buff groot is slightly terrifying tbh but the gotg holiday special is so CUTE?! 

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soooo.... the guardians now own knowhere, the collector is presumably alive, batman exists in the mcu (& superman does, too, if we're counting eternals!!), mcu civilians appreciate carol enough to cosplay her (need to connect them with kamala's channel, lol) &... mantis is the only other kid ego didn't kill?! oh, and bucky's missing his brand new arm! did i miss anything 😂 (an awful lot of lore-building chaos for one 40 min holiday special 🙈) (OH and groot went to the gym 😂💀)
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but what did you think of the christmas special?! drop your thoughts in the comments down below, & let's talk the guardians of the galaxy!!
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0:00 intro & a lil word from our sponsor :)
2:24 gotg holiday special reaction & commentary!
as always, thanks for watching, guys! i'll see ya for the next one :)
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Blake F
Blake F 6 aylar önce
I think it’s important to remember that Nebula and Rocket weren’t blipped, so they’ve been hanging out a lot for those 5 years. Plus Nebula has a 5 year head start in the grieving process on Peter.
Michael McCafferty
Michael McCafferty 6 aylar önce
I think that Nebula has a relationship with Gamora right now. You learn that your father kills your sister, then you help kill your father, then past-father captures and tortures you (again), then past-sister helps you kill past-self, and then you both help kill past-father's invading army, and past-father himself dies.. yeah, that is a whole lot to deal with, but that is also a first rate bonding experience. I think Nebula would really want to continue her relationship with Gamora, and I think past-Gamora would be open to that. Now consider things from Gamora's perspective. Some guy walks up to you and says, "In the future, you and I fall in love.Then you died, about fifteen minutes ago from my perspective, now your past self is here and I am a bubbling cauldron of irreconcilable emotions." That is a whole lot of baggage to bring when starting a relationship. It makes sense that Gamora would keep her distance from a still-grieving Quill. I'll bet, though, that Gamora and Nebula chat regularly via the intergalactic version of Zoom.
Birdman64 6 aylar önce
That is true.
mazx 6 aylar önce
I was just going to say the same thing
Anthony Wickizer
Anthony Wickizer 6 aylar önce
Also Gamora remembers Nebula, so it is even less for her in that way too.
Joe Vanno
Joe Vanno 6 aylar önce
Keep in mind that Mantis was raised by ego for the most part...her morals may be a little...ummm.. off.
couldbahappychic 5 aylar önce
Wallace Thompson
Wallace Thompson 4 aylar önce
Also until 3. The GOTG were mercenaries not heroes.
Kaitlynishere 6 aylar önce
Mantis jumping on that wall is maybe more terrifying then any Wanda scene in MoM
charlie garidel
charlie garidel 6 aylar önce
True. Because in the context of Dr Strange movie, Wanda was a slightly tougher Tuesday. For Kevin Bacon this was a full blown nightmare to go through
Sofia S.
Sofia S. 6 aylar önce
Right? It was so random to have these horror elements here🤣
Rhetiq 99
Rhetiq 99 6 aylar önce
Bcs we'd never seen her act and move around unnaturally like that before while laughing maniacally so it was shocking as hell
Kaitlynishere 6 aylar önce
@charlie garidel No but the way too Doctor Strange, America (and sort of Christine) it was like the fight of there lives and to Wanda it was “just another Tuesday”
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones 6 aylar önce
This is probably gonna be the last time we see the guardians happy😢
Your boy Malik Coleman
HellfireComms 6 aylar önce
At least for a long time, yeah.
Offcenter Ideas
Offcenter Ideas 6 aylar önce
I can totally see actors "pretending to be someone else" really messing with Drax's very literal mind and Mantis's empath & telepath powers, so that makes sense. As for Nebula hating actors, maybe Karen Gillan & James Gunn maybe just thought it was funny.
Wallace Thompson
Wallace Thompson 6 aylar önce
Well we saw that Nebula can project pictures. Maybe she pics up television broadcast when she sleeps. Lol
Offcenter Ideas
Offcenter Ideas 6 aylar önce
@Wallace Thompson And the only shows she gets are Entertainment Tonight and TMZ? Or maybe just MTV!? I dig it. Explains so much!
Wallace Thompson
Wallace Thompson 6 aylar önce
@Offcenter Ideas I didn't even think of that. But it would definitely explain a lot if she only got TMZ 😂
André Knevitz da Silva
It's rare for me to cry at movies and television, but when Peter tells Mantis that her being his sister is the greatest Christmas gift she could give him...
Linator4 5 aylar önce
I’ve experienced the long lost half-sister scenario myself. It hit home seeing Mantis tear up thinking Peter would hate being reminded of his father, only for the opposite to happen. Between GOTG & Peacemaker, James Gunn knows how to pull on the heart strings.
FrozenTundra88 6 aylar önce
This may sound weird, but I'm glad Mantis found her anger since Guardians 2. By that, I mean I'm glad that she has no problem asserting herself towards Drax whether it's through argument, protest, or even just plain yelling when he wouldn't stop talking about the zarg nuts. XD Mantis also being a child of Ego is a big reveal, albeit not surprising since he had many. And of course he'd spare the one he found useful (in a way that was completely self-serving). This was a very cute Christmas Special. The opening and closing musical numbers were great, Kevin Bacon was fun, Yondu and Peter's past Christmas was wholesome, and I've been waiting for Cosmo to be more than just a background cameo. She's based on a real Soviet space dog..minus the telekinesis. The only thing is that the wholesomeness of this Special has me dreading what Guardians 3 is gonna put our heroes through.
Batman 6 aylar önce
The Christmas special was almost flawless. So much humor landed.
Rhetiq 99
Rhetiq 99 6 aylar önce
I wasn't even the biggest fan of Drax's laughter overload but somehow in this I enjoyed it a lot, like him encountering the cops being shot at and flipping over their car while laughing maniacally had me floored
S.C. Sanchez
S.C. Sanchez 6 aylar önce
The origin of Yondu's dashboard figurine collection adds so much more to that smile on Yondu's face when he sees the troll doll at the end of the first Guardian's movie.
KodaSkyline 04
KodaSkyline 04 6 aylar önce
Anyone else notice how Groot looks like a buff version of his baby form? I still can't wrap my head around it 😂
Tess 6 aylar önce
its like putting a baby face on Hulk's body couldn't stop thinking about that.
MirenaYuki 6 aylar önce
It’s kinda hilarious I love it
Ulises Cabrera
Ulises Cabrera 6 aylar önce
You mean "swole groot" that literally his official canon name as of now 😂😂
Jen MacAllister
Jen MacAllister 6 aylar önce
Could that have been Vin Diesel under that Groot Suit?
Paul M
Paul M 6 aylar önce
It was a guy in a suit probably just due to CGI/budget reasons
lord morklen
lord morklen 6 aylar önce
Nebula got five years of off-screen grieving. Pete got five minutes of grieving mixed in with Titan ass-whopping and a war when he returned (also Gamora kneed him when he saw her again and went from loving him back to being disgusted by him).
lord morklen
lord morklen 6 aylar önce
@SonicMegaKing dude blasted the ever living shit out of a celestial knowing it won't do shit to him cause he killed his mom all those years ago. How he reacted in IW was who he's always been, Can't blame him.
Captain Pike-a-chu
Captain Pike-a-chu 6 aylar önce
@SonicMegaKinghe didn’t fuck up in Infinity War, Strange could have easily stopped things when he was looking at all the permutations and knew what was gonna happen yet he still LET it happen, which means Peter was doing exactly what needed to happen
Luis Alberto Godines Figueroa
@Captain Pike-a-chu yes and his reaction was on point, not only a realistic reaction but accurate to Quill, and you can't blame him, and i'm so tired of people still hating him cuz of that, but i'm glad Mantis cheered him up, cause i was done with always seeing Quill full of grief, I cried with his reaction over the Christmas lights and Mantis sister reveal and ofc his heartwarming line
Jonas Quinn
Jonas Quinn 5 aylar önce
@SonicMegaKing Firstly if all character behaved completely rationally and logically at all times even to the point of being out of character then not only would it be unrealistic but nothing interesting would ever happen And secondly if you’ve looked at over 14 million possible ways a situation could go, especially if you’re looking at least five years in the future in some of them, and only found one that could possibly result in victory it’s a pretty safe bet that that’s the only way to succeed especially when spending more time searching could waste time that could be spent preparing and not result in any other solutions
Luis Alberto Godines Figueroa
@Jonas Quinn also my Theory is there was no other way because that’s maybe how the TVA wanted it so if Tony and Nat lived maybe it means they might’ve got taken by the TVA and get pruned or maybe Quill if he didn’t “screw” the plan, or mainly Strange cause if he didn’t obeyed the TVA timeline we got then I’m guessing he would’ve taken responsibility for changing the timeline, so yep blame the TVA for wanting Tony and Nat gone 😤
Glenn Welsh
Glenn Welsh 6 aylar önce
I just find it aesthetically weird how Groot still has a round babyface atop such a jacked body. Also, we NEED a scene where Bucky awakens to find that his arm is missing. 😄
K Rose
K Rose 5 aylar önce
It would have been a great post credits scene. Show Bucky with Sam at the sister's for Christmas maybe?
K Rose
K Rose 5 aylar önce
It would have been a great post credits scene. Show Bucky with Sam at the sister's for Christmas maybe?
iambillyrenz 6 aylar önce
the guardians of the galaxy holiday special was actually very cute. I loved mantis even more - i’m glad pom finally got her time to shine. she deserves it!! ❤❤
You Tube
You Tube 6 aylar önce
Tbh, Groot's design here really grew on me when I started imagining him as like, a college football boy who's family always goes to the games to see him play. Also, I love Drax and Mantis getting along via having zero social skills. Funnily enough that's basically how they met. For some other random thoughts, I like to imagine that Bucky has a few spare arms or something since he seems to still have it in Thunderbolts. And it’s nice to see some of the people from the collector’s collection out of cages, like that one lady at the end of Thor 2. And lastly, Yondu saying "I hate Christmas!" like an old school kid's Christmas movie villain is way funnier than it has any right to be. All in all, this special was extremely wholesome.
Kay Badberg
Kay Badberg 6 aylar önce
Groot’s new design is like when a teenager has a growth spurt and gets super jacked but the face hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet.
Linator4 5 aylar önce
Yondu being extra as if he’s Scrooge had me dying
Logan B.
Logan B. 6 aylar önce
According to James Gunn on Twitter, Nebula went to Earth around the same time Mantis did & stole Bucky's vibranium arm from him. So Bucky will get a new arm going forward. Which could be useful narrative wise; that vibranium arm might be more "White Wolf" and as a Thunderbolt, he might need to look more "Winter Soldier." Especially if he's gonna purify the meaning of that codename like Natasha did with "Black Widow"
Cesar Cespedes
Cesar Cespedes 6 aylar önce
This was such a great addition to the MCU, Mantis finally got the spotlight she deserved! (Love seeing all the fun stuff she does in the background in Infinity War). Also this being fun and wholesome before the heart ripping Vol 3 is genius. Cosmo is best dog.
Flame Edits
Flame Edits 6 aylar önce
I honestly love Mantis and Drax here, glad they got the attention they finally needed
Regent 6 aylar önce
Rocket finally got Bucky’s arm! 😂
The Scrim Lord
The Scrim Lord 3 aylar önce
Finally after all these years
Justin Riley
Justin Riley 6 aylar önce
A nice bit of heartwarming holiday fluff before James Gunn tears our hearts out with Guardians Vol. 3.
Caleb Ray
Caleb Ray 6 aylar önce
Yeah this was calm before the storm.
Aussie Legend
Aussie Legend 6 aylar önce
if rocket dies I am stealing james next christmas
bunwalla 6 aylar önce
After that trailer came out, I'm both excited and terrified for Vol. 3.
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 6 aylar önce
@Aussie Legend drax probably will tho
Colonel B
Colonel B 6 aylar önce
This was SUCH a fun special. Props to James Gunn for capturing that classic 70s/80s "a very special christmas episode" feeling perfectly. I loved that Mantis and Drax were more of the main characters - if they made a "Drax and Mantis show" I'd be so down for that. You can tell they all had a ton of fun making this special, and what a great sport Kevin Bacon was! Apparently, he said yes without even reading a script, what a legend. I love that he got to sing and play guitar as well (he and his brother have a band, "the Bacon Brothers" irl). It's hard to write an original catchy Christmas song but they did not one, but two of them! I agree we need a follow-up about Bucky's arm, it'd be hilarious if next time we see Bucky he has a different arm, and if his new arm breaks during a team up if Rocket is all, "oh, hold on, I have a backup", and brought out the old one, lol. That'd be epic. Cheers!
SweenyTodd98 6 aylar önce
My favorite part is Nebula giving Rocket a present! The number one thing I wanted to see from the next Guardians of the Galaxy installment was a bond between Nebula and Rocket. They spent five years bouncing around space together and that needed to be reflected. Obviously this special wasn't their story it still great to at least get that moment. Although little concerning that Nebula may have basically ripped the prosthetic arm off of a WWII vet.
Brian Gressett
Brian Gressett 6 aylar önce
Do you think actors have a bad reputation with the Guardians because of the Asgardian Actors?
Lorenzo Valenti
Lorenzo Valenti 6 aylar önce
3:46 The dogs who played Lucky and Cosmo met in real life, so technically they met 😉
danny 6 aylar önce
mantis is so underrated tbh
WhoDoYouKnow03 6 aylar önce
I think they did not focus on Nebula's grief because she probably does not care about Christmas
Jezzybella 6 aylar önce
Plus she didn’t get blipped so she’s had 5+ years to grieve the dead Gamora and she seemed to get on okay with the AU Gamora, so we don’t know how they left things.
Spidervenom23 5 aylar önce
@Jezzybella Also, to add to this, She's probably had a Father in Tony and even a new Sister in Nat/Morg so while she might missed her Gamora she's has (well had in Tony and Nat Case) a new family to help her through the Grieving.
Gargoyle242 6 aylar önce
You should totally do Wednesday! It's such an excellent show!
CJ Carter
CJ Carter 6 aylar önce
I love how Rocket is immediately triggered by "raccoon" (really...that's an instant rewind in this for me; also, good snag, Groot), but is fine(-ish) with "rabbit", "trash panda", "rat", and more.
Isaquiño’s Vlogs
Isaquiño’s Vlogs 6 aylar önce
When was rocket called a trash panda
Spidervenom23 5 aylar önce
@Isaquiño’s Vlogs During Endgame, Nat (and I think's Clint as well) Called him that and you know during the five years Tony Probably call him that once or twice as well lol.
Riah w
Riah w 5 aylar önce
@Spidervenom23 peter called him that in gotg v2 not nat, clint or tony on screen at least
Yer Mate Dave
Yer Mate Dave 6 aylar önce
I suspect that Nebula's feelings about Gamora will feature in GOTGv3 and they didn't want to repeat the story beat. Great reaction as always!
Riah w
Riah w 5 aylar önce
She also had 5 years to process as she wasn't blipped
Neoxon 6 aylar önce
I recall the Quill-Mantis sibling thing being mentioned years ago, but it’s so nice to see it officially confirmed now. But what I really want to know is how Mantis is besties with Steve. Also, I’m pretty sure the Wakandans are capable of developing space travel going by What If…?. In before the Dora Milaje come after the Guardians.
JackSimpson2077 6 aylar önce
It probably took time for Bruce to set up the time travel machine at the end of Endgame so maybe they met and talked during that time frame after the battle before the guardians took off
jawanddough 6 aylar önce
My only thought on Bucky is that maybe Nebula aquired a more realistic arm from them buying Knowhere and traded it with Bucky. Maybe he is trying to move past feeling like Winter Soldier and wants to look more normal, since he's constantly trying to hide his arm in public and can't really date or meet new people, and maybe feels bad that Wakanda can just remove it. I can't imagine Nebula would just steal it or even know how to remove it, since she knows Bucky was part of fighting to defeat Thanos.
Ed Garcia
Ed Garcia 6 aylar önce
I was also hoping for an end credit scene of Bucky on Christmas morning. And have Buff Groot wrapped up in Christmas tree lights as he wanted to cosplay the other decorated trees.
Landor Jonze
Landor Jonze 6 aylar önce
Between this and Werewolf by Night, the Special Presentation has been an awesome addition to the MCU. More please! One of the best parts of a notification for a new vid from you, Jess, is the anticipation of how the look will theme with the movie or show. And you never disappoint. Thanks for all the work you put into your videos!
David 6 aylar önce
Mantis is all of us if we ever saw Steve Rogers irl
Aelita Mcgarden
Aelita Mcgarden 6 aylar önce
I honestly just hope that Nebula made a deal with Bucky to get his arm... It's a part of his own body and it's very important to him. 😭
Jenny Sweeney
Jenny Sweeney Gün önce
Or she had a chat with Shuri about giving her the prototype lol
saranya 6 aylar önce
The wholesomeness of the Holiday special on one hand and then the sad af trailer on the other hand. I'm not ready😭
BeeBlossomEdits 6 aylar önce
My only question is, how in the world did Nebula manage to get Bucky’s arm??
Logan B.
Logan B. 6 aylar önce
Well, James answered that on Twitter. She fought him, beat him, took it off. As a cyborg of sorts, she knows how to remove bionic limbs.
Larvi 6 aylar önce
She’s a cyborg that was trained by Thanos. She probably fought him and stole it.
Lane Waldon
Lane Waldon 6 aylar önce
"Nebula thinks of Bucky as wet crepe paper. That said, she couldn’t help tearing off the arm because she was just feeling so freaking Christmasy!" 😅😂
Rommelstar mdoverclocker
Bucky got blipped, but his arm stayed behind.
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos 6 aylar önce
She is stronger than him, people tend to forget that
The Homelander
The Homelander 6 aylar önce
James Gunn said Nebula was in a super Christmas mood and she forcefully took Bucky’s arm
CaptainRiterraSmith 6 aylar önce
Mantis being Ego's daughter puts her service to him in an even more horrifying context. She was watching her dad dispose of her siblings for disappointing him. No wonder she doesn't know exactly where to draw the line.
Theodore 6 aylar önce
Watching the Guardians Special and the Hawkeye series is going to be part of my Christmas tradition from now
Ajst1987 6 aylar önce
I LOVED this special. It was great to have a focus on Mantis. The whole Steve part got me cracking up. The Christmas song was 🔥 too! Any chance you’ll do a spoiler review for Wakanda Forever? Sorry if you brought this up before.
Dimitri 1027
Dimitri 1027 6 aylar önce
The Christmas Special was so chaotic and fun. 😂😂
toddsmitts 6 aylar önce
Is anyone else picturing Peter saying "The force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it."
SuperboyPrime 5 aylar önce
This special was very heartwarming :) I feel like we get Nebula's grief and a lot of sadness in Guardians 3 next year so James Gunn wanted to make us feel good,at least for now ;)
Ms. Ocampo Writes
Ms. Ocampo Writes 6 aylar önce
Fun fact: Mantis is my favorite character in the entire MCU. I relate the most to her. The chaotic shenanigans of this special! The subversive holiday tracks. I'm watching this every Christmas!
Lokear 6 aylar önce
I can't believe they didn't say "bringing home the Bacon" at all during this special.
Stephen Middlehurst
Stephen Middlehurst 6 aylar önce
I love that everyone I’ve seen react to this is all “how did Nebula get that arm?” when the answer, very clearly, was a beat down ;-) In fact you could say it was armed robbery… sorry, sorry, I’ll just… I’ll just go….
Logan B.
Logan B. 6 aylar önce
She disarmed him! It's fine, Bucky's a softie now. He's h/armless
Jordan Cesaroni
Jordan Cesaroni 6 aylar önce
Very awesome Christmas special. Can’t wait for Guardians of the Galaxy 3
M Janger
M Janger 6 aylar önce
I loved this. Are you planning to watch Wednesday? I binged it and loved it. Just the fact you mentioned the Addams family so quickly made me think of it. I think you’d really like it :)
gnperdue 6 aylar önce
I really enjoyed the Holiday Special, but I hope Disney/Marvel keep making series also. I don’t see how you could have told the Ms. Marvel or Moon Knight stories (or most of the Marvel Series) as well with just 45 minutes to work with. 6 episode series are a sweet spot for some really interesting storytelling.
HellfireComms 6 aylar önce
Wonderful special tbh, same with Werewolf by Night. I hope they keep doing these one-offs to keep things fresh.
Julian Zabala
Julian Zabala 6 aylar önce
I really love the concept that even though Quill Is a mess, he's still the best choice to lead the guardians and he's surprisingly yet understandably the one with the most moral backbone on the team.
Brandon 6 aylar önce
this is honestly one of the best christmas specials i’ve ever seen
Rhetiq 99
Rhetiq 99 6 aylar önce
The vibe I get out of Mantis and Drax in this special is like a couple of children trying to impress their parents with the best christmas they could ever have in life. Their sweet hopeful innocence energy just radiates everywhere in pulling all sorts of mayhem in this without caring about, or even realizing, the consequences. They only want to give Quill the best christmas by all means necessary. The guardians is the best family in the MCU hands down
PaintSplash1712 6 aylar önce
I hope they explore more about Nebula in GotG 3, as you said her and Rocket are very similar and seeing as the movie is about him they could probably develop her trauma arc too
Riah w
Riah w 5 aylar önce
She had the five years of the blip to process so I doubt we'll be going into her grief at all tbh
virline honore
virline honore 6 aylar önce
I loved this special and hope marvel does more 🥰🥰
Katie Golding
Katie Golding 6 aylar önce
I feel like this is an apology in advance for what's about to happen in Volume 3
cameron shiells
cameron shiells 6 aylar önce
To be fair nebula and rocket were on earth during the 5 years after infinity war so they probably would have heard about some news about actors.
Logan B.
Logan B. 6 aylar önce
I'd like to think, since they were Avengers, that they might've seen _Footloose_ or other pop culture media in general
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 6 aylar önce
Great reactions to The Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special, Jess!!!🎬👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Multiverseguy123 6 aylar önce
I have a feeling that Marvel Christmas specials will become an annual thing even if it's with different characters or just one character from the Guardians.
UnicornKhan379 5 aylar önce
100% everything you said about Nebula! She deserves so much more!
Mega Crash The Hedgehog
I was honestly expecting some sort of post-credits scene of Bucky waking up and seeing that his arm is missing and then having to tell Sam about it.
Kimberly 5 aylar önce
I love how you don't forget about Gamora either. It's not just me.
Bret Sheeley
Bret Sheeley 6 aylar önce
I'm convinced Peter named his original guns Sean and James. Nothing can convince me otherwise.
Mikester2008 6 aylar önce
Nebula represented me this movie. I need to know how she got Bucky’s arm tho I also really think you should watch the School for Good and Evil, I really think you’ll like it
Logan B.
Logan B. 6 aylar önce
She fought him, according to James Gunn
Pia Alimes
Pia Alimes 6 aylar önce
I was so scared when I first saw buff Groot ngl 😅 And the Guardians are hilarious as always 😂 Love the video Jess! Can you do Wednesday next please? 🥺 Jenna Ortega absolutely killed it as Wednesday Addams! No spoilers tho 💕
Ashley Young
Ashley Young 6 aylar önce
I love how Rocket finally got Bucky's arm and I wish Gamora was brought back in this also I was surprised to find out Peter and Mantis are half siblings.
Laura Postell
Laura Postell 5 aylar önce
Awesome video!!! I LOVE THIS SPECIAL SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! It was so funny and sweet and The Perfect Christmas Gift from Marvel!!! Another Fantastic addition to The MCU!!!!!!
RandomOtakuNerd 6 aylar önce
10:58 Don't forget the OG mind controller, Loki and his variant; Sylvie (She can also possess people!).
RandomOtakuNerd 6 aylar önce
Btw, I like the mischief-makers but ye. Morally dubious mind controllers is a popular thing among aliens and sorcerers in the MCU.
RZ 6 aylar önce
@RandomOtakuNerd That's Disney in general, with all the Jedi pulling that trick.
Samuel Dausab
Samuel Dausab 5 aylar önce
I like how Mantis is on a first name basis with Steve. They probably had a few conversations offscreen, who knows.
Jenny Sweeney
Jenny Sweeney 5 aylar önce
I think the fact Nebula isn't explored as much here is because it's a Christmas special and that is from Peter's culture, not hers. She wouldn't miss her sister on that day more than any other like those who grew up in Christmas celebrating parts of Earth would. Her grief is well worth exploring but honestly on a weird, fun Christmas jaunt it's not the time and place.
jollyrayda1 6 aylar önce
This is a good one for the Christmas-averse such as I - like Nightmare Before Christmas, the focus is on characters learning about the season, rather than straight up celebrating - it makes it SO much more palatable...
Colin Poole
Colin Poole 6 aylar önce
Tangled headphone wires are exactly the Christmas spirit - that's my Christmas lights every year.
victor luke
victor luke 6 aylar önce
Mantis was basically what Killgrave would be like if wasn't evil and had lots of unarmed combat training.
Shavay D
Shavay D 5 aylar önce
"Honestly, I would not complain" literally everyone after the post credit scene
Basic Simp
Basic Simp 6 aylar önce
That Nebula dance is iconic
nintenmetro 6 aylar önce
@9:41-@9:47 I straight up cackled at this part. Also, those people shouldn’t be freaked out by the Bowie. They’ve seen scarier. And we can mark this down as Kevin Bacon’s second Marvel project. He was also in X-Men: First Class as the lead villain Sebastian Shaw.
SunScourge 5 aylar önce
We need another special to have Sam go to space just to get Bucky's arm, somehow.
danamaniac66 6 aylar önce
2 questions: Have you watched the Guardians 3 trailer yet? And have you watched Wednesday?
John Bowen
John Bowen 6 aylar önce
These special presentations are perfect
Aliwant Izu
Aliwant Izu 6 aylar önce
I love the wacky Christmas song at the start. Groot does look like a "man in suit" but they (Marvel/Gunn) say it's CGI. Soooo...someone in a "green screen" suit and then CGI'd over? The animation was "rotoscoped" where they draw over filmed footage (the animated Lord of the Rings from the 80s and the music video for Take On Me by a-ha also were made that way.) Gunn confirmed that Nebula stole Bucky's arm. There is an older guy quietly drinking in Knowhere and many thought that it was Mark Hamill since he's Gunn's friend, but Mark's son says no and the appearance is credited to someone else (although Mark has been known to use aliases in credits.) Thanks for this! Happy Holidays! ~Be Blessed
Purple & Black
Purple & Black 6 aylar önce
I'm starting a petition for this woman to watch every episode of Smallville ever. Anyone?
Henry Cogo
Henry Cogo 6 aylar önce
My brother passed away from brain cancer [there's a longer medical name] a few days before Xmas in 2014. Joy is absent this time of year for my family. The "holidays" has become a private thing like not inviting anyone over to the house for the holidays. It was nice to hear my dad talk about Cosmo and Rocket. I liked seeing Rocket and Nebula, and wondered how they handle their loss. Thanks for the great reaction.
Kayoss13212 5 aylar önce
Nice Christmas special. But I have to say, while I get that IW and EndGame had a lot going on, I felt like we missed the emotional impact returning to earth after so long might have on Peter. I feel like this Christmas special should’ve capitalized on that.
Samori leafs fan
Samori leafs fan 6 aylar önce
Great reaction to the holiday special 😊
Jonathan 6 aylar önce
i usually watch stuff before i go to your video but i loved watching this holiday special for the first time during your video with you. I also loved how they made nowhere into somewhere instead, lol.
thegammonator 6 aylar önce
Yondu saying sentiment is what'll get you killed in the world of Ravagers hits so hard because he sacrificed himself to save Peter, who he thought of as a son. The ultimate sentiment right there. Also Tony agreed to the time heist to try to bring back Peter for the same reason, and we all know how that turned out, and the only reason Natasha's sacrifice worked is because of all the sentimentality between them, so while it's not in the Christmas spirit, I feel inclined to agree with him.
applefanatic414 6 aylar önce
James Gunn said that Groot is 100% CGI in this, I thought the same about maybe him being practical
♋︎ Willow Wisp ♋︎
I'm sure that however Nebula got the arm she got it for herself since she is modular herself. Ultimately despite its features the aesthetic would be disappointing to her and she would re-gift it.
Anonimni 6 aylar önce
I like how howelsome this special is but the gotg vol.3 by the trailers is goona be like the saddest movie since end game
lordofninjas1 6 aylar önce
I had a similar reaction to the first song, that everything said was essentially true... from a certain point of view. the guy that directed this Special, as well as all 3 Guardians movies (and who is now one of the heads of DC Comics's media division), James Gunn, said that "Swole Groot" is 100% CG for this Special. I believe he also said that Nebula went and fought Bucky for the arm, and that the Guardians were only with Thor for a few weeks. I have heard some people speculate that Bucky might be getting a new arm for Thunderbolts, and that the one Rocket gets is an older arm, not sure if I'm totally on board with that, but it's better than nothing. Also, as other commenters have said, Nebula and Rocket weren't snapped, so they had 5 years to grieve the loss of Gamora while Peter didn't. Cosmo is a good dog and did meet the dog that played Lucky IRL, but yes I agree they need to meet in the MCU as well, and I'm excited to see more from Groot and Cosmo in the upcoming Guardians 3.
Eddie In a Hoodie
Eddie In a Hoodie 6 aylar önce
My favorite part of this movie was nebula dancing
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 6 aylar önce
Move over Mariah we got a new Christmas song to take over
FreddyKurganNimmo 6 aylar önce
I'm sure that at some point during the time they spent together, that Thor told the Guardians about how Loki insisted on putting on daily plays in Asgard overly-aggrandizing his own story, and that may be where their unfavorable disdain for actors comes from🤷
Dominic Hamer
Dominic Hamer 6 aylar önce
Essential missing lines from Loki finale: "You killed Pete Coulson." "Yes." "Did you know you only killed him once?"
Teradul 6 aylar önce
I know its unrelated, but I've just seen the Wednesday series, and I'd love to see your commentary on it.
Анастасия Агаркина
Wonderful reaction! Also, I was wondering, if you are going to react to Wednesday, maybe? I would love to see your commentary on this one, it’s an amazing show)
Marvin Martinez
Marvin Martinez 6 aylar önce
Werewolf by Night making Special Presentations a standard!!! 🔥
Matthew Perkins
Matthew Perkins 6 aylar önce
Peter Quill was the ultimate orphan. He lost both of his parents, literally watching both of them die, actually having to kill one of them. He had the only serious love interest of his life stolen from him by her adopted father after she convinced him to kill her but said adopted father prevented him from being able to do it. He's in his late 30s or early 40s and doesn't have any kids. For him to find out that he had an actual blood relative on his own team who he could be together with on a regular basis and would actually understand what his situation is really like, that's just absolute gold. I'm a grown man, and that made my eyes leak a little bit. I'm happy for both of them.
sleeper-cassie 6 aylar önce
15:50 - “You’ve got the two connecting over feeling like monsters after being cut and made into who they are now.” Okay, for the briefest, shortest moment, I thought by “the two” you somehow meant Nebula and Bucky. Obviously, it’s much more fitting if it’s Nebula and Rocket, but I feel my alternative is also valid; and I had a mental flash of a scene in which Nebula and Bucky are bonding, only for it to end with Nebula yoinking the arm somehow. Anyway, wonderful reaction. I enjoyed it immensely.
MirenaYuki 6 aylar önce
Merry Crisis! (The month at least) This special is just made of Good Vibes. I love the Guardians :) On an unrelated I think it would be neat if you watch The Sandman!
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