Billie Eilish Channels Marilyn Monroe at the 2021 Met Gala

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Billie Eilish understood the assignment. One of the official Met Gala 2021 co-chairs (along with Timothée Chalamet, Amanda Gorman and Naomi Osaka) Eilish showed up to fashion fete with a look positively glimmering with old Hollywood glamour.




13 Eyl 2021




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alijah Morales
alijah Morales 5 gün önce
she was f**king gorgeous
Mike East
Mike East 6 gün önce
She was the attraction of the night
Nina Staugaard
Nina Staugaard 7 gün önce
I would go straight back home if ppl were yelling at me like that LOL
Hanna 15 gün önce
So....elegant.I love that
Yo 16 gün önce
She looks like a princess oml😵🖐️
beatlebooster 18 gün önce
beatlebooster 18 gün önce
1:09 She's just like "these people"
merih sln
merih sln 20 gün önce
She's gorgeous❤
Panda MainiaK
Panda MainiaK 23 gün önce
I'd be wearing earplugs because of the amount of yelling I wouldn't be able to deal with the excessive noise 😖
zilythe 25 gün önce
The screams 😭
sweetness Ford
sweetness Ford 25 gün önce
Shut tf up yall
Roger Avila
Roger Avila 27 gün önce
Paparazzis are the devil
Caramel Cupcake
Caramel Cupcake 27 gün önce
Billie I love the dress maybe the hair could go darker or a different color dress so you could really pop more in my opinion. But you're beautiful anyways in every color. ❤🌹
Djeniffer Leitinger
Djeniffer Leitinger 28 gün önce
billie is QUEEN
• Bubbly •
• Bubbly • 28 gün önce
YES. JUST I personally don't listen to her music but the dress is JUST SO GLAM ON HER SHE IS KILLIN WITH THAT CONFIDENCE YESSSSSSSSSSS
B3tty KirArt3
B3tty KirArt3 28 gün önce
Que ridículo 🤦🙄
Vanessa Loo
Vanessa Loo 29 gün önce
Impresionante lo hermosa que se veía Billieeee🛐
Nitty Gritty
Nitty Gritty 29 gün önce
C-Cotton candy. Billie's dress looks like a cotton candy!
Phil Kosick
Phil Kosick Aylar önce
So a Dude in a dress ruins a perfectly good song
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
i love how she ignored that dude yelling at her lol
cool beans
cool beans Aylar önce
lmao i could never be a celebrity. I'd burst into tears if complete strangers started screaming at me like that😂😂
dizzybox76 Aylar önce
No comparison to Marilyn. Billie is a talented singer, writer and performer. Also with natural beauty nhigh maintence
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina Aylar önce
Bonita ropra sgosatou amor
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina Aylar önce
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
Her look her stare vintage women
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina Aylar önce
Bou 🍕 quero Ht casa euvose aqui ai
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina Aylar önce
Gosatei beijos 🇧🇷 aqui fã
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina Aylar önce
Arroz 🍚 feijão
Carla Steuer
Carla Steuer Aylar önce
Carla Steuer
Carla Steuer Aylar önce
blluedragonfly Aylar önce
I don 't know who Billie Eilish is, but she is way far from even resembling Marilyn Monroe and the dress does not look good on her. She needs a new designer!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Aylar önce
I can’t even believe that’s Billie omg she looks so pretty!
BadaBing BadaBoom
BadaBing BadaBoom Aylar önce
You need to be tall enough to carry off that long trail. Also, Marilyn had a thinner waist. She was at most a caricature of Marilyn.
Marcos Jose
Marcos Jose Aylar önce
Gothic Marilyn Monroe
jrae Aylar önce
Billie I love you but you wer3 so shy! That's my billie
Mel Magalhães
Mel Magalhães Aylar önce
why when billie wears a dress exalting her curves is she glorified for it and why when Lizzo wears all she gets is rumors about her? Racism, a false exaltation of curves that ends when a woman not only has breasts and a big butt, but also has a big belly?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Aylar önce
How awful to be hounded like that!
Omar Borg
Omar Borg Aylar önce
Billie before: wears weird outfits Billie now: wears beautiful stuff which shows her body perfectly
Vessels for Honor
Vessels for Honor Aylar önce
Olah pappy
Olah pappy Aylar önce
Her look her stare vintage women
Gabriela Gomes
Gabriela Gomes Aylar önce
Victoria Paige
Victoria Paige Aylar önce
This doesn't work. Reminds me of Gwen Stefani's "nude" makeup at some award show a couple years back. It's like women on their wedding day. Unrecognizable.
Anna Nicole
Anna Nicole Aylar önce
She was not channeling Marilyn. Her inspiration was Holiday barbie
kim laird
kim laird Aylar önce
I feel her eyebrows are a bit of a distraction and clashes with the whole thing. In my opinion she could have lightened the brows a little so it went with the hair color or change the color of hair.
Willie Hilgenfeld
Willie Hilgenfeld Aylar önce
Loved the look!
Ria Mischievous 🦋
I love her🥰
Chris Aylar önce
Nasty Paparazzi
Corinne Blair
Corinne Blair Aylar önce
All that tacky yelling really ruins the glamour of this event. Uck.
taintedlove963 Aylar önce
So ew. Idk how they think screaming gets a response. She's not a dog.
flash2tz Aylar önce
How awful to be hounded like that!
Victoria Paige
Victoria Paige Aylar önce
How public, like a frog
Virginia Flores
Virginia Flores Aylar önce
The dress is beautiful, the color omg
DovahQueen Aylar önce
Being a celebrity is so weird
Uhhh Aylar önce
When she looks behind and waves 🥺🥺
Jenny W
Jenny W Aylar önce
That sounds insanely overwhelming 😬
James Green
James Green Aylar önce
Why done people have the good sense to leave Billie eilish alone sometimes man I saw her on Drew Barrymore show she was crying you could see the tears on her face give her a break she loves all her fans
Tyaismay Aylar önce
billie looks so gorgeous omg but I miss her tomboy look so mtfing muchhhhh but I love her new look as welllll
jiuliana perez
jiuliana perez Aylar önce
E Taylor
E Taylor Aylar önce
I'm sorry but I think this outfit is so unflattering on her. First of all it is incredibly aging, and secondly you can just tell how uncomfortable it looks. If clothing doesn't look natural it just does not look good. It looks like she's wearing a costume. This is what happens you dress a natural kibbe type in romantic lines - disaster. The black hair with neon green roots was iconic whereas this bleached blonde bob is such a fail.
Tareq AlBohairi
Tareq AlBohairi Aylar önce
Billie Elish turned from 14 years old white girl to a 35 England lady. "POWER OF PUBERTY"
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Aylar önce
I am in tears see her blossom into an incredible woman I am so proud of her
Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani Aylar önce
Bilieee bilieee
M U Aylar önce
D. Aylar önce
Se ve incómoda
Mystery ♡ • 8 years ago
The girl in white dress seems like wearing the mini version of Billie's outfit...
Mystery ♡ • 8 years ago
@seiom jvony what did u wrote...!? I can't understand that language...
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Aylar önce
Vaya , hasta que se arregla esta chica tan hermosa , tanta belleza guardada !! ❤️
Mystery ♡ • 8 years ago
Imagine....if this dress was in Green highlighter colour...💚🖤💚 And Billie's Green Black hair...💚🖤💚
Mystery ♡ • 8 years ago
Is this really Billie ....not in comfy and baggy outfit...🙂❤ Btw....Billie looks so adorable in this outfit...
hsjanzjsjjsjsjsjs Aylar önce
Tounge inang "IMMA SHOW THAT!"
FM Aylar önce
She kinda gives princess Diana vibe
happy5808 Aylar önce
Teresa Dutton
Teresa Dutton Aylar önce
nothing says good time like a dress you can't walk in..
Elle 06
Elle 06 Aylar önce
I thought it was Ariana who fixes her dress, my poor eyesight
Tee Deathly2
Tee Deathly2 Aylar önce
ScarJo shook
LuisLongas Aylar önce
Eres una diosa con ese vestido deverias de estar en Disney
Gary Tyler
Gary Tyler Aylar önce
Magnificent! Well done Billie, in so many ways. Especially kudos for inspiring Oscar de la Renta to take your lead. And people, please, how many times does Billie have to say she doesn't want to be or look or sound just one way. She is inspired to evolve. You got this going on Lady.
Kia Nakagawa
Kia Nakagawa Aylar önce
Shoot I'd flaunt it too if I looked that damn good, girl was SERVING!! She looked absolutely GORGEOUS in this dress and she was sexy, confident, empowered, and I felt all of it!! Billie freaking killed it!!
Ana Mia
Ana Mia Aylar önce
Vaya , hasta que se arregla esta chica tan hermosa , tanta belleza guardada !! ❤️
Source Aylar önce
Money 💰 makes people mad crazy
Yana Kolomenskaya
Yana Kolomenskaya Aylar önce
Yesterday she was 16, now she's 38.
isa /sorrindo pra lady gaga
Bombom Bombitq
Bombom Bombitq Aylar önce
Wow alv que mujer tan hermosa!!
Nam and Meik
Nam and Meik Aylar önce
wow look different
ISRAT JAHAN Aylar önce
First time seeing her in such outfit.. She nailed it really💜💜
Sypher Aylar önce
Could you imagine walking down a street and have this stuff being screamed at you? Sounds like they are trying to warn her against some incoming danger.
greeneyez lite
greeneyez lite Aylar önce
Lol oh crazy people. She was not channeling Monroe. She was channeling Billie.
Luv2PlayU Aylar önce
I think she looks beautiful…..
Carol Hartung
Carol Hartung Aylar önce
I immediately thought, wow, Billie looks amazing!
Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson Aylar önce
Best dressed!
Nina Azarkhosh
Nina Azarkhosh Aylar önce
Moonlight Aylar önce
omg when I sAw her 4 first time, I was like: ohh she looks like a princess and is too similar to Billie, she's so pretty. AND WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT SHE IS BELLIE I- I CANT UNDERSTAND OMG SHE'S A GODDESS.
Maria Noel
Maria Noel Aylar önce
OMG... I whish they could do something about the crazy screaming and comments... It's like football game fans in the middle of a chic gala.
Yineth Gutierrez
Yineth Gutierrez Aylar önce
An little princess omg
Yineth Gutierrez
Yineth Gutierrez Aylar önce
She is so...OMG BEAUTIFUL omg!
Kevin Borzone
Kevin Borzone Aylar önce
Billi Ellish >>>>>>>Marilyn Monroe
brit s
brit s Aylar önce
"who is that?" "ohh billie eillish" no thats billie monroe
MsJiexica Aylar önce
WTF is wrong with this world.....
Lobotomized Americans
A grotesque spectacle. Surreal.
Leanna Aylar önce
Omg billie , so gorgeous. So rare to see her like this.
Rizwana Aylar önce
CaroJhb Aylar önce
She is absolutely stunning but she is not remotely like Marilyn Monroe. Nonsense.
inra tova
inra tova Aylar önce
Не идет ей этот образ, теперь стала похожа на остальных, и выглядит старше своих лет. Вот раньше была особенная, ни на кого не похожая.
April McPherson
April McPherson Aylar önce
Nobody gives a f*** this is a waste of time and a waste of money. And I laugh at the idiocy 😂😂
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