Browns vs. Chiefs Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Cleveland Browns take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season.

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12 Eyl 2021




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John Wesley Huss
John Wesley Huss 4 gün önce
1 month already 😭😭
Dane Ironfoot
Dane Ironfoot 10 gün önce
We need kareem hunt back ASAP!!
Hunter Ross
Hunter Ross 13 gün önce
This was a great game
sonny. 999
sonny. 999 15 gün önce
Browns fans..., Hate to BUST this Buble y'all r floating on, but history will repeat itself. Y'all will make it to AFC CHAMPIONSHIP, but instead of Denver it will b Buffalo that sends y'all back in time. HA-HA-HA!!!!! . LOVE IT!!. Oh n by da way, I'm a Vikings fan so we will b giving y'all a " L " this weekend. COPY???
Th3HavOc 13 gün önce
Lol y’all will give us what
Koji Riotz
Koji Riotz 15 gün önce
4:28 ....REALLY?!?
Timron SWRD
Timron SWRD 16 gün önce
I wish I was a QB
Jin Bambino-DiGeronimo #WitchHunter #CultDestroyer
Why did they use cgi from madden?
BrownsFan02 18 gün önce
Need a slowMo version of the Garrett and Clowney sack at the end of the game
Andrew BLINGard
Andrew BLINGard 18 gün önce
5:28 Great effort by 91
Andrew BLINGard
Andrew BLINGard 18 gün önce
4:33 If that's not a block in the back, idontknow what is.
Wownasanat 18 gün önce
Chiefs fans -
TheRomanticTruth 19 gün önce
Can you say "A great superbowl match up!"
cruz loera
cruz loera 20 gün önce
God in a just world the chiefs would be 0-3 right now.
Roman McMillan
Roman McMillan 20 gün önce
Baker throwing a fit on the field at the end of the game was funny asf to me
Darion Hale
Darion Hale 21 gün önce
Tyreek Hill 15 targets 11 receptions 197 receiving yards 1 receiving touchdown
Tae Evans
Tae Evans 21 gün önce
Baker does not throw a good ball. Idk thats just my opinion.🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🤷🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Chuck Boss
Chuck Boss 23 gün önce
What a ___ing Game !
firecrackerjack68 23 gün önce
I miss the days when the Browns used to suck LOL! Happy that they're doing well so far this season.
DJ Chill Will
DJ Chill Will 23 gün önce
5:28 is what you want to see from a big boy
Rob Radomski
Rob Radomski 24 gün önce
Same old losing Cleveland browns
Taric Ov
Taric Ov 24 gün önce
Can someone explain to me the 4th down at time stamp 8:00? How do Browns players pass the ball to each other?
Relatos litevarios (Erick Gc Autor)
Myles Garret ya le queda grande a los Browns...
Abby 24 gün önce
BNE 26
BNE 26 25 gün önce
Browns are the funniest team to watch
Josue Rodriguez
Josue Rodriguez 25 gün önce
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Законопослушный водитель
Вот это развязка😯😯😯
TRT Jogan
TRT Jogan 26 gün önce
Wow those on field cameras are nuts.
Jamison Lynch
Jamison Lynch 26 gün önce
Alright browns, I’m rooting for y’all this season, y’all are the true underdogs right now.
Tai Huynh
Tai Huynh 26 gün önce
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Rock girl
Rock girl 26 gün önce
Nice! Congratulations to the Chiefs Kingdom and greeting from Berlin, Germany!
Gen Sco
Gen Sco 26 gün önce
Great video and thanks for sharing! Those Brown have a great team this year.
Sidney Mathious
Sidney Mathious 26 gün önce
K.C. needs to work on their defense next week and get them ready for their next game since they was off and let Cleveland defeat them.
RIM ORTHODOX ERI. 26 gün önce
guys why do you like American football why is it so important everyone who loves are such watch another sport.
Rock girl
Rock girl 26 gün önce
the season.
Catrina Craft
Catrina Craft 26 gün önce
I could do that, easy! I don’t eve lift weights! 😂😂😂 jk!
임병렬 27 gün önce
패트맄 마홈스!다치지 말고,화이팅.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 27 gün önce
As a South African, this is a very unpopular opinion but…football is way more entertaining than rugby😅
Justin h
Justin h 27 gün önce
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Fish Yalcaraz
Fish Yalcaraz 27 gün önce
That come back 😍😍
Ryan216Ohio 27 gün önce
I believe Ty Hill is what Dante Hall was supposed to be.
Pharaoh KT
Pharaoh KT 27 gün önce
That touchdown camera is the shits lol
Landon White
Landon White 27 gün önce
Kansas ain't crap
some? guy
some? guy 27 gün önce
love the versatility of the browns play-calling, and man landry had such a game in that aspect
Andrei Nybakken
Andrei Nybakken 27 gün önce
Browns are legit. A fun team to watch, unpredictable, unconventional in their style. On the other hand, I gotta mute Mahome's plays. Just can't take any more of his guttoral screeching and Kermit-like speeches. I get that he's the goat and whatever - that's not really up for debate - @ this point it's just his vocal chords that are annoying af.
Andrei Nybakken
Andrei Nybakken 21 gün önce
@Hard truth, not soft lies! I know THAT much - am just noticing the general opinion. People seem to be contemplating the imminent future of football players, rather than anything of past glory. My personal opinion: Montana, four for four, and I never even rooted for him, nor his team.
Hard truth, not soft lies!
It is up for debate! He's NOT the goat!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 27 gün önce
The browns just need to keep capitalizing and play like they’re losing in the 2nd half. They’re great, and they’re gonna go far if they can just finish strong in the 4th
Lorand 27 gün önce
kicker dropped the ball on the punt, a rookie mistake. If it wasnt for the Chiefs starting from what 15-yds from the goal line? Browns could've had this. Again Chiefs, championship caliber team, won on their opponent's mistakes. 1st game gitters maybe, 1st time this new Browns defense playing a regular season game together as well against one of the top teams. The mistakes that happened can easily be fixed. Punt mistake like that doesn't happen often and I can guarantee it wont happen again the rest of the season.
JÄGER_rS 28 gün önce
I wonder which atmosphere is louder a penn state WHITEOUT or Arrowhead Stadium
TheBrokenOwl 28 gün önce
As a Chiefs fan, I absolutely love it when we go against the Browns. Like we need to go against them more often and maybe for the AFC Championship as well
Christian's Brain
Christian's Brain 28 gün önce
I love that the Browns are scary now
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 27 gün önce
Denver winning the division
Theodor Hansen
Theodor Hansen 28 gün önce
Mahomes was consistently on point this game
Bobby Routh
Bobby Routh 28 gün önce
Browns got smacked.
spiderman fan page
spiderman fan page 28 gün önce
14:38 was the best part of the game
Jacksun Charles
Jacksun Charles 28 gün önce
Both Jones and #91 on the chiefs should have penalties
a 28 gün önce
Browns are good but did some key mistakes
FRED MERTZ 28 gün önce
CLEVELAND, the perennial joke of the NFL.. might add the Raiers ( no d)
MalRulesAll 28 gün önce
Yo when I saw that the browns was up 22-10 I was like ok browns I see u then when the chiefs scored I was like yeah they coming back even when the browns scored again I knew they was gonna come back and I lowkey didn't know tyran didn't play this game 😅😂 PS: does anyone know y obj didn't play 🤔
MalRulesAll 27 gün önce
@sean jean oh ok 👌
sean jean
sean jean 27 gün önce
Obj didn’t play just as a precaution
sfbluestar 28 gün önce
What's with this bokeh stuff?
aola wili
aola wili 28 gün önce
Nice! Congratulations to the Chiefs Kingdom and greeting from Berlin, Germany!
Larry Laurenzi
Larry Laurenzi 28 gün önce
I love watching Landry block, he obliterates his targets.
Patrick Bauer
Patrick Bauer 28 gün önce
is obj injured but why he hasn't play??
FrostWonders 28 gün önce
Even though the browns lost this is the best they have looked in years
ShadowBandit39 28 gün önce
Well not watching the Chiefs this year, if there going to play give me a heart attack style every game.
aola wili
aola wili 28 gün önce
So Go Browns
Mat Brooks
Mat Brooks 28 gün önce
Denver winning the division
Man Of Chai Tea
Man Of Chai Tea 28 gün önce
Browns gave them a run for their money. No superbowl for mahomes this year. So we dont have to hear people calling him the goat for not even being close too bradys achievements.
Man Of Chai Tea
Man Of Chai Tea 23 gün önce
@Vegas Roller 702 sad is im a bengals fan saying this
Man Of Chai Tea
Man Of Chai Tea 23 gün önce
@Vegas Roller 702 mahomes cant touch brady
Man Of Chai Tea
Man Of Chai Tea 23 gün önce
@Vegas Roller 702 something brady has done
Vegas Roller 702
Vegas Roller 702 24 gün önce
@Man Of Chai Tea true and Mahomes won his SB and SB MVP his second season starting after having a top 3 best QB season while being name MVP his 1st season starting.
Man Of Chai Tea
Man Of Chai Tea 26 gün önce
@Vegas Roller 702 brady won it in his first...
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 28 gün önce
Browns defense needs to get it together!! Without those costly mistakes the browns would've had this game
The Jibblers
The Jibblers 28 gün önce
229 time
229 time 28 gün önce
That was a great game
Jim Bledsoe
Jim Bledsoe 28 gün önce
Mahomes may be fire, with his iq and born gifts, but I have to admit. Mayfield is like wine, he is 100% getting better with every year. He will see a ring or two, before he is gone from the game, good for him and Cleveland!!
Chip Seal
Chip Seal 28 gün önce
Is a citizen required to assist an agent of the state to build a case against himself?
Guy Ruiz
Guy Ruiz 28 gün önce
The nonchalant stranger temporally squash because burma visually stain save a uttermost swing. ratty, embarrassed betty
Neon Assassin
Neon Assassin 28 gün önce
Props to both teams..played their heart out...it comes down to whoever makes the most mistakes...this game is a playoff worthy game
Catata Fish
Catata Fish 28 gün önce
Great game i was going for them browns they played tough. GO FINS!
Ricky Muse
Ricky Muse 28 gün önce
This feels like like maybe the greatest season in NFL history. So much talent. DAMN!
Zak Burrell
Zak Burrell 28 gün önce
Barnburner great game
Carving Boss
Carving Boss 28 gün önce
Still look back at that epic Mahomes/Mayfield matchup in college where they threw for a combined total of about a million yards......love seeing them compete in the NFL now
Eli Pop it
Eli Pop it 29 gün önce
The Cleveland Browns Defense Was Pretty Good if They Keep This Up This Team Will have a Chance to go to the Super Bowl This Year and By the Way I'm a Browns Fan Myself So Go Browns
navahohoe _
navahohoe _ 29 gün önce
yeah but man year so far has been the most competitive games out of any year, and we just started
Nicholias Parham
Nicholias Parham 29 gün önce
The Browns look much much better. They're usually a team I could count on not having a good season, but against KC they really are showing some good promise. Keep it up!
King Tut
King Tut 29 gün önce
Do I start ceh or hunt against Texans ?
T Hawk
T Hawk 29 gün önce
Baker weak af 😂😂😂😂
LoneStarPoker 29 gün önce
The Browns reminded me of high school football taking chances doing different plays. So awesome
LoneStarPoker 29 gün önce
I thoroughly enjoyed watching this game
Keithoe 29 gün önce
Two good teams going at it kinda feels like the play offs already LOL
GodGamr13 29 gün önce
Browns played so good disappointed they didnt win
#ĀVREEEVANS 29 gün önce
*📌* *trvid.com/video/video-L6-_YpKQPws.html*
branja okrajinski
branja okrajinski 29 gün önce
E pa to
multimidnight13 29 gün önce
Yup. Same ol chiefs. Time to bet the spreads against the chiefs....AGAIN ! like last year.
Paul Jewson
Paul Jewson 29 gün önce
It's incredible, becoming a fan of the Browns when they were a factory of sadness (yes, I became a fan when they absolutely sucked and actually _because_ they absolutely sucked) and seeing them now hold their own against one of the best teams in the NFL. I'm really hoping we get to see the Browns in the Super Bowl soon because they have managed to rebuild the team in a way few teams can say they have.
Cody 29 gün önce
Such a damn shame Kareem messed up and can't be a Chief. He'd still be our best RB by a mile right now.
Rosalinde Truesdale
Rosalinde Truesdale 29 gün önce
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C⃠H⃠R⃠I⃠S⃠ R⃠O⃠S⃠A⃠L⃠E⃠Z⃠
Cheifs vs cowboys Super Bowl
Tommy Mori
Tommy Mori 29 gün önce
Browns would win in a 7-game series.
Jdj jdjd
Jdj jdjd 29 gün önce
My lord , The Browns need start playing straight up football 🏈 before trying trick plays on special teams or else..same old clowns 🤡
God's Rebel
God's Rebel 29 gün önce
Wow great game Browns seem like they always get the short end of the stick but they definitely should have won that one.
greg suarez
greg suarez 29 gün önce
Brady’s the 🐐, but this game was better than last year’s super bowl
Phillip Bentle
Phillip Bentle 29 gün önce
Man if that defensive lineman hadn’t grabbed bakers feet I think they could have won that. It stings, but good play by the chiefs defense
DDot Dollaz
DDot Dollaz 29 gün önce
Kansas defense really stepped up in the 4th.
ugotadeadtrim 37
ugotadeadtrim 37 29 gün önce
Just before the chiefs reached 26 that should have been a interception
Michael Rea
Michael Rea 29 gün önce
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Guillermo Lopez
Guillermo Lopez 29 gün önce
Dawg Pound looking sharp even in defeat
BIG NA 29 gün önce
That evil laugh tho lol 10:04
Really Bad Day in Football 😂
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