Brett Young - Chapters (The Acoustic Sessions) ft. Gavin DeGraw

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Music video by Brett Young performing Chapters (The Acoustic Sessions). © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC




16 Aug 2019




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Christine Mader
Christine Mader Gün önce
Anoura Lea Logan
Anoura Lea Logan Gün önce
That stupy laugh i love you
Anoura Lea Logan
Anoura Lea Logan Gün önce
Every guy i like marries the same girl so its your turn gavin
Carissa Kinder
Carissa Kinder 2 gün önce
This song is beautiful! Love both voices!!!
Blast From the Past Auto Appraisal Service
What an amazing young talent this will be a number one song
Jen LaBumbard
Jen LaBumbard 2 gün önce
Man love this!🥰
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M. 2 gün önce
This song is so beautiful!
Krisss1982 3 gün önce
who else skipped to the part where Gavin started singing?? Im a huge fan of Brett though
jeffrey fields
jeffrey fields 3 gün önce
This song hits me hard. Beautiful
Fam Boredor
Fam Boredor 3 gün önce
Brett and Gavin... wow just wow. Love both of them. Always will.🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Abi M
Abi M 3 gün önce
One of my all-time favorite artists Gavin collaborating w my new fav Brett, sooo amazing!!!
Brandon Cornelison
Brandon Cornelison 3 gün önce
Holy crap this is my life to a "T" great job
Danielle Howard
Danielle Howard 4 gün önce
We all have chapters of our lives. Such a touching rendition of an amazing song.
Diane Wood
Diane Wood 4 gün önce
Fantastic and so thrilled to see Gavin!
Sean McKinley
Sean McKinley 4 gün önce
I'm a life-long musician, and an empath. These kinds of songs hit me like a brick
Andru smith
Andru smith 6 gün önce
My man👊👊 never disapoints.
Desi Foulds
Desi Foulds 6 gün önce
Loved you since the start!!
Shawnimani 7 gün önce
every day is a new page of your chapter LIFE ♥
Chentel Leresche
Chentel Leresche 7 gün önce
good song chapter's of my life is correct
Chentel Leresche
Chentel Leresche 7 gün önce
I just think this guy is going to go far in his music career and I think it is awesome he is playing in concert in Las Vegas on my birthday Saturday September the 21st , he has great taste performing that day even though I wont be there I will be thinking of him singing all my favorites on my bday ….
Tasha Mitchell
Tasha Mitchell 7 gün önce
Your songs hit right at home
Shannon Pulley
Shannon Pulley 8 gün önce
This song is everything! I love it! And when Gavin came in, I almost fainted!
Frank Conti
Frank Conti 8 gün önce
This is perfection
Allan Komen
Allan Komen 12 gün önce
There's no perfect life.. each chapter lesson learnt.. wow.. nice sooong😁🤘
Mike Pettibone Jr
Mike Pettibone Jr 12 gün önce
Love this song
Kerrie Coveney
Kerrie Coveney 12 gün önce
We all have chapters in our lives and you just told that story so beautifully. 😢❤️ ‘thank you for sharing it!’
Felisha Portillo
Felisha Portillo 13 gün önce
LOVE this song!! Hope for more songs with Brett😍💜🎼🎶
hisSweetness Greer
hisSweetness Greer 14 gün önce
And you and I are saving the best ones for us
Awk2805 16 gün önce
Wow!!!! I absolutely love your music. Im so happy that I have recently closed a chapter of my life(breast cancer battle). Hopefully it never opens back up. Just more wonderful chapters to open up. I love this.....
AnkiT Malpani
AnkiT Malpani 16 gün önce
My favourite artist and his songs have meaning unlike others Love from India 🇮🇳🙏 brother
Michael B
Michael B 16 gün önce
Featuring Brett Young. Great song.
Creazioni Katia ADG
Creazioni Katia ADG 16 gün önce
Beautiful like the sun😏 You're good at singing🙈I would listen to you for hours😘😘
Virginia Keagle
Virginia Keagle 17 gün önce
Beautiful no one sings like Brett Young, love Gavin's melotic soul he adds to the contemporary country sound of Bret. Amazing work only done with more than 1. Harmony works even though its a different sound. Perfect.
Bern Williamson
Bern Williamson 18 gün önce
Who all is here because they love Keaton?!
Margo Doty
Margo Doty 19 gün önce
Love when Gavin comes in
Ferro12211 19 gün önce
Yes!!! Love Gavin and this combo is perfection
cody Price
cody Price 19 gün önce
Love this song so much have it on repeat
Tammy Snyder
Tammy Snyder 19 gün önce
My husband and I love you Brett. We can relate to your songs. Thank you for them all. He just retired from the military, and we love your song " Will You Wait for Me?" You gave us wonderful songs that we sent to each other when he was deployed over in the middle east. Thank you so much. We love you, keep up the good work.
Bradley Hoopes
Bradley Hoopes 19 gün önce
Brett is so fye
Kymberly Michele Liberty
@lancechristy 💯
Michelle Vezina
Michelle Vezina 20 gün önce
Love the way you guys sang this song,,,Beautifull, Faith,,Hope,,God,,Bless,"From a Lonely Heart,"
claudia Magana
claudia Magana 20 gün önce
Cassandra Karim
Cassandra Karim 20 gün önce
The Dodgers really?
Margo Doty
Margo Doty 20 gün önce
I know without a doubt I have been a 100% fan for like 10 years now!! Holy smokes!! Y'all just fucking made me get teary eyed. Damn y'all killed it at on this versiony
Leland Taylor
Leland Taylor 20 gün önce
How do you fuckin do it bro i wish i had that talent everyone says i do but i have no support im just worthless anymore god bless bro keep em coming
Katie Harris
Katie Harris 21 gün önce
Richard Brunelle
Richard Brunelle 21 gün önce
I like this music
Bonjovicrzy 21 gün önce
Amazing Voices and song writing , ..I got to admit I came here because of Gavin and his awesome voice ( Sorry listen to rock alternative , blues , classic rock music mostly ) but I Was pleasantly surprised of Brett and his voice too love ❤️ it Going to google Brett ‘s music to add to the collection .. job well done Brett and a Gavin amazing
Bonjovicrzy 21 gün önce
Ps .. May I please add would love to see another song with these two in the future.
Wrestling Freak
Wrestling Freak 21 gün önce
Been a great fan of Brett since day 1. I love all the melodies en harmonies 👍🇺🇬
Carolyn Morales
Carolyn Morales 21 gün önce
Just sent this to my ex of 20 yrs. He's finally happy !! Chapters of my life. Good and bad. We all have stories.
Andrea Vlogs
Andrea Vlogs 22 gün önce
Can u come on tour in ohio in November?!💓
Elyse Fairchild
Elyse Fairchild 22 gün önce
What an amazing combo!
Mark Kotzee
Mark Kotzee 23 gün önce
Almost 1 million subs Brett !!
Marcela Saechao
Marcela Saechao 23 gün önce
New chapter...Have faith in lord...time will tell 💋
TheNatural1 23 gün önce
This HAS to be the next single, I'd assume? I wish the acoustic version was on the album. I'm sure it'll be that gimmick where it's on the "deluxe" version they release two months after with two new songs and an acoustic version of a song for 15 bucks.
Ella Addison
Ella Addison 24 gün önce
This is the most beautiful song! I love it!!
CalmChaos 24 gün önce
Came here for Gavin Degraw, and stayed for both of them.
Ali shane Skyve
Ali shane Skyve 24 gün önce
Always lovin his songs every now and then😍💕💖
Katie Toews
Katie Toews 24 gün önce
Been waiting for an acoustic version of this song since it first came out, so glad it finally happened
melissa lopez
melissa lopez 24 gün önce
Sometimes even when your not sure you have to go with your gut You have to close one chapter to find your final chapter in life
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