Building The Most Modern Underground King Room with Swimming Pool in Underground House

Building Technology
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After Building Underground House with Private Underground Living We need one more king room for your living to survival in the forest. In this video you will see how I process to build most modern underground king room with swimming pool in my underground house.

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19 May 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Am I the only one who concerns if the storm comes?......
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It's good
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Thank you to create this video
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Minecraft in real life play these two heroes
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thank you the video was very inspiring. apparently it's hard to make videos like this. for all of you if you like vidio like that please please feed back to me in my chanel. please wait
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Wow great job!!! Using very simple tool's
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Building technology pro
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Aminuddin Rusni 15 saatler önce
dah mndi baring lagi di tanah..wkwk
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Abe pura jungal hi khod dengee kya 😅😅😅
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Where are you from❓ 🤔
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Amaizing idea
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Jivith Saravanakumar 20 saatler önce
Great hard work
Nandani Srivastvav
Nandani Srivastvav 20 saatler önce
Very talented man👌👌👌
AXOM AJ7 20 saatler önce
I am a big fan of this art
player2030 20 saatler önce
So .. if they are a couple why didn t they just rent a room?
Michael Lalnuntluanga
Michael Lalnuntluanga 20 saatler önce
What kind of soil and country/places
chinmay SAMAL
chinmay SAMAL 20 saatler önce
Super duper tricks
Lal Babbu
Lal Babbu 21 saatler önce
More talented than harrappa and mohenjodaro
सच क्या हैं?
Nice these guys are amazing, where it is ? Want to visit
Upender Mandal
Upender Mandal 22 saatler önce
Hataichanok Scherman
Hataichanok Scherman 22 saatler önce
Wow Patrick’s house really looks better
Master Peace
Master Peace 23 saatler önce
With all the sadness that I've been feeling these past few days. Watching the videos of these two inspirational men enjoying life and being creative is the only thing that has been putting a smile on my face. Thank you so much fellas. May God bless you always...
Will Perkins
Will Perkins 23 saatler önce
You guys never cease to impress me. Keep up the good work
Monalisa Mukherjee
Informasi Kuliner
Ngapain dah lu pada toyib
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You may start with this trvid.com/video/video-Di6gr13UlFo.html
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These guys have a incredible talent I wish I had such a talent
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People born after 1000 years will call this ancient civilization...
Every thing with Atul
इतना hard work dekh kr mjhe to fever chad गया..... कैसे kr lete h ये लोग bhai.... 🙏
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No time for talking straight to work 💪