Building a BMW 335i in 12 minutes! [COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION]

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27 Kas 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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throtl 11 aylar önce
Click HERE www.vessi.com/throtl to get Vessi's Early Black Friday Sale and use my code throtl to get $25 off your Vessi shoes if you miss the sale! Free shipping to CA, US, AUS, NZ, JP, TW, KR, SGP
Federico Zilio
Federico Zilio 18 gün önce
The best 👍 Bravissimi
Hasan TOSUN Aylar önce
Tek Kelime Harikasınız
Reyansh Dillon
Reyansh Dillon 2 aylar önce
I dont mean to be so offtopic but does someone know a method to get back into an Instagram account? I somehow forgot my login password. I love any assistance you can offer me!
Albin Falk
Albin Falk 3 aylar önce
This car was crazy, want it so bad
Baelvorn 4 aylar önce
Think if you go with carbon spoiler, it seems better with orange and black. Anyway good job guys. 🙂
TheNoobComment 3 gün önce
Nice. Only if 80eighty is like this. Did you guys sell this to a car raffle company yet and get 3x your money back?
Elston Bell
Elston Bell 5 gün önce
I remember liking this this time last year, but I gotta say after watching this 12 min comp again: This thing is f*ckin awesome! Respect is due guys. Much love from the UK! 👍
Anterrio Tate
Anterrio Tate 5 gün önce
Bro what blow off valve is that
Nicholas Copestick
Nicholas Copestick 6 gün önce
One of the best vids I’ve seen so far
Mohdsukizam Binsuhaimi
God job sir
Ou_Chraply 7 gün önce
I want work in this shop
X joker
X joker 8 gün önce
Errol L
Errol L 8 gün önce
How much was this total project cost$$??
samy picard
samy picard 9 gün önce
I love this car 🤩 what IS this Price now with a restoration/amélioration?
Михаил Сухарев
✌🏻найс получилось
The Tillman Sneaker Review
*HOW TO BUILD A CAR IN 12 MINUTES* 1. Find an already built car that has no major mechanical issues. 2. Add a premium exhaust system. 3. Change the color. 4. Add new bump cover kits and maybe a rear spoiler. 5. Add stylish wheels. Pro Tip: If you buy a decent-looking car, you've already done most of the work. You might not even need a paint job! I hope this was helpful.
GRM 15 gün önce
All that money spent and you could have had a real E92 M3
The Tinker Zone
The Tinker Zone 18 gün önce
What kind of mods can I do to 2008 bmw x5 e70 non turbo to give it some more power?
Young King
Young King 19 gün önce
How much did all of this coast?
Built2Fast 19 gün önce
Where did you get the carbon fiber interior trim from?
Douglas Veiga
Douglas Veiga 19 gün önce
Car + upgrades = $$ ???
Женя Король
Женя Король 19 gün önce
Зачем красить карбоновый капот?
lional c
lional c 20 gün önce
can anyone tell the cost pls ?
Charlie Hamaker
Charlie Hamaker 24 gün önce
Where y’all get the carbon fiber interior trim at??
Farlente Hanbac
Farlente Hanbac 28 gün önce
Crave868 29 gün önce
I’m not BMW fan boy, but that one look super amazing. 👍🏽👍🏽 great job you guys have.
StickUpLilE 800
StickUpLilE 800 Aylar önce
How much does this all cost if you already have the car
Ellie Cockram
Ellie Cockram Aylar önce
What front splitter is that?
dedi oyo
dedi oyo Aylar önce
Nice if i wish my Care can rebuild...... God job
The Jamaican Gamer_89
Sick build
Sean Weber
Sean Weber Aylar önce
My dream car as a high schooler
Mohammed Maftah
Mohammed Maftah Aylar önce
Good job guys ! Looks amazing. 1 question why buy a carbon-fibre hood then paint it when u can paint a normal one, is it becuz of the weight ?
Junior Somolekae
Junior Somolekae Aylar önce
I bet thus was an expensive built with all those carbon fibre bits
Solekefs Aylar önce
A travesty the bonnet was painted
AJ Munoz
AJ Munoz Aylar önce
Great build but I’m not a fan of the music
DuCBuji Aylar önce
click here trvid.com/video/video-bFpeGoLvkqw.html .. #Thank you for watching the video!!!. # Subscribe to the channel , to be able to follow the next videos
Richard Meyer
Richard Meyer Aylar önce
How much will cost al this
Clarisse Anne
Clarisse Anne Aylar önce
Clarisse Anne
Clarisse Anne Aylar önce
Clarisse Anne
Clarisse Anne Aylar önce
Marco Calero
Marco Calero Aylar önce
Por qué en mi país no hay ese tipo de mecánicos, estos son unos MAESTROS y le hacen TODO al auto, no como en Ecuador que se le lleva 1. al mecánico, 2. Al enderezador, 3. Al eléctrico, 4. Al pintor, 5. Al tapizador, 6. Al de las llantas, etc.
Lil cubby
Lil cubby 2 aylar önce
Completely legal exhaust
Alex Arenas
Alex Arenas 2 aylar önce
It’s sad this thing is so poorly built, especially the ebay kit and cheap bolt ons and turbos. Could have atleast used an authentic kit, PS2s and VRSF parts 😬
Ollie Bishop
Ollie Bishop 2 aylar önce
5:06 - me thinking about her 5:15 - me when shes in my room and all the pressure is on me and she wants to take a look but its too much to handle oh my god someone help me please
Jack C
Jack C 2 aylar önce
Music is god awful
AntonArson 2 aylar önce
When did body kits start to look like this?
Richard George
Richard George 2 aylar önce
True artists
Cameron Robertson
Cameron Robertson 2 aylar önce
Shouldve left the hood unpainted. Still a clean ass build tho
Kristoffer Nilsson
Kristoffer Nilsson 2 aylar önce
Nice video , but holy fq that song was horrible annoying
kikyxx 7
kikyxx 7 2 aylar önce
CRAZY_ZUBZ 2 aylar önce
I can’t even afford a car but am here 😂
Clickzy3 2 aylar önce
I should try to build a mk4 Supra that will be the best video
YANG Kevin
YANG Kevin 2 aylar önce
This car has lost its elegance
griffin.cs 2 aylar önce
Garage: Whats the budget sir? 335i Owner: Yes.
ronin2167 2 aylar önce
Subtle is better. This is way too Gaytto.
_yo.Kikee 2 aylar önce
Sponsor my E92 😩😩😩
Emirinho 2 aylar önce
The Spoiler is to big
Tanvir Hoque
Tanvir Hoque 2 aylar önce
What is the total cost of building this car ?
Mango Productions
Mango Productions 2 aylar önce
Surprised to see that they found a stock unmolested 6 speed 335i.
Bryan van Dijk
Bryan van Dijk 2 aylar önce
How much did the total build cost?
Marlon Mendes
Marlon Mendes 2 aylar önce
Juan miguel Mota bernard
Hermoso projectoo
Dzhuneyt Mehmedov
Dzhuneyt Mehmedov 2 aylar önce
in the end this great build became a ugly bodykit car...
Marc Davidson
Marc Davidson 2 aylar önce
These guys could turn a Prius to a machine we'd kill for!
JP gaming
JP gaming 2 aylar önce
what is the name of this song?
ollie burkett
ollie burkett 2 aylar önce
wheels ruin it for me
momin amir
momin amir 3 aylar önce
Where to get wide body kit?
Naser Al.Hadhrami
Naser Al.Hadhrami 3 aylar önce
Waaw i love bmw
JFrozo 3 aylar önce
*looks at my 335i in disgust*
Exert 3 aylar önce
i have a weird relationship with bmw. i tell everyone they suck and i hate them. but i really want one lmao
Luis Springer
Luis Springer 3 aylar önce
My dream car 🙉
Eddie Michael
Eddie Michael 3 aylar önce
You guys built-in and modify some nice BMW s.
Pablo 3 aylar önce
My dream is to have my 335i look sum like your car 🥲someday someday
あちゅう 3 aylar önce
I'm not the biggest carbon fiber fan, so I don't see how much of a big deal it is compared to other people tbh.
Brown Munde
Brown Munde 3 aylar önce
I like the way they make the tires wide
Balık Ali
Balık Ali 3 aylar önce
Türkiye'deki modifiyeci tayfa izliyor mu acaba bunları? Bunlar modifiye ise bizimkilerin yaptıkları ne acaba🙄
Expat in Thailand
Expat in Thailand 3 aylar önce
Nasty hack job on exhaust was good until I saw that
Emanuel 3 aylar önce
Would love a price/cost for what you did
EmilioLEANDRO Todo
EmilioLEANDRO Todo 3 aylar önce
The usa is a Fantasy build land, not like in germany/austria, and Nobody Change the clutch!!!!🤣😂😉🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 👎🏼😋
Craig Nicholls
Craig Nicholls 3 aylar önce
Only thing I don't like on that car is the arches
cccc6790 3 aylar önce
I really sad about hood , u paint carbon fiber to colour😢
Space Invader
Space Invader 3 aylar önce
eytan urmans
eytan urmans 3 aylar önce
how much would it cost for all of that with the car?
Astoria Dawa
Astoria Dawa 3 aylar önce
Love the end product !!! Some Feedback Please lower the music. It’s not that necessary. Also if you guys can explain a little bit about the changes your making that would be very helpful. I’m genuinely interested. Overall great job and great video.
Geilson silva de souza
PUBG_ MASTER 3 aylar önce
Где дрифт
WH_WARRIOR 3 aylar önce
This took days i bet
Cosette Moussa
Cosette Moussa 3 aylar önce
Wow man you are good. B M.W.
R 3 aylar önce
This is the type of shit you do to a Honda Civic. Not a BMW. Those fender flares are horrific.
;-; 3 aylar önce
But it's fascinating how any car can look 100 times better and newer just by getting a nice deep clean....
Lisandro Rivera
Lisandro Rivera 3 aylar önce
Good job guys, love your channel !! Boricua pa lante papa, Ricky
Formiga 824
Formiga 824 3 aylar önce
Linda, linda, linda. Show.
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 3 aylar önce
The disillusioned nation selectively pray because retailer predominantly receive concerning a sleepy authority. red, fragile snowboarding
IFlex BrotherJohn_
IFlex BrotherJohn_ 3 aylar önce
where did they get the duckbill?
BlueYT 3 aylar önce
Lmao the music.. Great and clean build btw, lovin it❤️
Shaquille Poyer
Shaquille Poyer 3 aylar önce
No burnout?😭
Leo Stunz
Leo Stunz 3 aylar önce
Side skirts and diffuser looking crazy 👍🏼
DoteeN 3 aylar önce
you fucked up these wheel arches
Pelon Jimenez
Pelon Jimenez 3 aylar önce
Yall should do a Chrysler 300 sometime I would love to see that
temempeek 4 aylar önce
wangun mas
Thomas Michale
Thomas Michale 4 aylar önce
What is the point of getting a carbon fiber hood if your just going to paint it
Δημητρης Φαμελος
Φανταστικό ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rico Hopman
Rico Hopman 4 aylar önce
How many fore a e46 i want to do it and like the way your style how to take a car on great shape
arthur schifine leão
arthur schifine leão 4 aylar önce
baianisse unlockd
Building a BMW E92 335i in 13 minutes
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