Brentford v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/13/2022 | NBC Sports

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12 Ağu 2022




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JimothyJimbo Aylar önce
Always fun to see the underdog dish out a pummeling. Unfortunately, that was not the case today.
toner 6 gün önce
2-1 3-1 stay mad goofy
A Voice for Change
A Voice for Change 25 gün önce
Didn’t age well
Adithya Naidu
Adithya Naidu Aylar önce
Comment goat lol
Heer Sohal
Heer Sohal Aylar önce
For Liverpool vs man utd prediction ? Luv 5 man utd zero
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
Steve C
Steve C Aylar önce
Every soccer player just yelled “wow” with that 4th goal .. that was beautiful
S. Laurent Nelçon
S. Laurent Nelçon Aylar önce
@MedalGearSalad you call what ManU just played football? Are you freaking serious???? Jesus are you serious???
ko 3
ko 3 Aylar önce
88rising ꖦ
88rising ꖦ Aylar önce
@Adam Lorentz Btw, why are you an underage? If not then stop using emojis like a 11yr old girl that just found out emojis exist. It’s beyond cringe.
Pickle_Soup Aylar önce
@MedalGearSalad It was called soccer in England until 60s too
Rodrigo Grande
Rodrigo Grande Aylar önce
Proper defense and a ruthless counter that 4th goal was everything 🤌🏽
Johnny Villa
Johnny Villa Aylar önce
José managing to win Europa League and finishing 2nd in the Prem, and Ole going on a 12-game unbeaten streak are 2 feats we took for granted. Hurts seeing Man U in shambles knowing they once dominated the Prem
Khai Aylar önce
Fair play to Brentford for making small clubs like Man U think they’ve had a chance against them
limbeboy7 Aylar önce
The highlights we've all been waiting for
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
Ed Aylar önce
@SAMSON ABRAHA who's Muhammed
Khalil Ross
Khalil Ross Aylar önce
@Nathan Keys and Arsenal
@BRZZZZZZZZZ what about Muhammad you change your religion
Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves Aylar önce
@O. O. it was funny the first time man
Vincenzo La Via
Vincenzo La Via Aylar önce
De Gea is usually the glue that holds this team together but the first two goals were all on him. A joy to watch nonetheless.
Chris Zhang
Chris Zhang Aylar önce
Second is not entirely on him.
Anish Lahiri
Anish Lahiri Aylar önce
Typically, you see De Gea’s best when United are having a bad game, and you see his worst when United have some momentum. In this case, both were just all around terrible.
eddyvideostar Aylar önce
Dear Vincenzo Via: This is what happens when De Gea has a bad game -- Man United's unraveling looms larger. Without his man-of-the-match status every week, this will be a hard trek for MU to wonder about their winning ways.
Idan Talker
Idan Talker Aylar önce
What a manager Ragnick must have been, beating Norwich with this team👏👏👏
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Aylar önce
@Alex Noble-James Yeah, that too, but this team getting a Europe spot is baffling still.
Alex Noble-James
Alex Noble-James Aylar önce
@Anthony Rivera actually just luck, west ham bottled
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Aylar önce
Forget that, getting United 6th last season is an overachievement.
Allan Seifert
Allan Seifert Aylar önce
Read so much about this game, and finally watching the highlights, everything I heard didn’t do it justice. That was a dominant first half, and they went for the jugular. I saw a real team beat down a sorry group of individuals.
R. Roberts
R. Roberts Aylar önce
That whole sequence for that forth goal was 🔥🔥
Efrain Rodriguez
Efrain Rodriguez Aylar önce
This may end up being Brentford's best game of their season whereas it may not be Manchester United's worst.
A Voice for Change
A Voice for Change 25 gün önce
Didn’t age well
Travis Aylar önce
@Cristian Iannicelli lmao, beating Liverpool doesn't change how horrendous the Brentford result is. Brentford's owner would be considered poor if he was in the championship league. They beat a global super power that earns a billion a year in profits.
espben360 Aylar önce
@Cristian Iannicelli I’m glad I was wrong. Now hopefully we keep it up vs Southampton
Cristian Iannicelli
@Travis this didn’t age well at all
Cristian Iannicelli
@espben360 this comment didn’t age well
Jim Glenn-Hash
Jim Glenn-Hash Aylar önce
even with the result, I think this is probably the best starting XI Man U can put out there
55TheInTIMidator55 Aylar önce
Amazing start to the season for Manchester United. As a City fan, loving every second of it.
Narimá Atmosphere
Narimá Atmosphere Aylar önce
the 5-6seconds of process towards the 4th goal gave me constant goosebumps
maga maga
maga maga Aylar önce
I'm a ManU fan and I was cheering for Brentford by the 2nd half. Bravo boys.
K Collier
K Collier Aylar önce
Class sportsman you are, mate.
cufpt Aylar önce
@S. Laurent Nelçon a person can be on both sides
S. Laurent Nelçon
S. Laurent Nelçon Aylar önce
Then you aren't a ManU fan....
Matthew Mayorga
Matthew Mayorga Aylar önce
4th goal was a counter-attack masterpiece
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
Mannyr 2424
Mannyr 2424 Aylar önce
It looked like it was a practice game where the defense was so tired for the day.
Anish Lahiri
Anish Lahiri Aylar önce
@Cool Breeze I don’t know about world class finish, but definitely a strong finish. However, there is no doubt that Jensen and Toney pulled that out of nothing. Jensen in particular was just all over United.
Chase Van Krey
Chase Van Krey Aylar önce
Yeah I thought they were showing a rare moment of good play for man u in the highlights and then six seconds later the ball is in the back of their net lol.
doug marcus
doug marcus Aylar önce
i don't know much about soccer but looked as perfect as perfect can get.
Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz Aylar önce
that call by lee with the shot of ten hag saying "what has he taken on" is easily the best call so far this season
Sam Aylar önce
That 4th goal is a thing of beauty wow
Atlantic Aylar önce
Man United has really improved, wow! They played really well.
kaz9781 Aylar önce
4th goal what a masterpiece only needed 3 touches to end in a goal
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
This was Brentford’s first win against United since February 1937. Brentford finished 6th, Manchester City won their first ever championship and United were relegated.
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
Shell Dahl
Shell Dahl Aylar önce
... the history may in detail repeat itself !!! (interesting facts)
Adedayo  world
Adedayo world Aylar önce
@JohnnySins ain't goan happen kid
Justice Solis
Justice Solis Aylar önce
@Arturo Vidal hopefully Liverpool wins
Johnny R
Johnny R Aylar önce
And De Gea loves a handicap challenge
Daniel online
Daniel online Aylar önce
obviously it is a sad day for Man United but that last goal was spectacular.. Reminds me of the sweet sweet "LB + triangle" in pro clubs!! The pacing and acceleration is astounding!!! beautiful
iZurdoh Aylar önce
My thoughts on the 4th goal.. “ohh.. what a clearance, right on to his path… wait he’s got support.. if he plays that first touch… oh my god. OH MY GOD!”
JD302 Aylar önce
That fourth goal was a thing of beauty
S D Aylar önce
after watching this game and with the actual quality of the players United have on the pitch, it has become even clearer to me that the issues at United are not a coaching issue but a team psychology issue. they basically have to transfer out all of the players who have been there for the past 4y so as to have fresh attitudes come in without the baggage... It is very sad to see this team with these talented players so depressed... I mean Sancho and Rashford are actually terrific players but both tend to Fade when there is clear conflict and indecision in their ranks. and they definitely should not be paired with Ronaldo, who is just the worst addition to a team that needs a positive cheerleader as their leader.
so fa
so fa Aylar önce
Agreed. Manu have had so many big name transfers in the last 6-7 years yet they are here now. It's not just the players anymore it has to be something in the dressing room, the training grounds, the pre game prep talk room. Something!
Anderson Choi
Anderson Choi Aylar önce
When Jose said that "the greatest achievement of his career was to get Man United to 2nd and win 2 trophies" I didn't believe it until now
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
Heyah Aylar önce
@Anthony Grant without injuries, Bailly is your best defender
Anna Ruocco
Anna Ruocco Aylar önce
@MDtheLegend 98 Amen.
InstiGator Aylar önce
@Anthony Grant this was the time we had herrea matic and pogba a functional midfield and Eric Bailly at defense and not maguire🙃
Russell ward
Russell ward Aylar önce
@MDtheLegend 98 because he was doing so well? Hes done so well since?
Zenpanda100 Gaming
Zenpanda100 Gaming Aylar önce
That last goal was pure class!!!!
IzinGames Aylar önce
Brentford's 4th goal was a beautiful sequence
jeffrey marshall
jeffrey marshall Aylar önce
Maguire’s positioning and awareness on the 4th goal (awesome goal btw) makes my jaw drop! Is he in the conversation for worst defender in epl history?? Pug league play! United fans, the best thing you can do is to simply stop going to games until it’s fixed.
Brian Tanguay
Brian Tanguay Aylar önce
Wow, that 4th. Goal was magnificent.
Parker Twigg
Parker Twigg Aylar önce
This makes me respect Jose Mourinhos time at United so much more. How he got them To 2nd and a Europa league is beyond me. I mean I guess I shoulda look at what he’s doing at Roma
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
gypJoel Zubia
gypJoel Zubia Aylar önce
@Johnny Garcia in 2013 the best teams in Europe were in Spain! The PL wasnt what is is now, with MC and Chelsea dominating
Anna Ruocco
Anna Ruocco Aylar önce
@Emmanuel Enyinwa Respect. sure. what did he win?
Anna Ruocco
Anna Ruocco Aylar önce
@Johnny Garcia Rubbish.
Anna Ruocco
Anna Ruocco Aylar önce
@francis amarh We don't want sainthood we want a winner,and who is a saint in the heat of battle.
Underneath The Stars
You got to give it to Pogba after all. This lad is genius.
Eric Wiley
Eric Wiley Aylar önce
It goes well to have tim Howard consistently stumble over the lineups, couple that with the intro of "here goes the soap opera in full traumatic swing!" Perfectly syncs up with man uniteds outing
Esau Jimenez
Esau Jimenez Aylar önce
4th goal is genius teamwork. Wow. 4 touches. Even if it is against Man U. Premier league is a movie every game.
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen Aylar önce
As a MU fan, I guess I woke up to watch this match 4-nothing.
Tarek Bendjenni
Tarek Bendjenni Aylar önce
Erik ten Hag becomes the first Manchester United manager in over 100 years to lose their opening two league games, he already breaking records. What a legend!
Tarek Bendjenni
Tarek Bendjenni 27 gün önce
@Roberto Ramirez well it seems like I wasn't wrong when I called ETH a legend
Roberto Ramirez
Roberto Ramirez 27 gün önce
Coming back to this after we beat Arsenal, this might be the best thing to happen to United in recent years.
Green Wave
Green Wave Aylar önce
Ronaldo's bad attitude surely helps
Unjust1 Aylar önce
The biggest mistake was not selling this entire squad (besides Ronaldo and de Gea) before the season started! What did the club expect to happen?
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin Aylar önce
@Artem Vovk Cringe af. ManU was already in shambles even before Ronaldo's arrival. Better go to the doctor because thinking Ronaldo's the catalyst of bad results when you have McTominay, Fred, Maguire (MAGUIRE!) and poor form De Gea in the team is a sign that something is wrong with your brain.
The Chuckness
The Chuckness Aylar önce
"The Manchester United soap opera is in full traumatic swing." Love to predict what Peter Drury told. Goal 2: "Brentford bright out beautiful. Manchester United chaos. Sheer, traumatic chaos." Goal 3: "This becomes scarcely digestible" Goal 4: "FOUR! Can this be really happening? Bleak it back. Wow just wow! The world is on it's their head."
Slab_bulkhead-1 Aylar önce
“How do they dig out of this hole?!” That’s the neat part, you don’t
Ahren R
Ahren R Aylar önce
That 4th goal was PURE CLASS
Fernandy Prima 陳志信
That 4th goal was amazing that's the type of football I love!!
eddyvideostar Aylar önce
I agree. Great movement.
isaiah spinks
isaiah spinks Aylar önce
It’s absolutely amazing Jose was able to drag this team to 2nd and without the “superstar” signings. Absolutely world class manager
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
therevolvingmonk Aylar önce
@Scott L. Spurs would have finished five to seven places lower in the table if it weren't for Mourinho. Taking them to a Conference League spot and League Cup final were extremely underrated achievements. Spurs had one of the most stale squads of players I've ever seen in sports. Aurier, Sissoko, Ndombele, Dele, Winks, and Alderweireld were all either useless, lazy, or past their prime. A big reason why Spurs couldn't play Bale was because of how shockingly poor Aurier, Sissoko, and Dier were on the right side of the pitch. All opponents had to do to beat Spurs at the time was attack their right side and one of those players was bound to make one or more major mistakes over the course of a match. Jose deserved to be fired because he kept playing all those garbage players after embarrassing losses in the second half of the season. If another manager that played open, pressing football were in charge, Spurs would have scored two or three goals per match because of Kane and Son but conceded four or five.
eddyvideostar Aylar önce
Dear Isaiah S: As the old adage spouts like green pastures: "You don't know what you've got until it's gone."
Thomas Buck
Thomas Buck Aylar önce
@Sam Exactly what I constantly remind ppl
Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez Aylar önce
@I'm the creator of my reality my focus create none of them had the carry fraudnaldo lmao
Ral Aylar önce
Never understood what the point is of getting a new manager if they just play the same exact players and formation as the previous few managers 😂😂
2TrillDCena30 Aylar önce
As a United fan iam excited, can’t wait for United to dominate in regulation league.
Farhan Habib
Farhan Habib Aylar önce
Just before the 2nd goal same thing happened with Eriksen just outside the box. The pressing pattern was so similar.
AKAIBS Aylar önce
That 4th goal was amazing.
Adam Ho
Adam Ho Aylar önce
The build up to the fourth goal was a beauty
South SJer
South SJer Aylar önce
@Daniel Abundis With Maguire and these sucky defenders, even if MU signed Messi and Lewandowski, it will hard for them to win matches
Daniel Abundis
Daniel Abundis Aylar önce
Van de beek signaled the runner before the first pass was made but maguire never followed. You can see van de beeks frustration.
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke Aylar önce
All left foot passes and goal
Jonathan Pontel
Jonathan Pontel Aylar önce
Quality like goal. Something you'd see man city or liverpool do and these guys did just that
dave smith
dave smith Aylar önce
The 4th goal was beautiful, a perfect counter. Man U.....What a mess, Eriksen must be thinking he should have stayed at Brentford.
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 26 gün önce
United have won all of their matches since this embarrassing defeat. I knew Ten Hag was the right guy for the job.
Fadilu Abass
Fadilu Abass Aylar önce
The issue with Man U now is confidence and the Captain.
Nikoloz Gilles
Nikoloz Gilles Aylar önce
3:09 this shot is freaking beautiful he jukes BOTH the keeper and defender #14 to make them go the wrong way lmao i love it
Mandalor Prime
Mandalor Prime Aylar önce
We've been crying about Maguire all last year for him to be part of this defense is just unbelievable
Rickybobbylarge Aylar önce
@Max NS you didn’t even watch the game
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
RoyL CS:GO Aylar önce
First 2 goals on De Gea. Third goal on Martinez. And the last goal, multiple people at fault. If Manchester United wants to be a capable team this year their defenders need to learn how to chip the ball over the press and use wingers to move the ball upfield. They put the ball to much in the center where they are exploited by maguires lack of speed/agility. They also need to stick to a rule where atleast 3 defenders stay at half field at all times when the ball is in the opponents box. Once the opponent clears the ball that gives them room to get back… Otherwise the lightning quick counterattack is lethal.
Anish Lahiri
Anish Lahiri Aylar önce
I still, to this day, cannot fathom how this 6 foot Whirlpool refrigerator managed to find the way to captain of Manchester United for several years.
Federico Russo
Federico Russo Aylar önce
@Alfredo Proskauer De Gea has to go? Possibly the best Man U player atm and he has to go for some bad games?
Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez Aylar önce
Harry McGuire really said “new season, new me” 😂 boy fooled no one. Last season for sure
Travis Aylar önce
The downfall of Man United and I’m ALL FOR IT
Toxix Bob
Toxix Bob Aylar önce
Harry still being captain and playing will always blow my mind
Junior Garcia
Junior Garcia Aylar önce
It’s only the beginning, Man Utd still has time to recover, maybe not fully best but good enough to be able to be on top again
Brendan Dickson
Brendan Dickson Aylar önce
Man Utd were so bad they made Brentford look like Real Madrid. If I didn't know what club it was, I would honestly say United were relegation favorites based on this performance. Amazing.
The Big Brother
The Big Brother Aylar önce
The atmosphere at full time wow
Brayan Zelaya
Brayan Zelaya Aylar önce
And there goes Harry Maguire what a guy ehhh!!! 🐐😂😂
justin paris Imbert
Jose M was right when he said that his greatest achievement was finishing 2nd with that United team.
supreeth Rao
supreeth Rao Aylar önce
Jose mourinho football heritage is still alive even after 5 years Jose deserves statue for finishing in 2nd place with Jones smalling as cb. Respect jose
Kyle R. Murray
Kyle R. Murray Aylar önce
Ole finished 2nd as well.
EyoPlayz Aylar önce
@Liverpool1892 It’s like watching a comedy show but funnier.
Josh Gonzales
Josh Gonzales Aylar önce
One of the reasons why I love Antonio conte he’s the 12 player on and off the pitch the passion he pours into every game shows but look at your manager that man looks depressing af he hates being there
Liverpool1892 Aylar önce
watching Man U games are funny now
DonVito591 Aylar önce
When I saw United's starting line-up come up, it's essentially the same as last year. How do they expect to get better? I get that coaching matters, and they have a new manager, but they needed major changes. Having Harry Maguire back there is just asking for more trouble.
Rickybobbylarge Aylar önce
Did you fucking watch the game?
Super Freddy
Super Freddy Aylar önce
10:07 I love how he asks how MU can be so embarrassed while showing Maguire 😂
jay moreno
jay moreno Aylar önce
It must be hard to play when the sun is hitting you right on the face, still horrible defending
Brentford fourth goal is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Max Scherzer’s blue eye
Brentford out there pressing, defending and countering like prime Liverpool!! Speaking of which, next week will gift us £80-mil Lord Harry vs £75-mil Virgil.
AOB Aylar önce
Strong performance by Man U in that 2nd half
Pilot Haha
Pilot Haha Aylar önce
I feel so bad for Eriksen
90 cents
90 cents Aylar önce
Brentford should have pushed hard😂😂
?? Aylar önce
My favorite club......... every time I watch or hear anything about Manchester United it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Our greatest achievement in the last 5 years was coming in 2nd. Absolutely heart breaking!
David Rrod
David Rrod Aylar önce
@AndrewDiceClay 😂
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
Anna Ruocco
Anna Ruocco Aylar önce
@Daniel Alveo Rodriguez Sorry. but they are not going to sell, they don't know football and the board is stupid but they are still making a lot of money.
Drew Castronovo
Drew Castronovo Aylar önce
As much as I hate United, I feel for them given the shambolic ownership under the Glazers
David Rrod
David Rrod Aylar önce
@Kenny Hernandez Manchester United is a meme
Simon Trumble
Simon Trumble Aylar önce
WOW!!!!! Go Brentford!
Drew Castronovo
Drew Castronovo Aylar önce
Brentford couldn't have done it without their Man of the Match: Harry Maguire
Remo Williams
Remo Williams Aylar önce
Well we got our asses kicked what can you say except well done Brentford, well deserved win. We win with class and we must lose with class as well.
Raul Rubio
Raul Rubio Aylar önce
Me when watching Man United past few years: Is this real life?
RedPool Aylar önce
Man united. The gift that keeps on giving.
Quan Le
Quan Le Aylar önce
Two Manchesters covered the whole Premier League in both heads.
jacob suarez
jacob suarez Aylar önce
It’s becoming more and more clear why Ronaldo was absolutely gunning to get out of that club
kushan shah
kushan shah Aylar önce
The weekly wages of just Ronaldo is at least 2.5 times the combined weekly wages of the playing xi of Brentford 😂
Alex Хлапов COYG
That first goal, every goalkeeper knows how that feels, you see the ball, you know you got it, but your body is just not listening to your mind, its the worst kind of goal, you know its your fault and you can do nothing about it. Hope he can throw this game out of his head and be the best he can be next game for Liverpool.
AndrewDiceClay Aylar önce
Rigged game
RyanT_W Aylar önce
There’s no way De Gea should play vs Liverpool. In fact if I was manager he’d have played his last game for United. Worst distribution in the league (check analytics) and no confidence to save shots. He used to save everything. Not anymore.
Emmanuel Chigozie
Emmanuel Chigozie Aylar önce
Maguire at it again 🤣
SOMEONE 17 Aylar önce
@J.P yeah and by then it was too late to adjust so he was pretty much just falling instead of having control of his body
RunawayProphet Aylar önce
I know this exact feeling fam. It's so crushing cuz it's always the easiest shots to stop that get you fumbling like that
MaliciousMagmar Aylar önce
Funny thing is it will still be the glazers fault🤣 This also reminds me of phys ed in the football unit and it’s all the athletic kids vs the geeky non-sporty kids
Isaac zwiesler
Isaac zwiesler Aylar önce
Imagine this at Old trafford.
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson Aylar önce
I love watching United crumble 😂😂
ZeeMan84 Aylar önce
This United team continues to disappoint with so many talents. I'm still rooting for them.
Tejas Aylar önce
Thank you United for uniting all fans for a day 🙏
PhantomPurge407 Aylar önce
@Liverpool1892 truly poor poor Man U
Small cheddar
Small cheddar Aylar önce
As a Man U fan I literally expect us to lose in a painfully embarrassing way, im starting to laugh with everyone else atp
Connor Wishart
Connor Wishart Aylar önce
yeah lol
Chris Aylar önce
We can all come together as a football loving family and watch the Man United drama
Liverpool1892 Aylar önce
yea poor Man u
panji akbar sudrajat
look at at 6:37 eriksen told maguire to move back to press brendford player but he not doing it. what a captain!!
eastbeast95 Aylar önce
the 4th goal as far as teamwork goes could be goal of the year
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson Aylar önce
I ordered some Brentford merch after this, a team this strong and underrated deserves any support i can give lol
Strong Strong
Strong Strong Aylar önce
MU Fans: We're so low it can't get worse. The team: hold my beer
David Amaya
David Amaya Aylar önce
Such a shame seeing these big clubs embarrass these small clubs 😢
Brian C
Brian C Aylar önce
I'm sure Eriksen is regretting his decision.
Michael W
Michael W Aylar önce
After that 2nd goal you have to think Eriksen was wondering if leaving Brentford was the right move. It was the wrong move buddy.
๑ Charms
๑ Charms Aylar önce
4:50 he's probably telling himself "why didn't I stay at Ajax"
Vio SeVen
Vio SeVen Aylar önce
I have been a Man Utd fan for my entire life and have never been so embarrassed. This group of players is an absolute joke. I feel bad for Erik ten Hag, he is a good coach.
Just Le Me
Just Le Me Aylar önce
Eriksen wondering if leaving Brentford to lose 4-0 to them is a good idea 😂
Emmet Heneghan
Emmet Heneghan Aylar önce
He Moved for the money.
Andrew Dinh
Andrew Dinh Aylar önce
Eriksen: guys, I'm just here to collect the cheques like the rest of you 😳
Ben Aylar önce
Ragrets lol
GoldenClovds Aylar önce
I feel so bad for ronaldo, he was looking for any way out this summer & unfortunately he still stuck there. Hopefully the January transfer window he gets to leave 🙏🏼
Dave Page
Dave Page Aylar önce
That 4th goal!!! Wowie
Marco Ibarra
Marco Ibarra Aylar önce
2:38 I love how McGuire is giving orders and talking big to then make the worst past decision possible
T Do
T Do Aylar önce
That is what you got when building a team around a 33 and a 37 year old players. Eriksen had never been a top 5 midfielder in his prime time and it is an illusion to think he can play well at that position.
Fabian Sierra
Fabian Sierra Aylar önce
The sequence of events for that 4th goal was football at it’s finest
WZ Aylar önce
as if this result isn't funny enough, imagine losing 4-0 to a team playing 5 defenders 🤣🤣🤣
Manuel DaRosa
Manuel DaRosa Aylar önce
this makes sense. they all know how to play football. things just went right for Brentfort that day
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