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An INSPIRATIONAL Audition On American Idol 2019 From Shayy Singing 'Rise Up' !!
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28 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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YouTube 8 aylar önce
jaw dropping performance
Rita Savage
Rita Savage Aylar önce
@Ilham Adi Putra - it’s shocking that this is all you got from this This young lady is an inspiration She did rise up from the extraordinary challenges to make it in the world and she’s only 17 That voice is so pure and honest and came straight from her soul Can you say the same with the eyes that can see You need to hit your knees and pray andThank for all your blessings Have a grateful heart and a humble spirit and watch her Rise up from the ashes and spread love not hate without criticism God bless you and keep in his glorious Holy Name
Relly Frazier
Relly Frazier 3 aylar önce
I’ve never seen TRvid comment on anything so we know this was as amazing as we all felt it was!
AutumnJKD 4 aylar önce
i was teary before the singing then when she sung… it just all came pouring out.
Ajie 4 aylar önce
James Falele
James Falele 4 aylar önce
L comment
Metro Customer
Metro Customer 4 aylar önce
Brittany Watts
Brittany Watts 4 aylar önce
As someone who also has hydrocephalus, and isn’t legally blind, I commend you on the dynamic job you did, I pray God restore your sight, but until then you better sing!!
Mickey Housley
Mickey Housley 3 gün önce
Ahsimat yelnah
Ahsimat yelnah Aylar önce
Praying for you in st.kitts🙏🏽🙏🏽
Brittany Watts
Brittany Watts 2 aylar önce
@Qwiani Dubose God bless them ❤️
Qwiani Dubose
Qwiani Dubose 2 aylar önce
My 1st twin's we're born with hydrocephalus and they are awesome❤🥰
Emely Dones
Emely Dones 3 aylar önce
Tk3 REAL TALK 4 aylar önce
Omg I got chills the moment she started singing. The voice of a Angel
Tk3 REAL TALK 3 aylar önce
@Carla Ferguson fasho
Carla Ferguson
Carla Ferguson 3 aylar önce
She’s an. Angel
Flaviane Menezes
Flaviane Menezes 5 aylar önce
Lionel parece ser uma pessoa incrível de se ter por perto. Adorável!!💚
Wonderful Hasan
Wonderful Hasan 6 aylar önce
I can’t lie….I just cried myself….she has a beautiful voice….I pray that God restores her eyesight
Kevin Suarez
Kevin Suarez Gün önce
Sorry, she's a lovely child but the obviously fictional god won't be coming to the rescue.
Nicole Foster
Nicole Foster 5 gün önce
Amen 🙏 please lord
idoko lilian
idoko lilian 7 gün önce
This exactly what I wanted to say...Amen!
Sherry Sykes
Sherry Sykes 9 gün önce
Amen 🙏 praying
prasanga liyanage
prasanga liyanage 10 gün önce
Me too
lyn gruen
lyn gruen 5 aylar önce
"IT'S THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT"..... beautifully spoken. Look at the SMILE ON MOM'S FACE 😂☝💖
Thys Louw
Thys Louw 4 aylar önce
The kindness of the human's heart towards you that became a victim of succumstances ,makes your pain much beareble. The moral support that family, friends and acquaintances give is like, giving your site back. Mr Lionel Richie you are a very good Father. You are kind hearted. You are just an incredible human being,that change life's positively every day.all over the world.,for almost 5 decades. You have the appearance of a saint. God love you and we love you too. Making music is just putting the cherry on top.
A&A Nation
A&A Nation 4 aylar önce
Literally got chills hearing her sing🥺. She’s gonna be a star one day ! God bless her
Kat Bruno
Kat Bruno 4 aylar önce
Oh my gosh, this was so moving. She has such a beautiful voice. I pray that someday she does get her sight back, and she continues to singing like an angel. 🙏
Ana Alexa
Ana Alexa 5 aylar önce
It breaks my heart that people were actually kicking her cane when she came back to school. wtf is wrong with people? This young lady is such a sweet and talented soul. 🌹❤️‍🔥❤️🎵🎶🥰💕
Catherine Hicks
Catherine Hicks 3 aylar önce
I couldn't believe people would make fun of a person who is blind and kick her cane omg God doesn't like ugly she will show everyone her beauty
Ana Alexa
Ana Alexa 3 aylar önce
@Estoinio Dolbrun You’re strong . You and your dad. Keep your head up. 💕❤️
Janet Manning
Janet Manning 3 aylar önce
K up. Now
Janet Manning
Janet Manning 3 aylar önce
Estoinio Dolbrun
Estoinio Dolbrun 3 aylar önce
Listen, it’s people duh , I play ball, Back In the day play for my school, so many school tournaments, they were a time we had a game at the school home opponents my dad was there, my dad had a stroke, his was handicap especially his upper body, like his arms was stuck one side, I started the game nice, like I was scoring left and right , during a time out , most of the crowd start to bothering my dad , started making fun of his arms, my dad clapping those arms tht they were making fun of, I started crying like crazy, I could Not play, tht shit hurt me typing it now, and the coach took me out to Talk to me, I came back fire , humiliated their best player , and I was still crying while playing , we won the game, I can tell my dad was hurt but he was talking so strong with me , to not crying and be the best, I never forget that, I hated that school too
barbara lightfoot
barbara lightfoot 8 aylar önce
Her very first note was pitch perfect. She sang effortlessly., and Angelically. I love her song selection and she delivered it big time. She’s also very beautiful !
Ajie 4 aylar önce
Larry Wheels
Larry Wheels 4 aylar önce
@Shelia Collins .
Romelia Sofia Castillo
Love ❤
Karen Duckworth
Karen Duckworth 5 aylar önce
Elizabeth Avery
Elizabeth Avery 5 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful
Mr Chevyman
Mr Chevyman 4 aylar önce
As I listened to her story I was sad but when I heard her sing I cried . Such a beautiful voice and fitting song
Marine Corps Warrior
Marine Corps Warrior 5 aylar önce
I'm right there with Lionel, the tears and the smile and feeling thankful that this young woman exist and blessed us with that wonderful song. She will continue to Rise Up!!
FMFDoc BOTL 4 aylar önce
I'm glad I'm not the only one Devil Dog, it was touching
Holly Doyle-Rothwell
Holly Doyle-Rothwell 4 aylar önce
Yes she will! Very talented and beautiful young lady!
Gregory Jones
Gregory Jones 3 aylar önce
Wow! She brought tears to my eyes even before she started singing. Once she started singing, i couldn't stop the flow of tears. She is a inspiration to all. This is a lesson to us all. No matter the setback, keep fighting...God has plans for you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Laura Stone
Laura Stone 4 aylar önce
Didn't even make it through the first piano notes and the tears were pouring out. Truly an inspiration.
Rita HKS
Rita HKS 7 aylar önce
You can tell that she's singing based on what gift she has naturally, and not a whole lot of training. Imagine what this incredible lady can do with the right guidance, training and opportunities. It's incredible. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Shay
Susan Graham
Susan Graham 3 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing! She truly has a God given gift!!!
Margaret Gamble
Margaret Gamble 5 aylar önce
Mia Davis
Mia Davis 5 aylar önce
grace bush
grace bush 5 aylar önce
Latina Tina
Latina Tina 5 aylar önce
Goosebumps all over with the first sound of her voice! I love it!
Renelyn Vives
Renelyn Vives 4 aylar önce
What a positive, uplifting and amazing young woman. That despite losing one of her senses, she was able to rise up, persevere and be determined not to let her blindness define her. I am so inspired. Her performance, beautiful voice and positivity helped me see that we should be grateful for what we have. To continue to push forward in life. Congratulations, Shay! ❤️
Sara Rosa
Sara Rosa 4 aylar önce
Te aplaudi aqui de casa! Mais do que uma voz, você tem uma mensagem pra passar! Continue! 💖
Valerie Jones
Valerie Jones 5 aylar önce
This made me cry even more at the end when her Grandmother said hallelujah that was amazing God Bless this young lady ♥️🙌🏾
Neikia Whittington
Neikia Whittington 4 aylar önce
The tears came at that very moment 😢
Brandy 4 aylar önce
She’s amazing in every way! Love her positive outlook and her beautiful voice!🥰❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Tatiyana B
Tatiyana B 3 aylar önce
I can't stop crying. Something in her voice and spirit ✨️. Absolutely amazing.
Sharon Calhoun
Sharon Calhoun 5 aylar önce
She sang like an angel, bless her strong soul.
Jasmine 3 aylar önce
I knew as soon as she said what song she was going to sing that I was going to cry. She sang so beautifully.
Vicki B
Vicki B 8 aylar önce
It’s okay, Lionel, I’m bawling too. She’s wonderful! ❤️
LaTasha White
LaTasha White 6 aylar önce
Wow !! Tears falling God is so amazing. Thank you God for this beautiful young lady and her amazing gift from you.
Henry Wayne
Henry Wayne 7 aylar önce
Hello how are you doing
Littles Turner
Littles Turner 7 aylar önce
I was crying like I just lost a loved one 🤦🏽‍♀ her voice is strong and amazingggg
Kia Nicole
Kia Nicole 7 aylar önce
Yes my eyes started to water hearing her story then she began to sing and they just fell
ronda hodge
ronda hodge 7 aylar önce
@Yadira Garcia r
Amanuel EUELL
Amanuel EUELL 3 aylar önce
Andre' R. Smith
Andre' R. Smith 4 aylar önce
Had my eyes flowing out tears......she's AMAZING 🙏🏽
Jerissa Perez
Jerissa Perez 3 aylar önce
i burst into tears as soon as she started singing!!! she’s amazing
Rhonda Ross-Gregory
Rhonda Ross-Gregory 4 aylar önce
Totally gave me chills!!! Voice of an angel!!
monica johnson
monica johnson 5 aylar önce
This show is not just about finding talent but also encouraging others to overcome what they're going through, healing, and Redemption!! Amazing show!!❤
Joyce Hewing
Joyce Hewing 3 aylar önce
Beautiful voice please keep on singing as you will touch many hearts !!
Mr Chevyman
Mr Chevyman 4 aylar önce
I totally agree
julius maundu
julius maundu 4 aylar önce
The strength,inspiration,and determination is just wonderful.
Minahil Ali
Minahil Ali 5 aylar önce
Oh my god her story, my heart just broke. Not only did she go through losing her eyesight and learning to live with nd throughout no eyesight but she also had to face cruel people. People are so mean. I'm honestly crying right now.
True Crime International
When this angel started singing I started crying ❤ Amazing girl! Amazing voice!
Eva Kelley
Eva Kelley 4 aylar önce
I’m so happy for her, what a wonderful story, beautiful voice, and she’s so strong!💖I don’t understand how people can be so cruel and hurt people that have any kind of disability! You have to have mental problems to enjoy hurting someone for no reason at all instead of helping them. Smh, may God continue to bless this young lady and her family. I pray that some day they will be able to remove the remaining of her tumor if possible and her eyesight is restored in Jesus name.🌺
Alaska Petrino
Alaska Petrino 5 aylar önce
Everything about this is beautiful! You are an angle, never let people put you down. You are showing them “look at me I will do whatever I have to do, I will never give up. Judge me but I will love myself always and many people will love me.” I would give you a hug to I even started crying! Never stop singing!!!
Sheila Nixon
Sheila Nixon 8 aylar önce
OMG!!! I started crying as she opened her mouth. What a gift! She is a gift!! To everyone who hears that incredible voice!!!
Barbara Simpson
Barbara Simpson 5 aylar önce
I know that baby is God sent
Robert Ryszard Panas
Robert Ryszard Panas 5 aylar önce
I cried too🤗
Oneata Forde
Oneata Forde 5 aylar önce
Great voice
Mark Manning
Mark Manning 5 aylar önce
My thoughts exactly, the 1st note!
Delray Demery
Delray Demery 6 aylar önce
100% yes a gift!!!
Latonya Williams
Latonya Williams 3 aylar önce
I can’t stop crying from the beginning to the end!! What a beautiful voice!
LaTonya Jones
LaTonya Jones 3 aylar önce
What an amazing voice!! I'm in tears. Going blind 2 days myself, I know only a smear of the challenges this sister must face on a daily basis. Praying for her healing. 💝
Name 4 aylar önce
She is a true inspiration! What an incredible attitude. Her positivity is off the charts. Bless her heart ❤️
Hilda Poo
Hilda Poo Aylar önce
She's amazing, so full of soul. Her voice is super-special. She's anointed. ❤ 🇿🇦
Neide amei todos Santos
Eu já gostava do Lionel Richie hj mais!! ameiii lindooooo ele abraçando a moça que cantor lindamente
Chris Ross
Chris Ross 5 aylar önce
What an amazing young woman, her singing is perfection !!
Everett White
Everett White 4 aylar önce
Incredible story and voice. ❤️ Lionel said it all when he said, “It reminds of us of how blessed we are”. Amen
Betty Fouche
Betty Fouche 3 aylar önce
That voice....that voice....may God restore her sight... I love her confidence 😍
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose 5 aylar önce
How the hell can people kick a blind persons cane or make fun off? The world can be so cruel…. You have a wonderful voice …. Your a beautiful young lady ….
Christopher Banks
Christopher Banks 17 gün önce
That's my question. People are so evil
la 2 aylar önce
@The Retro Theater 💯
Sandra Atkins
Sandra Atkins 2 aylar önce
At the risk of sounding patronizing, this beautiful young lady is the type of person to whom I like to give my charitable contributions. I know where where my money goes as opposed to it going into the pocket of the CEOs and their friends.
Rich Kid Squad
Rich Kid Squad 2 aylar önce
Humans can be very horrible and take things for granted. That was touching. God bless her ❤
Susan Graham
Susan Graham 3 aylar önce
@Cynthia Moore That's what I was thinking. Not sure how you would learn in that setting anyway. Ijs
Tye 3 aylar önce
Yeah I truly was not expecting those emotions to come out of me 🥹... This young woman is so inspiring 🙆🏾‍♀️ that voice is so illuminating 🔥... I dig her🖤
Carolyn M.
Carolyn M. 3 aylar önce
Her voice is so pure. She got me all teared up. What a beautiful spirit. ❤️
Kathy Lucas
Kathy Lucas 5 aylar önce
THIS GIRL can SANG!! Sign her up IMMEDIATELY 💯💯💯
Fredrick James
Fredrick James 3 gün önce
Without question her angelic voice is absolutely amazing! I noticed this performance and her telling about becoming blind seemed to hit Lionel really hard. Deeply in fact. Then it dawned on me. Watch the video of his timeless classic 'Hello', the reason is right there in front of you!
NoPatience 7 aylar önce
My eyes won’t stop leaking!!! I love everything about her performance and Lionel’s positive reinforcement! 😭🥰❤️🥰
CARLA MILLER 4 aylar önce
What an angelic voice God has given her a gift to share.
Nicole Ephraim
Nicole Ephraim 3 aylar önce
I cried as well! All Praises to the Most High 👏🏾 👏🏾 Such a beautiful spirit and an amazing voice. She sounds like an angel indeed 💗 💓 💖 💕 ❤️ 💛 💗
Morgan Tylar
Morgan Tylar 3 aylar önce
Shoot Lionel and I were wrecked before she sang 1 note as soon as she said the name of the song ❤ Full sight will be restored to her in Jesus name! Blessed by your talent girl!! Perfect song choice for your voice and story!
M Br
M Br 4 aylar önce
Ever since I heard lionel sing all those years back I knew he was a beautiful man this is incredible what a talent this young lady is you go get what you want you deserve everything and more ❤️
menue100 4 aylar önce
Wow I love her voice, She has already won 🏆 In my book.
Beth A.
Beth A. 8 aylar önce
She has a natural God given talent and a very unique voice! I'd totally pay to attend a concert by her. She really shines far above the artificial cookie cutter shallow " performers. " I hope she wins!!
S Fillmore
S Fillmore 4 aylar önce
Too think that this young lady may not have been discovered if she hadn't auditioned for this show! When one door closes another one opens!!!! She is 👏 ⭐⭐⭐
Cigarettes are bad
Cigarettes are bad 4 aylar önce
Kristie2ful 6 aylar önce
Lovely comment Mrs. Beth 👌🏾💚
Henry Wayne
Henry Wayne 7 aylar önce
Tony Alexa
Tony Alexa 8 aylar önce
How are you doing today?
courtney wolford
courtney wolford 2 aylar önce
Oh my gawshhh . From the moment she opened her mouth I immediately got chills. She is just as beautiful as her voice. 🥰💜
Anita Whitaker
Anita Whitaker 4 aylar önce
Wow. I'm just ripped to shreds. How incredibly beautiful the young woman is inside and out. That positive energy, that unbelievable voice. Glory to God
N Z 4 aylar önce
What an amazing young woman, admire her fighting spirit and endless positivity! What a gift she has, beautiful voice. :/ the things we take for granted
tina lajoy
tina lajoy 3 aylar önce
Made me cry immediately, beautiful young lady with a beautiful voice. Best wishes sending my prayers.
Sebastian Z.
Sebastian Z. 8 aylar önce
She’s incredible!! So talented. What an angel. She’s sooo good, that she deserves a golden buzzer from another show! I can’t wait to hear more of her music. 👏🏻❤️
Gospel Wayne
Gospel Wayne 5 aylar önce
May GOD bless her and HEAL her EYES. (In the name of Jesus)
Ora Caston
Ora Caston 5 aylar önce
Praying that God restore her vision, what a fantastic voice she has, may God continue His blessings on her life for many years to come 🙏❤️💯
Nigerian Movies Online
@seanysj85 Amén
Monica Carter
Monica Carter 5 aylar önce
It hard to believe that kids was mean to her kicking her cane parents need to talk to their children about teasing people period 🙏🏽
Babygirl 6 aylar önce
She truly have an awesome voice. Definitely deserved the golden buzzer. Truly a blessing from God. Gods bless you🙏🏾❤️😇
TJ Sennett
TJ Sennett 4 aylar önce
She’s so beautiful and inspiring and has such an incredible voice and heart. There was so much heart there. She touched me, too.
Relly Frazier
Relly Frazier 3 aylar önce
I was literally able to hold it together for the entire video until Grandma belted our “HALLELUJAH GLORY!” And now I’m in shambles like Lionel 😭😭😭😭😭 God bless them all! Love and light to the angel for sharing her beautiful gift with us!
Valencia patman
Valencia patman 3 aylar önce
Beautiful ❤️ I'm here in tears. She has a beautiful spirit and voice!!!
Sharon Adhiambo
Sharon Adhiambo 5 aylar önce
Omg, she's so talented her voice is everything 🔥🔥🔥💕💖
Debbie F
Debbie F 5 aylar önce
She was totally unbelievable , her voice was amazing. Definitely knocked that one of the park. Beautiful voice Much love ❤️
Sista Hattie
Sista Hattie 4 aylar önce
Prayers God will restore her sight, beautiful young lady, beautiful voice🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🕯🕯
Destiney’s Reaction
Destiney’s Reaction 4 aylar önce
I said I wasn’t going to cry today and I cried because of your beautiful voice your so talent young lady 🥰
Melissa Mckay
Melissa Mckay 2 aylar önce
WOW...That was so amazing 👏 I pray that this young lady gets Everything she deserves!!! She's Beautiful inside and out!!! I'm a lil jelly she got to hug each one of these judges!!! She will definitely RISE UP!!!!!
Chuck D
Chuck D 3 aylar önce
Very inspiring 👏 Extremely Amazing 👏 What an awesome spirit 👏 So happy for her 😀
Diane Combs
Diane Combs 4 aylar önce
What a beautiful person. 😍 Love how good she is. This is a person who has been refined by the fires of suffering and now she is pure gold.
Carol Berkebile
Carol Berkebile 7 aylar önce
Lionel Richie is one of the softest hearted entertainers I know. He is a wonderful person. Never met him in person but I know he is a true friend. Full of love for all people. We need more people like him!!
Penny Munt
Penny Munt 4 aylar önce
@Carol Berkebile same as me although I used to be able to sing but not now and I have proof of that on TRvid. In 2017 I was recording a concert as you do but when I played it back I could hear my voice on the recording 😱not a good idea 🤣
Carol Berkebile
Carol Berkebile 5 aylar önce
@Penny Munt - yes he sure did. That’s where I heard it. Huh, wish I was that talented. I sit on the pot all the time😂🤣😁
Penny Munt
Penny Munt 5 aylar önce
@Carol Berkebile yes I remember when he mentioned that on stage when he sang it with kenny
Beauty Zwane
Beauty Zwane 5 aylar önce
@Carol Berkebile yes Kenny told the story 😃😃
Carol Berkebile
Carol Berkebile 5 aylar önce
@Rick Hope - Rick our personalities are a lot alike 🤣😁😂
Kaitlin Pollock
Kaitlin Pollock 5 aylar önce
This is so beautiful, and she has such great power and her story is so emotional, I can definitely relate because I have a visual impairment and I do use a white cane, I was born with my visual impairment and the struggles that come with it, she has such beauty and talent
Patricia Moses
Patricia Moses Aylar önce
God Bless her! Incredible voice ❣️
Agent 00
Agent 00 4 aylar önce
She is amazing! And Lionel, man is it just me or does he give the absolute best hugs? Couldn't respect him more ❤
Rochell Flagge
Rochell Flagge 4 aylar önce
Omg the tears. I loved it her performance was amazing. Keep your head hunny you got this
Jonathan 'Vijon' Garth
Bruh... i had water in my eyes before she started. What an inspiration, and she's so positive! All the best!
E New
E New 4 aylar önce
My God, in Heaven... bless this lovely young lady. I love her voice. However, even if she was lacking (vocally), NOBODY deserves to be bullied!!!
Barbara Treadway
Barbara Treadway 3 aylar önce
I'm crying, what a beautiful young woman, her voice is amazing.
Rob DeRosa
Rob DeRosa 2 aylar önce
Speechless. I’m a mess right now. That voice and her story. Amaaaaaazing.
Becca Seydou
Becca Seydou 2 aylar önce
She made me cry my eyes out, so much to go through for such a young girl, yet she stays strong and has beautiful voice, I cant believe kids can b that cruel to someone in her situation today society is so upsetting stay strong you have a amazing voice ❤
S S 5 aylar önce
The best American Idol judges ever!! They are professional, respectful, kind, encouraging and as a team, they rock. Clearly, their approach is to inspire every contestant to show their talent at their best. I love yo see their interaction with contestants. On this one, I cried too.
Pono801 Yuli
Pono801 Yuli 3 aylar önce
They’re all about love.. When Lionel stood up and started walking And Luke Bryan clapped for it, the way they all surrounded her in the end, them telling her the truth that she deserves to be there, and the way Lionel lost it at the end then Luke went and hugged him.. This is what this show is supposed to be about.. This is what music and life are supposed to be about.
Mr Chevyman
Mr Chevyman 4 aylar önce
I agree .
Ashley Saenz
Ashley Saenz 4 aylar önce
I completely wholeheartedly agree! These are the best judges American Idol had ever had.
Wendell Rountree
Wendell Rountree 4 aylar önce
Geese it's got me all teared up, what a wonderful voice ❤
JustBrii 4 aylar önce
I’m sooooo in tears omg. I have heard this so so so many time n the way she just did that so effortlessly wow. She needs to sing more and I hope she wins.
CAROLYN ROSS 4 aylar önce
Wow, what an awesome moment 👏 Making me shed tears of joy 4 her Congratulations pretty brave lady Much blessings on your journey
Hadiyia conyers
Hadiyia conyers 4 aylar önce
I felt her singing through the screen 🥺beautiful voice!
KATHERINE SPRY 5 aylar önce
That was so beautiful! ❤️ I have tears streaming down my face! 😢
Diane Ross
Diane Ross 4 aylar önce
Her voice and spirit are beautiful. I hope she makes it all the way and sing beautiful uprising songs for the world.
June Phillips
June Phillips 4 aylar önce
I’m crying my eyes out! So much positivity in one person
Rayne Akhi-Gbade
Rayne Akhi-Gbade 4 aylar önce
Brought the man to tears and made it look EASY 🤯🤯🤯 An amazing woman, and an inspiration
Brett Sprang
Brett Sprang 8 aylar önce
It takes a brave and strong soul....to push through after such a traumatic blow. She made me bawl like a baby, the delivery and clarity sent a shiver up my spine. Those peers at her school who mocked her should be ashamed, what kind of "children" are people raising, that would kick the walking stick of a blind person! Parents this is good time to talk your minors about the consequences of bullying!!! What a beautiful delivery - BRAVO 👏
Morris Funchess
Morris Funchess 6 aylar önce
@Angela Mathews Oh it's definitely appropriate.
Angela Mathews
Angela Mathews 6 aylar önce
@Morris Funchess Your comment was not appropriate at all. This was not about Lionel Ritchie but about a beautiful young lady who has decided to pursue her dream in spite of her circumstances. So don't do this because it's quite unbecoming.
Khiyah ElBey
Khiyah ElBey 6 aylar önce
This took me somewhere with how favored we are, without the challenge that has appeared in her life. Im flooded with tears of humility and thanksgiving.to my Creator. Im so so so thankful. Peace & Love to all of U who had the privilege to partake of this gift. 💓💓💓
Andretta jones
Andretta jones 7 aylar önce
Morris Funchess
Morris Funchess 8 aylar önce
Lionel is like 70 with a 27 year old girlfriend so he used to hugging young girls.
Jo Blank
Jo Blank 4 aylar önce
this was soooooo beautiful. her voice is amazing. I pray she regains her sight back one day and may God bless her❤
Laura Stone
Laura Stone 4 aylar önce
I have never felt goose bumps before up and down my arms before and I am 73years old. Shayy is an inspiration. Her voice coupled with her overcoming spirit will send her to amazing heights. Go angel!!!
Christine Mcmannamy
Christine Mcmannamy 3 aylar önce
She's awesome. She made me cry. She's gonna be a star
Melissa Loadholt
Melissa Loadholt 4 aylar önce
Oh my give me chills! Beautiful voice!
Angel Torres
Angel Torres 8 aylar önce
Lionel is such a great person. Pure heart.
Linet Ahyolo
Linet Ahyolo 7 aylar önce
His heart is so out there
Deborah Nieling
Deborah Nieling 8 aylar önce
Grew up with Lionels music and had literally my first kiss song in the background and he is such a sweet guy! My favorite most humble judge, and he still lives and loves music, you can tell... and see...
Eileen Chmielewski
Eileen Chmielewski 8 aylar önce
You are so right!!
dream big
dream big 8 aylar önce
yes he is .
paolo loren
paolo loren 8 aylar önce
Exactly !! ❤️
Gwendolyn Jeffersonhuey
Even before she started sing I loved her amazing presentation……
James Walker
James Walker 4 aylar önce
This is for sure a winner 🏆 🥇 I'm in tears in a good way. I want to see her feel the love about to be showered over her. She is what light and love look like.
Felicia Hodge
Felicia Hodge 5 aylar önce
So anointed absolutely loved her!!!
_michi_ 3 aylar önce
Beautiful voice. Go girl!
Rebekah Buzzell
Rebekah Buzzell 8 aylar önce
What a perfect and beautiful voice she has! I love that even through the pain she's been through she seems to have a very positive and great attitude and I know that that will speak volumes to so many people as it did for me. What a testimony she already is to so many people! ❤️
Ricky Williams
Ricky Williams 5 aylar önce
@Rebekah Buzzell amen
Sharlene Denson
Sharlene Denson 8 aylar önce
Amen! Always Greater is Jesus on the inside of you , than he's that is in the 🌎 Keep being Light that Shines bright and touching hearts with ur beautiful voice!! God bless you to continue to stay 💪!! Much ❤!!
Rebekah Buzzell
Rebekah Buzzell 8 aylar önce
And sweetheart, there's always going to be people with hurtful comments trying to tear you down at every chance they get but God has gifted you with such a beautiful and graceful spirit that I know he'll use it to shine brightly in spite of the pain that you have gone through and are still going through and just know as your voice sings, those negative comments and people voices will get so dim that you won't even be able to hear them because I can see you know where your strength lies and I'm just blown away by your sweet sweet spirit! Keep looking up my child because you've got this!👍
O Rainey
O Rainey 5 aylar önce
Darn she got me all emotional. Her voice is extraordinarily awesomely beautiful 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🥰
Asus Black
Asus Black 5 aylar önce
What a Beautiful voice! Story made me cry then she started singing made me cry again. Then the end made me cry again! Damn it 😂
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