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The legendary Black Thought freestyle at HOT 97 with Funk Flex. 10 minutes of absolute BARS. Voted #1 freestyle of 2017.
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13 Ara 2017




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Dansg08 3 yıl önce
I got goosebumps within about 20 seconds, expecting it to go away after a few seconds. I now spend my days living as a hedgehog.
TribeCalledMason 6 saatler önce
jermaine maritn
jermaine maritn 2 gün önce
@Daniel Hardy Exactly 💯 👏 unbelievable bars!
jermaine maritn
jermaine maritn 2 gün önce
🤣🤣🤣 straight up
SOE Steezy
SOE Steezy Aylar önce
@Troy Simmons tuuu
Beach_Moth Aylar önce
Never thought I'd see you here. FFX and Black Thought? Talk about good taste
Chad D
Chad D Aylar önce
Came out 4 years ago today and still the single greatest display of emceeing in hip hop history.
persona 5 saatler önce
@TribeCalledMason canibus
TribeCalledMason 6 saatler önce
It literally is, nobody ever has or probably ever will do it better than Thought did in that studio that day. Incredible
Ndea Monk
Ndea Monk Gün önce
Indeed Fam
persona 7 gün önce
Canibus is.
Mr Dragon To You
Mr Dragon To You 12 gün önce
You aren't wrong
Prince Yem
Prince Yem 4 aylar önce
This how you know black thought is all about the flow.. No naked females, jewelry and cash flashing just MC kicking sick ass bars..lit af. The most creative radio freestyle I've ever heard.
new man
new man 3 gün önce
Never do ... what they do, what they do, what they do.
Nhlanhla Mabobo
Nhlanhla Mabobo Aylar önce
The euphemisms, alliteration, the cadence, the articulation, the poetry and richness of the content. The intensity of the delivery. Top tier lyricism🙌🙌
BurghNation8694 3 aylar önce
The way he switches between flows and rhyme schemes so smoothly is unfathomable... true genius
UwgAllDay 4 yıl önce
No stumbles. His breath control is perfect. The content is impeccable. The lyricism is on 100. Black Thought is a living LEGEND. Give this man his roses
Dennis Tanui
Dennis Tanui 2 gün önce
Damn, exactly we were watching a master at work
Dennis Brown
Dennis Brown 7 gün önce
Whole fact
eriqc 8 gün önce
Yes. Yes!
Antwon gza
Antwon gza 9 gün önce
True mc
A Sparrow
A Sparrow 12 gün önce
@wut up tho he messed up only twice but even those mistakes were phonetic & not literal.
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 2 aylar önce
Noone can top this ever. Pure Hip Hop at it's finest!
Gre Funky
Gre Funky 5 gün önce
@aapadre Exactly. I think Black Thought is probably one of the greatest written freestylers ever. But I also believe things can always be improved. Just look at off the top freestyling, Harry Mack has showed that what people previously thought was impossible, he can do without any effort and zero mistakes. The skill level will keep improving.
aapadre 7 gün önce
@whoIS AminoBlack thank u. This is pure greatness but how can we expect the culture to move forward just to say there’s no way this can be topped. If hip hop has reached its potential then what is the point of moving forward? I want my kids to know with hard work they can progress the genre past this point and keep the tradition and culture going past ourselves. This is praise to black thought but limiting to the same genre that gave him a platform
Diop Williams
Diop Williams Aylar önce
College course
Spaniel56 Aylar önce
Give king louse freestyle a listen, there are too many ways to be great to have one
whoIS AminoBlack
whoIS AminoBlack 2 aylar önce
There are a literal ton of great artist in hip hop. And all subgenres are welcome. There is no "pure" hip hop. It's all just hip hop. Sorry but you don't get to gatekeep a subjective art form
GrownMan101 4 aylar önce
If only Black Thought and Andre 3000 would do an entire album together...... instant Euphoria. There isn't an element on Earth worthy enough to replicate their album. Some go gold, some go platinum, If Black Thought and 3000 came together, the engineers would literally have to travel to Jupiter to mine some intergalactic ore to bring back for their album. And anyone who is a music lover knows I'm right.
Musoke MSK
Musoke MSK 21 gün önce
andy houghtaling
andy houghtaling 23 gün önce
Good call. Would have to feature Big Boi on at least one track though, for that nostalgic feel.
GrownMan101 2 aylar önce
@Ronald Revell jr I almost feel like Black can work with anyone. Jawn he just did with Common "How we Move" is fire
Stacey Tunstill
Stacey Tunstill 2 aylar önce
Maybe they will. They are both incredible collaborators, always unselfish. The first time I saw John Legend was in a small club, maybe 20 people there. I said "This guy should record with the Roots". I kept saying that until 15 years later when they dropped "Wake Up!"
Ronald Revell jr
Ronald Revell jr 2 aylar önce
@GrownMan101 I am from Philly too.. picture BLACK THOUGHT -W-KOOL G ......
Sector Mentor
Sector Mentor 4 aylar önce
Was feeling a bit run down, but this has uplifted me! The best execution of language in any art genre!
Sage Aeszier
Sage Aeszier 2 aylar önce
Original song?
Hecameup 3 aylar önce
Bless up You Royalty
LCC144 Aylar önce
This should be on Spotify... and have a college course dedicated to it
Dan Willey
Dan Willey Yıl önce
This freestyle needs to be studied and taught in universities
Deshawn D
Deshawn D 11 gün önce
We listened to this in my Rap, Resistance, & Religion course at Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada
ali zaki el
ali zaki el 28 gün önce
Also for those speaking cannabis is better, surely mean better to smoke. Obviously ban wagoners & late recognizers of the deeper more infinite parts of hip hop. Did you not hear him mention : the Excalibur in his rhyme??. If you knew rap wise who carries the Excalibur, you would not even mention Cannabis in the same sentence with Black Thought🤔. It's cute, but almost the equivalent of the average ghetto street thug talking politics and which president likes and did more for blacks to a white person that is privileged and sitting at a table in an exclusive country club outside of Birmingham, Alabama in 1962...
ali zaki el
ali zaki el 28 gün önce
😂😂😂, spoken like a true white man enamored by the substance and lyrical prowess of this force, desperately curious on what process allows his brain to fire so quickly matching words and phrases of metaphor, metaphysics, and facts together so quickly 10 bars ahead of a punchline etc etc... Even if you're black, still spoken so, to bring truth and unseen force/ability, into reality for study. One must first become familiar with the elemental forces, understand/recognize the relevance of : concrete thought, abstract thought, and desire thought. You have to know that you are in control of the body which has an onboard computer; the brain, then access that modem/stored info, and enable continuous streaming... How do I explain what words can not describe...
Franchise & Lisensing Institute (FLI™)
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 word!
navagnaes Aylar önce
@persona I don’t believe you.
Domane215 Aylar önce
Most underrated rapper in Hip-Hop history. Everything was on point from the lyricism to the breath control to the cadence to the wordplay. He was even dropping knowledge in the midst of the barz. Crazy 🔥
Rando Persón
Rando Persón 12 gün önce
The Roots man… he’s literally The Roots. 😂
Rando Persón
Rando Persón 12 gün önce
Underrated? 😂🤣😂🤣 That man is a LEGEND. Wtf is wrong with you? 🤦‍♂️
Riley Aylar önce
The way Black Thought is flowing, this lyrics, his cadence, it’s all perfect
Geoffrey Banks
Geoffrey Banks 21 gün önce
This was legendary. I’ve never heard anything this glorious. This was an experience. I’m completely blown away.
Dustin Fidge
Dustin Fidge 17 gün önce
For real, For real, this freestyle should be protected like the "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" album
Keys 4 aylar önce
This freestyle is greater than most artists entire discography.
jpanlilio129 15 saatler önce
Art Carbuncle
Art Carbuncle 2 gün önce
@Thank You Jesus My Lord, My God 😂
Thank You Jesus My Lord, My God
@Bai Su Zhen Only someone who has no skill in lyricism says this isn't off the top. Just because you don't know good artists doesnt mean people dont have this level of skill. Ive done the same thing for longer, its a breeze
Thank You Jesus My Lord, My God
@Luke Butler You clearly don't know what lyrical skill constitutes. This is definitely off the top. Ive done the exact same thing for even longer
Minister D. Kinsey Bey
Lol right
Mack Foreal
Mack Foreal Aylar önce
“I step in the booth, I’m a bull inside a china shop” sooo many crazy bars and his breath control is INSANE
Ebony Irvin
Ebony Irvin 2 aylar önce
This still has that effect! Tarik the 🐐‼️. “I am walking affirmation that imagination, and focus and patience can get you closer to your aspirations” - Black Thought”
Stijn D
Stijn D 3 aylar önce
This would be one of the most impressive lyric perfromances ever, even if it was written. The fact that this is freestyle makes me wonder why Black Thought isn´t a household name internationally
Luke Davies
Luke Davies 5 gün önce
@Gre Funky Well most rappers these days stink and pay for ghost writers so that’ll be why they can’t off the dome freestyle hahah but I get what you’re saying 👍 The ones that can make good music and freestyle if asked to are the ones we need to respect more - because there really aren’t many out there. I don’t even like Juice WRLD’s music, but man I’d listen to him freestyle all day. He was one of very few tbh. King Los, like you mentioned is up there though for sure.
Gre Funky
Gre Funky 5 gün önce
​@Luke Davies I can agree with you there. Although it would be easy to think that they are similar., in most cases off the top freestylers and written rappers don't transition well into each others categories, it's almost like they use completely different parts of the brain, as many written rappers talked about the difficulty of off the top, and vice versa. But can definitely understand you not liking his sound, to each their own mate.
Luke Davies
Luke Davies 5 gün önce
@Gre Funky Yeah I know about Mack mate. Man’s vocabulary is next level hahaha nobody can deny his off the top freestyles are nuts. He just doesn’t (in my opinion though ofc) sound good. And if he was to make music I wouldn’t listen to it you know? But yes I’ve not seen anyone on Mack’s level tbh, you give the man a word and he’ll give you a whole paragraph of bars related to that word, off the top of his head 😂
Gre Funky
Gre Funky 5 gün önce
@Luke Davies Although I have huge respect for many of the off the top legends like King Los, Eyedea and Juice, I truly believe Harry Mack is the best off the top freestyler to have ever lived, and it's not even close. Watch this one video of him and see what you think. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts. trvid.com/video/video-1XZJKKNopEw.html Incase youtube doesn't show links: v=1XZJKKNopEw
Stevie Cheatham
Stevie Cheatham 12 gün önce
@A lex none of this is off the dome you are wrong
TribeCalledMason 6 saatler önce
The single greatest display of rapping ever happened in that studio that day and it's a privilege to be able to watch Thought do this. Always said he was the best ever.
rico rogers
rico rogers Yıl önce
This is literally one of the most historic displays of lyricism......
woo _shynen
woo _shynen 28 gün önce
@Paul Sletten how exactly? He said "one of the greatest freestyles", not the greatest. Its true though, this is one of the most impressive and greatest examples of lyricism ever.
Hecameup 4 aylar önce
We are not worthy.. InshAllah
BLACK JESUS 4 aylar önce
Andrew M
Andrew M 4 aylar önce
Might be literally the GOAT continuous flow
MH Holmez
MH Holmez 6 aylar önce
yep it is one of 'em
Dade Murphy
Dade Murphy Aylar önce
Thought is one of the illest MCs to ever pick up a microphone. End of story. More levels than some high rise business. Just relentless perfection.
Charlie Buffett
Charlie Buffett 3 aylar önce
This is beyond a freestyle, it is simply a work of art.
Aiden Kasakya Muganzi
Aiden Kasakya Muganzi 4 aylar önce
Chills... This is what you call setting the bar high... Genius. Crisp. Mastery. Informed. Education.
Ken Oath
Ken Oath 2 aylar önce
🤯 straight BARS 🤟🏻🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
MrKlthompson973 2 yıl önce
Bro did 10 minutes straight without falling off and it all made sense #legendary
Rebecca Dooley
Rebecca Dooley 2 yıl önce
Lol. Alot of people can do that. He just did alot more.
Leon Maja
Leon Maja 2 yıl önce
@Madalitso Phiri too too dope ohn
Madalitso Phiri
Madalitso Phiri 2 yıl önce
Not to mention Flex only called him the night before to make the invitation
Dustin Fidge
Dustin Fidge 2 yıl önce
Plus his rhyme schemes and breath control are both flawless
Hold This L
Hold This L 2 yıl önce
Pre-Kardashian Kanye
Oarabile Seoke
Oarabile Seoke 4 aylar önce
He is on his own level, has no equal 🔥
Mr Fantastic
Mr Fantastic Aylar önce
No equal mei chommie
JoylessTunic738 2 aylar önce
8:19 Black Thought removes any doubt he is the best to ever do it. From this point on, it's a ride we are all on, we don't know where it's going but we know it's an experience unlike anything else!
whoIS AminoBlack
whoIS AminoBlack 2 aylar önce
I love BT. but there is no "best" in rap. After all, music is 100% subjective. It's cool to have opinions and preferences, but that's all they are. You can't hold an art form to any objective standards
Johnny Bananarama
Johnny Bananarama 14 gün önce
Pure fire 10 min one take flexing like a boss🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🙌
tony dillard
tony dillard 4 aylar önce
Seriously, no words left, he used them All! So Smooth And Nice With It! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 3 yıl önce
rapping for 10 minutes straight is one thing, but doing it with this intensity and complexity is literally the most impressive thing I've seen a rapper do in my 29 years of living.
Andre9832 13 gün önce
More impressive than dropping Illmatic at 20 years old?
Ty 15 gün önce
@Leireon Turman canibus can't even rap without a notebook for lyrics I don't wanna hear nothing about that comparing to what just happened here for ten full minutes.
Jivitesh Bakshi
Jivitesh Bakshi Aylar önce
Juice world
GreenSkunkGaming 2 aylar önce
Try 10 hours... Harry Mack 🧙‍♂️
Vast Number
Vast Number 4 aylar önce
@Michal Valta it’s not off the top of the dome. I know I’m 3 years late to this reply but ye
James Stewart
James Stewart 3 aylar önce
One of the best freestyles ever. And that's Hip Hop Historically
Jakob Lindman
Jakob Lindman 2 gün önce
this freestyle is sick! probably the best one ever recorded.
Ivander Eurico
Ivander Eurico Gün önce
The greatest freestyle of all time.
Alex Vaile
Alex Vaile 10 gün önce
This is almost unbelievable. Never stumbles or stops just straight fire!! 👏👏
tim trim
tim trim 3 gün önce
People don't get it
Rexford Sackitey
Rexford Sackitey Yıl önce
Bruh. He says the simplest things in the weirdest most profound ways... instead of simply saying I’ll kill you, he says “I’ll have you and the living a category apart” that’s just mastery.
Stevie Cheatham
Stevie Cheatham 12 gün önce
Thank you! It finally makes sense now
Conal Wright
Conal Wright Aylar önce
@USWMO he was so lost!🤣🤣🤣
Conal Wright
Conal Wright Aylar önce
Thats one of the hardest line i bet many missed it
Patrick D
Patrick D 3 aylar önce
@michael gudgeon Los's wordplay in unmatched.. dude is on another level
Hecameup 4 aylar önce
Suttle but effective.... Deadly
G A 3 aylar önce
This lyricism is unheard of in both today era of rap and original/early rap era. This freestyle session is better than a bunch of rappers entire catalog.. 🥶
Âdil K
Âdil K Aylar önce
This tore a hole in the space-time continuum.
Thank You Jesus My Lord, My God
This is absolute excellence in lyricism, few reach this level at all
Kaliym 19 gün önce
2 years of listening and it still gets me hype
AlphaAmigo Yıl önce
This isn't your last time listening to this.
Kyle McLeod
Kyle McLeod 2 aylar önce
Guilty! 😂
The Brummie Runner
The Brummie Runner 2 aylar önce
It's not first either
Neil Martin
Neil Martin 3 aylar önce
This isn't even my last time listening today...
Loronzo Price
Loronzo Price 3 aylar önce
I have been watching for an hour and haven’t gotten past 5:41. I’ve known every word to this since about a month after he dropped the freestyle and I’m impressed still every time it plays
Russell Robinson
Russell Robinson 3 aylar önce
andy houghtaling
andy houghtaling 23 gün önce
For me, this was the best freestyle ever to drop on Flex.
Lady Jay
Lady Jay Aylar önce
10 minutes 11 seconds😯Definitely The RAP Specialist! With an unmatched level of intelligence and a virtually flawless delivery 😍
Brendan foster
Brendan foster 25 gün önce
I love when a legend, reminds everybody why they're a legend. He even exceeds that though. This is one of those hip-hop moments, that lives on forever.
Ahmed Abdelhady
Ahmed Abdelhady Aylar önce
This freestyle literally has more lyrics than some rapper’s albums 🔥🔥
Sfrn —
Sfrn — Yıl önce
He wears the tinted glasses so we can’t see his eyes roll back as he’s being possessed by the entire history of hip hop
Spirit Wiles
Spirit Wiles Aylar önce
You are correct.
Kyle McLeod
Kyle McLeod 2 aylar önce
I’m half way through this… (after my 10th listen!) and I still can’t believe there’s 5 more minutes. God damn!
SoulJAH JustICE 2 aylar önce
Ronald Revell jr
Ronald Revell jr 2 aylar önce
LMAO... TRUTH !!!!!!
Desiree Eime
Desiree Eime 2 aylar önce
Omg yesssss
Matt Landon
Matt Landon 2 aylar önce
This still blows my fucking mind, four years later. Genius lyrics, of course, but what about that stamina 😳 daaaaamn
Burning Art
Burning Art 2 aylar önce
I'm absolutely floored. What the hell man this is a masterpiece
Chris Cade
Chris Cade 17 gün önce
I know it was earlier on but the connection between Cane, Abel, Jesus, Judas, Caesar, Brutus…” was amazing!! Top tier
Kennedy Muchangi
Kennedy Muchangi 3 aylar önce
I had to watch reaction videos based on this cypher just to wrap my mind around how deep and complex it is
Kennedy Muchangi
Kennedy Muchangi 3 aylar önce
@Les Son even did background just to understand the culmination...starting with DJ Vlad talking down then eating humble pie
Kennedy Muchangi
Kennedy Muchangi 3 aylar önce
@Les Son illmacTV had a breakdown session too. Cory Miller expressed what I was thinking.
Kennedy Muchangi
Kennedy Muchangi 3 aylar önce
@Les Son I did. one of the top 5 best
Les Son
Les Son 3 aylar önce
peep “Lost in Vegas” reaction 👍🏽👊🏽
FINDMEANING 4 yıl önce
I have lost all respect for Black Thought. How could the man do that to an innocent microphone? What did that microphone ever do to him!? And what about all the other rappers that wanted a chance to shine? He ruined it for everyone. Who wants to step to the mic after what he just did!? Funk Flex is gonna have a lot of rappers calling in sick after that one.
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions 6 aylar önce
COSMICNOUS 777 10 aylar önce
Jfro Yıl önce
thas wassup
supa mario
supa mario Yıl önce
STOP what u doing and watch thism.trvid.com/video/video-OkXzwSSv38Y.html
Nzuzo Dludlu
Nzuzo Dludlu Yıl önce
Spam fish
Spam fish 2 aylar önce
This will be heard, read and studied by scholars, teachers & students for generations. This is what it was like to see a Shakespeare play or a Mozart concert whilst they lived. What a pure treasure of wisdom, talent and insight.
luyanda khumalo
luyanda khumalo Aylar önce
Each time I repeat this I catch a line that flew over my head the previous time I listened to it....
Migsy P
Migsy P 3 aylar önce
That was beyond impressive! That was virtually impeccable, 10 minutes of sick bars. I'm lucky if I can pull off 3 minutes of substitute bars. This man is on another level.
Javi Aylar önce
This man is on another level of existence..
nah 4 yıl önce
This man really just put out an entire EP worth of rhymes in one freestyle
Shango Nelz
Shango Nelz 2 yıl önce
B DUB 215
B DUB 215 2 yıl önce
@Sami Avci Yes.
Arthuro King
Arthuro King 2 yıl önce
@Sami Avci Yes, Black Thought is the founder of The Roots, along with drummer/producer QuestLove, so Black Thought is the Main emcee of the group. The don't have a single bad album, all of their albums are great.
dutchcaliber 2 yıl önce
@Chris Paul I agree. Illadelph was prime black thought. His verses on that album were unreal. Section is my favorite verse of all time from any artist.
g berry
g berry 2 yıl önce
Might be enough for an LP
user unfriendly
user unfriendly 4 aylar önce
This should be in the museum of hip hop on a scroll!!!!🔥🔥🔥
Clovis The bloody
Clovis The bloody 19 gün önce
Since this joint drop I’ve listened to it weekly as a philly head i can easily say this is a master stroke
Marc Lawè
Marc Lawè Aylar önce
From the first time I listened to it until now it has demanded to be more than a mere freestyle. Genius level work.
Ryan Crothers
Ryan Crothers 4 aylar önce
This freestyle will never be beaten 🔥 this footage should never be lost
Kevin Ochieng
Kevin Ochieng 3 yıl önce
I was a fan but after listening to this, am now an air conditioner
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions 6 aylar önce
Deed 10 aylar önce
supa mario
supa mario Yıl önce
STOP what u doing and watch this m.trvid.com/video/video-OkXzwSSv38Y.html
Kxe Wws
Kxe Wws Yıl önce
Mike S
Mike S Yıl önce
Bruh !!!!! I just coughed up a lung !!😂😂😂😂😂
vance parrish
vance parrish Aylar önce
For real G O A T! SETTING STANDARDS. Love it! So dope
HOGPO Global TV 3 aylar önce
A million times over, I've watched this... Wow, mad skills. This is Legendary!
Zep Capen
Zep Capen 4 aylar önce
Got stuck buffering mid-through for about 2 minutes. I was so awe-struck my mind kept traveling with it. When it came back it felt like it never stopped. This is the 100th time I've listened to it and still...godamn...
M Reid
M Reid Aylar önce
Arguably the best freestyle ever done. Certainly among the longest. Amazing homie didn't run out of material. That, ladies and gents, was a professional rapper and poet at work.
missandthrowpee 4 yıl önce
“I am a walking affirmation that imagination and focus and patience get you closer to your aspiration” I got chills during this line
Son Wil
Son Wil 4 yıl önce
The truth that youth need to hear instead of popping pills trying to be a crackhead ... i meant a Rockstar
accellpo 4 yıl önce
Chills? That line froze me!😵
Ed Rowe
Ed Rowe 4 yıl önce
Same here! Had to play that part back a few times
iveywebb 4 yıl önce
Deidre D.S.SENSE Smith
Schrodinger’s Cat
Schrodinger’s Cat 2 aylar önce
Whether this is off the top, which would be so freaking impressive, or rehearsed, which would be an amazing feat within itself, to remember all that and stay on point through the whole freestyle. I am very impressed, Dude is a genius👑
Luke Butler
Luke Butler Aylar önce
Yeah I agree. I think it’s probably 50% off the top (which is still insane). Lots of the best rappers bridge between written verses in these freestyles. Keep in mind those bridges could be 60 seconds or longer easily. When he does a sequence of AAAAABBBBB patterns that’s off the dome for sure
Schrodinger’s Cat
Schrodinger’s Cat 2 aylar önce
@FBI it was so much to remember if it was written, he didn’t have one slip up. I think that’s a clue that something ain’t right in Gotham. But I hear you, seems Impossible, but just because I can’t rap my head around something, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible… I always like to leave the door open, Due to the fact that no one is 100% right all the time
FBI 2 aylar önce
No way this is off the top, not even god could spit this straight up
Chuck Balkin
Chuck Balkin 4 aylar önce
Been saying it since the Roots first hit the scene, Black Thought is imo the most underrated MC probably of all time. Dude can spit with almost anyone.
SoldiersTakingOver Hoolagang
Years later I’m still like wtf 😳 great freestyle
Daniel Liñán Molina
this is the greatest piece of hip hop ever created, i dont care how many times ill have to say it
Em Jay
Em Jay 4 yıl önce
This one verse is better than a lot of other rappers entire career
R. Duncan II
R. Duncan II 4 yıl önce
Miguel Jacobo every rappers wholes career!
dee 0
dee 0 4 yıl önce
Miguel Jacobo say that!!
Lloyd Davies
Lloyd Davies 4 yıl önce
mehdi11 4 yıl önce
lol thats so true
Edward Brownbear
Edward Brownbear 4 yıl önce
Hell yeah!
John S
John S Aylar önce
I was transfixed by this. 100 years ago he would’ve been hailed as a deity. That’s perfection there. I feel like he entered another plane of existence. Actually 100 years ago they would’ve tried him as a witch or demon. 🥺
Robert Ford
Robert Ford Aylar önce
I'm still listening to this. This is unbelievable like Thought went to another dimension on all of us
BIG STAK 2 gün önce
Greatest Freestyle Ever .
Samaria Davis
Samaria Davis Aylar önce
This was amazing I got so much chills he cold 🥶
Sam Kazerani
Sam Kazerani Aylar önce
Captured ByKen
Captured ByKen 4 yıl önce
at this point ...I come back and listen to this like an actual song
supa mario
supa mario Yıl önce
STOP what u doing and watch this asap m.trvid.com/video/video-OkXzwSSv38Y.html
Louis-Philippe Bellier
haha same here!
rashad roberts
rashad roberts 2 yıl önce
Me too lol
Joshua Power
Joshua Power 3 yıl önce
MrBorderlineskitzo 3 yıl önce
It's a regular on my playlist.!!
Mr Frankie
Mr Frankie Aylar önce
One of the best ‘freestyles’ i have ever heard. You could listen to it 10 times in a row and still hear new bars. Insane.
Trindin Wright
Trindin Wright 9 gün önce
Just. Wow. This a human accomplishment akin to walking on the moon or constructing a cathedral. What he's able to do with language is remarkable.
Andy Williams
Andy Williams 2 aylar önce
He just rapped for like 9 minutes straight. If a kid did this to me I'd just let them skip high school. "More police for my core beliefs. They tried to catch me and brand me with a fleur-de-lis" ... better grab your history books.
Bryan Carvajal
Bryan Carvajal 2 aylar önce
Best freestyle I’ve ever heard. This is legendary Hip hop.
georgy fontaine
georgy fontaine 4 yıl önce
This is more than a freestyle. This is a masters degree in Hip Hop with honors
Lamar Moorehead
Lamar Moorehead 2 yıl önce
Doctorate with Specialization in Hip Hop, Lyricism, and MC
Jason K. Segrest
Jason K. Segrest 2 yıl önce
georgy fontaine - more a lyrical dissertation.
Khumz Kufayayo
Khumz Kufayayo 2 yıl önce
I came back here after hearing he will be lecturing at Carnegie.
Patrick Wilcox
Patrick Wilcox 4 yıl önce
Jarrod Beatty Oxford
Jarrod Beatty
Jarrod Beatty 4 yıl önce
From Harvard.
Pookie Redz
Pookie Redz 4 aylar önce
Just came back for my dose. Cause this is medicine for my hip hop Soul, and I've come back to listen to Black Thought idk how many times over the years 💯💯
5outof10 Whiteboy
5outof10 Whiteboy 3 aylar önce
“As babies, we went from Similac and Enfamil, to the Internet and Fentanyl when all consent was still against the will” 3:13 “People hating on how sophisticated my taste is/ Till I pull up on these motherfuckers in a spaceship” 9:30
Best freestyle of all time. Showed the new guys are playing a different game. You cant tell me the new era is anything close this.
Im Ran
Im Ran Aylar önce
In the whole freestyle with it's greatness, nothing topped him saying "stop the bombs!" In the end
Myke Owiti
Myke Owiti 3 aylar önce
Always speechless when i listen to this epic freestyle
Joe Krypt
Joe Krypt 4 aylar önce
I came back 3 years later and ......my Lord this man is on a different level. This is mind-bogglings. A Rapper of Rappers . Teacher of Rappers. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 He will be studied for centuries to come.
Fatsaxx103 14 gün önce
And this kids is what you call "REAL HIP HOP" REAL SPIT!!!
Richard Hidalgo
Richard Hidalgo 7 gün önce
Here I was trying to listen to a few seconds of this , stood for the whole freestyle what a jewel! 👌🏾
B c
B c 4 yıl önce
"I am a walking affirmation that imagination, focus and patience will get you closer to your aspiration" 🔥🔥🔥
Jonathan Santana
Jonathan Santana 4 yıl önce
My favorite line, besides the Henrietta Lacks bars.
George Dennis
George Dennis 4 yıl önce
Son Wil
Son Wil 4 yıl önce
Bryan Crosbie one of the deepest bars in this freestyle.
IslandGangHokage 4 yıl önce
That bar was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gee Black
Gee Black 4 yıl önce
Bryan Crosbie that one I felt l in my bones...
matthew fachin
matthew fachin 23 gün önce
4 years ago. And still the hottest rap on the planet
R. Mckinney
R. Mckinney Aylar önce
This is like a breath of fresh air for all 80's babies that grew up hungry for some lyrical knowledge. This is a true poet from our time. I listened to this flow at least seven times. He covered so much historical content while using powerful metaphors, analogies, allegory, and idioms.
dmagin777 4 aylar önce
I have no words for this. he took them all
Jae Nation TV
Jae Nation TV Aylar önce
This has got to be the best freestyle I’ve ever witnessed in hip hop history
Ismail Yıl önce
Who else listening to fire freestyles during lockdown 😂🔥
TyeVevo Yıl önce
Me 🔥🤙🏾
Jaison Hall
Jaison Hall Yıl önce
Cj Rider
Cj Rider Yıl önce
The c virus got me spitting more bars than a jail on lockdown/with infinite freestyles/the system can’t beat me now! - cj rider 🎙🎙🎙 trvid.com/video/video-l7tTb0lEOdE.html
Cj Rider
Cj Rider Yıl önce
Hopefully this will relieve your bordem for a hot sec still hope you likes it only took me a few min pissed up 2 trvid.com/video/video-l7tTb0lEOdE.html
Dakota Thomas
Dakota Thomas Yıl önce
Dawg it's the only thing getting me bye
Aaron Flowers
Aaron Flowers 19 gün önce
7:19 is one of my favorite lines!
Kurt Weidman
Kurt Weidman 3 aylar önce
I’ve been listening to this for 3 years now every single day trying to memorize it and I am not even close. This is the greatest freestyle ever created.
C33 J4Y
C33 J4Y 3 aylar önce
EVERYBODY MISSED THIS! Funk was literally looking at him in amazement you can see him mouth say "wow" at 2:19
OnyoMeji 4 aylar önce
3 years later, and is still 🔥🔥 The Mic 🎤 should be retired. No one else should be able to rap on this mic.
Moist Wazowski
Moist Wazowski 4 yıl önce
There shouldn’t be ANYMORE freestyles on Hot 97 after this. Nothing will ever be able to top this 🔥🔥
rodenrren2 3 yıl önce
Locksmith and King Los demolish all the radio stations and interviews they go to
Melodysmusic100 3 yıl önce
Melodysmusic100 3 yıl önce
not too me sorry
Ryan Ehmann
Ryan Ehmann 4 yıl önce
bG 1X1XST lux flow is garbage
Will dadon
Will dadon 4 yıl önce
Cosmic Background Radiation I Agree
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