Bizarre Journey to the Outer Solar System DOCUMENTARY BOXSET These Planets Continue to Mystify Us

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6 Şub 2021




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Knotty Cookie
Knotty Cookie 3 aylar önce
Honestly? The fact he was able to discover a planet with the tip of his pen and a bunch of math proves he is the rightful person to take such an amazing title. That’s legitimately the most coolest thing I’ve ever heard of. Not even being hyperbolic. I genuinely mean that. As pretty as a wonderful photo is of outer space. There’s something obscenely beautiful about the thought of a man being able to discover with absolute certainty that there is a planet EXACTLY where he said it would be. When he said it would be. Everything. He utilized pretty much the entire understanding of our collective knowledge made over the course of centuries in order to bring it all together and prove that all of those formulae are unquestionably the natural rules of the entire universe. And that we are, indeed, figuring out how the universe is beginning to function. It’s just… I dunno. That does something in my head that makes me feel fuzzier than any astronomy picture- Except M87 and Sag. A black holes because they did the exact same thing. We used the entire earth as a lens, and compiled impossible amounts of data through human ingenuity and creativity to give ourselves an otherwise impossible object, and used all of our understanding to record the data of an actual, real black hole and it not only was where we thought it was. It behaved how we hypothesized it would behave. And LOOKED how we hypothesized it would look. Why am I starting to cry jfc
Tony Buckley
Tony Buckley Aylar önce
yea humans , strange creatures.. capable of such amazing and horrific things in equal measure
Travis Parker
Travis Parker Aylar önce
This is like Double Rainbow All The Way, nerd version, and I'm totally cool with it. Magic has nothing on math and science.
Linda Seel
Linda Seel Aylar önce
Beautifully well said. 😊
Drive Laken
Drive Laken Aylar önce
Herr Lehrer
Herr Lehrer 11 aylar önce
"Well, quite wonderfully, we still don't know." So nicely put and I love it when scientists have no problem pointing out that there's things they don't know. Great narration, by the way!
Bretton Ferguson
Bretton Ferguson Aylar önce
Yes. Some scientists can't form the words "We don't know".
JarjTheJargj Aylar önce
Huh?? I thought scientists know everything about everything? 😝
Gribbo9999 Aylar önce
@What's Next On the same theme I know a lot about what's inside Uranus (a long way away) but know very little about what is inside my anus (very close). To quote MIB I, "You humans have no idea size doesn't matter". Sometimes vast things can be understood when small things can't.
Durgesh Negi
Durgesh Negi 2 aylar önce
DinosaurStars 2 aylar önce
Mayan built a building to track Uranus. You need more omega 3s....simply settle down and learn more
James Renschen
James Renschen 11 aylar önce
Good heavens! This was a neuron firing extravaganza! I watched as if my mouth was agape, during the entirety of this information deluge. I watched this in bits over three evenings. On this third and final night I just kept thinking how I wanted to share this with every curious mind I've met in life. There is so much information I'll have to rewatch this-- but I was nearly in tears with the volume of knowledge I gained watching this story. Thank you for the mind altering and enriching details. I can't wait to share, and rewatch.
Peaches 2 aylar önce
James. I love your wording. Very eloquently written. What an incredible series to watch ❤️
Tim B
Tim B Yıl önce
As much as I love to watch (and rewatch) a good documentary (from war to history to nature to astronomy), this is the best doc I have ever watched. I would not have been shocked to find Ken Burns had a hand in it, it has so much depth and information. I have watched it 4-5 times this month and look forward to many, many future viewings. Spectacular in every way.
Matthew Glosser
Matthew Glosser 4 aylar önce
You spent 20 hours watching this documentary in October? It’s only the 5th !
kentuky123 4 aylar önce
You mentioning Ken Burns just made me give this video a go. Let's see now if it holds up to that name. - Elisha Hunt Rhodes.
desertrose@73 4 aylar önce
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson Yıl önce
Glad to know somebody else watches the same documentary multiple times. I do that too. I can't absorb the whole thing in one viewing. And this is so well done that it doesn't get old after one time. It's a topic that I love and an amazingly well done film. An rare occasion indeed. I will happily watch it again. I may watch it a half dozen times or more. That is what I do. Glad someone else gets that too.
Tim Woodward
Tim Woodward Yıl önce
This was done perfectly. I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderfully drawn out, well explained and very accurately detailed documentary of sorts. I have watched and listened to countless pieces regarding the cosmos and I must say.. none of them have come even remotely close to how well rounded and lengthy and informative that this has been. I have watched this and listened to this probably three dozen times. I often listen to it as I lay down to drift off to sleep but I always started off in a different place. Thank you again.
bamboofort 10 aylar önce
Exact same for me. Best sleep story and voice ever.
david mansoor
david mansoor 10 aylar önce
Pieces? Come down if your high horse. They are documentaries or content. Take it easy. Ur excitement offends me.
mine Alsomine
mine Alsomine 11 aylar önce
Perfectly?!? Please if you call multiple mispronunciations of simple words perfect you fail at understanding what perfection is supposed to be
wangson 11 aylar önce
Same here!
Joseph Young
Joseph Young Yıl önce
Oi I k8
Daren Stroud
Daren Stroud 6 aylar önce
I know for the most part, the theory that Mercury collided with Venus has been ruled out mostly due to the fact that Venus has no moon. I however still believe this is what happened. It would answer some questions about the two planets like what happened to the rest of Mercury's crust and what caused the rotation of Venus to dramatically slow to last 243 Earth days. I believe there is actually more evidence to support a Mercury Venus collision than not. There are so many possibilities that could explain the absence of a moon. The velocity of the planets during collision. The angel of the collision. How close the two planets were to the sun at the time of collision. It's possible that Venus was much closer to the sun at the time of impact with Mercury starting out between Mars and Jupiter when Jupiter caused a dramatic shift in the orbit of Mercury. Then the collision between the two planets slowed Mercury enough to settle into its stable orbit as the closest planet to the sun but in the process lost a good chunk of its crust to Venus. And Venus was given a boost in its orbital speed to help push it further out until it too settled into it stable orbit. Any debris from the collision would have either settled back onto Venus with small amounts onto Mercury. Any remaining debris would have eventually been gravitationally pulled into the sun as Venus exits the local area. It's even possible that some debris could still be orbiting the sun but it is so small and so extremely close to the sun it is next to impossible to see or even locate with our current technology. I would be interested to knowing if anyone else agrees with me.
Kevin G
Kevin G Aylar önce
but then shouldn't one of them have rings like Saturn?
scruffypuppy 11 aylar önce
This documentary is sheer art. Everything about it was carefully thought out and it shows. The visuals, the music...even the volume of both the speaker and the music is in perfect balance. The narrator's calming, clear voice combined with the fantastic yet non-distracting soundtrack pull you in and create a sense of wonder, and sometimes even a bit of panic when you realize the depth of what he is saying. Thank you for this gift of knowledge and entertainment.
Michael Singleton
Michael Singleton 2 aylar önce
Yeah it's great I use these type videos to sleep to
Alex Goncalves
Alex Goncalves 3 aylar önce
well said, you summed it up perfectly
OttrPop 3 aylar önce
i agree.
Thalassa Yıl önce
What a wonderful production. It checks every box on my documentary checklist and adds a new box or two. Thank you so much. I am so tired of the current breed of science documentary that adds very little in the way of new knowledge and relies on CGI to keep the average viewer interested. The 4 hours long time span seems much shorter, because of the entertaining delivery by the narrator and material delivered. Thanks again and I look forward to finding more of this style in the future.
Mike Frederick
Mike Frederick 11 aylar önce
Thank you. You have saved me writing my own review. I just loved this.
Tommy Flowers
Tommy Flowers 4 aylar önce
I'm honestly, blown away. This is one of the greatest documentaries I've ever watched. Looking forward to more from this well talented creator!
Drive Laken
Drive Laken 2 aylar önce
@Timothy Flowers I don't think you're being honest, at all. Where'd the wind come from, Mr. Flowers?
Anthony Caserta
Anthony Caserta 3 aylar önce
@Lew Minati it's sad that I don't want to believe you, but deep down I know the odds are in your favor..
Lew Minati
Lew Minati 3 aylar önce
This "documentary" is not what it seems. It's just the audiobook of "Human Universe" by Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen with pictures added. Why are no acknowledgments given anywhere to the authors or the book? It all seems very dodgy to me.
wise guy
wise guy 4 aylar önce
T iu
wise guy
wise guy 4 aylar önce
This “creator” is likely a television production crew and this collection of docs was repurposed from TV, probably 10-15 years old. Doesn’t detract from the quality and epicness of this.
quetzalcoatlz Yıl önce
This doc is phenomenal. One of the greatest space docs that I've ever come across on TRvid. I couldn't believe how informative this was, covered each planet in our solar system!
Jamez Trainwreck
Jamez Trainwreck Yıl önce
Soo much info! Iv watched maybe a hundred docs about space alone, and none had all the info this had, and all of them pretty much had the same information, so that I thought that's all the info we ever got about anything in space! This taught me sooo much that others didn't even come close to mentioning. Best space doc , as far as information, on TRvid by far.
John Hlavaty
John Hlavaty 9 aylar önce
Perhaps the finest documentary on the interconnected relationship between the Earth, Mars, the solar system and our galaxy. The overall effect is a master class unifying the physical sciences.
Devon Mizar
Devon Mizar 3 aylar önce
Thanks so much for making this. I watched many videos about the topic covered, but frequently the small details were not covered. The way the information was delivered through the timeline was wonderful, and I loved the connection to the teams that received the info.
Anthony Alessi
Anthony Alessi 10 aylar önce
Utterly brilliant documentary. Arguably the best I've ever seen in my life, and I spend quite some time watching them. The narration is outstanding as well. Where can I stream or buy the entirety of this series of videos, uninterrupted? I'd gladly pay for the full set.
jeffdumm1 5 aylar önce
This is a great presentation, incredibly good and informative. The only other one I'm familiar with that I think is this great is the original Cosmos series by Carl Sagan. I hope you see that too if you haven't, and like it at least nearly as much as this one if not more.
Anthony Alessi
Anthony Alessi 8 aylar önce
@Goodfella Productions I laughed very hard at this, not least of all because that's nearly exactly what I did. You sir, know how to live.
Goodfella Productions
Goodfella Productions 9 aylar önce
try listening while playing no mans sky in VR high as a kite...its sublime
Graham Fisher
Graham Fisher 3 aylar önce
This is breath taking.. completely just explained everything in a way that I never once didnt know what was being said. a thought.. with Mercury being basically a iron ball ! is it possible ? 1:13 whatever hit the planet, (leaving that huge creater), made the "iron" planet vibrate so extremely violently, its outer ĺayers shattered off.. then.. the massive object impacting is possibly what could have caused Mercury to move away from the sun and being Iron would that impact have caused the planets shock waves to spread out across the universe the New layers were formed during its journey to its current position.. just thoughts. This has got to be the best video on TRvid.
Suzie B
Suzie B Yıl önce
Amazing! What collectively some humans can acheive and understand is quite astounding and can understand the saying "Beyond our understanding" there is so much out there, we will never learn about it all but the fact we keep trying says something about us mere mortals.
Jackie Perkins
Jackie Perkins 6 aylar önce
Such brilliant documentaries cure the blues, help relax during a sleepless night and restore my faith in the human race. THANK YOU!
Brian Waltman
Brian Waltman 7 aylar önce
I love when a doc doesn't treat it's audience as idiots.
Geoplanet Jane
Geoplanet Jane 3 aylar önce
Its, not it’s
Poloska 2 aylar önce
Wonderful documentary! Very full of information and to the point, not fluffy, calm, overall nice, one can learn a ton from this. Thank you for making this 👍 ‘twas a pleasure to watch!
Mountain Fisher
Mountain Fisher Aylar önce
Why didn't the Earth turn into a Venusian hellscape if what we're taught our planet was like is true. It is taught Earth had no free oxygen to oxidize the building blocks of life, but had a reducing atmosphere. But that is nonsense, any planet covered with water H2O would have plenty of free roaming O2, enough to block the formation of life according to the materialist creation myth. Even .5% O2 in the atmosphere would saturate the oceans with dissolved O2. (look it up) This video is bogus on so many counts. Life on Earth started according to fossils 3.6 billion years ago and the video never mentions that there were much higher levels of CO2 in the past, recent geologically, a mere 100,000 years ago CO2 was over 1000 ppm and we had an ice age. This video is Climate Change propaganda. That first fossil life form was photosynthetic and turned our atmosphere into what we have now. City heat islands are what is causing temperature rise most likely, that's where all the temperature records are set. Look at the "Light Pollution Map" astronomers use if you doubt it.
thats hott aye
thats hott aye Yıl önce
I have yet to make it to the end without falling asleep. 🥰 So amazingly calming to an exhausted soul. 🙏
biotechdanc 4 aylar önce
It is not because it is boring, the cadence is perfect and the music is muted down to allow the narration to be clear. I really enjoyed this one. Just takes a few nights to get through each part.
Always Hungry
Always Hungry 9 aylar önce
I feel ya
Jason Spades
Jason Spades 10 aylar önce
I barely make it past the introduction.
Jim jimmy jam
Jim jimmy jam Yıl önce
This video has quickly become my favorite. I have watched it a dozen times now and still find it absolutely fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing this
voracious reader
voracious reader 6 aylar önce
This is an amazing conversation to watch again and again! Ms. Lamb (such a great surname!) is such an articulate and thoughtful storyteller that it’s wonderful to hear what she has to say….just because you really love what a dancer brings to his/her art, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they will have much to say about the _process_ of ballet. Ms. Lamb does, and it’s very refreshing to hear her views!
Andrue Armstrong
Andrue Armstrong 15 gün önce
Very informative, accurate, and well produced. 10/10.
What a wonderfully thorough, engaging, and thoughtful take on the subject. A high note, on a subject that encompasses and governs us, yet difficult to tackle subltely and understandably. Thank you for your undertaking.
Phyllis 2 aylar önce
So enjoyed this. What an exciting time to be alive. The overwhelming number of humans are still literally just coming out of the cave, and yet we. have Voyager!!!
My Aspyre
My Aspyre 2 aylar önce
One of the mysteries New Horizons brought us from its visit to Pluto was the discovery that Pluto, despite being "tiny" and so far from the sun, displayed active thermal geology. Although not directly proved, Pluto has shown signs that it may be warm enough to have liquid water underneath its surface, and hence the possibility of life in the same range that Europa or Enceledus might. The mystery? Where does that heat come from? It was thought that the residual heat from its formation would have long ago extinguished. One of the proposed theories is its moon Charon. Other than the Earth/Moon system, the Pluto/Charon system is the only other known example of two objects large enough to reach hydrostatic equalibrium and within significantly comparable to one another. Pluto and Charon's relative size is closer than that of Earth and its moon, and the orbital barometer is outside the two whereas the Earth/Moon barricenter is inside Earth. As Charon and Pluto orbit each other, the theory goes, the tidal forces between the two is keeping Pluto warm. If the theory holds, the same thing is most likely to be happening on Charon as well. This opens the possibility of liquid water on more distant and possibly older pairs of objects of a large enough size that orbiting each other. I'm not sure how masive those two objects have to be but if the theory holds, it may play out that this is another phenomenon that kicks in when objects are large enough to reach hydrostatic equilibrium. This is something we learned because at the time of the New Horizon's launch, Pluto was still considered a planet, and hence rated a budget that would include a probe being sent to it. Sadly, because of its downgrading, any future missions are doubtful and mysteries of one of the more interesting objects in the solar system will remain unresolved.
Jim Fuge
Jim Fuge 2 aylar önce
This is a wonderful series and I stumbled across it or the algorithms delivered it to my door. I especially enjoy the scientific prose poetry that it is written in and the calm British accent with which it is delivered.
Graham Sawyer
Graham Sawyer Yıl önce
narrator has the perfect voice for this subject - these are some of the best space documentaries out there.
Dozzio Calseeo
Dozzio Calseeo Yıl önce
This is an absolutely phenomenal documentary, so well done.
Dozzio Calseeo
Dozzio Calseeo 11 aylar önce
Caleb F
Caleb F 11 aylar önce
So informative and relaxing. It helps take me away from everyday life as well.
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Glad you enjoy it!
Cliff Campbell
Cliff Campbell Yıl önce
Are we still sure that the visible light spectrum is very narrow (when compared to the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums)? We can detect the colors of red, green and blue (and the almost endless combinations of those 3 colors) because of the 3 receptors they have but what if we had more receptors? Or if our eye receptors detected colors that weren't red, green and blue. There are a lot of carnivore species that see everything in black and white where pit vipers and mosquitoes can detect in the infrared spectrum but jumping spiders (
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander 10 aylar önce
I agree. I want to see what the Mantis Shrimp sees
MichaelC Copeland Sr
MichaelC Copeland Sr 7 aylar önce
I truly LOVE how it's not 100% impossible for the movie, "Star Trek: the Motion Picture," to actually still happen. Go, Vyger, Go! As it should be
Suzanne Brown
Suzanne Brown Yıl önce
Amazing explanations and determinations based on virtual visualizations “from a distance”. The information inferred from the examination of live photographic representations will mean that “if and when humanity can get itself together and cooperate with the countries of the world to collaborate, pool its financial resources, work together and listen to one another regardless of any differences in our culture, we can eventually construct a spacecraft with an advanced propulsion system capable of bending spacetime to travel quickly, thus saving money to spend on traveling for years to reach planets in our solar system, we can land on Mars or other planets with enough foreknowledge to know what we need to do to establish a temporary living situation while working out the logistics of creating an atmosphere we can breathe and construction of buildings for living and working and how and where to grow trees and plants and what animals can live on the planet. Terraforming, but without destroying any life that may be living underground. By that time, we should have learned how to enhance proteins into meat, fish, and other foods without slaughtering any animals or all be vegetarians.
Slim Times L.L.C
Slim Times L.L.C Yıl önce
You have to research and all first me personally I think space is to big to figure out in a lifetime on top of we talking Billions of dollars for 1 mission 🤔 so will we ever do the star trek thing might be already 🤔 like the space station its traffic up there or something they servicing other people? and if so they are not coming back and if so they are never ever going to talk about it that's a fact but you would get a good movie about it i mean it looks and sounds good but space is just to BIG on that note everything ain't to be figured out......🤔 unless they know something we don't get everybody looking left while they on the right doing some slick shit..imagine traveling thru space knowing you ain't coming back because it's that BIG 'IT'S SPACE' on top of not knowing what to expect but think you do be good all........✌️ ..
Blue hills Tablet
I fully agree with you, if all countries could come together and invest in this, we can make these planets habitable.
NicTheGreek1979 Yıl önce
Nah but waycissum innit bro.
Nonflushableturd Yıl önce
That’s a lot of words
Peter Gonzalez
Peter Gonzalez Yıl önce
From the moment I started to watch it, I could not leave or stop! The presentation became magnetic! Clear, precise from beginning to end! What a joy to watch and understand a bit!
KayErin 9 aylar önce
@Tim Woodward That has been my experience as well. It's so interesting I listen for hours!
Pseudonayme 77
Pseudonayme 77 Yıl önce
A very honest addendum at the end there, congrats. Nobody knows everything, and it's nice to hear someone admit that 👍🙂
Saifallah Abuas3ad
Totally right father 🤗
Leah Seals
Leah Seals Yıl önce
@Tim Woodward can
Bonnie Beats
Bonnie Beats Yıl önce
@Btugs Btugs 10 to 8 in the morning for me, just been awake all night with the Jake Paul & T Wood fight, I'm far too wrapped into this to turn it off lol, n it goes on for years😂
DADDY -O Yıl önce
I must give great thanks and express my admiration to the writers of this documentary as well as the man who gave it a voice. Both have done a wonderful job and have created one of the best documentaries I have ever encountered. My hat is off to you. AMAZING WELL UNDERSTOOD. I have watched it twice. Not due to any confusion, but because it was so well done.
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Wow, thank you!
BornFree Yıl önce
SERIOUSLY, so many programs are punched up these days with irrelevant B-roll, obvious/known information, and pointless suspense; this one is refreshing. I LOVE THIS PRODUCTION! I wish programs like this make it back mainstream on streaming sites. Even Curiositystream is failing to overproduced educational shows. They'll probably just do reality shows too, like all the other ones (History Chan, TLC, Discovery Chan...) by 2024.
C.S. Horn
C.S. Horn 11 aylar önce
This is main stream now. I and apparently you are old and its hard to grasp that those dinosaur cable networks you mentioned are dying. Give it 20 years and that shit ends up the same place as the Dumont network.
Kirk Williams
Kirk Williams Yıl önce
Studies revealed that the Sun is loses 1 mile every year. If this is so ,it was 93 million miles from the Earth, how long ago since this as been happening? How many miles is The Sun from the earth now?
Kirk Williams
Kirk Williams Yıl önce
NASA, please expand, the reason why Mars was wet ,and freezing 3 1/2Billion years ago, was rainfall detected?.
Kirk Williams
Kirk Williams Yıl önce
Good teaching skills
Kirk Williams
Kirk Williams Yıl önce
As any tree roots are grass roots was found in your searches,?If the Answers is yes, that is why we would believe that life was once existed.
zoomzoom885 Yıl önce
I’d love to go into space just to see our planet the way astronauts see it. Only problem Is I’m no good with heights or travelling and seeing our planet I’d get home sick knowing my family was on earth so I’m thanking those for making these vids
Carsten René Kjærulff
Absolutely loved this video....so far I've only one issue...at 37:52 it's stated that the sun will go from a white dwarf to a brown dwarf.....brown dwarf are failed stars not big enough to undergo the fusion state to become a red dwarf star. The sun will end its life shining as a white dwarf for 10s or even 100s of billion of years until it simply doesn't emit any heat and will become a black dwarf star. A dead, cold and black star.
Stitchd Yıl önce
all of these long space videos help me fall asleep when I struggle I thank you kosmo for sharing something I’m interested in as well as helping me sleep
John Doppleguard
John Doppleguard 4 aylar önce
Um.. Sure....? Really? We believe you Tina Marie wicked witch of missoura! Sure we do.........🙈🙊🙉😯👏
Luca-Sky Ghio
Luca-Sky Ghio 7 aylar önce
Bro your like me
DurkaDurka2011 7 aylar önce
@Zenji I do the exact same thing! I would really like to know the background music too. Do you or anyone else know what the music is called?
Zenji 11 aylar önce
i listen to 3 of these videos on repeat during the week to sleep, can anyone recommend similar soothing/interesting space docs with good narration?? would really appreciate it!!
Mark B
Mark B 11 aylar önce
Indeed. The narration is very soothing. 😌
Bruce H.
Bruce H. Yıl önce
I really like these videos. With each view I pick up something new and interesting. The utter vastness of the universe I'm still trying to get my head around.
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Cool, thanks
James Leigh Davis
Ps: I tried to do the maths for calculating where the space station was/is. .... I failed miserably lol but so glad you put those formulas out there!! Thanks again for the amazing content!!!
DTTV - Quantum Universe
You can do it!
shane henderson
shane henderson Yıl önce
I LOVE listening to these videos while working. Keeps mind off of time and the day seems shorter because of the very interesting distraction... thank you DTTV
Christine Robinson
We are still arguing about Pluto's planet-or-moon status. I say planet. So it's tiny, so what? So it used to be somebody's moon, so what?? It's not anybody's moon anymore, it grew up, it left home! It is independent. It follows its own orbit. Just because it is the "little person" of the planets, it is nonetheless an independent individual that marches to its own drummer and deserves to be classified as a planet. Case closed. So there.
Trevor Partington
What a brilliant video, not dumbed down for the slowest to get a grasp but diret and spot on film making . Good on you
Randall Parker
Randall Parker Yıl önce
Enjoyed this documentary. Thinking about space and it's distances just reminds me of what "bugs on the windshield" we are. So small but yet think we are mighty.
Sukbadai Monghol
Sukbadai Monghol Yıl önce
I learn more from this wonderful documentary than I do in class room.
Rhiannon Williams
As an astrobiologist, this is damn good!
Kenneth Richardson
Every now and then on TRvid I come across gems such as this broadcast; thank you DTTV....
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Yıl önce
The combination of the soothing background music, the dreamy imagery, the fantastic writing, the silky-smooth and honey-rich voice, delivered in that wonderfully clean and sophisticated English accent, makes this an absolute joy of an experience.
Michael Fuller
Michael Fuller Yıl önce
@Johanna Geisel I couldn't agree with you more. Thank 😊 you for connecting the two calming TRvidr!
Michael Fuller
Michael Fuller Yıl önce
Dark Matter writes wonderfully!
Johanna Geisel
Johanna Geisel Yıl önce
If you like this style, I strongly recommend the channel "ParallaxNick" to you. He makes videos about the history of astronomical discoveries and has a very similar narrative style to this video here.
Neognostic 1982
Neognostic 1982 2 aylar önce
This is truly bizarre. Everyone keeps describing this as a "documentary". It's not even close. Documentaries have structure. Instead, this feels more like some stream-of-conscious style audio delivery of part of a Nature periodical that we are coming into when it's already part way through - and it comes to an end even more abrubtly than it starts - as if the video cuts out before it reaches the final conclusions. It just suddenly ends as it has perpetually moved throughout the whole duration. Rather like the stories we only partially catch in our dreams, this production illustrates no clear goals, supplies us with no concise introduction, middle or conclusion. It just throws us somewhere in the middle of something and has us bask there. It's a solid 3 AND A HALF HOUR LONG block of astronomy, roughly 2 and a half hours longer then anyone's brain is designed to give something 100% of it's full attention for, so sadly most of it can't be taken on board in a single session, unless you're already very familiar with most of the material already (lucky for me). I wouldn't put this in the same category as one of "Cool Worlds" video series - which are structured more to feel like a genuine TRvid documentary series. I don't really know what to call this - the insane length, the dream-sequence-esque lack of structure, combined with the cadence of the narrator is practically putting this on the verge of being classed as pure ASMR, for people soothed by raw knowledge on the subject of astronomy. If that was the intended goal, I guess it's done a bloody good job as the number of people reporting they fell asleep before it even finished - just like your average 3 hr long ASMR video - is staggering. I'm not saying I don't like this, I kinda do. I just don't know where on Earth I'm supposed to place it. Is it educational? A sleeping aid? Something to watch only when high? Or all 3?
Bahji 10 aylar önce
We are so incredibly small. In a universe full of giants that live billions of years, it’s difficult to see the meaning in our existence.
greek 79
greek 79 10 aylar önce
Information packed, thank you for this amazing documentary 👏
Jason Spades
Jason Spades Yıl önce
This = What a science documentary is supposed to be.
Terry Butler
Terry Butler Yıl önce
Best documentary I've seen in a long time. Thanks
j gunther
j gunther Yıl önce
I really wanted to enjoy it but I couldn't take them talking about photographs but showing us these renderings instead
ken engler
ken engler 10 aylar önce
When they wondered why Neptune was more blue with less methane, I wondered if it because of the high winds? Even if there's less methane to reflect the light in the blue shade, maybe the fact that when you look at one spot, the speed of the wind brings a lot of methane across the spot you're looking at. So if the winds are two hundred times as fast, when you look at the planet you are seeing 200 times more methane than is actually there, or more precisely it reflects a blue color 200 times more efficiently than the amount of methane would predict
w71 w72
w71 w72 10 aylar önce
Then wouldn't the coloring be banded showing areas of higher and lower winds? Maybe it is...
Moira Atkinson
Moira Atkinson 4 aylar önce
“we are all linguists on a continent with no language”. Woke up to this video, where the algorithm sent me. after falling asleep to a mountaineering disaster video. Well put together, but I agree with the person who said it was a pity it hadn’t stayed factual.
Benjamin Flagg
Benjamin Flagg Yıl önce
This is sincerely one of the most, if not THE most, well-written, narrated, and edited videos of its type I have ever seen. Amazing. Well done, and thank you 🙂
Unknown Caller
Unknown Caller 2 aylar önce
I watch this every night So I can fall asleep. Literally every night. It’s wonderful.
Christopher Foster
Christopher Foster 2 aylar önce
The writing is fantastic! Amazing video. I can't wait to watch/listen to the rest of this creator's videos. If you prefer it also makes a great audio program. Thank you!
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Wow, thank you!
Elke S
Elke S 10 aylar önce
It breaks my heart that Venus and mercury had moments of being earth-like planets
Steve-o 11 aylar önce
Mars magnetosphere switches off highly unlikely, but I won't be going there too check it out. The likelihood of this of this happening is .000000369 to the ninth power...
Lefty2guns616 Doeman
Lefty2guns616 Doeman 11 aylar önce
This is my absolute favorite documentary I've ever seen, thank you for sharing.
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Wow, thank you!
Celia YAHCCS 10 aylar önce
Very well explained. Excellent commentary - well thought out words and very clearly spoken. The background music is a little bit mind-numbing and sleep-inducing, but at least it doesn't drown out the speech. I wish all documentary background music was either non-existent during the speech or much quieter - like this or quieter. Too many docs (and ads!) are ruined by overpowering or hypnotic background music that makes the speech hard to listen to and concentrate on.
Chris Yıl önce
Yeah this one is absolutely perfectly done. Thank you!
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones Yıl önce
Brilliant documentary, with the wealth of information put across in an easily digestible and interesting, entertaining way. I couldn't pull away from watching it. Thank you. 👍👍👍
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Glad you enjoyed it!
mkhachfe 3 aylar önce
What an amazing video. I'm so glad it just popped up in my recommendations. Amazing amazing video. I've seen countless documentaries in the solar system and this was one of the best. Thank you!
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder 3 aylar önce
I have a theory. Maybe the heat comes from chemical reactions happening down on the surface of the planet. Like big chemical reactions
T H 10 aylar önce
This has been my newest go to video to help me sleep. It's wonderful! Thank you 😊
Troy Peace
Troy Peace 5 aylar önce
Space ✅️ Calm well spoken narrator ✅️ Gentle background music ✅️ We found us something to pass out to and pretend i'm learning
shawn douglass
shawn douglass 5 aylar önce
I've been trying to find some video that will play for most of the night to help me sleep. I think I've found it, thank you Poster. 😉😘
christopher kettler
christopher kettler 11 aylar önce
When you think about the vastness of the universe it's impossible for us to be alone but when you consider all that had to line up planets, the size and energy of our sun,water comets that struck the earth,etc,etc.....it doesn't seem a likely outcome for other planetary systems with so many things that need to be perfect
Mogotes Yıl önce
Very thankful to have found this channel, I absolutely love the documentaries posted on it. Thank you!
DBM Yıl önce
I always come back to this video. It's full of information and just keep me keen on learning more. Every time I watch it, I learn something new. Thank you
Robert Boswell
Robert Boswell 3 aylar önce
Certainly an interesting video, however I do have a criticism with regards to the length of time dedicated to Mars. Going to Mars would certainly be interesting as would going to any place in the Solar System, however building anything on Mars has the exact same challenges as building on the moon with a much higher expense of human effort (forget about monetary cost for the moment). Almost no atmosphere, and no chance to Terra-form an atmosphere Mars for humanity is always going to be a temporary and tragic experiment. So in short we need to fix humanity prior to reaching out beyond earth. Seriously make some hard decisions and get it done in the next few generations or we are simply pooched, and we would deserve our fate. The decisions needed to be made are simple and the execution (pardon the pun) will need to be quick and brutal and if anyone is wondering what those decisions are - THINK! The end goal prior to leaving earth is 100 millions humans on earth total who have absolutely no religious affiliation's. That is a simple and doable goal to save us from extinction and allow for our knowledge to be retained (well except for religious nonsense) so we can step forward.
Victor 10 aylar önce
Thanks to the whole team for creating this wonderful documentary.
nate serfass
nate serfass 2 aylar önce
Is it possible that mercury is what created the inner asteroid field? That would explain the size of the core, and it’s activity. The crater could be a scar from a collision with something
Sy Rea
Sy Rea 3 aylar önce
Documentary is utterly fantastic. Adverts every 5 minutes not so much.
Knotty Cookie
Knotty Cookie 3 aylar önce
Afaik if there’s a yellow mark, it’s an ad by the creator. If one just plays it’s an ad by TRvid. I see zero yellow marks in this bar
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Yıl önce
Awesome is the word I'd use to describe this Documentary. Understanding outer-space or the Solar System entirely requires us to know Oxygen isn't available and that the Sun will eventually burn up all the planets.
T R Yıl önce
Not awesome.
patricia thomas
patricia thomas Yıl önce
Not any time soon lol✨💫
Michael Fuller
Michael Fuller Yıl önce
Smooth, calming, intelligent, and very much appreciated. Thank you!
Mack JSM
Mack JSM 4 aylar önce
WOW... this was SUPER detailed... finally a GREAT science show.. THANK YOU.
S. J Tha
S. J Tha 11 aylar önce
Wonderful and so well done! I truly enjoyed it, I remember the awe of seeing Triton as it came through the JPL live feed. (At that time, our local Public TV station broadcast the live feed!). This brings back those memories. Neptune has been my favorite planet ever since!
daniel davey
daniel davey 8 aylar önce
Outstanding doc, narrator has the perfect voice for this, thank you so much guys
Peter Stawicki
Peter Stawicki Yıl önce
So if we were able to find something very very large and very very reflective out in space and we were to able to point our new telescope or maybe our Hubble telescope at that large reflective item we could look back at ourselves and potentially we could look back at Mars as it previously had been and Venus has a previously had been and get a better idea as to their orbits their temperatures and get a better idea of what may have happened to them
Done เที่ยวใหนดี ທ່ງວໃສດີ
I love to watch this is my favorite to watch ❤️❤️❤️
InsanityDefined 4 aylar önce
Such a well made video. Thank you so much.
Michael Owens
Michael Owens Yıl önce
It's amazing to see those geezers so far away.
mommamogel 2
mommamogel 2 7 aylar önce
BisabillWilliam William
Such. a detailed and in-depth program, it’s a program you will have to watch over & over again.to try & take all the knowledge it covered. Excellent 5🌟 Production & Narration!
Uber Malice
Uber Malice Yıl önce
3 and a half hours went by quickly. I truly enjoyed watching this, so much in fact that I subbed. Looking forward to more great content like this.
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Awesome, thank you!
Popa Cosmin
Popa Cosmin 11 aylar önce
I am so glad i found this channel the quality and presentation is just amazing👍
Michael B
Michael B 5 aylar önce
Just wanna say thanks to the camera man who risked his life to get this footage 🙏
bpdubb Yıl önce
I’ve fallen asleep to this for the last month. Something is wrong with me. But thank you nonetheless.
w71 w72
w71 w72 10 aylar önce
What is wrong with you?
John Dough
John Dough 3 aylar önce
Thank you, Vision, for taking a busy day off from fighting with the Avengers to narrate this.👍
TechRyze Yıl önce
These are so good to relax and fall asleep to. Love playing them next to my bed, and just listening. Fantastic narration. So many TRvid videos sound so annoying!
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Glad you enjoy it!
Space Walk
Space Walk Yıl önce
Our own solar system is a vast place, yet you brought this into every listener/watcher home with pin point accuracy. I love the way you present each world, with care for detailed information that are based on facts and what we know. I can also see your distinct love for the "red planet". You are truly a master who made a masterpiece here. On behalf of all of your subscribers I like to thank you for the amount of time, energy and love you have put into this amazing and state of the art documentary.
Wezlo Selects
Wezlo Selects Yıl önce
I would agree.
Leslie Christensen
Leslie Christensen Aylar önce
This is really, really awesome right now. Thank you for sharing this here!!!
ivorytabs Yıl önce
This video is the BEST, most comprehensive video made about our universe....EVER!!
Steve H
Steve H Yıl önce
This video is brilliant. Detailed, interesting and informative. Also it’s great to fall asleep whilst listening to.
DTTV - Quantum Universe
Glad it was helpful!
Charles Zorn
Charles Zorn Yıl önce
Can you imagine what it must sound like on Neptune with supersonic winds blowing all the time?
Calamity Yıl önce
Wut u IQ and EQ
Robert S
Robert S Yıl önce
I'm curious that perhaps the sounds would be inaudible. With the winds being so fast, the vibrations they induce could likely be beyond human hearing. It would be even more amazing to stand inside a silent hurricane!
Mila Rovas
Mila Rovas Yıl önce
Sounds like this, "aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"
Scott Richardson
Scott Richardson Yıl önce
Just like the AC unit in a MOTEL6!
Small Pseudonym
Small Pseudonym 11 aylar önce
I wish the figures given at 8:00 were a bit more sussed out. Initially I thought there might be a narrative issue. After all, Neptune receives 0.4x the light of Uranus. Uranus is radiating 1.1x of it's received light energy. Neptune is radiating 2.6x of it's received light. And that's given as evidence of being more active. This tricks the intuition, because Neptune's 2.6x is of a lower incoming value. Since Neptune receives only 0.4x as much light to begin with; 0.4*2.6 = 1.04. Which in absolute terms means it's actually radiating *less total energy* into space than Uranus is. So why is it considered active if Uranus isn't? Well, if we subtract their incoming respective light energy from their respective totals to determine their actual differential -- Uranus is "generating" 10% "UIEA" (Uranus Incoming Energy Equivalents), while Neptune is "generating" 64% UIEA. Which is to say, Neptune is generating 6x more of it's own energy from non-solar sources than Uranus.
jubed Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this video. I have trouble getting to sleep and distracting my mind and this always helps me focus on the video and drift to sleep. I've watched this several times now when I feel agitated and it always helps to calm me.
Ed Cliffe
Ed Cliffe Yıl önce
Dune-style wind traps would have to be built to extract the water from the air, thinning the atmosphere again and storing precious water in cooler places below ground. Maybe we will have to become Fremen in the distant future.
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