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Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Brightburn, starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner. Directed by David Yarovesky.




24 May 2019

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Sharonda Leaky Jackson
Sharonda Leaky Jackson 7 saatler önce
The father is grossly overweight and were supposed to believe he’s doing all that running around without being out of breath??? Lol please. I believed the superpowers more than that very OBESE man running around
Saifaleslam Aldhahry
Saifaleslam Aldhahry 22 saatler önce
I watched the movie yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I absolutely agree with you, I felt the movie kind of rushed up and I was really expecting some thing more deep but overall the movie was great. I also expected a short background were Brandon (The boy) came from, but I think this is a good thing that they made his original background a mystery. For example I think Brandon come from another diminution (Earth 3) and when he is become a man he probably be Ultra man from DC comic Crime syndicate (That is my thought). Anyway, excellent review as always Chris good job mate.
boy White
boy White 2 gün önce
If superman was a god to people...then brightburn must be the anti christ.....
boy White
boy White 2 gün önce
Well the never really reference that he was a alien besides of the superman origing story..
MajorShot 3 gün önce
I found this movie wasn't that good, not worth watching.
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera 3 gün önce
His shirt is legendary. I need it.
Michael Kuhlenberg
Michael Kuhlenberg 3 gün önce
This movie was BORING all the way thru. It had a good idea that was not thought out. This film makes Dark Phoenix looks Oscar worthy.
TruFantom21 4 gün önce
Chris Stuckmann Do you honestly think that not including the crash landing scene would have not given the mystery of where this kid comes from? Are you not aware of trailers?
Nick Young
Nick Young 4 gün önce
While I appreciate Chris's opinion that there should have been more of a struggle within Brandon, I saw him being "commanded" by the ship to "take the world" as a twist on the whole "Clark activates the Jor-El hologram & it tells him he can/has to be a hero" trope from both Superman (1978) & Man of Steel, so I'm okay with how it happened. That said, I think that's a very minor problem that the Superman movies & this exude: why can't it be the character's own choice to do good or evil? Are they fated to do either?
brett norris
brett norris 5 gün önce
This movie is objectively terrible. Stop acting like it’s decent. Fuck. I want my money back plus compensation for the gas I spent getting to the theater
yung razz
yung razz 5 gün önce
This movie was terrible. Only the idea was good. It's like watching the same scene over and over again; Brendan stands in front of someone, camera pans, Brendan is gone! Cue Brendan flying in again with violence. Also there was no story at all. No character development. Why did he want to kill all these people? Where did he come from? I can't take anyone serious that passes this off as anything more than watchable.
Michael Prescott, Jr.
Like a solid blind rental from the 80's.
myname istavo
myname istavo 6 gün önce
this movie was fucking terrible
YEROCnamrus 6 gün önce
Yeah but they needed to advertise it as 'evil superman' to get a decent amount of people in the cinema, they really wouldnt have been able to keep the alien part a secret. And also I feel like his motivations were clear enough, he is still just a kid
Art Giddens
Art Giddens 6 gün önce
movie was horrible
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 7 gün önce
I too was rooting for this film. These are the type of indy movies I would pay to see in the theater every week.
kevin u
kevin u 7 gün önce
Great review is always Chris!
Cap Glo
Cap Glo 7 gün önce
If it was any slower, it would’ve been Capt. Marvel 😴
Brutal Justin
Brutal Justin 7 gün önce
Great review, but I don't think taking out the intro crash landing scene would've helped the movie much, since every trailer gives you the idea that the movie is about an unusual, other-worldly kid who becomes evil. I think it would only work for someone going into the movie completely blind knowing nothing about it other than the title.
Candice G
Candice G 7 gün önce
This movie was a waste of time
Lia Flexx
Lia Flexx 7 gün önce
I thought it was pretty cool movie. As you said it lacked some character development. He went from nice boy to prince of darkness in 0.2 seconds. I heard so much about it being like evil Superman, but the only things that were like Superman was the adoption and the farm. Other than that it was pretty much a purely evil alien who happens to have superman like powers.
Wes Fields
Wes Fields 7 gün önce
Great movie
jmac46951 7 gün önce
It was a terrible movie. The acting was wooden. The father was miscast and it seemed as though they rushed through the story to get to the killing. You're welcome.
Pen Wednesday
Pen Wednesday 7 gün önce
4:40 yes
PreferAndroid 8 gün önce
This movie sucked a giant gorilla dick. There was zero character development. There was no connections to the relationships between the characters. Extremely predictable. It felt rushed as f***. Horrible! I honestly don't see how this guy sees this movie as a good movie. It really boggles the mind. 😳
TieFighter34 11 saatler önce
Chris is one of the absolute worst movie reviewers.
Manny Johnson
Manny Johnson 8 gün önce
Please dont say superhero, there is nothing heroic about anything Brandon does. He is not a hero. He is a serial killer with superpowers, nothing more.
Who's Next • 9 years ago
So it's goku without head injury
Haters Have Opinion
Haters Have Opinion 6 gün önce
Good One
David Huff
David Huff 8 gün önce
If you want to see a good movie then skip this one.
Nikki Movie Reviews
Nikki Movie Reviews 8 gün önce
Great review😎Love your channel🤗 I love the superman dark twist to it 🤣
Nick N
Nick N 8 gün önce
A movie that is similar to the super man story that is over looked / forgotten is 'Powder'...
Alex Rademacher
Alex Rademacher 9 gün önce
great review, great points. i think a solid A , for sure, maybe A+
tinwoods 9 gün önce
A tough judge. I like that.
Jarsky 9 gün önce
Guess they would have had to withhold a lot more from the trailers if they wanted to do a late second act reveal. It was evident from the first trailers that came out that this was a twist on Kal-El's origin story from the Superman saga. Still one of the movies im most looking forward to this year
Mainely Movies
Mainely Movies 9 gün önce
Very interesting insight, Chris! The idea of a twist could have really made this story a bit more compelling and really could have built up the motivation and explanation side of it too.
deathrider7 9 gün önce
Have you seen Clerks for $28,000?
92680BOYD 9 gün önce
Here's a trigger. What if the Russians sent that kid instead of it being an actual alien. Could be a twist coming up for the sequel.
Out of Spite Production
I think he's just a straight psychopath, just the shit he does or saids has traits of a psychopath, not even the killing forget about that, just how he reacts and acts and how he's very anti social as well, a lot of traits of a psychopath, to me personally super power or not I think he would have ended up evil
MrKalashnik0va 10 gün önce
"There are times in the movie where he expresses that he wants to be good" You mean the ONE time at the end of the movie after he killed everyone? Just before he kills his mom?
Freak Reviews
Freak Reviews 10 gün önce
I rewatched the movie and still can't figure it out the kid's motivations. It's so rushed.
IvyHilts 10 gün önce
"Chronicle meets Superman" it's good, but I'd rather pitch the de idea as "We need to talk about Kal-El"
David Semick
David Semick 10 gün önce
You liked it more than I did. It seemed more like an 85 minute teaser for a potential Brightburn 2.
TFEXY 10 gün önce
Easily my fave horror movie
Juicy Narwal
Juicy Narwal 10 gün önce
Not sure if I’m reaching here, but I also kind of noticed a really nice touch of colour symbolism. Many times in the movie you’ll see the family around blue clothing and other items, while the kid’s aesthetic is all red. Every time he goes crazy there’s a touch of red, but whenever his parent’s bring him back down, there’s always blue in the shot.
K26SMOOTH 10 gün önce
Excellent review
Garrett K
Garrett K 10 gün önce
I could feel the "oh shit'' moment in the scene that you showed where the kid gets pushed around and bullied. I think it's just a bad idea to bully people. It never seems to turn out well.
Søren Vigand Kryger
Søren Vigand Kryger 10 gün önce
It's funny.. I just saw this movie and it did NOT have that opening scene with the crash. We see the parents fooling around in the bed, they get interrupted by a sound that goes silent, and then goes out with a big bang. Then it cuts to footage of the boy as a baby, growing up. That's it. The crash scenes comes later in the film, so I'm kinda sad that Chris Stuckmann didn't see this version that I did :) Anywho, I loved the movie with its flaws.
sadder daze
sadder daze 11 gün önce
off topic but I need that shirt lol
Mlogan11 11 gün önce
Good film, but need more character development to show his motivation. Also it seems everyone kept making really dumb mistakes typical of horror films. Since they let you in on the alternate Superman-verse right at the star, it would have been cool to see some other character origins like "Lex Luthor" turning out to be the good kid scientist that has suspicions about Bryan, setting up for the sequel.
Jedi Master ULTRA-NERD
Here's the thing: I thought the film was solid. Great acting, good premise, good writing, and one helluva third act. The ending was good. I liked the direction. I thought it was good. But when 'Bad Guy' by Billie Eilish came on and they played it over clips of him leveling cities and killing thousands.... i just couldn't take it seriously. Its hard to take in these horrific things while a pop song with an up-tempo beat plays. If they intended for me to take it seriously... no. just no. kinda took me out of it because it was so HARD R and gory details that its jarring to hear an up-tempo pop song come up. its just odd. to prove my point, watch the movie (its worth watching), listen to the song in the finale, then look up the music video. Tell me that the tone matches
That1lameguy 11 gün önce
So, it’s an alternate universe of superman. Lex Luthor, joker, deathstroke, etc are good
ZH36 -
ZH36 - 11 gün önce
Labyrinth t shirt!!!
Seanjohn0101 11 gün önce
Triste d3 Nemesis 13:17-13
I loved this movie this is the real superman it deserves a sequel for such flip
Romane Forbes
Romane Forbes 11 gün önce
You have to remember that they probably got that time to do the movie so it had to be rushed
Nihaal Sandim
Nihaal Sandim 11 gün önce
Batman : im not gonna save this bitches mother
utubeproductreviews 11 gün önce
Interesting, thanks for the info.
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 11 gün önce
I think the opening scene was fine given the fact everyone in the audience already knew that this was an evil superman movie. Wouldn't had made sense to keep it a secret.
JadedTheatre 11 gün önce
omg, I want your shirt so bad!
Bill Stone
Bill Stone 11 gün önce
When does a movie about a childless couple become a horror movie? When it becomes apparent.
Jason Stewart
Jason Stewart 11 gün önce
I was disappointed. It wasn't an awesome movie. It was just an okay movie. The only unlikable character he killed was his mother. In my opinion, this movie would have been a lot better if they focused more on his school life, him being bullied and if they went with the angle of him getting revenge for that bullying. Kind of like if a school shooter had super powers, what would happen.
Not A Doctor
Not A Doctor 11 gün önce
If the Gunn brothers decide to do a crossover film with Super (which was teased at the very end), I’d be there opening night!
BRYCE 10 gün önce
I think they should, have an evil justice league. Then have them fight a good suicide squad, a good joker, a good lex luthor, good penguin, etc.
James simpkins
James simpkins 12 gün önce
I would of gave brightburn an a
Alexander Leslie
Alexander Leslie 12 gün önce
Evil superman
After Math
After Math 12 gün önce
this movie was fucking garbage like 5/10
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa 12 gün önce
Wow. I now want to see this film.
Dark Glass
Dark Glass 12 gün önce
I like the approach where the mother was in denial rather than oblivious to the connection between her 'son' and the horrible things that have happened since he started going through "puberty". It is a realistic approach that actually makes me fascinated with what was going on in the film rather than roll my eyes.
John Cherry
John Cherry 12 gün önce
It was all jumpscares from beginning to end. Why. Why are the reviews so good.
John Cherry
John Cherry 12 gün önce
I'm bob ross I'm a master of horror
Lmarie. 12 gün önce
He didn't want to be good. I thought the classroom scene where he explained the difference between bees and wasps basically suggested he's a predator whos only purpose is to hunt and kill like a wasp.
Sean Coomes
Sean Coomes 12 gün önce
That shirt is dope
Veemon digimon
Veemon digimon 12 gün önce
Well. about the spaceship scene....since it was already established from the trailers...it really didn't make sense try to hide it like a 'plot secret' ...the trailer must show something after-all.
MetalArms 12 gün önce
I actually got to the theater a couple of minutes late and missed the opening scene of him crashing and yeah you were right. It did kinda make the movie better for me lol
krzykoopa 12 gün önce
I don't understand what the movie gains from "hiding the surprise / playing with our expectations" If you seen the trailer or know anything about the movie there is no surprise. The fact they lean into that in my opinion is great because the movie does not pull punches in what it is showing. Other than that I agree with everything you said
Brandon 12 gün önce
Wishing it was a tie in to the unbreakable universe!
michael mcpeek
michael mcpeek 12 gün önce
What a surprise. Leftist degenerate turns the story of Superman into a demented fantasy. Who would have guessed?
Zha G
Zha G 12 gün önce
Is Chronicle meets Superman it's evil Superman give me Monies😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
booginas 12 gün önce
I like your idea of them withholding the fact that he's an alien til the middle of the movie. It would have been a better reveal, yet somewhat still predictable. My takeaway from the movie however is that you can love someone with everything in you & sacrifice your last for them but they are still gonna be what they're gonna be, whether that's a murderer, an alcoholic, a thief, gay (not that that's a bad thing) --- you can't change what it is in someone to be. And it raises the question:. "If you find out someone is truly irredeemable --- can you stop loving them? Or maybe, "Should you feel guilty if you stop loving them"? Cuz I think Elizabeth's character really loved him even til the end. But the father --- I think he loved who he THOUGHT his son was til the end, but not who his son truly revealed himself to be, & that's why his & Elizabeth's character bumped heads & were stuck @ a crossroads. I knew what he was gonna do at the end because the mother didn't have the strength to get past her emotions & think practically. It's the same reason why it's hard for people to get over an "ex." You're holding on to the memory of the ideal version of them in your head--- your fairytale version of them. But when you are able to ACCEPT who the TRULY ARE, then you're able to release them & I think the scene near the end with the father & the boy in the woods ( don't want to spoil it) was when the father let the lil' boy he raised die & saw him for who he was at the point, & that's how he was able to do what he did. Or attempted to anyway. Just my 25cents.
Haz3 Spears
Haz3 Spears 12 gün önce
Everyone knows hes an alien its a superman ish plot
Zach Sheets
Zach Sheets 12 gün önce
"I feel your review could have been better if you would have gave it a double B for Brandon Bryer" lol jk. I really felt exactly the same about this movie. Was great but missed the mark on a couple things.
5yogurt 12 gün önce
If he is part of an invasive species then his concept of being good is different from that of humans.
Call me KENNETH!
Call me KENNETH! 12 gün önce
Elizabeth Banks is so underated.
Sainiranjan Lingayat
Sainiranjan Lingayat 12 gün önce
Cool huh!
3 KIDS 12 gün önce
Agreed, I think the run time needed an extra 30 minutes. I think the whole “is it a puberty thing or something else” could have been fleshed out more which also means you’re right the opening crash scene would have had to be moved, most likely to the beginning of the dream sequence. So it’s not an entirely faultless film, but I thought it was really entertaining and fun to watch, I liked it a lot 👍🏻
Jan Venter
Jan Venter 13 gün önce
I think they did they alien bit so everyone would compare this to Superman
ANIME FAN 13 gün önce
So brightburn is the oposite if superman what if superman is alive again and fought him power by power hand by hand superman vs the demon of space.
Duke Silver
Duke Silver 13 gün önce
Hollywood announced it's permanent vacation from originality when they tried to remake Point Break.
pingus42 13 gün önce
The problem with having a setup for a reveal in a film like this is that a lot of people are going in with the premise that the boy is Superman basically, so the surprise would be dumb
skeleton 13 gün önce
So superman gone bad
Hannah Perez
Hannah Perez 13 gün önce
damn I haven’t seen it yet but you mentioning that they should’ve kept him being an alien a secret until further into the movie made me so angry cuz it’s such a good idea and I wish the writers did that
Jamal Crawford
Jamal Crawford 13 gün önce
sorry imo this was trash asf
Frauke Schmidt
Frauke Schmidt 13 gün önce
Excellent review, thank you.
David DeCelle
David DeCelle 13 gün önce
I liked this film. It sort of struck me as the origin story for Hyperion. I would love to see this incorporated into the MCU, but I know that’s not gonna happen.
Ms. Perfection
Ms. Perfection 13 gün önce
What absolutely annoys me is the amount of people who think this movie has any ties to DC Comics.
Peter Borrie
Peter Borrie 14 gün önce
He explains his motive through the wasp and bees thing in the science class
maximumrisk2004 12 gün önce
True, every class scene ties into the movies plot.
Nhan Do
Nhan Do 14 gün önce
My friend gwen acts in brightburn...
Agent CL. 47
Agent CL. 47 14 gün önce
This movie had so much white stereotypes 😂😂😂😂😂
mobaby1979 14 gün önce
More Gunns than an NRA meeting
mick cv
mick cv 14 gün önce
Feel like the smaller budget mainly coincides with the big names. This had. Elizabeth banks as the top actor who is not A list and Roy from the office who I haven’t seen in anything else. Put Christian Bale in it and you’re well over that budget
mick cv
mick cv 14 gün önce
Seems like there was 2 scenes that clearly showed it was rated R....broken glass and pickup truck
Dylan Kelley
Dylan Kelley 12 gün önce
Would be pretty hard pressed to find something like a young child crushing another young child's hand effortlessly and remorselessly in a PG13. Coupled with things like the dad trying to shoot him and Idk, definitely felt like a hard R rating with a lot of very mature moments and themes that wouldnt suit a PG13 audience
Nightingale690 14 gün önce
You’re a really shit reviewer
Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios
Thank Master Chris Stuckmann, good review. When I walked out of the Cinema, I was disappointed. I had seen your review prior. You are 100% on the money with your change of not showing the ship crash. Another part that bothered me was something you mentioned, their is a very slight arc for the kid. He didn’t start out a nice outgoing kid. His classmates already bullied him. He was just, vacant. Then the ship juices him up. Now he looks aware OR angry as fuck‼️ The real action didn’t even start until the 3rd Act‼️ Plus if he were trying to be good, the one person that ALWAYS belived in and supported him, his mommy, he would not have taken for a Skyfall‼️ Much L♥️VE to you and all of Team Stuckmann‼️‼️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼♥️♥️♥️🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼💯💯💯✝️✝️✝️🎥🎥🎥🎬🎬🎬🎟🎟🎟🥃🥃🥃
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