Breath of the Wild but it’s Absolutely Too Hard 

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What if Hyrule as hard as Dark Souls -- Elden Ring, and every other soulslike?
Thank you to miirkuz for helping:
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Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
Editted by: cosmizoey
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28 Mar 2023




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tears of the kingdom soon! I'll be streaming my first playthrough all on youtube here :)
Starting with more hearts gives you the same feeling as when you are given 2 hours for 2 questions on a test.
Soap Eater
i liked seeing pointcrow killing all the blights, i always knew he was a fan of murdering families of 4
The running gags from chat/donos are legitimately one of my favorite parts of DougDoug and PointCrow videos it's so fucking funny
Hannah Mills
I actually really like the idea of sigils only appearing on Dark Beast one at a time at first. It adds to the narrative idea that even this last-ditch form is really strong and powerful and you might not be able to beat it, especially since Zelda's basically on her last legs at this point. Then as you whittle his health down the sigils come faster and more appear at once to show that Zelda is gaining the upper hand again. I'm sad that's not in the main game, it would add a sense of progression to the battle and make it feel more meaningful and less tacked-on
francis casedo
Pointcrow's chat being a criminal is equivalent to Dougdoug's chat having a divorce
I loved the tough Kohga fight but also it would have been hilarious if it was the only enemy the mod didn't change
this is my favorite video to watch while doing absolutely nothing malicious to a family of four
Luke Fox
Eric: Alright, yiga hideout, here we go. Everyone be quiet.
Outlandish Traveler
i love how these videos start off as a completely normal challenge but always end up descending into some form of madness
Hand to heart, we
Ian Osborn
The editing in this video is top-notch. Nothing too flashy, but it felt like the video flowed really well.
I thought the introduction regarding laying on the couch with cheeto dust was a personal attack/callout, but three minutes later I realise it's Crow's deeply personal prayer that some of his viewers are normal humans.
for those that weren't watching the streams/vods, he did add relics of the past after he beat vah ruta but disabled it when he got to the yonobo escort mission because it was straight up impossible to progress pass the escort start
I love the guardian friends just deciding to execute beedle
Jack White
It’s super poetic that Ganon and Link each brought each other to the brink of death, only for Link to triumph.
Adrian Garcia
I like how they give you 2 extra hearts as if the enemy's aren't going to one shot you anyways lol.
you are not only a very good player at the game but an epic editor, bro u turned 26 hours and 31 minutes into a 40 minutes video, ur awesome
This is definitely my favorite video to watch with a family of 4