BREAKING NEWS: Jeffries Roasts Republicans Over Likely Government Shutdown, Impeachment Inquiry 

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House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) tears into Republicans as a government shutdown looms.
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29 Eyl 2023




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@debrajonet1497 3 aylar önce
I am happy Rep., Jeffries is telling it like it is! TY.
@Boballoo 3 aylar önce
FJB! LGB! F-DemocRATs! TRUMP 2024!!!
@ernestsmothers8355 4 aylar önce
i wish there was something called a shock collar that we could have politicians wear and it would shock the hell out of them every time they lied.
@elaineelliot9846 4 aylar önce
I think if you did that all the republicans would die because they lie so much
@professorlaiceps1 4 aylar önce
That would kill them
@josephsmith7438 4 aylar önce
@Crusader1911 4 aylar önce
@@professorlaiceps1wow But true lol
@ernestsmothers8355 4 aylar önce
@@professorlaiceps1 Hey! don't sweeten the pot but then again we might need a few deaths to get some act right.
@annlynparham3246 4 aylar önce
❤All I can say is make Hakeem Jeffries speaker of the house!!!!
@Boballoo 3 aylar önce
FJB! LGB! F-DemocRATs! TRUMP 2024!!!
@avajordan5616 4 aylar önce
They should be ashamed of themselves. Speak truth to power and leave no stone unturned.
@reinemarais4392 3 aylar önce
Who is the nebulous 'they'. Context helps.
@edvh88 4 aylar önce
Hakeem makes me feel hopeful. And look forward to the future we could build if we can work together.
@jessestokes6608 4 aylar önce
Hold your breath...please hold your breath........hold ......hold...........HOLD......THERE YA GO!!! NOE YA GOT IT!.....AHHHH....KEEP HOLDING......DON'T BREATH......
@skywonderly1768 4 aylar önce
What? He’s a paid lobbyist who works for Pelosi who’s backed by Biden… noooo nothing will change and borders will stay open and crime and inflation will go up. Don’t hold your breath on this traitor
@Boballoo 3 aylar önce
FJB! LGB! F-DemocRATs! TRUMP 2024!!!
@hawadiallo1749 4 aylar önce
He served them on a silver platter😂 made sure the people knew whose fault it would be
@ianalley7326 4 aylar önce
@carlwilson3723 4 aylar önce
Another Disalusion Republicans have the nerve to Troll a speech about Democratic values,where is your party at trying to help the American people 🤔
@josephfrye7342 3 aylar önce
@@ianalley7326 wrong it's the corrupted MAGA edition ofnincompoop republicans's fault.
@JoeVSvolcano 4 aylar önce
Jeez, we need some adults in the House who can make the hard choices, not the easy (just say yes) ones... this government is out of control,
@glendagilmore1923 4 aylar önce
Common sense and honesty are missing
@josephinepaulino9473 3 aylar önce
A great speech from Hakim Jefferies! We want him to be Speaker of the House!
@Boballoo 3 aylar önce
FJB! LGB! F-DemocRATs! TRUMP 2024!!!
@fatumataholloway4897 2 aylar önce
Yes America Speaker, we like him to be speaker.
@cherrydeleon9646 4 aylar önce
Mr. Jeffries is the American Dream. Thank you Sir.
@Boballoo 3 aylar önce
FJB! LGB! F-DemocRATs! TRUMP 2024!!!
@colleenriccardi8840 4 aylar önce
The swamp is in an uproar
@GenXamerica 4 aylar önce
Pull the plug and drain it.
@bennegray 3 aylar önce
Get the Republican party out vote blue 💙💙 all across the board vote the Republican party out
Jeff keep telling The truth ..... AND looking out For The American people....WE love YOU🎉🎉🎉
@nancymiller349 4 aylar önce
Who is Jeff
@locadisa 4 aylar önce
​@@nancymiller349Short for Jefferies.
@kindheart2127 4 aylar önce
What a great President Jeffries would make!!!!
@SteverRob 4 aylar önce
Congress mad because they have to work on a weekend
@GenXamerica 4 aylar önce
Congress has worked until midnight or 1 am all week. Catch up.
@GeneralSpanky 4 aylar önce
​@@GenXamericayeah.. but it makes them even more mad to work on the weekend.
@Mawyou 4 aylar önce
Why are people so convinced Congress doesn't work? Just because they aren't "in session" 60 hours per week doesn't mean they aren't getting work done for their constituents.
@glendagilmore1923 4 aylar önce
And don’t get more blank check to support Iran and china like oboma and sorro tells them to do
@glendagilmore1923 4 aylar önce
He thinks he can white wash themselves but isn’t looking out for American s
@carolwright4335 4 aylar önce
@rubytuesday5567 4 aylar önce
Which ones, land, sea or air??
@YehoshuaChicagoCubs 4 aylar önce
Okay miss Piggy 🐖🐖🐖
@deborahthompson5041 4 aylar önce
@fatumataholloway4897 4 aylar önce
@genovevabaculi5268 4 aylar önce
Thank you Mr. Jeffries.
@jamesmancini1506 3 aylar önce
It is a good idea, what you are doing Mr. Jeffries. Daring them to prove you wrong, and get the job done. With the legislations, that they agreed to a month ago. It is not all of the republicans holding things up. Its the grimy little micro caucus of maga. There has to be a way to vote around these assholes when it really matters. Same goes for people like Tubberville, in the Senate. Majority rules.
@anatrejo7340 4 aylar önce
Shut down the borders
@willielittle9301 4 aylar önce
Shutting down the largest government in the world and treating American taxpayers like political footballs are not wise and effective government management tools...Please find a better, creative, and wiser way to resolve these critical issues of immigration and balancing the budget...
@Boballoo 4 aylar önce
Shut down the government for good. Government is what is causing all these problems.
@funettesp7591 4 aylar önce
It's easy to blame the other to escape responsibility. Let's not forget that the debt was inflated by the prior administration. The billions of dollars in tax cuts awarded to the super rich didn't help to balance the budget. Do the Republicans forget that one???
@RobertGlasper-mh8qr 4 aylar önce
This man is the Future of America..Mr Jeffries , I do Pray 🙏 that GOD, keep U, and all of your Loveones Safe at all times 💯
@onealdavis1610 4 aylar önce
Now, I understand why Bowman pulled the alarm! He was signaling to the people that they have an Emergency. I think he should just say it. It was a signal that the house is on fire not literally it has crashed down upon the people figuratively anyways think about it.😊
@philobetto5106 4 aylar önce
Wait and see, Every American supporting this admin will Woe the day, America and its people are no more
@gregkump3639 4 aylar önce
I approve of this message!
@cloydwpage 4 aylar önce
Shut down the borders!!!!
@donaldpump8882 4 aylar önce
You mean protect Trump? Lol
@donaldpump8882 4 aylar önce
No matter what you do, Trump is going to prison. There's nothing you can do to stop it.
@drewdrew7968 4 aylar önce
@@donaldpump8882 I wonder if you're capable of making a point without mentioning Trump..
@thubandra963 4 aylar önce
@@drewdrew7968 Sure he is but Trump is a trigger word, and it works! I bet he loses sleep over the word MAGA.
@donaldpump8882 4 aylar önce
@@thubandra963 Trump ordered the shutdown. Do you think I'm stupid?
@gregorysabbagh3746 4 aylar önce
In the meantime, Jamal Bowman was in the hallway pulling fire alarms to delay the vote.
@classic-kool 4 aylar önce
Like little children, Dems will do ANYTHING to achieve their objective.... They WANT a shutdown...
@keep.word_grow 4 aylar önce
If he really did this and there are witnesses he should lose his job.
@DGDG-ov7uz 4 aylar önce
@@keep.word_growhe did it they have it on camera
@Brandon-yg7mw 4 aylar önce
Literally 😂
@rookforce1 4 aylar önce
Bowman smelled smoke and where there's' smoke there's fire. He'll beat any charges that will come his way. The point is Tronald Dump doesn't get his Government shut down or his Biden impeachment. Raskins and AOC are too smart for you guys. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@jamesnash4386 4 aylar önce
Watch his hand he got them hypnotized
@guillermoraya4967 4 aylar önce
could not have said better!!!!!
@darontarver6833 4 aylar önce
I'm glad they are not falling for the gop lies. I loved his speech. Stand your ground and make them keep their word. Hopefully get rid of magga extremists or shut down their voices. Till they can be voted out.
@ianalley7326 4 aylar önce
How many lies has Biden told so far? How much money has Joe and Hunter milked out of foreign countries? The entire government should be shut down till every member is in prison!
@adriennem7927 4 aylar önce
What gives you the right to insult our support. You don't get to.
@bennegray 3 aylar önce
He a great speaker Jeffries
@DianeGreer 4 aylar önce
hay 👋😊 nancy! good to just see you on as usually you go lady ✌️🇺🇸💙☺️☺️☺️☺️🙏
@junimperial1823 4 aylar önce
Vote Jeffrey Hakeem for the speaker of the house guys he is qualified now👍
@wytrose4602 4 aylar önce
Projection don't work.
@rosalie4797 4 aylar önce
Thank you, Congressman Jeffries!
@camwilliams1 4 aylar önce
Be sure that not a second of reprieve of fear runs Americans' lives. One day into a new Speaker of the House you start with OH WE MIGHT have a shut down of the government. Take the slightest bit of responsibility for Americans' wellness crumbling
@kristypiits8982 4 aylar önce
Spend us into bankruptcy. If you did your job back when the year started we would not be in this position.
@drewdrew7968 4 aylar önce
lol. You think we got into this since January?
@keep.word_grow 4 aylar önce
The Trumpets forget their president (trumpet) stole two trillion dollars from the people of America and gave it to the rich so they won't have to pay their fair share.
@ginahickman6864 4 aylar önce
This was money spent by both sides....Republicans can't skip out when the bills are due...Pay the Bills is the right thing to due. Can't negotiate on money already spent.
@albaacosta5389 4 aylar önce
God bless America and Jeffrey 🎉❤🎉🎉🎉🎉
@patgollin9131 4 aylar önce
Do what we want or your shutting down the government is NOT Democracy!
@RiverBirchFarm 4 aylar önce
Funny you would say that , as that has always been the mode of operations for Democrat's !
@GenXamerica 4 aylar önce
😂 it’s actually definitely democracy.
@tareewoods2434 4 aylar önce
​@@RiverBirchFarmLie often?
@ptrd4111 4 aylar önce
11:23 yep, nothing cuts down the current inflation like combating climate change. Im sure people will think fondly of the weather when they lose their house.
@JeanLatif-pe2oj 4 aylar önce
Love this man! i want him as president and Jasmine Crockett as vice president!!!!
@woodrowsadler8003 Aylar önce
That would be a blessing I believe they can do Jeffrey is a great speaker very educated and so is Jasmine Crockett I love them
@valeriesingleton2073 4 aylar önce
I just love Hakeem he is all about his business and doing what's right for this country and the American people he will make an excellent house speaker more than l can say for those Republicans!
@bryanevans8653 4 aylar önce
He's an eloquent speaker, but he must dial down his rehearsed, choreographed hand gestures. It's overkill and it looks phony -baloney
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
Listen, don’t watch.
@Trumpforeever 4 aylar önce
They haven't fixed anything.
@cathmartinez32 4 aylar önce
Jeffie is a real speaker of the house❤❤❤
@mikusoxlongius 4 aylar önce
Sphincter of the House - Hakeem Drinker of the House - Nancy
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
Jeffries is the REAL and Honest speaker.
@joycemanning9755 4 aylar önce
Close the borders and don’t send Ukraine another dime of taxpayer money, help Hawaii, Palestine, Ohio, and any other state in the United States that needs our help
@stephanieolds7608 4 aylar önce
You need to understand that if Ukraine loses, then you can bet on WWlll!
@thomaslanham3863 4 aylar önce
​@@stephanieolds7608wrong , Ukraine is no more important than any other non NATO non ally nation .
@j.erickson8571 4 aylar önce
@@stephanieolds7608 They know. They are briefed daily about the situation. They would love to see Russia win and America cornered. So you tell me, what kind of people are these.
@chavezchrissy 4 aylar önce
​@@j.erickson8571the same perhaps that say nothing about a American journalist in prison in Ukraine subjected to inhumane conditions for criticism of the government there.
@chavezchrissy 4 aylar önce
​@@j.erickson8571or the same perhaps that support hanging, murdering, burning people alive in building because as they openly say that they are less than human beings because they have different beliefs and different languages. That is disgusting and that is what some of them support.
@wendyfenderson8067 4 aylar önce
A Biden democrat that speaks volumes!! 🤣🤣 Close The Borders, No CR, Not a penny to Ukraine! Democrats Drama! You work for us!
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
Okay, Natasha. Russia loves you.
@rosemarymantineo 4 aylar önce
Hakeem Jeffries is phenomenal and awesome and gave a very informative speech. He has honor, respect and integrity and hope he can become Speaker...maybe Vice President.....or someday President!
@steveenglish5501 4 aylar önce
you really are clueless. One cannot keep just spending money we don't have.... Integrity, when you keep name calling the other parties.... Gun safety, hw wants to ban guns...um, if the Israelis had guns maybe Hams would have been stopped before they killed towns.
@user-gc3yh2hz7y 4 aylar önce
Great speech representative Shakim Jeffries. You are very wise and knowledgeable. I am proud to be a Democrat voter. I will vote for you again in the next election for sure.
@joerodriguez1940 4 aylar önce
This guy trying to sound like Obama
@adriennem7927 4 aylar önce
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
Thank God.
@betsydonato6817 4 aylar önce
When Community is present, and Staff is out to lunch on a Gilligan Island 3 hour tour somewhere in Samoa,,,i would be pulling fire alarms to in this Abbott and Costello Horse Betting radio show...geeze. the NY lotto 54 is up to 59 now.
@_TheGman 4 aylar önce
Our lives have not gotten better so let's do something new
@CommonSense823 4 aylar önce
Waving your hands around on every syllable doesn’t make your words any less bullshit.
@fresyo1540 4 aylar önce
BNO reporting the House passed a 45 day stop gap, despite NY dem Representative pulling the fire alarm in an effort to thwart the bill. This is an act of insurrection, right? Will Representative Bowman be held in solitary confinement for over two years now too?? No one is above the law.
@pattitully-chain9708 4 aylar önce
Give me a break!!! Jan 6th was an insurrection not pulling a fire alarm!!
@writeongal 4 aylar önce
​@@pattitully-chain9708nope. Same supposed intent behind the actions...to disrupt the proceedings of Congress. Please stop gobbling up the propaganda and just THINK. The government is corrupt and only persecuting one side. Today, that side might not be the side you're on, so you feel it's fine, but until justice is actually blind, there is no justice. Lawfulness should be applied evenly across the board. If Trump is being indicted over documents that he actually had clearance to have, then Biden should surely be brought up on charges because as a senator/VP, he did not have that clearance, but had documents that weren't nearly as secure!! My goodness dear, open your eyes!!
@smiller2044 4 aylar önce
Why are Jan6 Insurrectionists still in Congress?
@drwaynekey 4 aylar önce
Get the Peoples House in Order. Almost every dollar spent... with the exception of the mandatory spending is a borrowed dollar. It is not sustainable. Simple math. You can not borrow your way into profitability and/or debt reduction especially with interest rates as they are. Generations to come will be dealing with this debt.
@nuffsaid123smith3 4 aylar önce
Some would say that spending money makes money. I don’t agree with some of the spending either. But trump and the Republican house and senate spent almost $8 trillion in 4 years.
@drwaynekey 4 aylar önce
@@nuffsaid123smith3 I do agree, however, I think that a lot of that money was COVID money. I may be wrong IDK for sure
@bennegray 3 aylar önce
I like to know where the 8 trillion dollars went to
@dondecarlo9955 2 aylar önce
That $8 trillion went into the pockets of the 1%
@nuffsaid123smith3 2 aylar önce
@@drwaynekey does it really matter? The government gave away all that money. More money than some ppl were making at baseline. And then ppl stopped wanting to go back to work.
@wayscott3119 4 aylar önce
This guy needs to stop trying to be like Obama , using n g his hands and talking just like Obama
@Tayl-top 4 aylar önce
hmmm let him be. it is harmless
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
This is such a stupid concern.
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
Are those saying this scared about the similarity because Obama was and is so popular? Continue to show such pettiness. It is ridiculous.
@robertvega2742 4 aylar önce
Jeffries is a decent honest congressman that should be speaker of the house!!!!
@glendagilmore1923 4 aylar önce
No he isn’t talking about Biden supporting Iran causing another war after untrained war and a war at our borders and the government won’t let us sell oil and wants broke American to change light bulbs cars ceiling fans gas furnaces to all electric when we don’t have enough money to buy food much less change everything in our houses and cars all made in china to make them richer and us poorer how much military s can one country support with millions coming in every day that also need support. How much money can USA bower for god sake
@glendagilmore1923 4 aylar önce
The government in power now want your money and to take your freedom and ruin your childrens furture starting with destroying the USA schools and teaching sex to your children. I care too much about my children to support a corrupt government as we now have
@ronaldakins5338 4 aylar önce
I stand with Hakeem. Wake Up America!!!
@truepatriots3860 4 aylar önce
We Americans want it shut down !
@gaelanwhite8842 4 aylar önce
No we don't. A government shutdown helps no one!
@stephanieolds7608 4 aylar önce
Speak for yourself!
@LordofLies817 4 aylar önce
Shut it down
@lonniedurrell6040 4 aylar önce
Only idiots would agree to a shutdown that would likely hurt them personally or people they know.
@drewdrew7968 4 aylar önce
@@stephanieolds7608 We are
@Bootszy 2 gün önce
I'm so proud of you Hakeem, you seem to be a man I can look up to . As a black man in America, you're special to have . Thank you for being there 🙏😌
@minionsystems 4 aylar önce
What is so extreme about a balanced budget or making America great again?
@marcuslawless9672 4 aylar önce
America has never been greater than she is today!
@pnwrx1562 4 aylar önce
Extreme idea only to socialists with no ties to this country.
@esang117 4 aylar önce
😂 Like the budget that “agent orange balanced.” Budgets have only been balanced under democratic presidents.
@tedbell4416 4 aylar önce
​@@marcuslawless9672hahahahahahahahahaha uh no
@Dan-sc7us 4 aylar önce
Make America great again is just a slogan for, "elect Trump again"! And there is everything "extreme" and wrong about that!!
@Audace1400 4 aylar önce
@DianeGreer 4 aylar önce
why you won't to be no more ✌️💙👋😊
@Audace1400 4 aylar önce
@@DianeGreer Say what?
@cynthiamcmahan9815 4 aylar önce
Why did Democrats vote to go home instead of working on a solution? Why weren't Democrats willing to vote on Ukraine separately from our own military spending and get a deal done? Tell the military families that Dems (and a few sick Reps!) thought Ukraine was more important than them.
@juanitaross5492 4 aylar önce
Do you realize we made a deal with Ukrain when they gave up their nuclear weapons that we and our allies would protect them if they where attacked by a hostel tyrant? And that putin attacked them not the other way around? How dare you not know why America and our allies are supporting Ukrain who is a sovereign country. Goggle it .
@larry8743 4 aylar önce
@@juanitaross5492 What Allies???? FJB trashed that part - and again, NATO Allies aren't paying a Frickin' Dime!!!!!
@figaro-dg5c5 4 aylar önce
​@@larry8743dude, I understand your anger but we're talking about the stability of the world. If you stop supporting your allies then russia and china will come and take those countries and you start losing more and more allies and partners that have resources you need. You need to continue because the other alternative is to be surrounded by the eastern powers sooner or later and you don't want that.
@user-jl2ym9po6z 4 aylar önce
We never made a deal with Ukraine. They have been life long enemies since WWII .
@cynthiamcmahan9815 4 aylar önce
@juanitaross5492 Did I say not to help Ukraine? Nope. ALL NATO allies should be helping Ukraine win the war. Period. That means other members need to pay more, and we need to only fund a military strategy that is set to win a conflict, not drag on like previous wars. And we definitely need to secure our own border and fund our own military before we even think of sending money anywhere else. Congress keeps hiding Ukraine funding inside other bills. That practice needs to end. We should see and know exactly what is going where. Is the money really going to the war or is it pay offs to Biden's corrupt deals? Let Europe pay more so our military families can afford to feed their families. And my main point was that Democrats have done all they can to push for a shut down so they could blame Republicans instead of actually working together. Nothing new there!
@RonNorman-qu4qz 4 aylar önce
Shut it down shut it down shut it down hell yeah
@deborahsnyder9749 4 aylar önce
Lies, lies, and corruption
@kathyneal1005 Gün önce
This young man it's awesome whenever he speaks he is going to come with receipts 😁🙏💋
@cherrydeleon9646 4 aylar önce
Thank God 🌟 Mr. Jeffries is smart, educated & humorous. Perfect fit for a speaker. AOC for PRESS SECRETARY or PRESIDENT. GREETINGS!!
@jerrybell781 4 aylar önce
AOC would make a terrible press secretary. While she lies a majority of the time which seems to be the MO of the DNC's press secretary, she is not quick on her feet and cannot form a coherent sentence when her statements are pushed back on. She resorts to bad accents and logical fallacy's to ger her through her questionings. Don't have to believe me, look at her questioning of Tom Homan. A prime example of being out of your league.
@ralphsims3101 4 aylar önce
Jeffries is off his rocker. He is not listening to the people. Shut it down.
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
Your people? 🥹
@chadbjerke3384 4 aylar önce
How can someone stand up and clap, when the country has gone to crap... REALLY...
@gaelanwhite8842 4 aylar önce
I don't even know anymore. It's less about actually getting things done, and more so about attacking each other and screaming the loudest. American politics, both Republican and Democrat, sucks so much these days.
@gregm5636 4 aylar önce
clapping for failure, Joes corruption and open borders.... vote the Dems out
@anatrejo7340 4 aylar önce
@vickymcpherson7985 4 aylar önce
That's the whole Democrat plan is to destroy the country
@joshwilles7540 4 aylar önce
It’s to show solidarity of the party whereas the other side of the chamber can’t even pass a bill while being in the majority. GOP is an embarrassment.
@mariahernandez3709 4 aylar önce
Alleluia!! Blessings!! He is right. Trump , broken GOP IS. their FOCUS, not the COUNTRY. LORD. Have mercy. Fixe their hearts.
@user-gc3yh2hz7y 4 aylar önce
Raised it three times and increased debt.
@Trumpforeever 4 aylar önce
Blame, blame, blame thats all they know
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
@ilenesykes3686 Aylar önce
Yes Rep Jeffries.Love what you are saying to the American people. We love you!😊
@reinemarais4392 4 aylar önce
Thank you, Hakeem Jeffries. You speak into my heart, my mind, my ears and my eyes. My very soul lifts. Your voice speaks hope for the future for everyone worldwide.
@concious2 4 aylar önce
You're joking right?🤔
@80sRockJoy 4 aylar önce
I’ll have some of whatever @reinemarais is on. The depth of delusion is breathtaking.
@reinemarais4392 4 aylar önce
@@80sRockJoy Each to their own. One thing I know is that whatever planet you live on is the one and only I don't want to be on.
@reinemarais4392 4 aylar önce
@@concious2 Absolutely not. MAGA world is the world of insanity.
@80sRockJoy 4 aylar önce
@@reinemarais4392 deal! I live on earth, so please go find another planet.
@user-uj3kw5wt3i 4 aylar önce
You mean make life better for you not the American people.
@priscillamyricks8554 4 aylar önce
Thank you Jeffrey for loving our country and the American people
@jamesnash4386 4 aylar önce
What a joker
@Kai33331 4 aylar önce
Lame argument for a lame party
@user-xn7zt9pf4j 2 aylar önce
He is how our government should be working 👍😍❤️👏👏👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸💯
@bennegray 2 aylar önce
Hakeem Jeffries is the next speaker of the house
@TeresaKHurst-bi1wk 4 aylar önce
Why is Nancy Polosie there?
@BrainB161 4 aylar önce
She "works" there.
@shaky1776 4 aylar önce
She heard they were going for drinks afterwards and there was no way the drinker of the house was missing out on that.
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
She’s a member of the house.
@chavezchrissy 4 aylar önce
I find not closing our borders extreme I think support abortion to the day up to birth or after as a governor once said is extreme I think funding Ukraine with no plans to get to a resolution is extreme.
@GenXamerica 4 aylar önce
You’re extremely correct
@kathyguinn4567 4 aylar önce
Yes it is extremely disgusting.
@DianeGreer 4 aylar önce
thanks to God he knows his children's heart what a beautiful Thing 👪🧕📖🙏
@Adobe150 4 aylar önce
$33 Trillion in debt and what do we get? Open Borders, mass looting, and crippling inflation. Congress Approval Rating 8%
@lewisbosworth860 4 aylar önce
Imagine what we'd get with another 4 years of this administration. Biden hasn't gotten his Nobel prize yet.
@DianeGreer 4 aylar önce
all you people won't is money people must live on 🪱😈🔥🖤
@DianeGreer 4 aylar önce
@chaosmos24 4 aylar önce
B-squad Obama
@thomaslanham3863 4 aylar önce
Obama's speech pattern with pelosis' hand gestures .
@shellimendoza7332 4 aylar önce
Jeffries a great leader
@Nirvosh81 4 aylar önce
Oh... the chanting like they are at a protest.. very professional..
@zeer09 4 aylar önce
yes, very! i’m sure the chants of “four more years!” at the 2020 sotu after trump’s entrance was just as unprofessional to you. oh wait…
@janetives5470 3 aylar önce
You’ve never see the British Parliament, right?
@jayhaynes1754 4 aylar önce
When is Jeffries going to announce his 2028 presidential run
@jasonjefferson7022 4 aylar önce
The policemen make $54,000.00 thousand a year, uniforms paid. They write them off under storage for fbi cases. Go Sam Houston.
@user-tj5uc2kn5f 4 aylar önce
Shutdown, Now, you wanna talk, you haven't talked in two years ago
@edwardmmanns7454 4 aylar önce
How many whopping lies can be told per hour?
@GenXamerica 4 aylar önce
Every single day
@arriegalvan4382 4 aylar önce
Hakeem has an inflated sense of-- we need to take Congress out of OUR government. They get that big money and start telling us what to do.
@pattitully-chain9708 4 aylar önce
Who is telling you what to do?
@bullcrap1971 4 aylar önce
​@@pattitully-chain9708Biden and the Democrats want already struggling Black and Brown communities to fork over another $24 Billion in tax payer money that we borrowed from the Chinese to Ukraine. Be nice if the Black community could see some of that money. 😢
@Brandon-yg7mw 4 aylar önce
Look at the Dems faces😂 They know it's just a whole bunch of bs!
@pattitully-chain9708 4 aylar önce
@Brandon-yg7mw what look? The one of disgust at what the Republicans tried?
@rubytuesday5567 4 aylar önce
​@@Brandon-yg7mwLook at the fact that they have to do this again. In 45 days, or that the Republicans tried to sneak a pay raise in for themselves, but it was caught by a Democrat and halted.
I could listen to Mr Jefferies all night long. So intelligent. He makes me think of President Obama !
@nancymiller349 4 aylar önce
I'm from Connecticut and Rosa delauro has to go. She's been around too long and she needs to take her purple head And leave town. I'm so sick of her and Blumenthal
@kevinnguyen9636 4 aylar önce
Lords strong ghosts voices use me teaching 46 political 🤗
@MichaelValouch-pb3ss 4 aylar önce
I can't stomach Democrats!
@YehoshuaChicagoCubs 4 aylar önce
Russia move there
@robertgreen9150 4 aylar önce
That's because they cannot govern themselves much less anything or anyone else! But as I say fall into the " gap"#nowthat'sfunny
@user-lb7pp9oz8z 4 aylar önce
I am a senior W\F and have been an i ndependent voter most of my life , but at this moment I am hoping and praying that Hakeem Jeffries will run for VP or Pres. In the future. This country NEEDS his Intelligent and compassionate energy as a strong compassionate leader.
@scooby7531 4 aylar önce
Is this a high school pep rally. This is so embarrassing for members of congress to act like this. They haven't realized the damage their party has caused to our once great country.
@kindheart2127 4 aylar önce
And what damage is that??
@betsymccarthy9093 3 aylar önce
Which Party. Be more specific.
@David-pt6is 3 aylar önce
If you have to ask what damage or what party, you should probably get fitted for a nice orange jumpsuit like your cult leader will be wearing.
@terrycollins9744 3 aylar önce
@@betsymccarthy9093Democrat party! Don’t you pay bills? Wake up
@Boballoo 3 aylar önce
@@kindheart2127 FJB! LGB! F-DemocRATs! TRUMP 2024!!!
@lindaiio24 4 aylar önce
We need more ppl like Hakeem in govt, especially on the right
@venturehunter3456 4 aylar önce
What a bad speech.
@delmahnori1582 Aylar önce
May be you feel ashamed that he told the truth. Republicans instead of working with Democratic to bring goods for America people, they are busy trying to impeach Hunter Biden who is not a congress man. Their hatred of Biden made them do the unthinkable impeach Biden with no clear evidence of misconduct in office or do something that warrant his impeachment.
@deborahsnyder9749 4 aylar önce
Why didn't you work on this in june
@kevinnguyen9636 4 aylar önce
80 years old still working out streets it 💀☝️
@j.c.1826 4 aylar önce
Blah,.blah, blah, way too much blah.. and the hand gestures overdone...
@martayking8694 4 aylar önce
Actually he was an embarrassment waving his hands all over lie a deaf sign interpreter while spewing his hatred toward Republicans, then his minions stand and clap like trained seals!
@thubandra963 4 aylar önce
Yeah, and what is with the bobble heads?
@pattitully-chain9708 4 aylar önce
Ya call that an embarrassment? He doesn't have 91 indictments. 4 court cases. The red team is so sad and disgusting.
@martayking8694 4 aylar önce
@@pattitully-chain9708 all are bogus charges like schiffs fake Russian collusion . And will not get anywhere. Nothing like old joes working with foreign countries for profit treasonous dealings.
@martayking8694 4 aylar önce
he ran his mouth for 30 minutes blaming the republicans for the shutdown that never happened, they are extending the gov closing for another six weeks! try to keep up sweetie
@pissyjo1213 4 aylar önce
We are here because every congress member has put us here. That’s it. It’s every last one of you guys fault.
@SuperRayW 4 aylar önce
To be fair we the people have stood by doing nothing while they bankrupted us; we had it easy so we just meekly voted every couple years for people who clearly don't represent our interests. We are all complicit in this (at least those of us old enough to have done something about it).
@pissyjo1213 4 aylar önce
@@SuperRayW I totally understand what you mean and yes, I agree with that. We are all at fault. I would love to stand, but I can’t do it alone. I have thought the same things for years. I can’t believe it’s gone this far.
@joeysdream7166 4 aylar önce
@@SuperRayW "voted" you sure about that?
@sanferflemisterj5010 4 aylar önce
U clearly don't know how Congress works, huh? Because if it was every one of them, then we wouldn't be here. I know u seen when the camera backed out that the republicon's wasn't in the building.
@pissyjo1213 4 aylar önce
@@sanferflemisterj5010 who’s in Congress and makes the decisions? That’s right congress members. All of them. Democrat and Republican. It seems to me that you are the one that don’t know.