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Jeff Rodgers
Jeff Rodgers Aylar önce
Fun fact: The song is Opus No. 1 by Tim Carlton and Dereck Deel, recorded in a garage in 1989. It became hold music when one of them worked at Cisco and was developing Cisco Callmanager.
BXI 9 saatler önce
That wasn’t fun
Zack Kramer
Zack Kramer 2 gün önce
Thank you for the song name
Alec Gonzales
Alec Gonzales 11 gün önce
what about the end version thats so much more upbeat?
JB 15 gün önce
Why is it the whole music in my hospital now apparently it’s trying to chill us all out! Seriously all dance to it every day at work while I’m on hold any given day!!!
Sacha G.
Sacha G. 19 gün önce
Adam Was Here
Adam Was Here Aylar önce
The reason this commercial works for me is it’s very relatable. I used to call a company, can’t remember which, frequently and would be on hold for long times and this tune would play and I would be thinking “this music isn’t that bad, I kinda like it.” And would forget how long I would actually be on hold. To see a commercial being made from this was just so delightful. I was smiling the whole time.
Alexander Burnett
Alexander Burnett 9 gün önce
​@Michael it's not...
Michael 24 gün önce
It's the hold music for the VA. Feels targeted and deliberate
G. H.
G. H. Aylar önce
The fact that they chose a really popular piece that is heard by countless people every day, instead of creating a new one, is definitely the best part.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Aylar önce
Yea, I dig the tune myself as well, it has some Vaporwave vibes going on that I like.
stockinettestitch Aylar önce
I don’t even like alcohol but Bud wins best ad of SB 57. This is so adorable and innocent. Thank you for something nice.
Cruz Gomes
Cruz Gomes 3 gün önce
@Screws n' Dado Grooves nah.
Screws n' Dado Grooves
And it’s a stolen idea.
MrSunscoop Aylar önce
ahhahhahaha noog baah boo u dont even have a bugatti or a dachshund
Peter Aylar önce
Hanging out together at home, cold outside, quiet weekend, doing life admin and yet finding a way to make each other laugh; even in the mundane circumstances of your day. This is such a vibe
Alan C
Alan C 22 gün önce
This comment is such a vibe!
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez 27 gün önce
Yeah not for everyone that’s why this ad is dog dung
Andres Santos
Andres Santos 29 gün önce
Yeah, until 3 years in, and she makes a Medium post detailing years of emotional and verbal abuse, and he loses his job as an account manager for a company that makes contactless payment systems for bodegas.
Alvin Jeremy
Alvin Jeremy Aylar önce
@King Nahjee Lenarr Young?
Greg Stanfill
Greg Stanfill Aylar önce
Hands down, best commercial from the Super Bowl! Made me want to immediately dance with my wife…🎉😂
SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS 19 gün önce
Definitely not the best commercial I can remember was the first commercial this year the Dunkin Donuts commercial with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Felifellas 29 gün önce
Same thing here ! Wait , I dont have wife 🫠
zythr 99
zythr 99 Aylar önce
That's nice
Cody Snyder
Cody Snyder Aylar önce
This is hands down the best commercial I've seen in years. It might be the best commercial I've EVER seen. It genuinely creates affection for the brand.
Pete Finch
Pete Finch Aylar önce
@Crystal K Lenarr's is one of the best videos I've ever watched - I was on constant hold two years ago when he put that out and it was like he read my mind. Everyone enjoying this should watch that video
John Holliday
John Holliday Aylar önce
Well Cody then maybe you'll love the content from the actual creator Lenarr young. He made this exact skit 2 years ago
Kramerica Industries
Bud Light stole this from Lenarr Young's skit. Same music and everything.
rottweiler Aylar önce
r&ce mixing
InnerRise Aylar önce
@Sonja Rhea 😂😂😂
James McClaren
James McClaren Aylar önce
My favorite commercial of '23. So wholesome and fun... Easy win. Bravo Budweiser.
Landscape Pros
Landscape Pros 6 gün önce
@rottweiler Wait, Miles Teller is black? Wow you learn something everyday.
X-90 25 gün önce
Failed ad if you called it Budweiser
rottweiler Aylar önce
r&ce mixing commercial
Blake Overacker
Blake Overacker Aylar önce
This is the most wholesome beer commercial I've ever witnessed
Pure Luck
Pure Luck Aylar önce
I like this ad hahah
Richard Cantu
Richard Cantu Aylar önce
@Prime Time TRvidr but yeah it’s crazy how they take ideas and claim it
Prime Time
Prime Time Aylar önce
@zeekisu yeah my mistake I just assume that he was on TikTok… all the same, these large corporations should be hiring them as consultants not stealing their content.
zeekisu Aylar önce
@Prime Time no a youtuber
Kill4mo Aylar önce
Young lennar did it better
sk360flip Aylar önce
As someone who has grooved to this song many times this was great. Especially the part where they stopped grooving just so the robot could tell them to continue to hold lmao. Exactly how it happens
Matt Hardtke
Matt Hardtke Aylar önce
@T - Bone Opus No. 1 by Tim Carleton
InnerRise Aylar önce
Robot? Ummm actress*
T - Bone
T - Bone Aylar önce
@Purple Haze thanks
Matt Hardtke
Matt Hardtke Aylar önce
@T - Bone that is what I'm wondering
Californyuh Aylar önce
I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song with such clarity before other than through a phone. With HD , it sounds amazing. 😂
Hesturi Kitten
Hesturi Kitten Aylar önce
@C It was a joke and not a legit comment implying it needs anything. My point was whenever it’s on the phone it’s crackly and never clear just like this commenter meant. Also I never needed your approval of my profile picture especially not from someone who doesn’t even have one. ☺️
Kristin T-K
Kristin T-K Aylar önce
@Hesturi Kitten I'm a paralegal, and spend a good chunk of time on hold with various courts throughout the week. With the exception of one or two counties, the entire California Superior Court system uses this as their hold music, so I have been caught grooving to this track a few times. When the music cuts out and you hold your breath to find out if the groove's over ... that suspense is real!
Pete Finch
Pete Finch Aylar önce
It really does 😂😂 companies that use other hold music, take note
Zickcermacity Aylar önce
@Zaharah Katungo Opus 1 by Tim Carlton: Here's the original upload trvid.com/video/video-N7xn5zeJ4D4.html Listen on STEREO SPEAKERS, not on you phone or buds!
megclif Aylar önce
I'm a fan of Miles teller and I like him even more now because he seems like a fun guy. At one of the Top Gun premieres he was just hanging with some others and he began to groove like this to some music. We do crazy things like this and when my sons were young they would join in lol!!
EVIL DORK 25 gün önce
That's Miles Teller?!
Slim Jim Longfoot
Slim Jim Longfoot Aylar önce
I don't drink, but this was genius to make a hold commercial with this legendary tune
hunter klugh
hunter klugh Aylar önce
Black peoples did it first like always
kl Aylar önce
They copied this from a TRvidr named Lenarr young and didn't even give him credit, an he did it better
Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty Aylar önce
I just lost my mom, and little things like this song remind me of good memories and help with my broken heart. Thank you for this commercial and this song as well. Have a great evening, and Congrats to the Chiefs.
Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty Aylar önce
@stockinettestitch thank you.. ❤️
stockinettestitch Aylar önce
Tomorrow (Valentine’s Day’23) will be the 20th anniversary of my mom dying. I’m so sorry you’re going through it. I hope you’ll be well. Love to you.
Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty Aylar önce
@danceyrselfkleen let me guess an Eagles Fan..
nicole prue
nicole prue Aylar önce
Lost love one in November. I get you.
danceyrselfkleen Aylar önce
Way to kill the vibe man
EvoStar Aylar önce
I've always known this song was a banger. Nice to see Bud Light giving it some praise.
EvoStar Aylar önce
@Rob F [ Everyone disliked that ]
The flushing Toilet
@Maurice R. Robinson Jr. you don’t understand our generation
EvoStar Aylar önce
@Maurice R. Robinson Jr. ONG this song is lit fr fr. If you're not vibing, miss me with that noise fam.
Drachona The Wolf
Drachona The Wolf Aylar önce
The concept itself is funny, but what makes it even better is how often I've heard that exact music and the fact that I've danced to it before.
Michael Merlino
Michael Merlino Aylar önce
I wouldn’t say “stolen”. I do this around my wife every time we’re on hold because it annoys her. Imagine how many other people do this
Adam C
Adam C Aylar önce
I called my mom at work once and her coworker put me on hold, this song was playin, when my mom picked up I had her put me back on hold!
Sean Harlow
Sean Harlow Aylar önce
It's the standard hold music on a Cisco Call Manager phone system.
Kicknowledge Smith
Kicknowledge Smith Aylar önce
Same, I as actually upset when a rep got on the line, I was enjoying the music lol
glowworm2 Aylar önce
This commercial was honestly adorable. Especially when they get the dog into it!
Benjamin Ziegler
Benjamin Ziegler Aylar önce
This made me laugh so hard!!! Nice to see other people loved the call hold tune as well!! I'm doing this!
Sam Akin
Sam Akin Aylar önce
​@Bud Light Why u taking lenarrs song bro at least credit him
last day lit
last day lit Aylar önce
@DBCOOPER and if anyone gets rewarded for this it should be the original creator before all, how would you feel if a multi billion dollar company stole your idea literally copy and paste and had it on a sb commercial giving you 0 credit, would you just take it laying down?
Benjamin Ziegler
Benjamin Ziegler Aylar önce
@Bud Light Awww, thanks and cheers!
yx rAckman
yx rAckman Aylar önce
@DBCOOPERbut you can go so far to end up copying someone entirely. They need to give credit
G. H.
G. H. Aylar önce
This is amazing. When the hold music started I immediately felt a strange panic which didn’t go away until I realized it was coming from an ad, not my phone. They used an actual song that is used at countless businesses/offices etc. Its been god knows how long since I’ve seen an ad like this that I can actually relate to. I have most definitely spent so long on hold that I’ve been driven to pour myself a glass of whatever. Whoever directed this did an fantastic job.
CJ Mittele
CJ Mittele Aylar önce
Wow… I haven’t loved a Super Bowl commercial in a while. This one is genius. This commercial hit like a good comedy bit… it was so relatable… I’VE HAD THIS EXACT EXPERIENCE. I was on hold, AND THIS EXACT SONG CAMEON… and I remember saying “THIS SONG IS COOKING!!!!” Such an obscure experience I had, and loved they made it a commercial. It was very “Seinfeldian” 😊
CJ Mittele
CJ Mittele Aylar önce
@Richard Cantu I’ve seen a bunch of stuff using the song, to podcasts on NPR, to Multiple skits spoofs. It’s not that original of an idea, but it was executed well. And a lot of the other skits weren’t executed well at all.
Richard Cantu
Richard Cantu Aylar önce
Nope they stole it Lmao wasn’t executed well at they loyalty stole the entire idea from the song to dancing while being on wait they just hired famous actors lol it’s crazy how shit like this happens and people praise it but don’t give the same praise to the original
CJ Mittele
CJ Mittele Aylar önce
@XOTWOD The song is so obviously good, and being on hold it’s not like only one person would have thought of that. It’s not that unique of an idea… it was just executed well.
XOTWOD Aylar önce
it’s not genius it was copied from lenarr lmao
Nick Jasper
Nick Jasper Aylar önce
What makes this commercial so good is that you can tell they're a real couple. No cheesy acting. Genuine and very cute. Keleigh Sperry is a babe!
sean paul
sean paul Aylar önce
Facts my bro 🙏🏻💯
I Am Katura
I Am Katura 29 gün önce
I used to work for a medical transportation company (Ride to Care) back in 2019 and would call companies to confirm rides to confirm rides for patients and most companies would have this song as their "hold-music". I would be sitting at my desk jamming to this song! I hope the two creators got their payday from this song. 🙏🏾❤
Malachai Ward
Malachai Ward Aylar önce
PSA YALL: THIS COMMERCIAL IDEA WAS STOLEN FROM A TRvidR. This was not their own original idea. Search up “Lennarr Young when you get put on hold”. Like, Bud Light even stole the same “hold” music that was in this TRvidrs video. And he made it like 3 years ago. Y’all should spread the awareness so they get what they deserve!!!
D Roy
D Roy Aylar önce
Darrick Deel and Tim Carlton finally getting the play they deserve!!! Primetime Superbowl baby! Good job boys.
This is so funny to me!! Me and my guy are always dancing to this holding time song... I used to hear it countless of times working from home. So relatable❤
GJMinimizer Aylar önce
I legit could have watched this for 20 minutes straight instead of the Super Bowl halftime show and been perfectly content!
Queen OfCups
Queen OfCups Aylar önce
Love it! I'm in IT and a number of our clients use this hold music. I'm glad to see I'm not the only hold music dancer.
kilodelta Aylar önce
Also in IT. Also have Opus No. 1 burned into my soul. Pretty sure if I stepped into the worlds quieted room, where it’s so quiet most people can hear the blood flowing in their veins, I’d hear this playing under my tinnitus.
jVortex Aylar önce
@Bud Light at least credit Lenar.
BlueStreaks97 Aylar önce
same also in IT i have heard opus no1 a lot . I believe it orientated from Cisco. I am glad it is culturally relevant enough to get a commercial. It truly is a classic song LOL
ChrisG Aylar önce
In IT also, and I chose to put this as the company’s hold music 😎🔥 at least 4-5 years ago. I took the idea from Cisco. Loved calling them. I knew the song as “Cisco hold music” 😅
Bud Light
Bud Light Aylar önce
We're blushing.
dreamstorm947 Aylar önce
I had this hold music in my first job in a call center. This commercial was PURE GOLD. I cracked up so hard
Brando33 23 gün önce
Horrible job
SapphireSquire Aylar önce
This is my favorite commercial I've seen in so long, I watched it multiple times and wished my life was like this, well done marketing people
David Aylar önce
@Jeremy F it’s not their remix. They stole this from Lenarr young he’s a TRvidr just search when you get put on hold by Lenarr young
Jeremy F
Jeremy F Aylar önce
@mangamaster03 thanks I know the original well, but I’m looking for the Bud Light remix, listen to the end of the commercial. So good!
Jeremy F
Jeremy F Aylar önce
@Bud Light When can we get the full song?? Not the original, but the remix you guys did for the commercial! Thx
Bud Light
Bud Light Aylar önce
We're blushing.
Brayden Proctor
Brayden Proctor Aylar önce
All of my fellow vets out there know the pain of waiting on VA hold lines to this song. Let’s be honest though, it’s pretty good.
invisiblepinkunicorn 762
Oh my goodness yes😂🤣 I work for the VA, hear it when I’m calling different departments 😅
Brad Aylar önce
It always calmed me down, from when I got frustrated talking with the staff 😂
J N Aylar önce
Liz Aylar önce
@brayden I used to work at the Dept of VA and answered calls from vets. I felt so bad because they were on hold or just got the run around. Thanks for your service and hope everyone is helpful.
A.M.P. Aylar önce
I love this song
kartracerg3 Aylar önce
best commercial at the superbowl, so funny, so relatable
Renee M.
Renee M. Aylar önce
@Bud Light - That you’re marketing team came up with a way to tie an iconic brand to an iconic hold song. Every time someone is on hold to this song, they’ll think of Bud Light. Absolutely brilliant.
kartracerg3 Aylar önce
@Bud Light miles tellers dance skills for sure
Bud Light
Bud Light Aylar önce
What was your favorite part?
ChildOfThe1970s 23 gün önce
Most of this year's Super Bowl commercials were bland but this is one I liked because I think we all get to feeling a bit looney on those long on hold calls and we've all heard this tune playing endlessly lol.
Gail A.
Gail A. Aylar önce
Miles Teller put a smile on my face. I had no idea the woman in the commercial was his wife.
Nlyoswag Aylar önce
@Taterwheel lol same
Taterwheel Aylar önce
I don't know Miles Teller, but if she is his wife he is a lucky man. She is the most beautiful woman I think I have ever seen.
Burrito Jimmy
Burrito Jimmy Aylar önce
And their dog 😂
Jayanth KC
Jayanth KC Aylar önce
Yup! Mrs Miles Teller (Rooster) - Keleigh 🥳
Mike Reciniello
Mike Reciniello Aylar önce
I'm also in IT. We once told a government customer to put us back on hold so the Support team and I could continue our jam to this song. It truly goes hard AF!
T. B.
T. B. Aylar önce
This is the first time in a while when I was sincerely laughing at a commercial. Well done!
Graven Aylar önce
This was my “on-hold jam” when I worked in customer service!!! ❤
Mushy Aylar önce
I really love this commercial, one of the only ones that made me smile
Lesley Aylar önce
Me too! 💖💖💖
Dryz Aylar önce
@Bud Light next time you steal ideas be sure to give credit. I want others to know this video concept was stolen from Lenarr young, even the music was
Mads Kllmall
Mads Kllmall Aylar önce
Mads Kllmall
Mads Kllmall Aylar önce
Zev2X Aylar önce
riderflyersc 23 gün önce
Best part of the 2023 Super Bowl. Shazamed this song on tv and ended up here. I could listen to this smooth jazz all night. And an ice cold beer sounds good about this time too.
TheSimpsonssince90 Aylar önce
I thought this was the best commercial of the bunch that Super Bowl night. A throwback to Bud Light making a tasteful, yet hilarious commercial.
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia Aylar önce
In case someone wants to know; the "on hold" music is called Opus No. 1 by Tim Carleton.
Bonnie Walker
Bonnie Walker Aylar önce
Thanks so much! I’ve been searching for the name for years. It made being put on hold enjoyable
Shirley Kitchens
Shirley Kitchens Aylar önce
Never knew that 😁. Thank you.
ChrisG Aylar önce
Insert “MVP” gifs
YacNobody Aylar önce
Don't leave out homeboy Derrick Deel.
Story Falu
Story Falu Aylar önce
@Kimberly Thomason Yass! I’m glad you get me!😊💯
MrPRSTO Aylar önce
By far the best SB commercial this year! Don't know who Miles Teller is but I'm now a fan!
MrPRSTO Aylar önce
@stockinettestitch Yep, I looked him up. I recently saw TGM but didn't recognize him in the commercial. Thanks.
stockinettestitch Aylar önce
Actor - go watch Top Gun: Maverick. He’s Goose’s son all grown up.
I AM KING Aylar önce
I’ve been jamming out to this hold music for years and finally after everyone made fun of me , IM VINDICATED!!!
Chevy Johnson
Chevy Johnson Aylar önce
The greatest hold music of all time! Seriously put on that hold music and the customer will forget why they’re mad!!
John Ames
John Ames Aylar önce
I knew I heard this somewhere before!
DeRosset Myers
DeRosset Myers Aylar önce
It doesn't seem so bad until you've been hearing it for an hour.
Karen McKinnon
Karen McKinnon Aylar önce
I really like the song when I get put on hold. I wish more companies played this particular tune. Great ad and the little bulldog is super cute
Paul Eblin
Paul Eblin 26 gün önce
The hardest hitting banger to hear while on hold. And I'm not being sarcastic.
Salvador Lucero
Salvador Lucero 27 gün önce
This is one of the only adds that I don't skip on TRvid 😌
Chase McDonald
Chase McDonald 26 gün önce
Bonnie Walker
Bonnie Walker Aylar önce
Awesome commercial I’ve been trying to find the name of this music for years! One time I was on hold with my insurance company for at least 20 minutes and this music was playing, when someone finally answered I was actually disappointed. Thanks Bud Light and special thanks to Tim Carleton for making “on hold” enjoyable. I hope you get the recognition you so deserve
Peacefully Aylar önce
After watching Super Bowl 57 had to come here to watch this AWESOME Commercial. I think many of us has been there "Waiting for over an hour by customer service 🤔." Very creative. Bud Light knocked this one out of the ballpark 👍👍
MessiahDubb Aylar önce
Whole flow bar for bar word for word 😂😂😭
Nocturnal Vision
Nocturnal Vision Aylar önce
This ad was so much fun! I hear this when we call Safeway all the time 😂😁 Thanks @Jeff Rodgers for the song information on Opus No. 1 as well! Been looking for that song name a while now so I appreciate you sharing it with everyone! 🎶🥳🤗
Lionel Mukendi
Lionel Mukendi 29 gün önce
I hadn't rewatched a commercial this much in a long time. So wholesome!
Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander Aylar önce
Best commercial of the Super Bowl imo. Simple yet effective and relatable
💗Shell💗 Aylar önce
OMG 😂 it’s just not a call on hold without this song! Love it 💓
MichaelMyers'knife Aylar önce
When I'm on hold with the VA, I actually try to freestyle to this song. For an organization that gets a bunch of war fighters calling, who can get irritable very easily while being on hold, it's a nice way to ease the tension.
Claudia Cox Dawkins
Message: be patient, enjoy life, don't get annoyed! I love it.
iraplikeyoubreathe 22 gün önce
The message is: drink during the day when responsibility is too overwhelming. if you have to drink to pay bills your ridiculous.
LoveInYourMouth 29 gün önce
Life is what you make it.
Kristy Harris
Kristy Harris Aylar önce
This is the BEST commercial I have seen!!! I like Bud Light, but I LOVE knowing I’m not the only one who does this because my children make fun of me! 😂
Amanda Chadwick
Amanda Chadwick Aylar önce
I laughed so hard at this commercial! My favorite hold music, I always either beatbox the rhythm or ad lib along with the melody when I happen to hear this 😆
Bud Light
Bud Light Aylar önce
Someone has good taste.
hey wood JaBlome
hey wood JaBlome Aylar önce
JackieD Aylar önce
Man, he can dance. It's funny because he was actually in the Footloose remake.
WOLF STAR Aylar önce
And he dances his ass off in the small cameo he makes in the "Project X" movie.
John Hodgeman
John Hodgeman Aylar önce
So good! One of the best! Listening and watching it again and again and again! Honestly, this was one of the best years for superbowl commercials! Really very few that were not quite ready prime time. Most were good to great and a few will be legendary--this video could be one of them.
David Mahone
David Mahone Aylar önce
I work at Dr doctors office, I hear this on the regular died laughing cause I find myself jamming out to this as well.
alliekats25 Aylar önce
Yessss! Blue cross 😂 this has got to be my favorite commercial of all time.
too much
too much Aylar önce
Why is this like my favorite commercial!!! Omg they nailed it!!! I love this!!!❤🎉🎉🎉😅😂😂😂
Swifty Aylar önce
@Bud Light stolen from lenarr
David Aylar önce
@Bud Light and steal from lenarr too huh?
Bud Light
Bud Light Aylar önce
We'll drink to that!
Kent Dean
Kent Dean Aylar önce
Without a doubt, the best commercial of the evening. Masterful. (I wonder if you get this music if you call the Budweiser comment desk and get put on hold?)
James Reed
James Reed Aylar önce
It's funny... Two weeks before this aired, A coworker was on hold and he put it on speaker. We started clapping along to it.
Brian Wolters
Brian Wolters Aylar önce
For people like me who are IT Director's/Professionals and had to call other companies and wait on hold...this is epic...this should have been rated best SB commercial...you don't know how many times I've played this beat with my hands on my desk and in my mind..."clap.clapa-a...clap.clapa-a....clap.clapa-a....ca...clap.clapa-a clap.clapa-a....."
Beach Baby
Beach Baby Aylar önce
Probably my favorite commercial in years! And I used to sell ON HOLD music! LOL Love this!
Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson Aylar önce
This just made me smile and giggle the whole time 😊
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera Aylar önce
✨ I’ve been manifesting this commercial into existence for the last 4 years ✨
Giovanna Khouw
Giovanna Khouw Aylar önce
I see all these comments about loving the nostalgia of this song. My dad works at Cisco and he does something in the call management system so this song is like nails on a chalkboard for me. We would hear this song all day long, non-stop.
ChrisG Aylar önce
I put this as our hold music for the company! No better out there!! I can vibe to this on hold. About 4 years strong 💪💪💪
Xavier Guillaume
Xavier Guillaume Aylar önce
Omg! Miles Teller is such a goofball! Love it!
Veelicious Dinners
Veelicious Dinners Aylar önce
This is funny to me. I’m in a call center and that is our signature hold music 😂
kl Aylar önce
Giga Neega
Giga Neega Aylar önce
Edwin J
Edwin J Aylar önce
I worked at a call center and this song was used when trying to transfer callers to another department. I always wanted to know what it was, but I couldn't Shazzam it because it was playing through my headphones. Thanks to this commercial being on during the Super Bowl, I finally know what it is. It brings back bad memories of working at the call center, but the silver lining is that I have a new song to add to my playlist lol.
Allen Vargason
Allen Vargason 28 gün önce
We used to have this song on a easy listening CD mix back about '98. Great memories. Wish I could find that one again..
Pepi chikako
Pepi chikako 23 gün önce
This commercial is me whenever the phone is on hold. Dancing and singing.
Justin Riray
Justin Riray Aylar önce
Giovanna Khouw
Giovanna Khouw Aylar önce
@WaffleFries it's the hold music for every company that Cisco did the call system for
WaffleFries Aylar önce
It's also the hold music for Walgreens and CVS 😂
JackieD Aylar önce
I thought that was him!
jason brazier
jason brazier Aylar önce
Bud Light's marketing and advertising teams are killin it over there. Homerun on this one. So well done.
Russ Burg
Russ Burg Aylar önce
Greatest commercial ever. I would never get tired of watching this.
Ian James
Ian James Aylar önce
R u high
Weatheronthe8s Aylar önce
Wow. This commercial alone would have made the Super Bowl worth watching for me, and I hate football. I can jam to this song all day.
Meme Slayer
Meme Slayer 27 gün önce
I work at Walgreens so you already know that this is exactly what we do when the hold music comes on over the intercom 💀
Gem Fox
Gem Fox Aylar önce
Wow. About a couple of weeks ago, I was browsing on the TRvid app and saw that Lenarr Young, a young, imaginative TRvid content creator, called out Bud Light for stealing his concept. He reposted yesterday and called them out again for taking this concept from him. He uploaded a video to TRvid 2 years ago called, "When you get put on hold" and it's clear that this brand used his video as a reference. They even used the same instrumental. Personally, his video was better. Today, is my first time seeing the ad because I typically stream on platforms that don't play ads. I even currently use TRvid premium. I am amazed that Bud Light would steal his idea, yet not disappointed. Give content creators, even the young generation, their props where it's due.
Theresa Williams
Theresa Williams Aylar önce
The same music for hold is used by Safeway and Walgreens If you're on hold forever the music gets stuck in your head, I would have never thought of dancing to the music 😆you I Usually find something to do around the house, until someone for customer service decides to pick the phone.🤔 I really enjoyed the Bud light Beer 🍺 Super Bowl commercial 👍
Billy Cruise
Billy Cruise Aylar önce
I don’t drink but that commercial made me smile for sure.
bkboii24 Aylar önce
This commercial actually made me go out and get a 12 pack of Bud Light. And I haven’t had a beer since last year!! Love this commercial!!! 😂
LowTide Aylar önce
Good one bud light representative
Johnny C
Johnny C Aylar önce
Sure it did..
Planet Ratshit
Planet Ratshit Aylar önce
This comment totally NOT advertising.
Ian James
Ian James Aylar önce
Natalie Cook
Natalie Cook Aylar önce
I Loved this commercial! Dancing with the dog!!! The best!
Paula Stafford
Paula Stafford Aylar önce
Very uplifting video. Love this.🥰
kitrick42 Aylar önce
Best commercial I've seen in a long time. I've sat on hold with the Walgreens pharmacy for God only knows how long listening to this song.
Black Patriot
Black Patriot Aylar önce
For sure everyone put on hold at work had to have jammed out to this music. FInally. it is in a commercial.......GREAT JOB BUD LIGHT!!!! 👍🏽
Lebo Mmokwa
Lebo Mmokwa Aylar önce
no ways they stole lenarrs swag💀💀
Blue Feathered Cub
Blue Feathered Cub Aylar önce
If I have a special someone out there for me, I hope we will have a relationship like this. 🥰
Adrienne James
Adrienne James Aylar önce
Probably the cutest beer commercial I've ever seen.
Jeff T
Jeff T Aylar önce
What a way to make a hold call song that a lot of people hate so much, very enjoyable. I loved this commercial......best of 2023 superbowl ads
Aurora 22 gün önce
When I first saw this commercial I thought it was great because my job involves a lot of listening to hold music, I'm doing it rn. It can be so frustrating so it's cute seeing people making the best of it. Also made me miss being in love, when I had a boyfriend who I could actually be dopey with.
Matt Hardtke
Matt Hardtke Aylar önce
I hear this song at work when I get put on hold when I call one of the stores lol now I dance to it and think about bud light 🤣
Jorge Lara
Jorge Lara Aylar önce
Very funny commercial 🤣🤣 who would've thought of the idea of dancing to telephone music on hold?? This should win a creativity award 👏
DaniMacYo Aylar önce
MJ hee hee! ❤ Also we got this hold music in Australia too haha. And I actually do MJ dance moves while I’m waiting also. This commercial was great because I can relate. 😅
Brando33 23 gün önce
Oh yes, the hold music… the music that the customers hear when I put them on hold for 30 minutes so I can finish my meal 😂
Some Dude With No Mustache
Fun fact: there is a 10hr loop of this hold music on youtube with millions of views because people like it so much ahahhaha
Davy Nichols
Davy Nichols Aylar önce
Bud light yesterday: are you ready to say yes to anything? Bud light today: ...like daydreaming while youre on hold for customer service.
ernie outhouse
ernie outhouse Aylar önce
Best commercial of the super bowl better than the half time show