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Bryan Cranston is a six-time Emmy Award-winning actor you know from acclaimed Broadway performances, films that include 2013's Best Picture Argo, and iconic TV shows like Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad. He also stars in the highly anticipated second season of the crime drama Your Honor, now airing on Showtime. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as he makes his triumphant return to the Hot Ones table and takes on the wings of death with Sean Evans. Along the way, he discusses his love affair with the Dodgers, behind-the-scenes Breaking Bad stories, and the keys to being a committed actor.

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First We Feast
First We Feast Aylar önce
Heisenberg returns! Thumbs up if Breaking Bad is in your TV Mount Rushmore.
xL00t NinJAx
xL00t NinJAx 2 gün önce
Love love love love love this episode really good even after the season line up with shawn really good episode fr fr
karl wilkinsopn
karl wilkinsopn 12 gün önce
yoooooooo mr white u crushed those wings like u did the show
Boltz 17 gün önce
It's my Statue of Liberty. It stands alone as the finest TV show to ever grace the air.
inlyst 22 gün önce
17:51 his cough is packed with reverb. Was that on purpose?
inlyst 22 gün önce
“My” is too subjective. It’s in “the” TV Mt Rushmore. If there are entire planets carved by superior alien species, they have dedicated a planet to breaking bad.
The Precipice Of Reason
"If a character cries, the audience doesn't have to...but if a character tries not to cry, that's when the audience will." Pure genius.
OneP01nt 7 gün önce
still missing that space, edit the comment dude lol
OneP01nt 9 gün önce
you’re missing a space in between the 3 dots and the but
homeland should have learn this
Demon Editz
Demon Editz 12 gün önce
One of the resons why i never felt bad for the characters in stranger things.
Nat Lowry
Nat Lowry 13 gün önce
This is gold. This stuck with me too.
Fgaugejvs Gnetapp
Fgaugejvs Gnetapp Aylar önce
You can tell Sean (like most of us) is just mesmerized with how Bryan loves to share his experiences and how genuine he is, and you can tell just by looking at how he does it.
Abriel Robertsson
Abriel Robertsson Aylar önce
He's one of the few people of what I call the "true actors" generations that we are slowly not seeing anymore in the big screens. You can see how much he loves acting, how seriously he takes and how much educated he is about acting. I'm glad that shows like this give him the opportunity to show how smart and down to earth he truly is, instead of watching him make a funny joke or two or play games at Fallon.
♡ berries and cream ♡
we stan bryan
Wazupwolf Aylar önce
A true thespian
Odist Aylar önce
Yup it’s a true art form that he’s carrying the history forward and paving a way for the future
Louieee Aylar önce
Bryan Cranston feels like that cool, sassy middle school teacher who'll grade you hard but also actually care
Gareth Fritz
Gareth Fritz Gün önce
Never had one that cared unfortunately but that’s Australia for you!
Pietro Martignon
Pietro Martignon 2 gün önce
@chysicus tree L
cimA 4 gün önce
he teaches a lot of stuff too
Gutserk 9 gün önce
He grades hard BECAUSE he cares. The type of guy to say “I’m giving you a c because I know you can do better than this”
Tyler Koenig
Tyler Koenig 9 gün önce
Call it a wild guess, but i think he’ll teach chemistry
John X
John X Aylar önce
Bryan Cranston is so warm and relatable. You want to listen to and like him. He's so charming and socially intelligent.
Howard Treesong
Howard Treesong Aylar önce
Sean has elevated the cheesy experience of eating spicy wings into a treasure of interviewing people of substance and consequence. It could be the most cringe-inducing show and he elevates it with thoughtful questions and delightful guests.
Jesus Herrera
Jesus Herrera 3 gün önce
He also is an amazing host. He allows his guests to speak and he just listens. That makes it even more engageful.
HanzsKlopek Aylar önce
Dude's a legend. He even brought socks that match the napkins.
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Also matches the hot sauce.
G20 Aylar önce
Eagle eyes
Lawrence Eich
Lawrence Eich Aylar önce
@UPINDAT247 ??????¿?
C Aylar önce
@Newman Newmanz what about the bodies in your basement? Why would you do stuff like that?
The Law of Divine Oneness
He really is a legend. And don't forget all those hilarious episodes of King of Queens and Seinfeld he was in. The guy is pure gold.
Mindy G
Mindy G Aylar önce
Listening to Bryan describe putting on his headphones and 'floating away' during a rough childhood had me in tears. I felt for him so much and also related to my own bad childhood coping mechanism: my sony walkman. I only had a few albums, but whenever I hear those songs now they still have a calming, disassociate effect on me.
Fientje Bauwens
Fientje Bauwens Aylar önce
This might sound weird but bryan looks and acts so much like my father who passed away almost 2 years ago and bryan brings me so much comfort i can’t describe it.
Panic Chicken the Third
Ok that is so incredibly sweet I’m about to cry for ya 🥹🥹
JAINOVA Aylar önce
it doesnt sound weird at all, i totally get it
John Moore
John Moore Aylar önce
I had the pleasure of being on set with Mr. Cranston for a movie several years back. He was a true professional. Courteous to everyone, clearly brilliant as an actor and willing to let all "characters" in the room try, whether in, or out of character. I met him at the coffee bar on set and it felt like I was standing next to an extra. He has no pretension.
Penr0se 6 gün önce
that's awesome, just raw talent and no ego, what a guy.
Jenny Lowe
Jenny Lowe Aylar önce
He's is literally one of the best actors ever! So real and compassionate and a brilliant mind. Complete and mad respect to this talented man.
RobasterGaming Aylar önce
the fact that you mention malcom in the middle and breaking bad in the same sentence so nonchalantly just goes to show how amazing of an actor he is.
tiny99990 Aylar önce
His impersonation of Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman is astoundingly good, because he didn't try and mimic the actual sound of his voice, but mimicked the inflections *SO* well that it is a perfect impersonation
Abdallah Ayaz
Abdallah Ayaz 2 gün önce
Read this comment as it was happening, made me laugh 😂
Hystial Aylar önce
@Claire Boddey that's crazy. Thanks for informing me.
Claire Boddey
Claire Boddey Aylar önce
@Hystial sceptical is the correct spelling. It’s spelt skeptical by Americans.
Nanashi Aylar önce
@irish November What do you mean
IJustDoComments Aylar önce
I was like wow, he actually sounded like Jesse just then, crazy good.
Sasha M
Sasha M 7 gün önce
Bryan Cranston would make the best teacher ever. I would go to his class every day, he just has such a mesmerizing way of explaining things. It doesn't matter what he's talking about, I'm interested.
One of the best actors of all time. My childhood. My adulthood. What a guy.
Kirstie Webster - Gaming
I second this ☺️🫶🏻
June Asiimwe
June Asiimwe 3 gün önce
Bryan Cranston's voice is so soothing. I love listening to him talk about anything, especially since he's such a great storyteller.
Sytheneri Aylar önce
Wow.. hearing Bryan talk about baseball with his childhood trauma made me feel exactly how he was. I had a real rough childhood too and used movies to tune out whatever was happening.
AJ Renee Mua
AJ Renee Mua Aylar önce
They are both such great conversationalists, it's great to see them together again
DomoKing69 Aylar önce
Walter White did a phenomenal job portraying Bryan Cranston
HEISENBERG 15 gün önce
Thank you, I did my best
Fatal Dawn
Fatal Dawn 21 gün önce
Yeah lol fck sake 😂 uuuf ;3 ♡ Xd too funny too lol uuuuf hahaha I can't stop laughing lol
Daniel Hardesty
Daniel Hardesty 25 gün önce
@Jay Ryan your hisenburg.
Jay Ryan
Jay Ryan Aylar önce
Say my name
Darryl T
Darryl T Aylar önce
This feels more like a wholesome father and son moment.
Sceme1991 22 gün önce
Yeah the (grand)fathery vibes are really strong on him
Charlie Lamare Ortiz
He is so calming and endearing. I could listen to him for hours. And he seems like such a gentle, nice, and genuine person irl.
Mislukn Sfsuis
Mislukn Sfsuis Aylar önce
This man has raised like 2 different generations of people with Malcolm in the middle and breaking bad
Duhcisive Aylar önce
He should honestly start doing audiobooks, I could literally sit here and listen to him talk all day.
Natasha Zile
Natasha Zile Aylar önce
This might be one of my favorite episodes yet. Bryan seems like such a nice and down to earth guy. And such a talented actor. I love seeing the way Sean brings out this side of people too, I feel like they feel extremely comfortable around him. I mean, as comfortable one can be while eating hot wings of course 😂
BigMark2.0 Aylar önce
I love how Cranston really flipped the script. HE did all the talking, while the host ate while he listened. Then suffered.
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
He is the only person to defeat Sean.
Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey Aylar önce
@Xavier Jaison That’s because he is the one who knocks
callmeaish Aylar önce
This is how interviews work?
Xavier Jaison
Xavier Jaison Aylar önce
I am the danger Skyler
Cameron Greene
Cameron Greene Aylar önce
Classic Walter White
Alex Gambrell
Alex Gambrell 16 saatler önce
His charisma seems so effortless. He just lights up the room, his answers are so genuine and thoughtful i love him!
Marko Kristic
Marko Kristic Aylar önce
I met Mr. Cranston couple of years ago. I was working in an American military base in Europe. He was doing some kind of talks to the Students there. Since I was such a huge fan from his TV series Malcom in the middle I asked his agent if there is a possibility for a photo. He actually did it happily. Super funny, inteligent, down to earth, amazing experience...
Alex Young
Alex Young 8 gün önce
Easily the most real actor out there. This man is somebody every single person on the planet would enhance their life by having a simple conversation with. This was an absolute joy to watch.
newby547 Gün önce
Malcolm in the Middle was a big show in our house growing up. Looking back, Bryan Cranston did such an awesome job with Hal. He's definitely an actor that has always put out a great character
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice 2 gün önce
Bryan is brilliant and seems to be a person who can bring out the best of people. Really inspiring human being!
kun Aylar önce
Bryan is literally one of the most captivating people I’ve ever seen. This man really knows how to tell a story, and on top of that he’s a brilliant actor. Truly a master of his craft.
Andreas Habeck
Andreas Habeck Aylar önce
@Annalise Norris I know what sus means, I just don't get why you think he is suspicious 😃
Pesse Jinkmanberg
Pesse Jinkmanberg Aylar önce
@Annalise Norris lol thanks for explanation
Annalise Norris
Annalise Norris Aylar önce
@Andreas Habeck he's "suspicious as f---- not gonna lie"
Andreas Habeck
Andreas Habeck Aylar önce
@Pesse Jinkmanberg what does that mean?
tigersunruss Aylar önce
I never watched Malcom in the middle and I kind of want to now. I found him in Breaking Bad and I'm with you, I love hearing him talk. I think he's the guy I would want mentoring me if I was interested in becoming an actor.
Oliver Blaylock
Oliver Blaylock 8 gün önce
Bryan seems like such a kind soul.
Jacy Saad
Jacy Saad Aylar önce
He's also so well-spoken and his description of what acting is like, was just unreal. He's incredibly smart and his passion for his work is clear in how he presented it in this video. (Ps... I'm sure most have but if not, go check out his shows, Breaking Bad in particular, and his current one as well!)
Fab Gon
Fab Gon Aylar önce
Protect this man at all costs. Such a genuine soul. He always reminds me of my childhood when i would watch Malcolm in the middle
Died inVayne
Died inVayne 17 gün önce
Bryan Cranston has got to be the best interviewee ever. His story telling is awesome! I love how he goes into every little bit of what he says in detail, but at the same time, makes it so understandable, relatable, and entertaining that the listeners and even Sean is engaged and listening.
Kyle S
Kyle S 22 gün önce
Bryan is such a down to earth genuine guy. This was awesome.
Louis R
Louis R Aylar önce
I actually had the pleasure of meeting Brian Cranston after a small play he did in LA. He is without a doubt one of the kindest and most genuine people in Hollywood.
Hailey Davis
Hailey Davis Aylar önce
I met him too and I completely agree. He felt like a normal human.
jennifer kertes
jennifer kertes Aylar önce
Was it The Power of Sail? I saw him in La as well.
Dave Roy
Dave Roy Aylar önce
Wet I met Kevin spacey, I also thought he was the kindest
Sunny Bizz
Sunny Bizz Aylar önce
Such a generous entertainer
cky137 Aylar önce
Such an insanely likeable guy
T E L E GRAM👉@FirstWe_Feast
Congratulations ☝️☝️☝️I have a package for you 🎁🎁🎁.
Steph Aylar önce
This man for me is hands down one of the best actors of all time! And no one will change my mind! But for me he'll always be Hal just because you didn't know how he'd be! I go back and watch the episode where he teaches Malcolm how to skate when I need a good laugh!!
Jordan 15 gün önce
Talk about talk about talk about moooooovin
Steph Aylar önce
@ria palmer To be fair that programme was absolute gold, so many laugh out loud episodes! It's really hard to choose a favourite! But the skates with the disco music genius!! Such a shame that Frankie can't remember it!😞 but that hopefully might've changed ?
ria palmer
ria palmer Aylar önce
Yes that episode makes me so happy!
JMB 2 gün önce
It's so amazing and great that, year after year, Sean (and I assume his team) have managed to come up with excellent, engaging, fun questions for the guests. Sean really is more than just good at his job and gets the most out of his interviews.
atamagashock 13 gün önce
How he spoke about Vin Scully is exactly what Harry Kalas was for me. He was able to take me to a different place. Forget about my current surroundings or problems and transport me to a new reality. Man I miss that man
Tuni Aylar önce
I admire him so much. Every word out of his mouth is pure gold.
Ron Rammer
Ron Rammer Aylar önce
This man truly was the only man for walter white. He’s a genius. Phenomenal actor and person
Brandon C
Brandon C 5 gün önce
The only guy I could've seen play Walter White and done a good job aside from Bryan Cranston was Jeffery Dean Morgan. He's another actor capable of going from quiet meek family man to absolute badass and it not feeling forced.
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions 25 gün önce
@Mamad Nobari you seem fun
Ron Rammer
Ron Rammer Aylar önce
@Jackie C I was watching it last night haha. On season 4 again. There’s a scream compilation of Hal on TRvid and it’s brilliant 🤩
UnLimiTed Pepsi
UnLimiTed Pepsi 4 gün önce
Bryan Cranston is one of the most wholesome actors.
Thomas Griffiths
Thomas Griffiths 6 gün önce
I actually started to cry when he talked about not crying in order to get the audience to cry for you.
Henry Aylar önce
Brian Cranston reminds me of Anthony Hopkins in a way because they both radiate this calm strength about them. It's comforting to listen to them speak and share what they've learned. He's also very "real" and doesn't bs his way through things. Very genuine and really enjoyed the interview.
June Asiimwe
June Asiimwe 3 gün önce
I feel the same way about these two. I always like listening to their interviews because of this calm wise energy they have. Both have great voices too.
Craig Grant
Craig Grant 4 gün önce
Bryan is a great actor because he is an amazing story teller .
Paul Weston
Paul Weston 25 gün önce
This is the first Bryan Cranston interview I've seen in completion (not a random clip of an interview). What a captivating guy and probably the fact that it was a Hot Ones interview made it even more enjoyable. I've never ssen an episode of Breaking Bad but everybody says I gotta check it out.
rigboat. Aylar önce
It is INSANE how easily he handled those wings. It really amazes me. He powered through those like they didn’t matter. Amazing.
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
He went so far that Sean couldn't even keep up.
Bk J
Bk J Aylar önce
Probably from all the New Mexico Chile
Botros Ojeil
Botros Ojeil Aylar önce
Most people would be freaking out. He was so calm and answering questions very clearly.
Maarten n
Maarten n Aylar önce
@Feldspar lol no
argreetha Aylar önce
@Aditya Khapre It's a show from 2008 get over yourself
Caleb Garr
Caleb Garr Aylar önce
I have a new and deepened admiration for Bryan. Truly a genuine soul.
Mush Mouf
Mush Mouf Aylar önce
Hes great cause he's always willing to learn and take advice
Spaced Out Of Mind
Spaced Out Of Mind 20 gün önce
absolute legend Bryan Cranston!
S B 9 gün önce
18:30 BC talks about working for this dating company in very different part of his life with the same integrity as he does his current acting roles. He talks passionately about it like he just experienced it, not decades ago. He's very interesting.
8-Bit Saturn
8-Bit Saturn Gün önce
The picture they showed of younger Bryan shows how well they chose an actor for the role of Walter JR/Flynn, they look super similar but just different enough to pull off the child/parent connection
MysticJhn Aylar önce
I've gotta say, that was easily one of the best Hot Ones interviews I've seen to date. Bryan Cranston feels absolutely insightful and genuine while clearly enjoying the wings. He feels like he is giving thoughtful answers and isn't just here to promote his show.
chair Aylar önce
It's always so satisfying and refreshing to see someone who is very passionate about their work and love to share things that they've learned from it to others. Bryan Cranston is the perfect example
Linda Williams
Linda Williams 8 gün önce
BRYAN CRANSTON a real class act! Love Your Honor and Breaking Bad. We can't wait to see what he'll star in next, maybe a season 3 of Your Honor??
banter abc
banter abc 16 gün önce
Bryan has the charisma to make a prank with the staff to switch the wings a little
Kelly Pollock
Kelly Pollock Aylar önce
I love this episode. Love ❤️ Brian Cranston
Joe Aylar önce
Never watched a hot ones before but it was refreshing to hear some genuinely original questions, really showed how much research and effort went into this and it pays off with the fantastic answers
Jita Natsu
Jita Natsu 5 gün önce
I love Bryan Cranston, this wonderful man is just overflowing with wisdom and positivity!
P K Aylar önce
Bryan is simply a legend. Has outstanding charisma and talent and is always a pleasure to watch.
Maui the mushroom
Maui the mushroom Aylar önce
He’s the best isn’t he
RobertPaulson Aylar önce
Bryan Cranston is a treasure. One of the best actors of our time.
Malachi Aylar önce
Nick Green
Nick Green Aylar önce
I can’t get enough of Bryan , everything he does is gold .
SLaitaar Aylar önce
Every time I'm amazed at how grounded, humble and wise he appears to be. A true role model in dedication, talent and humility.
Biringvad Aylar önce
He explains it in the smartless podcast, came from a really broken family and wanted to rise above that
Ryan LeRoux
Ryan LeRoux Aylar önce
@Newman Newmanz No he isn’t lol
Scewt Aylar önce
@Newman Newmanz By definition that is what an actor is, congratulations you are in fact literate to some degree.
Red Panda
Red Panda Aylar önce
@Brat Prica I’m cryin
lil kirbbo
lil kirbbo Aylar önce
@Mr. Hyde ummm yea. Cause I'll give him the benefit of the doubt till he proves other wise? I mean I'm alot more cautious of people in person but if he ends up being a scumbag then oh well. Dude hasn't ever done anything shady as far as I know and I feel when he talks he's genuine. At that point your just doubting cause you assume everyone in Hollywood is a monster. Which maybe are but I don't believe that case with him.
Drumming_Monkey 16 gün önce
I like how he talks about his methods of acting and choosing a project like "why him?" and I was amazed how he managed to not name his co star of that movie lol
AR Rossouw
AR Rossouw Aylar önce
Great interview as always Shaun. Also, fresh kicks. Throughout the seasons I have also learned to look out for and appreciate your extra spice in fashion.
invaderzimismyfav Aylar önce
He really cared about his work at great expectations
T E L E GRAM👉@FirstWe_Feast
Congratulations ☝️☝️☝️I have a package for you 🎁🎁🎁.
Gabriel Willians™
Gabriel Willians™ 21 saatler önce
what an incredible person and actor
sdk90 Aylar önce
This man is the single most influential actor of his era IMO. I could listen to him do this for hours
xPreame Aylar önce
One of the greatest actors of all time..but one of the greatest human beings as well. The world needs more people like him
Gold, Jerry! Gold!
Gold, Jerry! Gold! Aylar önce
@Mondo wahhh WAH WAH children are being taught the truth of the world
Mondo Aylar önce
@Gold, Jerry! Gold! At least I don't have to be childish enough to resort to name calling. 🙄
Mondo Aylar önce
@Airworthyboxer Look on the Official CRT definition, hes right.
Simon Sayz
Simon Sayz 12 gün önce
this man acted in 2 of the greatest series of my life... i never forget malcolm in the middle or breaking bad. this man is a genius!
The Big Turtle In Wall
I just love how genuine he is
Aerys Roy
Aerys Roy Aylar önce
This guy is a king .. legit probably a great humble guy irl
Brian Hannold
Brian Hannold Aylar önce
Bryan Cranston is the ONE THAT KNOCKS! He has been great in every role! Great interview and great episode!
allmelina Aylar önce
hood passion for acting is so real, it makes me cry
RickyRick Aylar önce
I love Bryan Cranston . He commits himself to his work, even a chicken wing interview he is fun, lively , and engaging.
LtCdrXander Aylar önce
Interestingly, Bryan Cranston also did voice acting work for old-school anime dubs in the 90s. He actually landed a pretty weird role during that time, as he voiced the main protagonist in the American dub of the 90's anime film, "Ramayana: the Legend of Prince Rama", an anime movie created jointly by Japan and India in celebration of 40 years of good relations between the two countries. It's actually a pretty cool anime, and it even features an army of monkey warriors! Unfortunately though, the American dub with Cranston seems to have been lost to time, as no version of it seem to exist anymore. There's another English dub that can be found here on YT actually (in 144p of course), but it's the British English one, not the American one with Cranston. It seems like the American dub tried to appeal more to American kids by having goofy jokes littered everywhere, which is to be expected. Consequently, the focus on comedy takes away from the moral values and life lessons taught in the original Ramayana story, but still, it would be interesting if anyone found the lost Bryan Cranston dub. Cranston did voice work in some other animes during the time, such as the Street Fighter II anime, and some others that I don't remember off the top of my head. It goes to show how much range one can have as an actor.
Mrs. Bz
Mrs. Bz Aylar önce
@rdb no offense taken at all. Trust me, I was disappointed as well because I was a huge fan of Breaking Bad. He’s still an amazing actor, but I don’t appreciate his ego.
rdb Aylar önce
@Mrs. Bz you have a very valid point I apologise for coming across rude
rdb Aylar önce
@Mrs. Bz I won't lie I'm a bit sad to hear he was like that
Mrs. Bz
Mrs. Bz Aylar önce
@rdb he referred to his superior intellect and talent several times in about a 45 minute speech and wasn’t at all joking. It was shocking. I actually left early because I was so grossed out by his arrogance.
Skankhunt42 11 gün önce
He's so right about that crying thing. Most people are repressed. I know I am. I hate when people start bawling on TV, it just makes me super uncomfortable. It hits way harder to see a person handle it like I would. You don't just let yourself break down in tears easily haha.
Rohan Arora
Rohan Arora 9 gün önce
such amazing insights and such great articulation of them. bryan's one of the best for sure
A. Schmidt
A. Schmidt Aylar önce
This was so interesting! I hasn’t seen much that Brian Cranston has been in, but I loved this interview he had great insights- answers to great questions that Sean asks of course- and the stoic Da Bomb reaction is unreal lol
T E L E GRAM👉@FirstWe_Feast
Congratulations ☝️☝️☝️I have a package for you 🎁🎁🎁..
Bubba G
Bubba G Aylar önce
i love bryan, i swear hes so poetic, the way he describes things are just lovely
mayra sanchez
mayra sanchez 12 gün önce
I love Bryan so much my fav actor so inspiring man 🎉
Elizabeth Brammer
Elizabeth Brammer Aylar önce
I love that the goal of this show is to break down the exterior so interviewees are more authentic, and that even when faced with this, he is still so articulate and thoughtful with every answer… EPIC!
MixMastaCopyCat Aylar önce
@Hayes Hine Yeah I guess if that were true then that WOULD be disappointing! Luckily it's not tho
Alex Coroian
Alex Coroian Aylar önce
@Hayes Hine what's your source for that info?
Hayes Hine
Hayes Hine Aylar önce
You'd be disappointed to find out it's scripted then.
Rick P
Rick P Aylar önce
@DHunter47 ew, gross
smcthatisme Aylar önce
I haven't watched every episode of every season, but I've watched quite a few and this by far is my favorite episode. Cranston's interview is amazing and the way he handles the hot wings is impeccable - like a walk in the park. And he drops the best pearl of wisdom at the very end. Loved it!
LamarC Aylar önce
Love him beyond his characters.
Bo Bowling
Bo Bowling 22 gün önce
One of the greatest actors of ALL TIME, and greatest Minds! He is a pure genius! I honestly think he doesn't get the credit he deserves! I think his name should be mentioned up there with the likes of Denzel, Deniro, Brando, etc.
ALex O'Blivion
ALex O'Blivion Aylar önce
Bryan Cranston is a national treasure.
montse 24 gün önce
These interviews always ask the most interesting questions. It’s so freshing to watch compared to other shows
Dan W
Dan W Aylar önce
"Look at us. Who would have thought?" The legacy of Paul Rudd and his legendary episode will forever remain with this show.
Root Fam
Root Fam Aylar önce
@Edward Alcala20:05
khobe Briant
khobe Briant Aylar önce
Yeess! Rudd and Cranston seem like 2 of the most genuine actors and humans.
Scout Aylar önce
@Edward Alcala you can actaully open the video transcript (which is auto genrated keep that in mind) and ctrl + f the keywords you wanna find in the video
Dean G
Dean G Aylar önce
@joelface cheers legend. the hero we all needed !!!
Dan W
Dan W Aylar önce
@Forgotmynamelol Ditto! I was hoping that as well.
CalvinB 19 gün önce
Bryan Cranston is honestly such a gem in a Hollywood. Surrounded by schemers and filthy celebs Cranston has always remained who he is. It’s truly awesome to see.
Sati Aylar önce
I have mad love for Bryan Cranston one of the most underrated actors in the modern era 💯❤️
Bomb Voyage
Bomb Voyage 29 gün önce
He's so good at telling stories he could be/should be a standup comic.
361Jonel 14 gün önce
I keep wondering how Sean can think of such good questions. Comprehensive, yet mostly new-ish. Not repetitive at all.
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis 29 gün önce
My son is in highschool and started acting in his school's theater club. I told him to watch Bryan Cranston and try to channel the love he shows for what he does.
El Diablo Blanco
El Diablo Blanco Aylar önce
Hes a rarity in Hollywood, a great actor and even better human being.
Paine IntheAss
Paine IntheAss 10 gün önce
The story about Vin Scully could be repeated by millions of boys from the 60s and 70s substituting their own hometown announcers. And when they retired and then passed, it was like a part of your childhood, and therefore a part of you, had passed with them. The connection was so great for example in a city like Philly with Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn, that they are still revered to this day, and many older fans, like me, will watch the game with the sound off, bc we cant hear it any other way. Anyway...
Graham Strouse
Graham Strouse Gün önce
You speak the truth, my friend.
Zach Schwartzenburg
This is the first time I've seen Sean break like this. Buddy was on the struggle bus
Walter370z 2 gün önce
Love how he shared so much behind the scenes Hollywood info
Eliza 16 gün önce
Wow! Congrats Sean on all your success 👏
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