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An INSPIRATIONAL Audition On American Idol 2019 From Shayy Singing 'Rise Up' !!
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28 Kas 2021




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Sebastian Zancanaro
She’s incredible!! So talented. What an angel. She’s sooo good, that she deserves a golden buzzer from another show! I can’t wait to hear more of her music. 👏🏻❤️
Janeth Zabron
Janeth Zabron 10 gün önce
Yes let belive her ..
Dezi Floss
Dezi Floss 10 gün önce
Beautiful girl and beautiful voice God heal this beautiful young laady
seanysj85 Aylar önce
Had me in tears less than 10 seconds in and that's the power or the holy spirit.... The ability to touch one's soul. God continue to bless and guide her every step. Have your way Holy Spirit 🙏
Gabby’s Goods
Gabby’s Goods Aylar önce
Yes 👍 she is absolutely wonderful!!!
Karen Forbes
Karen Forbes Aylar önce
It is infuriating to hear
YouTube Aylar önce
jaw dropping performance
Mapengo 26 gün önce
@Art of Coding lol
Art of Coding
Art of Coding Aylar önce
When TRvid joined TRvid 51 years ago 😅
Terrific Me
Terrific Me Aylar önce
God Bless Her😇🙏🏽❤
Fighty Five
Fighty Five Aylar önce
I do not know that youtube have a youtube channel for himself. I mean like you give your own money to yourself, i just do not get it
ohno Aylar önce
i agree
Sheila Nixon
Sheila Nixon Aylar önce
OMG!!! I started crying as she opened her mouth. What a gift! She is a gift!! To everyone who hears that incredible voice!!!
Delray Demery
Delray Demery 9 gün önce
100% yes a gift!!!
K. W.
K. W. 11 gün önce
Gave Me Chills, Her Voice Is Amazing! God Bless You.. Young Lady! 💞💞💞🤗🙌🏼🙏🏽
Veronica Ross
Veronica Ross 13 gün önce
I did as well!!
Veronica Ross
Veronica Ross 13 gün önce
Same here
Linda Chadwick
Linda Chadwick 14 gün önce
Same as me cryed like baby 🙂💐
barbara lightfoot
barbara lightfoot Aylar önce
Her very first note was pitch perfect. She sang effortlessly., and Angelically. I love her song selection and she delivered it big time. She’s also very beautiful !
Millie To
Millie To 29 gün önce
Muy de acuerdo!!!!
sxm76 Aylar önce
Beth A.
Beth A. Aylar önce
She has a natural God given talent and a very unique voice! I'd totally pay to attend a concert by her. She really shines far above the artificial cookie cutter shallow " performers. " I hope she wins!!
Kristie2ful 5 gün önce
Lovely comment Mrs. Beth 👌🏾💚
Tony Alexa
Tony Alexa Aylar önce
How are you doing today?
Tony Alexa
Tony Alexa Aylar önce
That's so sweet of you 😇
Vicki B
Vicki B Aylar önce
It’s okay, Lionel, I’m bawling too. She’s wonderful! ❤️
Doretha Turner
Doretha Turner 24 gün önce
I was crying like I just lost a loved one 🤦🏽‍♀ her voice is strong and amazingggg
Akara Nicole
Akara Nicole 29 gün önce
Yes my eyes started to water hearing her story then she began to sing and they just fell
ronda hodge
ronda hodge Aylar önce
@Yadira Garcia r
Yadira Garcia
Yadira Garcia Aylar önce
Me too😭
Angelina Samson
Angelina Samson Aylar önce
@keanu reeves ))llll)Reeves is po
Jimmy H
Jimmy H Aylar önce
The girl singing can't see, but the girl's voice can bring tears to the eyes of the jury and the audience, it's real God is working through this girl
MsLonie28 Aylar önce
🙌🏾 My Lord!
Todd Bradley
Todd Bradley Aylar önce
Good girl the world's in love
Todd Bradley
Todd Bradley Aylar önce
Watching Lionel's reaction about made me cry
Todd Bradley
Todd Bradley Aylar önce
First melodies man came out sounded beautiful all of it she's just a magic out of life unfair cards
Ariel Watt
Ariel Watt Aylar önce
Morgan Fern
Morgan Fern Aylar önce
She is truly inspiring. I have the same condition. But I have more complex issues as a result of my tumors. I love Shea and her voice. Her audition moved me!
Lolita Byrd
Lolita Byrd 21 gün önce
I pray that God continues to give u the strength to endure and overcome all of the obstacles this comes with. Also for him to connect u with all the people that you're destined to Love u unconditionally from family,friends, and even doctors! In Jesus' name Amen!
Morgan Fern
Morgan Fern 26 gün önce
@Eruvwu Obuaya thank you. Unfortunately my sight cannot be fixed, however I use assistive tech to help me live my life to the fullest. I know how to read Braille, and I use talk to text and reading programs on my computer when I need to. I used those programs all throughout college and they really helped me a lot.
mykalaa 26 gün önce
This is very moving I pray you get threw everything
Eruvwu Obuaya
Eruvwu Obuaya Aylar önce
May God help you also! He is able to completely heal you and restore your sight.
Kruzh Brezh
Kruzh Brezh Aylar önce
Sending you nothing but love and prayers. It's gon be alright
Rebekah Buzzell
Rebekah Buzzell Aylar önce
What a perfect and beautiful voice she has! I love that even through the pain she's been through she seems to have a very positive and great attitude and I know that that will speak volumes to so many people as it did for me. What a testimony she already is to so many people! ❤️
Sharlene Denson
Sharlene Denson Aylar önce
Amen! Always Greater is Jesus on the inside of you , than he's that is in the 🌎 Keep being Light that Shines bright and touching hearts with ur beautiful voice!! God bless you to continue to stay 💪!! Much ❤!!
Rebekah Buzzell
Rebekah Buzzell Aylar önce
And sweetheart, there's always going to be people with hurtful comments trying to tear you down at every chance they get but God has gifted you with such a beautiful and graceful spirit that I know he'll use it to shine brightly in spite of the pain that you have gone through and are still going through and just know as your voice sings, those negative comments and people voices will get so dim that you won't even be able to hear them because I can see you know where your strength lies and I'm just blown away by your sweet sweet spirit! Keep looking up my child because you've got this!👍
Brett Sprang
Brett Sprang Aylar önce
It takes a brave and strong soul....to push through after such a traumatic blow. She made me bawl like a baby. Those peers at her school who mocked her should be ashamed. Parents this is good time to talk your minors about the consequences of bullying!!! What a beautiful delivery - BRAVO 👏
Khiyah ElBey
Khiyah ElBey 2 gün önce
This took me somewhere with how favored we are, without the challenge that has appeared in her life. Im flooded with tears of humility and thanksgiving.to my Creator. Im so so so thankful. Peace & Love to all of U who had the privilege to partake of this gift. 💓💓💓
Andretta jones
Andretta jones Aylar önce
Morris Funchess
Morris Funchess Aylar önce
Lionel is like 70 with a 27 year old girlfriend so he used to hugging young girls.
Lisa Michele
Lisa Michele Aylar önce
Lord I'm crying more or just as much as Lionel !! Beautiful Voice ! SHE IS A GIFT 🕊
Tony Alexa
Tony Alexa Aylar önce
Hello 👋 Lisa... How are you doing today? And Merry Christmas to you 🤗
Gina JETT Aylar önce
She was Amazing! I have never heard a more perfect voice, full of grace
Randy Owens
Randy Owens 28 gün önce
Lol this is one of my best songs, merry Christmas 🎄 friend
Carol Ben-Davies
Carol Ben-Davies Aylar önce
😭😭😭 so beautiful inside and out! Her voice is amazing! Just tears especially at their life affirming words to her. When Katy said you’re no longer a question mark, the prayer, Lionel’s reaction through the whole audition 😭😭😭 SN: what kind of parents raise kids to bully a blind student?! 😡 so glad she has a wonderful supportive group of friends!
witchycrone Aylar önce
She had me in tears before she began singing and just overwhelmed with tears as she finished her song, and it just wasn't the song either. Thank you for sharing this clip!!!
Orlando Johnson
Orlando Johnson 18 gün önce
God is able
NoPatience Aylar önce
My eyes won’t stop leaking!!! I love everything about her performance and Lionel’s positive reinforcement! 😭🥰❤️🥰
Zach Free
Zach Free Aylar önce
That was phenomenal, amazing singing, she went through a tough time. Prayers to her she gets better and makes a full recovery. 🙏🏽 ❤
Michael Forbes
Michael Forbes Aylar önce
Her voice is absolutely angelical! It calming and touches the inner depths of your soul.
Rita HKS
Rita HKS Aylar önce
You can tell that she's singing based on what gift she has naturally, and not a whole lot of training. Imagine what this incredible lady can do with the right guidance, training and opportunities. It's incredible. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Shay
Carmelo Rolon
Carmelo Rolon Aylar önce
Wow I'm with you Lionel! She literally made me tear 😢 up as well. God bless her beautiful soul 🙏🏾 ❤️
Carol Berkebile
Carol Berkebile Aylar önce
Lionel Richie is one of the softest hearted entertainers I know. He is a wonderful person. Never met him in person but I know he is a true friend. Full of love for all people. We need more people like him!!
Angel Torres
Angel Torres Aylar önce
Lionel is such a great person. Pure heart.
Linet Ahyolo
Linet Ahyolo Aylar önce
His heart is so out there
Deborah Nieling
Deborah Nieling Aylar önce
Grew up with Lionels music and had literally my first kiss song in the background and he is such a sweet guy! My favorite most humble judge, and he still lives and loves music, you can tell... and see...
Eileen Chmielewski
Eileen Chmielewski Aylar önce
You are so right!!
dream big
dream big Aylar önce
yes he is .
paolo loren
paolo loren Aylar önce
Exactly !! ❤️
Carrie Schmitt
Carrie Schmitt Aylar önce
She a great singer she brought tears to my eyes you got this
Tony Alexa
Tony Alexa Aylar önce
Smile 😊 Is she your favorite singer?
Sanele Ndlovu
Sanele Ndlovu Aylar önce
I never been this mixed emotional 🔥❤️
KiLovely Aylar önce
Such an amazing voice! So proud of her for displaying her strength, and unwilling to allow this condition to defeat her. Very inspiring!
zombz78 Aylar önce
She definitely touched my heart with her voice
Raul Gee
Raul Gee Aylar önce
No matter adversity....she Rose up to the occasion and she is Hollywood bound.
Judy Perry-Bennett
Judy Perry-Bennett Aylar önce
Lovely voice
Kameshia Lee
Kameshia Lee Aylar önce
Unbelievable performance. I’m at work wiping away tears! She is truly inspirational and her voice is straight from HEAVEN! ❤️
Madonna Johnson
Madonna Johnson Aylar önce
What an inspirational song and voice! God gifted her for what had to go through. Truly a blessing to those who hear her soulful voice. Had me in tears as well! The Blessing of God!
Tracey Theisen
Tracey Theisen Aylar önce
This young woman has such a fantastic attitude; an inspiration for her generation.
Tony Atmore
Tony Atmore 16 gün önce
You know Lionel Richie song and video Hello would be perfect
Tony Alexa
Tony Alexa Aylar önce
Absolutely true 😇
Uffe Sommerlund
Uffe Sommerlund Aylar önce
what an inspiring person she is. Just keeps telling me that we can overcome all our problems and just Be.
SHEILA HARRIS 21 gün önce
She is amazing. God my have taken ur sight but her gave u a voice of an angel. Always remember u can do anything. U are blessedly
Giselle Grape
Giselle Grape Aylar önce
Lionel, I have to say this. You just “get it”! Your heart is full of GOLD! You are such a good human being. But, at the same time, your musical judgment is perfect! God bless you always. 🙏❤️
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Aylar önce
Oh my Gosh! That yodel, whistle, siren she does is amazing. Praying for her sight. What a beautiful soul and spirit. God be with her. She is a gift. One to watch.
Jonathan 'Vijon' Garth
Bruh... i had water in my eyes before she started. What an inspiration, and she's so positive! All the best!
Mike M
Mike M Aylar önce
That is one pure voice, it refreshes my spirit. Thank you.
Karin de Jager
Karin de Jager Aylar önce
I`m crying myself a river - so humble and beautiful!
Ranae Barker
Ranae Barker Aylar önce
She sings like a bird....flawless!!!!! Beautiful sound
On Time
On Time Aylar önce
What a great spirit she has. Good singing too.
doliio volay
doliio volay Aylar önce
O my goodness 😍 they had me crying too, I am so proud of her 💜
Michael Suating
Michael Suating Aylar önce
She's got a wonderful Voice that makes Richie shed a tears, I admire these judges down to earth.bless the singer bless them all lord.
Todd votral Votral
Todd votral Votral Aylar önce
Omfg I'm in tears 😢 😭 😩 🤧 😫 now this was just beautiful at every angle 😍
SuganSpicee Aylar önce
Todd YES IT WAS!!!!!!!
Hans Högqvist
Hans Högqvist Aylar önce
Me to!
Kenneth Mucke
Kenneth Mucke Aylar önce
Same here
Veronica Martinez
Veronica Martinez Aylar önce
austin connor
austin connor Aylar önce
Veronica Martinez, good evening how are you doing
Lina M
Lina M Aylar önce
She’s a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. Sending prayers your way
Jacquelyn Haywood
Jacquelyn Haywood Aylar önce
This was special. I felt God with you and the judges. Lovely voice and great testimony.
doire aintu
doire aintu Aylar önce
This was special. I felt God with you and the judges. Lovely voice and great testimony.
Leonardo Santoso
Leonardo Santoso Aylar önce
The sound is so pure and clean it give me chills. She's definitely to 5 material but I wonder if she can handle the stress of Hollywood week
MsLonie28 Aylar önce
I pray that she wins and the others will need sunglasses for how bright how light shines
Jele Elliot M
Jele Elliot M Aylar önce
Love that voice. Full of hope in hopeless moments. Thank you girl.
Raj Joseph Kotikela
She has an angelic voice ! OMG Lionel I too cried i was wrecked too What a soul God Bless 🙌
MIKE BROWN Aylar önce
Here it is 2:00 am and "L'il Sis" has got me crying right along with Lionel. Only difference . . I'm a hardened Vietnam combat vet. I see her going places. SHE CAN BLOW !!!
Susan Grier
Susan Grier Aylar önce
Ellis Taylor
Ellis Taylor Aylar önce
I'm sitting here today thinking about the things I've been through and I click on TRvid and heard this story and after hearing this story the things out of been through and scene is just a drop in the bucket compared this young lady here. With that being said I give her a standing ovation!!!
Michelle Vittal
Michelle Vittal Aylar önce
Wow I'm crying with Lionel. Incredible voice. She is definitely not a question mark.
Patricia Chandler
Patricia Chandler Aylar önce
O my goodness 😍 they had me crying too, I am so proud of her 💜
David Aylar önce
Lionel Richie never gets old. I remember watching his videos in the 80s as a little boy and now I am 45 years old and he almost looks the same.
Chris Hawkins
Chris Hawkins Aylar önce
I was crying as soon as I heard she was singing this song. Beautiful!
Michelle Kiwi Girl Crawford
Such a beautiful voice and a brave lady! 😍🎶
Sarah kekeli Akunor
I can totally relate to her story… my life took a whole new turn when I was diagnosed with RP a genetic eye condition. My vision has deteriorated and I’m losing my sight gradually.. but it gets better cos you have to live life to the fullest❤️❤️❤️
Sandra Bieckmann
Sandra Bieckmann Aylar önce
You are brave.. wish you the best... (lots of love)
cynthia adams
cynthia adams Aylar önce
Alice Corbin
Alice Corbin Aylar önce
Phenomenal breathe taking i cried through the entire song she is a true blessing and and a true inspiration voice like an angel!!!
Latoya Woods
Latoya Woods Aylar önce
She is so amazing and her vocal skills are out of this world🙏💯😭❤
Deborah Jordan
Deborah Jordan Aylar önce
What wonderful voice. LIONEL You have such a wonderful heart good person.
Palesa Mokoana
Palesa Mokoana Aylar önce
I had goosebumps all over 😭I love her voice
angeleyes0759 7 gün önce
It gave me goosebumps listening to her sing. Everything about her was so perfect at that moment. Amazing talent, wonderful gift. 💞🙏🙏
Melissa Klinge
Melissa Klinge 4 gün önce
Wow, I thought I've been going through tough times. Your story and voice reminds me that while some doors close, others open for us, if we're willing to see them. Thank you!
Battle of the Beats with the 2OGs
Big Ups to you young lady!! I went partially blind In my right eye but not at 17..It's been 8 years and it's still hard to deal with but at 17 she's such a inspiration!!
Squeeze Aylar önce
This young lady has such a beautiful spirit despite her circumstances. Talented, Optimistic and humble. Man she deserves the best.
Ingii Maggs
Ingii Maggs Aylar önce
What a beautiful girl with an angelic voice ! I'm moved , literally by your story and how God is going to restore what you've lost.
Lorna Spence
Lorna Spence Aylar önce
It’s amazing to see her resilience and inner strength. She is beautiful and very convenient in herself. I love her sprit. Her song choice is awesome. I love her. God bless her always…
Gabby’s Goods
Gabby’s Goods Aylar önce
Aww 🥰 your such beautiful young women & a beautiful amazing singer !!!! Be strong 💪 your going places !! Forget about the mean & evil people in high school!!! Ignore those petty comments. You are going places in this world and you have a beautiful spirit inside of you !!! ❤️ I had to watch it again.
Chiangong Cecilia ngum
To Austine Connor. CAMEROON
austin connor
austin connor Aylar önce
@Chiangong Cecilia ngum where are you from?
Chiangong Cecilia ngum
To Auston Connor. I'm great by God's grace 🙏
austin connor
austin connor Aylar önce
@Chiangong Cecilia ngum good evening how are you doing?
Tony Alexa
Tony Alexa Aylar önce
Hello 👋 Gabby... How are you doing today?
Virginia Brown
Virginia Brown Aylar önce
I just started crying, what an incredible voice. Angelic!!
Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson Aylar önce
It made me cry after she sung and when they told her she's going to Hollywood!! U got a beautiful voice!!
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Aylar önce
what an inspiring person she is. Just keeps telling me that we can overcome all our problems and just Be.
Prime time Cuz46
Prime time Cuz46 Aylar önce
This by far the best audition ever on American idol period I cried also by her story. 👍💪🙏
Petra B
Petra B Aylar önce
Beautiful soul and magnificent voice! May she win because of her voice and win through life.
Denise McCall
Denise McCall Aylar önce
Shay, you have a beautiful soul and God has gifted you with an inspiring voice that will lift others up!! We cry because you are lovely ❤️ from the inside out, those who speak against you have no light within themselves and can only put out darkness. You are a shining example of inner strength, blessings to you and all those around you. You got this!!! 🙂🙂💖💓💞💟🙏
Josh Clark
Josh Clark Aylar önce
This young lady is absolutely amazing! A true inspiration! God bless her! The only video on TRvid that truly gave me goosebumps!
Ashley Bradley
Ashley Bradley 11 gün önce
She has a wonderful spirit!!! Lionel I’m crying too. She touch my soul with her story and song🙌🏽 Stay humble and keep RISiNG Sha🙏🏽💕
Jerry Rivers
Jerry Rivers Aylar önce
You're beautiful, Sweetheart, and such a beautiful, powerful voice! I'm sure I'm not the only one with the tears while enjoying that voice brought to us all from God.
T B Aylar önce
Oh my goodness! I am in tears. She's such an inspiration. Just incredible Spirit!!!! May God Bless her.
Dawn Robbins
Dawn Robbins Aylar önce
Incredible audition! And what a natural beauty too. Good luck on your journey to stardom.
Teresa Spikings
Teresa Spikings 27 gün önce
Now I'm crying! She's absolutely a star! What an inspiration! ❤❤❤
deanna elsen
deanna elsen Aylar önce
😱😭 She touched me so with her story and her voice. Love this young woman. 🙏💖👍🎀 Always look up and keep going forward to your dreams. 🌼🌹🌻☺
Iron Addictions
Iron Addictions Aylar önce
Incredibly beautiful voice from such an inspiring human being.
Kwena Mojela
Kwena Mojela 28 gün önce
Effortlessly and perfectly laid out. She's a blessing
Anthony p
Anthony p Aylar önce
Thank you for reminding some us that even though we all struggle with problems in life someone’s out there dealing with way more and still staying strong in this world your a inspiration 🙏🙏
Kimberly G
Kimberly G Aylar önce
Beautiful voice! People forget how fortunate and blessed they are. The high students were rid to treat her this way. Parents did to reach their kids to be responsible to others because something worst could happen to them,
Dobbs, J. ASL Services
I double that! She's amazing. She's going places. Man I didn't expect to get choked up like this. 😭
Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson Aylar önce
Such a wonderful girl. So beautiful, so confident and that voice! I'm in awe...
Ron Wilson
Ron Wilson Aylar önce
Bless her heart. She is absolutely amazing . She is a strong young brave lady. You dear are a blessing.
Kathleen White
Kathleen White Aylar önce
MagnoliaPearl Aylar önce
This really hits home for me. I should, medically speaking, be blind. At four years old I accidentally stuck a box cutter/ pocket knife in my right eye. I had three surgeries, one to sew up the slit, one to remove a cataract, and one to have a plastic lens put in my eye. I was told that I would never be able to see clearly. But now I have 20/20 vision. Thank the lord❤️
Jenny Prevish
Jenny Prevish Aylar önce
Wow, that is truly impressive. Thank the Lord, the doctors, and how far technology has come.
From the first word that drops from her lips I started sobbing inside 💠, her voice is just sooo smooth and melodious!!
TheLone Stranger
TheLone Stranger Aylar önce
So sad for this young lady. :(. She has a super voice!!
Shaz Aylar önce
She’s so talented!❤️💔
O Bailey
O Bailey Aylar önce
She gave me goosebumps!!! She is AMAZING!!!!
stacy Medlock-Printers
Wow! I’m bawling too!!! She is awesome. She sings so beautifully.
Foolishpleazure Aylar önce
She did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!!!! And what is it about Lionel?,the man NEVER seems to age!!!!!!!
Tomorah W
Tomorah W 26 gün önce
I love it !!! Yeah you !!! Got me crying over here. I love how she didn't let that stop her . Yes from me diva !!!
MZ Mickey
MZ Mickey Aylar önce
Beautiful voice she had me crying!!
Nadz Turner
Nadz Turner 9 gün önce
Absolutely beautiful. I'm in the airport fighting the tears
Odjie Alvarez
Odjie Alvarez Aylar önce
Lord bless this singer and the judges too..her voice is heart touching..I'm in tears 😭
Joyce Cooper
Joyce Cooper 13 gün önce
Brought tears to my eyes... Very angelic voice.
Nadine Deberry
Nadine Deberry Aylar önce
She has a beautiful voice. God bless her. ❤️
austin connor
austin connor Aylar önce
Nadine Deberry, good evening how are you doing
Ithabeleng Hope
Ithabeleng Hope Aylar önce
I'm crying my eyes out, she's darn amazing!!! 😑😢♥️
Nkosikhona Mabuza
Nkosikhona Mabuza 10 gün önce
Wow she is amazing from the moment she opened to sing she got me frozen and shocked to the bone I salute her
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