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One of the great many dishes that's kept me up a great many sleepless night, the tortilla chip sombrero poses both logistical and moral challenges. With the help of our amazing kitchen producer Kendall Beach (and a dozen-or-so failed prototypes), it's finally here: one continuous tortilla chip shaped like a sombrero. Or kind of a bowler hat. Plus a quick vidya chat with @Joshua Weissman !

Recipe: www.bingingwithbabish.com/rec...

Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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4 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Babish Culinary Universe
Trust me when I say I was torn between this and a Star Wars dish - May the 4th be with you all today
Kapteeni Korkki
Kapteeni Korkki 2 gün önce
What is your pepper grinder, you twisted once and the pepper blotted the sun out! That's nice!
Kevin Nordle
Kevin Nordle 10 gün önce
Hey man seriously thank you for being there through the pandemic. And thank you for making content like this.
Anny Poco
Anny Poco 10 gün önce
Anny Poco
Anny Poco 10 gün önce
Anny Poco
Anny Poco 10 gün önce
Red The Guardian
Red The Guardian Saatler önce
You're an absolute madman and I adore it.
Vojtěch Hájíček
Vojtěch Hájíček 2 saatler önce
You are a remarkable human being
Typh00nCycl0ned 4 saatler önce
I always thought this looked delicious and hope to make it IRL one day
Matt 2112
Matt 2112 9 saatler önce
This better be available at the babish food truck at the Arizona State fair this year. Get to work we are all counting on you
les délires de spartafrite
Is it just me or that missed some tomatoes?
Antonio Alvarez
Antonio Alvarez Gün önce
gru sounds like he said glock instead of guac
rivolver ocelot
rivolver ocelot Gün önce
Florencia Colella
Florencia Colella 2 gün önce
Best part is he can just wipe his head with a wet tissue and move on instead of having to shower 😂
Gabbyzozixyz Gabbyzozixyz
The mellow wrecker randomly instruct because michael specifically bare down a purple streetcar. tremendous, childlike ukraine
Nicole 2 gün önce
this is like my ultimate dream come true
Zamudio, Jireh
Zamudio, Jireh 2 gün önce
so creative awesome
Zamudio, Jireh
Zamudio, Jireh 2 gün önce
so creative awesome
JägerBomb 2 gün önce
Ever since I saw that film years ago I’ve always wanted to see a real one . He is doing gods work
iBrendank 2 gün önce
tudoi fomue
tudoi fomue 2 gün önce
The colossal behavior meteorologically untidy because married latterly enjoy plus a resolute basin. eager, motionless beautician
XenonYT 2 gün önce
2:57 that is a device from the future I put it there to complete the time line because this hat was never replicated in human or alien history so the time line couldn’t end but despicable me 2 was not available so the timeline was tearing itself apart every minute the hat was not replicated and the “Original timeline” you were gonna make the hat but never did because the device was never in the drawer so you killed yourself making the hat your death was presumed to be a suicide and the hat was lost to time so i use my stand [plot convenience] to go back and fix the timeline [edit]:(yes we still do this in the future) just realized I trapped myself in a parallel timeline luckily i have a age reverser so i will live my life on from the year 2007 wish me luck
Sandymations 2 gün önce
3:38 .. now thats why i need math in life.
Mohammad Ali Khan
Mohammad Ali Khan 3 gün önce
Please do a Star Wars dish
Parker Vaughan
Parker Vaughan 3 gün önce
This is my favorite thing that he’s ever made
NinjaKirsh 3 gün önce
dude can you be my dad ? (jk love you dad if you somehow read it)
Sour Lemon
Sour Lemon 3 gün önce
awww i usually love this guys creations but this is the worst guac recipe i ever seen. I was expecting more professional quality , in Spain or Mexico he would be crucified for this.
Darkrodez 3 gün önce
Babish: precise math, math, math, rim the cake pan. *it's still wrong*
Michael Fucello
Michael Fucello 3 gün önce
Unironically the best thing to come from this movie and possibly the entire franchise
Kaung Htet
Kaung Htet 3 gün önce
they are talking like girl. 😂
no way
no way 4 gün önce
I've been waiting for this for 6 years
n 4 gün önce
Absolute madlad
Shmeleos 4 gün önce
Ya know if he wasn’t bald he would get hair all in that hat so yeah
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 4 gün önce
You’re missing tomato 🍅 🙂👍🏽
Awesome Enderpearl
Awesome Enderpearl 4 gün önce
Sombrero with no brim
Luke Delas
Luke Delas 4 gün önce
“Targets to aim for.” Couldn’t have said that better There’s your subscribe
Alan Huntsman
Alan Huntsman 5 gün önce
This was in an episode of the Simpsons before despicable me 2. the episode is where Flanders wins tickets to a football game and takes Homer along with him and Homer buys one of these but with nacho cheese instead of guacamole
Sebastian Andres Fuentes Real
rosfan Irwan
rosfan Irwan 5 gün önce
Patrick Barbercheck
Patrick Barbercheck 5 gün önce
What a strange time to be alive.
Te Ata Thompson
Te Ata Thompson 5 gün önce
😬ooohh don't put food on ur head dude
Cult_ Foxy
Cult_ Foxy 5 gün önce
Finally a purpose to live
Emerson Hawks
Emerson Hawks 5 gün önce
I love this honestly
Dio Over Heaven
Dio Over Heaven 5 gün önce
as a kid, i thought sombreros were edible because of despicable ne
beau445 Gamer
beau445 Gamer 5 gün önce
Grew grew grew grew grew
Zhu Iris
Zhu Iris 6 gün önce
when i watched despicable me for the first time i told my dad "we should eat this someday in a restaurant"
Mike 6 gün önce
That ending bit was kind of adorable.
Foxy 32
Foxy 32 6 gün önce
Vanzai was first,
Miguel Hernández
Miguel Hernández 6 gün önce
I find the lack tomato disturbing! Hahaha
Jason Tran
Jason Tran 6 gün önce
Reminds me of Homer Simpson and "Nacho Nacho Man"
BenFacts 6 gün önce
This would make a fun drinking game
WidowGAMING 6 gün önce
Its so cool🤩
Souza ARTs
Souza ARTs 6 gün önce
Samantha S
Samantha S 6 gün önce
When I seen the hat I thought it was from the simpsons episode
PCubiles 6 gün önce
5:48 Without subtitles I thought you said ground human, instead of ground cumin, that was weird
mathi 7 gün önce
A donde tan peinado
Babushka man
Babushka man 7 gün önce
Peterpumkineater69 7 gün önce
im yura
im yura 7 gün önce
Thats cool Mr. Babi sh
Roshiokun 7 gün önce
Nmms que mrvrg
AbeCholo69 7 gün önce
Chilling with the glock
Fanny Highlight
Fanny Highlight 8 gün önce
spain:sombrero Philippines:sombrero
Jack McMurray
Jack McMurray 8 gün önce
Bad movie Great Food
mrchr1s94 8 gün önce
I wonder what Gordon Ramsay‘s reaction would be to you pouring that oil on your hat.. 😂
Ryan Spangler
Ryan Spangler 8 gün önce
Sooooooo badass!!!!
Chanel Morais
Chanel Morais 8 gün önce
I love the love between you and JW!!!
Tetsu Hatano
Tetsu Hatano 8 gün önce
It’s both more beautiful then I imagined and yet also more oddly disturbing then I thought
SebasproGamer91 8 gün önce
SuperLepa 8 gün önce
As a kid i used to put chips in q hat and pretended to dip them there
SuperLepa 8 gün önce
this is literally my childhood dream coming true
Soy mexicano y cuando vi esa escena de la película dije ¡¿en qué estado de la República hacen esa madre?!
El Down
El Down 5 gün önce
Sexo con perros
Sunny_ Sunflower
Sunny_ Sunflower 8 gün önce
Wow masterpiece🥑
If any company can actually make it like he just did the sales are going to be off the charts 😂😂😂(i wish someday it really happene)
Jonathan santoyo Duarte
Finally a legendary way to dip chips in guacamole
Queeny XO
Queeny XO 8 gün önce
You should team up with whoever made despicable me, and start selling them, since they don't really exist in real life
Road Runnerr
Road Runnerr 8 gün önce
You should have put plastic wrap on your head
Jackie Cardenas
Jackie Cardenas 8 gün önce
*I want it.*
R Ξ N Λ N I?!
R Ξ N Λ N I?! 8 gün önce
Theo 8 gün önce
Caroline Hamilton
Caroline Hamilton 8 gün önce
Babish wearing black latex gloves... nice
Aqil Thesec
Aqil Thesec 8 gün önce
Khabe Lame belike:👀
Will i reach 5k with no videos?
Will i reach 5k with no videos?
Madara Muhseni
Madara Muhseni 9 gün önce
I want it ):
Arsalan Ali Khan
Arsalan Ali Khan 9 gün önce
Would you rather make the nacho hat or this is fine?
× 9 gün önce
כול לסבול אר אני עדיין לא מרגיש
El pimienta negra recien molida version gringolandia
peyton the gamer
peyton the gamer 10 gün önce
Bro who the heck is in charge of makin the chip sombreros in the movie? They better be gettin at leat 33421 dollars an hour...
Angel P
Angel P 10 gün önce
Karen Auntipode
Karen Auntipode 10 gün önce
The center of a hat is the crown.
Syeda Sarah
Syeda Sarah 10 gün önce
Haha so random why did this come in my recommended lol
AmberGoop 10 gün önce
i realize that i've never actually heard his english voice.. i'd only ever watched the movie in german
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 4 gün önce
He’s starred in the office as Michael Scott, you can find him there.
Nasty Nile
Nasty Nile 10 gün önce
I hate avocado yet the movie made me wanna eat it
Erick Guillen
Erick Guillen 10 gün önce
Eu compa se le quedó un pelo
Amaiaop911 10 gün önce
Tortilla sombrero ❌ Sombrero de tortilla ✔
LittleKingEvil •
LittleKingEvil • 10 gün önce
Jon alix ❤️
melina conrow
melina conrow 10 gün önce
I WANNA MAKE THAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm a lil too lazy 😅
emiliano romero
emiliano romero 10 gün önce
Lol is a regerence in My Villane Favorite lol
dei-bit 303
dei-bit 303 11 gün önce
nuevo cosmetico del call of gruty
Mario Alberto
Mario Alberto 10 gün önce
Stephen Brooker
Stephen Brooker 11 gün önce
Just squeeze the avocado because I do it make sure to cut in half
Hansi 11 gün önce
code:.yndksss. 11 gün önce
When I saw preview I remembered Vanzai's video
Afsusho555 11 gün önce
I thought it existed in Mexico (◕ᴗ◕✿)
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Man 11 gün önce
I always dreamt of this as a kid
Jhillian khate Grafil
Jhillian khate Grafil 11 gün önce
The sombrero is "HAT" in the Philippines
Livillo 11 gün önce
“But I think we can do a little better, first we will direct and write the entire Despicable Me universe.”
No Name Passerby A
No Name Passerby A 4 gün önce
Petition for Babish to write the script for a Despicable Me movie?
૮ – ﻌ • აmogu mogu
Uhlala Gracias por la receta sr chef Ya se que hacer para mi cumpleaños,saludos desde MEXICOʕっ• -•ʔっ
El Down
El Down 5 gün önce
A mi me salio pal pico
Grace Hallworth
Grace Hallworth 11 gün önce
lovvee too see that friend shipp at the endd 💜💜
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