Bournemouth 0-3 Liverpool | Reds hit three on the road | Highlights

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Watch key highlights of Liverpool's Premier League victory on the south coast, as goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Naby Keita and Mo Salah secured victory for the Reds.
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7 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Terra messorem
Terra messorem 15 gün önce
liverpool vs leciester of 2015
Slydon Karoro
Slydon Karoro 27 gün önce
The Bournemouth fans are quite asf
Rodrigo Barreiro
Rodrigo Barreiro Aylar önce
Wow I can’t believe how good Liverpool have become that Last year and a half, a mean once their were in the fifth or below in the league, and now their going to win the league, and their champions league winners, and can probably win it again, all that thanks to one man, Jürgen Klopp, one on the best coaches right now, if not the best. (This comes from a Real Madrid fan)
Tharsisiohelio Tharsisiohelio
Flamengo goal gabigoal
gabigol09 crf
gabigol09 crf Aylar önce
Atitude rídicula Liverpool!!!!!pedir videos do flamengo pros rivais da liberta horrível😠👎
BOOK TC GAMER Aylar önce
เยี่ยมมากเราเเละพวกผีเเดงเชียร์นายนะ สู้สู้นะหงส์ ผีเเดงอยากให้หงส์ได้ถ้วยนะ
ٍِSa Mah
ٍِSa Mah Aylar önce
Shahid ahmad
Shahid ahmad Aylar önce
Have you seen the pass 0:44
ignacio reyes
ignacio reyes Aylar önce
i think that keita is so necesary for the team
Lee David
Lee David Aylar önce
Excellent Mo Salah nice play
Mega Break
Mega Break Aylar önce
Finally a clean sheet ❤️
Geda TV
Geda TV Aylar önce
Esse e meu Liverpool, tomara que dê de 6x0 no flamengo
Irwyn Matheus
Irwyn Matheus Aylar önce
Anthony Leighton
Anthony Leighton Aylar önce
didnt half help ake going off - i d take him as virgils under study ...........
A. Giro
A. Giro Aylar önce
It's not about Mané or Salah or anyone.it's about Klopp. I think we can see Klopp philosophy in the field. He made those players stars. He bring good players and made them brilliant. He did it in Dortmund and now he is doing it in Liverpool. He is the great.
João M.
João M. Aylar önce
Liverpool não tem mundial !
Irwyn Matheus
Irwyn Matheus Aylar önce
Relaxa Daqui 15 dias vai ter
Phillips Guerrero López
Mohamed Salah,crack.
Gebrello Aylar önce
Mo Salah will always be here
Roberto Firmino
Roberto Firmino Aylar önce
I hate Ox’s dance.
Fornite12345 Fornite
I fans liverpool i love it keep run reds! ❤️ Fans from:Brigata Curva Sud 🇮🇩
extra ordinario
extra ordinario Aylar önce
The english league and a trash
Relocation Dohavets
Mo does not look happy?
Miraç Tuğhan Demiray
Agung Prakosa
Agung Prakosa Aylar önce
Good game
احمد الصادق
Salah is the best
Sammy Fash
Sammy Fash Aylar önce
Virgil van dijk should take freekicks
ASJM Chanel
ASJM Chanel Aylar önce
Wonderful Assist From Mo Salah.. 👍👍👍King Salah👍👍👍
Fajar Nugroho
Fajar Nugroho Aylar önce
Where a bellerin
Abban Nadeem
Abban Nadeem Aylar önce
What a great day
kelvin robert
kelvin robert Aylar önce
Jamal adhan
Jamal adhan Aylar önce
These Liverpool team are on to something special.
sayed hussin
sayed hussin Aylar önce
Mo mo❤💃⚽️
Benedicta Sweety
Benedicta Sweety Aylar önce
M.Salah doesn't look happy... Or I am the only one seeing it.
Winston Wan
Winston Wan Aylar önce
Let's hunt and kill the foxes on this upcoming boxing day🔫🏹🔪
Muhammad faris officiall
Alahamdulilah liverpool 3.bouthem 0 liverpool you never walk alone
roziman omar
roziman omar Aylar önce
Salah the legend.. The greatest footballer on earth
Ringo Wiedemann
Ringo Wiedemann Aylar önce
The audience is as loud as in an opera.
Khalid M.Nur
Khalid M.Nur Aylar önce
Salah's Incredible assist.Great.
AMR 3amo
AMR 3amo Aylar önce
Henderson activated Beckham mode that day
wildan zaenuri
wildan zaenuri Aylar önce
Dadi sobari
Dadi sobari Aylar önce
emma Aylar önce
i know its "only bournemouth" but i'm really proud of keita for this performance, surely it will be such a morale booster for him to get a goal, assist and be MOTM, really proud of shaqiri, ox and origi too. all within a few days of each other showing us how important they can be for the team to cover injuries, to let players rest or to simply just be bloody brilliant players in any sense.
darius coronado
darius coronado Aylar önce
Vamos liverpool
fella mahboubi
fella mahboubi Aylar önce
come on city
利物浦xieda Aylar önce
The Wedding
The Wedding Aylar önce
Let's winner
Hazem Mohamed
Hazem Mohamed Aylar önce
Salah 💚
Insightools Aylar önce
Ja campeão da BPL
Ricardo Junior
Ricardo Junior Aylar önce
ابو يوسف
ابو يوسف Aylar önce
Mo salah
Novianyor Houndagba
We keep pushing and keep winning, that is our identity....YNWA
zaf Patel
zaf Patel Aylar önce
City will still win title
Munt Munt
Munt Munt Aylar önce
4 3 3 is not suitable plan to play against Red Bull , Liverpool need to play with plan 5 3 2 or 5 2 3 or i preffer plan 4 4 2
DJ Lenny Black Lenny
So Nathan Ake got injured and the goals began to pour in
mood Heris
mood Heris Aylar önce
The Liverpool atmosphere make every ordinary player to a player with brilliant function
༒łεคหdяσ 0
krishnaveeresh Aylar önce
More replays on the goals at least pls!
Chris Long
Chris Long Aylar önce
Hendo look good on the free kick
bon bon
bon bon Aylar önce
Yunas Adan
Yunas Adan Aylar önce
I just noticed salah Assited Keita and keita assited him back that’s why I love liverpool 👏🏾👏🏾
robert schaefer
robert schaefer Aylar önce
When your backup midfielder sends a world class through ball on a dime to Salah, that’s when you know this team is very special indeed. Rest up Fabby, because Nabby has you covered. The big Boxing Day fixture is coming!
Dr kotb
Dr kotb Aylar önce
صلاح صلاح صلاح