BLINDFOLDED Touching Challenge! Is that a CACTUS?!

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Can we guess what we are touching? Blindfolds on for a new challenge!
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In the What Am I Touching? challenge, members of the Vat19 team are blindfolded before trying to guess what they are touching. You can't see it, so you gotta feel it. It could be something gross, weird, or even alive!
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16 Jun 2017

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Vat19 2 yıl önce
Seems as though lots of people want to buy Hank. While she is flattered, our precious office pet is not for sale. To see some animals we do offer for sale, click here: bit.ly/2VECJ7F
Simon MacKinnon
Simon MacKinnon 26 gün önce
i had a hank and he died 0:
Ryan colbert
Ryan colbert Aylar önce
@DogsAreDumb101 YES!
DogsAreDumb101 Aylar önce
You should make Hank as a plush toy.
Ryan colbert
Ryan colbert Aylar önce
my brother had a bearded dragon once, his name was Nacho
Andrew Rooplal
Andrew Rooplal Aylar önce
Claudiette Djojosemito
Claudiette Djojosemito 14 saatler önce
Sell the gummy turkey
Roblox Lolbit
Roblox Lolbit Gün önce
2:53 Danny:hankkkkk! Me:awwwwww
billygoatcc1 3 gün önce
I'm watching this while holding my bearded dragon, sandy
Ada Ilhan
Ada Ilhan 5 gün önce
so we can buy hank?
The Crystalzz Gaming
I guess it was not a cactus
Jimmy Dragon
Jimmy Dragon 8 gün önce
where can u hank the lizard on vat19.com
The UPS Store on Lehi Main Street
During the team round, who else would have said Whipped cream?
jojo d
jojo d 13 gün önce
Kole Bear
Kole Bear 14 gün önce
i want a hank
Skylar Gouws
Skylar Gouws 16 gün önce
I have 2 of the lizard
Grace and Gigi
Grace and Gigi 19 gün önce
We love you
Rhonda Oliver
Rhonda Oliver 19 gün önce
A bearded dragon cool
me 1782
me 1782 19 gün önce
me: 2 years ago comments on vat19 video dont exist 2 years ago comments on vat19 video: am i joke to you?
Azeedah Siti Noor
Azeedah Siti Noor 20 gün önce
Hank is so cute.🤗🤗
pogo man5678
pogo man5678 20 gün önce
How much can I buy Hank for
Chillatte Cat
Chillatte Cat 21 gün önce
why can’t I have hank:( Ohh wait I would never be able to get one
Alex MacGilp
Alex MacGilp 21 gün önce
I just love your videos 😁
Sanja Grando
Sanja Grando 22 gün önce
who else misses eric
Skyview1661 22 gün önce
Can I buy Hank? 🤣
Xxwolfie_gachaxX 24 gün önce
6:35 HANK: Peace Out
Katelyn Paquette
Katelyn Paquette 24 gün önce
i want the sock ball but im only 7
Kirsten Fisher
Kirsten Fisher 25 gün önce
I didn’t not find “hank” in vat19.com
Ziggy's kingdom
Ziggy's kingdom 25 gün önce
Trevor Nock
Trevor Nock 27 gün önce
I love lizards 🐍🐢🦎👌
bartek calinski
bartek calinski 27 gün önce
wait i can buy hank!?!?! (i know i can't just a joke)
Zen 28 gün önce
Andy2728 R
Andy2728 R 28 gün önce
4:42 “I feel like I need google eyes or something” -Jamie 2019
Quinlan Trinh
Quinlan Trinh 29 gün önce
Is hank the bearded dragon that drank Champagne
Kristers Kārkļiņš
Kristers Kārkļiņš 29 gün önce
6:33 i want 2 buy da lizard
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja Aylar önce
How much for hank
Azul Lazari
Azul Lazari Aylar önce
Can i buy hank?
Dordor Zheng
Dordor Zheng Aylar önce
Sooooo Where can I buy Hank?
Jennifer Heflin
Jennifer Heflin Aylar önce
We have a bearded dragon
Flamango Flight
Flamango Flight Aylar önce
99% comments: I want to buy Hank! UwU! 1%: guys what if 3.6k people were constantly asking for your pet.
Chloe Claiborne
Chloe Claiborne Aylar önce
People laugh at them, but if you were them, you would be as scared.
Greninja Studios
Greninja Studios Aylar önce
Hannah Gibson
Hannah Gibson Aylar önce
A app and showed all the products we could buy so it showed Hank I want to buy Hank
Chasidi Brewer
Chasidi Brewer Aylar önce
The girl :o Jamie giggles oh sorry
Gacha The Cookie
Gacha The Cookie Aylar önce
I love bearded dragons
Rose Battle :3
Rose Battle :3 Aylar önce
My 5th grade teacher had a bearded dragon when I was in his class. Her name was sandy and she was so cute!!
The Oshawott Gamer
The Oshawott Gamer Aylar önce
Can I buy hank
Gabriel Noon
Gabriel Noon Aylar önce
6:36 hanks like the hell with this
Gianna Higgins
Gianna Higgins Aylar önce
To bad hank isnt for sell. Dang
aiden partenen
aiden partenen Aylar önce
I was just about to ask how much Hank was... I now know not for sale :c
Reid Douville
Reid Douville Aylar önce
VAT19 clickbait (click noise)
GamingKing 263
GamingKing 263 Aylar önce
Vat19: hey watch this Everyone: no Vat19: well it has a bearded dragon Everyone: (turns video on)
GamingKing 263
GamingKing 263 Aylar önce
Wait we can buy Hank
Piper Hatt
Piper Hatt Aylar önce
Angelina Erb
Angelina Erb Aylar önce
Dear vat19 I just started watching your vids I love them so much every time I go home I run to my phone and watch them! I also want to buy some of your floof and mad matter. Love you guys keep making the vids!!
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