Bugatti Evolution 2013 ~ 2022 GTA 5

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24 Kas 2022




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Crulfy 2 aylar önce
Let me know your Favourite Bugatti 👇 Don't forget to Subscribe 🤝💙
Berfin Bilge
Berfin Bilge 2 gün önce
Ngân Ngọc
Ngân Ngọc 2 gün önce
Marvin Schöllhorn
Marvin Schöllhorn 3 gün önce
Hothead Zoe
Hothead Zoe 4 gün önce
@Mushtaq 007 thx
Mr Dante
Mr Dante 5 gün önce
What color is your buggati?
Ckyro 2 aylar önce
Damn, it's so satisfying when the three nero customs drive off the rock along with the beat 🎶
phr3ui 8 gün önce
@Opossum racer i do have one, it’s a p
Opossum racer
Opossum racer 9 gün önce
And the thrax
Opossum racer
Opossum racer 9 gün önce
@phr3ui no pfp
sszzzztttttt 13 gün önce
C.A. old
C.A. old 24 gün önce
thats why 2013 is masterpiece.
yzo Aylar önce
Can't believe the nero actually came out back in 2016 it feels like its only been out for 3 years
gabe sheets
gabe sheets 4 gün önce
The Nero came out with the casino heist in 2019 you goobers
Edwin Cotto
Edwin Cotto 12 gün önce
un fucking believable
Frederik van den Heuvel
Same, what the fuck?
Tommy tate
Tommy tate Aylar önce
The history and timeline behind this and the impact this game has had on our lives is unbelievable. I began playing gta when I was 10 in 5th grade. I’m about to get my first full time job and I still love and enjoy this game playing it regularly :)
Shyam Rajaram
Shyam Rajaram 14 gün önce
It's surreal, the music alongside the visuals make an amazing video. I'm honestly entranced by these type of shorts and they remind me of something I never had, but yearn for.
WilliamdenStore Aylar önce
No way the Nero was realesed so long ago. Damn time goes by quick, that is 6 years ago but it feels like 1 year ago.
Ashton Prince
Ashton Prince Aylar önce
I said the same thing
ATOM Gamer YT 2 aylar önce
Adder and Z type are sooo nostalgic
Israel Ceja
Israel Ceja 28 gün önce
@The Junk Collector I still have 2 they are machines 💯
The Junk Collector
The Junk Collector Aylar önce
I still love the adder ngl kinda miss mine
LeTimothy Kelly
LeTimothy Kelly Aylar önce
The nero aswell
Projects with Aidan
I have the Adder in my apartment garage still to this day I fully customized it
Gustavo Rodrigues
Gustavo Rodrigues Aylar önce
Ryan Samedi
Ryan Samedi 23 gün önce
The fact that it’s already been 10 years of gta 5 is crazy
BrolyDZ Aylar önce
The Adder in 2013 is way too accurate. At wasn't there at this time but I know it was one of the most used car. Still a banger to use today by the way 🔥
Dank Gamer 23
Dank Gamer 23 25 gün önce
I didn't grow up with GTA but for some reason, this is nostalgic and so soothing. Seeing 3 cars fly in the sky and do a couple spins and the song just makes me feel better about myself, and I don't know why.
Synixn 2 aylar önce
Is it really bad. That this now got me in my feelings bruh. 2013-19 was my years ok this game, and now my friends moved on and so have I and I when I go back to gta every once in a while.. it’s like a whole complete different game
Raymond Miikel
Raymond Miikel Aylar önce
Same man 😞
EddyThron Aylar önce
The adder with the white paint and chrome stripes is so iconic to me, I loved it!
Thomas Braithwaite
Thomas Braithwaite 2 aylar önce
The z type still has such a unique look all these years later that its still worth driving around in for pure aesthetic
Thomas Braithwaite
Thomas Braithwaite 2 aylar önce
@Afifudin Siroj that's weirdly specific. Something you once did that brings you nostalgia perhaps? Not for me
Afifudin Siroj
Afifudin Siroj 2 aylar önce
You should try bought Porsche 911 or Pfister and take white colour, crash it and go slowly on highway on the night, then add song on you're Self Radio "Here Is the News"
Yoan Deul
Yoan Deul 2 aylar önce
Unbelievable Nero was released in 2016, it have been 6 years. How time flies
Ensar Hadzikadunic
Ensar Hadzikadunic 23 gün önce
Its starting to be 7 years my friend, 7 years🥲
Crew Voc
Crew Voc 25 gün önce
Watching this make me remember a word " *What color is your bugatti?* "💀
LegendGuy Aylar önce
well i miss these years i hope i can reverse back to the past😊🤨😥
2Solid Aylar önce
The Adder Was So Legendary. It Was The Best And Most Expensive Car At One Point. It Was Everyone’s Dream To Get The Adder. I Still Drive It Around From Time To Time For The Nostalgia
RaindropDrizzle Archives
Those were my high school years 😌
CEO of Brookline
CEO of Brookline 5 gün önce
Such nostalgic memories of seeing the gta ads for the first time and then playing the game for the first time, nothing beats gta no lie
Hi 2 aylar önce
Man this brings back vibes. I remember getting the game at midnight in September 2013 man and beating the campaign in a week before online even came out . The he OG Bugatti brings back memories man
sc_uknow 23 gün önce
The nostalgia is crazy
Ahmed Aylar önce
I love the Z type... it's design has a comfortable feel to it but it's a savage on stretch...
Jason Gerhardt
Jason Gerhardt Aylar önce
i remember the days when the Adder was the fastest car in gta… sad times
Dean A
Dean A Aylar önce
You know it's special when after 2013 you can still come back with the same people in 2022 and play GTA again.
Adam Dieter
Adam Dieter 2 aylar önce
Hold up it’s going to be 10 years since gta 5 came out! Where does time go😢
YourEditor_RealOne 29 gün önce
It's been how many years and the Z-Type is still one of the most expensive fn cars in the game 😂
Gx Aylar önce
Remember the days we thought the Adder was expensive? Lmao if only we knew we’d known the inflation Rockstar Greedy games would implement.
Christian 6824
Christian 6824 2 aylar önce
I bought the Nero Custom 2 or 3 weeks after he was added to GTA. This was 6 years! ago, Fuck, I'm getting old
Syskee 2 aylar önce
I remember the adder, good times. No goofy flying bikes.
SolarStarSeeker Aylar önce
Now this is a short I can groove to.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Aylar önce
Y’all remember when times we’re simpler when we were all just chilling and playing this game
dijabetes 2 aylar önce
you and your boys are special thanks for making my day. That jumping off of rock with the beat is just incredible!
Tom Schmitt
Tom Schmitt 2 aylar önce
Now I have a reason to fill one garage with these cars.
Mr. 89Chevy
Mr. 89Chevy 2 aylar önce
The Z-Type is still my fastest car recorded. Not even speed glitches beat the mph.
Hondaboi_ Aylar önce
What crazy is I remember staying up waiting for the DLC of each of these cars to drop😢😢
4x 2 aylar önce
Who else just started vibing to the 🎶?
Dylan Crowley
Dylan Crowley 10 gün önce
this version made me sad😂😂
Adrian S
Adrian S 26 gün önce
Same I was listening to it earlier
15oopm Aylar önce
Airrkid 2 aylar önce
​@Jacob AshDancin krono remix
Jacob Ash
Jacob Ash 2 aylar önce
Song name tho😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Mofuh 2 aylar önce
You were a real baller for owning an Adder back in the day.
Trenty boi
Trenty boi Aylar önce
The adder use to be one of the fastest cars in the game back in 2013
Cotton Hungary Shark
The Adder and Z Type was so nostalgic bro! 😭
Little red duck boi
Little red duck boi 3 gün önce
“Back in my day, the Nero has a g in it” -👨🏻‍🦳
Rian Matheus
Rian Matheus Aylar önce
The sync was like "dancing🚘 is what🚘 to do🚘" on the nero custom one, so satisfying
Sol 24 gün önce
type z is my favourite car in both story and online i just love how it looks from both inside and outside
TommyW 2 aylar önce
Can we just thank him and his homies never leaving each other
kodak boppin
kodak boppin 2 aylar önce
This song makes me feels ways I never thought I’d feel again
Krebi_Patty 2 aylar önce
I remember the time when adder was the fastest car in the game
cpm.TM_ Aylar önce
I’m 14 today. And I used to play GTA from 2016 to now… crazy- Can’t believe my father let me start it out at such a young age 💀 I was about 7 years old 😳💀😮‍💨
@cpm.TM_ yea i got it took alot but i always had cousins that i could play the game at💀
cpm.TM_ Aylar önce
@BOONKABABY Damn rlly? 💀💀
Shii i played story mode when i was like prek ish
Brandon Orozco
Brandon Orozco 25 gün önce
I remember when GTA5 first came out me and my buddy jumped on Survival and grinded out life away just to get enough money to afford to Type Z. Back in the day that was the coolest car to have
Snxwman8755 2 aylar önce
I left this game 1 year ago but seeing this gives me nostalgia
GamesEnd 2 aylar önce
Andrew Tate recommendation be like 💀💀💀
Greg Kareem
Greg Kareem 4 gün önce
​@beastslayer99 what color is your Bugatti?
bee 5 gün önce
@screech spelt*
IGetBuckets Aylar önce
InFresh Aylar önce
smolltaco Aylar önce
@screech spelt
Jan 19 gün önce
Stoped playing at 2016 but miss it. Lot of good vibes in it
Sir Bxnny
Sir Bxnny 2 aylar önce
i remember when the thrax came out with the casino everybody i knew hopped back online for this update and i lowkey miss it
Mr strike
Mr strike 2 aylar önce
Only OGs remember the zentorno
PBX Gamer 1.0
PBX Gamer 1.0 2 aylar önce
The memories with adder 🥲😭😭
İlker Özgen
İlker Özgen 2 aylar önce
I miss when best cars in GTA Online were Adder and Zentorno
It’s me. Not to be found
remember when a adder and a apartment was getting somewhere in life? remember school lunches? remember hanging out on gta online while you were supposed to be sleep? yeah we’re old now boys. who’s gonna be on saturday night
Velocity Aylar önce
I remember the good old days if you had the Z-type and adder and lived on eclipsed towers you were considered the richest in the city
Steffany Bittencourt 🖤
GtaV Online 🖤 vai está sempre no meu coração 💓
KIK ON THE RODE Aylar önce
Even since 2013 I couldn’t afford any of these in gta 5😂
legxcii 2 aylar önce
I remember when the Adder was my main goal along the eclipse tower when I was in middle school
Dissle ATL
Dissle ATL 2 aylar önce
I miss 2019 so hard
Jesús Dorado
Jesús Dorado 2 aylar önce
Porfin, con eso que son las 5:40am estaba esperando a ver esto para poder dormir, gracias por la información
Tyrone Biggums aka Duke
That’s crazy how R* has its own line of car brands that aged w the games I wonder how GTA 6 gonna have them🔥🔥🔥
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 4 gün önce
When it was just the adder and zentorno as the main super cars, that was prime gta
no'_'fe3R 2 aylar önce
I shed a tear for this it brings back memories
bussback Aylar önce
It’s me just realizing the “z-type” was a Bugatti in the game 😂😂😂
Cars club
Cars club 26 gün önce
Bugatti's evolution:❌ Flying evolution:✅
xrbe Dee
xrbe Dee Aylar önce
Why cant we go back to when the game was Fun and when I was younger 😭
Some random idiot
Some random idiot 2 aylar önce
Fits so perfectly with the car jumps
DeathTrap87 2 aylar önce
Imagine being a NPC and seeing flying Bugattis
Vizzy 2 aylar önce
The first buggati remind me of the damn roach’s I seen at my old house when I trashed it😂😂😂😂😭 Don’t tell my parents I trashed my room after I cleaned it tho yall! That ain’t cool Btw I had the Thrax before but then 2 years later I think I sold it, I’m not sure what happened to it because I always lose track and forget where I keep my cars on GTA 5 Online because sometimes it’s difficult and I got other stuff to worry about In life you know?
Uncle Dave
Uncle Dave 2 aylar önce
2013, good times
Anon573 Aylar önce
This game is 10 years old.. feels like just yesterday when this came out
ion fvckin know cuh
ion fvckin know cuh 2 aylar önce
This is making me get on gta 💀
Seriy 2 aylar önce
"What color is your Bugatti" - Andrew Tate
Greg Kareem
Greg Kareem 4 gün önce
Blue and purple
Teyan THUNY 24 gün önce
Andrew Bernard
Andrew Bernard Aylar önce
What color is your truffade
some random ass guy on the internet
fuq that guy
xtremevortec Aylar önce
Which one?
Hunter windle
Hunter windle Aylar önce
Oddly enough the emblem for the Bugatti is the letter “T” obviously this is a reference to the one and only Andrew Tate
Gloria Villacruz
Gloria Villacruz 2 aylar önce
I’ve owned the Nero 3 times and still own my thrax and used to have a z type but have never bought the adder. I low key might since it’s only 1 million
GG man
GG man 28 gün önce
The reason this is good is because he is with friends, specifically 2 friends which makes up the boys, so even if you don't have GTA 5 you can relate to these 3 using their car to jump(not because you do that with friends but because there are 3 people together doing wacky stuff which reminds me of the boys)
BOPE 3 gün önce
Me acuerdo cuando el Auto que todo jugador quiera era el T20...
JUSTAGUY 2 aylar önce
Pov:one of the most popular places for jumping cars and car evolutions. Edit:didn't think this was gonna get 100 likes TYSM GUYS HAVE A GREAT DAY
Ryder10048 Aylar önce
Damn the z-type is a forgotten car😢
TheSyndicatebruh Aylar önce
all those years go by and he still doesn't know how to turn mid air.
Rinesh Rajan
Rinesh Rajan 2 aylar önce
Bro riding in Buggati with his homies like its a dirt bike 🗿
Bishop TDude
Bishop TDude Aylar önce
Damn cars in gta go soo slow. I wish it would go real speed
🇵🇰Mr_Real مسٹر ریئل
Man Good old days 😔
TEAR GAMING 2 aylar önce
​@Nape Riggers 👴🏿⃠ 🥶
🇵🇰Mr_Real مسٹر ریئل
​@Martins world 🌎 ok
Martins world 🌎
Martins world 🌎 2 aylar önce
I said that
Beau Payne
Beau Payne 28 gün önce
So satisfying when the z type thrax and Nero custom drive of on beat
Knight! 2 aylar önce
😢 old times
SHAi.F.i Gliterrman
SHAi.F.i Gliterrman 29 gün önce
Love of my life Bugatti! My favorite car 🥰🥰
Scribblenaut Aylar önce
Only OG still drive the Adder and Z type these cares are amazing
VI2official 2 aylar önce
i miss the old days 😪
sauske uchiha
sauske uchiha Aylar önce
I remember raging so much because i had to beat the game to buy the z-type😂
Paxloh Aylar önce
Love the adder for nostalgia but the Nero is too clean
Gauge Love
Gauge Love 2 aylar önce
2013 the good old days
Lion 2 aylar önce
this hits me hard the thrax has been in the game for 3 years 😔
Noa 2 aylar önce
Take me back to 2013
hi iamCoray
hi iamCoray 18 gün önce
The good old days
xox spifey
xox spifey 2 aylar önce
Out of them all, my favorite is the adder
Martins world 🌎
Martins world 🌎 2 aylar önce
2013 Paul walker The years go by as they stunt grandpa the good old days
Enmanuel.Q 10 gün önce
Que buenos tiempos aquellos cuando solo tenias 1 Millón de Dólares y ya eras uno de los mas adinerados, ahora tienes 20 y te sientes vacío
Cacto Aylar önce
Bro i forgot how old the nero is, i remenber seeing it when it was released
ParkerMessick 2 aylar önce
Ahh back when the adder was the biggest flex
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