Brad, Claire, Carla, Molly, Chris & Andy Cook the Perfect Pizza | Making Perfect: Episode 5

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This is it. The final episode of 'Making Perfect.' Brad. Claire. Molly. Andy. Chris. Carla. Did these great minds accomplish the unthinkable and make the perfect pizza? Did they discover the perfect combination of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings and if so will they share their secrets with us? Well, yes they did and yes they will. Here is the recipe:
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Brad, Claire, Carla, Molly, Chris & Andy Cook the Perfect Pizza | Making Perfect: Episode 5

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23 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit Yıl önce
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Random 3 aylar önce
Freakin love brad dude
Pia Frank
Pia Frank 4 aylar önce
Please, we need a “the dough senses fear” shirt or hoodie or something 🙏🏼
KL005 9 aylar önce
Tyler McElfresh
Tyler McElfresh 10 aylar önce
I can’t get over how perfect this episode is. If you don’t know by now, BA, many of us see this Chanel of passion and character development as perfection.
evion223 11 aylar önce
Omg ! Yes
Angga Pramudya
Angga Pramudya 20 saatler önce
23:12 *"Shut up for a change"* Who said that? 😅
Annie Burchill
Annie Burchill Gün önce
pay andy for this video
Lazy_Raichu 8 gün önce
13:36 they're making a stair situation right there
Tomy Jacob
Tomy Jacob 9 gün önce
I was litterally eating pizza while watching this
Davia -F
Davia -F 13 gün önce
I've been noticing that I don't get hungry watching cooking videos. I appreciate the process, technique, and interactions... Thank heavens, I can't afford it but I'm game....as soon as I can💅
Kate Rambolamanana
Kate Rambolamanana 17 gün önce
I love how Claire is always that A+ student aiming for perfection “We need to use pi”
Kate Rambolamanana
Kate Rambolamanana 17 gün önce
“The Italians are throwing stuff at the TV right now” BRAD
Alliana Gomez
Alliana Gomez 18 gün önce
Where are my POC in these episodes?!!
william christensen
william christensen 20 gün önce
That's a beautiful pizza oven
Tom Macarol
Tom Macarol 21 gün önce
does anyone know how Molly made her pickled chillies ?
Misheel U
Misheel U 21 gün önce
looks about white
Melissa Person Collier
I have discovered this you tube channel in the last few months, and I love all of it! I may be a little obsessed with it! You all are great! Thank you!
Rotimer Jinsingtee
Rotimer Jinsingtee 23 gün önce
Brad @10:00 licking tomato sauce off the sieve
Lowcrbnaman 23 gün önce
Too many cooks does spoil the broth.
H M 25 gün önce
Why only the White were allowed to participate
Fadhil Ramadhani
Fadhil Ramadhani 25 gün önce
I just realized that even Andy does not even have his own show! It's crazy!!!
Ruel Galinato
Ruel Galinato 26 gün önce
Claire: *says anything accurate and concise Everyone else: shut up, nerd! 😢 poor Claire
A B M 28 gün önce
💚 Yay! Brad included us at the end. 😁
A B M 28 gün önce
YES! I have never had maitaki mushrooms, but I totally want to try now. I love most other mushrooms, so I am intrigued.
malika 29 gün önce
Andy looks like he isnt enjoying this
Mobydickofdopeness 29 gün önce
Mushrooms are not vegetables. You did not make a veggie pizza. And mushrooms are also disgusting, so there's that too.
Flowericious Resident
the last pizza why complicate it with some lemon jest … geezus!
Flowericious Resident
Brad you're a straight shooter
Sasha Jones
Sasha Jones Aylar önce
worked in a pizzeria and the mortadella was added after the pizza was cooked
Amelio Milne
Amelio Milne Aylar önce
They did a beautiful job
Kakageldi Charyjumayev
white people party
H M 25 gün önce
Kakageldi Charyjumayev right? Why only the White were allowed to participate
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch Aylar önce
Chris actually pronounced Speck correctly. Don't ask why but yeah phonetically in this case the S is pronounced as the german "Sch"
jojo diaz
jojo diaz Aylar önce
All the main chefs are white, I hope this changes
Ruby Anne Blair
Ruby Anne Blair Aylar önce
Next making perfect ( as if it could be more perfect than this 😍😍) - making perfect ramen??
Guilherme Rodrigues
this is pure perfection
Jackson Catalano
Jackson Catalano Aylar önce
at 21:48 there's the faintest sound of a minecraft zombie taking damage
jessie Aylar önce
carla's parents just casually having a giant wood fire pizza oven..
Shamir -
Shamir - Aylar önce
Debarka Mukhopadhyay
This video is just 2 pizza parties.
Debarka Mukhopadhyay
Patrick Riggins
Patrick Riggins Aylar önce
Why don't they ever do mortadella with mushroom?
David Belmonte
David Belmonte Aylar önce
That lemon zest must be a special flavour touch, gotta try it
Jaydan Kai
Jaydan Kai Aylar önce
why is Andy so hot 😩😩😩
ALIA DANILO Aylar önce
Intellectually I understand that that pizza is the best all-round, but my heart still says "mushrooms are icky."
ARIS Aylar önce
Thank you for bringing us quality content, BA
A M Aylar önce
Celina Garavelli
Celina Garavelli Aylar önce
Arnima Sharma
Arnima Sharma Aylar önce
Omg did they leave the camera man hanging all throughout the testing?? How did the camera person bear the pain
Prime Matt
Prime Matt Aylar önce
Cristian Ambaek
Cristian Ambaek Aylar önce
I have the wrong job
Robert Graham
Robert Graham Aylar önce
I don't know why it's so hard to believe that mushrooms came out on top.
Randy Z Ochoa
Randy Z Ochoa Aylar önce
This has the same energy as a heist film during their planning stage montage.
Ricks Americana
Ricks Americana Aylar önce
"I think this is what a six-year-old's idea of a restaurant is" might be the perfect summation of what BATK is all about, and that's not a slam. Perfect line, Carla.
Rick Latimer
Rick Latimer Aylar önce
They didn't show enough of claire in this vid lol
Black Hole Sun
Black Hole Sun Aylar önce
This is the opposite of too many cooks in the kitchen. This is the only time it has actually worked out
lulu Brown
lulu Brown Aylar önce
I wish I had friends like this 😂
Giriprasath K
Giriprasath K Aylar önce
They are so passionate about what they're doing and I love it.
Nicholas Lo
Nicholas Lo Aylar önce
imagine the meal this team could make you
theBFactor Aylar önce
How many pizza's did they make in every episode and in total? It would have been an interesting add in. Really enjoyed it all!
kiyoteblue Aylar önce
I just love this group of people together. I would watch them make mud pies in the playground.
Rachel Aylar önce
When they say pie do they mean pizza?
Light Aylar önce
who said no mushrooms at the start? they all seemed to be enjoying it
PoPhamsdotter Aylar önce
So nice to watch this during lockdown.
PsandaBear Aylar önce
Did anyone else notice the canned tomatoes Andy and Brad settled on is the same can of tomatoes that Scarr uses in Episode 1 with Claire's tour?
Vin D
Vin D Aylar önce
The way they pronounce mortadella is criinge
Pork fried rice
Pork fried rice Aylar önce
"It's not floppy tooo.." Andy: 11:45
Katharina von Münchow
Molly at 13:25 is a mood
Gary B
Gary B Aylar önce
I'm really really really liking the idea of just making pizza all day and eating. what a job!
Bookworm 2021
Bookworm 2021 Aylar önce
Okay, Brad patting Claire's back at 11:05 is literally the most perfect thing in the universe
Badaró Aylar önce
Everything that he does is the most perfect thing in the Universe, even when he makes mistakes
Elia Fuimaono
Elia Fuimaono Aylar önce
S/o to California produce
JoJo 2.0
JoJo 2.0 Aylar önce
That was a fun series. The collaborations were stellar!
João Vicente Saliba de Andrade
I would definitely put ketchup in all of these pizzas.
Hande Aylar önce
I want what they have
Igor Tanaskovic
Igor Tanaskovic Aylar önce
Andy how come you never call anymore?
Willow S
Willow S Aylar önce
German (bilingual) here, regarding the Speck thing: In german, for sp and st, there is a "sharp" and a "soft" pronounciation that depends what position it has in the word / syllable! In the beginning of the word (with rare exceptions) it‘s the soft pronounciation, which is a shp / sht sound. So it‘s Shpeck 😊 Just make a sh sound and then say "peck"!
Jackie Wilda
Jackie Wilda 2 aylar önce
I listened to this all day while working and then immediately made a pizza for dinner. Lord god this put a need in my body. Looks amazing! Love you all!
Yahli Rosenberg
Yahli Rosenberg 2 aylar önce
this is like avengers endgame but better
minette glynn
minette glynn 2 aylar önce
I love them all SO MUCH
MrEpiknation 2 aylar önce
I smiled throughout the series. Best channel by far
David Westfall
David Westfall 2 aylar önce
fatty unctuous bottoms
head85 2 aylar önce
10:00 did anybody else slow down playback or freeze frame to see what he licked?
Jennifer Aquino
Jennifer Aquino 2 aylar önce
Justin D
Justin D 2 aylar önce
Lol Claire doesn't like eye contact
Jill J
Jill J 2 aylar önce
I loved this series so much! It was so helpful to see each team’s process of trial and error as they figured out what worked and what didn’t.
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