Bottle Flips From Empty to Full! 

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How does the amount of water affect a bottle flip?




4 Şub 2023




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@ChallengeKings46 10 aylar önce
He just casually makes a cap with no water in it😱👍🤣
@evakendrick93 10 aylar önce
@evakendrick93 10 aylar önce
@minpyaesonekyaw3098 10 aylar önce
@FloridaMan3 10 aylar önce
​@@minpyaesonekyaw3098 ur fake he actually does it and u saying it's fake and giving no credit
@ruggerue1 9 aylar önce
Should do the same thing but with a cap flip
@goofballin69 9 aylar önce
he doesn't just have the ability to bottle flip, he has the ability to make it cool again.
@ratnaratna4781 7 aylar önce
@eva-ls3jq 7 aylar önce
Wtrrh untuk mu waktu itu tidak
@ludyclemente3316 2 aylar önce
Kamu sayang kamu juga sayang
@gamingdevil49 9 aylar önce
Bro is bringing back 2016 💀
@user-ps9yh8sk2r 9 aylar önce
Bro is a 5yo kid
@gamingdevil49 9 aylar önce
@@user-ps9yh8sk2r why?
@user-ps9yh8sk2r 9 aylar önce
@@gamingdevil49 cuz 2016 was cool
@mohammedin8863 9 aylar önce
I like to call it an anchor effect. It's where the centre of gravity is down instead of the middle because of the water
@user-cv4se9dy8g 7 aylar önce
@jlthepro236 9 aylar önce
The fact that their table is literally dying from bottle flips and dice stacks 😂😢.
@TheKidzSquare 10 aylar önce
I remember when I didn’t know that the amount of water impacted a bottle flip. I made my trick shot videos way harder than it could’ve been 😂
@Jordon_Playz 8 aylar önce
First comment
@azizbek5887 7 aylar önce
@leonardosasso8898 7 aylar önce
You are underrated you deserve more subs the tenth try
@Ronaldo_editz5 9 aylar önce
“No its just skill” -A Wise Man
@ratnaratna4781 7 aylar önce
@player1maximum784 8 aylar önce
Basically here is a IN DEPTH explanation, the more water in it, the more bouncy it is BUT, the more water is in the the heavier it gets as well, the hot spot for bottle flipping is about 5% ish less than half way
@Commenter_Man 9 aylar önce
This guy would be the coolest kid in school of it was 2014
@glawsont0110 8 aylar önce
He's just built different, if I had to stay in jail until I landed those, I would most likely be in there for abt a week
@Kvexk 9 aylar önce
Bill Nye the Water-flipping Guy
@thanhnguyentrung4644 7 aylar önce
Bro flips bottles professionally
@0noise 10 aylar önce
Loved the video, also I think it's crazy how you guys are so devoted to TRvid keep up the good work
@TheRamdomizer8347 10 aylar önce
You guys really help me with my channel(ideas)thank you so much
@thats_perfect 10 aylar önce
100% Respect 100% Of The Time 👍
@djibrilmangane2791 10 aylar önce
full water is just like me when im on a trampaline
@jasonhall7462 9 aylar önce
I love you
@ambush7013 9 aylar önce
Lays: it must be going from largest to smallest.
@C.brawling02 6 aylar önce
I recently landed an empty water bottle and the surprising part is that was my first try 🤣
@beardeddragons3855 9 aylar önce
The reason why a bottle is always empty or kind of full is because the more the water the more bouncier the bottle gets
@SlickFlipsAndTricks 10 aylar önce
Love this!
@CallMeSmile5920 10 aylar önce
Pov: *It spills*
@doomster99 10 aylar önce
insane. i tried it and i kept failing on empty to nearly full but seeing that, blew my mind.
@theairacobra 9 aylar önce
Filling the bottle would make the center of mass stay at the center, which would make it less stable compared to just a little not of water, where the center of mass would be in thr bottom
@JamesHasNoBudget 9 aylar önce
Ahh the old days in 2016 when kids will be stopped from bottle flipping by teachers Good old days
@StrawberryBananaVR 10 aylar önce
First!!!! Also that's really impressive. I could never
@ThatsAmazingShorts 10 aylar önce
You could do it with some practice! It’s not too hard 👍
@missycakexs 9 aylar önce
@@ThatsAmazingShorts you sound like mrbeast
@daniellemacedo6129 3 aylar önce
@mariomayo6002 6 aylar önce
how did he just score that cap flip without water😮
@THEVOIDv6222 9 aylar önce
The perfect man doesn't exist. Him...
@cameronHarrington473 10 aylar önce
That was the best video I’ve ever seen. Also thank you guys so much for the inspiration to start my own trick shot channel it means the world
@Trickshotbros_1 10 aylar önce
Still working on the video where we recreate ur guys shots!
@Rez164 10 aylar önce
Wait bro I’m doing that video as well
@Rez164 10 aylar önce
I started yesterday
@Rez164 10 aylar önce
I have 3 shots done but I didn’t do there hardest
@LittleZucky 9 aylar önce
bro really looks like jedi controling it
@saralasamuel500 7 aylar önce
My guy defeated the laws of physics 💀
@lawrancecham9746 10 aylar önce
That skip where he constantly flipped the full bottle water is so obvious
@BobbySpicklestein 3 aylar önce
Mannnnn these boys just don’t STOP!!
@alledits5201 10 aylar önce
I remember filling my bottles up to half way thinking that would make it easier. Days later I would have a sore arm from the amount of strength it took to flip it 😂
@thobiyas2570 9 aylar önce
U r amazing bro ❤️ I am Fan of yrs💯💗
@Swishingclips 10 aylar önce
That was crazy 😝good work
@boogiehasfun 8 aylar önce
The IP address memes you showed at the video used local ip’s, and in fact most local ip’s start with 192. And that twitter one is definitely a local ip cause it has the default minecraft server port on the end of it and starts with 192 :D
@JYDWolf 9 aylar önce
Help this man, he’s stuck in 2015
@hamza_notfound 10 aylar önce
Special talent
@TheThomasBros 10 aylar önce
You guys just get better and better
@mustafaimrangaming 9 aylar önce
The second one is perfect i think.
@Lxinny Aylar önce
This is the definition of bouncing back 😂😂😂
@k_wl 9 aylar önce
i remember when i was showing my brother how a full bottle cant be flipped, and then the bottle bounced off the ground and landed and i felt like a boss, this was 5+ years ago
Time passes by soo fast huh?
@Trickshotbros_1 10 aylar önce
Amazing video
@imdumblol 9 aylar önce
Welcome back to 2016
Imagine re-doing all your water bottle trick shot videos but the water bottles are all the way full😂😂😆
@cookieme6393 Aylar önce
OKAY- is no one gonna talk about how he wasnt scared for it to not explode-..?
@kinyacat5919 9 aylar önce
Him flipping a bottle empty is just much more impressive than if it's full O_o I think u guys could agree too
@fahaid2 9 aylar önce
bruh your family always gets it right even babies
@datboi5913 3 aylar önce
Bro is legit bottle flipping master
@tyhannascott6706 8 aylar önce
You are so good at water bottle flip good job.
@ashtarq.7714 9 aylar önce
Layz would fire this man in a nanosecond if he worked there
@tads1743 5 aylar önce
The first one which is empty was just pure luck 💀
@Levi-du4rp 9 aylar önce
Bro got the unspoken rizz
@miaserrano2277 9 aylar önce
bro shows us nothing is impossible
@jacoblopez4402 9 aylar önce
The 3rd one made my phone’s drop out of my hand but actually it fell out of my hand😂
@veerfatania9578 8 aylar önce
Your good at bottle flips🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@uperm_56 6 aylar önce
I actually make cap flips without waster in it which is pretty cool
@falconwasplayin Aylar önce
More water = Harder to flip + easier landing (unless there is too much water or the bottle's landing surface isn't big enough then it's bouncy) Less water = much easier to flip + harder to land because it can be moved so easily
@greenduck333 9 aylar önce
I'd say the second one he did is perfect for A bottle flip
@_xdkid_46 9 aylar önce
The neighbors downstairs: what are they doing up there
@cutiestonelol 8 aylar önce
everybody gangsta until he gets a water tank and flips it with *FULL WATER*
@Toneify 9 aylar önce
That table has seen better days
@theguywithagun1362 9 aylar önce
Not me waiting for the full bottle to go boom
@JustNoobOnYT 6 aylar önce
him after every flip: 💪💪💪💪
@hype8474 9 aylar önce
Omg that last one was so cool 😎
@citruscherry2430 4 aylar önce
Imagine the full bottle pops, it was going to be a total mistake LOL😂😂😂😂 I'm still impressed that he bottle flipped it empty
@chezburger_lol 8 aylar önce
My classmates said "you cant do a bottle flip with no water!!!" i showed them this video.
@user-bi5lw9jh6j Aylar önce
The bounce, the more water the more bouncy it is the less water the less bouncy it is
Wow, that's amazing. He did a cough lip that is empty.
@thecoolman1567 10 aylar önce
That’s sweet
@jimbird7780 3 aylar önce
The amount of water determines the amount of momentum left when the bottle lands on the table.
@AtticusDoesStuff 3 aylar önce
Bro’s science fair is coming up 💀
@jacobflynn6591 9 aylar önce
Anybody else waiting for the full water to just burst open
@Toumpa_Libre4 8 aylar önce
Thumbs up for the hoodie.Giannis is the goat
@KTBStudios 8 aylar önce
I did this for a science fair project and made it to state won 4th place in physics or something. I was in middle school I believe crazy to think like 8 years later someone has my idea.
@myrnagaeth6831 9 aylar önce
WOW! The differences!!!!!
@TricknNuggets 10 aylar önce
Do you think it would be possible to score an empty cap on cap? It would probably take me a year to do it lol
@ThatsAmazingShorts 10 aylar önce
Would the bottom bottle have to be flipped first and would it also be empty?
@TricknNuggets 10 aylar önce
@@ThatsAmazingShorts even scoring it with the bottom bottle full would be difficult. If both bottles were empty that would be a 1 in a billion shot
@ThatsAmazingShorts 10 aylar önce
@@TricknNuggets I think you could do it if the bottom bottle was full. I agree that it would be a 1 in a billion shot if both were empty
@binhbinh524 2 aylar önce
Lays be like: Bro all of them are full
@lovinaogundeji 8 aylar önce
Tell me you are a bottle-flip champion without telling me that you are a bottle-flip champion
@charliebanks8752 8 aylar önce
Empty is impressive and so is full
@kaycolver7248 2 aylar önce
Him: More then half full That one guy: you mean more then half a empty?
@ttvblurrie9790 6 aylar önce
I thought on the very last level it was gonna explode😂
@pokemagicraft3246 9 aylar önce
The first one was so impressive ngl
@faizanyoutuber123 2 aylar önce
This man is lord
@pratyushsingh9986 8 aylar önce
Imagine you forgot to record and flipped all of them continuously in a row
@MattF_V1 9 aylar önce
Am I the only one thinking he would say entirely full?
@lazyness3088 9 aylar önce
My greatest flip was a small empty mountain dew bottle that one with the 3 peaks on a tile
@THENfsKid 8 aylar önce
0:01 the cap flip though
@darkskull5245 9 aylar önce
Its games and all until the full water bottle explodes
@Bizetsu 2 aylar önce
Bro mastered 2016💀
@gojira-lg7yo 9 aylar önce
It makes it more unstable thanks to the weight of the water
@MrMemey-cg3ud 9 aylar önce
Bro’s still trying to make the best of 2016
@AlexFlores-jj5bz 7 aylar önce
Bro you guys are the best
@kayceebowles911 15 gün önce
You are the greatest of all time
@darlennynolasco4944 7 aylar önce
I watch your videos I like them🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤
@nouthao5728 9 aylar önce
The bottle: I get up
@zackaryholmes3406 9 aylar önce
So the science shows that he's way better at bottle flips than me
@giorgigigilo5682 9 aylar önce
I remember when I was 6 in my village i bought a lil bottle of sprite when I got home I said "never give up kid" and then I threw that sprite at my table and it flipped and also THAT BOTTLE WAS FULL
@rinchanbro2373 7 aylar önce
I still remember that time when i landed a 3/4 quarter water full battle on a CAP.
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