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Chris Stuckmann reviews Brightburn, starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner. Directed by David Yarovesky.




24 May 2019

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Robert Echevarria
Robert Echevarria 7 saatler önce
Bright Burn B.B...2!!!! I would watch it!!!!
The Bab God
The Bab God 17 saatler önce
moral of the story: kill a bunch of people, get a cookie
Marcel Bittencourt
This would be a cool TV show. Rated R, right...
ward wardy
ward wardy 2 gün önce
I was very surprised with this movie I didn't think I like it so much. Its original for the fact that theres no happy ending in it. It be interesting to see him as a man he would be very close to superman's power.
anton feldman
anton feldman 2 gün önce
chris: i was impressed by the kills
enter a name here
enter a name here 2 gün önce
It was better than justice league. This movie had the potential to be really good but the kid leaving the sign and the cop got there too quick and it needed more gore and more investigation from the cop. It got lazy really quick
fazeel ashraf
fazeel ashraf 2 gün önce
Brightburn is the childhood story of homelander
xoGUNZox .
xoGUNZox . 3 gün önce
Yeeeaaahh but its obvious the kids an alien...no?
YoloMasterGamerTag 3 gün önce
As soon as the father shot his son I would of been the father and be like I F kneeing you were undistrucble I know you were super, you never been hurt or sick I knew it!!! And play it off like a Puss 😂
YoloMasterGamerTag 3 gün önce
The whole thing about he wakes up and is called to be evil yes that’s what happen. I think the machine is what made him evil, he was hypnosis and the betrayal of his parents are the icing on the cake for him to do what he did
T Lovell
T Lovell 3 gün önce
I want a sequel. A sequel with Michael Rooker having a big role.
chelsea bell
chelsea bell 3 gün önce
and thats the end of the review lol. new subscriber here, you are very thorough, and your opinion has been pretty spot on with my taste in movies. sooo, enjoying your videos 👍 And I agree with not giving away that the kids an alien at the beginning, but I think it seems they were wanting people to know, even in the commercials so they'd be more likely to go see it.
chelsea bell
chelsea bell 3 gün önce
I meant to ask, what do you think of those little 'easter eggs' at the end credits regarding Rookers rant about the "Evil Justice League," what's your opinion on if they'll ever consider anything like that, either as a whole separate movie from Brightburn or not, or even a couple of the characters and not the entire team? I'd go see it either way. Who knows but shoot, I'm still wondering if they were thinking about doing anything with the legion of doom, or Lex period from the point of when they shaved his head and what not... Meh. Merely curious, I'd care much less for that than reverse supers.
Big Poppa
Big Poppa 3 gün önce
That one eye scene tho
Hank's Gear
Hank's Gear 4 gün önce
If you gave this a B, we do not see eye to eye. This was a garbage fire.
ainz gown
ainz gown 4 gün önce
Anthony Marcus
Anthony Marcus 4 gün önce
Missed the first part of the movie and that worked in my favor. Didn't even know he was an Alien😅. Yeah they definitely shouldn't have gave that away so early
Cosminator 4 gün önce
I think the kid made a good job being creepy and the smug he always does makes it even creepier
Shubh Agarwal
Shubh Agarwal 4 gün önce
So moral of the story Kill the alien as soon as it land Every alien is not like superman
oJo 4 gün önce
Am I the only one who doesn't like this movie? It's so cheap and you just don't feel anything when watching it
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips 5 gün önce
This movie was awful and a waste of time. So much potential. Felt like a long trailer. There are worse movies, obviously, but this one in particular rubbed me the wrong way with forced jump scares, rushed scenes, I could go on.
Luciano De La Cruz
Luciano De La Cruz 5 gün önce
Something that i really didn't like it's that he was very whimsical and that's why he killed people
Erik W
Erik W 5 gün önce
This movie was straight trash. Just watched it.
Jeremy Lavoie
Jeremy Lavoie 5 gün önce
ya'll remember this when you go to storm area 51. If this is the type of shit they hiding, the aliens will be the ones clapping cheeks, make no mistake about it! lmao
Purified Creative
Purified Creative 5 gün önce
This movie was fucking dog shit
Neelesh Sane
Neelesh Sane 6 gün önce
"The Omen" would be a good add on for the elevator pitch for the film. :)
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh 6 gün önce
man fuck brightburn somebody shouldve been in the movie to whoop his ass !!
Kuu Phone
Kuu Phone 6 gün önce
There is no struggle specifically because he's programmed to be this way. They kind of play it like he's bullied, but he's not. He's not evil cause things went wrong. He's evil because he's an alien sent to watch to take it over. I think they could have done this better, but I got it right away, and it made sense. He's an alien, anything he thinks and feels is not to be conflated with how we think and feel. He might literally have no emotions. His "anger" in the movies can be boiled down to protecting himself and nothing more. The shop clearly took hold and changed his path in life. He probably would have never been a super man, because unlike kryptonians he's clearly different than humans and isn't just a super powered human. But he might have been some sort of hero, if not for the ship.
Sakhele Ntaba
Sakhele Ntaba 6 gün önce
Brightburn 2: Brandon takes over the world with his pet Calvin from the movie 'Life'
internetmaster1 6 gün önce
I liked it now, but there are many things I would change too. The side plot with the girl he liked and the puberty aspect with his parents and school thing felt like they were just there, they coud've handled it in a much better way. He basically gets angry with everyone but we don't see more of the classmates nor the girl after he visits her and kills her mother after it. It's strange.
Hey McFly
Hey McFly 6 gün önce
I loved James Gunn's remake of the 80s classic Night of the Creeps, Slither, although I prefer the original movie
Flores_Reign 6 gün önce
I disagree chris. It was pretty clear why he didn't struggle to do good once his initiation began. Fantasizing on a what if superman lore, it naturally felt like his "uncle zodd" began the race's cognitive belief programming on him. The child was then possessed with repetitive war like beliefs so his consciousness would focus on negative emotions to release his super ego. Hatred is shown to be his primary projection and only answer whenever he felt cornered or offended. Without proper psychological influence, "uncle zodd" trumps the upper hand easily to brainwash the child where BB wont even try to see morals as power. His dads lack of moral teachings vs superman's dad could be why BB doesn't struggle to perceive himself negatively superior over everyone vs trying to protect fragile beings lesser than his physical abilities.
TheDude Lebowski
TheDude Lebowski 7 gün önce
This was a great movie and it made me want to watch Out Cold again.👍
De Svenster
De Svenster 7 gün önce
Technically, they didn't give that secret away at the beginning. You see something, let's say a meteorite, crash landing. Afterwards it cut to the home videos of the kid. We never saw them discovering what it was or that they received a child from it. That happens midway through the movie. You just knew it because you saw the trailer or whatever and saw the Superman resemblance. Those who are familiar with Superman would also pick up on that when they whitness the kids abnormal strength during the lawnmower scene. But....technically? They didn't give it away a the beginning.
cincymutt1812 7 gün önce
I'm not sure I follow on the "keep the alien thing a secret" idea; I don't feel like leaving that as a twist would've added much to the film. But you are right in that displaying more internal struggle in the kid would have been a good idea. As it stands, it's literally just Superman as a psychopathic kid. Not saying it's a bad horror movie concept; it's just that it never does much beyond that.
Str8Faced 7 gün önce
The mom was great, but the dad was meh. I don't think it was his fault because as you said the movie was rushed a bit. I would have liked to see the dad attempt to have a heart to heart with the kid on their hunting trip before what happened. The stuff you mention about the kids motivations is really what made the movie feel a bit hollow to me. It would have been nice to see the kid have a moment of choice between whether or not he was going to be good or bad. If they put just a little more depth into the characters I think the movie would have felt like more than just a slasher movie but the slasher is a kid with super powers.
alex lee
alex lee 7 gün önce
I really dont like this movie. Idea was good, acting was ok, but plot was bad. Dont buy the movie ticket.
J g
J g 7 gün önce
I want to watch this...but Elizabeth Banks is just horrible.
Jeremy 8 gün önce
Love the shirt.
Kim Jin
Kim Jin 8 gün önce
I hate the ending so much. Is there an alternate ending in which he was stab by his mother.
Travis T
Travis T 8 gün önce
This movie was great. I wish it had kinda gone in to more depth on why he was doing it and really detailing what that spaceship was saying. As for the visual side this movie looked amazing other than when he was up in the sky with his mom.
Hoppy the Mad Pencil
Basically lex luthor's idea of superman
Carmelo EL
Carmelo EL 8 gün önce
Chris! U must must must watch "The Boys". Nuff said!
Luke Lemke
Luke Lemke 8 gün önce
This plot is literally "Kryptonian comes to earth, but is a normal kryptonian". Like what would happen if the kryptonian conquering race actually sent someone to coonquer rather than the genetic anomoly that was super man.
Luiz Carlos Muniz
Luiz Carlos Muniz 8 gün önce
In the end, the Evil Justice League appears. A sequence?
Luiz Carlos Muniz
Luiz Carlos Muniz 8 gün önce
I understand your problem with the opening scene showing the child coming in Chris, but the secret of what was the child was already given in the trailer and in the very disclosure of the movie as about an evil Superman. Even if the movie started as you wanted it to, everyone would already know what was stored in the basement. Unless the person did not live on Earth and had no Internet. There was no secret to be kept.
Justin Watkins
Justin Watkins 9 gün önce
I just watched it.. really hoping for a evil justice league
la-conformist 6 gün önce
I think they'll poop all over it. Brightburn should've a few more movies then they can add other villains.
Red Mappin
Red Mappin 9 gün önce
Hey, thanks for the blunt review. I saw 56% rt score when I went to rent this off google play and second guessed myself. Worried that it was just a neat premise and badass trailer. Your thoughts on the flick made me think I might dig this movie. The flaws you stated didn't sound like it damned it. Thanks brother, will watch your channel for further videos.
Jonas Ribeiro
Jonas Ribeiro 9 gün önce
I didnt kinda like it tbh. I dont get the message if there is one. That you cant let a program grow out of hand? The boy was an alien from birth right? Isnt he unkillable from birth then? So that is thrown out the window. He wasnt mistreated, he was a besserwisser but part from that family loved him and family was decent and tried to help him right?
ColdGrits& PruneJuice
ColdGrits& PruneJuice 10 gün önce
Coulda sworn brightburn was literally an adaptation of elsewhere Superman, think it was a dope movie
Joe Northstar
Joe Northstar 10 gün önce
Plot twist Lex Luthor saves the day.
Daniel Delotte
Daniel Delotte 10 gün önce
I jst want more info on the other creatures at the end
Carlos Lewis
Carlos Lewis 10 gün önce
I think, it's not superman, it's more the story of a sayian. This is the story of goku if he didn't bang his head and become good.
d cline
d cline 10 gün önce
Fucking horrible acting blahh fucking puke
אפק קורן
אפק קורן 10 gün önce
His mom should have kill him like arya stark killed the night king
Jason 10 gün önce
Yes the acting performance by the parents and production sets were really good , but if they would made the kid motive a bit clear or included more kills and he try to create more chaos and a destruction it would have been much better It ended up being a enjoyable horror film
Akzork 10 gün önce
Review The Boys wanker.
vaasnaad 11 gün önce
I don't know, I think putting the fact that the kid was an alien up front worked for it and wasn't a missed opportunity at all. I think they deliberately started out with the crashed ship in order to set expectation - the Superman mythos. Then drove a knife into it while you watch it bleed out. Which still plays with the audience, but in quite a different way.
yoBARBIE P. 9 gün önce
Test Lightning
Test Lightning 11 gün önce
I was excited, but after seeing it, I'm disappointed. It was a million dollars Idea, they could have done a really good movie... But everything is dull. The fact that the kid is just "a psychopath" destroys all possible dilemma/emotional hardship he could have face. What (in theory) makes Dark Vader a great character is that he was supposed to be the paragon of virtue, the "Savior", and to see him fall to the dark side, knowing what could have been is really sad and depressing. But here, the boy was never gonna be good. It was truly a missed opportunity...
Jason 10 gün önce
Really , not that the film was bad , but for the majority of people who will watch it for "what if superman was evil ?" They will be disappointed They could have set a minor storyline where he tried to cause harm to the world rather than just being killing people he know
sign543 11 gün önce
Typical boy: Puberty is rough! Brightburn Boy: Hold my beer...
Keyshawn Cobbs
Keyshawn Cobbs 11 gün önce
Facts u really do get a annoyed wen the parents ignore the obvious u earned yah self a subscriber lol💯💯💯
sign543 11 gün önce
Oh, I also don’t think he’d have stuck his hand in the lawnmower blade that soon. He’d literally just discovered his power...and I kept thinking, “In real life, the kid would’ve tested the theory in some smaller ways first.” Using the lawnmower blade was a huge risk. I mean, what if he’d been wrong? DARWIN AWARD 😂
sign543 11 gün önce
You hit on my very few complaints about the film: it felt rushed. I wanted far more character development...he went from being normal to frightening way too fast, and sometimes a few of the scenes didn’t make a lot of sense. For example, in order to get to the uncle, he stalks the wife, his aunt, but then doesn’t really do anything, he’s just discovered in the closet. That small portion felt anticlimactic, and made me feel they had something in mind, and didn’t know how to make it work? I’m not sure. They also could’ve had a few more reveals of the boy actually doing the things...instead of just having the thing happened without showing him doing it. I know that was probably a budget thing...more effects requires more money...but I felt that could’ve been better. I’m SUPER GLAD they did NOT end it the way it looked like it might end. That twist was good. BUT...but...I wish they’d not given the credits sequences from the news, because that kind of ruins the chance for the story to continue. I suppose it still could, but they’d have to work around that.
Jason Burke
Jason Burke 11 gün önce
This is by far the worst horror Movie that I've ever seen, I saw it Yesterday and I wasn't impressed.
Congo Kael
Congo Kael 11 gün önce
1:30 - I wasn't sure of the rating going in either... But, you said there is 'A' scene that seals it... Which one? Most of the kills seal it! I agree with the 'rushed' feeling. I mostly felt that when the kid would do something terrible, then they would cut to the parents going to bed. I was like, "Aren't you going to even TALK to your kid about what just happened???" The other rushed part was that he was a good kid for 12 years, then all of a sudden the ship awakens (somehow / for no reason) and turns him evil instantly. What is the story behind the ship (not that I care, but the ship is possessed or something)...
Itsinsane Sikkside
Itsinsane Sikkside 11 gün önce
It was alright. It wasn’t really all that
Jude King Music
Jude King Music 12 gün önce
Movie could Been 15min not good
leather face
leather face 12 gün önce
This movie was a C for me. I thought the parents made a lot of stupid decisions in the climax and the kid jumped from good kid to serial killer in the snap of a finger with no true build up. This movie had potential to be great. Stuckman is right about the beginning. Should've be reviled later. M Night would've perfect for this premise
Corey Kindle
Corey Kindle 13 gün önce
I have to disagree on the issue of the parents. I felt they were ridiculously stupid. It annoyed me through out the movie but I forgave that character choice because if they weren't dumb then there wouldn't be a movie. No one with common sense would see a meteor crash in their backyard and say " hey let's adopt this baby inside of this obvious alien ship". I still loved the movie
ττvbtw 15 gün önce
Me neither I didn’t know it was rated r but I saw the trailer and I wanted to see it so I saw it with my friends and all though it didn’t scare me the gore was good (kinda like ‘The Babysitter’ on Netflix wasn’t expecting gore) It’s definitely up there with my favorite movies I’ve seen it 4 times since it came out
Jason 10 gün önce
@ττvbtw yes but the story progression is more like a slasher film i.e a horror film where a creatures go on a killing spree
ττvbtw 10 gün önce
Jason True but there is lack of kills which is missing to be considered a “slasher”
Jason 10 gün önce
@ττvbtw agree the acting and gore was good but I felt a lack of content it was much like a slasher movie
ττvbtw 10 gün önce
Jason The acting in the parents. The good writing in some parts and the gore was perfect.
Jason 10 gün önce
What you like in the film that much ?
kevinkilbane2007 16 gün önce
Shit movie. The ending is poor. Do not buy on dvd. You'll regret it
tyrongkojy 16 gün önce
I actually disagree with the "Superman but evil" idea. It's more accurate to say "Saiyan that worked."
Jason Chilado
Jason Chilado 18 gün önce
Loved this movie
Dutchy and Punky
Dutchy and Punky 18 gün önce
But where can I get that tshirt you are wearing?
rashid alqadi
rashid alqadi 20 gün önce
Its a bad movie, I expected a lot more after i saw the trailer, the plot is weak the dialogues are very straightforward and basic, and Brandon’s characters is not well explained, not to mention the bad visual effects covered by dark visuals.
Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott 23 gün önce
First time I've watched a video on your channel, but I enjoyed the offer to become Stuckmannised.
IntRoVertsRus 25 gün önce
So basically if Goku never hit his head.
LeapingDogFilms 25 gün önce
I just wanted to see a superhero whoop the kids ass
Katie Kat
Katie Kat 26 gün önce
Floyd Williams
Floyd Williams 26 gün önce
That movie was awesome 👌 feed me more!!
Toxic air
Toxic air 26 gün önce
Yeah felt the movie was very rushed like you said he could've had a struggle for good or bad , for example he could've tried to help some one but the result would be a terrible accented .( the hand braking was on purpose). Thought the cgi was just a tid bit to blurred to give of the that real feel but made it less realistic . movie should've been longer i also think that if the kid age was raised to say 16 it would increase the struggle for good or bad .
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