Bretman Rock & His Sister Hit The Road To Recovery | Ep. 1 | MTV's Following: Bretman Rock Season 2

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After a year of professional growth and success, Bretman Rock’s personal life crashes down around him. In order to heal the strained relationship with his sister, Princess Mae, they turn to therapy for answers. But can they overcome their differences long enough for Bretman to help Princess move into her dream home?

No matter what you’re going through, there are always ways to take care of your mental health and support the people you love.

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26 Haz 2022




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sheeple 14 gün önce
We need more episodes and seasons and this should also be aired on tv everyone wants to see shows about tropical paradise in Hawaii
Xx Moonstar xX
Xx Moonstar xX 28 gün önce
Many might not agree with me, but Bretman’s sentiment is totally relatable. She got pregnant at 15 then instead of straightening out her life, she had another kid. This scenario has happened to many young women and they’re not as fortunate as Princess being that Bret has her back. No matter how much affirmation/validation from other people you can have, at the end of the day you’re the one in control of your life. Bretman’s success is also his family’s. As you can see, he wants to uplift Princess too.
rissa watty
rissa watty 3 gün önce
Agree,even Brett show how he doesn't like criss in the beginning coz he can see whats criss true intentions,but princess choose to ignore it and continue with the relationship even got pregnant so fast,and still keep him even after he abuse her and cheat on her,princess is to kind and to stupid at the same time,and Brett know it,he is worried what if she is alone with nobody protect her.he just want her to be more aware and wise and independent and can stand upfor herself when someone hurt her,if not for her for her kids,she is not alone anymore she got kids to think about,and if she or anyone questions he's love for her despite everything he do and give her and the family,that's just stupid,he might be can't be lovey dovey with word,but I can see that he love her and worried about her well being the most,even am a stranger can see it clearly.
zviko motsi
zviko motsi 5 gün önce
Yea but princess mae was probably looking for love from deadbeats cause she wasn't getting it to begin with. It is cycle with many women but can we discuss what causes the cycle in the first place
Gracia Mokemba
Gracia Mokemba 5 gün önce
I agree I have the same attitude with my sisters I love her but sometimes you need to be a little be harsh with them for their own sake
Maevel Palabol
Maevel Palabol 6 gün önce
Agree, I'm lucky to have that kind of person
O O 10 gün önce
@johni williams I like this
Sevilay Dee
Sevilay Dee Aylar önce
I’m with Bret on this. You don’t get to not do the work and say “I failed because you didn’t support me”. But I also think it’s hard for princess to be sort of living in Bret’s shadow. She needs encouragement and my heart broke when she said she wanted to hear him say I love you. My whole heart ❤️
laniya 7 gün önce
@Jenlagen but as her sibling he’s providing for her whole life! and she said that she didn’t really have her parents, she just had bretman so he has to put on that role.
Catherine Lacuna
Catherine Lacuna 10 gün önce
lorene bonsu
lorene bonsu 12 gün önce
At the end of the day she isn’t putting in any work when Bret is putting everything in front of her. Bret finds her lifestyle and he isn’t her parent. I know he loves her but he honestly doesn’t owe her that. It’s harsh but tbh she would be a poor struggling single mother working a low paid job if it wasn’t for Bret. She doesn’t want to go into education, get a cert, get a job or build an online business! The. What does she want to do. She’s mooching over her brother, even if she loves him. He might need to cut her loose.
lorene bonsu
lorene bonsu 12 gün önce
At the end of the day she isn’t putting in any work when Bret is putting everything in front of her. Bret finds her lifestyle and he isn’t her parent. I know he loves her but he honestly doesn’t owe her that. It’s harsh but tbh she would be a poor struggling single mother working a low paid job if it wasn’t for Bret. She doesn’t want to go into education, get a cert, get a job or build an online business! The. What does she want to do. She’s mooching over her brother, even if she loves him. He might need to cut her loose.
sal 13 gün önce
@Sevilay Dee - Took the words right out my mouth. He can only support her so much, even if she had no support, she should push herself. I'm not sure what she's saying when he helps her out so much.
Tianna Edwards
Tianna Edwards Aylar önce
Brennan talking about Princesses worth ethic was a reality check FOR ME. I don’t have kids and honestly I needed to hear that.
Ashton Ridener
Ashton Ridener 6 gün önce
Girl same
kay 7 gün önce
@Divine A it is harder which mean it can just take more time because her life path has been so different, she is only 22, she has plenty of time to have her own success while enjoying her kids while they are little, but bretman just expects her to be where he’s at without adding in the other factors.
Divine A
Divine A 7 gün önce
@kay yes it’s lovely to see empathy given to a woman in her position but I think where Bretman is also coming from is now that that’s happened she can’t settle for the last great thing she’s done is being a mom. Being a mom is a weight she has to carry along with her in this journey you can’t just give the other stuff up you have to cope and persevere . It’s harder and it’s still doable
O O 10 gün önce
Same my auntie is my bretman 🥲 I need to get my shi together
Masego Modiba
Masego Modiba 12 gün önce
Me too 😭😭😭😭
rashiyu Aylar önce
I didn’t expect this season to be so heartwarming and mental health focused. I’m loving it
Padparadscha Lazuli
The way Bretman supports his family and receiving all of their burden while being under-appreciated is very prevalent scene in the Philippines. Many Filipino breadwinners are often juiced by their relatives of support that they have no time for themselves. The worst part is that those aforesaid breadwinners faced judgement and guilt every time they put themselves first. I’m happy that this show put a spotlight on that issue.
BB_LYLPNAY 8 gün önce
I totally agree!
Andrea Estrada
Andrea Estrada 12 gün önce
I agree, many minority groups tend to force upon responsibilities to those who are the breadwinners or the oldest in the family because it is part of their job causing this forced upon codependency. One thing is to be there for your family and give them the help they need because they're incapable at the moment to move foward with their lives; however, it's another thing when they are degrading you and your morals because you decided to cut back on the support you give them or even with the slightest indifference, after all you have done to get them to where they are. Just cause you are supporting them for now doesn't mean you'll support them sully through because you're not living your life or problems, you're living your whole family's life and that's tiring. Just my opinion though.
DEA 12 gün önce
Aye Stan
Aye Stan 15 gün önce
exactly my situation
Ning's Life
Ning's Life 21 gün önce
So true :( my fam too
R U E Aylar önce
Princess needs to be proud of HERSELF. Stop trying to make everyone else proud when you just need to make yourself proud. Once you own accountability for yourself your leadership will show your success. Keep going princess, you got this sister. Period.
Laur-un Gün önce
this comment gave me a reality check
sid 13 gün önce
Hard to make yourself proud when you know you don't have the discipline nor will power to do anything for yourself.
Mavisiu Aylar önce
well its hard that's the problem.
Hope Wallis
Hope Wallis Aylar önce
Miss K is. Glowing. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 the confidence and happiness she’s radiating! Makes my heart so happy.
Francesca F
Francesca F 13 gün önce
Agreed omg she looks GREAT as usual!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍
A T 17 gün önce
Yessss like sibling issues aside miss k is looking so good and happy 🥰🥰🥰
PK 20 gün önce
Genesis Alcasid
Genesis Alcasid 21 gün önce
right??? she looks GOOD !!!
Rtee Aylar önce
Right? She's glowing this season
Anahi G
Anahi G Aylar önce
Whatever MTV is paying Bretman is not enough! They are being so vulnerable and we are here for the healing. 💕✨
Better Have My Money
@Linda Shar 🙄
Linda Shar
Linda Shar Aylar önce
Not this
Peach Perfect
Peach Perfect Aylar önce
ExtremeAznLove Aylar önce
I agree with Bret with regard to helping oneself - how can you blame others for not helping you when you don't even try to help yourself? Failure is failure; do not make excuses for why you failed. Acknowledge it, accept it, learn from it, do better. Be accountable to yourself for your own decisions even if they end up in failure.
kyxlier Aylar önce
Natalia Duran
Natalia Duran Aylar önce
I agree!! Princess has a hard time holding herself accountable and instead seems to direct the blame on others instead of herself.
N Y Aylar önce
I don’t think princess or Bret are wrong, Bret wants to see his sister fulfill her goals and succeed in her career because he supports her financially & Princess just wants his emotional support & love. But I could definitely see how hard it can be to not only support everyone financially but emotionally as well, especially when you’re dealing with your own emotions. I also think the trauma of being raised with a hard working single mom affected them differently, Bret wants to work hard to make sure his family doesn’t have to go through that again & wants Princess to secure her future so his niece and nephew don’t go through it. & I think Princess doesn’t want her kids to feel the pain of their mom being away at work so much like her and Bretman did. She is also only 21 & figuring out what she wants to do & where she wants to be in life. Just my thoughts 💭
J.fselee 21 gün önce
Pan Yhang
Pan Yhang 21 gün önce
So true!.,
N Y 22 gün önce
You guys make me want to start a blog 😂😂. Thank you everyone for the comments❤️❤️
Lucas Marcon
Lucas Marcon 23 gün önce
omg yes
ToTheMax 24 gün önce
Totally hit the nail on the head.
Destiny irus
Destiny irus 7 gün önce
I have so much respect for bretman. I feel like he’s the only “influencer” type that is actually down to earth & helping their families.. & honestly relatable af.. my mom was a single mom who worked 24/7 & as kids we had to grow up fast take on responsibilities as children ourselves along w/ other childhood traumas.. I just feel like his show is so real & honest & not hiding behind fake crap like other influencer type reality shows
Madame Belle
Madame Belle 13 gün önce
I relate so much to Bretman when he said it hurts when a family member said that they aren't supported enough, while all he does in life is support them. They wouldn't even be stable if it wasn't for Bretman. He loves his family and will do everything for them, he is doing his part so Princess has to play her part. She doesn't have to be spoonfed all the time. Princess needs to have a reality check to stop looking for validation from others, stand up for herself and be accountable for her actions, don't blame others for your own failures. Learn from mistakes, let go and move on. Princess will eventually get there, she reminds me of my younger brother. She's at the stage of finding out what she wants to do in life. Everyone can encourage her, but at the end of the day, her own success will depend on her own actions and no one else
VSS 26 gün önce
I know Princess does not mean it in an evil way but I actually cannot believe she said she wants Bret to support her. In every single video I've watched of them together he literally pushes her to start her own channel, to go after the singing career, to become a plus-size model etc etc. whatever her dream is. I think she is actually being unfair to him.
Sa Ku
Sa Ku 6 gün önce
@Branddrans nothingbuthands agree with you 100%..
Branddrans nothingbuthands
True. And I felt so bad when she said that Bret doesn’t support her emotionally because she needs it since their mother didn’t give it to her. But the thing is, Bret also experienced that, he didn’t get his mothers love, he didn’t get anything! And honestly he had to be the one who grew up the fastest since he had a role to fill, being the pillar of support in his family. He was the one who built his career. He was the one who stepped up and financially become stable for him and his family. Princess now has a family of her own, SHE is now also a bread winner. Her kids is her responsibility. Her career is HER responsibility. Just because you have a brother who can financially support for probably your whole life, doesn’t mean you can free load. He is somewhat involved in your life, but not to the point where he has to do EVERYTHING for you. She’s so lucky to even have such a life for a SINGLE MOM. I’ve seen single moms struggling to work hard to care for her kids and juggle her work and hope that they don’t get kicked out if their tiny apartment home. Princess had a goddamn house that probably costs thousands of dollars just to rent let alone buy. She’s got a brother who gives her opportunities to pursue her dreams, heck, he does it multiple times for her! What more support can you get? If I were her, I’d feel so much love and care that my own brother actually loves me enough to give me an opportunity for my dreams to come true.
Zvanha Morales
Zvanha Morales Aylar önce
I started crying when they were in the therapist but I love how Miss Kay is always there for everyone. She has such a beautiful soul! 😭💜
ohmyrobot 13 gün önce
We stan miss K !!!
Ely Torres-Alcantar
24:09 He loves you. He has proved it time & time again. Bret bringing the cake & doing his homework, helping you move, opening opportunities for you. So much love is there.
Jimmie &kookie
Jimmie &kookie 9 gün önce
she needs someone to tell her that they love her, that she is enough, that she can take opportunities, that she is able to finance herself. emotional support is worth more than any other type of support. she needs to be proud of herself before she does anything to make people proud of her.
Toni Toni
Toni Toni 8 gün önce
I completely understand both sides. Princess wants the love and emotional support she didn't get from her parents, but siblings can not replace that role. Bretman has been the breadwinner of the family and that's a lot of pressure on someone his age as well. Hopefully they can understand and work things out because they do love each other very much.
Helena L
Helena L 12 gün önce
Girl… princess mea doesn’t even understand how well she has it WHILE being a single mother of two. Kids are great and amazing but don’t blame them for you not having a good work ethic.. if you don’t want to work or word had enough just be honest with urself. Some signal parents including me wish we had such support from someone like Bretman. And the fact that you don’t even have the need to go and work a 9 to 5 job to support ur kids with the support of ur brother also, Its freaking amazing and very fortunate. Appreciate it while it lasts.
Divine A
Divine A 7 gün önce
I genuinely don’t think it’s she doesn’t want to but more so she’s still in the mindset nothing will come out of it. It’s like a mentality you just have to make small .
Tania Manuel Guerrero
This episode was much needed. It’s the same in the Hispanic community. We forget to remind each other how much we love them! We need to start a new cycle with our kids.
I have no personality outside my sexuality
Fun fact: Filipinos count as Hispanic j bc it not Latino. Ain’t that crazy?
SHINee fouzia
SHINee fouzia Aylar önce
Bretman really loves Princess and he wants her to grow up and secure herself a life and be stable. Bretman is the bread winner in his household and he is still young too. Even with all the craziness and fun side, Bretman is so mature for his age. Sending so much love to Bret and Mai ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ri Bri
Ri Bri Aylar önce
Omg well said! I agree ❤️
jessy 76
jessy 76 Aylar önce
I agree 💯💯 but he can learn to be softer on her !! I get where he comes from but she looks up to him and he needs to acknowledge that she loves him and she knows he loves her but she needs to hear it !! Maybe then she'll make better choices in men
Alan Estrada
Alan Estrada Aylar önce
*#Si**trvid.com/video/video-EdEGPw516mM.htmlесли** все в порorcoño* 👈
jigger 24 gün önce
I really want to be on Princess's side on this but it's become difficult rooting for her. When Bretman pointed out the fact that she's made bad decisions, he actually didn't emphasize that enough out of respect for her and what she went through. She needs to be more mature with the different struggles and hurdles she's faced with because she put those in her plate. Your choices, your judgments, your consequences.
Ale’s vlogz
Ale’s vlogz Aylar önce
I love how Bretman Rock is being real and honest with his sisters ! I get she’s a mom but I feel like she should do it also more for her kids ❤️ there’s always a reason on why kids are on peoples life’s to push themselves ever harder in life
Jaz S
Jaz S Aylar önce
I feel them 💯, growing up with a parent who is constantly in survival mode to provide there is definitely a lack of affection that gets passed down. Me & my sister are the same way & seeing them go to therapy together is an eye opener for sure. Love how transparent they are!
Fefe-Callo 26 gün önce
Same. It's so hard to say I love you to my parents and my siblings. We just contribute thing like cooking food, paying rent, doing financial things, but we don't do a lot of bonding. Honestly, if they werent my family I dont think i want to be in their lives. But my little brother and I got closer in the last couple years so there's that.
LiveLife 7 gün önce
Saying "I love you" costs zero dollars. It's easy to say "congrats" when your family member graduates valedictorian, but it takes REAL love to say "it's okay, you'll find a way forward" if they fail to graduate high school. THAT'S the kind of support Princess is looking for. EMOTIONAL. They're not talking about the same type of "support" (financial/material versus emotional), and it bothers me that NO ONE in their circle has defined that for either of them.
Rachel Marie Wonderland
They show a prime example of how two different people handle not being told “I love u” by a parent. I’m a lot like princess, never was told I was loved by my parents. I always seek validation not only by actions but also by words because it was something I always wanted as a child
Nana Vava
Nana Vava 24 gün önce
In my 17 years life I never once heard my Parents say to me hey I love you, never
Lucky 44
Lucky 44 26 gün önce
@Katherine Mejia sitting someone down and telling them how much they mean to you, and how much you love them is so important. My ex was never told this and so when we were together and I would come out while he was working on the car and ask him to show me what he's doing, get involved, be interested, tell him how smart he is and how well he's doing it really meant a lot to him. I would also sometimes just roll over in bed before night and give him and kiss and tell him how much I appreciated him, ask him how his day was at work when he got home and let him vent if needed etc. Even after we broke up we stayed on good terms and he told me how much he appreciated the affection/words of affirmation. It takes very little to make a difference in someone's day, and can mean so much to your partner. Some people think it's being "needy", but my fondest memories are those with ex partners who were equally as verbal in their affections and love. I wish you and your hubby many more years of love and happiness! 💛💛💛
Katherine Mejia
Katherine Mejia 27 gün önce
This is so true, my husband and I were raised completely different. My mom always told me she loved me my hubby said he has never heard “I’m proud of you, I love you, You are doing a great job.” So he does bring it up to my attention if I don’t tell him I love him. Now I know why he asks me to say it sometimes bc he didn’t get it at all growing up.
LG 27 gün önce
Betty Daniel
Betty Daniel Aylar önce
Remember God loves you♥️😊! John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him (Jesus) should not perish but have everlasting life. Please repent, change your life around and live for Him🙏. He is coming back soon🥳🎊..........
halogen Aylar önce
I just love an influencer that does influencing the right way. When you scratch the surface, it'll really just show Bret's values and his big heart. Happy for this season comeback!✨
tabibimbap Aylar önce
bretman really out here eloquently expressing how (exhausted) breadwinners in a filipino family feel like 🥲
Ally Pangilinan
Ally Pangilinan Aylar önce
Being a single mom of three, I feel Bretman on this. It is really hard. You can never stop. You can't even have time to think about your own problems and you got a lot on your plate already. Plus yeahp, how would you say I love you if you don't even love yourself. He looks so strong and all outside but the moment he said how he felt and the tears just started to fall down from his eyes. Bretman is tired too.
Marcellana Carri
Marcellana Carri Aylar önce
I can totally relate to this. Having Filipino Parents, we weren't raised hearing I love you's or talk about emotions. Our Parents showed their love by being present and making efforts to be together. Although we turned out good, it also doesn't hurt to break old generation habits and improved family relationships.
r 1997
r 1997 15 gün önce
Princess: bretman helping me move never.. im so glad that he's thinking about me for once. Bretman is literally the reason she has a house. And a beautiful one at that
music Lovaa
music Lovaa 5 gün önce
I was thinking the same lmao its like she forgets he's the reason she has money
kabbyhearts Aylar önce
I'm with Bretman on this one when it comes to work ethics. Like he's speaking to me. It's like I have all these opportunities to succeed but don't take full advantage of it
Desiree Keifer
Desiree Keifer Aylar önce
This is so interesting to me to hear how their trauma with the same people has affected them so differently. I relate to bretman so much in the sense that I’m the oldest of 4 girls so there was always that ‘responsibility’ and 3rd caretaker role pushed from the beginning. And as I grow older I try to be more ‘prideful’ in the sense that I won’t say I love you or be gushy ever either, because that’s how my parents were. But as I grow older I realize that’s hurting my inner child MORE than it is healing.. and same thing for princess in the way she has a knack for ESCALATING situations into something more negative than it actually is because that’s what she’s used to. I think she takes bretmans comments about HIS experiences and reasoning for doing things to heart because the last thing she wants is to be back in the same situation as when she was younger with her mom:(((
Marion Jose Faye Daquioag
Omg the way I heard Bretman Rock spoke about being the breadwinner of the family and all he did was support his family ever since says a lot on his personality!!! I relate so much !! Princess as the youngest I do understand her too. Love this episode. Always rooting for you both!!!!
Imone Kreesa
Imone Kreesa Aylar önce
This episode really shows generational trauma that happens in a lot of poc households. Like I relate HEAVY to Princess in this episode. And I’m Bretman’s defense having parents/ grandparents that don’t say “I love you” but have always showed they love u makes it extremely hard to feel comfortable to say that to those u love/ be as affectionate. It’s taken a while for me to feel comfortable hugging/ saying “I love u” to my best friends due to this. I’m really happy they went to therapy and are having these conversations
stigmata 22 gün önce
@The enemy goes about seeking whom he may devour exactly.
Bianca Lupz
Bianca Lupz 23 gün önce
Deepened Thoughts
Deepened Thoughts 26 gün önce
Yes I agree with friends even I’ve had one really affectionate like with hugs and saying I love you when saying bye and to me it’s like awkward but I’ve gotten to love when she used to do it we don’t talk anymore but I would get away cuz to me spelling I love you was awkward so if she sent it I would change it to I luv u to and that would to me make it less awkward it really took time though
Yell Patzy
Yell Patzy 26 gün önce
Same omg
Ijeoma Anyanwu
Ijeoma Anyanwu 27 gün önce
This is as close to a real reality show as you can get. those emotions are real.
Earl Antoine
Earl Antoine Aylar önce
Bretman is so AUTHENTIC. I 100% ❤️ his honesty; which is the best policy for me. Keeping it REAL is not easy to do; especially when you are being REAL with the core people of your family & friends.
Lisa Aylar önce
he’s a good brother for being honest. he clearly wants more for her and she should learn to do things for herself as well.
libny sandoval
libny sandoval Aylar önce
Hope princess break that cycle and tell their kids "I love you and I am proud of you" I can totally relate to her on that. Growing up, my parents never said to us i love you or i am proud you. And also with my siblings... Now with my child, I always tell my child that I love and proud of her everyday. Have to break that cycle
BuhleX Aylar önce
this episode made me so emotional omg! I feel a lot of our generation are left with the task of breaking generational trauma and that is DIFFICULT to even acknowledge. so watching them do the work is inspirational
Janey Fanene
Janey Fanene 22 gün önce
that's the sad truth!
Kim Styles
Kim Styles Aylar önce
Right?!!! I was not expecting this LOVED THSI
Samantha Aylar önce
I agree but it’s normal for her to seek validation as an adult when she didn’t receive that growing up which is why it’s so important for parents to share their emotions
Jennie Mae
Jennie Mae Aylar önce
torro Aylar önce
yes, by being an example of healing, I love to see it 🤍
The enemy goes about seeking whom he may devour
I had a child at 24 and I still struggle with some things that Princess does, so I can only imagine being 15 with a child, she was forced to grow up so fast to be a mother and it’s def hard when your own mother never told you they love you
Princess Goals
Princess Goals 29 gün önce
I love the part when they’re all trying to go up the stairs together and Bretmans trying to be serious and direct them but they all fall and he joins in on laughing. They all look so genuinely happy.
Hiti Panchal
Hiti Panchal Aylar önce
I feel so happy for Bretman and princess sharing this to us.
Indigo Mance
Indigo Mance Aylar önce
Definitely can relate my mom never told me she loved me growing up. It made it hard to show emotions to others. But now I tell my kids I love them every single day multiple times a day. Side note Princess voice is so calm and soothing she’s absolutely beautiful🥰🥰
Patty P
Patty P Aylar önce
Can we give a moment to appreciate Miss Kay's beauty? She's literally alluring.
Saira Lee
Saira Lee 13 gün önce
they are doing the right first steps to healing ! I'm so happy for both of them going to therapy together shows the love it really does!
Ave Noah
Ave Noah 16 gün önce
Everything bret has done is for his family and there was a video from another channel who said it so well about working overseas parents - you grow up trying to survive you don’t have time to slow down and be vocal in love and affection - you’re just doing all you can so your family can survive and that’s the mentality Bret has - he saw his mum pour out every ounce of them trying to give her children a better life so hearing princess saying her failures are due to lack of support I can see how disheartening that is - I think he’s just frustrated because he wants her to be strong and have the same hardcore work ethic - he just wants her to do better that’s all his mum and he has ever wanted
Vaishnavi gosain
Vaishnavi gosain Aylar önce
This episode really hits home! I am an Indian and I think Asians in general just parent their children without showcasing emotions or wording out love and care openly, it can be taxing to live like that and on a lot of days that makes you want to seek validation outside from people that don't even matter and 9/10 times wouldn't treat you right but it's really family in the end that is truly there and it is enough to testify that the love was always present.
Roxane Odjick
Roxane Odjick Aylar önce
My sister might not make the best decisions and might not be where I feel she could be, but I will always be proud of her and tell her I love her. Emotional support is far more important to a persons emotional well-being and development. It empowers people and allows them the opportunity to build their own confidence so that they can bank on the opportunities afforded to them. I hope Bretman learns this and starts speaking gently to his sister. Cycles can be broken!
Angelica A.
Angelica A. 3 gün önce
Amber M.
Amber M. 8 gün önce
Only person with sense in these comments.
Maria Abe
Maria Abe 8 gün önce
Yes yes yes!!!! I want to pin this comment 😭🙏
Levi Youler
Levi Youler 7 gün önce
The things this guy has had to do to give his family a better life, much respect and love💯😂
Kate_Kosmo Aylar önce
I just love Bretman! He's such a breathe of fresh air! I wish I had a bestie like him bc he's just too funny! 🤣🥰
Lele 11 gün önce
It really puts in perspective on why bretman is so hard on his little sister that’s what big brothers due and they help us and try to support us in ways that we need . He clearly loves her and wish the best for her I love love them both I have watch them for years
Myrissa Blanco
Myrissa Blanco 27 gün önce
Bretman is such an entertainer and I’m so glad they got a season two!!!! Love the whole family 🥰
Haystacks Grassy
Haystacks Grassy 16 gün önce
it's very warming for my heart to see the support they have for each other
C. P.
C. P. Aylar önce
Tbh I can understand Bretman's frustration about "supporting" his sister. Mai doesn't see the amount of support he pours to her because he criticizes her most of the time and it's hard for Mai to understand that its a part of his support as well. I think Mai wants Bretman's "silent" support in a way that he supports her without the criticism.
Sundaze Aylar önce
i know that im personally more like princess, but , Bretman is right. They will be the only two to actually know what happened from when they had nothing and now they have something. It was a decision to have kids and you can't use your children as excuses for your life goals/dreams because thats going to put a strain on your relationship w/ your child indefinitely.
Chi Chi La Femme
Chi Chi La Femme 19 gün önce
That last part is such a good point. Having kids is hard but it’s a decision which is why it’s such an important decision, I understand how exhausting it is for her for sure, but like you said, placing the blame on your kids existing will turn into underlying resentment which would pout a strain on the relationship or they might take it the other way and project onto their kids and live vicariously through them by forcing them to do things you didn’t get to do
furaichicken db
furaichicken db 12 gün önce
One of the greatest life lessons I’ve ever been taught is in order to figure out who is your true friend/loved ones are when a person helps you move. No one in this world or universe dreads anything more than moving and for someone to go through one of the most dreadful and unpleasant tasks of moving for you means they truly are your friend as some people wouldn’t move for their own selves if they had that option. Therefore I’ve always offered and accepted helping my friends move as that truly shows that you are a good friend. And if anyone of those friends you helped refused to help you in return then you know that they were never your friend and are types of people that will throw you in front of a moving bus if it means they have something to gain from it
Shariffah Nor Afiqah
I just love how genuine this reality show is
Merianne Balubal
Merianne Balubal 13 gün önce
Bretman is giving so much panganay energy. The discipline is just strong 🤍
Glory Jane Sinday-Barrios
There is always a saying that 'actions speak louder than words'. You don't have to say i love you just to show your love and affection. And Bretman is still with her and her family despite her failures in life. That's love.
LaLuna Aylar önce
I can see where princess needs to hear those words of affirmations ,but she shouldn’t just depend on it. She doesn’t need anyones validation but her own. I hope they heal their relationship 💖. Ms kaYyy!!! She looks so good! I’m on a weight loss journey and she just motivated me so much!!
kyxlier Aylar önce
@Danni Solis Some. People. joke about things if they are uncomfortable /a way to cope
Eve Heart
Eve Heart Aylar önce
Yes. Some folks want extra extra support. I know a friend like that
Boozey Guze
Boozey Guze Aylar önce
@Orquidea Estrella it's a different dynamic. You don't have the exact same relationship with each and every single person in your life. It's also in the way that other person treats you in return. Bretman is closer with Kay. Not so much with Princess. You can tell she projects alot of her failures upon Bretman so it may be causing distance in their relationship. We don't know all the dynamics
Danni Solis
Danni Solis Aylar önce
@Orquidea Estrella yes!! And when she wanted to talk about it, in a way he shut her down by not listening/ joked about it
randoms things and stuff 92
Good luck on your weight loss journey!
xinz dense
xinz dense 26 gün önce
I was crying. I get where princess if coming from as well as Bratman and her advice to express each others love language is an excellent way to go forth . 💟
wonheehoon Aylar önce
I love these siblings talaga 😌♥️ It shows how much courage they have in the first place to even address it. One of the toxic filipino attitude is just forgetting about problems and i'm proud of them both for even trying to solve their issues
Laura H
Laura H Aylar önce
Watching this really makes me understand Princess so much. Beyond the social media stuff, you can assume this is somewhat of what is going on with why things go on the way they do but her being so raw in this episode espc at such a young age is courageous 🤍
Stephanie Ihetu
Stephanie Ihetu 5 gün önce
I relate to Bret SO MUCH with my family especially my sisters when they started to say I love you more for me it’s hard to say ‘I love you when I’m not actively seeing a side of you that I love I know people are able and almost supposed to say love as an impulse but for me I need to actively love you to SAY I love you
cam 7699
cam 7699 Aylar önce
She’s been through a lot in her own life and came out on the other side, that’s something to be proud of.
Animeluverperson724 9 gün önce
He’s tired of paying her bills and supporting her kids
Felicia Boston
Felicia Boston 11 gün önce
She got knocked up by a loser. How is that an accomplishment?
Candice 12 gün önce
@Jake from state farm I agree ! She might not be in the best situation with two kids so young but she has the ultimate jumpstart being that her brother is more than willing to finance and assist with whatever she needs. She’s using those kids as a crutch
Haytzz 12 gün önce
Proud of what?… Bret be the responsible for her problems even tho he is the one that supports her
lorene bonsu
lorene bonsu 12 gün önce
At the end of the day she isn’t putting in any work when Bret is putting everything in front of her. Bret finds her lifestyle and he isn’t her parent. I know he loves her but he honestly doesn’t owe her that. It’s harsh but tbh she would be a poor struggling single mother working a low paid job if it wasn’t for Bret. She doesn’t want to go into education, get a cert, get a job or build an online business! The. What does she want to do. She’s mooching over her brother, even if she loves him. He might need to cut her loose.
Aisyah Saleh
Aisyah Saleh 11 gün önce
This is my first time seeing the other side of Bretman. I always look at his insta and he’s such a funny person. But seeing this makes me realise that he’s doing a lot as a person. Good job Bret!
Ange T
Ange T Aylar önce
Loving Princess ! She not afraid to real talk with her big bro. Looking forward to watching this series!
Meredith Aylar önce
I am so touched and proud of Bretman for doing so much things and sacrifices for his loved ones 🥺❤️
katrinafasho 29 gün önce
I hope Bretman understands having 2 kids is real EXHAUSTING!! Also miss K really looks like more themself , confident in their skin and glowing, So happy for them!!
laniya 7 gün önce
@Quindara King right. and bretman even helps to raise those kids.. he helps her every way he can even making sure her kids get everything they never had.
Quindara King
Quindara King 27 gün önce
Yes but having two kids is a choice and job that was never an easy thing. As a single mother of 2 who works full time and pays all my bills, she isn’t the only one who has this type of job. She was handed a lot of opportunities but I agree she doesn’t want to work hard enough to make it her own.
MelieeRod Aylar önce
Legit cried my eyes out. Wishing you both the best and hopefully y’all can work out your sibling relationship
Alan Estrada
Alan Estrada Aylar önce
*#Si**trvid.com/video/video-EdEGPw516mM.htmlесли** все в порorcoño* 👈
A1 Aylar önce
Serenity Meow
Serenity Meow Aylar önce
Just like Kim had to learn with Kourtney that you can’t force your work ethic on your family … Bretman needs to learn he can’t force it on Princess. She’ll come into her own , on her own
Daisie Bloom
Daisie Bloom Aylar önce
Eve Green
Eve Green Aylar önce
This was so funny and bittersweet I love u guys can’t wait to see the whole season 🥴💕🤣
Kd.Guzmann Aylar önce
I love everything about this !!!!!! I’m so depressed but bretman legitimately makes me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
CREATive_Ali_cx Aylar önce
I love how princess is finally comfortable on camera she’s come so far😭
Krysteen Xiong
Krysteen Xiong Aylar önce
YASSSS THANK YOU MTV FOR A SEASON 2!! The best thing y’all coulda done!! 💕💕
NICKEY KWAN Aylar önce
The fact that princess was young when their parents separated, it made their mother to do double, triple job to give them the life they deserve, so princess ended up like growing up with bretman beside her, but still a big part of her is missing so i think (in my opinion) she depends on the guys that came in her life but ended up breaking her, again, and imagine the trauma of your parents being separated but you ended up like that, not just once but twice, and there's postpartum depression that she must be experiencing, she just want for the people around her to be vocal about their love for her, and i think she want it because its easier for her to believe that people actually love her. Well, idk, its just my opinion.
Thexvate Aylar önce
Whatever Bretman does it's always super fun. This is a freakin good content!
HoneyBunny Bunny
HoneyBunny Bunny 20 gün önce
Bret never misses an opportunity to give us a show 🤌🏽🤣 when he did a Coachella mini performance 😭🤣
xx xx
xx xx Aylar önce
I don’t think Princess is ungrateful and unappreciative of the platform he’s given her. It’s not about the money or financial support. All she wants is Bretman’s love and affection she sees him give to Keiffer, his mom, and Cleo. Even back in season 1 she mentioned she was envious of Bretman and Cleo’s bond. She loves him deeply, and it hurts her that he may not feel the same way in return. It’s sad.
laniya 7 gün önce
@why not but if she is fine doing nothing in life then bretman shouldn’t be expected to give her anything. she’s only fine because bretman pays for her lifestyle, helped raise her kids, tried to help her find a passion of her own. you saying this throws all bretman effort to complete waste.
Felicia Boston
Felicia Boston 11 gün önce
@why not what princess considers achievements are not ACTUAL achievements in the real world so they don't count
who 12 gün önce
she’s just lazy and doesn’t learn her lesson you pissed the point
GG undercover
GG undercover 13 gün önce
@Penèlope Varas Godoy I think that's fair if she could survive and life happily on her own with no help from anyone. however, she has kids so she can't just live anyhow anymore now can she?
funkathrusta 24 gün önce
Bretman had to raise Princess. So he does breadwinner tasks of service for her and treats her like a parent instead of the sibling bond Princess wants. He sees their relationship as him giving constant support to someone who cannot care for themselves because she's relied on Bretman her whole life.
Audrey Robledo
Audrey Robledo Aylar önce
Love them!! I felt myself smile and cry throughout the episode
Ashley Leyva
Ashley Leyva Aylar önce
The cake moment they shared was my favorite, it really was a beautiful exercise for them to spend siblings quality time
IB Schmidt
IB Schmidt 20 gün önce
"It's honestly hard for me to feel proud of anybody who can't keep promises to themselves..." - Bret, self confidence explained in a nutshell
Ira Arcega
Ira Arcega 29 gün önce
I LOVE WATCHING BRET. This is so real and no fake ass things. So relatable~
Vanessa Valentin Vlogs
Wow this episodeeeee. I love all videos of Bret and his family. Always so relatable. We forgot how we are all humans sometimes.
Janice Pau'u
Janice Pau'u Aylar önce
Bretman Rock may not be the type of person that says "I love you" but he definetly shows it. From how I see it, he is like his mom. He is very real! I admire bretman for that! It's what we call "tough love"
Sky Storm
Sky Storm Aylar önce
omg! I didn’t know this was back on. I miss this bunch so much! Watching them is like a therapy. Thanks MTV for bringing them back!
hey blumae
hey blumae 27 gün önce
Awww Brett has a good heart! I felt this so much. He needs to distance himself a little and let his family figure it out on their own. Still help but not 100. I had to figure this out myself a couple of years ago. In my family, I am the one they always go to financially and emotionally that I couldn’t take care of myself and worry about myself but I’ve cut ties and boy I feel so much better now because I’ve learn to say “no”.
Alexis 29 gün önce
Ep 1 and we're already starting with the drama 🍵🤍 But I appreciate them sharing this moment and struggle with us. I'm sure it wasn't easy. Family stuff is really hard. 😔
Prince Justin Seño
I love them, I hope they've got permanent reality TV.
Nathalie Carluccio
Nathalie Carluccio 29 gün önce
How can she say he is not supporting her enough, he does everything!
The Gross Demon
The Gross Demon 7 gün önce
In the last episode I noticed how the mom was very composed whenever we usually see her, even when shes moved to tears shes still very composed. In this episode you can kinda see that same restrain in Bretman as he struggles to keep composure when faced with having to be so vulnerable. It's funny that Princess is the youngest one and shes the one really pushing to break that barrier and be loving with each other. I really hope that over this season they can break that barrier and meet each other in the middle. Its soooo clear that they love each other, but I know for a fact it can really suck when someone isnt speaking to you in your love language, it can become hard to accept, espectually when you come from a not so cuddly family.
kiyizi Aylar önce
Princess just wants brent to say “ i love you” and brent just wants princess to reach her full potential. This was a great step forward for both of them!
Aulani 13 gün önce
It’s Bretman not Brent….
LindseyZA Aylar önce
There is no Brent here
chimchimgirl Aylar önce
Bretman seems to have a hard time with empathy for his sister. I love him but this shows how bad the family trauma is. He’s treating her exactly how every other parental figure has treated them. I really felt for Princess. Her life is exhausting - 2 kids, especially at a young age, is work. Bretman is being too self absorbed to even see that. She may not create your “ideal life” for her, but you have the resources and freedom that she doesn’t. The therapist missed out seriously on educating him. Probably too starstruck lol.
Panpan 11 gün önce
@chimchimgirl How is Bretman being self-absorbed when he's the reason they can afford their lifestyle?
Panpan 11 gün önce
@chimchimgirl How is Bretman being self-absorbed when he's the reason they can afford their lifestyle?
Felicia Boston
Felicia Boston 11 gün önce
So because she has 2 kids she doesn't need to be responsible because having kids is a full time job? Why have kids if you can't care for them while being responsible? Having kids that you can't care for without sacrificing everything is irresponsible
darn 13 gün önce
Princess is seeking a parental figure from Bretman which places unrealistic expectations and pressures onto Bretman. Princess never got the support she needed as a child and growing up and never had an actual parent there to be there to reassure her. She was neglected by her parents emotionally and that has stunted her growth and confidence. Despite the fact her siblings were there for her, a child can't raise a child. It takes a parent. The reason why she wants him to be proud of her and to love her is because she sees him as the guardian figure in her life. She needs to realize that her brother is her brother now. And respect the fact it has burnt him out. The reason why she wants support from him and defaults to him is because of the way expectations have been placed on him that he didn't sign up for. She is perpetuating her own suffering if she keeps going to him for support he can't give properly. It really is like watching a child getting hurt over and over again. They're both not to blame, it really is that family/generational trauma.
LC 18 gün önce
when is comes to supporting each other, yes, he should give back by giving her the type of support she needs. But he’s done his share by supporting her financially. He also grew up lacking affection from his parents so it will take some time for him to come around to that. It seems, as a male, instead of having empathy, he’s a natural problem solver who only cares to help her succeed in life-which she also needs to work on. She can’t always expect to be spoon fed with everything and blame him for her failures. She’s an adult now and he’s helped her for years yet she’s still living in his shadow and lacks motivation to even learn to drive or make a career for herself.
Lo *.*
Lo *.* Aylar önce
Princess is me but minus the kids haha I always fall through on everything I do. I can also relate to Bret having to be the stable one in the family. It’s hard having to be strong for everyone.
LzProduction 29 gün önce
I agree with Bretman; I have younger sisters and I feel it, you know them you understand they can do anything they put there mind to and it sucks to put forth that effort and have them tell you that YOU didnt try hard enough to support THEM
brian matildo
brian matildo 4 gün önce
i love their relationship so much im sobbing
Emily B
Emily B 29 gün önce
It's really sad to see Bretman shut Princess down when she is being vulnerable and just wants him to acknowledge that he loves her.
G 27 gün önce
Right! I can see why she’s not motivated to do the things bretman wants her to do when he acts like this.
Karen Cantu
Karen Cantu 25 gün önce
7 minutes in and All I have to say is Bretman is a very supportive brother and princess has to wake up and push through I wish I had a brother who would help me and walk me to the door steps of all my dreams and future careers like he did with her, and I get it she has kids but girl it sounds like you wanna depend on your brother 24/7 and you shouldn’t do that.
Tamara Love
Tamara Love Aylar önce
I feel the same way saying I love you to my friends and family is so hard for me but there are different ways to show it love this episode!!
Angelica Sanchez
Angelica Sanchez Aylar önce
They both did so good opening up neither wrong in any way 💗
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