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Billie Eilish - when the party's over (Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing when the party's over (Audio). © 2018 Darkroom/Interscope Records




17 Oct 2018





Yük bağlantısı.....


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Robin Redbreast
Robin Redbreast 3 saatler önce
Never heard anything like it, Amazing, Beautiful. Thanks Alfie ❤️
{ W O W }
{ W O W } 16 saatler önce
Oh yea yea
Rose-A Aa
Rose-A Aa 18 saatler önce
Check out my cover on this song ty
Jessamine Mercado
Jessamine Mercado 23 saatler önce
Rudela Hsihyki
Rudela Hsihyki Gün önce
There is a reason why this is now my favourite song! Who else just feels like hugging her.... 😭
James Legrand
James Legrand Gün önce
Bruh this gril needs a hug 😂😂😂
Sara Shaikan
Sara Shaikan Gün önce
I love the song and the thumbnail
Kinga Wójcicka
Kinga Wójcicka Gün önce
this song calms down
Kinga Wójcicka
Kinga Wójcicka Gün önce
Aisha Džibrič
Aisha Džibrič Gün önce
Hey guys . I saw some of you are having problems with getting over an ex or something like that . Some of you don't know how to deal with that . Comment your Problem under mine . I will try to help . I've been going trough some bad shit too . I would like too help people
dorota zaczkowska
GAMERgirl 69
GAMERgirl 69 Gün önce
Wozeris fam
SunnySide Up
SunnySide Up Gün önce
My least favorite part about this song in when I try to sing it and then I remember how much I hate my voice. The rest is a masterpiece.
gamer boy
gamer boy Gün önce
I cry
Cupcake Gamer95
Cupcake Gamer95 Gün önce
_But nothing is better sometimes...._ _Once we both said our goodbyes..._ _i wish i never met boys._
Bloxburg Bumble Bee ROBLOX
Thx so much Billie U help with my anxiety and when my parents fight I normally listen to ur beautiful music ❤️ u girl
Daniela Ponciano
Daniela Ponciano 2 gün önce
same bro her voice is like drugs im addicted
Anita Burkevica
Anita Burkevica 3 gün önce
The best
Isa 3 gün önce
How can somebody dislike this?
Naychus 4
Naychus 4 3 gün önce
Que melodia mas linda DIOSSSS
Derpyuninugget 123
Derpyuninugget 123 3 gün önce
Billie doesn’t need auto tune Auto tune needs billie
alonaass X
alonaass X 3 gün önce
Nathalia AD
Nathalia AD 3 gün önce
Hope the party will be over soon, and please, call.
Stacy Wood
Stacy Wood 3 gün önce
Lizzy ?
Lizzy ? 3 gün önce
SAVY16 3 gün önce
Martina Paiola
Martina Paiola 3 gün önce
I really love this song, I did a cover on my youtube channel, it would be amazing if you guys could watch it and maybe leave a thumbs up, comment if you want and subscribe if you liked it. Share as you can, I would really appreciate that! Love you guys!!
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 4 gün önce
It's 1:57 am and here I am crying for the one who was never mine This song help's heal☺
Jocelyn Jenkins
Jocelyn Jenkins 4 gün önce
Baby I L L I E
Aryeè The Gem
Aryeè The Gem 4 gün önce
JuanLuis05 4 gün önce
Esta cancion para mi cierra este gran año 2018 con tantas experiencias, emociones y tantas personas especiales, ya fueran conocidas o nuevas.😢❤ ~ When the party's over...😏♥♥
Floofeey 4 gün önce
i dont understand why people get sad about this song i mean its just a song
Laren23 Hcor
Laren23 Hcor 4 gün önce
Floofeey the lyric makes people sad
Tara Biakanja
Tara Biakanja 4 gün önce
I really wish her and x would’ve been able to create a song together
Hotcheetojuice 4 gün önce
Tara Biakanja the thing is. If he didn’t die they most likely would have :(
Larry Grimes
Larry Grimes 4 gün önce
The lyrics in this song are so moving. Aussie Michael Burrows has another powerful song that I believe is just being debuted in the U.S. this week. Also, really powerful and makes you think. Turn this Love Around. trvid.com/video/video-50gFfMIYFOY.html -Lyric Video for Turn This Love Around
Nicolly Colly
Nicolly Colly 4 gün önce
i love you💓❤
Kaitlyn Kuzera
Kaitlyn Kuzera 5 gün önce
Eliška Rusínová
Eliška Rusínová 5 gün önce
Soo cool iam loser
redzo elezovic
redzo elezovic 5 gün önce
When my sister first time showed me you it was this song, and i was like saying '' I don't like this song '' because i was thinking she may think im freak after that. When she left my room i started crying how good song is... I REALLY LOVE YOUR MUSIC
mebug 5 gün önce
This sucks lol, you gotta be the biggest thot to actually enjoy this
molly lasater
molly lasater 5 gün önce
This is holy water for ears unlike I bE fLoSsIn 😂🥰
Caleb's Small Toons
Caleb's Small Toons 5 gün önce
Hmm... Sometimes the shattered dreams that I once loved Bring little tiny glimpses of what I once was and tears come when I start crying my own blood I wanted so much more but now I just got less Lonely is my name in a series of shame but lonely is a game that I love to play its addicting the cries of blood in fame But its all I've known Oooh its just my way BUT DON'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE WITHOUT MY HOME Cause my home is were I grow DON"T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE WITHOUT MY HOME Cause my home is were I grow
super girl47 Jaydyn
super girl47 Jaydyn 5 gün önce
Wow AMAZING voice
You Tube
You Tube 5 gün önce
But no one invites me to parties 😭
Fatimah Kureshi
Fatimah Kureshi 5 gün önce
There is this girl in my school who plays this on the piano on our school piano,it makes me tear up.but I still sing the lyrics to my friends.it makes them smile,and their smiles comfort me.the reason I cry is because it reminds me of my grandfather.he passed away when I was 6 months. The only memories I have of him are my dads stories and his pictures.
Nini Park
Nini Park 5 gün önce
Payton The Lesbian Retard
I'm not crying. It's just, I'm crying.
Tinus Girl Forever
Tinus Girl Forever 6 gün önce
Thats a good song
Dalton Helmuth
Dalton Helmuth 6 gün önce
I don't know whether this song helps the depression, or makes it worse lol:/
Laren23 Hcor
Laren23 Hcor 4 gün önce
Dalton Helmuth both 🙌🏻
Vero Plays
Vero Plays 6 gün önce
Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Billie Sorry I'm bad at making this it's meh first time ;-;
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson 6 gün önce
*cries in movie scene*
Vanessinha Fofa :3
Vanessinha Fofa :3 6 gün önce
Eu chorei ;-; mto linda
Hey itz Liz
Hey itz Liz 6 gün önce
The beat lowkey in the background go hard
rachel crystal
rachel crystal 6 gün önce
Hey guys I did a cover to this song on my channel it would mean a lot if you checked it out! 💛
Jess :3
Jess :3 7 gün önce
No entiendo pero I Love you ❤
Badass Queen
Badass Queen 7 gün önce
This reminds me of someone who called me friend but kept me closer...
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Kristina R
Kristina R 7 gün önce
Billie: *starts singing* Me: oh im sitting in a pool
Jeremy James
Jeremy James 7 gün önce
My depression is depressed...
Happy Cookiezz
Happy Cookiezz 7 gün önce
The dislikers just want an 1 hour version.
Minez Gamez
Minez Gamez 7 gün önce
Plot twist: Billie dies like xxx and we all know why.
Lucija 7 gün önce
then i will die.because she is my idol.I swore to god i will not die without meeting billie
Celia Camila Alvarez
Mood today 💔
ØS NGKN 8 gün önce
Alguém BR
Huynh Clan
Huynh Clan 8 gün önce
*tears in my eyes* I’m not crying... Your the one that’s crying
Tau & Lost
Tau & Lost 8 gün önce
Go check out my cover to this song on my channel, leave a like and a comment. I’d really appreciate the feedback .
Maiella Georgina Mendez Valencia
Like si hablas español, like si te gusta Billi y like si estas leyendo eato
Insane Crane
Insane Crane 8 gün önce
Soo I Just Found This Song......One Of The Best I’ve Ever Heard
MaeMae Yang
MaeMae Yang 9 gün önce
Billie says she hates dating, that she’s barely ever dated. But she sings like she’s had more experience than anyone else ever had.
Ghefar Gh
Ghefar Gh 9 gün önce
Cassandra Corsentino
1:41 😍😌
JesusFriedChrist 9 gün önce
All your music sounds exactly the same: horrid.
aiyanna polk
aiyanna polk 9 gün önce
tore my shirt to stop you bleeding, but nothin ever stops you *leavin...* 🎶
lizzy vlogs
lizzy vlogs 9 gün önce
I guess the 10 hour one got copyrighted
Michaelis Estevez
Michaelis Estevez 9 gün önce
🥰✨You are so cute✨🥰
Erika Gent
Erika Gent 9 gün önce
I love you so much Billie 💗💗
Mahnoor x
Mahnoor x 10 gün önce
Wig : Flew Body : Shaking Eyes : Watering Mind : Blown Life : E n d e d
It'sAnaishChan 10 gün önce
This song hit me hard on every level.
Nice Elefante
Nice Elefante 10 gün önce
Did i just got sleepy while pooping listening to this?? Its so damn relaxing
fuck off
fuck off 10 gün önce
I come here when I need a good cry 💖
shedyne dixon
shedyne dixon 10 gün önce
Have you ever just sit in bed and start listening to this song and tears just start rolling down your cheeks and somehow you just can't stop it
Becca Jones
Becca Jones 10 gün önce
This always make me think about someone I love dying not breaking up with me everyone is saying it makes them mad at their boyfriend but makes me think of my dying
Loli Chavezz
Loli Chavezz 10 gün önce
*Billie all is ok*
Headphonez 10 gün önce
Yo who drew the art in this video it’s amazing
Parrandis Shokoohi
Parrandis Shokoohi 10 gün önce
Lullabies for teens
ɓʀɛɛzy 11 gün önce
this song makes me fucking tear up why? cause it reminds me of my crush i know what you're thinking, “wElL iT's jUsT a CRuSh wHy wOulD yOu gEt tHaT uPsEt aBouT iT” cause he was special to me, but i don't know what to do anymore here's the story so about 4 years ago i knew this boy at the time he was really nice and sweet to me, but appentarly he had anxiety and depression not to mention he was bullied really badly but we were best friends, like really close i was in love i don't even know if he liked me back at the time but here's the the thing: he was arrested for bad shit like really bad shit i don't wanna say it cause there could be lil kids reading it if you wanna know, reply to this comment and i'll give you a link to an article about it at the time i was heartbroken and absolutely disgusting by him but guess what? he got out of prison recently two days ago he legit came over to my house we talked for a while he's in really bad shape like his mental state is horrible but he's still really nice to me i think i'm falling in love again all my friends think i'm so pretty n shit like that and i don't deserve someone like him but i don't care its love i feel disgusting for it i know what you're thinking, “wElL jUsT sToP tHinKinG abOuT hIm aNd ItLl gO aWAy” i can't i just can't i don't know what to do anymore i don't even know why im telling it here i doubt anyone will see or help but i just need to vent i don't know why im stressing about him so much but i am i hope he notices me again wish me luck
Lucija 9 gün önce
+ɓʀɛɛzy oh god
ɓʀɛɛzy 11 gün önce
+Lucija www-dailyecho-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/11001561.amp/?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQECAFYAQ%3D%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailyecho.co.uk%2Fnews%2F11001561.monstrous-jail-for-youth-who-stabbed-girl-in-the-face-and-beat-up-her-friend%2F
Lucija 11 gün önce
i know what its like.can you send the link? because almost the same thing happened to me
Oni Kesh
Oni Kesh 11 gün önce
Your emotions are feeble.
Zarpah Nasim
Zarpah Nasim 11 gün önce
I have a crush I know I can never have and I am listening to this song while rain is pouring and there is only the sound of rain and beautiful voice of billie.
Sam Marie
Sam Marie 11 gün önce
omg what a nice song
Meliiinda Nagy
Meliiinda Nagy 11 gün önce
Tina Truong
Tina Truong 11 gün önce
🙀NO😿!!!!!!!! 30K!
Tina Truong
Tina Truong 11 gün önce
YinYang Chuu
YinYang Chuu 11 gün önce
This reminds me of an old friend...
skXll mXsk
skXll mXsk 11 gün önce
I fell asleep to this song thats how god it is
Dana Rosario
Dana Rosario 11 gün önce
I remember when I subbed at 327,000 😭😭😭 she's not our lil secret anymore 😭😭
Julianna Aguayo
Julianna Aguayo 11 gün önce
I had a really bad day. I came home and I cried. A lot. And I’m still crying. I have nothing else to say. Bye
chlofficial xo
chlofficial xo 11 gün önce
I just dumped my gf and feel like shit...this song is somewhat helping
Isabel Kwon
Isabel Kwon 11 gün önce
This red picture speaks to me
Lil' avocado.
Lil' avocado. 11 gün önce
Summer J.
Summer J. 12 gün önce
soto gang!!!
Saku Saku
Saku Saku 12 gün önce
This video is so sad.
Liana Love
Liana Love 12 gün önce
"Let me let you go."
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3 gün önce
Conspiracy Series
5 gün önce
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