Brian Laundrie Told Parents of Gabby Petito Murder, Lawsuit Alleges |

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: BRIAN LAUNDRIE TOLD PARENTS OF GABBY'S MURDER, LAWSUIT ALLEGES | Gabby Petito's family has filed a civil lawsuit against Brian Laundrie's parents, accusing them of knowing about their daughter's murder and claiming they tried to help their son leave the country. WFLA Now's J.B. Biunno broke this story and is live on with the latest: bit.ly/35O7qlO



10 Mar 2022




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A. Rolls
She was gorgeous and full of life, sharing her adventure with the world. Her life was ahead of her, who knows what she would have created and what we were all robbed of. No hair on her head should have been harmed for any reason, let alone from her fiance. It's despicable what he did and it's despicable the way his parents treated hers. Brian and his parents are cut from the same cloth; evil people who need to be punished, for their gross immoral behaviour which is reprehensible to society. My heart extends to her family and those who were truly close to her as obviously the Laundries were not.
Vicky Orr
Everyone who was following the story from the beginning knew Brian told his parents 🙄 and they were helping him to flee
I'm glad the Petito family are pursuing this. They need to know; the Laundries need to come clean! I suspect they DID know, otherwise they wouldn't have got a lawyer involved so early! As a parent, I'd know if my child was hiding something from me.
Everyone knew the parents were hiding something. They deserve to be punished for the agony they brought on to Gabby's parents
The pain & suffering of Gabby’s family DID NOT HAVE TO GO ON AS LONG AS IT DID! The parents knew before he got home! It’s so very sad! RIP GABBY, you were so loved by so many! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Margaret VanWaning
I believe Brian Laundrie's parents did cause Gabby's parents undue pain and suffering and should be held accountable. This again is only my opinion!
Bob Daniel
I knew this was coming. Brian’s parents did everything to hide him so they knew.
R & L Carver
We were all told about the blunt force trauma to the head and neck in the posted coroner affidavit. We also heard John Walsh slip information prior to the report release where he said she was beaten, will never forget those words.
CMD5713 DK6472
It makes a lot of sense now that the FBI filed the bank fraud charges against Brian. If they believed the Laundries were going to help Brian escape overseas, it becomes a crime to do so once he is wanted for a crime.
Patricia L.
Blocking the calls is the worst!!! She could have just let it ring instead of cutting her off so severely…….smh…….what type of ppl are they?
Rose Brennen
The reason he killed her doesn't matter! He had NO RIGHT TO KILL HER!
Its just me, T
Why are the parents of the murderer, who aided and abetted said murderer, have more rights than the victim and her parents?
Kathy Goodman
The Laundrie's were absolutely cruel to the Petito's/Schmidt's. I'm so happy to hear that they are going after them. I believe that the Laundrie's did know that their son had murdered Gabby and I pray that this can be proven. I think that the Laundrie's need to get jail time and fines for what they did to Gabby's family. If we don't punish wrongdoing like this it will continue to occur. I don't think that I would have been able to handle this as gracefully as they have, I can't imagine their pain and suffering. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren, and if something happened to one of them I would have fallen completely apart and handled it very badly. It is the Laundrie's cruelty that really gets to me here. They should rot in hell for that.
Sun Fish
It's incredible how we all just knew who Gabby was without ever knowing her in person. Her spirit is something exceptional really. You just don't encounter that every day. We all knew right away what we needed to do for her.
Marty Evans
Unfortunately there’s not enough money in the world from any lawsuit that can make up for what the Laundries unnecessarily put Gabby’s family through ..., it was beyond unconscionable & morally deprived. The Laundries only match for friends are the parents of Ethan Crumbley.
Jennifer Cornman
Justice for Gabby and her family! Laundries need to be held accountable for there cruelty and prevention of justice!
Mel S
Seems to me, the Laundrie's should be held responsible for the cost of both SEARCHES as well.
Consciously Kayla
So much respect for JB every time I watch. He has been so incredibly professional and compassionate. I'm glad he's able to do this. I'd have a hard time not swearing. If all of this is true, then I wish appropriate punishment and feelings of immense guilt on the Laundries and their asshole of a lawyer.