BLACK WIDOW - A Marvelous Disaster

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29 Kas 2021




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Darragh Tate
Darragh Tate Aylar önce
I still can't get my head around the fact that they used Taskmaster - a character who copies moves perfectly - in a movie where all the bad guys already fight identically to Black Widow.
God Zilla
God Zilla 6 saatler önce
@Sir Fatboi I guess the identity is never important to the character......sort of like how Peter Parker isn't important to spiderman the character at all nah totally not. You also, missed the bigger picture of my comment and replied showing you care nothing about the original characters or why changing their backgrounds/story/race/gender etc. means changing a huge portion and chunk of who that character is and what makes them said character to begin with. Change black panther to a white guy and it defeats the purpose of the original character. But people like yourself have 0 clue what the hell you are talking about and just blindly love or follow the shit disney shoves down your throats. Last response I'll be giving on said matter. Enjoy your day.
Sir Fatboi
Sir Fatboi 7 saatler önce
@God Zilla I extremely doubt that the gender of taskmaster is super important to his character. Out of all the bad things about this taskmaster, you chose the most stupid one.
Mailz Way
Mailz Way 8 gün önce
@A Ghost. but miles is a completely different character with his own story and not JUST black Peter Parker??? Istg people like you are even more annoying than woke sjws.
A Ghost.
A Ghost. 9 gün önce
@God Zilla what about miles morales, the black spiderman.. if thats not he most "were woke" attempt ever idk what is.... its just a bit platant. the movies and games arent even bad its just kinda like hmmmmmm
ApathyEarned 20 gün önce
@Savon Lofton Flash, Mary Jane. Plenty are swapped cuz, Disney.
luke van zyl
luke van zyl Aylar önce
She survived so much in this movie that it’s surprising that the fall on endgame actually killed her
fight_and_die 157
fight_and_die 157 7 gün önce
Mfer would commit a Padme and die of heartbreak if Hawkeye sacrificed himself
Dark Aylar önce
So instead of Draykov's daughter being taskmaster, I had the idea that they should've left him basically as he is in the comics and made Draykov actually Draykov's daughter in one of those crazy face-changing masks, because her face was all messed up from the explosion, and a body suit pretending to be Draykov, so she could continue to run the red room as him both in spite of and for revenge on her father's murderer.
Acon 3 saatler önce
what the fuck man? you cant just steal comments, oh wait! you bought an account so I guess you can. original: Bryce H
Chris C
Chris C Aylar önce
why is this a copy paste form a guy named Bryce H about 7 comments down.
Chris C
Chris C Aylar önce
​ @Jason Haywood its also a copy paste form a guy named Bryce H about 7 comments down.
Jason Haywood
Jason Haywood Aylar önce
woahhh this is good lol
Cooper Stevenson
Cooper Stevenson Aylar önce
Funny thing is, it was David Harbour's idea to sing the song to try to reconnect with his "daughter" after the family reunited. That wasn't a scripted moment. One of the best scenes in the movie, and it was total improv by a great actor.
Critical surria
Critical surria Aylar önce
“For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus”- Romans 6:23 “So if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”- Romans 10:9-10 I share this message with you so you may be saved and have peace for all eternity. Have a good day ✝️❤️
Just Some Werewolf With Internet Access
Most great moments in cinema are. Lots of Peacemakers lines are ad libbed
Conflict1914 Aylar önce
TBH i disagree completely on Taskmaster, they did the character incredibly dirty in this movie. I think in the entire runtime Taskmaster only actively copies another characters moves once, and that's on the bridge. Otherwise she's just vaguely using captain america and hawkeye's skillset or being a massive bruiser. Which is hilarious when you learn that the person wearing the suit for a majority of the runtime was actually a stuntguy, and during the unmasking scenes they just edited the actress head onto his body. Makes you wonder why she got the acting credit in the credits sequence when it was the stuntguy on screen for like 95% of the runtime. They completely changed Taskmasters character, story and gender, but they did him okay cause she copies people occasionally? Nah. They did the character awfully. And they need to stop genderbending characters for little to no reason. How much of the story would have really changed if they said Taskmaster was a mercenary that the evil guy hired cause he knew Natasha was the best and just sending black widows after her wouldn't work. Or that he knew about the serum and was scared sending too many of them would cause them to also turn on him. And by the way, how does it make any sense whatsoever that she can fight the Red Guardian in such a dominant fashion? We're meant to believe the guy is a super soldier at least near the same tier as captain america, Taskmaster in this movie on the other hand is supposedly only mentally conditioned. There's no mention of her having been given a physical boost or any sort of super steroid to boost her capabilities, yet in the fight she's beating the shit out of him and throwing him around and he can't do a thing about it. It's not even that she's more skilled then him and is dodging everything he dishes out, she's just overpowering him. Then at the last second the equally unpowered fake mother backflips her into a cell with minimal effort. The whole series of events makes absolutely no sense. I'm not saying Red Guardian should have won he's a dumbfuck bruiser. I'm saying it should have been more of an even fight that Taskmaster should have won through skill, technique and abusing equipment.
Panic 11 gün önce
I 100% agree you, man.
TheRealBingus Aylar önce
I enjoyed the total of 5 minutes of Taskmaster interactions in the Spider-Man game more than the entirety of his screen time in this movie
Declan Feeney
Declan Feeney Aylar önce
The first fifteen minutes and the opening credits were genuinely the best parts of this movie. It should have been all about Natashas time as a Black Widow, the Budapest mission, her meeting Clint and her eventual defection to shield. It should have been much darker and should have felt like a legit spy thriller. It also should have been made 5 years ago. Unfortunately none of those things happened
Marcus Stevens
Marcus Stevens Aylar önce
Another thing worth noting: when the ex-widow sprays Yelena with the antidote and her teammates are contacting her, she never once thinks "Hey, I got sprayed with a cure for mind control. What if I go meet up with my teammates and spray them too? Then we can work together and figure this out". Instead, she just runs for it by herself...
KingOfMadCows Aylar önce
I liked the first 10 minutes when they were actually doing spy stuff. The movie should have been a tense spy thriller nstead of a ridiculous action film. They could have made it about Natasha breaking into the Raft to free the Avengers or uncovering a government plan to create the Dark Avengers with super villains.
Agent Nibbles
Agent Nibbles Aylar önce
I laughed really hard at this but apparently people were asking why she didn't ask any other avenger for help and the director did respond to this and said "it's because she's a strong woman that doesn't need a man to save her". I legit laughed because the movie is about family and the Avengers were like a family that she was disheartened after Civil War but na she doesn't need family because they're all men like WTF?
Schlock Jocks
Schlock Jocks 9 gün önce
@Agent Nibbles Put the link then.
Agent Nibbles
Agent Nibbles 9 gün önce
@Schlock Jocks Bruh like 2 comments above the person you replied to I left a like with a time stamp to someone who Screenshot the article and presents his stance on that take. Look at it before you flat out say the director never said it.
Schlock Jocks
Schlock Jocks 9 gün önce
@Paritosh Kumar But the Black Widow director never said this. The OP is lying.
Paritosh Kumar
Paritosh Kumar 9 gün önce
Imagine the director directed spider man but Mary Jane saves herself from bad situations because she is a strong women that doesn’t need a man to save her
A Ghost.
A Ghost. 9 gün önce
@Sean Brewer but then that wouldnt be a three hour christmas movie that no one at all likes.
Laxhoop 2525
Laxhoop 2525 Aylar önce
You remember that really impactful scene from Avengers 1, where Loki really dug into Natasha’s past, and made fun of the idea that she could ever make up for what she’s done? You know how that one scene basically made her a fan favorite instantly, and made people WANT her to have her own movie, all those years ago? This movie turns that scene into a joke, by having the fat funny commie man literally say what Loki said verbatim, but in a fatherly way. And then, this movie that’s supposed to be the send off to this fan-favorite character, has her defeat the bad guy by “tactically” bashing her f*cking skull against a table. And this is just the start of the list of character assassination and just stupid f*cking writing decisions in this movie, let alone phase 4 as a whole. The actual state of modern Hollywood. And people give this f*cking sh*t positive reviews, and even defend it.
Anthony Martensen
Anthony Martensen Aylar önce
You're right about a lot of things, but come on things aren't all bad.
AvaTheArtFreak Aylar önce
This somewhat serious action movie has a lot of cartoon logic
Guaseth Aylar önce
A nice cast and so much wrong in this movie. But the family interactions from the house scene really got me, I think they did them amazing!
Fredrik Vold
Fredrik Vold Aylar önce
As a Norwegian, I can confirm that the avalanche thing is the most realistic "weird thing" that happens in the entire movie.
MegaEmeraldMan Aylar önce
For those who don't know, this taskmaster is a bastardized version. The real taskmaster is a guy with a photographic memory that allows him to mimic anyone's movements ever since he was a kid. He became a agent of shield, & during a raid of a German base he took a German super soldier serum witch made him stronger overall, but at the cost of losing his memory everytime he learns something new. He became a mercenary because he forgot he was a agent of shield or that he had a wife who constantly tried to help him.
leticia 27 gün önce
thats way more interesting than taskmaster being dreykov’s supposedly dead daughter
MegaEmeraldMan Aylar önce
@Krathify So is a high school kid being bitten by a spider & being given the abilities of a spider, a man exposed to a real life radiation & turns into a big green monster when angry, a big alien guy trying to wipe out half the universe with 6 multi colored rocks. Welcome to the world of comics.
Krathify Aylar önce
Sounds stupid
EyeZ J
EyeZ J Aylar önce
@Jason Haywood think it's been changed a few times but basically she was a child in the 1940s. Raised through the black widow program and given enhancements both psychological and physical (including Russian version of super soldier serum) and was a master spy and assassin. Started of as an iron man villain. Recruited Hawkeye who was in love with her. After fighting iron man a few times he changed sides and became the second new avenger after captain America. She decided she loved him too and defected to US. They split, she partnered Daredevil for years then left him to join the avengers after he turned them down
Jason Haywood
Jason Haywood Aylar önce
@EyeZ J what’s her backstory in comics if you feel like answering lol
Luisa Aylar önce
The only good thing about this movie for me was the fact that it was filmed like five minutes away from my house and I went inside the actual set when they had finished using it.
WimsicleStranger Aylar önce
But wait...wasn't it explained that Taskmaster was lethal killing machine because she had a magical chip implanted in her spine/head or whatever? How would a plot-serum somehow fix that? How would a plot-serum somehow 'fix' a problem in the girls that was entirely psychological..i.e., not able to be simply handwaved away?
Jacqi Wei
Jacqi Wei 17 gün önce
IM SO HAPPY THIS WAS MADE- Ive been saying for the longest time that this was such a bad movie especially from a company like Marvel and nobody agrees with me. This means so much to me
Jupiter Jovian The Ultimate Failed Star
Im glad you got a brand deal from Kamikoto, my family owns those knives and they're amazing! They're so sharp that my mom was cutting turkey and she accidentally sliced her thumb really deep, it wouldn't stop bleeding for like 10 minutes 😟
Silas Hurd
Silas Hurd Aylar önce
The thing about this movie is that it acts more of a movie that only exists because 1. People kept asking for a BW solo film 2. Just to introduce new characters
Matthew Quach
Matthew Quach Aylar önce
@Schlock Jocks True, it doing the job that the Black Widow movie failed to accomplish. The only part honoring Natasha was through the post credits.
Schlock Jocks
Schlock Jocks Aylar önce
@Matthew Quach I think that was intentional. The movie was more about setting up Yelena and maybe Alexai and Melina for returns. Heck, the Hawkeye series has been doing a better job with making us feel bad Natasha's dead.
Matthew Quach
Matthew Quach Aylar önce
The irony of this comment is that the movie didn't end up being a black widow solo film, more of an origin story for her successor.
John Takiya
John Takiya Aylar önce
@Schlock Jocks no, its the whole thing in Hollywood. Everything is about that isn't it American?
Schlock Jocks
Schlock Jocks Aylar önce
@John Takiya "Muh female empowerment" Are you still whiny over what happened in Endgame?
Casey P
Casey P Aylar önce
The movie would make a LOT more sense if they showed her getting the super serum at the red room like in the comics. A 2 min scene could make this movie and her entire time in the MCU make more sense
Ozymandias Aylar önce
I actually had fun watching this movie. The actress that played Yelena did a pretty good job with her character, but maybe I just liked the sillyness that came around here and there. But a film being fun doesn't mean its great. I think one of the biggest issues that the story had is that it tries to fit into the huge MCU timeline in a time and in a part of the grand narrative where it doesn't belong to. The film should have come out sometime before Endgame. That's probably one of the reasons why the film is so weird. Its hard to care for a Natasha's family dynamic when we know she's dead in the grand narrative. There is not much hope to see her and her spy-family to hang out and build a relationship or have anything within that spy-action genre to be really relevant. There's some clear limitations given on where the story can go and its noticable. one of the limitations is that the villian of the story is an actually MCU-original bad guy. Dude literally doesn't excist in the comics. They made him up from scratch for this plot and turned him into a comically sexist bad guy, its unreal.
Jocke Persson
Jocke Persson Aylar önce
Yeah a russian prison would not allow him to have that toy . I am also curious What was holding the head in place during the whole shipping and inspection phase and how the string is connected to the head and how they modified it to release the head after the string was pulled. But in the end This is a lot easier than just bribing a guard to smuggle it in because Russia has zero corruption.
Bobbert Noodle
Bobbert Noodle Aylar önce
This movie is the definition of " TIS BUT A SCRATCH"
Panda Dude
Panda Dude Aylar önce
Black Widow feels like a sequel to a movie we should have gotten 2 or 3 years ago. Most of the movie is Natasha reminiscing on events from her past we've never seen and trying to get her family back together who we never saw together ever.
Critical surria
Critical surria Aylar önce
“For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus”- Romans 6:23 “So if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”- Romans 10:9-10 I share this message with you so you may be saved and have peace for all eternity. Have a good day ✝️❤️
Schlock Jocks
Schlock Jocks Aylar önce
@BlazingOwnager There's that one interview where Don Cheadle was a jerk to her, but otherwise she got along fine with the rest.
BlazingOwnager Aylar önce
@Schlock Jocks Eh, I saw those interviews. Nobody seemed to like her all that much, to be honest.
Schlock Jocks
Schlock Jocks Aylar önce
@BlazingOwnager It was her first time meeting them (in the movie storyline), it makes sense though. And Larsen got along great with Sam Jackson, Scarlett and Chris Evans in their interviews together.
BlazingOwnager Aylar önce
@Schlock Jocks FYI I get why you'd assume it was a political vendetta because a lot of people have one. But let's be real here for comparison, Scarlett Johansson has more charisma in her small toe than Larson has in her whole body.
Alexander Hampton-Davies
I really wish that they just made it an actual origin story about natasha’s time in the red room
Quality Not Included
I think what bugs me about this films the most (this coming from someone who enjoyed it) is that it feels like it was created by someone who hated the character of Black Widow. The constant moments of Natasha getting hurt, thrown around, etc. all feel malicious and no way show respect in the character or her story. Such a waste.
Obi-One Kenerdi
Obi-One Kenerdi Aylar önce
I was ok with the opening action scene, as much as it can justifiably can be picked apart, my biggest problem was literally every time the characters take a moment to reflect or talk or the pace slows down they’re always interrupted by another stupid loud obnoxious action sequence.
Armani V
Armani V Aylar önce
I’m really loving how Elvis’ channel has been ! The extensive research and film reviews. I’m loving it Elvis !
Gavin Evans
Gavin Evans Aylar önce
The decision to make a Black Widow movie only after she's already dead is a completely baffling awful decision. This had potential to be a Bourne like movie in the MCU but the MCUisms hold it back every time. The humor constantly undercuts any dramatic weight.
joe 11 gün önce
@lego yoda gameing but then captain marvel would be some random overpowered character with no backstory who's only there to advance the plot when needed
lego yoda gameing
lego yoda gameing 28 gün önce
@Mugdalena Crąckowack 🇵🇱 that too but her death would have been more emotional than it was
Mugdalena Crąckowack 🇵🇱
@lego yoda gameing they need better screenwriter and director, not different release days
lego yoda gameing
lego yoda gameing Aylar önce
black widow and captain marvel should have switched release dates and it would have been better
MooreIsMyName Aylar önce
Yeah to me it feels like they tried to mimic guardians of the galaxy. In terms of humor.
Johnnie Murray-Monroe
@Elvis the Alien I truly love your channel. Thanks for every upload, every joke, every breakdown, critique aand ALL the merch. Never underestimate how much you some how reach people from where you are man. I can't tell you how many times you just happen to make my day better man. Its been a shit show for me and alot of people for that matter. But sometimes just watching you do your thing really makes things brighten up. Thank you. Honestly.
Wilbert Beltman
Wilbert Beltman Aylar önce
You know, with every car crash I thought "They must reveal that they like, jumped out at the last second or something because there is no way she survived this. No human being can survive this" but then you know, they did. I'm suprised with her end in end game, seems like she could have survived that too if she can survive all the shit in this movie!
N.N. GAV Aylar önce
I'm glad someone has the same sentiment I had with this movie. A lot of good parts, but still a real mess. Felt like everyone min-maxed their luck stat
Rhetiq 99
Rhetiq 99 Aylar önce
This could’ve been a thoroughly heartfelt sendoff for Nat and Scarlett Johansson’s run as the character Logan style but nope, it was yet another messy glorified setup for future movies and shows instead
RODO TV Aylar önce
I completely agree with everything you said This movie should’ve been way darker it’s child soldiers wtf you can’t make me feel bad about literal killers without a deep dive into their minds and why they do what they do
Gustavo Pereira
Gustavo Pereira Aylar önce
@Bumble lol
ExeErdna Aylar önce
That's the MCU they constantly dips into the darkness then pulls back because of that PG13 rating.
Vergil enjoyer
Vergil enjoyer Aylar önce
Well disney owns them now. and disney is really anal about making every piece of media they own "family friendly." i dont get why productions like marvel just tell disney to piss off when they try to change there movies. I dont get why they just let the artist's do there thing and then wait for the money to come in. makes no sense to me. Its like they want all the money in the world and wont stop till they have it all. Its psychopathic.
Chuck Mann
Chuck Mann Aylar önce
Yeah basically the whole mind control drug was just a way to avoid the topics of brainwashing children into being emotionless murder machines which would have probably required an R rating; something studios don't want to do if they plan on selling toys.
The cool general grievous
Bumble yeah agreed
Graham Reid
Graham Reid Aylar önce
It baffles me how marvel can release a film like this, and simultaneously release something as original and personal and unique like WandaVision. I still stand by my opinion that the Disney + series are the way forward for marvel.
LYNN Aylar önce
People just like it because it centers a "powerful female character" when, ironically, she's a horrible representation. Great representations are Mulan, Brave, even fucking Frozen.
Hidden Leaf Drip
Hidden Leaf Drip 20 gün önce
I think it's more so the fact that Black Widow was one of the most well liked and known characters of the avengers that boosted the ratings for it lol. Even if was bad, a lot of people would be willing to turn their brain off and say it was good to suit their narrative. The only part where her being a woman would come in, is yes she is literally the one female "og" avenger that everybody watching the MCU movies trom the start has seen, so yeah she'd be pretty impactful lol.
Anthony Martensen
Anthony Martensen Aylar önce
I don't think that's why the people who like it like it...
Daniel Claggett
Daniel Claggett Aylar önce
That is literally all movies that have a "strong female protagonist" at the center, they are usually terrible.
TheGurgina Aylar önce
I am kind of glad that I got out of the Marvel fandom on time, because throughout the movies they made this massive build up for her story that led me to believe they'd create an absolute masterpiece of a movie and this "thing" is what they came up with at the end. It's sad, they could have done so much more...
Kid Ragnarok
Kid Ragnarok Aylar önce
I laughed out loud at the post credits scene. Did spooky Red Skull snitch on Hawkeye? How the fuck would anyone outside of the few involved in the time heist even know he was there when she died? It's so stupid I kinda love it.
Skiniox Aylar önce
They turned task master into a suit, need a say more.
YeezySkeezy 9 gün önce
@Vladimir Villiani Elaborate?
Genesiscoupe3000 20 gün önce
@Hidden Leaf Drip I'm making fun of all the people that whine about acting parts being taken by the wrong race or gender. Task Master is supposed to be a Man, but they replaced him with a woman. I GAURENTEE if Task Master was supposed to be a black woman, everyone would be accusing this movie of "whitewashing". Lol. Love the double standards.
Hidden Leaf Drip
Hidden Leaf Drip 20 gün önce
@Jon Coyle It doesn't change the original cannon, this is just their version in the marvel universe. Two years from now they'll just chuck in another version of him like they do with every character
Hidden Leaf Drip
Hidden Leaf Drip 20 gün önce
@Genesiscoupe3000 .............huh?
Jon Coyle
Jon Coyle 22 gün önce
@CLAVIN ZKL The story didn’t stay the same. Now its the daughter and they had to change the original cannon. And Taskmaster is too strong and never should’ve been defeated.
Down by the Willow
Down by the Willow Aylar önce
my favorite part is how they had the perfect opportunity for commentary on how media will show less attention to missing people of color (only really because they shoved almost all their diversity into the nameless roles lmao), and just didn’t mention it. It might’ve taken one line of ADR during that heavy handed speech, but no deal
Aimee Wilson
Aimee Wilson Aylar önce
There were so many times when my friends and I burst out laughing at the dramatic moments cause they were just so telegraphed.
Bear McHoneypots
Bear McHoneypots Aylar önce
I think that the zeitgist is that Marvel did their first major run (Phase 1-4) really well, and despite some duds they had a variety of good movies in different “genres”. And it became disingenious and silly to call them childish or shallow or “not real cinema”. They adapted comic book lore in one cohesive (relatively) universe while making it look “believable” or at least not distractingly silly, seeing men in costumes punch bad guys. The effort and skill it took for some of these projects is insane, and much credit to the filmmakers and even the fatcats who let go and let Feige do his thing. Granted, they sold out HARD to China, and still had to plug their toys and further movies, and many films were baddd, and the formula got stale for a good while. • They ended it on a GREAT note, won many people over, and sealed a positive review after Infinity War - Endgame. BUT! The movies since then, pandy or no, have been falling off a cliff. Spider Man 2 was good, not great, but some of the shows were lackluster and Black Widow was garbage. It took the worst of the stale formula, the ridiculousness, and had awful, lazy, execution to boot. If you know people dont care for the character, don’t make the film. If you DO make Black Widow, you HAVE to make sure you dont jusr have Scarlett do crappy fight chereography and cover it with 12 cuts for every 3 seconds because you cant show a single punch or hit. YOU HAD WINTER SOLDIER RIGHT THERE. If you want to make this movie, then do it right, especially since the character is AWFUL, not even talking about action scenes. Just do a “bourne” style, spy thriller for Black Widow, may be write a decent character, since ScarJo can act a lot better than anything she’s done in the MCU, Iron Man 2 included. You have the blueprint and the people, improve on the flaws of Winter Soldier, and do a grounded spy movie with tons of dramatic tension and emotion, the character’s dead in the MCU. You can do this so easily. Seems like with The Eternals we have MCU going down to the bog standard, Money Generator trash, and not actual movies.
Karla Montalvo
Karla Montalvo Aylar önce
The actor who played Alexei (David Harbour) actually admitted to have improvised the sweet scene with Yelena. Honestly my only favorite part of the film and it wasn't even planned by the actual writers.
Irene Rudnyk
Irene Rudnyk Aylar önce
The worst part about this movie is actually their accents. As a native Russian speaker it hurts my soul
Verbal Taquito
Verbal Taquito 24 gün önce
As an American who natively speaks English, their accents on the film are really really bad lmao
Sabalghoo Aylar önce
lol were all of them terrible?
Kriss Aylar önce
Really? What does Russian accent sounds like?
jotiko Aylar önce
What I don't understand is why they have the russian accent at all? HOW am i supposed to believe they are the super mega cool international spies when they have such an obvious "russian" accent? I can't get over it since i saw the first trailer
Sabrina Aylar önce
@F RWatch review Badcomedian - Красный Воробей (Russian Pataskyshka vs. USA)
Whiskey 11 gün önce
8:40 I mean, I've been in a worse crash than that, minus the explosion thankfully. Got really lucky and got out with a scratch or two and was really sore the next day, but yeah a crash like that is totally surviveable.
Chase Richardson
Chase Richardson Aylar önce
I watched this movie right when it came out on July 9th for my birthday it was the first MCU movie I ever watched in theaters ever and I’m glad it was I enjoyed the movie. Like Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh.
BonkTheSixth Aylar önce
I'm a big MCU fan, and this video is entirely fair. Really appreciate how Elvis even actively points out how people love to shit on the MCU just for the hell of it often. It makes it harder for me to criticize Marvel movies, because they will take any negatives and run with it with lines like "MCU should've ended years ago, see??" or the much dumber "MCU dying, and it's because it's now WOKE".
Hidden Leaf Drip
Hidden Leaf Drip 20 gün önce
100% agreed
Baybren314 Aylar önce
The underbarrel grenade launcher fired at 25:52 has a separate trigger from the gun it's attached to, just in front of the magazine, so it couldn't be fired without reaching for and pulling that trigger.
Mo Nete
Mo Nete Aylar önce
My biggest issue with this movie is that it's Black Widow's first stand-alone movie and she doesn't feel like the protagonist of her own movie. Literally everyone talks about Florence Pugh's character and Natasha is just a side character.
Hardlo Aylar önce
That's the point. It wasn't called Natasha: Black Widow, this was more about Yelena, setting her up for the future, i.e. Hawkeye and whatever future endeavors she's in.
denji Aylar önce
@Dylan Randall she is just as much of an avenger as iron man or captain america
Dylan Randall
Dylan Randall Aylar önce
Natasha IS just a side character. She didn't need her own movie. Same as Hawkeye doesn't need his own show.....Or Falcon or Bucky........
denji Aylar önce
Jmxnj1 Aylar önce
@budgetbrick she did kill all those innocent prison guards who were just doing their job
Other Stuff With Anthony
There was an interesting idea I heard from a youtuber, where Taskmaster is an outside force hunting Natasha as she is trying to help Yelana escape and kill the Martin Scorsese lookalike. There is no red gas in this new story just intense mind manipulation that would be a lot harder to cure. It would have been revealed that Taskmaster was a result of one of Natasha's last assignments before she fled to shield. She would have assassinated Taskmaster's parents by shooting them and gravely injuring the son which would be Taskmaster on an Assassination mission. After learning about the mind manipulation shortly after she left Natasha would have believed that she was under the intense mind manipulation that the other black widows were under the whole time allowing her to shift the blame slightly to the main enemy, however it would have been revealed when she confronted Martin that she was the reason for the implementation of the mind manipulation meaning that all of the terrible things she did were of her own free will. Taskmaster would have secretly gotten to the red room and would cause havoc on the black widows there while hunting both Natasha and Martin Scorsese. In the end Natasha would have a brutal confrontation with Taskmaster only surviving because of the guilt that Taskmaster believes she has which would make death an easy escape for her in his mind. In the end there would have been all of the stuff involving the family and most of the film would be almost the same but having Taskmaster as an individual threatening hunter of some kind and would have an actual affect on Natasha as a character.
Ромашка 1941
Enjoyed this review about 100 times more than the movie itself. Keep up the good work. :)
Coffee break with Benji
Taskmaster is my fav anti hero but made him a boring "brainwashed" robot and not go into how cool his lore ACTUALLY is
Lisa Haskell
Lisa Haskell Aylar önce
I think you misunderstood the ending? From what I gathered, they weren't giving Yelena a "new assignment" they were basically setting her up to want revenge so she would go after Hawkeye? I could be wrong though
Chuck Mann
Chuck Mann Aylar önce
Honestly I thought the family aspect was one of the weakest parts of the movie. Yelena and Natasha are ok, but Alexei and Melina were terrible people that just changed their morality 180 degrees for plot convenience at the end.
Resting Ninja
Resting Ninja Aylar önce
That car crash around 11:30 reminds me of the Call of Duty: WWII train crash where entire train cars are landing around you withing like a foot and giant piles of debris are landing all around you and somehow you're fine.
SteveMartinable Aylar önce
I strongly believe this movie should have been a prequel with Hawkeye as a “villain”-pre shield(but the organization exists)-pre avengers. It would give a better reason for non use of avengers. It could be her defection from the widow program into shield.
K T Aylar önce
I love movies with big explosions and daring rescues but I would have loved if they made this into more of a spy movie. I mean that’s literally where her talents lie so it would have been cool to see her use all of her skills that she learned over her life to infiltrate and being down the black widows from the inside.
BurtonGirl182 Aylar önce
My biggest problem with this movie is that it should have given us a reason WHY Nat decides to sacrifice herself more than she and Hawkeye were besties
goose chaser
goose chaser Aylar önce
@Minchi the Aoi Girl you are implying you can't adopt lol. There's like 2 comic's where natasha has an adoptive daughter
Minchi the Aoi Girl
Because Nat doesn't have reproductive organs. She knew she cant have a happy family with Bruce/Hulk lol
Adrianne519 Aylar önce
I think this movie actually gives even more insight to why she sacrificed herself. In Endgame she said she was going to do whatever it takes to bring her family back, that’s including Clint’s family who had also become family to her, I mean in Age Of Ultron his kids call her Aunt Nat and named their youngest son after her but also did it for everyone else that dusted and I have no doubt that at least Yelena was one of them, it wouldn’t surprise me if all 3 of them had dusted, so to Natasha she was going on to bring ALL of her family back, ALL the people she lost. I knew Clint wouldn’t be in this, first it wouldn’t make sense, with the timeline this movie is set he was under house arrest, same with Scott. I was hoping for a Captain America cameo more, that seemed more plausible.
Pencil Aylar önce
@Stephen Grigg it never was, my man is just saying shit lmao
Stephen Grigg
Stephen Grigg Aylar önce
@LYNN when was it ever implied that their relationship was anything more than platonic?
LyricalXilence Aylar önce
I was wondering how Natasha survived some of these things. I remember years ago it was theorized she had the super soldier serum. But nope.
Compassionate Curmudgeon
I enjoyed the movie, most of Elvis' complaints can be explained away by the time setting being during the cold war. The US had no idea what russia was doing and vice-versa, it was all paranoia and fear. Black widow movie is pretty much 'what if those fears were founded.' So all the little inconsistencies all just fit into that time period perfectly. The CIA developed shit like cats with listening devices in them, a passenger plane flying extra far is the kind of minor spy shit that would fit right in. A lot of character stuff gets explained as the movie progresses. The plot armor and stunts are all just rule of cool. Seriously though, little things like natasha not knowing about blowing up the kid is just false, a later conversation shows she knew the kid specifically would be collateral, but declared it worth it. I guess saying wrong things about a recent movie is a good way to drive comment engagement?
dieyng 5 gün önce
I wanted a Black Widow film since the first Avengers, I was actually angry that they made a Captain Marvel film first, and then I was so incredibly disappointed. It is close to being the weakest Marvel film and did the character a disservice. Not to mention how horribly they fucked up Taskmaster, a really funny and entertaining villain, into just another run-off-the mill bad guy/girl.
Alex Stockwell
Alex Stockwell Aylar önce
The thing that bothered me the most about this film was actually how it made Black Widow's sacrifice in End Game much less meaningful. She didn't want Hawk Eye to die because despite the fact they meant so much to each other, he had a family and she did not. Her whole story has always been around this... The avengers were always her only family, and that's why she made the decision she did for the infinity stone. She has many voice lines supporting this thought process in all the previous films. It's clear the family subplot in this film was badly shoehorned in with little thought for continuity. The existence of this movie just makes her death in seem shallow, or that despite everything that happened she still didn't consider Yelena or her fake parents real family after all lol
David Lafaye
David Lafaye Aylar önce
I watched this movie once and I liked it, but like every other movie , you have to watch it a few times to notice discrepancies. Elvis makes it easier to notice them.
theLastDictator Aylar önce
Bro, pretty much everything you didn't understand is explained by paying attention to the movie. Like seriously, it's not even subtle or hidden (well maybe subtle for a Marvel flick). This was truly a CinemaSins level review, gratz.
hblaub Aylar önce
Studio: "Why won't the people go into female-lead-cinema?" Studio making nonsensical dumb movie. Studio: "We found out female actors can not play the main part in a blockbuster movie..." Audience: "WTF?!"
Savish Aylar önce
I think those soldiers jumping off the collapsing sky fortress while still shooting was pretty badass
AlphaSlayer_86 Aylar önce
I agree with everything you said other than Taskmaster. This movie ruined one of the most badass villains ever.
Four Dozen Eggs
Four Dozen Eggs 8 gün önce
@Elvis The Alien Then why would you say they did him well if you don't know what he's supposed to be?
Kilz For Days
Kilz For Days Aylar önce
@Elvis The Alien Well, in the movie they changed his gender.....and he had a photographic memory and was a super soldier......safe to say they fucked it lol.
NerdStorm A
NerdStorm A Aylar önce
Yeah. I honestly did like this movie and didn't like what they did with Taskmaster. But that's probably my only big problem I had with this movie. Idk. I'm probably in the wrong for this but I thought this movie was decent. It's not great but serviceable, certainly better than how they treated Spider-man.
Elvis The Alien
Elvis The Alien Aylar önce
I'd probably agree with you if I knew anything about Taskmaster lol
Ghost king
Ghost king Aylar önce
@A Person to sum it up, Doctor Doom what's the son of a gypsy and a scientist I believe his mother dies and because of his parents he learns to use science and Magic even making a metal suits that covers his body and "detaches himself from the physical realm" in the comics he's one of the smartest characters (Reed Richards being the smartest) he has one shot the Hulk and wants to take over the Earth because he believes it'll bring peace and prosperity and in one comic book The Black Panther God confirms that
Gamer1288 4 gün önce
23:44 The Massive flaw with this is that Male and Female Bodies are very different in Build. Her watching Hawkeye and mimicking him should cause her to fail do to not having enough Strength to Make those Shots. It is worse with the Shield as Steve is a Super Soldier where as Taskmaster is just a chick with a Chip implanted in her.
Everyone’s A Critic
This video is hilarious, I loved the movie and it still had me dying I will defend the movie in a couple points. The reason Natasha didn’t go looking for Yelena was because she assumed that by killing dreykov she shut down the red room. (Still doesn’t make sense why she wouldn’t look for her sister tho lol) Great video, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for spy action movies and this just felt like a mission impossible movie to me
Ryan Aylar önce
You’re comparing BW to the new MI movies? The MI movies are some of the best action movies of the last two decades.
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz Aylar önce
I’m so glad you brought up so many complaints I had while watching the movie for the first time just the other night.
The Lawless 1
The Lawless 1 Aylar önce
11:55 this is excellent! and then 12:07 maybe im over parsing but this is such a master piece
Jay Exci
Jay Exci Aylar önce
Funny you should mention falling asleep. I actually DID fall asleep watching Black Widow.
ArrowwBricks 26 gün önce
same though i fall asleep over every movie lol
Critical surria
Critical surria Aylar önce
“For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus”- Romans 6:23 “So if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”- Romans 10:9-10 I share this message with you so you may be saved and have peace for all eternity. Have a good day ✝️❤️
F L R S H Aylar önce
Well it’s a sjw shitshow no wonder you can fall asleep …
LyricalXilence Aylar önce
Me Too
Minchi the Aoi Girl
Oh god. Same. I just woke up when the mid credits appeared v:
Andrei Boston
Andrei Boston Aylar önce
When Valentina said "wanna get revenge on the person who killed your sister?" I honestly expected a 3rd plot to bully Thanos
ArrowwBricks 26 gün önce
i remember watching this and me and all of my friends fell asleep and I am always the one that gets laughed at for falling asleep through movies lol
Roni Aylar önce
I remember watching this movie with some friends (+my siblings) and going "if taskmaster is going to be a woman, i will murder somebody" I just really hate the trope of "oh this person was a woman all a long", also i thought it would have been pretty funny if taskmaster was just some dude Well honestly i hated the the first half, it's just moving around without any real content, i almost fell asleep
hamzbeenit Aylar önce
my mom actually fell asleep in the theatre lol. they ruined one of my favorite villains, and they did the red guardian dirty. i didn’t like the ending either. but a lot of scenes with task master were dope
Alfred Vickers
Alfred Vickers Aylar önce
The ridiculous level of invulnerability could have made some sense if they had simply revealed that Black Widows were given some version of the super soldier serum (having synthesized it from the Winter Soldier's blood or something, I don't know). The writers didn't even bother to make that simple retcon. They just didn't care.
BigfootUnibrowMan Aylar önce
@Alfred Vickers Cuz dey need to hav STRONK Wahmen
EyeZ J
EyeZ J Aylar önce
@pizza time it is absurd but doesn't ruin the movie. There are quite a few other things that did that (not that it was awful, just not good)
pizza time
pizza time Aylar önce
Comic book movies pretty much never break my suspension of disbelief but this movie forgets that Natasha is not physically enhanced so the stunts she and Yelena pull off in this movie are just straight up absurd
Kae Kae
Kae Kae Aylar önce
Tbf she has fought on the level of proxima midnight who is avenger level (fighting scarlet witch for a time). As well as other feats that aren’t human. It’s not crazy to see she has is highly durable and capable. It’s just one of those things you have to accept just by power scaling.
EyeZ J
EyeZ J Aylar önce
@Alfred Vickers because it's not in the movies 🤷🏾‍♂️
J-Jeaze Aylar önce
This has to be the funniest one you have done in a while! This movie was a disaster in every sense.
bladestrikerr 18 gün önce
Strong disagree about the "not convincing Russian accent" actually. This, and not the Hollywood's "bad guy Ivan", is how Russians actually speak English (I know, I am Russian haha). Florence Pugh absolutely nailed it!
NERCE Aylar önce
Between you and Mauler, I know now that I'm missing a lot by not seeing this movie: a lot of contrivances and convenient writing tropes. Great video. God bless you and all who find this comment well.
Patrick Kelmer
Patrick Kelmer Aylar önce
I turned my brain off watching it in cinema, and enjoyed it - it made me feel like it was 2019 for a while.
Xamalion Aylar önce
This film is problematic in many ways, for me it was that Yelena was funnier and more interesting than Natasha herself. Scarlett is a very good actress, but Florence is equally good, if not better. And it is not a good sign if the main character gets played to the wall.
Anthony Martensen
Anthony Martensen Aylar önce
@joujou264 I think her charisma is more palpable in the other movies where she plays this role. It's just in this movie for some reason she makes for a somewhat bland titular character.
M K Aylar önce
@jillian c Nah
Klick Bate
Klick Bate Aylar önce
@joujou264 ‘isn’t that good of an actress’ nah have you seen Marriage Story?!
joujou264 Aylar önce
Gonna be honest, Johansson isn't that good of an actress, her range is quite limited and you can never really fully immerse yourself in the idea that she's this or that character, she's just always Scarlett Johansson as ... , a bit like action movie stars of the past, think Arnold or Stallone.
Nil Everdeen
Nil Everdeen Aylar önce
Plot armours . I hated them
Ifut___ Aylar önce
Just like this video, the first half of the movie was not really great until the emotional reunion scene in mid film. The last fight scene where the Red Room was destroyed while everyone escaping was the best action sequence in this film
sequyah garvais
sequyah garvais Aylar önce
Thank you for making this because Ive had no interest in actually watching this movie because I knew it’d be wack but was still curious on hOw bad
R.E.Z Aylar önce
It just shows that even death doesn’t save you from Marvel ruining your character. They even did it to Steve in Falcon and Winter Soldier.
CallMeFi Aylar önce
You know, I really enjoyed this movie. It's not great or even very good but it was perfectly fine, although it came out waaay too late. I honestly think people would have felt different about this if it didn't come out after Endgame (I think it should have come out after Civil War, when it's set). Point is, Marvel has churned out far worse shit than this. What I will defend though, is the line about girls being a resource the world has too many of. It must take a very cynical and priviledged mind to miss how that's the only grounded line in the whole movie. Maybe have a look at sex trafficking, honour killing, bride kidnapping etc. Nobody gives a shit about young girls. If you wanted to start an army and you needed members to brainwash from essentially birth, there's an ungodly amount of young women that will not be missed and real life has proven that.
BlazingOwnager Aylar önce
Half the injuries Black Widow takes in this would have killed freaking Thor.
EyeZ J
EyeZ J Aylar önce
@Queen Cersei Lannister that's nice, I'll never know🤷🏾‍♂️
Queen Cersei Lannister
@EyeZ J Oh man Hawkeye Mini Series is great!
EyeZ J
EyeZ J Aylar önce
@pizza time why? Introducing Echo and using her properly are 2 different things. To be fair I haven't watched it and I don't intend to so good luck to them.
pizza time
pizza time Aylar önce
@EyeZ J Hawkeye introducing Echo; a character with photographic reflexes like taskmaster, says that the show’s writers care and know far more about the source material than this movie’s writers do
EyeZ J
EyeZ J Aylar önce
@GOT EM I strongly suspect many of the writers don't know the source material. Wouldn't be a problem if they replaced it with half decent alternatives
CrispyLewis95 Aylar önce
The way they played with Black Widows power level pulled me straight out of the movie.
Psyonic Panda
Psyonic Panda Aylar önce
I think the army vest pocket joke is probably something about women's clothing having zero pockets. Another good video though, Elvis!
gay dog [lgbtqia rights!!]
i didnt know anything about these characters before going into the movie and it was honestly really confusing. i liked the action but it felt like it was just happening
Rorí T ❀
Rorí T ❀ Aylar önce
I think when I watched it I was just so excited for Nat to get her own movie and to see Yelena brought to life (I’m asexual so this was super exciting to me) that I didn’t take notice of all the flaws in this movie. Now I’ve watched this I understand why my best friend was so baffled when I gushed so much about it 😅
KingPrintmaker Aylar önce
As far as I'm concerned, Black Widow is the best GI Joe movie I've ever seen.
Rose REDACTED 25 gün önce
@Wolfgang Kranek It feels like a nonsensical version of the SPARTAN II program from Halo. At least in that, humanity is an interstellar empire that has a fighting chance, albeit a poor one, against the Covenant. They can definitely afford to lose nine out of ten people to the horrors of extensive genetic manipulation. In this it's just Russia alone and not even either gender, *only* girls. And it's one in twenty instead of one in ten... how does this program even exist??
Wald Biber
Wald Biber Aylar önce
@Wolfgang Kranek Yeah an i'm astonished how diverse they are... given that russia has a totally different history in terms of migration than the US.
KingSnakke Aylar önce
@Simon Ghost Riley There's Genocidal Organ, which despite not being super faithful to its novel, is still better than this superhero shitshow
Wolfgang Kranek
Wolfgang Kranek Aylar önce
Russia must have an unlimited pool of beautiful, perfect physical healthy and intelligent women. Since they kill 19 of those for every surviving Black Widow - what a waste.
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley Aylar önce
It's the best Just Cause movie I've seen... because there isn't another. And it's also the best Metal Gear movie I've seen but that won't last, they're making one.
Ryan Aylar önce
Haven’t seen it and probably won’t for a while but this among other things helps confirm my concern for Marvel post Endgame. Black Widow had a chance to be different. Why not make a film in the vein of Red Sparrow? A truly dark spy thriller. Red Sparrow had its issues but it sounds like it was a hell of a lot better than Black Widow.
Cyberbug Aylar önce
I have to disagree with your take on taskmaster. Turning a fun merc character with a lot of great potential to a nothing character whose just basically snake eyes was a massive disappointment
Alfred Soul
Alfred Soul Aylar önce
The reaction clips in this one got me really good.
Sal Sanchez
Sal Sanchez Aylar önce
Never saw the movie but just watching this video makes me roll my eyes. I mean, I'm ok with Black Widow and the others being indestructible BUT....everything else??? So, in this universe, explosives dont TEAR and RIP thru anything??? They just shove u...really hard???
Paragon Bourne
Paragon Bourne Aylar önce
This might be controversial, but as a pretty big black widow fan, I think this is one of the worst marvel movies. Such a disappointing send off for Natasha. She deserved better.
Silas Hurd
Silas Hurd Aylar önce
That’s because this is a story of how Natasha prepared her sister Yelena to be part of the MCU
Paragon Bourne
Paragon Bourne Aylar önce
@tax fraud I meant controversial as in I think this is the worst mcu movie. Like even worse than Thor the dark world
tangera Aylar önce
@Bad Tits THIS !!! i was hoping they would include hawkeye in the movie to show how they developed their friendship. i also feel it didn’t make much sense to show her as an adult reuniting with her family when she always said she never had one, even before she died. and then showed her sister visiting her grave. it felt weird, out of place, and rushed to me
Bumble Aylar önce
Yeah this movie was so boring I hated it so much
tax fraud
tax fraud Aylar önce
it’s not controversial, you commented this on a video roasting this movir
wally man
wally man Aylar önce
As for natasha not dying throughout the movie, wasn't it hinted at in one of the Avenger's movies that she, as with all other black widows, receive an injection of something akin to what makes Capt'n America pretty much invincible?
VašVoljeniStanoje Aylar önce
When I watched it with my bro first 15 min we laughed so hard but later on when we saw that movie is deepshit the whole time, we stopped laughing. And yeah, watching it without brain works just fine!
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