Bridgerton 3 First Look + Latest News(2023) Nicola Coughlan & Luke Newton 

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Bridgerton 3 First Look + Latest News(2023) Nicola Coughlan & Luke Newton
Fans are anxiously awaiting the next season of Bridgerton, and one of the biggest questions the fans have is which Bridgerton sibling will be the focus on the next season. What massive changes will come to Bridgerton in season three? How will the end of season two impact Penelope and Eloise’s relationship next season? There are so many exciting storylines and avenues the third season can follow. Season three of Netflix’s hit regency series Bridgerton is sure to entice fans, no matter which Bridgerton sibling is their favorite.
Many fans are excited to see Benedict Bridgerton-played by Luke Thompson-find love in the future of Bridgerton, but the tv series will not always follow the order of the books, but hope to tell every sibling’s story eventually-and season three will be an example of this.
In Julia Quinn’s series of books, An Offer from a Gentleman-Benedict’s story-is the next book in the series. Series one followed the first book-The Duke and I-and season two followed the second book in the series-The Viscount Who Loved Me.
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12 Ağu 2022




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Dušan Stanojević
I wish this seasons thrope will be " she fell first but he fell harder".
Almarilys Yıl önce
Yes, I would love to see that!! I hope they will not add some pointless love triangle in this. I think they can do this trope just fine without resorting to that. I mean, I'm all for the idea of many suitors courting her, to spice things up, but only focusing on 1 suitor for who knows how many episodes just doesn't sound appealing to me. If it's only a focus on one man just for one episode it's different. If it doesn't drag then I'm fine with it. Spicing things up to make our main guy jealous and realising he had fallen head over heels for her is awesome, silly and draggy love triangles are not. Love triangles is just a trope I strongly dislike haha
Poetickat Yıl önce
I’m just so glad they aren’t doing what they did in the book where she lost weight and suddenly is more desirable
ANUSHREE . Yıl önce
That's actually the trope in the book :)
@Poetickat I love Pen and Colin but I really don't like that part of the book
Sara Ferreira
Sara Ferreira Yıl önce
One thing i would love to see in this season is Colin chasing Penelope, and her be like " i've chased you for a long time, i will not anymore". I missed that in the book so much... And i would love to see Pen have another love interest, to make Colin jealous and realise his love for her.
Midnight Denizen
Midnight Denizen Yıl önce
Jorja Lavender
Jorja Lavender Yıl önce
@Midnight Denizen that is such a good movie 😩
Rivkah Schaeffer
Rivkah Schaeffer Yıl önce
YAS. She pulls a Ginny Weasley.
Melinda 9 aylar önce
Angelina Liu
Angelina Liu Yıl önce
I think many of us wish for Sophie to be introduced earlier than Benedict’s season which I think/hope they’ll do. I think one of the reasons they’re doing Colin and Penelope’s story before Benedict is so that there’s that drawn out waiting period for Benedict before he finds out who Sophie is, like how it was in the books. If they’re not doing that then that’s just a huge missed opportunity.
Sara P
Sara P Yıl önce
Exactly. Much better payoff if Benedict meets Sophie at some point during this season and then they lay the groundwork for the next one.
brooke peterson
brooke peterson Yıl önce
I had that same thought.
Fabiana Guareschi
can't wait to see sophie!!!
bunnysm Yıl önce
The moment when Benedict meets Sophie is really memorable and a pivotal point in the book. I don't think they will mix the seasons so much, so far they haven't done it. I think it will be ok to introduce Sophie in her own season, as they did with Kate. I think they should focus a bit more on both Benedict and Eloise maturing as side stories because, at this point, I cannot imagine either of them settling down. Especially Eloise, there is absolutely no connection between her character so far and the one in her book (I like her much better in the show but I still wish to see a romantic story with her).
Angelina Liu
Angelina Liu Yıl önce
@bunnysm that’s true, I can see it that way too. I do think we need build up to them finding each other once again but I can understand why it would be better to have all the focus be on them when they first meet rather than as a side story in colin and Penelope’s season. Either way, I just hope they do their story justice cause it’s honestly one of my favorites.
Karla Sophia Lopez Velasco
Omg I need him to pine for her until it drives him mad she deserves at least that and he needs to know what it's felt like for her to long for him all this time. I wanna see how he reacts when someone else has her attention let the jealousy of he begin. My favorite couple 💛💙
Keri Bow
Keri Bow Yıl önce
Mrs. Carter
Mrs. Carter Yıl önce
Mine too!!!
amelia sudberry
amelia sudberry Yıl önce
U and I are on the same page my friend, I'm so excited about these two FINALLY I want him to fall harder for her and the love between them just keep on Growing 🙏💕💯☺️
In the book, when they announced their engagement there was a "Featherington Family Meeting" and that was so funny to me, I WISH something like that will happen in the show
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Yıl önce
This yes!
Mara Gragert
Mara Gragert Yıl önce
It made me really upset when Collin and his friends made fun of Penelope and she didn't stand up for herself like she did in the book. That was a great moment for character development that just didn't happen. Penelope shouldn't always stand in the shadows. I mean she's pretty much the only established woman with a means of her own pay. It was sad that they didn't take advantage of her newfound confidence/position as Lady Wistledown
Estoires 8 aylar önce
Wait when did Colin make fun of Penelope? I don’t remember
clara 7 aylar önce
@Estoires i think she meant the moment at 3:15 not 100% sure tho!
Galaxy Queen🎉
Galaxy Queen🎉 4 aylar önce
I think Collin didnt make fun of her i think he just said that he would never court pen because she's like a friend to him
ジャングエン 4 aylar önce
@Galaxy Queen🎉 agree, I think Pen ran away too early to listen to the rest of Collin's saying, I believe in Collin he is a whole green flag from the very first season
AK1990 4 aylar önce
@Galaxy Queen🎉 but he didn‘t say: oh no you got that wrong I just like her as a friend. He said: are you MAD? Never in your WILDEST Dreams 😮
Puteri Azam
Puteri Azam Yıl önce
Gonna be a bit disappointed if this season will be about Colin helping Penelope finding a husband. Because in the book, Penelope's focus was on changing herself to be more confident and outspoken. Colin fell in love with her because of that, because he didn't realize that side of her before.
Cicero the Wise
Cicero the Wise Yıl önce
I have to say I just reread the book and it…lacked. This plot is better. I agree with others: the book he just falls rather mysteriously head over heels for her, maybe because her clothes look better on her. Unlike the other books there wasn’t really a story there. I think this is better.
schadenfreude egoism
schadenfreude egoism 11 aylar önce
I hope it is, she needs to stop obsessing over him. Plus she’s not good for his family, she brought shame to the family TWICE - by exposing his sister and exposing the girl Collin loved.
Michelle Clark Miller
Michelle Clark Miller 5 aylar önce
I'm still boggled by the fact that I, a woman who has NEVER been a girly girl when it comes to romance novels, clothes, etc...absolutely LOVES this series. And I can't wait for season 3. I don't care where the story goes as long as it's good!
Bev Ridge
Bev Ridge 4 aylar önce
You don’t have to be girly. I love historical & regent type dramas.
meckymeck2 Yıl önce
Listen, I'm all for whatever they do, as long as they stick with Lady Dansbury and Penelope's relationship that developed in the book as well as how Colin finds out about her secret identity and two more things that are a MUST. 1, upon Cressida blackmailing Penelope, what he says to her that is just swoon-worthy and THEN what HE does for Penelope as a result of Cressida's blackmailing nearing the end that really made me love him even more!!! True fans would know the scenes that I speak of, hehe. Either way, regardless of the season it's revealed to the ton, please let Colin be HUGELY involved like how he was in their story, yeah? Also, something to note, for those that have not read the book, yet wondered from what others have said whether it was due to Penelope's weight loss that made Colin fall for her, let me clarify right now, that was NOT the reason why or ever came off as being part of the reasons. As a matter of fact, she's still relatively plump, unseen by most if not all of the bloody ton and officially on the shelf.
E Yıl önce
If whistledowns identity is revealed so soon thn it'll affect the newer seasons a lot
meckymeck2 Yıl önce
@E Well, technically speaking, the revealing doesn't nec have to happen in their season, it could happen just like how it did in their book in a later season. I just really want it to happen the way it did in the book as it was awesome.
E Yıl önce
@meckymeck2 but if u see in the books especially Eloise's the mention of whistledown is no longer visible. And if they reveal her identity thn the whole suspense and uproar among the nobles in the series will die down. Like we also have queen charlotte in the series. So many factors. I hope they recreate the book scene later on in the future seasons. But this season i hope its just colin or the bridgerton family in general that know?
meckymeck2 Yıl önce
@E They can spin that revealing to the ton in so many ways. My main point is that I'm hoping that IF they do decide to reveal to the ton(regardless of season) then, I really hope Colin is the one that somehow champions her the way he did in their book. Because it showed not just his immense support but how proud and so in love with her he was.
Summer Bell
Summer Bell Yıl önce
I need to read the books now. lol
Ben Price
Ben Price Yıl önce
As excited as I am for Season 3 and seeing Polin come out of the shadows at last, I kind of wish instead of new characters with no book presence to an already bulky cast they introduced Michael and John Stirling and/or Sophie to set up Benedict and Francesca's love stories in later seasons.
Anna S
Anna S Yıl önce
I agree, they will need to marry off Francesca soon, and she only met Michael on the day of her wedding. Some base for Sophie should be set, Mrs. Cowper's first name has been revealed as Araminta. Both Francesca and Sophie's stories have pretty big jumps in timeline, so only a few scenes here and there should be possible, for smooth transition into S4 which could be Sophie&Benedict season. They also need to soon get rid of Marina.
@Anna S Since they introduced Marina early, I'm positive Sophie, John and Michael will be introduced at least a season before
Maria Yıl önce
Loved season 2 with Kate and Antony. Especially loved the scene where he smelled her as he walked by....swoon. I am excited to see what they're going to do with Colin and Penelope but overall I am most excited for the season about Francesca Bridgeton and Michael Sterling. The book "When He Was Wicked" is my absolute favorite, I love the trope of a man pining for years over a woman. Also the ANGST! it was top tier
A C Yıl önce
I absolutely agree with you, When He Was Wicked is my favourite one by far (the unrequited love for years? The lust? The sex scenes?? MICHAEL??? Lord!!!) and I was hoping they’d cast maybe an Indian actor, since India plays a big part in the story and, well. Michael’s black shiny hair and tan skin is mentioned many times. So since the Bridgerton cast is seen to have quite the ethnical variety, why not!
Angie Rivera
Angie Rivera Yıl önce
I'm gonna tell you, I was so disappointed with the ending, considering how that romance was 🔥🔥 throughout the season. My favorite part was when Anthony told Kate "you're the bane of my existence, and the object of my desires"... That burned in my head forever and I quote it all the time now 😬
Kate Sendegeya
Kate Sendegeya Yıl önce
If they don't do at least a MODEST time advance at some point, they are going to have difficulty with Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth, since they are still children/young teens, and the youngest will not be marriageable age for almost 10 years. I really prefer the stories as they are told in the books -- there is so much missing humor and ease in the family. They've also made foundational changes (Marina's family ties, for example) which mean they will be forced to deviate from the books, because the setup and motivation is now missing. This is particularly true of the Penelope/Eloise rift. Since Eloise's story is my favorite, I'll be quite sad if they don't manage to keep it somewhat intact. Oh well, it's all make-believe, anyway.
katie Yıl önce
They could easily play out all of the older siblings love stories then have a time skip when it's the youngest's turn. As for Eloise, it seems that they're going with a different direction for her character anyway. When they deviated with Marina's story, I believe they did so with Eloise in mind. Perhaps they have different plans for her, which I would honestly be up for.
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
Will Tilston and Florence Hunt (Gregory and Hyacinth) are both 16 already. They were almost 13 when the series first aired (so probably 12 when filming). They may need to do a little time jump to their seasons (television seasons, that is) if they stick to the books on some things (I think Hyacinth has not turned down proposals or just hasn’t had many suitors because she is “too” independent). Gregory’s book is last, but I guess they could do them in one if they don’t want to do eight seasons. At this point, we are only through two siblings, with one coming up this year or early next year, so that’s six seasons of the show before we get to them. The actors would be at round 22 by then (older if they don’t get one season done per year).
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
*has turned down Will edit if I remember when I’m on desktop.
Rachel Ramos de Abreu
Rachel Ramos de Abreu 11 aylar önce
Besides Pen and Colin's story, I really wanna see if Edwina is going to marry the Queen's nephew, Prince Friedrich. Can you imagine? Ugh that would be amazing, I love Edwina, she deserves the best!
Colleen Jones
Colleen Jones 9 aylar önce
I think they'd make a very nice couple and a happy marriage.
khushboo sharma
khushboo sharma 5 aylar önce
They are good but boring
Robin Doeve
Robin Doeve 4 aylar önce
I’ve been begging for this, just even if it’s a small cameo of them together I’d be so happy
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
She did say before Anthony that maybe she’d meet a duke or a prince. Also funny that Lady Mary, who married for love beneath her station, ends up with daughters who are a viscountess and a princess (maybe someday queen?). I think Edwina is perfect for Friedrich, and they both deserve someone nice who will love them.
Isabel J
Isabel J 2 aylar önce
but I thought Charithra was confirmed to not be returning for season 3?
K B Yıl önce
I hope for season 3 it’s Colin’s turn to win over Penelope. She’s been chasing after him for 2 seasons & I feel it’s time for him to chase her.
LeAnne Wheeler
LeAnne Wheeler Yıl önce
Purple me
Purple me Yıl önce
I hope not what he said was very rude wrongs that hurt he said that in fronts groups of guys it one thing with his brother talking and helping each other . how you forgot that . I mean yes forgive .
Moving Forward
Moving Forward Yıl önce
I need some groveling!!
MadonnaDivina 8 aylar önce
They did mention the possibility of using the 'help her find a husband then realizing he loves her' trope, something Julia Quinn used in her earliest book series, The Splendid Trilogy. As this series takes place around the same time at Bridgeton, I don't believe that it would be adapted but it would be a lovely nod if some characters appeared in Bridgeton. There are lots of cross-overs and little nods in many of her later series towards Bridgeton like the Smythe-Smiths and Bevelstoke Series, so even seeing those characters would be brilliant~!
Charlotte Carswell
The thing I want to know is how Eloise is going to meet sir Phillip because in the book they connected because marina his wife was the Bridgerton’s cousin and that’s how they stared sending letters but in the show marina is the Featherington’s family so I wonder how they will do that but I hope she runs away with Theo instead😊🤷🏼‍♀️
I don't think she ends up with Theo, The TV show changes a lot from the books but changing a main love interest seems too much.. (In fairness Eloise's book was my least favourite so I honestly won't mind)
Brenda G.P.
Brenda G.P. Yıl önce
@TheatricalBookworm I agree that while they changed some, they wouldn't chain the couples as they are set.
cathy landers
cathy landers Yıl önce
@TheatricalBookworm yeah but I am on team Philip
sehar rashid
sehar rashid Yıl önce
Isn't marina married to sir Phillip?
Samantha Sierra
Samantha Sierra Yıl önce
@sehar rashid yes but I’m n the book Sir Philip is Eloise’s love interest
Lakritz 8 aylar önce
I’ll expect Penelope to have just as meany steamy love scenes as Daphne did. If we just see her kissing fully clothed or under the cover, I’ll be mad. She’s not been framed as desirable so far, but when Colin finally sees, we want to see it, too. 🔥
Mae 8 aylar önce
We’ve been told that it’s steamier than Season 2…so we have at least one 🔥 scene!
Angel CityGirl
Angel CityGirl 6 aylar önce
Penelope in steamy love scenes??? 🤢🤢
Trisha Mallick
Trisha Mallick 4 aylar önce
Penelope is one of my favourite characters... And I hate the scene when she cries in front of Eloise in Season 2... It was so heartbreaking... Can't wait to see the smile and laughter in her face again...
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
It’s up to the actress. I don’t want anybody forced into anything. It does sound like, although uncomfortable, she chose to do the sex scenes, though.
Rose Yıl önce
I think season 3 is going to be way different from the book. Penelope's character in itself is different. The book glorifies her gossip column as an achievement and yes it is an achievement for a woman in the regency era to rise above and make a name for herself even if it is under wraps. However, I felt that except the whatever-her-name-is Cowper no-one really made a big deal about it. Which was odd? So far, I think the show does a good job of giving Pen more challenges. They make her more human than the book in my opinion, because they give her conflicts beyond just resorting to talk shit about people she hates and I like that. The thing is also that Pen has a tool that can serve a greater purpose as Eloise points out and I feel like that's something that she needs to explore. In the books, I felt that shutting her business down made this exploration a missed opportunity. So, I hope at least one of the seasons can explore that.
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
That could lead to her and Eloise having a talk too.
Alice lily
Alice lily Yıl önce
Actually has nothing to do with the plot, but I hope Pen gets a new style. I find the yellow so ugly and it also makes her the wallflower that everyone wants to see in her but she really isn't. And I don't think it suits her that well either. (although her mother also takes care of what she wears and she says herself that she finds her dress ugly) I hope that with collin she starts to find herself and starts to enjoy her life. I hope she starts to make more of herself
osmanthus wine
osmanthus wine Yıl önce
She does ditch the yellow in her book! 😉 She began dressing in cool blues which complemented her complexion greatly 💖
Alex S.
Alex S. Yıl önce
They already started to change a fre of her dresses to light green. The sure will change more.
Emily N
Emily N Yıl önce
That's the point
Alisha Dennis
Alisha Dennis Yıl önce
It's great to see wall flower girls get chosen by the right guys who appreciates that type. Too much change makes Penelope some one else just to get a man 👞♂️. She has secrets too, but needs to look for more than one same man. A new man digging on her mostly as she is would show her being desired for her self & open up to more possibilities and don't chase men, who really match with & someone else. Colin would see her in better light 🌹,if she would mostly ignore him & start dating a new hit guy. Attract a men, let him chase you & see if he is your qualified right guy or move on to the right guy & not settled,only to get restless 😬 and cheat & break 💔🥺 up later, as well !!!
gmchixx 11 aylar önce
They need to change her whole character for her to be enjoyable to watch. Even changing her appearance by losing weight a bit. She needs to be very attractive if this is to work.
Civivva Yıl önce
I hope we see Penelope actually ENJOYING HER LIFE.
Penney Burgess
Penney Burgess Yıl önce
They need to introduce the Stirling cousins. Francesca and Collin get married almost at the same time. Francesca’s marriage takes everyone by surprise.
Rhegis Morris
Rhegis Morris Yıl önce
Her SECOND marriage
ANUSHREE . Yıl önce
Francesca (her 2nd wedding) and Eloise get married within days.. Colin and Penelope marry a month prior
I hope Fran will be married to John at least a few seasons before her own (they were married two years before she became a widow) It's better than her marring John at the first half of her season since their relationship would be too rushed
Penney Burgess
Penney Burgess Yıl önce
Francesca’s 1st marriage. In the books Francesca is married when they go rescue her in Scotland. So are Collin and Penelope. When he dies , she marries Michael 5 years later. It’s the marriage that George is going to in his book, ‘On the way to the Wedding’.
HuntingViolets Yıl önce
@Penney Burgess George? You mean Gregory?
Simran Simran
Simran Simran 3 aylar önce
The reason Penelope and Colin work in the books is because they're growm up, both in their late 20s. This is more important for Penelope as she's kinda gotten over him and is very independent and self sufficient. And he's done all the travelling and "finding himself" and still feels lost. Thus dichotomy of her having found herself when she stayed in place and him still trying despite years of wandering is very important to their character. Same for Eloise. She was able to deal with (somewhat) with Penelope being whistledown because of their ages. I wish they do a time leap. And I honestly have always seen Benedict's book as a bridge to Penelope's. That scene of Colin announcing he'll never court her is from Benedict's book! I don't mind if they finish up his story in 2-3 eps, give us a time leap to Penelope and Colin, his story isn't that eventful.
Brandon Padilla
Brandon Padilla Yıl önce
I feel like if everything was just like the book it wouldn’t be as exciting because we would already know everything so I’m all for creative liberty and change as long as it still feels true to the original series and the last 2 seasons.
Meagan S.
Meagan S. 4 aylar önce
As for the time in which it takes place, it seems so far they’ve made Penelope look really young. But when she’s in the carriage announcing the filming of season 3, her make up makes her look a lot more mature. I’m thinking there will be a time skip! Which personally I’d prefer over them developing a relationship now. I’d love to see her move on then Colin fall for her! I’m a sucker for that trope
Anna Mamo
Anna Mamo 10 aylar önce
My favourite from all bridgertons is Eloise. She's brilliant.
AT 4 aylar önce
Same here
Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee Yıl önce
I can’t say I’m a big fan of Penelope so hopefully this season will change my mind!
Parvahti 6 aylar önce
Same. Thinking of skipping this season just because I hated her character from season 1 on.
Beastarslover Yıl önce
I am begging for Eloise to be the main focus in this season. With more than one love interest for her I hope. And even if she isn’t I can’t wait to see the story of pen and Colin even tho I’m not a fan of it at all.
Chel X
Chel X Yıl önce
Eloise won't be the main focus until 2 season later like season 5 or so
Nohelia Astorga
Nohelia Astorga Yıl önce
Look, I love jealousy in fiction, I LOVE IT, it's the best (in the not toxic way ofc), but when it comes to real love triangles I always root for the second guys cause it's usually an overall best person for the MC, so if they add another suitor for Colin to realize his feelings por Pen, I HOPE HE'S GARBAGE SO I CAN'T ROOT FOR HIM, maybe have him have ulterior motives, and Pen can't reject him because of her family's situation or something like that, but don't make him likeable or I'll combust snkjdfgfdgdf
Cornflower20 Yıl önce
I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!! Pls make him a garbage person, otherwise I won’t be able to handle my emotions when I get too invested
Satakshi Singh
Satakshi Singh 11 aylar önce
Mabelle Bulanadi
Mabelle Bulanadi 9 aylar önce
I feel you in a whole other level 😭
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
I still want The Philadelphia Story to end differently.
Nomadic Creator
Nomadic Creator Yıl önce
Also hoping Shonda will recast Simon. He has made it well known he doesn't want to come back, and recasting happens all the time, so I believe the audience will totally understand. Now I need to go rewatch the first 2 seasons...again. 🤗
sorsaria Yıl önce
i started watching Brigerton because of Polin and am looking forward to this next season. Penelope deserves the world, i love her so much!
QueenP1106 5 aylar önce
I am just not expecting much from the Polin arc. I would have loved to have Benedict or Eloise’s story for s3. I will watch because I love Bridgerton but again not many high hopes.
Calcifer 11 aylar önce
I always watched the show as enjoyable "trash" or guilty pleasure. But I am genuinely excited for season 3 😆
Kimag Yıl önce
Spoiler Alert I read the book but unfortunately... that was not the case for Penelope. From what I read, it mainly focuses on Penelope and her Lady Whistedown Persona. There is attraction between Penelope and Collin. I don't recall many suitors asking for her hand. Penelope becomes more independent and seen as a strong but conflicted character, but who knows??? Shows typically change scenes and plot
leila middleton
leila middleton Yıl önce
i mean, from what i heard, season 2 was changed a lot from the books. i can only imagine penelope and colin's story will be altered to fit the current storyline they've built up in the show, especially as they've already changed things around with the love interests for future seasons (eg. sir phillip being marina's husband when he's meant to be eloise's love interest)
Hana 7 aylar önce
They're not really following the books that closely and I think s3 will be the least similar yet. That's what it seems like with the changes they've already made, anyway
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
Well, he is Marina’s husband first in the books.
TechSavvy Yıl önce
I sincerely hope the book has more weight in the on screen TV show than not. The Characters chosen for these roles are a great choice! I would love to see more of The Duke and Daphne, mixed in with Anthony and Kate. There needs to be a sense of family, as the first episode "The Duke and I" has captured so many hearts and souls! Season two with Kate and Anthony was interesting, but not as "glued to the TV" sense as Bridgerton Season 1. Colin and Penelope are my favorites second to The Duke & Daphnes. According to the books, older brother has more than one baby....Perhaps we shall see more in the future!
Amazing.aimeee 11 aylar önce
Hopefully Colin gets his redemption in here after season 2 because if there isn’t a good story line to get him to that redemption and it’s just a thing of he kind of realises he loves her I will actually riot. Pen deserves the whole world and right now Colin is definitely not giving her that
Ducinta Bubb
Ducinta Bubb 4 aylar önce
idc i hope all books and more pov/stories of Bridgerton get made ill watch it forever especially charlotte. I know they cant go into detail or make each book or story line but i want it all ill watch it all even kate having a baby and her sister finding love I WANT IT ALLL EVERYTHING EVERY STORY THEY COULD THINK OF.
Ducinta Bubb
Ducinta Bubb 4 aylar önce
Ialso want to see francheska cant spell it sorry, anyway i want her to be swept away slowly but surely fighting the feeling then flling in love.
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
Jennifer Pohl
Jennifer Pohl Yıl önce
I love this book! I hope they keep the “something more” scene.
Phoebe Jolie
Phoebe Jolie Yıl önce
DutchXfan 4 aylar önce
Or, we're getting a time jump into the future, where we see Penelope and Colin 10 years older and married, and they are telling their love story to someone (or writing it down, since they are both writers). While they are telling / writing, we jump back into the present and waich it unfold.
Katica 6 aylar önce
I want to see Daphne and Simon in season 3 so badly
sparklygato Yıl önce
Wait, Penelope is actually going to end up with Colin? No! I hope there's a twist and she realizes she deserves so much better than Colin in the end. I hope she finds someone who sees her for the treasure she is from the moment he meets her, not blind old Colin.
LARI S 11 aylar önce
RIGHT!!!!! i think i’m the only person in the world who doesn’t ship them like at all 😅
Belinda Joy
Belinda Joy Yıl önce
Everything Shonda touches turns to gold😘 I'm excited for season 3
I know this season is about Colin & Penelope love story but we also want see Kate+ Anthony 🥺🥺 love & romantic story. In the last season they both struggled so much for their love,this time we want to see more 🥺❤️#kanthony
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
Wedding flashbacks would be cool at some point too.
Victoria Scholl
Victoria Scholl Yıl önce
This show is my secret pressure. I used to read romance novels when I was younger, and this is so much fun.
reedykat30 8 gün önce
I’m definitely going to watch and hope it’s better than I’m feeling about it. I’d like to see them step out of the book focusing on King George from birth to death.
Patricia McIntosh
Patricia McIntosh 11 aylar önce
I am so glad to learn there is more coming,I love Bridgeton
05 mridhuna baiju
I wonder if there will be introduction of character John Sterling. For those who know the plot of all the Bridgeton stories will know this character because i have this feeling that Francesca will be making her society debut in season 3.
Bonnie sent you 50 USD
Bonnie sent you 50 USD 11 aylar önce
I've read all the books...I don't wanna give out any spoilers, but one of my favorites in theirs. Also, Nicola looks AMAZING
Erika Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez Yıl önce
Honestly I disliked season 2 immensely but I’m willing to give season 3 a shot. Hopefully it’s better writing and pacing for the characters; I hated the unnecessary and toxic drama for the sisters. Lastly, the quick and unrealistic resolution… hopefully the writers skip these things.
Taylor Summage
Taylor Summage 4 aylar önce
Am I the only one who wants a season of Edwina and the Prince!?
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
Maybe not their own season but one of the secondary storylines-or a spinoff miniseries like with Queen Charlotte. (They could do flashforwards to their later life or maybe have fewer episodes because I don’t want so much heartache with them.)
SassyChick Yıl önce
I love the fact the directors and writers chose Nikola to play Penelope. She is beautiful and a great actress and I'm glad her body type resembles mine
paython jay
paython jay Yıl önce
copy and search and thank me later "She Picked Me From D Street 2work As Her House Boy But I End Up Getting Her Inlove With Me"
Be Alright
Be Alright Yıl önce
that’s why you like her! she looks like u body wise. Nice
cecilia I. Ogwude
cecilia I. Ogwude 11 aylar önce
She is a beautiful talented actress. I love how the show shows all types of men and women. It's very refreshing.
daiana constantin
daiana constantin 8 aylar önce
that is fat?
Fido Yıl önce
If they don’t do Benedict in S4 I’ll be crushed ☹️
Aimee Yıl önce
I'm irritated that they've pushed Sophie & Benedict back. I'm obviously in the minority here, but it's my favorite book in the series. Honestly not that interested in Penelope & Colin.
Fido Yıl önce
@Aimee same. I think they ruined Pen in S2. She was so likeable but now it’s hard to have sympathy for her. Happy to see their story at some stage but wanted Benedict first!!
jaZZ7461 11 aylar önce
@Aimee Same I was looking forward to their story. Penelope and Collin are boring
gabby 6 aylar önce
@Aimee THIS it’s also the first book i read from the series so i’m probably biased but why can’t they just stick to the damn script
Kiran Yıl önce
Super excited to watch Bridgerton Season 3!! 😃
Lorena Urbina
Lorena Urbina 8 aylar önce
I would like to see the duke even if it is with a different actor, watching Daphne all by herself made me feel like overcoming Rege…
cj wins
cj wins Yıl önce
Can’t wait for Penelope finally finding love 💗
Morenita_nyc Yıl önce
I didn’t even know there was going to be a season 3 .. so happy ! Can’t wait
classical7 Yıl önce
Same 😂
Laura Bernadette Furrer
There will be 8 seasons.
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith Yıl önce
@Laura Bernadette Furrer So far only 4 have been confirmed, hoping there will be 8
Ellecoco Yıl önce
I need Pen to completely ignore Colin to the point that it drives him crazy for at least half the season.
Jill T
Jill T 8 aylar önce
I hope they make Kathleen Woodiwiss' books into a series one day!
Missoop Yıl önce
I hope Penelope becomes the seasons diamond this season and the person who stops her and Collin from dating will be Elliose!
Bridgerton is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. Season one was okay, but I ADORED season 2, and Penelope Featherington is my darling. I love her so much. (The only bad thing she did was to Marina, but even then, she has justifiable reasons. She just should have told Colin herself instead of revealing it to the entire town.
Mary Dewitt
Mary Dewitt 11 aylar önce
Penelope’s story was always my favorite from the book series.
Gina Doyle
Gina Doyle 3 aylar önce
I haven’t been captivated by the primary romance story in either the 1st and 2nd series. It’s the rest of the storylines that spark my interest. Maybe series 3 will change that.
Audrée Maurice
Audrée Maurice Yıl önce
I really wish a happy ending for Eloise I really love love her she’s my favourite character 💙💙
M Yıl önce
I really believe these guys are just for Penelope to build up her mind and love herself even more. With or without a suitor. While Colin definitely gets jealous and realizes how much he loves her
Roxanne Miller
Roxanne Miller 6 aylar önce
I love that Julia Quinn is now doing the mother and father of all these bridgerton siblings love story I hope that like this QUEEN CHARLOTTE we will get her story in between seasons I mean come on 8 kids that's a heated, passionate ❤️ love story🤣
Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers Yıl önce
I hope Sophie will appear on S3
OMG what if one of the balls in S3 will be Violet's birthday Masquarade. She and Benedict don't reunite until after two years...
Brenda G.P.
Brenda G.P. Yıl önce
***SEASON 2 SPOILER***I get why they decided to do the story from Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (Colin and Penelope) as season 3, in the tv show it just seems like the natural progression as they say in this video, since Penelope's alias has been discovered by Eloise and things are about to get very interesting for Penelope, and really that's kind of hard to happen without her being the main focus of the new season. P.S.: From what I remember Eloise found out about Penelope being Lady Whistledown in the books in the most underwhelming way, and maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but she didn't seem to be bothered by it much, surprised? yeah, but not angry. I get why she was mad in the show since Penelope threw her under the bus in her column.
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
Yeah, Eloise didn’t mind that she was Whistledown in the books. But Book Whistledown didn’t pull all the stuff Show Whistledown did. I did think there were things she wrote that were bad, even in the books, but now I don’t remember and I’m not sure I want to reread them. Nobody really was upset (or were too afraid of the Bridgertons and the Duke to say so, maybe), which seemed kind of unreal.
Melynda Makota
Melynda Makota 7 aylar önce
Can't wait Bridgerton is one of my favourite series so far🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson Yıl önce
love it. NOW we NEED the tv or movie series for the books " THE SELECTION"
AsmrFlow Yıl önce
What I need to see. More Kanthony, introduction of Sophie plz since that’s a very longterm plot!
Cat 🐈
Cat 🐈 5 aylar önce
Omg I should have known better then to watch this omg!! 😭 I just read the 3rd book and I wanted to see Sophie…. I didn’t know Penelope was lady whistle down!! Lesson learned… don’t look anything up until you’re done with the books 😢
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
At least the next book is Penelope’s. I read it knowing because I’d watched the show, so it was interesting in a different way.
Micha Henriquez
Micha Henriquez Yıl önce
Yes I love this show beautiful story writing
Lorrie Sullivan
Lorrie Sullivan 11 aylar önce
They have to build up Benedict's story and Francesca's. Benedicts story is more than a year in the making
defiantlypink I
defiantlypink I 6 aylar önce
Am I the only one not excited about Penelope and Collins? Penelope spent so much time yearning for him and getting overlooked by him, while getting little to no attention from other suitors. She spent most of the two seasons as a wallflower watching everyone else court each other. Collin comes off as too young and naive; it’s like he needs to mature into his masculinity to develop provider/protector/leader qualities. It feels like the show put together less desirable characters together, hoping it would come off as cute and innocent. I don’t see how this couple could compare to the prior two seasons’ couples in terms of overall appeal, especially in the sensual scenes.
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
The show didn’t really put them together, though; the books did.
Teresa Abbott
Teresa Abbott 4 aylar önce
OMG i'm patiently waiting for season 3 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Mara Mattheyer
Mara Mattheyer 11 aylar önce
I really wish the waiting for Pens and Colin for closer to last. With the way the book announces the engagement. It seems to me that this would be better later in the season
Fabiana Guareschi
I'm just sad we won't get benedict's story first. i like it a lot more then Colin's
Madison Chapman
Madison Chapman 6 aylar önce
I wish Penelope WOULDN’T end up with Colin. He was so dismissive of her in past seasons, he doesn’t deserve her. Her heart was shattered by him multiple times, I don’t want to see her falling for him all over again so easily.
Jamie Cee49
Jamie Cee49 6 aylar önce
Can't wait for the new season.
kavita mehra
kavita mehra 10 aylar önce
Bridget Brennan
Bridget Brennan 11 aylar önce
I just want to see Penelope in blue or green. Anything other than yellow. Poor girl deserves better.
Aylen Phommachanh
I hope they follow the book as closely as they can, swooning over Colin and Penelope in the books
Ok 8 aylar önce
faith okonma
faith okonma 11 aylar önce
Yes ! Finally Collins & Penelope 💕👌
Dearne Maree
Dearne Maree Yıl önce
Come on!! The creators knew what they were doing when their gave us pen and Colin in the carriage! Fingers crossed they have the carriage scene!
Lifesa Beach
Lifesa Beach Yıl önce
I unexpectedly enjoyed Season 1, and absolutely devoured Season 2. The rumoured story line of Pen and Colin doesn't hold the same draw for me as a viewer unfortunately. I could easily be swayed otherwise though... so they have maybe 2 episodes to capture my attention.
Чайная роза🇺🇦
Кейт и Энтони пока сложно будет затмить :(
Jordan Parker65
Jordan Parker65 Yıl önce
So...I am not the only one. I don't want them together at all and will not watch if that's what is going to be the outcome 😕 I can't be swayed.
Sasha Bell
Sasha Bell Yıl önce
@Jordan Parker65 No you are not. After what she did to her best friend and Ms. Thompson (I forgot how they called the pregnant character from season 1) I couldn’t care less for her character. But I’ll still probably watch lol
Jordan Parker65
Jordan Parker65 Yıl önce
@Sasha Bell 🤞
Lee-Anne Duffy
Lee-Anne Duffy Yıl önce
She's going to look so stunning this season!!!
siredmutli Yıl önce
Watching season 2 of Bridgerton and knowing Colin and Penelope story was next. You realize it was so obvious they were next
sophiess Yıl önce
I read the book just for this couple I can’t wait
Peyton 8 aylar önce
Penelope and Colin's book is where everyone finds out that Penelope is Lady Whistledown. I wonder if they'll reveal it this season.
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
If they go the rumored route of having the Cowpers be Sophie’s stepfamily, that could be a good lead-in. Plus introducing Sophie at Violet's ball.
Mary Sanchez
Mary Sanchez Yıl önce
BEWARE OF SPOILERS; ⬇ i'm not sure one of them is for Penelope, Phillips sounds like he is the Sir Phillips who ends up with Eloise and maybe thats whats going to get Eloise to forgive Penelope, Penelope might be the one to introduce them. then there's Marcus and Harry, Marcus sounds like a Charming Rake like Collin and Harry, well even though he might be after her, she probably would'nt be after him because of his dimwittedness, she is a very smart person and probably would be more interested in someone who could match her intelligence so that their conversations never grow boring and they can understand each other perfectly. Harry still might have a chance though depending on his personality, he could be a total sweetheart and have qualities in him that more than makeup for his dimwittedness.
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
Phillips is the actor’s last name, not the character’s first name. Sir Phillip Crane has already been introduced. We’ve seen him a few times.
Kelina praise
Kelina praise 4 aylar önce
I really can't wait 🥰
Career-sy Stuff
Career-sy Stuff Yıl önce
Kanthony had better not be small in season 3, considering how big a subplot Penelope and Co had in their season!
Anežka 8 aylar önce
I love this serial. ❤❤
therealcinnimo 11 aylar önce
Finally, I've been waiting for her to shine
Traffic Control
Traffic Control Yıl önce
Nicola is such a doll! She's beautiful and my fave character!
M C Yıl önce
I saw pictures from the set of Season 3 & it looked like Kate was holding a baby. Also pics of the new Francesca going to her debut in from of the Queen are online too!
Jjg 11 aylar önce
We deserve Benedict’s love story
Hannah Kerr
Hannah Kerr 11 aylar önce
spoilers? My fave part of the book was how Pen used Whistledown to help other wallflowers / girls who aren't popular / who may otherwise be mocked - and it was that kindness that made her character pop; sure Colin likes her and is floored by her business acumen / writing skills, but that kindness is a bit of a linchpin. Idk, but I hope they work that in. I love Pen in the show but she's not as mature yet as she is at the start of the novel.
HuntingViolets 3 aylar önce
Whistledown on the show doesn’t do much that’s nice. After the Argument, it might be nice for her to start.
Crystal Drake
Crystal Drake Yıl önce
I wonder if the fact that Eloise knows that Pen is Whistledown whether or not that would effect the couple
Meg V
Meg V Yıl önce
of course it will
Maddy Crawford
Maddy Crawford Yıl önce
It’ll be interesting to see even for those who HAVE read the books, because Eloise doesn’t know Pen’s secret before her wedding to Colin
In the books, Eloise was since she was at Sir Philip's so she didn't really know. Which doesn't happen in the show so I'm exited to how it plays out
Aviya Grace
Aviya Grace 9 aylar önce
i just need to see them together. I want to know the excuse for y colin told those men on the last ep that he doesnt want to court penelope. Wow she rlly went through alot on that ep. But it is like obvious that it will be about them. I hope he can explain y he said that after he said he cared about. He needs to wake yup and smell the coffee and see that they r meant for each other.