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I attended the AEW ALL OUT 2021 media scrum and members of the media had the opportunity to chat with the talent. One of the talents we spoke to was none other than Bryan Danielson! Bryan Danielson made his AEW debut at All Out 2021! Here is the full media scrum. He talks about why he left WWE, his relationship with Vince McMahon and why he decided to join All Elite Wrestling, plus so much more!



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6 Eyl 2021




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Gabriel Romero
Gabriel Romero 8 saatler önce
Jessie Molina
Jessie Molina 29 gün önce
Who the creep on the left lmao what a weirdo
Cav David
Cav David Aylar önce
Bryan saying he wants to kick their fucking heads in, that was the whole thing for me
Jason Keating
Jason Keating Aylar önce
Miz called... Who's the coward now??
JosephDiEgidioIII 2 aylar önce
Tony is like Thanos with all the Stones, so happy for him to live his dream. Go Bryan.
Samuel Parisi
Samuel Parisi 2 aylar önce
Bryan Danielson's matches since he came to AEW have all been so great now. He really makes everything he does to the smallest detail just make sense and look amazing.
Mklord10 2 aylar önce
We could finally see CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson
J-Dogg Nation
J-Dogg Nation 2 aylar önce
Sports entertainment vs. Pro wrestling??? trvid.com/video/video-0ZKSjF1z1Yo.html
Joao Flores
Joao Flores 2 aylar önce
Tony Khan is more passion and genuine for what the fans want than Eric Bichoff and Vince McMahon
Daniel 2 aylar önce
Did everyone read about how incredbiel WWE is from Daniel Bryan's release today?
Roan Neethling
Roan Neethling 2 aylar önce
I'm actually starting to be a big fan of AEW. Its growing exponentially. I think Tony is make a big difference and its something the industry needed. I like to see the shift of ex WWE starting to be more excited to wrestle agaim
Friend 2 aylar önce
For the love of God...Bryan bring the Final Countdown intro back!!!!
JD 2 aylar önce
They were asking $50,000 per play. Basically "we don't want our music on that."
Impact Fan Since 2004
Impact Fan Since 2004 2 aylar önce
gotta say, Danielson's music sucks ATM Tony already shelled out money for Tarzan Boy, Wild Thing, and Cult of Personality... what's the harm in licensing The Final Countdown?
Impact Fan Since 2004
Impact Fan Since 2004 2 aylar önce
@Chris Bradley if it's Danielson's own choice, then fine I just thought it was weird for Tony to start getting stingey with his dad's money
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 2 aylar önce
even if they were willing to shell out alot of money for it i odnt think Bryan would let them seeing his life outside of WWE he doesnt spend alot of money and doesnt want people spending alot of money on him
JD 2 aylar önce
They want $50,000 per play. Europe hates their own song.
Danny predator B
Danny predator B 2 aylar önce
Tony khan is the biggest mark off all
JD 2 aylar önce
Good. I like someone who likes wrestling in charge.
Benjamin Castellon
Benjamin Castellon 2 aylar önce
It’s crazy to see Conor McGregor speak calmly 😮
Mario Uribe
Mario Uribe 2 aylar önce
I like daniel bryan better
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 aylar önce
My love for Bryan aside, the wonder in Tony’s eyes as he sits in for these is SOMETHING to behold.
drobinson0813 2 aylar önce
Just to think how sad it was when Bryan was injured in 2014, 2015 and having to step away and retire when he was so beloved. And here he is now continuing his dream in the hottest most exciting company he could be. How can you not root for him?
billanddougsuck 2 aylar önce
Tony Khan be off his head. Look at those dilated pupils and weird shakey facial expressions.
Dyl O'Rourke
Dyl O'Rourke 2 aylar önce
Bryan Danielson.....probably will return to WWE for 1 last run at some point. Adam Cole....may well if the opportunity and time is right CM Punk....no chance he will ever return IMO.
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 aylar önce
very fast. So AEW better make the most of this current love fest and fast.
Douglas Pogliano
Douglas Pogliano 2 aylar önce
If you cared about Darby for real you would have put Darby over punk
Douglas Pogliano
Douglas Pogliano 2 aylar önce
It nice to hear at the end of this video you talk about the younger talent that you plan to bury
JD 2 aylar önce
epec20 2 aylar önce
Way more excited about this move than Adam Cole 😄
Leonardo Creed
Leonardo Creed 2 aylar önce
👍👍 classic stuff
Billz 2 aylar önce
Bryan needs a short stint with Aew and then a possible Summerslam 2022 Return with Wwe hopefully
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 2 aylar önce
he signed a three year contract
JD 2 aylar önce
L Watz
L Watz 2 aylar önce
AEW: Part Timers league
JD 2 aylar önce
All these dudes are on every Dynamite.
a1bootywizard 2 aylar önce
Dude watching these and seeing tony jizz his pants is so funny i love how he is so into wrestling and gets excited when he hears ideas and we know he will put them into play
SirCutEmUp 2 aylar önce
Go go against the grain with things like reading 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Kyle Damron
Kyle Damron 2 aylar önce
How do you let guys like Danielson, Cole, and Moxley let alone tag teams like ftr walk out the door. Especially like Danielson and Cole wwe spent so much time and money and still they couldn't resign them says everything
Daniel 2 aylar önce
So the narrative is that one WWE star is better then the entire AEW roster? There we agree.
Daniel 2 aylar önce
@JD Did you read his release statement about WWE?
Daniel 2 aylar önce
@JD Did you?
JD 2 aylar önce
Did you listen to Bryan's promo?
zak alghareeb
zak alghareeb 2 aylar önce
اتمنى من إدارة AEW يكون نفس الموسيقة في WWE حق دانيل براين تكون اكثر حماس لنا و إلى الجماهير ولكم التوفيق والنجاح
doire aintu
doire aintu 2 aylar önce
I love that Bryan didn’t shit on WWE, you can tell he genuinely loves the company, but wanted to wrestle some dream matches before retiring, so he had to do this.
PiCheZvara 2 aylar önce
I wonder how long this post COVID-19 honeymoon and everyone being so happy and humble will last. Guys like Danielson, Cole and Punk are the right stuff, they are solid people, but you know they will be heartbroken again. Everyone being so joyful now will be. Once COVID-19 is completely in the clear, people will become arrogant and selfish very fast. So AEW better make the most of this current love fest and fast.
IamADRIAN 2 aylar önce
The Yes Chant is Diego Sanchez's intellectual property not WWEs...
Eagle Eyes
Eagle Eyes 2 aylar önce
What is ICE POSEIDON doing there with Daniel Bryan.... Mr.Mcmahon never babysits his Wrestlers like this idiot of Khan is doing.
doire aintu
doire aintu 2 aylar önce
No hate but Tony Khan look like a full on Tool! Lmaoooooo
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 2 aylar önce
I love how Bryan is focused on excellent wrestling, like “nah I’m not gonna mentor I’m gonna kick their ass”
Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien 2 aylar önce
At 7:58 khan is offended that he wasn’t asked the question. Maybe if you want to be respected look and act like an owner. Don’t dress and look like a homeless hipster
ImAntonWS 2 aylar önce
Seeing Khan smile like a fucking idiot makes this whole thing 😂
chittresh dhawan
chittresh dhawan 2 aylar önce
I just wish AJ could be here too! He is being wasted in WWE now.
Noe Barba
Noe Barba 2 aylar önce
Dude I've never heard him cuss all casually like that 🤣 I love that he gets to talk however he wants
Joker 2 aylar önce
Two of the most popular stars of WWE in the past 10 years, now both signed to AEW. They are called CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson). RIP WWE.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 2 aylar önce
Well he has 2 toddlers... maybe he doesn't feel like mentoring adults when he's already raising kids at home.
FCT70 2 aylar önce
Tony Kahn is just like all of us, just with his own wrestling promotion.
stephen reha
stephen reha 2 aylar önce
😂 I like how aew is just signing a bunch of old WWE guys I'm not saying that they're bad wrestlers or anything but you have to separate yourself aw it's just becoming like a cast off of WWE guys it's kind of the WCW WWE thing all over again it's kind of sad to see
stephen reha
stephen reha 2 aylar önce
@JD yeah but there's stars in their late 30s dude WCW did the same thing they signed a bunch of guys in their late 30s it's just a matter of time CM punk's almost in his 40s Brian's wrestling on a broken freaking neck while repaired neck just a matter of time over these guys can no longer do it I'll take a guy in his mid 20s over a guy in his late 30s early 40s anytime
JD 2 aylar önce
They're not cast offs. They're current stars who chose to leave. You know the difference, stop. Stop being disengenous.
Zar Star
Zar Star 2 aylar önce
Good for them to v real no scripts and cheesy shit
Zar Star
Zar Star 2 aylar önce
Adam punk Daniel shit they glad left wwe
Zar Star
Zar Star 2 aylar önce
Tony khan really love the game of wrestling abd the wrestlers..not all about cash
Mr Big Dosser
Mr Big Dosser 2 aylar önce
Tony Khan is cracked out of his skull 🤣🤣
K Sanak
K Sanak 2 aylar önce
Kuta kau kuta kau kuta kau untuk duit yang saya kasih ke rian barusan Dan saya kasih buka pager ke musbar hari ini
El_Estrago 2 aylar önce
No hate but Tony Khan look like a full on Tool! Lmaoooooo
Matthew 2 aylar önce
great work denise
AYB GREG 2 aylar önce
Is it Vince being overprotective, or moreso him trying to protect his investment?
AYB GREG 2 aylar önce
Well he has 2 toddlers... maybe he doesn't feel like mentoring adults when he's already raising kids at home.
AYB GREG 2 aylar önce
Why didn't he use The Final Countdown?
A L 2 aylar önce
I don't want to be "that guy", but as exciting as all of this is, we shouldn't get our hopes up. You can have these big names come in, but if you don't do anything good with them, it doesn't matter. AEW has bungled the debuts of so many ex-WWE guys and made them "just one of the boys." I'd like to see them have a Hall & Nash level idea for Bryan, Punk, and Cole, but nothing AEW has done creatively has wowed me yet.
CHIZ4 2 aylar önce
tony khan has been all smiles lately but can you blame him?
Patrick Jacobsen
Patrick Jacobsen 2 aylar önce
Can we talk about if Bryan can do yes chants???
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 2 aylar önce
he doesnt know yet he answered that question in the video
SPtheGREAT 2 aylar önce
Shark Spray
Shark Spray 2 aylar önce
i just love Tony Khan. You can tell he loves the industry. Nevermind i just learnt hes the Co owner of Fulham. I hate Fulham.
Jake Howell
Jake Howell 2 aylar önce
I hope he's not gonna allow his kids around "THE ELITE" never know Kenny may have chasyn hidden backstage at there shows 🤢🤢🤢
Danish Hassan
Danish Hassan 2 aylar önce
how can saying 'yes' be intellectual property . isnt that stupid?
JD 2 aylar önce
Probably isn't.
dasallmaechtigeJ 2 aylar önce
Guys like Bryan are so important for AEW. You can’t build a company around guys that didn’t click and were jobbed out in WWE. You need legitimate star and drawing power, Bryan brings that to the table, Andrade f.e. doesn’t
G D JONES 2 aylar önce
Punk and Bryan are talking about how they love professional wrestling as put me off watching! Two men having a fake fight with no storylines or gimmicks may please the marks but it's not for me
AllSword 2 aylar önce
its all about money. Money talks
TONY HO 2 aylar önce
Tony Khan has a net worth around 7 billion but he doesn't look intimidating at all
granth1974 2 aylar önce
Some of these "journalists" 😂 "Yeah, you know, and all that stuff, you know stuff like that, and stuff"
Paul Schmich
Paul Schmich 2 aylar önce
The first classy wrestler I’ve seen in a long time
Ric Mcdonald
Ric Mcdonald 2 aylar önce
OVER RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imran Saleem
Imran Saleem 2 aylar önce
Clearly they are both Coked-up And Im Lovin it ;)
Imran Saleem
Imran Saleem 2 aylar önce
Thank You AEW!
Deep Muzik
Deep Muzik 2 aylar önce
you can be who you are in AEW . you are what vince wants you to be in WWE . FACT . fans should face it . even brey wyatt was dropped
thebiglynnoski69 2 aylar önce
Tony: We have a ranking system that we use to determine matches and position. BD: I wanna join! TK: What rankings we are copying the model of TNA in 2006, and DB you are our #1 contender. BD: What about all the guys who've been here? TK: Come on we both know those Indy nobody's can't draw big gates that's why I need you. TK & DB: Laughing.
Phil Jeavons
Phil Jeavons 2 aylar önce
Maybe naive question, but he repeats “x AEW looks good, but is he”. So forgive my ignorance on professional wrestling but is it not kind of scripted? So how can you prove anyone’s better if you already know what your doing beforehand.
StuntDummy 2 aylar önce
AEW looks like a more relaxed and chill environment compared to WWE. Glad to see these guys flourishing there.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 aylar önce
I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️
Precious Kitty
Precious Kitty 2 aylar önce
who’s the guy with the black suit on the left? 😍
Mr. J
Mr. J 2 aylar önce
good leave u aint even good at promo and stuff either the miz on the mic is much better then u so thats good ur in aew all the nobody is there
Ryan Neary
Ryan Neary 2 aylar önce
was going to say. the yes chant aint WWE's intillectual property, its Diego Sanchez's
H.J Gitryte
H.J Gitryte 2 aylar önce
Never even knew who Darby was. That boy is the TRUTH.
CloverOfLuck 2 aylar önce
Such a humble well spoken individual
pkmkb 2 aylar önce
Cm punk , or bryan or dean Ambrose , all of them are famous and successful bcz of wwe , and aew is running bcz of wwe superstar who earned fame when they were in wwe
Clay 2 aylar önce
I've seen this move before. Wwe lost talent to wcw and got killed for a few years but eventually blew them away.
That Horror Guy
That Horror Guy 2 aylar önce
I'm not sure how much a star like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan are getting paid? I know that both wrestlers could have made a hell of a lot of money if they signed another contract with AEW? I know that they are making good money, enough to live comfortably,cuz these are guys use to getting paid well due to the fact that they are so good. And it's obvious that Bryan seems so comfortable and more in his element, also more happy and like it's been noted,starting with Mox, wrestlers from WWE just seem more happy in general. Every single one of them. CM Punk held out and never again signed with WWE. Such a great talent like CM Punk,a top guy as well,ntm a man who's dream was to be a prowrestler. A man who had a passion for it and became such a beloved icon in wrestling,and such a crowd favorite. WWE had such an effect on CM Punk, that he actually fell out of love and started to hate his dream job,a job he always wanted,and was one of the best in the world at. So thank God for AEW,it has brought back CM Punk. And if you listen to Bryan talk,you will easily understand that this was something he planned to do. He had this in the works for some time. He seemed to just be waiting until his time was up in WWE. And while he was waiting,he was paying close attention to what AEW was doing,and also their success and probably spoke to others who came before him from WWE. Now,as he had seen how big this company has gotten,the stacked roster,the talent,just as I'm sure Punk did before he committed. The situation being that with Punk and Cole and especially a beloved wrestler like Bryan in AEW now. It has just made the company step up a few levels. These were the names and signings needed to make the major impact on how many eyes are now on this product. This was why ALL OUT was a very important as well as a historical prowrestling PPV. It debuted two big-time and main eventers,with big name value in just the last 10 minutes of the show. It was absolutely incredible,and it shows that AEW is a company that will pull out all the stops,and instead of waiting to get a pop for another of the two debuting names,they care so much about their fans at the event, and watching at home,to just blow everyone's mind and throw these two big names out at one PPV,within minutes of each other,and it paid off well! Very well! The shock value alone was off the charts! And at this time is now known as the best PPV in wrestling history. Ntm,the matches being excellent.
Marc Goodbar
Marc Goodbar 2 aylar önce
Bryan is such a class act. I love him and Punk both. Both great human beings....as good as they are in the ring
WrestleHammer 2 aylar önce
Going against the grain by reading, you’re an inspiration to us all bryan
the duelist
the duelist 2 aylar önce
Im here for tonys facials lol
Phantom light
Phantom light 2 aylar önce
I love how Bryan asked if he can say the f word lol WWE was too much for his mind
H.D. Brown
H.D. Brown 2 aylar önce
Bryan is awesome.
InsertCoinsToBegin 2 aylar önce
Bryan is such a stoner and Tony is an astronaut
1234AChristian 2 aylar önce
Khan really bout to do conferences for each top ex-WWE Legend turned AEW wrestler
why did we cut Tony off?
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 2 aylar önce
i think it goes to his own video which is on this channel also
David Fox
David Fox 2 aylar önce
We miss you on wwe but good luck on aew yes Yes yes
Oinam Thoujal
Oinam Thoujal 2 aylar önce
AEW trying to be TNA 2.0
Zuundasz 2 aylar önce
wish rhea ripley will be here to one day
KINGDWIGHT 2 aylar önce
Tony Khan has the biggest smile on his face, the man has literally changed the face of professional wrestling
Aidan Thomas
Aidan Thomas 2 aylar önce
This is game changing. Jericho was one thing, Moxley was one thing. But Punk, Bryan, Cole, possibly Wyatt and now possibly KO? This is game changing. So many great matches here, Omega, the Bucks, Alin. Cole even. Hell even potentially Jericho and Moxley would be good and Wyatt if he comes which is a big possibility. But, there has to be one more Punk feud at some point. Surely. And hopefully like Punk, he'll get some degree of creative freedom. Looks like ROH is finally getting the credit it deserves from a mainstream company also Overall, what a time to be a wrestling fan. I say cherish it now, because it won't be around forever.
Wow Gaming
Wow Gaming 2 aylar önce
LOL at the guy calling him Daniel. Hahaha.
Mike Watson
Mike Watson 2 aylar önce
That would be a awesome promotion name , EPW “ Excellent Professional Wrestling.
bp1y2x 2 aylar önce
"You show excellent professional wrestling to anyone, and anyone will enjoy it, because EXCELLENT professional wrestling, is fucking awesome!"
Zach Harris
Zach Harris 2 aylar önce
Legit question that I don't know the answer to: how do they field questions or decide which reporter gets to ask the next question? Tony solicited a question from a special person once but the rest of the time it seems like they all ask simultaneously and whoever is the loudest gets theirs answered. Very strange. Like an obnoxious loudmouth could come in and take over, although I'm sure there's an unwritten code of conduct they abide by. So is it just kind of like the wild west or is there a person in the audience from AEW deciding who gets to ask their question?
Coggies 2 aylar önce
The American Dragon about to rain down fire on AEW. I love it. This is such a great time to be a fan.
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