Building a Showroom Style Garage [COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION]

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15 Mar 2021




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Mr. Preston
Mr. Preston 32 dakika önce
You have too much $$ to waste. This video is all about hiring other physical labourers to do your DIY project.
Andrei Velikii
Andrei Velikii 11 saatler önce
Гараж сказка.
TheDishDoc 19 saatler önce
It looks very nice sir. I’m sure you are enjoying it.
Mizumm 21 saatler önce
Hey sou do Brasil sksk
Drew Castro
Drew Castro 2 gün önce
How much did this all run? Dope garage!
Bada Bing Love Productions
Tan⁷ 7 gün önce
God level transformation.🔥🔥 Every inch of it screams luxury.✨ I can live my whole life in this garage.💖
1983jblack 7 gün önce
A garage? Well ooh la dee da Mr French Man. I have a car hole
Hey Mr. Robinson
Hey Mr. Robinson 8 gün önce
What cabinets are those??
Carl Jones
Carl Jones 8 gün önce
This… deserves a hand clap. I want to do mine so bad. Everything here is dope, good job bro
Aiden horn
Aiden horn 9 gün önce
i have this in gta
Kool Breeze
Kool Breeze 10 gün önce
How much would something like this cost? Floors, and cabinets
Mark Daughton
Mark Daughton 12 gün önce
Turned out amazing!!! I wonder what something like this would cost?
Mike The Legendary Gamer
Somewhat similar to tony stark’s garage, love it!
Prez Jah
Prez Jah 14 gün önce
I was trying to go to sleep until I saw that garage. This super dope.
Nick V
Nick V 14 gün önce
This looks amazing man!
Elijah Barbx
Elijah Barbx 14 gün önce
Have a friend growing up every time we see anything expensive and we can’t afford it he’ll say vanity upon vanity then I’ll be there like dude🙄 can you your brkez up🤣
leonidous888 17 gün önce
"We're going to...." - guy who doesn't do anything
moimira 17 gün önce
Slick floors much?
Dev D
Dev D 18 gün önce
15:44 what is that thing you are laying ?
Dev D
Dev D 18 gün önce
how much did you have to pay for the epoxy ?
tyrell cunningham
tyrell cunningham 18 gün önce
amazing garage
tyrell cunningham
tyrell cunningham 18 gün önce
yall beats to the videos be to fire
Dang m3f80
Dang m3f80 19 gün önce
how much for it coat ?
upsideways 19 gün önce
Awesome FLOOR!!! How much?💰
Juan Trevino
Juan Trevino 19 gün önce
Proverbs 3:32-35 32 For the froward is abomination to the Lord: but his secret is with the righteous. 33 The curse of the Lord is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just. 34 Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly. 35 The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.
Forces 20 gün önce
Should they have taped off the walls? lil slop
Forces 20 gün önce
As a painter, that sticks out like a sore thumb. To me at least
Igo-R 21 gün önce
Bored Panduh
Bored Panduh 23 gün önce
That's fucking awesome
Дима Мир
Дима Мир 23 gün önce
Super, hello from the Russia!
Looks like they could have just put some masking tape on the baseboard walls, but looks amazing none the less.
Bagged Stix
Bagged Stix 23 gün önce
Definitely need to hang flags along that wall
Danimal Ross
Danimal Ross 23 gün önce
Completely ruins a video when you show the finished product at the beginning. No reason to watch it now. Took all the fun out of it.
iansrving 24 gün önce
Sweet garage transformation!!! Also, your puppies are so fluffy. What are their names?
Thermostokulus 25 gün önce
If my garage looked like this i would never leave it
Mark Grejda
Mark Grejda 28 gün önce
As a garage motor tenhnician, everything about your motor install is wrong and you are really going to hate it when you have to replace it with that current mount.
Randal Ceniceros
Randal Ceniceros Aylar önce
hondabar Aylar önce
always the 10mm
Ramesh Kumar Muthuraja
Awesome! Could you provide the link for the cabinets… where to buy it…
John Wimp
John Wimp Aylar önce
I have those exact same cabinets, they are not UV provetcive and mine changed colors from the sun
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Aylar önce
Looked interesting until I saw that the dude has 2 BMWs. That tells me everything I need to know about what kind of person is making this video.
Randy Rimiler
Randy Rimiler Aylar önce
OCD, Here here.
Randy Rimiler
Randy Rimiler Aylar önce
I just want the link for the cabinets. Can anyone help?!?!?!? 👍😆
Doesn’t look like marble to me….. looks more like paint drips.
TheOystei Aylar önce
what kind of lip is it you use on the transition between driveway and garage?
planet6 Aylar önce
Hey man ballpark figure about how much that set you back? Damn nice
Hammersrt Aylar önce
Awesome garage.............love the entire setup. Talk about a dream garage...this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrLegacy36 Aylar önce
Ah dang…I kinda think that looks like crap. I have white stone countertops. That looks shit. But the craftsmanship is awesome. So much hard work to do that. They are pros. Just wouldn’t have picked that look at all
Alex Montalvo
Alex Montalvo Aylar önce
That looks BAD ASS !
Jeroen Stoelinga
Jeroen Stoelinga Aylar önce
So much room for activities!
JJ Mulvihill
JJ Mulvihill Aylar önce
Great outcome
Rob G
Rob G Aylar önce
Evan didn’t do anything at all. Great content.
Maria Franco
Maria Franco Aylar önce
How much was the project, if you don’t mind sharing?
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams Aylar önce
This is what I want my garage workshop to look like
James Taylor
James Taylor Aylar önce
It was decently organized before but I cursed out loud in front of my year old daughter because of how nice “after” was.
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen Aylar önce
silly question but is it legal everywhere to cover garage floor like that? I remember someone saying their house didn't allow to cover the garage flooring. I forget why though
Robby Batong
Robby Batong Aylar önce
How much was the flooring alone cost? This turned out amazing!
Timothy Higgins
Timothy Higgins Aylar önce
Garage looks awesome man
Neil Bennett
Neil Bennett Aylar önce
Looks good but isn’t close to a slab of marble
Roberto Ferrari
Roberto Ferrari Aylar önce
drug money
Anthony Avila
Anthony Avila Aylar önce
Why does Evan make me so uncomfortable when he vlogs… garage looks amazing though!
Moin Meister
Moin Meister Aylar önce
KLASIKS Aylar önce
Prabash Paul
Prabash Paul Aylar önce
My garage doesn't look good need to remodeling and rats and mouse messing everything and ate raw foods!
What's the total budget?
Bowtie King Productions
Dope 💪🏿
David Butler
David Butler Aylar önce
Most of the popcorn ceiling has asbestos in it hope you had a tested
BigTymin Aylar önce
It looks awesome
Brandon Aylar önce
That’s amazing
RAD Family Adventures
Looks great Evan!
Iamreallytwiggy TV
Iamreallytwiggy TV Aylar önce
Damn! That’s beautiful 😍🥲
Dustin English
Dustin English Aylar önce
If this ISN'T your dream! Idk what to do for you!
Gerald Arndt
Gerald Arndt Aylar önce
RIP 10mm.
David Goodnight
David Goodnight Aylar önce
peter rabbit
peter rabbit Aylar önce
Total cost of garage floor?
Handyman & Honey-Do !
As a handyman who does tons of flat pack furniture assembly, I always recommend using some kind of table when putting furniture together. It saves time and sore knees & back. I also think it lets you take more time and get better fittings on screws, bolts, etc because you’re more comfortable. Nice work on the garage.
Eric Harrison
Eric Harrison Aylar önce
Looks great bro I gave you a thumbs up but I would not put a tv directly in the way of your work bench
Y V Aylar önce
at 9:23 did the guy just leave the bottom of the home depot bucket as the design? that's gotta be a huge mistake. notice how throughout the video it's not shown again because it's super ugly.
Richardo Barrett
Richardo Barrett Aylar önce
This video is like home cooked meal…very wholesome.
Damaris1 2 aylar önce
MementoMori2070 2 aylar önce
Cries in poor
splazzh 2 aylar önce
How much did it cost for the whole remodel?
invent this
invent this 2 aylar önce
What was the cost have a 30 x41 shop i want that gloss black
Shelby GTRAG
Shelby GTRAG 2 aylar önce
Looks GREAT! love it.My triple has new age cabs with rolled flooring and wall with sliding barn door for third stall so I only have to heat up 2 car in winter months when I store my Shelby in third stall.How do you like that lift system for your car? thinking of getting one.
Kirill Power
Kirill Power 2 aylar önce
Hi! What parameters? 6x9 meters?
Jonathan Mejia
Jonathan Mejia 2 aylar önce
Cringed at the TV mounted right next to a heater - almost as bad as above a fireplace.
Mark S
Mark S 2 aylar önce
do yourself a favor. Turn off the sound, and increase the playback speed to 2x.
callum crook
callum crook 2 aylar önce
Where are those cabinets from
Griselda Mua
Griselda Mua 2 aylar önce
My husband dream garage lol I myself would love it too!
John C
John C 2 aylar önce
Excellent job
Zack Zweifel
Zack Zweifel 2 aylar önce
Dear lord where did I go wrong... that garage is now nicer than my house.
Lethal_Pork_chop 2 aylar önce
when you play Gta Online and your getting the bigger apartment with te glossy car garage. Nice work looks very clean
Estis Pressure Washing
Where did you get the grey tall cabinets?
ant vit
ant vit 2 aylar önce
You know work is almost done when the white chick walks in.
James Belair
James Belair 2 aylar önce
Beautiful work! Where were the cabinets purchased from?
Carlos Alher
Carlos Alher 2 aylar önce
What a Great workshop! Much better than a simple garage.
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 2 aylar önce
Yeah you did a really nice job on that hiring everything out for people to do it for you
Ho Fok
Ho Fok 2 aylar önce
Nicely done. I wanted to watch the whole video but I was getting motion sickness so I skipped ahead. But I love how it turned out.
Dustin 2 aylar önce
Not done... next up. 1) ThermoTraks garage door railing 2) Some nicer doors 3) Side mount garage door openers 4) Whatever you're going to do later if you actually use your HVAC and ruin that TV (the AC will cool all of the electronics... and the condensation will form... and... toast...)
Wasted 2 aylar önce
If he ever sells the house the new owner is gonna be extremely happy
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