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We just did the phase 3 recap, so now is the perfect time to go back and look at everything that's happened since the beginning.
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8 Haz 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Dale Hawke
Dale Hawke 12 saatler önce
I wanna know how many cans of spray paint he got through!!? anyhow mad respect and hard work and effort that went into the build, overall I think it came out pretty good 👍
KHOJI 2 gün önce
Rx7 FC?
Michael Holley
Michael Holley 3 gün önce
I'm not hating or nothing and u did the paint part right for spray paint but why not take it to a body shop and have real base coat clear coat put on it
THE.SAMURAI 5 gün önce
you car selınca what?😏😋🏎️
Beaux R. Benoit
Beaux R. Benoit 6 gün önce
He needs to go watch a few Hotwheels builds and learn how to do all of the prepainting stuff first, and then paint everything just one time.
chubby chicken
chubby chicken 6 gün önce
dam bwo
Kupbor Lyngdoh
Kupbor Lyngdoh 6 gün önce
utube mutube
utube mutube 8 gün önce
good job mate
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 10 gün önce
Is it just me or does the car look like the Ae86 Trueno?
Thadeus Santos
Thadeus Santos 11 gün önce
Whered you get the body kit from
thesmallenginekid 11 gün önce
wow, i have lots of respect for this guy. He did a lot of bodywork that I would probably never dare to do. I think he also learned why paint prep is important. He repainted like half the car. This is what it's all about. Tackling a project by yourself in a small garage. It doesn't have to be perfect, but he did it , he did it for cheap, and its paid off.
Kavinsky Axel
Kavinsky Axel 12 gün önce
Got inspired by Akira Nakai... amazing job man👍
Roquan Davis
Roquan Davis 13 gün önce
How long did it take you to do the whole project??
Clayton Green
Clayton Green 13 gün önce
This man is a legend for working that hard on an older car
Ж. Isaac
Ж. Isaac 13 gün önce
How long did it take?
phoenix sailo
phoenix sailo 13 gün önce
I happy to see you had achieved what you dreamt of,life is nothing if you had so much money withiut a passion and a joy.
ÄŁÏ 163
ÄŁÏ 163 13 gün önce
Man u fukin nailed keep up the work champ 👑
ÄŁÏ 163
ÄŁÏ 163 13 gün önce
For those 10 yrs old saying this is not a supra ahhhh please quiet.
Adam Buckelew
Adam Buckelew 14 gün önce
How did you get the exhaust to sound like that?
INSID3 16 gün önce
That man moves fast
Nico Norway
Nico Norway 16 gün önce
I love the "rattiness" of this project if you know what I mean. nothing fancy, just a dude doing what he loves. It not a concourse build, but its YOUR build! and that joy when you fired up the engine deffo put a smile on my face!
Soul Healing
Soul Healing 17 gün önce
Spray paint stocks went up while this video was made 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️🤣😁
Ontario Car Spotters
Ontario Car Spotters 18 gün önce
What year is the supra?
Ft_Gaming 19 gün önce
Awesome 💘
Gert Schoonhoven
Gert Schoonhoven 20 gün önce
Did you build all the parts yourself?
Phil With Super
Phil With Super 20 gün önce
I installed everything, but a lot of the parts were made to fit
Kandhai Chauhan
Kandhai Chauhan 22 gün önce
Car reperimg data
Derank so2
Derank so2 22 gün önce
EBRAHIM SOLDAO 23 gün önce
wow effort
poppin’ fresh
poppin’ fresh 23 gün önce
probably the cleanest car I have ever seen. talk about cum worthy
COMMUNITY LE 2 23 gün önce
Drift this car i saw a car like
COMMUNITY LE 2 23 gün önce
mk3 is like a 240sx why did you not say supra mk3 timelapse build
joe swanson
joe swanson 24 gün önce
What fender flares??
*Me wanting to do project car* (After watching video) Well f#ck i gotta save up to buy tools...
Saman Akbari
Saman Akbari 25 gün önce
عامو دس خوش👏👏👏👏👏👏
José Manuel D
José Manuel D 27 gün önce
nosupra4u 27 gün önce
Slowed it down to 0.25x and the guy is still too fast, also random face at 9:39
Andy K
Andy K 29 gün önce
I had to pause the video a couple time to give the guy a break 😂
Enzo Meghezzi
Enzo Meghezzi 29 gün önce
Awesome 🤩
Very Good Boy
Very Good Boy Aylar önce
This is the riceiest thing I ever seen
habil bhiwandiwala
habil bhiwandiwala Aylar önce
never have I ever had so much respect for some one
Fragtactic Aylar önce
I would imagine the kind of folks that would dislike this are the kind of people that had things given to them and didn't have to work for it.....good work Brother
Chase Langs
Chase Langs Aylar önce
Someone buy this guy a respirator... Love the work ethic just wish you had some good PPE!
Phil With Super
Phil With Super Aylar önce
For real, I got one now!
JM_GUESS Aylar önce
The definition of built not bought
zenzy is the best
zenzy is the best Aylar önce
That build is so good!
Noah . M
Noah . M Aylar önce
R4CH3L Aylar önce
Wut is that its so dope👍👍👍👍👍👍
Şemseddin 1453
Şemseddin 1453 Aylar önce
Ian Suzuki
Ian Suzuki Aylar önce
How much for you to repair mine? 😂
U.S.S.R Aylar önce
Wow, **happi Supra noises**
MF Aylar önce
I didn't searched for this but,watched without skipping any sec
Robin Scraper
Robin Scraper Aylar önce
I dont understand.. Why people only watching and not subscribe this chanel.. View 9m more
mangekyorinnegan95 Aylar önce
I love cars and car mods but I unfortunately dont know engine work or how to wire a harness. I wish I had the knowledge. I am doomed to pay for the work and im not rich lol. awesome work!
Phil With Super
Phil With Super Aylar önce
Hey, neither do it! I just dove in and forced myself to figure it out
lithu exam
lithu exam Aylar önce
132/2 katiyape dheiyandhara plse diliwery it and i can play this car
Raiders Perez
Raiders Perez Aylar önce
I’m scared to even touch any thing in the engine bay. This foo did every thing left no bolt untouched
samsbitter Aylar önce
yo thats insane man congrats! your the only youtuber ive seen put in real work!
Gotcha Aylar önce
Man you are going places in this world for sure!!! And I have a feeling that cars are going to be involved in a big way on that special journey. Congrats on the build, great job!!!
Rahat Hussain
Rahat Hussain Aylar önce
If we watck tis video in 2.5 x
Yung_WideBoiii Aylar önce
honest question: why do you have to apply so much paint?
Yung_WideBoiii Aylar önce
@Phil With Super ty
Phil With Super
Phil With Super Aylar önce
The first round was to have it painted blue, the second round was a year later to fix the mistakes
Manu Aylar önce
Unpopular opinion: Mk3 looks and feels > Mk4
the stupid
the stupid Aylar önce
the people who disliked are 12 year old idiots who dont think thats a supra
Plus Ultra
Plus Ultra Aylar önce
Bravissimo bro i like
Party Works
Party Works Aylar önce
Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins! Don't let the world lie to you and tell you God isn't real, he is real, and Jesus is coming back! Isaiah 53:5
Cereal World
Cereal World Aylar önce
how to : put your soul into your car
Classified Aylar önce
Its funny when its speeded up
Mohanad-AK Aylar önce
God bless you
Андрей Сергеев
Просто круто!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Dustin Wunder
Dustin Wunder Aylar önce
She's definitely a block-a-way....
Royce Stricker
Royce Stricker Aylar önce
Need a parts list!!
Pedro Isa Rojas Muhammad
Ryan Nanna
Ryan Nanna Aylar önce
What fenders are these and what wing??
cash cash
cash cash Aylar önce
you never really see mk3's where i am nice color really cool how you did it from ur garage
Fadedredx Aylar önce
You should be really proud of this build. It ain’t no SEMA build, but the effort put into this is SEMA worthy. She’s a beaut
WeezleNews Aylar önce
Awesome , what ever it takes hey ✌️
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Aylar önce
I gotta say that 5:22 looks better than the final result 🥲 but it's all about personal tastes. I'm glad and happy for you! Great job you did there. Really impressive 👑
Fabian Hombach
Fabian Hombach Aylar önce
Pov dont Need TÜV
kaveesh dissanayake
Wow he's so fast
stonks h
stonks h 2 aylar önce
my respect for this man 📈📈
สไตล์สมชาย oo
Alex P
Alex P 2 aylar önce
I mean dude u were focusing on fenders the whole time like there's much more effort you could save yourself the work
BOI KREEKVUSER 2 aylar önce
Wait so I need all that machinery to do this stuff? Cant this stuff be bought online?
BOI KREEKVUSER 2 aylar önce
@Phil With Super oh alright, thanks!
Phil With Super
Phil With Super 2 aylar önce
@BOI KREEKVUSER oh got it. I just used a band saw and angle grinder to cut it. Nothing special
BOI KREEKVUSER 2 aylar önce
@Phil With Super Yeah I do know but the machines you used to cut the plastic is what has me thinking how would I be able to do this when im older? Sorry I don't know as much which is why im trying to learn more
Phil With Super
Phil With Super 2 aylar önce
@BOI KREEKVUSER yeah, that’s abs sheet plastic. You can buy it online, but if you can buy it local that’d be much better, as shipping is generally half the cost just to get it
BOI KREEKVUSER 2 aylar önce
@Phil With Super Like the splitter at 0:34
The Aries Experiment
The Aries Experiment 2 aylar önce
I'm assuming that was a "first hitter, winner" on that motor. If so. Great job man. On everything. She is evil lookon bro.
Posh Girls
Posh Girls 2 aylar önce
Sebastian Chicaisa Chasi
nice bro, you cars is beautiful
HotBox Inc
HotBox Inc 2 aylar önce
Crazy to see all that hard work and determination 💯💯💯 respect
Khangai m
Khangai m 2 aylar önce
how much did u spent on this bad boy
m1k4h1ll 2 aylar önce
damn ♡︎
hariz adha
hariz adha 2 aylar önce
Bob Emeran Cachapero
Bob Emeran Cachapero 2 aylar önce
Talented guy salute!!!
macgilliecaer 2 aylar önce
late to this but for anyone else, an S14 aftermarket bumper is about a 90% fit for a MK III
j nuts
j nuts 2 aylar önce
that panasonic table you got there tho
j nuts
j nuts 2 aylar önce
Anwarr Byrd
Anwarr Byrd 2 aylar önce
I liked the spray paint better than the wrap for some reason.
Valentin Solis
Valentin Solis 2 aylar önce
can someone teach me how to tune my car and just teach me more about cars in general, i’m kinda new to it and recently got myself a mk3
Truum 2 aylar önce
Yooo it’s crazy how u did this all at home. Ur a beast for making this dude
Eve- on osu!
Eve- on osu! 2 aylar önce
There’s something about wide body MK3’s that turn me on bro. They’re so good looking
Mc Fireballs
Mc Fireballs 2 aylar önce
Carlton Williams
Carlton Williams 2 aylar önce
Good job 👍 Nasty 😉
Bader Alzahrani
Bader Alzahrani 2 aylar önce
I want a model car of this ITS A BEUTY
Alvaro Valencia
Alvaro Valencia 2 aylar önce
this video is great goes to show you can use anything i your house hold to build your choice of car !!! Keep up the good work my guy
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