Black Jeopardy with Chadwick Boseman - SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Shanice (Leslie Jones), Rashad (Chris Redd) and T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) compete on Black Jeopardy, hosted by Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson).

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7 Nis 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Reece Whitaker
Reece Whitaker 58 dakika önce
"The sounds of white people shopping for real estate nearby means that the fun is over"....Damn lol
Malachi clark
Malachi clark 20 saatler önce
Rip Chadwick Boseman
jayraider521614 Gün önce
Chad's smile, facial expressions and energy sell this performance and Keenan's reactions are perfect! I miss him
Gloria McFadden
Gloria McFadden Gün önce
Now that's funny funny
angrycashew 2 gün önce
RIP you will be missed 🙏
She-Wolf 2 gün önce
Leslie Jones looks nice with her hair like that.
3ddie mobil3
3ddie mobil3 2 gün önce
Rest in peace king
Oldman Jerry
Oldman Jerry 3 gün önce
Andrew McCune
Andrew McCune 4 gün önce
4:55 lol LeBron James probably
Ntokozo Keith Hadebe
Seeing Chadwick is amazing man!❤ he'll always be missed
Liz Williams
Liz Williams 5 gün önce
Possibly my favorite Black Jeopardy ever. And I couldn’t rewatch it for months after we lost Chadwick Bozeman. Only just getting ready to watch Black Panther again.
The Who
The Who 5 gün önce
Karen, leave the people and cooking alone.
shecutie 5 gün önce
the one place where you’re overqualified for the job
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 5 gün önce
what ? thats racist im offended .
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 5 gün önce
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 5 gün önce
Im offended.
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 5 gün önce
cancel it now .
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 5 gün önce
Oh im sorry there not acting ?
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 5 gün önce
the best actors i have ever seen !👍
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 5 gün önce
love the white game show rotten anti white show ? Dude they know there stupid? lol.
Rene Treur
Rene Treur 6 gün önce
I'd love to see Kevin Hart in one of these 😅👍
Teagan Martinez
Teagan Martinez 6 gün önce
My favorite jeopardy
Cyrix 6 gün önce
Happy 45th Birthday to him even tho he’s dead, He will be in our hearts 💕
Erica McLarty
Erica McLarty 6 gün önce
My favorite Black Jeopardy skit! RIP CB!
Dude Bro
Dude Bro 7 gün önce
Mr. Boseman, you are a role model for all of us. You had a platform and used to to bring love, kindness, and togetherness to all of us, while suffering. And you never made it know. Because doing good was more important than being treated good. You are a hero to me.
Erick Mazur
Erick Mazur 7 gün önce
Yes! Yess!
Jorge Patiño
Jorge Patiño 7 gün önce
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
Oracle Nerd
Oracle Nerd 7 gün önce
rip king
Boot E. Whole
Boot E. Whole 7 gün önce
I miss him.
HeShootsHeScores 7 gün önce
Rest in peace. Chadwick Boseman is a legend, great actor, even better person. And he's one damn great actor.
ThadoS 7 gün önce
damn right prayer should be kept out of schools!
K wayne boy
K wayne boy 9 gün önce
This is canon to the MCU fight me on it.
David Skaar
David Skaar 9 gün önce
That worked out well.
designchik 10 gün önce
Uesta hold margarine. 😂😂😂
Melanie Steele
Melanie Steele 10 gün önce
rip king
society for dumb demons
I never laugh at SNL but this got me good 💀 💀
Michael Zarichny
Michael Zarichny 11 gün önce
Rip Chadwick
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley 11 gün önce
People are grasping at straws and conjuring things that aren't there. Its not that deep. He did a iob
Joe Clayton
Joe Clayton 11 gün önce
people know "Wakanda" doesn't exist right?
James-Earl Bonez
James-Earl Bonez 11 gün önce
Stop being internetty
Jarasi_98 11 gün önce
people realize this is a comedy sketch right? Genius.
Jazz Excess
Jazz Excess 12 gün önce
RIP Chadwick Boseman
Janet Claire
Janet Claire 12 gün önce
This was the best one ever. RIP Chadwick Boseman. Such a tragic loss.
Laura Malek
Laura Malek 13 gün önce
Love how Kenan is like rolling his hands at the end, trying to to help him get the correct "Ah hell naw" answer from him! "Something unnecessary like RAISINS". Too funny.
Madlyn Terry
Madlyn Terry 13 gün önce
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 HOTLOVE.UNO 💜 PRIVATE S*X ​#ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです​!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)​#やっぱり人参最高​!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤​#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです​!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)​#やっぱり人参最高​!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾​
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 13 gün önce
I ain't got it cuz I died, you talking to a ghost.
Sarah Sterly
Sarah Sterly 13 gün önce
he died on my 13th birthday
kaylen06 14 gün önce
All this time later, I still roll my ass off at this skit. Keenan's facial expressions 😆 "I mean...it should be..." 😄 😭
Lily Kramer
Lily Kramer 15 gün önce
You know Shuri would’ve killed at this game
john yurick
john yurick 15 gün önce
Martika Le'shae
Martika Le'shae 15 gün önce
He'll forever be missed ❤ 😢 R.I.H. King🙏🏾💪🏾✊🏾
Daniel Newton
Daniel Newton 15 gün önce
I just don’t get why black people cover their food in so much condiments! My wife does and i always tell her she put too much on the food! She always comes back with white people think salt and pepper is the only thing in the cupboard!
Zeit Geist
Zeit Geist 16 gün önce
Tthis is brilliant!
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 17 gün önce
THis is jello jeopardy
p4rzival 17 gün önce
Uesta hold margarine..lol
Lucy Garrett
Lucy Garrett 18 gün önce
Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman, gone too soon
Marlow Stewart
Marlow Stewart 18 gün önce
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas 19 gün önce
I love my people 😂😂🖤
ROBERT WALKER 19 gün önce
RIP,Chadwick. You were a class act.
m1ckeyd77 19 gün önce
I’d love to see the inverse of this. Hold White Jeopardy and watch people loose their minds. It’d be hilarious, just one time!
tirina nicole
tirina nicole 20 gün önce
This the funniest Black Jepardy yet! T T'chala finally got the hang of the game on that Karen question. RIP Chadwick
R P POKER 22 gün önce
RIP Chad
R P POKER 22 gün önce
To honor grandma 😂
Billy McBride
Billy McBride 22 gün önce
Horrible how bad SNL is now
MissMichSan 23 gün önce
Cranberry sprite is good
justynjonn 24 gün önce
The theme music killed me.
ignatius rudolf Vukicigau
R.i.l King!!!!
TS 24 gün önce
M P 25 gün önce
Perkyclo 25 gün önce
The Boss Dogg
The Boss Dogg 26 gün önce
Chadwick boseman plays tchalla in SNL and Black Panther
HGG 15
HGG 15 26 gün önce
Here is a guy who should have lived. Shakespear can deal in tragedy but not in scope of this loss.
Vincarro 26 gün önce
I love how SNL broke up the clips by the joke
Alexandra Smith
Alexandra Smith 26 gün önce
Howard Uni has a picture of him (Chadwick) outside campus, it always gets me so sad 😪
Tyler Harvey
Tyler Harvey 27 gün önce
I aint got it cuz I died you talking to a ghost 😭😂
Laura Floyd
Laura Floyd 27 gün önce
Chadwick 😥😥
Bonny Fugett
Bonny Fugett 27 gün önce
Chadwick Boseman on Black Jeopardy is priceless. He is missed.
Digital Design and Innovation
What a total an utter embarasment for Chadwick Boseman- I mean he played the part- but they destroyed him
Devyn Kumar
Devyn Kumar 29 gün önce
RIP Chadwick ♥️
Jennifer l c g
Jennifer l c g 29 gün önce
J Hampton
J Hampton 29 gün önce
2021 and I'm late to the party. I just got the "let's go with white people for $400 line. Damnit man
JayRue 29 gün önce
It's funny they added a Coming to America reference by saying "In de face" 😂
Uh oh Tachala!
Bill Potts
Bill Potts Aylar önce
Kenan made this skit.
Nimesh El
Nimesh El Aylar önce
Already seen
powe v
powe v Aylar önce
this is perfect!!!! lol
Ya Boi Jern757
Ya Boi Jern757 Aylar önce
Rip Chad 😭 🙏🏾 Wakanda forever 🙌🏾
Maleviah Aylar önce
RIP King T'Challa!
It is all GOOD
It is all GOOD Aylar önce
CB was such a cool dude
D Aylar önce
RIP Chadwick Boseman. He will always be sorely missed.
Stacia Puryear
Stacia Puryear Aylar önce
Lol please 13yr old lol I need break till 15ish, I am a baby 👶 person I will do everything till five-ish then they need to graduate to a that "works well" with tween ager mom . Just a wild wish can't take drama, I say save it for the stage....
Lilly Bee
Lilly Bee Aylar önce
Such a sad loss. An amazing man
5herry 5
5herry 5 Aylar önce
rip 💔
Kiki DaPiki
Kiki DaPiki Aylar önce
Rest in peace Chadwick 🙏 🕊
D Southerland
D Southerland Aylar önce
I’m white and from the south. We don’t say “fidna “ but instead say “fixina.” Proud of all the tweaks of the English language in the south! I love black Jeopardy!
ynobe Aylar önce
We miss you, King! ❤️🙏🏾
Melinda Duah
Melinda Duah Aylar önce
RIP aw
bigslim185 Aylar önce
Chadwick Boseman what a talent and what a loss
acrawl75 Aylar önce
Love it
LitanyOfBoredom Aylar önce
I genuinely love Black Jeopardy, for the way it wittingly reflects on differences and similarities in our society, like contemporary African Americans vs. traditional African societies, or the often overlooked similarities between modern African Americans and rural white Americans. Comedy at its finest.
Talking Straight with Nate
The last part was the best. He caught on quick
Patricia McDaniels
Patricia McDaniels Aylar önce
One of my favorite episodes of SNL in years 🕊⚘Riparadise king was a true gift of talent
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer Aylar önce
For a white guy I relate to an awful lot of this... Right down to telling a bill collector I was dead haha
Logan M. H.
Logan M. H. Aylar önce
And the potato salad one
M L Aylar önce
A white woman named Karen...LOL
Andrea the Music Owl
I love the faces Kenan makes every time Chad gives an answer
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