Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test

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Which tender will win the blind chicken finger taste test?! GMM #1549
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17 May 2019




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just a vet
just a vet 2 gün önce
bojangles won.
Christian Reid
Christian Reid 4 gün önce
They never did season 16...
Slumber Party Bard
Slumber Party Bard 5 gün önce
man i know popeyes tenders by heart
Jonathan Tanner
Jonathan Tanner 9 gün önce
Colin Vawter
Colin Vawter 10 gün önce
Canes taste best with the sauce
michael oh
michael oh 12 gün önce
Canes > Churchs > Popeyes > Carls Jr > KFC >>>>> McDonalds
lesnara hamilton
lesnara hamilton 14 gün önce
my fav is mcdonolds there so juicy
Max Marquez
Max Marquez 18 gün önce
As a Mexican I say: 1. Carl’s Jr. 2. KFC 3. McDon- wait, *there’s no chicken fingers in McDonalds* What is a Popeyes, Church’s and Raising Canes
j1mmy enkoodabaoo
j1mmy enkoodabaoo 19 gün önce
Also i would have got 6/6 on this for sure
j1mmy enkoodabaoo
j1mmy enkoodabaoo 19 gün önce
Culver’s shoulda been included
j1mmy enkoodabaoo
j1mmy enkoodabaoo 19 gün önce
And the cheesecake factory because those are THE best
j1mmy enkoodabaoo
j1mmy enkoodabaoo 19 gün önce
And applebee’s
j1mmy enkoodabaoo
j1mmy enkoodabaoo 19 gün önce
Steak n shake as well
Maggie E
Maggie E 20 gün önce
KFC tastes good if you ate it as a kid
Maggie E
Maggie E 20 gün önce
bojangles is east coast, churches is west coast. Get your chicken lore correct!
Ryan James
Ryan James 22 gün önce
This chicken tender test is null and void since y'all did NOT include Chick-Fil-A. 👎🏽
Ricco Story
Ricco Story 24 gün önce
How didnt they include chick fila strips they are fire
Mr.E 25 gün önce
5:22 1st grade teacher: "You guys are gonna be eating tenders on the internet" Rhett: what's a tender? Link: what's the internet?
Jen Selinsky
Jen Selinsky 27 gün önce
It was the ARPANET in the '80s.
Sterner Darroch
Sterner Darroch Aylar önce
Pullen park is 1/2 a mile from my house
Andrew Zuckero
Andrew Zuckero Aylar önce
Carl's jr. does have surprisingly good chicken tender.
Iliana 007
Iliana 007 Aylar önce
Chicken express spicy chicken strips ❤️
james Fifa
james Fifa Aylar önce
link loses, thinks he knows, but doesn't link copies, beat male follows rhetts score link has no commad, it starts when rhett says bring it in sad sad link
Piggpigg 500
Piggpigg 500 Aylar önce
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz Aylar önce
Canes is god what r they talkin about
Julia Richards
Julia Richards Aylar önce
No chicken express :(
m stew
m stew Aylar önce
how are you going to have a chicken tender comparison, and not have god's chicken in the mix. chic fil a
LuckyLadTV Aylar önce
But who in their right mind eats chicken tenders without a dipping sauce?
Scientificaiy Wetarded
Bojangles is so good had it for lunch today I'm happy with bojangles and none of the others
Luke Richardson
Luke Richardson Aylar önce
skateshacksample Aylar önce
hunts ketchup
skateshacksample Aylar önce
shrimp burgers the utmost
Dark Coven
Dark Coven Aylar önce
Not sure about tenders but Popeyes sandwich is Fkn Crack.
Andres Orozco
Andres Orozco Aylar önce
Raising Canes hands down the best have to try it in store
Harawanagangsta Aylar önce
I live in louisian where we have Canes on every corner and those are the darkest Canes tenders ive ever seen. Darkest tenders of any tenders ive ever seen. what happened with those?
Lou Moon
Lou Moon Aylar önce
Bring Link's gusher in! haha too funny. Did GMM do bone-in fried chicken? I also love their outfits in this video (tops)
Andrew Aylar önce
Somehow watching this exactly one year on
Giovanni Galarce
Giovanni Galarce Aylar önce
What kinda t shirt is Link wearing in this episode? Looks like artwork by skateboarding legend Mark Gonzales
Peyton Rogers
Peyton Rogers Aylar önce
Link was just one round ahead of the game
Sundel [スンデル]
Ah yes, the tendies episode.
Davis Manning
Davis Manning 2 aylar önce
Need to do Zaxbys
animathan 2 aylar önce
Too bad they didn't have chicken express
Andres Fernandez
Andres Fernandez 2 aylar önce
Jacob Tobias
Jacob Tobias 2 aylar önce
11 herbs and spices is a lie, it's just salt. You're expecting too much from KFC
Brandon Douglas
Brandon Douglas 2 aylar önce
Was your teacher lumbee?
Acceleratedman89 2 aylar önce
I have watched each of these blind folded tastes tests at least ten times.. They are just too entertaining.
Cracc 216
Cracc 216 2 aylar önce
Rhett eating anything realizinng how much he likeas food is my spirit animal
Joshua Wade
Joshua Wade 2 aylar önce
I can't believe a couple of North Carolina boys didn't include Bojangles in your chicken strips taste test. You can't beat some supremes.
Luhawkjr Is Gaming
Luhawkjr Is Gaming 2 aylar önce
Never forget season 9
Benjamin 2 aylar önce
So what your saying is that if I buy that coffee I get arrested.... I’m down
Christian Peele
Christian Peele 2 aylar önce
McDonald's dosnt have tenders anymore :(
Michael P.
Michael P. 2 aylar önce
"It's just clucking." - Link ...... i don't even know a hat it means... but, ya know..... I don't think I need to know....
Slakfocmsnvfgls 2 aylar önce
No one: Rhett and Link: This chicken is so honest.
Aedin Baldauf
Aedin Baldauf 2 aylar önce
Raising canes is good 😣
BeatBoxu Samurai!
BeatBoxu Samurai! 2 aylar önce
Also xazbys
BeatBoxu Samurai!
BeatBoxu Samurai! 2 aylar önce
Dairy Queen chicken strips are number #1
Jonathan Wilkins
Jonathan Wilkins 2 aylar önce
I don't care, canes wins!
Katie Hobbs
Katie Hobbs 2 aylar önce
Where's Zaxby's
XanthosAcanthus 2 aylar önce
To be honest, hardees/Carl's jr has the best fastfood chicken tenders. Jack's(sometimes) and zaxby's are good too.
Willa Andrews
Willa Andrews 3 aylar önce
Now I want chicken fingers
Airsoft Weekly
Airsoft Weekly 3 aylar önce
Hardee’s is the grossest chicken strips ever
Daniel El Kadi
Daniel El Kadi 3 aylar önce
No one can beat Cane’s in my opinion
Lynda Stiefvater
Lynda Stiefvater 3 aylar önce
Arby’s chicken tenders are better then KFC
Hayleigh S.
Hayleigh S. 3 aylar önce
Y’all didn’t like the Cane’s Chicken because they didn’t put the best part...the sauce
. Hitman
. Hitman 3 aylar önce
If canes has bad chicken fingers their bankrupt since that’s all they do lol
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 3 aylar önce
Not having Chick-Fil-A is laughable, but I have to remember a bunch of woke SoCal people, despite being from NC, aren't going to advertise much because CFA IS SO EVIL! Pathetic.
Leanne L
Leanne L 3 aylar önce
Why no Chick-fil-A?
Russell Abbood
Russell Abbood 3 aylar önce
Not that I haven't watched every single one of these blindfold challenges and enjoy them thoroughly... But could you guys please stop double guessing.
Steven Polkinghorn
Steven Polkinghorn 3 aylar önce
No Chick-fil-A? SMH.
Grace Canady
Grace Canady 3 aylar önce
Anyone else have chickens?😅 Lol
John Paul Takacs
John Paul Takacs 3 aylar önce
y'all are the best! Best thing to watch while eating dinar.
Will Garrison
Will Garrison 3 aylar önce
No Chick-fil-A? Although their chicken fingers are not as good as their sandwiches and nuggets imo
Lexi Nare
Lexi Nare 3 aylar önce
5:18 Link was the paul Rudd meme before the paul Rudd theme
Rusty Mcgruff
Rusty Mcgruff 3 aylar önce
Bojangles is the king
leon fierce
leon fierce 3 aylar önce
I love chicken strip's as well, I like eating without the need to move from a bone to not break my teeth
Godzillawarrior2 Titan Rider
3:39 my favorite
Jeff Fenn
Jeff Fenn 3 aylar önce
Why no chick fil a?
Daniel Ellis
Daniel Ellis 3 aylar önce
I’m really not sure why. But I always find myself actively rooting against Link in these games.
Alexander John Babbage
The best fast food chicken strip that I have had is from Lee's Famous Recipe. The next one would be Dairy Queen,
Jason Zhao
Jason Zhao 3 aylar önce
y there no chick fil a
grondstein 3 aylar önce
Cane’s is god tier fastfood Change my mind
BobTheBuilder 3 aylar önce
I stand by Carl's Jr/Hardee's. They make the best Tenders for being fast food. Biggest thing about it is that they are made to order. So you never get old tenders.
Mia Pace
Mia Pace 3 aylar önce
Without Chick Fil A this doesn’t count like if u agree
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