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Stream 'Boy Bye': smarturl.it/xBB
Dir. Spencer Ford
Prod. Jon Nunes, Weston Freas & Kevin Doan
DP: Ashlan Grey
VFX: Kevin Doan
Edit & Color: Henock Sileshi
Grip: Jakob Longcob
Wardrobe: Nick Lenzini & Weston Freas
thank you to our cast & crew!




14 Aug 2019




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DarkTwoRayne 2 saatler önce
Bearface messed up the song
Cami Moreno
Cami Moreno Gün önce
the beat of the song makes me think i am living in a black mirror episode :/
Frederick Russell II
But the way kevin appears in the video is next level
Frederick Russell II
MaTT in this video playing david COPPERfeild
max 3 gün önce
Ayy, everybody ask me how I deal with my depression Man look (man look), I don't got the answer to your question If I did, you would probably never hear from me again That's a promise, not a threat and it ain't no half stepping (yeah) Can't let it compromise the pace I'm setting (hey) Grandma told me don't forget to count my blessings (woo) Breaking up botanicals to ease my stressing Was the one that you needed but you weren't expecting Game need refreshing (hey), what you been suggesting? (Hey) Wrote a new constitution, we don't need amending (hey) I go Johnnie Cochran when I'm raising my defenses (yeah) Man, I feel like Michael Keaton when a nigga start ascending (hey) Never second guessing (hey), had to do a lot of resting (hey) Like I played for Popovich, tryna find our new direction (woo) Listen, I ain't for the shelving, what you niggas telling? My team be rebelling from whenever you was heading, goddamn Man, this shit bump like a belly when it's pregnant (mhm) Bonafide big bird lookin' like a Yeti (mhm) Swift feet cheetah, that's a real big kitty Made y'all judges, that's a real ass feeling I don't like the sly ones, forget 'em and I dead 'em (yeah) Always off the shit like a constipated reverend (alright) Y'all don't like to shit talk, dumb pun, all fun But I make your bitch crack a giggle with the next one (oh) Goofy ass boy, look like Elmer Fudd cousin (sheesh) Heavy-ass feet, bet Pluto heard you comin' (shit) Actin' like Regina, you a lil' bit dramatic (George) I've been in the cockpit, I been in the cabin (right) Take the eagle out just to ride around the planet (right) Damn, I'm like Kirby, man, I don't take damage Oh, so hot, so, sst, get branded I'm just havin' fun, cops hit me, goddamn it (oh yeah) Trauma got me fucked up, my mama got me fucked up My lil' nigga locked up, it's like Hakuna Matata Never liked Sci-Fi, empathetic WiFi Keep it in the back room, hide it with my dry eye Put it in the vacuum, I got love for my label Fifteen million on the table, none of my niggas are stable Need a personal connection, I just wanna feel you baby Bein' sober made me realize how poorly I been behavin', uh My bitch is so pretty, pretty (mmh) I get cash like really, really Tell the DJ, man, he ain't slick 'Cause he ain't playin' hits, he silly, silly (mmh) My bitch is so pretty, pretty (mmh) I get cash like really, really (get it) Tell the DJ, man, he ain't slick 'Cause he ain't playin' hits, he silly, silly (boy, bye) Ring in their ears like a bark Always feel left in the dark Trauma the price for the patience Character shift like an arc Move like my shit stay in park Don't feel the love or respect Grip like a hand on my neck This is the year, place your bets (boy, bye) Ooh, ooh, beautiful and bashful Ooh (mmh), ooh, ooh (mmh) I'm beautiful and bashful Boy, bye (goddamn! Mmh) Boy, bye Boy, bye (goddamn! Mmh) I'm beautiful and bashful
Cruncho 5 gün önce
Brockhampton is the new odd future.
Khadija Aftab
Khadija Aftab 8 gün önce
how is joba real
Colin Rude
Colin Rude 10 gün önce
I don’t know who needs to hear this but... Matt’s verse means literally nothing
K the Baby
K the Baby 10 gün önce
POV 0:41 your stuck in a glass box with matt champion lmao 🤣🤣🤣
tem tem
tem tem 13 gün önce
me, a new brockhampton fan, reading the comments: 👁👄👁?
Coolio 14 gün önce
The best is from an old iranian song called ejazeh by dariush. So fire.
Cringy One
Cringy One 16 gün önce
*cleans mirror* *camera shoots out to show the whole glass box covered in smudges and fingerprints*
saint fuki
saint fuki 18 gün önce
bearface killed his part istfg
o mar
o mar 19 gün önce
holy SHIT.
Bic Mitchum
Bic Mitchum 20 gün önce
I get so lost in these songs that I don't realize how random and weird these videos are lol
RemRawPlays 20 gün önce
Matt looks like Shaggy
ClimbnotWar 21 gün önce
matt champion "my bitch" bars :) merlyn "my bitch" bars :'''''''D
Angelina Romeo
Angelina Romeo 23 gün önce
gosh i love bearface💕 and of course, Joba
Luke Redmond
Luke Redmond 23 gün önce
The clip of the woman’s voice when Matt’s second verse hits: 😐. The clip of the woman’s voice when Merlyn says the exact same thing: 💃
grimmtrash 23 gün önce
damn i miss when this came out 😔
Sause Boss
Sause Boss 24 gün önce
Oh my goodness!! I dunno why, but Matt Champion looks so good in this video. Also the Sugar video, even more. He’s killing it with the shaggy hair!
Lauren Graves
Lauren Graves 25 gün önce
My one problem with brockhampton is that it feels like their trying really hard to be odd future
Tyiesha Zhane
Tyiesha Zhane 26 gün önce
this still my shit
Grace Ducroiset
Grace Ducroiset 27 gün önce
this song is so funky
ASAP_MONSTER 29 gün önce
bearface is fucking terrible
Ikeeeboy 13 gün önce
w r o n g
jum 15 gün önce
worst opinion i’ve heard in a while
ash. 29 gün önce
my man joba got god knows what on his head
ess Aylar önce
too good
Jasmin Aylar önce
Insecure brought me to this song
sam hernandez
sam hernandez Aylar önce
kevin kinda swole tho
Alfie Penfold
Alfie Penfold Aylar önce
the beat is craaaazy, deffo a headphone tune🎧every single flow in this song is untouchable 🙏🏽
Jorgen Vonstrangle
Jorgen Vonstrangle Aylar önce
when brock isnt in the hamptons. idk i dont know brock hampton
Owi Lloyd Roberts
Owi Lloyd Roberts Aylar önce
ciaran’s bit is smooth what the hell
curlychavelita Aylar önce
Dope song. Insecure sent me 👀
{M- FAREEZZUWAN} Aylar önce
1:29 that (EUNG) from Apink
X28 Aylar önce
the best kpop gang ever
triple gate
triple gate Aylar önce
When did stoner shaggy get trapped In a telephone pole
Penelope Kessell
Penelope Kessell Aylar önce
I could excuse his singing but bearface properly raps in cursive and I don't know how to feel.
Teresa Olalde Herrera
so no ones gonna talk about da fact that matt champion got on that thing ? ID SHIT MY PANTS
Doom's Way
Doom's Way Aylar önce
This is some courage the cowardly dog beat
Hammond Dio
Hammond Dio Aylar önce
Beat makes me want to take a nap on a Hawaii beach
saint fuki
saint fuki Aylar önce
0:12 is this real???!!??
Edward H
Edward H Aylar önce
the beat makes me feel like I'm in wes Anderson movie running, and the authorities are on my tail. it's a cat and mouse game.
Tyrone Moore
Tyrone Moore Aylar önce
Hey jim
Xozツ Aylar önce
1:36 is where the song starts btw
Fredo Aylar önce
ernie shjsbs
ernie shjsbs Aylar önce
pls these people tik tok listen to sugar and act like a they are reals fans like bitch sit down😳
ernie shjsbs
ernie shjsbs Aylar önce
where all my real brockhampton fans at?!!!
jum 15 gün önce
Kameryn Shadden
Kameryn Shadden Aylar önce
I’m literally in fucking labor right now, bumping this in the maternity ward
Blue Freak
Blue Freak Aylar önce
Dommm be killing it IDC I said what I said
Farrel Ramadhana
Farrel Ramadhana Aylar önce
Karola Busquets
Karola Busquets Aylar önce
Danny DeCheeto
Danny DeCheeto Aylar önce
Ghazal Dara
Ghazal Dara Aylar önce
Where the fuck is Roberto at though?
elijahwashere Aylar önce
My favorite song by em 💯
Mxlik Rvgler
Mxlik Rvgler Aylar önce
Matt can flow on any record so effortlessly 🔥
Somaya Adel78
Somaya Adel78 Aylar önce
Can't believe I didn't know them before omg my mind is blown.
gavino Aylar önce
Matt’s verse is slept on
bella !
bella ! Aylar önce
can we please talk about all of kevin’s visuals... magical
Tapanga Tayaba
Tapanga Tayaba Aylar önce
Watching Matt rap his verse in the box makes me sweaty.
Р1zzа Бам1и
Р1zzа Бам1и Aylar önce
So.... We ain't talkin about ripped Merlyn?
R J Aylar önce
Was that a David Blaine reference with the glass box?
ash lara
ash lara Aylar önce
That lighter part wit Kevin was lit asf
amran307 Aylar önce
Guhtz Aylar önce
I like the song but the miss the gritty feel that their old music videos has
Noah Sabadish
Noah Sabadish Aylar önce
Guhtz this is certainly “grittier”, at least aesthetically, than their newest “sugar” music video!
ar660059 2 aylar önce
Markus Maro
Markus Maro 2 aylar önce
Love this beat! For that visual effect in the beginning to work whoever shot it needed to do it on a longer lens and further away to get a more realistic perspective
Raven Johnson
Raven Johnson 2 aylar önce
Here from insecure
dindadeeys 2 aylar önce
there's just something to this beat that keeps me jamming
not jvde
not jvde 2 aylar önce
1:37 didn’t know pewdiepie was apart of brockhampton :o he b looking good tho
Alumno Xochimilco IVAN ALDANA CRUZ
Un saludo a la bandita de la Facultad de Artes y Diseño que les gustan estos rameros
bray 2 aylar önce
my father whenever he found out my mom was pregnant with me 0:00
shut up, travis
shut up, travis 2 aylar önce
Kid: f***ing dies Oompa Loompas: 0:23
Dionna Will
Dionna Will 2 aylar önce
Scream Tarantino
Scream Tarantino 2 aylar önce
I'm the only one who thinks that Kevin needs to do more leg?
mo 2 aylar önce
jabari me paddy
daniel winfield
daniel winfield 2 aylar önce
Last episode of Insecure when Lawrence walked into the restaurant and saw Issa, I was like "What's this song?" And here I am. Insecure team does it again.
Liam Flex
Liam Flex 2 aylar önce
None of my friends like BROCKHAMPTON so I’m scared I’ll never see them live😔
Raya Moreau
Raya Moreau 2 aylar önce
Am I the only one who can do a full abs workout to this song? Kevin’s rap was made to do Russian twists to
Roberto Tobias
Roberto Tobias 2 aylar önce
Dom and Matt were fucking amazing in this song, but I still think that shot with Jabari and Roberto was fucking dope
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