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27 Kas 2021




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Dark Aylar önce
You haven't lived until you've lived off grid! My husband and I are in our 50's and have been living off grid for the last 2.5 years. It's a struggle at times, especially having to rely on generators for everything, but the 10 acres in the California mountains make it all worth it! Hopefully one day we will finish our home build, but until then we make the most of every day!
Joe Hoe
Joe Hoe 28 gün önce
What do you exactly mean have not lived until living off grid...? How is it ?
Lorraine's Wilson
Lorraine's Wilson Aylar önce
I think that's Fantastic of you both.. I've been wanting to live tiny house for many years, I'm alone & don't have the means.. Very Proud that you are living your Dreams..Much Love & Light.. Be safe & Congradulations..❤🙏🏻👌🙋‍♀️
The Twerkulator
The Twerkulator Aylar önce
I have 5 acers in calaveras county in the mountains at 3100 ft
Femi Fasusi
Femi Fasusi Aylar önce
Oh wow. That’s amazing. It takes real gut to make certain decisions. Glad you guys are loving it 😊
Book Case
Book Case Aylar önce
u legit copy and pasted another guys comment
Claire’s Hands at Home
Just setting up the solar system alone, is a massive achievement. You are a very clever chap and should be really proud of how far you’ve come. You’ve taught yourself so much, people go to uni for years so they can achieve what you’ve done single handedly. You’ve both worked incredibly hard and deserve so much happiness with your young family in your new home. I wish you all the very best future. xxx
Monique Johnson
Monique Johnson Aylar önce
I truly love what you've done with the solar system.. would be willing to sell me a copy of diy plans?? My husband and i are wanting to do the same thing with our property. Please let me know.
Tara Wood-Bradley
Tara Wood-Bradley Aylar önce
Yes they are impressive and I am hoping to follow in their footsteps and go off grid for our family. Our power grid here is aging and political so going off grid will free you from the politics of the fossil fuel industry.
ELuZivE_x Aylar önce
The amount of knowledge Spencer has and how much he’s learned from doing all of this. Not to mention how he never stops working. Bravo
Dan Bartolini
Dan Bartolini 22 gün önce
When you have to do everything over 3 or 4 times your bound to learn from your mistakes. But he is without a doubt the slowest home builder ever
Randy Clark
Randy Clark Aylar önce
Since you are off Grid totally and now rely on the sun, have you ever thought of building a wind mill to produce power at night or during a rain storm where the wind picks up?
Angela Rivera
Angela Rivera Aylar önce
My mom grew up on a farm in Michigan with windmill powers, especially for their plumbing and running water. That's a great idea
5th Journey Off-Grid Homestead
We get a lot of wind here in Kansas but from what I've learned, the residential windmills really don't produce enough and are very loud. Until they can produce more power quieter I wouldn't suggest it.
bob Aylar önce
They live in Texas, USA, which has almost 300 days of collectable sun each year. There is no need for "an alternative to the alternative." Compare that with London (100 days) which would benefit from wind or tidal energy.
Jackie Aylar önce
I was also thinking the same thing…
Andreas Messerli
Andreas Messerli Aylar önce
Well they have lots of trees around. A Wind mill must be way above the tree line to have it's full potential. I built some and even Trees 100m away can substantially impact the air stream. Such a high pole require a big heavy base and a really good pole. Also strain strings are needed to up high to protect the pole from flexing to much in the wind and survive high winds. I don't know if you really want to have something like this on a such beautiful property like they have. Adding a 3rd Array and more battery is the way to go, and also if they go EV then hopefully they will buy a car which allows bidirectional usage so that the car can also be used as a power source for the house.
James Bond
James Bond Aylar önce
I have lived 100% off-grid on a mountain in Costa Rica for over a year. I fully understand your dream to be off-grid. Well done.
OffGrid MGTOW Homestead
Solar systems are fairly simple. It's like anything else I have learned. Break it into its individual systems and components. There are plenty of videos online, but most of what you do will be dictated by the components you buy. Will Prowse has some good videos, and will make you a little more solar savvy. I myself am fully off grid in the desert in Southern Utah.
James Bond
James Bond Aylar önce
@Joshua Geiger I had a reputable company install my complete system. Electricity is not my strength so I left it to the professionals.
JCGoogle Aylar önce
@Joshua Geiger Whatever you do, don't build it out of steel containers.
Joshua Geiger
Joshua Geiger Aylar önce
I want to live off grid eventually. But having a finished house is more of a priority. Did you use certain videos that you're willing to share to figure out how to install solar?
Maria Jimenez
Maria Jimenez Aylar önce
Hi! Costarrican here! That sounds amazing, congrats, you're living the dream!
JN Aylar önce
Please continue! Life Uncontained need not stop when the house is done (but is a house ever done?). Refurb the barn! Plant a garden! Keep vlogging!!!! Love you, Me.
John H.
John H. Aylar önce
A suggestion: Since your solar system is so easily adjustable, you might consider quickly configuring it in the flattest profile when a high-wind storm is forecast. It will reduce the wind loads on the panels, minimizing the likelihood of damage.
hilary lovelace
hilary lovelace Aylar önce
Beau is just into everything, daddy's little helper. She always makes my day. 💖
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo Aylar önce
I think the most Amazing part about your journey is that when your kids are older they're going to be able to go back and watch your videos of how their parents built such an Awsome home! From start to finish 👍🏼🔥
Mary Fowler
Mary Fowler Aylar önce
Speaking as someone that has renovated a 50 year old house and can fully appreciate how god-awful tedious and time consuming trim work is, Spenser is the bomb.
@Joyce Lebrilla Totally agree. Always smiling through it all.
Joyce Lebrilla
Joyce Lebrilla Aylar önce
this couple has what you call grit.admirable
Anne K
Anne K Aylar önce
These two young people are amazing! I have been watching this since the beginning and they never cease to impress me with their imagination, drive and persistence! If they don’t know how, they learn!
I really like how yiu both think alike! And to have a dream stay at the forfront for this long is very impressive! Thanks for opening the door of your lives for others to enjoy!
Cappy Cross
Cappy Cross Aylar önce
He absolutely has the patience of a saint LOL!
Carl Lallemand
Carl Lallemand Aylar önce
Hey Spencer, I was one of the people who was concerned about the panels being tied together but I see you were right about them having enough flex that there would be no problems and you were right. My hats off to you, well done.
5th Journey Off-Grid Homestead
i thought the same think. Glad to see it worked out ok.
MsJoose59 Aylar önce
I am truly in awe at what the two of you have built, a home, a beautiful marriage & little people (that’s what I call kids-it’s not meant to be offensive) all in a relatively short amount of time. Though I’m sure it feels every bit of three years to y’all…😉 Thank you very much for taking us along on the ride. May God continue to bless your family in every area of life!!!
Hilda Flores
Hilda Flores Aylar önce
02:15 Bo and her adorable curlies! Her first time seeing the different color of lights. Priceless!! We still cant wait for this house to be complete & you two can work on other stuff but able to start making it your home by decorating it with furniture & stuff.
Rev'dUpArtist Aylar önce
@Hilda Flores -- Actually I don't think it was. I know Kenz said that. But I have this 'pic' in my head that she saw them. I don't know if it was when Spencer got it done, or thought he did. Or my head is making that all up...lol... Those lights been up a long time.
scott wolak
scott wolak Aylar önce
Instead of having the electric company's pole removed , tap into it. For a small investment you can sell them your extra power you're making from your solar array.
K Fletcher
K Fletcher Aylar önce
A house “running on sunshine” is such a happy, meaningful concept… it just sounds beautiful, especially in a home raising children. 💕
Linda Eubanks-McCormick
Look at you Spencer. From idk anything about any of this. To Master of everything you have learned. We are cheering you guys on! When she is old enough, teach and give that girl the resposibility to adjust the solar panels seasonally. She's always watching you. It should'nt be hard.
Joshua Michail
Joshua Michail Aylar önce
I had a couple of thoughts, if you don't mind hearing them. I would drive grounding rods and mount lightning rods in the area. I think that old power pole could be useful to you all, as you've mounted your cellular signal booster antenna before, and if that street light still works, you could have that light up the area at night, if you don't already. And, now that you've got all that great work done, maybe the next steps will be to increase your battery bank's capacity and add a wind turbine for cloudy but windy days. Also, you could plant bushes and trees next to the solar panels to block the view of them from your home. At any rate, I love your videos and want to encourage you all to keep up the good work.
Brock Ary
Brock Ary Aylar önce
Hey guys, great video. Spencer, I have enjoyed watching you get more and more comfortable and confident in whatever you do. I have been watching since day one and I think you could probably pass this test for a contractor license. You are a perfectionist in everything you do. So good on you.
Pat Warmack
Pat Warmack Aylar önce
It's wonderful watching you guys in the final stretch of this project.
Tiffany Jensen
Tiffany Jensen Aylar önce
Oh my word, your daughter's reaction to the lights brought me to tears. Such sweetness!
Simple Truth
Simple Truth Aylar önce
I am beyond impressed! I get such a warm happy feeling every time I watch your videos. You should be more than proud of yourselves. There is nothing that you two cannot do together.
Mark Fralix
Mark Fralix Aylar önce
Question? What is the plan for protecting the solar panels in future during a hail storm? Especially with large hail size.
Debra Roberge
Debra Roberge Aylar önce
My hubby and I were also wondering about "hail, branches,etc.etc...
Sherri Shock
Sherri Shock Aylar önce
So beautiful!! Inside and out. I’m so happy I found you guys, wow, what we’ve been through together !! Once that beautiful house is done, what will be done next ?? Much love to you all ❤️❤️❤️ (love Cam’s hat)
Thomas smith
Thomas smith Aylar önce
Hello Sherri
Priscilla Artis-Lukoko
Little Miss Beau looking at the colorful lights changing was so cute! 🥰 She is such a cutie and always willing to lend a hand to her Daddy! It really won't be much longer now! 🥰💕😊💙💕
Florida Hetherington
People ask such silly questions lol. Loved Beau’s reaction to the lights ❤️ to see the world through a child’s eyes!
Jeanna Presnell
Jeanna Presnell Aylar önce
I just got done putting the sponge strips in between my window frames and my walls. Our power bill has been crazy for yrs. So we are doing a huge remodel which included the painting of our window boxes and we are putting up shiplap and new window trim so after the old trim came out I decided to make sure to insulate them. So needed. So tedious. I love this program. Yall are great.
Sandra P
Sandra P Aylar önce
So sweet your daughter looking at the lights! Another sweet moment is when your dog melted into you for a snuggle! Melted my heart! I had to watch it again! ❤️
smines3 Aylar önce
That time lapse shot of the solar array moving was absolutely incredible! Great job!
Why Jamaica
Why Jamaica Aylar önce
I think it is so awesome that you guys have documented this journey and now your children will be able to watch and appreciate the magnificent job mom and dad did to build them a home. 🤗👏👏👏
Ilene Gallo
Ilene Gallo Aylar önce
Not only are the videos informative, but they are also beautifully edited!
A W Aylar önce
Just wanted to ask: how come you haven't finished the bathrooms and yet? I'm sure there's a good reason as always. Always wondered why you still shower outside instead of getting everything tiled up and showers installed inside :) Loving your content, have been watching for about 2 years now, love from the UK.
Michael Palin
Michael Palin Aylar önce
To help smooth the movement of the cranking, rub a bar of soap along the brace when it is extended. When you crank it down the soap will go inside and smooth things. This is great for old-style drawers that use a wooden channel.
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Since you are off Grid totally and now rely on the sun, have you ever thought of building a wind mill to produce power at night or during a rain storm where the wind picks up?
Sandy Peters
Sandy Peters Aylar önce
I'm beyond thrilled for y'all! It's all coming together!♥️
Debbie I DI
Debbie I DI Aylar önce
You are getting so close to completely finishing your lovely house! Can’t believe it - I’ve been following you from the beginning, and am so proud of you both! 💖
A G Aylar önce
Nice to see you starting to enjoy the fruits of your labor and you can see the stress and frustration from the past few years is lifting. You guys deserve it.
Native408 Aylar önce
Everything is coming along so beautifully. I am so proud of you guys and I enjoyed watching the progress. Your daughter is so beautiful, and growing up so fast!🥰Looking at bear, he is getting older. 🦮 What a beautiful family.🙏🙏🙏❤️👍
Pumpkin Lashes
Pumpkin Lashes Aylar önce
Congratulations, I've watched you since the beginning. You've been an inspiration to me. My next project is to build my homestead God willing, and among the first things is the solar and the water collection with the pump house in Kenya.
Happy2Run4Me Aylar önce
Awesome Solar mounts! Reminds me of climbing up a mountain every few months to adjust the solar panels for our businesses off-grid tower sites! I like this crank method much better. We had to remove bolts and reposition while one person held up the panel with brute strength lol. It was a small workout in itself! Good times though.☺️😁 Now we aspire to have a system much like this for our soon-to-be-house! So inspiring! Great job! Love it!
Terri Kopke
Terri Kopke Aylar önce
Its official...Spencer is a true maven! For those of you who aren't familiar with Yiddish, it's a good thing! You sir have mastered so many technical and building arenas that I am in awe of your skills. Good job!! 👍👌👏👏
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards Aylar önce
@Isobelle Jacob you aint seen that gut? LOL
JCGoogle Aylar önce
He mastered taking 3 or 4 minutes discussing the details of sanding the bottom of a piece of trim. I mean he's a real trim rocket scientist. And it only took 3 attempts to build a solar panel array to get what he has.
Alex Aylar önce
He is a Mensch. It’s been a Mitzvah finding their channel and watching their journey. An awesome family 💕
Peg Turner
Peg Turner Aylar önce
You could turn the power pole into a nesting place for large birds by putting a platform on the top.
Gary Suffern
Gary Suffern Aylar önce
Your home looks so great Good job Spencer on the Solar! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving 🎄
PBJ Silver Studio
PBJ Silver Studio Aylar önce
It’s just amazing all the things that the two of you have learned how to do that Spencer himself has actually done considering the fact that when you both started this project neither one of you had any experience at building anything. I’m so deeply deeply impressed.
Thomas smith
Thomas smith Aylar önce
Hello silver
Jennifer Chuong
Jennifer Chuong Aylar önce
Y’all are #50 on trending!!! That’s so exciting! Thank you for always sharing updates with us! I really love checking in on y’all which each video and I love how you all still stay so humble and grateful for the journey of building your home and not too focused on the destination
StarGirl ofAntares
StarGirl ofAntares Aylar önce
You guys are so amazing!!! Spenser can do anything, I’m convinced!! Watching the time lapse wave of the panels was so cool!!! I can’t believe people actually thought you were using that power pole!!! Your whole series has been about NOT being attached to the grid! Can’t wait to see Spenser do the trim in the center section!! In case you didn’t see it, I’ll comment again that you should use the cool Evergreen circle from the back bathroom window as an art piece!! I’d like to see Spenser do a circle of black steel around it!! Lol 😂 Mackenzie, I know you’re working just as hard with those babies!! So glad to see bear and Io in this episode!!! Can’t wait for the next!! ♥️
Dawn Opipari
Dawn Opipari Aylar önce
Look who’s talking. That’s so cute. Love to see them experience something new. Their reactions are always the best. Congrats on the house and your family!!!
jaafar kassim
jaafar kassim Aylar önce
Man it crazy how far you guys have come. So inspiring that you followed your dreams, with all the challenges that you have faced am so humbled to have been somewhat apart of your amazing journey. Your children are lucky to have you guys as parents, they will achieve great things through you guys. Best of luck to everything that you do now and through the future.
sandyc6569 Aylar önce
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
Maybe you already done this, but grounding the frame of the solar array would be a good idea. It would help to bleed off any static charge, as well as provide a path for any transient strikes that might occur.
Robyn Fedalen
Robyn Fedalen Aylar önce
The Sunshine Family 🌞 I love everything you’re doing. I love your cute little home, your animals (all of them) and the babies are totally adorable 😌😌.
W K Aylar önce
The solar is extremely impressive. I was wondering about moving it also. Interesting to see how much they flex. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.
Anne Willey
Anne Willey Aylar önce
Amazing work y'all have done with the solar panels! The trim looks really good and so nice to see your home getting closer to completion!
karen moss
karen moss Aylar önce
I hope we get a Thanksgiving meal video in your new kitchen ♥️ Still so excited that you don’t have to go to the barn anymore!! 👏👏👏
Tyre Hester
Tyre Hester Aylar önce
Having the power line there is providing a certain amount of lightning protection in that each pole is grounded and is tied to the neutral to the entire system, even though the switches are opened. 🙂
Heidi Wilson
Heidi Wilson Aylar önce
Love it so much! I don’t know if it bothers you but it almost made me thinking about a wooden fence in front of it that you can plant flowers in front of to have vines grow up it and you can have a garden area to kinda hide it. Just a thought if it ever bothers you!! You guys are doing awesome. I’ve been watching you for a few years now and absolutely love your ideas
The YouTube Actor
The YouTube Actor Aylar önce
Hey Spencer and McKenzie! I’m a huge fan of your channel! I usually watch your next video as soon as it is released! Just had a quick idea that Spencer might appreciate, and it’s fairly cheap to make too… I’m not entirely sure if this would work, but I was thinking that instead of him having to turn each solar panel handle one at a time, he could probably buy a long metal pole and drill five holes in it, and then insert the five handles into the five holes on the pole, this way he can just crank all five panels at once using the pole, to make life easier :) It’s just an idea! Keep up the great work! I love your videos!
Tanya Banks
Tanya Banks Aylar önce
Spencer and Kenz I have to say, you guys should be proud of all the work you'll have done on your own for your first build. I think you two have done an awesome job on your home and I'm very impressed. Well done you two thus far....can't wait to see it finished and I know you two can't wait either.
Sara Oswald
Sara Oswald Aylar önce
Just a suggestion when you trim out your windows in the kitchen or bathroom make sure the window sill is wide. In a kitchen you can utilize that space for small herb pots for cooking. In a bathroom a natural decor potted succulent in the window. This is what my husband did when we framed out our windows. It brings the outdoors inwards and gives the rooms colour. The house looks amazing you're almost there. 👍 Cheers🇨🇦
Maria Davis
Maria Davis Aylar önce
We are currently building our container home and that’s one of the first things I asked of my husband when we were designing it. ♥︎
PlayRightParent Aylar önce
Totally agree! ^
Gee Davia
Gee Davia Aylar önce
I love the fact you guys took the time to address some- Questions/Concerns from the peanut gallery.... I wondered why you guys hadn't done much trim work? It's Kind of tedious but something that could've been done on rainy days or when you were waiting on delivery orders of other products. Locking down Solar is huge. Hope you guys have given your *HEATING* *SYSTEM* a test run? Cold Wave could hit at any time... It's seems unfair were in the 20's while you guys are in tee shirts. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful & Kenzie got a chance to throw down in her new kitchen.
patrick schneer
patrick schneer Aylar önce
It always put a smile on my face when I see Beau in the background just doing her thing contributing to her father's work
Old Timer
Old Timer Aylar önce
I absolutely love the learning you two have done, I wish i lived in a climate to use the solar like you do, Canada, is hit and miss, VERY few companies that deal in it, and our weather is crazy, and getting more crazy.
Tim Skufca
Tim Skufca Aylar önce
Well done with the moveable array!!! The focus on being off-grid is very commendable. You are creating a project that needs to be replicated in rural settings. Unfortunately this situation is unattainable for the masses. At least you are dealing with your impact on Earth. It's great you don't default to wood-burning for your heating needs (which is relatively easy in your climate - any northern project has a much more difficult challenge creating an all-electric project).
Tammie Dubois
Tammie Dubois Aylar önce
SO VERY happy for you two! Dude, look how MUCH you have learned and taught yourself!!! SO PROUD of You!!! Love watching you guys!!!!
Theresa Weller
Theresa Weller Aylar önce
What a wonderful journey it's been! Thanks for allowing us to come along! I'm very proud of Spencer and all he's learned along the way! A Renaissance Man! And two babies! You've certainly had your hands full. Thanks for sharing this exciting part of your lives with us!❤
Jen Wicke
Jen Wicke Aylar önce
I have been watching you for the past year or so and I’m so excited for you all!! What are you going to do to keep busy once this is all done? Is Spenser going to start into furniture building next? 😂 That would be something to see! ❤️
Thomas smith
Thomas smith Aylar önce
Hello Jen
Darcy Scott
Darcy Scott Aylar önce
You guys are amazing! The both of you should be so proud of what you have accomplished! The solar system itself is quite an ordeal, considering that most people have no idea how to install one! Amazing job! 👏👏👏 have a good week! From Northwestern Vermont
Doris Petitt
Doris Petitt Aylar önce
You have worked so incredibly hard! Congratulations on your home. Hopefully you will have another project because I want you to continue your channel!
Tom Christensen
Tom Christensen Aylar önce
Absolutely love your adjustable arrays! We went with super overkill for summer (about twice as many panels as needed during summer set at a "winter" angle) to accommodate reasonable winter production. Being off grid is always a dance.
docanaheim55 Aylar önce
Trim work has a degree of finality, it's the capping of a roof. It's the time of seeing and enjoying of all the work you finished. With lifetime builders like me it's just a pat on the back and a job well done.
mayris gonzalez
mayris gonzalez Aylar önce
It always put a smile on my face when I see Beau in the background just doing her thing contributing to her father's work
Sowing Bird
Sowing Bird Aylar önce
I have watched this lovely show since you started. It has turned out beautiful! You both did a wonderful job. The Lord has showed such blessings on you both.❤❤❤
Jared Looper
Jared Looper Aylar önce
I've been watching since the containers were sitting side-by-side and it was just the two of you. I am so impressed at what you have accomplished and created. The home you have built. The family you created. Just wow. Thanks for letting us follow you on your journey and for being an amazing inspiration to so many.
Roberta Cotton
Roberta Cotton Aylar önce
This whole off series has been so inspirational! Glad to see how close you are to being done. If, with home ownership, you are ever really done. Congratulations!
Deidre Spencer
Deidre Spencer Aylar önce
It's amazing to see what you two have achieved ... not only your house, but the solar array as well. Congratulations on a job well done. Love from Australia. 🥰
andrew spence
andrew spence Aylar önce
Ya only new ppl to the channel would question the fact your off grid , OG's would totally know the real deal lol I've watched since almost day one .. only 3 vids posted at the time love u guys and hope someday i can use some of the things ive learned about off grid building from u guys
Fran Kiko
Fran Kiko Aylar önce
I’m impressed at the way the tilt mechanism works on the soar panels. Great engineering job.
Mo Avdi
Mo Avdi Aylar önce
So glad the solar is done ✅👏🏼. Can’t wait to see the bedrooms completed. Did you ever consider making it a 2 story? You could almost build a loft for the kids when they’re a little older. That would be so fun! Happy Holidays!
Rev'dUpArtist Aylar önce
@Adam Craig -- With 40' they could have half for the kids, and the other half as a man cave for Spenser with REALLY excellent sound proofing all the way around...lol...
Adam Craig
Adam Craig Aylar önce
I was thinking they should do an outside, away-from-the-house rec-room. =P
Dave Sanders
Dave Sanders Aylar önce
Just a fun idea. They might get another 40' conex box and stand it on end.
Tony Cummings
Tony Cummings Aylar önce
Glad to see the lights back on Spencer, the trim work completes the look of everything. McKinsey little Beau must think those are Christmas lights she's getting to the age now where she is getting interested in things like that. Cam will be right behind her. They are growing up so fast. Give Beau and Cam a big hug for me and tell Bear and Io I said Hi.God bless you all.
All Day Day Dreamer
Super cool guys. So happy for you. I hope to one day enjoy the feeling of .. beating the system. The closest I've ever come to beating the system is maybe once in awhile ... getting a buy one get one free chicken sandwich but something tells me, solar power is a lot more rewarding :)
Mustafa H
Mustafa H Aylar önce
So proud of the two of you. Hope I can build my own family Home one day.
K N Aylar önce
This is HOW MUCH you guys have entered my heart, lol ~ I literally found myself wondering, as I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner over three days this week, whether Kenz was cooking yours in your new kitchen, lol. :-)
John Do
John Do Aylar önce
It always put a smile on my face when I see Beau in the background just doing her thing contributing to her father's work
Larry Werring
Larry Werring Aylar önce
I assume that, when your batteries are full, the energy being created by the solar panels is wasted. Before having that old hydro pole removed, I would consider exploring what it would take to sell your excess power to the hydro company. It might be worth a small investment in getting reconnected to the mains.
Rev'dUpArtist Aylar önce
@Larry Werring -- I was thinking exactly the same thing. Plus it could be a safety net, just in case y'all get really weird for too long...after all y'all are in Texas. 😉
Kathy USA-Iowa
Kathy USA-Iowa Aylar önce
Definitely‼️ 👌
Angela Domann-Bolduc
Beau = adorable!! My Dad put solar panels on our house in the 1980's. I recall people thinking he was nuts. No, My Dad was just ahead of his time. We lived in the country too. I am ready to live in the country again and follow along the off the grid path. What you both have created for your family is remarkable! I hope you are able to enjoy your beautiful home for many years with your beautiful family.
Elaine Tsialafos
Elaine Tsialafos 8 gün önce
These videos have just been remarkable! I just discovered them today and watched from the beginning to now. What an amazing job. Incredible how much work to make this fantastic home. Hats off to you both. Please just be careful with the kids and that little lake in front of the house; I'm a worry wort. Wishing you all a wonderful happy life. Love from Athens, Greece. ❤️🇬🇷
Jennifer Geiter-Barker
It's very satisfying to see trim go up. Makes the rooms look clean. Love ur channel!!!!!!
AMY Z Aylar önce
ALWAYS impressed with you two!!! Congratulations on, well, just EVERYTHING!!
Janice Oldham
Janice Oldham Aylar önce
Thanks for answering the light pole question. I personally wouldn’t have blamed you with two babes and multiple snakes if you hooked up to power temporarily. You two are purists. You sacrificed time to stick with your plan! You are also awesome parents. I Love the way you relate to your babies. I love your channel and your sweet family!
jack long
jack long Aylar önce
@Cape CodBob its Texas, bet they would not make that easy.
Cape CodBob
Cape CodBob Aylar önce
Why why not hook up and sell excess to the e co. ?
jfxl1977 Aylar önce
I can't believe you had to address that you are, indeed, off-grid. I guess some people are always looking for a conspiracy. The solar setup looks excellent, and the timelapse of the panels being adjusted was cool, as Kenzie said it would be. :-) The trim work is looking good! The time when you'll be able to enjoy the house without major projects still to be done is fast approaching!
Tony Grimes
Tony Grimes Aylar önce
@Wrench Monkey You mean *Pure Looking For Loot* !!!
John Needham
John Needham Aylar önce
@Wrench Monkey I don't think they are uploading anymore but I must admit that I don't look for them. I think that there were so many things wrong with the build that taking it through to a conclusion would have been difficult. I must admit, it was the first time that I had ever seen plasterboard (as we call it in the UK) used as a loading bearing structural component in a house!
Wrench Monkey
Wrench Monkey Aylar önce
@John Needham Oh don't get ME started on PLFL!! He is the MOST obnoxious POS I've ever experienced! He's so arrogant and condescending towards people that was giving him friendly and respectful advice on matters he didn't knew crap about, and he was like: "No you do not know anything, I know everything!" while filming himself right up his nostrils, looking down on people like they were something the cat dragged in! - but I do not think they're uploading videos anymore, or am I wrong?
John Needham
John Needham Aylar önce
@Edward WeedenI was just about to ask the same question. It's never occurred to me that WWOG was anything but on the level. Though don't get me started on Pure Living for Life!
John Needham
John Needham Aylar önce
@W S Tavis Your evidence, please! Are you confusing WWOG with Pure Living for Life?
Shakina Riley
Shakina Riley Aylar önce
This will be such a happy home to be in,am loving how things are going, God bless you guys 👍
Carline Thompson
Carline Thompson Aylar önce
Please keep posting especially when home is finished, love to see your family grow.
Terry Norton
Terry Norton Aylar önce
Happy belated Thanksgiving guys. Great blessings on all of you. 💛✨ I see your little intern, Beau, has mastered another skill...solar energy panels. Yay! Be safe and be well. Happy days! 🎄🎅🤶💛💖
Cindy Montemayor
Cindy Montemayor Aylar önce
I’m so excited that your home build is wrapping up. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, struggles, laughs, tears, 2 beautiful children and your home with us all. Much love from Missouri
Epiphany Tanya
Epiphany Tanya Aylar önce
Loving this content! Could we hire you guys when your done with yours? At this point you will write your own tickets in this field. So amazing watching this journey. P.s. Your house has been running on sunshine, I suspect way before you built your solar panels 😀⭐🌝
Mildred November
Mildred November Aylar önce
I'm really in awe of you guys... your house looks amazing.. i enjoy watching your videos can't wait for the next one🙌❤️
Tala Peanut butter
Tala Peanut butter Aylar önce
I’m in awe at what you have accomplished! Bravo!
Stephen Webb
Stephen Webb Aylar önce
I have enjoyed watching this all come together. Amazing job you guys!
Sarita Sowell
Sarita Sowell Aylar önce
Wow! That’s a massive Solar system… Everything is absolutely beautiful
John Goldschmidt
John Goldschmidt Aylar önce
You two truly belong to each other...I could watch you for hours...Thank you for what you give to us.
marilyn mckinney
marilyn mckinney Aylar önce
I am so glad for you two and your little family ,hope you have a great life!!!
Darkman9478 Aylar önce
I’m happy for y’all that y’all are living off the grid. I plan to myself one day soon.
Jolene Baxter
Jolene Baxter Aylar önce
I have watched all of your episodes. I so admire your goals, grit, and tenacity. Your calm and kind family dynamics help the world chill. Kids are adorable. Your home, a work of art. Thank you for making these videos and sharing what you have done. All the best to you.
ChitownNegro Aylar önce
Congrats to you both!! I know this was a long time coming and I have nothing but smiles for your success!
PuenteAJ Aylar önce
Congratulations, your home is looking fantastic. A credit to the two of you. Your videos are the fastest few minutes of my week every week. U hope you turn them into a full documentary. You guys are amazing
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