Brett Young - Chapters (The Acoustic Sessions) ft. Gavin DeGraw

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Music video by Brett Young performing Chapters (The Acoustic Sessions). © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC




16 Aug 2019




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Ivanna Morales
Ivanna Morales 4 saatler önce
Dear Brett Young, your voice is as perfect in person as in on my playlist ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ came home feeling the happiest from his concert in Orlando Fl last night, definitely worth the 4hour drive 🥰platoniccrush
Regan Hall
Regan Hall 2 gün önce
WatchingThaClouds 4 gün önce
Such a beautiful song! Can't believe I just stumbled across this acoustic version - love it!
marta nika
marta nika 5 gün önce
These two music artist are my favorite great they both paired up together for this song
lily&evie vlog
lily&evie vlog 6 gün önce
This song speaks to me
Will T
Will T 10 gün önce
Gavins voice ... so good
Marlice Fernandes
Marlice Fernandes 11 gün önce
If you're around hit the like button 2K 20?
P Click
P Click 11 gün önce
Especially gavins part.. perfect
P Click
P Click 11 gün önce
Love this song
Nick West
Nick West 12 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-37zf0aexR9E.html Oh my lord pleeeease check out my original music
Ronald Decker
Ronald Decker 13 gün önce
I knew that was Gaven Degraw when I first heard that song. Beautiful!
Tina Davis
Tina Davis 17 gün önce
I love this ❤️ I’m so happy Gavin Degraw Co Wrote this with him , Gavin is the best story teller ever 😘🥰😍
Christine Mader
Christine Mader 18 gün önce
I am back in Austria with doctors without borders, what should I say now? I find your song extraordinary.happy new year🇦🇹🎇🍀
Andrew Sherlock Holmes
Wow how can you not love this guy? He’s amazing!
Marlon Smith
Marlon Smith 19 gün önce
“ Chapters of my life “
Marlon Smith
Marlon Smith 19 gün önce
Relative 🤙🏾
Jennifer Lynn
Jennifer Lynn 21 gün önce
Beautiful 💖💖
Keegan Sluis
Keegan Sluis 26 gün önce
You should come to rapid or sioux falls! I was there when you lost your voice and I never got to see you perform😭😭 I completely understand I just want to see you perform live
Keegan Sluis
Keegan Sluis 26 gün önce
In my opinion this is one of your best songs ever! I listen to this song on spotify way too much haha
Campbell Kolbay
Campbell Kolbay Aylar önce
This song makes me cry every time!! Love Love it!!❤❤❤❤❤
James Michael Walker
So so cool!
D alegria
D alegria Aylar önce
Do true Brent your dad's a awesome guy love his preaching
LDonna Robertson
LDonna Robertson Aylar önce
Everyone can relate to some part of his song. Gavin DeGraw just as amazing as Brett young
dulma Valencia
dulma Valencia Aylar önce
Love this guy you are the best love you music
Marian gonzalez
Marian gonzalez Aylar önce
diego trancoso
diego trancoso Aylar önce
Lindo 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Michelle Aylar önce
Amazing ....really great vocalists. Love it.
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher Aylar önce
What a amazing song by such a íncrédablé artist this song so fits my life as well as many many others I started promoting music after loßsing my late wife to cancer and you can bet this one I'll put out for people to hear and hopefully buy the album thanks Brett
SunSet Aylar önce
Legit so sad
Sarah Lulu
Sarah Lulu Aylar önce
Omg this is the duet I didn’t know I needed! Both their voices together 🙌✨
Alison Barr
Alison Barr Aylar önce
Brett is so Adorable
Sarah Walkinshaw
Sarah Walkinshaw 2 aylar önce
more god talk ??? wtf ...
Sonya Nicholas
Sonya Nicholas 2 aylar önce
I love my.baby boy michael my x ok husband. we are going to mereyd. 2019 a gen 2sce time
Ed Pete
Ed Pete 2 aylar önce
Amazing! Chapters of my Life...
Biel Sabas
Biel Sabas 2 aylar önce
I want to know the story behind this song
Heather Drake
Heather Drake 2 aylar önce
I love this song
Sonya Nicholas
Sonya Nicholas 2 aylar önce
👍 yes.baby boy love you
Sonya Nicholas
Sonya Nicholas 2 aylar önce
Breath yung
Sonya Nicholas
Sonya Nicholas 2 aylar önce
Sonya Nicholas
Sonya Nicholas 2 aylar önce
Michael triy s An you will be. Gone to
Michael Dimitrov
Michael Dimitrov 2 aylar önce
Sonya Nicholas
Sonya Nicholas 2 aylar önce
Michael Aldi songs are all songs that you put it on I know I put it as lot of songs onto but how did you fix the songs to come the way you were coming in and then use of the top part of the phone I don't send did you talk to to do that
Mariah Little
Mariah Little 2 aylar önce
Love the two beautiful souls voices of angels listen to Gavin voice all day but their voices together a win win💜💜💜💜💥🔥👍👍👏👏
Sandra Narong
Sandra Narong 2 aylar önce
Christmassssss Albummm!
Tana Stansel-graham
Tana Stansel-graham 2 aylar önce
Brett young is absolutely amazing ❤️ wonderful man! Singer and all! 💖
Lindy 2 aylar önce
O.M.I 2 aylar önce
The most beautiful thing I've listened to today
Andy B
Andy B 2 aylar önce
Amazing collaboration
Joy Lewis
Joy Lewis 2 aylar önce
Great session
hotwheels mania
hotwheels mania 2 aylar önce
What a song it never gets out of my head❤❤❤🏀🔊
Jessica Marie Hammond
Jessica Marie Hammond 2 aylar önce
Yes this song depicts my life right now loved it
George Luster
George Luster 2 aylar önce
Great song!
Klecio Alves da Silva
Klecio Alves da Silva 2 aylar önce
Brasil 🇧🇷
jenifer b
jenifer b 2 aylar önce
Currently listening to this song to help me make some crucial decisions
Pamela Maloy
Pamela Maloy 3 aylar önce
Valerie Huls
Valerie Huls 3 aylar önce
Thank you for having closed captions for me to read. I love when you have it on almost all of your videos! Thank you again!
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson 3 aylar önce
Savanna Erkaya
Savanna Erkaya 3 aylar önce
Can we appreciate Gavin DeGraw too???
Savanna Erkaya
Savanna Erkaya 3 aylar önce
His voice is so gorgeous!!!
S H 3 aylar önce
Sylvie Morin
Sylvie Morin 3 aylar önce
i absoulotly love this song
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