Bull Reds And New Alligator Gar PB In Saltwater

M. Hood Fishing
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An all nighter down on the coast before another hurricane rips through the week.
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26 Eki 2020




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almightyboner Aylar önce
Bait!? Eat dat brah
Jay Will
Jay Will 7 aylar önce
Hate catching rays....some say they taste like lobster maby I'll try one one day
Brannon Crowe
Brannon Crowe 11 aylar önce
Bridge side marina i use white trout for the bull reds. Seems like the only thing the hard heads wont eat lol. Good video....
Trevor Halford
Trevor Halford Yıl önce
Where ya at brudda? I hope all is well with you and hopefully we will see ya soon.
Jon Ingram
Jon Ingram Yıl önce
Small little cracker sandwich hahahahaha love it!
Lance Henry
Lance Henry Yıl önce
I'm from Bucktown, LA and have had the privilege to meet the iconic MHood this guy will give you the tricks of the trade for fishing in the Louisiana area
Clifford Adkins
Clifford Adkins Yıl önce
Hey my friend I’m a new subscriber I’m trying to learn how to catch redfish and big specal trout
Garrett Jacks
Garrett Jacks Yıl önce
That sigh when first picked him up, love seeing experienced fisherman still get to grin like a kid on Christmas from time to time
Evan Doucet
Evan Doucet Yıl önce
Hey man Ik I nice spot by the handicap pier that’s a little shell beach where you can walk out and catch some nice trout and red fish.
doug bishop
doug bishop Yıl önce
was that a penn wrath combo on that last red ?
Jared Burgess
Jared Burgess Yıl önce
Yes it was
Big Joe's Outdoors
I know a spot that you could beat that easy close to there
floydaltonmiller Yıl önce
I saw on the news, people cast net fishing on the steps on the lakefront. What are they catching? I figured if anyone knew it would be you.
• Salt Rock
• Salt Rock Yıl önce
And that was so cool Trace Adkins came to watch y’all catch fish.
• Salt Rock
• Salt Rock Yıl önce
That was fun to watch. 👍
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Yıl önce
Best thing about fishing is letting them go...especially the big ones..!!
Fish and Fishing Activities
It is really nice content!!!! Keep it Up!! Excellent!!
Leap Year
Leap Year Yıl önce
You didnt get that chest thump this time haha epic video bud thx for making them 👍👍
Brandon Yıl önce
What marina is this ?
Nick Gagliano
Nick Gagliano Yıl önce
Gilberto Moran
Gilberto Moran Yıl önce
Hell of a night brother .
Eric Pitre
Eric Pitre Yıl önce
Love that gar mhood
Daniel Parke
Daniel Parke Yıl önce
What a monster! Congrats!
fredmaney Yıl önce
Thanks Jarod, thanks Mark. Guys, you can't make a video any more exciting than this one. Outstanding!
Francy Metzger
Francy Metzger Yıl önce
Why did you let those fish go???? That gar was your all day and night eating!!
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis Yıl önce
Ya Your right............. nice gar man
Tracy Yıl önce
Love your show M. Hood. I love to fish. Yeah you right!
Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan Yıl önce
What a monster! Awesome job!
Allen Monroe
Allen Monroe Yıl önce
Hey Buddy that storm is coming right for you! The lake is going to have shrimp afterwards right ?
Bryan Yıl önce
AWESOME job MHOOD!!! great session guys!!
Dave Rider
Dave Rider Yıl önce
Yes! It's not at the rocks n rebar spot.
Evan Doucet
Evan Doucet Yıl önce
Off the pier at the sand dollar marina
Andrew Saldivar
Andrew Saldivar Yıl önce
Red fish fever.
skidz 808
skidz 808 Yıl önce
Man I wanna go fishin with you !!
Dany Rivard
Dany Rivard Yıl önce
Really big Poisson Rouge ... good job !
Fishing with Billy
Very nice gator gar!!!!!!
txTIGER Yıl önce
great trip, congrats
Desert Dweller Fishing
You both tore it up that night good job and congratulations on the new PB Gar, I wish we had those here in Arizona.
Trevor Halford
Trevor Halford Yıl önce
Chawww bruh... I wanted to go down there yesterday but arthritis was kicking my butt. So u just stayed in Houma.
Jack o'Lantern
Jack o'Lantern Yıl önce
An awesome vid through and through
Allen Monroe
Allen Monroe Yıl önce
Do you know why your videos are so great no one else shows their rig like you do the size of the hook the foot pounds of the leader the stops the weights the braid the pole the reel even the camera you use and that’s why you’re the best Mr. Hood
Brackish BoyzTV
Brackish BoyzTV Yıl önce
We need beaver action T shirts.
kelly hill
kelly hill Yıl önce
Yes ! His drag was extremely loose. We call that showboating. Oh well it makes for a good video for a little bit. Fishing and catching that's always fun.
Jared Burgess
Jared Burgess Yıl önce
Oscar Outdoors
Oscar Outdoors Yıl önce
Excellent night my friends. Congrats on the PB.. GREAT FISHING!
504BossHogg Yıl önce
I live in New Orleans and my kids are hooked on your videos. They wanna go to every spot you go 2
THE GUY Yıl önce
It might be rough but THAT'S the BEST FISHING weather and always will be.
Liberty Willy
Liberty Willy Yıl önce
Remember a cod trip years ago. Horizontal rain, waves just total snot. Everyone slayed.
Raul Yıl önce
That looks like an awesome fishing spot.
Steve Langston
Steve Langston Yıl önce
Send the spectator away
kevin h
kevin h Yıl önce
Man that awesome.
Want2BOutdoors Yıl önce
You guys don't eat the wings of the ray?
Want2BOutdoors Yıl önce
Good eater red...num nums
Daniel Walston
Daniel Walston Yıl önce
He didn’t look that big until you picked him up! He was a good one!
Want2BOutdoors Yıl önce
So do you have to switch line when you go from salt to fresh?
pyro Guy777
pyro Guy777 Yıl önce
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan Yıl önce
Texas Vegetarian
Texas Vegetarian Yıl önce
Congrats on your pb
Daniel Walston
Daniel Walston Yıl önce
Nice video Mr.Hood!!!
IVFS Immortality Via Future Science
i didn't know you could use trout for bait...the texas laws forbid it I think
pyro Guy777
pyro Guy777 Yıl önce
It’s white trout it’s different white trout don’t have a limit in Louisiana
Billy Lzer
Billy Lzer Yıl önce
James J. Reid
James J. Reid Yıl önce
nice red Jarrod
Gay Bear
Gay Bear Yıl önce
that was amazing action! one of those fishing moments, I felt it!
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Yıl önce
Which Marina?
Yeah You RIGHT!
Terry Overland
Terry Overland Yıl önce
You Rule, Dude
Its Dwight Cooking Show
Good morning M Hood
Elroys Channel
Elroys Channel Yıl önce
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