
Madilyn Dillon
Madilyn Dillon Yıl önce
I think both of them are amazing and it really just depends on what kind of aesthetic you are going for
Llama Llama Unicorn
What if, with Simone’s recently discovered love of stained glass making, you guys challenged her to make a stained glass version of this?
Nathália Isabella
Yes, I saw that video recently and was wondering "hmmm they (Evan and Katelyn) should've gave it a try... it doesn't look that much harder..." of course laser cutting it is much easier, but for the quality... (But for the reflective layer they would need to cut by hand or cricut it...)
AVspectre Yıl önce
She sounded like she was beginning a stained glass journey… it would be a fun day watch! :)
speedyn speedyn
speedyn speedyn Yıl önce
When someone mentions two youtubers and u know them both: *happy dance
armando a
armando a 11 aylar önce
Wow! They are both great but if I had to choose, it would be your diy! The light is defused perfectly for a great view at any angle and not blinding. Great job 👍
Ray Beaudry
Ray Beaudry Yıl önce
This is my favorite series 👍you guys always make me smile thanks 🙏
The Notorious Bad
watching them try to be objective, but struggling was an adventure! Love every bit!
Fire Feather
Fire Feather 11 aylar önce
I think your design with glass panels soldered on would be amazing.
KaiWolff Yıl önce
Always gotta stick around for the bloopers, you two are just super adorable
Shauna Corrigan
Shauna Corrigan Yıl önce
I gotta agree, this one is definitely a draw. Both are beautiful, each has its own pros and cons, and I would be thrilled to have either (or both!) in my home. I do think E&K's looks better in the dark, though, despite not being as bright. It just looks SO COOL!
Ana Pie
Ana Pie Yıl önce
@thespqrguy so I looked up that one bc I wanted to see if I could catch it on sale and it’s on a dimmer! So it doesn’t need to be that bright
thespqrguy Yıl önce
Yeah i think the bought one is actually too bright in a sense that the light drowns out the actual glass piece whilst the one they made beautifully accentuates the colors of the acrylic geode "crystal"
Maurits Hagedorn
Maurits Hagedorn Yıl önce
They both look really cool. Love the orange glow theirs gives off that is my favourite colour
Charles Sacco
Charles Sacco Yıl önce
Same I agree 100%.
Louie Luigi
Louie Luigi Yıl önce
Sunny Ai
Sunny Ai Yıl önce
Your made lamp looked amazing! also, you could also add a layer of resin on top of the outer layer for a smooth finish, i think? but love it regardless :)
Charityelclibeth 9 aylar önce
I think all of your creations are AMAZING, but this one is the best! Yours looks 10x better!
Anna Calatrava
Anna Calatrava Yıl önce
Ok I would love to see you guys find a way to repeat your light base for the glass shape of the “buy” lamp😍😍😍 that would combine both aesthetics!
Elyse 11 aylar önce
Your guys wholesome relationship is a great joy to watch!
Dianna Tagaban
Dianna Tagaban 11 aylar önce
Looking at the lamp at the angle we are watching, I am REALLY loving the glow of the buy. But I love both of these for different reasons! I would get both!
Bella Young
Bella Young Yıl önce
I’ve noticed that the “Quality” category is often kind of ambiguous in this series. I feel like you could split it into two different categories: “Craftsmanship” and “Durability” because sometimes you make something less durable but with incredible craftsmanship like floodle the cloud lamp!! You guys should win quality every time lol
Lilly and Life
Lilly and Life 6 aylar önce
I would literally buy the one that you guys made!! It’s so adorable and aesthetic and neon it would fit very adorably in my room
red-winged blackbird
red-winged blackbird 11 aylar önce
You guys are wonderful ❤️ great job!
Aitherea 2 aylar önce
I like the color and the gold trim on the buy better (I just love the blueish tone), but in the dark, i think yours looks much better. Honestly, they both look great!
Ahhh Suke Suke
Ahhh Suke Suke 2 aylar önce
Couple goals. Love the team vibes 🙌. Also.... very impressed with recreation!!
Juelz Loren
Juelz Loren Yıl önce
I smiled throughout the entire video, and I think your Infinity gem looks Amazing! It was soooooo fun watching you guys create this.
Pempu Making
Pempu Making Yıl önce
I can’t believe how incredibly beautiful the DIY looks in the dark. I SO WANT THIS! If my apartment was just an empty room, I’d do anything to have just your diy lamp in there 😭 It’s probably really the prettiest thing you’ve ever made 💕💕💕
SixOThree Yıl önce
I want one too. It's gorgeous.
Phoenix Hernandez
I would buy their lamp right now too. The light diffusion and the ability to have any side be the viewable side is really the game changer here. I want it! ❤
Miss Hooligan
Miss Hooligan Yıl önce
I want their lamp too.. AAAAAAAAAAAAH..
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn Yıl önce
thank you!
KatelynKatiekatekat 11 aylar önce
Would love to see what your diffused light base would look like in the glass one!!!
Lucas Paiva
Lucas Paiva Yıl önce
This is the first video of yours that I watched and I gotta say I'm absolutely in love with both of you! You're amazing, guys! Thanks for your hard work and incredible energy!
Josie Narchus
Josie Narchus Yıl önce
I love your Buy vs DIYs!!! You should do more in the future.
anodien1983 5 aylar önce
OMG! You've done an excellent job! I have to say that I would prefer a combination of their shell (yours is amazing, I just prefer the more natural looking over the angular modern shape) but with your diffused light source! Brilliant work nonetheless! 💜
Mina Roy
Mina Roy 7 aylar önce
This was an epic episode! Thanks for putting this together.
wendy leung
wendy leung Yıl önce
If the bought is glass it might be blown into a mold and there is a a coating for glass specifically for iridescent affects. Very hard to compare the make and buy cause they are both so nice and made in very different ways 😍
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
@sy mark There are paints that contain pigment particles that can reflect light in multi directions, but the pigment is going block light going through it, it's more like micro fine glitter than what the tin salt does with glass. Now what E&K HAVE done before with resin (and I've even seen Ann Reardon from How to Cook That do it with chocolate since it's all texture) is use diffraction grating, which will make rainbows from any light reflected off of it.
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
@C M Iridized glass is made by spraying metal salts on it while it's still red hot. Ferric (iron) chloride for more of an orange, or "marigold" coloring, with Chloride of antimony on top of that for more of a blue tone, and stannous (tin) chloride for the more typical rainbow effect. If it were dicro (it's not!) it would be metal vapors in a vacuum chamber, have to be done while the glass was still flat, and cost on the order of $2000. No really, a flat circle of dirco glass is 18" in diameter and cost around $200 all by itself, and dicro does not like the kinda temps you need for mold blowing so it'd have to be capped before the pressing and def hand done. The buy they have is a factory piece that was sprayed with stannous chloride as soon as it was taken from the mold before it was annealed.
sy mark
sy mark Yıl önce
Had to google it, the Corning Museum of Glass shows a video using heated stannous chloride crystals and then holding the glass over the gas to get the iridescent effect. Are there any paints for plastics that can create the same effect? More research is needed, this is such a cool Make :-)
KittySakura Yıl önce
Definitely thought the buy looked molded. How crummy that you can't service it!
Phoenix Hernandez
I didn't think of a mold but that makes a lot of sense for its look
Prince Westerburg
I prefered yours because both the light and angled corners where better - crystals don't have wavy surfaces! BTW You could also make a 'Christmas Star' type design from sheet materials that slotted together or do what BobbyDukeArts did with the recent pictue frame and tear diffraction grating plastic up into shards and drop them into clear epoxy. It looked flipp'in amazing!
Ithirahad Aylar önce
Sometimes large crystals do have some weird 'wavy' stuff going on - I have a big green/brown calcite where all the facets have strange ripples in them.
MissToya666 Yıl önce
I personally like the buy more as a light but the diy would be an amazing way as a showcase. Is the top and bottom of the diy attached to each other? If not you could definitely put something inside it!! I think that would look amazing!!
Tolf Yıl önce
The DIY is the only one I'd want to own. The way it reflects itself is very appealing.
TitsMcGee Yıl önce
I found yours to be so much better than the other one!! ❤️
Furia Yıl önce
I have been looking at this lamp on pinterest for the longest time! It is so gorgeous, but it is not perfect, your way with the light system would be such an upgrade for it! I wanna try to make it, your attempt gave me a new found inspiration :D
Liam Gleason
Liam Gleason Yıl önce
I think e DIY would look incredible on a rotating turntable, when Evan was spinning it around with the lights off it was mesmerizing
MrsC B
MrsC B Yıl önce
@DJ Art me too!
DJ Art
DJ Art Yıl önce
I was thinking the exact same thing!
NexyPaws 8 aylar önce
I discovered you just yesterday through your video of trying out 5 minutes resin crafts and I absolutely love your content and energy. Thank you so much for making my day
mpokki Aylar önce
Your diy lamp looks unreal, as if straight out taken from a blender eevee render, at least on camera. Which is awesome bcs it's so mind-bogglingly pretty
Fernanda Tapia
Fernanda Tapia 11 aylar önce
I like the glass blown cover more, but yours definitely wins by far on the light source and serviceability. Like, even without the cover the light looks really cool and soft
landonisanidiot Yıl önce
The Gem Lamp looks really cool!
babakfp Yıl önce
I'm so glad that TRvid recommended this video. I loved it very much😍😍
Eileah Frye-Edmonds
I feel like your lamp is something I would buy over the other strictly on serviceability alone. Plus the rigid corners are more my thing. 🙂
Renn Yıl önce
@M water_moon I don’t think that the layers over the light are glued on top of the light the layers are glued together but they are staying in place because of the frame surrounding it that is the gold mirror. So it is removable however I am with you on the fact that it would be harder to find a replacement if it was sold commercially vs a simple led bulb
M water_moon
M water_moon Yıl önce
Their light is no more serviceable. Once the LEDS start to fail, the specialty strip is under all those glued layers too.... So if you can get through the glues on either lamp to get to the light element itself, unlike what looks like a florescent tube, specialty LED strips and custom milled parts aren't going to be very readily available.....
THIS is something you’ve made that I would so damn buy! And the charms are cute!
MrKulla92 Yıl önce
I personally think that both are beautiful. And when it comes to the appearance of the two lamps. I think the bought one looks more magical and the DIY looks more cyberpunk/retro wave in my opinion. Good work and keep it up
Crafti-Ness 11 aylar önce
Love your version - the facet reflection just amped up the cool factor.
Pray Daily
Pray Daily Yıl önce
I think yours looked so much better in the dark room. The lighting is great. And a tie is totally fair.
ABEL POLANCO 10 aylar önce
Thanks for Sharing , you two always cheer up my day ! 😊🙏🏼❤️
LoviPon Yıl önce
The best way I've found to describe the difference is that the BUY is more fantasy-like (glowing fairy gem) and the DIY is more sci-fi like (very modern and mirror-y). I love both and would have a hard time choosing too!
ActuallyNathalie Yıl önce
I totally agree
Michael Evans
Michael Evans 4 aylar önce
I would 100% buy your DIY lamp over the glass one. I love how your lamp turned out!
Danielle 11 aylar önce
I do like the rounded edges of the buy, but yours wins hands down! I would love to have 3 or 4 of them! The buy is just too bright and the facets on the diy are PHENOMENAL
BMcAllister Yıl önce
I love how Katelyns sweater matches the colours of lamp.
Yaz Yıl önce
always a blast watching you guys, great vibe great couple, cheer frm montreal
The Nordic Goldsmith
I genuinely like the lamping system you all used over the manufactured one.
Alec Yıl önce
To get the smooth edges, I'd say they use a vacuum machine. They get a sheet of plastic, melt it (sort of) and then just push it onto a mould. I used one in highschool so I can't remember the exact name of the machine but it was pretty cool
kalli soetidjo
kalli soetidjo Yıl önce
@bizm omg cool!!! i didn’t even know that was a thing lol but i’m also not much of a maker, i just love e&k content
Morissa Edwards
Morissa Edwards Yıl önce
@kalli soetidjo I remember that video. I think I was subscribed before then. That was a fun video
bizm Yıl önce
@PuppyArchie yup. it's just blown glass, they have a mold and blow a 'bubble' of molten glass until it takes the shape. also how they make bottles, jars.and lightbulbs
PuppyArchie Yıl önce
Its just blown glass lol
Tatiana Yıl önce
But it’s glass, I think you can vacuum form glass right?
Abigail Phoenix, The Paper Addict
yours is like a lit up clear crystal. you get that gorgeous rainbow effect, the movement, the depth. the bought one looks like a lit up moonstone. it's milkier, and mysterious, but you lose the depth. i like both, tbh. usually I prefer your versions over bought ones, but seriously... they are both gorgeous & i'd love to have both types!
lindwürmchen 8 aylar önce
This being a perfect tie is so satisfying!
Autumn Goodro
Autumn Goodro Yıl önce
I think I’d pick your DIY over the buy! It might just for my personal aesthetic more, but I truly think it looks much cooler!
Margot Hutton
Margot Hutton 7 aylar önce
22:45 One of my favorite things about learning ASL is when people accidentally sign something. Evan is staring into the beautiful rainbow, saying "sleepy.... sleepy.......... sleepy."
Paola Cintron
Paola Cintron Yıl önce
I honestly loved your guys on every level!! Way more aesthetically pleasing! Sharper and more of a fantasy vibe!
June Bug
June Bug Yıl önce
your channel is one of the only channels i can watch when my anxiety is high - you guys really calm me down and create a safe space on youtube - thank you.
Beth Anne
Beth Anne Yıl önce
having their stream vods on in the background when I'm having a bad anxiety or overwhelm day is the most calming thing... even when I'm not particularly interested in what they're playing they're just calming to listen to
kleines Ren
kleines Ren Yıl önce
Right?! Me too! Calmed me right down. They are just so dang lovely
Misty G Quartz
Misty G Quartz Yıl önce
N.pL97j Yıl önce
It's a good comfort channel
Jacqueline C
Jacqueline C 10 aylar önce
OMG, I love the one you guys made so much more it's so beautiful!
O'Dessa Bourque
O'Dessa Bourque 2 aylar önce
I wish I could have a light like the one you made (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤
Candi Walkowski
Candi Walkowski Yıl önce
These would look stunning on your nightstands.
Ariana Rihter
Ariana Rihter Yıl önce
The store bought one feels like Barbie movie magic gems, and the diy one looks kinda like the philosophers stone to me? Like orange and red fire vibes. Very cool!
Star Brand
Star Brand Yıl önce
I like the Buy's smooth rounded edges and brightness. But I like the DIY's base light better. DIY light is softer and more hidden.
Jan Havel
Jan Havel Yıl önce
I like the sharpness and mainly smoothness of yours more. And you absolutely won in the light department. I'd definitely bought yours. I had blast watching your video yet again, so much fun!
nahuelisimo1197 10 aylar önce
I personally prefer the sharper look of yours, plus the glowing edges look awesome. Also, the mirror finish on yours looks so pretty, kinda like a kaleidoscope. But the metal base on the BUY looks a bit better. Overall your DIY version is much better in my opinion, I'd just make the base a bit thicker in wood, so it looks a bit more aesthetic
GetSmokd Yıl önce
I like the one you made more. The sharp edges make it look more crystaline. Plus the sides are much smoother which seems more appropriate. The reflections inside yours change the light colors in a way the store bought doesnt even compare.
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