Building an Off-Grid Homestead ..... start to finish

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A simple off grid homestead. Built from the ground up with your own hands. Thats the dream for thousands of people around the world. But, with cable TV programs and made up youtube videos, what does that look like in reality. In this video , my wife Brooke and I show the process of building an off grid homestead , start to finish, and what its actually like. Thanks for watching.

Portions of this video were provided by my wife's footage that you can see on her channel ( Girl in the Woods)....here's a link to her channel.



10 Oca 2021




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Giles Colon
Giles Colon 2 saatler önce
The profuse hockey lastly wriggle because tortoise compatibly measure at a makeshift cemetery. simplistic, terrific chief
james sanders
james sanders 5 saatler önce
Careful with the lantern..need plenty of ventilation…
RinTheDemonKing 5 saatler önce
I am currently homeless and broke. I really want to build my own home.
JOHN WARKENTIN 17 saatler önce
great job 👍 guys
Adam Barboza
Adam Barboza 18 saatler önce
I wanna see what the ladder inside goes up to..
Bjorn V
Bjorn V 23 saatler önce
13:33 Maybe a stupid question, but i saw this in some of your other video's. Is there a peticular reason to screw the metal sheets in the lower part of the sheet and not in the higher part ? I though that screwing through the lower part was not done, too elimate the risk of rain leakage arround the screws. Grtz
Rick Roberts
Rick Roberts Gün önce
What an awesome channel. Subcribed!
Axel Gün önce
Turned off adblock for this dude, you deserve everything coming your way. Such a genuine and loveable lad
Earthgal Hippiechick
Very nice!!!
Fernando Fierro
Fernando Fierro Gün önce
Yes thank the Father above everything and you have anything..... it's that Simple...
Hoss skul
Hoss skul Gün önce
Why are you using green timber and cutting down all of your trees? I’ve seen other guys build horizontal cabins using already naturally fallen dry logs .
Jessie Salisbury
Jessie Salisbury 2 gün önce
"You've got my approval!"
Diane Fields
Diane Fields 2 gün önce
Love this been watching your wife's podcast. She was talking about yours so I gave it a try. Love both of you guys podcasts.
Johan J
Johan J 2 gün önce
Ryan Ronald
Ryan Ronald 2 gün önce
how much time a cabin like this can survive?
Optimist1046 2 gün önce
This is a cool video man. And I like where you put your bass too
Scott Baican
Scott Baican 2 gün önce
No insulation???
Peter Rocc
Peter Rocc 3 gün önce
And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30) Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. (James 4:4) Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7:13-14)
Leeanne Klitz
Leeanne Klitz 3 gün önce
The billowy pin undeniably bare because option coincidentally point through a tightfisted comb. wrathful, small cement
T C 3 gün önce
Well done brother. Regards & Blessings.
New Trail For Life
New Trail For Life 3 gün önce
I’m impressed!
Developer Myers
Developer Myers 3 gün önce
Here's a pro chainsaw tip if you ever get to see this comment,, when dealing with that roofing sheet metal if you flip your chainsaw chain backwards it will cut metal without dulling your chain for wood 🪵
Shadow Weaver
Shadow Weaver 3 gün önce
but u have to buy the land first which would be crazy
Tira Misu
Tira Misu 3 gün önce
All I can say is “WOW”. God bless you & Brooke!
Carol Penn
Carol Penn 3 gün önce
Educational, inspiring, fun . Absolutely awesome I always learn so much from watching your videos. Your voice is so soothing. Thanks so much!!!
Tola Olotin
Tola Olotin 4 gün önce
Good job Mr. Bushradical. What is the name of a good chainsaw that I can get?
Patrick 4 gün önce
What did you do for your kitchen sink water/drainage? Same setup as the shower?
Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort 4 gün önce
Who TF wants to use a nasty outhouse? I love this cabin but I need running water, electricity, a flushable toilet and a hot shower! Many cities and health departments require you to have running water!
C. Prov.
C. Prov. 4 gün önce
Really enjoyed this!!
name here
name here 4 gün önce
Friend, you don’t wanna be eating bacon or anything else unclean when Jesus soon returns. The food laws remain. Isaiah 66 is the warning about people eating swines flesh at his return.
yellowmustanglover 4 gün önce
Good job at being resourceful and Stress Free!
Brandon 4 gün önce
Land cost too dang much unfortunately. I think there's to many people to be honest. Every person on earth should have the chance to live "off the land" regardless of income. Or there should be so much available that it can be bought cheaply. Too much competition for space.
Lina Nguyễn
Lina Nguyễn 5 gün önce
November 5 gün önce
Inspiring is an understatement. Seriously, thank you.
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan 6 gün önce
he has the voice of every truck commercial narrator
clayrie freeman
clayrie freeman 6 gün önce
I subscribed you sir..I like the way your mind works. Your vid give me a lots of idea, thank you for sharing the good works. 👋👍
Curtis Young
Curtis Young 6 gün önce
I really liked your practical approach to living, your quote of D. L. Moody jumped off the page, i have a very early biography of his. May God continue to bless You two in all that you do, Errol Young of Kitchener Ontario Canada 1-226-220-8712
Dancil's home
Dancil's home 6 gün önce
Amazing work. You inspire me so much and thank you for sharing this experience.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 6 gün önce
You build a pole barn and enclose it.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 6 gün önce
Freedom is pricless
KEVINNOAD1 6 gün önce
Great Common Sense Video... Very well done ... Thank you for this valuable simple information... God Bless You and Your Woman...
Tango Bravo
Tango Bravo 7 gün önce
Hands down one of the very best DIY videos i have ever seen! Great job, both of you !! Enjoy your new home 👍😊
Ibrahim Rabadi
Ibrahim Rabadi 7 gün önce
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Tess Bennett
Tess Bennett 7 gün önce
I don't know if the world is speeding up but the treadmill we chain ourselves to is. I'm getting off of it. I just met with a realtor to get my house in Colorado listed and I'm moving. The Denver market is crazy right now. I'll buy out of state with whatever I have in pocket and not a penny more. I'm not afraid to work hard but I want my family to get my best productivity instead of some corporation.
Julie Moffitt
Julie Moffitt 7 gün önce
Very cool video! How did you get electricity to the table saw and circular saw? Generator? Very gorgeous structure!
Peter King
Peter King 7 gün önce
Hi mate, excellent videos and information, I heard your recommendation concerning Acrevalue unfortunately for me it’s only available in the US not Australia. Who taught you carpentry? Pete
Debra Manser
Debra Manser 7 gün önce
I think you guys are amazing
Lee Seidle
Lee Seidle 8 gün önce
Man I love the way you think!
Shawn Cahill
Shawn Cahill 8 gün önce
People are too dependent on the internet and it's going to crash wall Street's going to crash everything's going to come to a complete standstill
Shawn Cahill
Shawn Cahill 8 gün önce
I'm ready to build my place as soon as possible I can't decide whether to build an A-frame or just do something simple like that the federal government has completely Fallen apart and is going to hell so get ready
Kew 8 gün önce
Great video and great work my friend.
I See U!
I See U! 9 gün önce
Great job and great video. I would love to be able to do something like this.
douglas eddy
douglas eddy 9 gün önce
Nice, a state that allows you to do this!
Jennifer Herrington
Jennifer Herrington 9 gün önce
I love your voice and Brooke's channel too! She also has a great voice for youtube!!!!!
Peter Hynes
Peter Hynes 10 gün önce
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the project unfold in this video. The underlying sustainable, recycling and reuse principles are a lesson to us all. The teamwork between husband and wife is a joy to watch. An exercise in philosophy as well as a super cool building project - very well done indeed - I am completely addicted!
Peter Hynes
Peter Hynes 10 gün önce
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the project unfold in this video. The underlying sustainable, recycling and reuse principles are a lesson to us all. The teamwork between husband and wife is a joy to watch. An exercise in philosophy as well as a super cool building project - very well done indeed - I am completely addicted!
Quiet Kid Productions
Quiet Kid Productions 10 gün önce
my end goal for my life, A small cabin out in the wilderness, a hanger with a small plane, a dirt runway, and no neighbors. If I achieve that, my life will be complete. Awesome video!
Jeffrey King
Jeffrey King 10 gün önce
Great video. Nice build. Love the music.
TheKitchenTechnician 10 gün önce
Great narration!
B 10 gün önce
“Not some fantasy Hollywood version” Then explain the hipster chick in buffalo plaid strumming a guitar and not working?
Simon Jester
Simon Jester 11 gün önce
Don't you have to worry about bears trying to get your food in your coolers outdoors or breaking into your house to get at food you have stored in the house?
phildirt3 11 gün önce
Nope! Not anybody can do this.
keegansmom2008 11 gün önce
This is the most spot on honest homestead video I've seen! Great job!
Melvin Muddfuckle
Melvin Muddfuckle 11 gün önce
I can attest to those old metal Coleman coolers. Grew up camping with them. Their sturdy and keep everything cold!
HALIM 11 gün önce
very good....
Sylvia Chong
Sylvia Chong 11 gün önce
Wow..... Its a cozy awesome house you n your beautiful wife built, simple n lots of hard work. Beautiful place you have. Takecare. God bless. Bye. 👍
Lukus Carter
Lukus Carter 11 gün önce
What a great video. Thank you sir for sharing.
Marty Habada
Marty Habada 11 gün önce
Your message is spot on. You are living a dream. God bless you and yours
GHOST PUZLE 11 gün önce
im happy that you guys are so happy.
Gabriela Carbajal
Gabriela Carbajal 13 gün önce
The heartbreaking custard wailly expand because end moberly admit despite a present tax. waiting, misty tune
mikaela olivia
mikaela olivia 13 gün önce
So wholesome, makes me wanna live a life like this 💖
Shanroy Nelson
Shanroy Nelson 13 gün önce
Who would even dislike this video ?😳
Shanroy Nelson
Shanroy Nelson 9 gün önce
@Frank A 😂
Frank A
Frank A 11 gün önce
They dont like bacon
Mercedes F1 Racing team
Nice very cool
dagmar trench
dagmar trench 13 gün önce
Aspen trees -bark peels off like an orange peel......nice score
Hovington Kirst
Hovington Kirst 13 gün önce
Very Nice.
Marilyn Sanderschytfhi
The dark organization actually wander because direction predictably reduce absent a married lan. large, mindless bead
Paul Schaefer
Paul Schaefer 14 gün önce
I like a lot of your ideas. For a long time I have said it is all a matter of priorities. Money isn't worth anything unless you can use it responsibly without careful use, money will never be enough. Keep up the good work.
Clara Rodriguez
Clara Rodriguez 14 gün önce
Wow nice 👍🇺🇸🇨🇺
Music fan 11
Music fan 11 14 gün önce
Absolutely awesome narration and build
emp 14 gün önce
I just would like to say I started watching you both a few weeks ago and it has been a wonderful experience and reminds me of being a young girl enjoying all the things that do with the "Great Outdoors!" I have grown up respecting and loving nature. I know I would be to scared to camp along though. Maybe I can get some more tips from you both. Also lives in beautiful Michigan and would love to see Alaska sometime. You both are extremely talented and inspiring! We should have lunch sometime.... 😄
Angel of light
Angel of light 15 gün önce
Slow the build down. Make it last for years.
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson 15 gün önce
Great video, Thanks...
Rocking & Rolling
Rocking & Rolling 15 gün önce
Great watch with a bit of effort it shows what’s achievable well done guys.
juan gomez
juan gomez 15 gün önce
What part of America will let you live like that? Sure ain't commiefornia!
AngeliqueKaga 15 gün önce
I like you're outlook on life Dave!
OCULUS 16 gün önce
How do you get money for food with this? Do you still work a normal job whilst doing all this?
Canal Norte
Canal Norte 16 gün önce
¿A final panoramic sight from cabin, please? Very convenient.
Em Ma
Em Ma 16 gün önce
Did I hear him correctly??? Hot weather and bugs in Alaska! Come to Alabama.
Pota Plevritis
Pota Plevritis 16 gün önce
Ξέρης τή δουλειά εσύ Δέ μπορούν όλοι να κάνουν τη δουλειά πού κανείς εσύ
ArtsieFrog 16 gün önce
You look like a guy that would be fun to fish with.. I can't fish.
Roger Hector
Roger Hector 16 gün önce
who owns the red roof building
Dom Fikowski
Dom Fikowski 17 gün önce
7 minutes into this inspiring video, and I'm all ready to go into carpentry after I'm finished with environmental science. :)
nick nicholson
nick nicholson 17 gün önce
wow friend this is a new channel for me but i just love it thank you for your great insight into the live you live and projects you have made awsome
Andrew Warcstor
Andrew Warcstor 17 gün önce
We love you guys 💓👍👍👍 so wonderful
43wagonwheel 17 gün önce
No rent, no mortgage. But taxes up the wazoo for the property you have to own to build on.
Alfonso Salcedo
Alfonso Salcedo 18 gün önce
You are very inspirational sir! Makes me want to cut ties with the rat race.
kay hunter
kay hunter 18 gün önce
I hate the British who don't?
Anil Singh
Anil Singh 18 gün önce
love from india god bless u
Jerome 18 gün önce
I've got news for you. If you're posting videos of your secluded hideaway on the Internet, you're not off the grid.
Danny Perez
Danny Perez 19 gün önce
wow i really enjoyed the whole video...thanks for sharing,..like, suscribed and the whole nine yards..jijiji
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