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Bill Burr is one of the most requested Hot Ones guests of all time-not to mention a standup legend, host of the Monday Morning Podcast, and co-creator and star of Netflix's 'F Is For Family.' But how is he with spicy food? Find out in this highly anticipated Hot Ones event. As host Sean Evans peppers Bill with questions, the comedian's notoriously hot takes get even hotter-even for him. Watch as Bill gets red in the face with spice and rants about everything from cyclists to cooking shows. You don't want to miss this!


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Season 7
Episode 9

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.



29 Kas 2018




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First We Feast
First We Feast 2 yıl önce
"I'd like to say f**k you to all you people for putting me on this s**t!" -- Bill Burr, to everyone who requested him
Keon 74
Keon 74 5 gün önce
DaArtist Nelley
DaArtist Nelley Aylar önce
I want to see @jokoy on here! I bet he would clear the wings too!
Milty FriedMan
Milty FriedMan 2 aylar önce
sweet im the 500th comment, fuck you
SPAWNERS ! Image comics !
Haha Haha 😆😂🤣
Travel with Tony
Travel with Tony 4 saatler önce
His mouth and then his asshole paid a very heavy price afterwards…Bill found out the hard way that those chicken wings were anything but free, lol.
My Youtube Channel
My Youtube Channel 4 saatler önce
Dabbing my forehead like a preacher.... 😂
Brian Cradic San Diego
Brian Cradic San Diego 7 saatler önce
🤦‍♂️ Chuck Yeager wasn’t An astronaut.
Mi 23 saatler önce
fuck your questions
Majin Sole
Majin Sole 23 saatler önce
Expected nothing less. ~_~
Ogun Gou
Ogun Gou Gün önce
Pooping gonna burn too ...
Carlos Sousa
Carlos Sousa Gün önce
Carlos Sousa
Carlos Sousa Gün önce
I effing love Korean food and I can handle a lot of spice. Most foods dont phase me. I would love to be an amateur guest on this show just to taste the wings!
Thomas Persin
Thomas Persin Gün önce
only full episode ive watched bc Bill. Cnt stand the host
Jani Hatcher
Jani Hatcher Gün önce
I don’t think anyone else has cleaned the wings like bill has
promeitheus Gün önce
Sean: begins shaking the bottle of Last Dab. Bill: Ok... What are you doin?!
Karr Raak
Karr Raak Gün önce
15:44 Bill Burr: "I don't wanna sit here editing this" First We Feast Editor: "So you have chosen... death."
Cody Lambillotte
Cody Lambillotte Gün önce
Get shaggy 2 dope on here
Todd VanSlyck
Todd VanSlyck Gün önce
"They're not saying to get rid of all the cops. They're just saying, hey, get rid of all the bad ones". That comment hasn't aged well lol.
Todd VanSlyck
Todd VanSlyck Gün önce
@The Moving Blade because some cities are now getting ready of all their cops.
The Moving Blade
The Moving Blade Gün önce
How hasn’t it
Quinn Gün önce
bill the goat
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Gün önce
He gargeled the milk
Jared Gillette
Jared Gillette Gün önce
Why is Bill dressed like Casey Affleck
sareja Gün önce
he's sooo real.
unsoundmedia 2 gün önce
Conan O'Brien needs to do this!
Nijel Rawlina
Nijel Rawlina 2 gün önce
I miss Patrice O’Neal
Who knew Bill Burr turned into such a bitch....its that Disney money he sold out for it and now his weakness is showing.
Zack Klapman
Zack Klapman 2 gün önce
“Fuck ya question.”
Smxy Goat
Smxy Goat 2 gün önce
Respect tho he ate more than anybody else did and a bigger dab .... Somebody get me on this show and ill soak every wing with sauce thats just how i do
Smxy Goat
Smxy Goat 2 gün önce
He toom the hat off they look like cousins
YouTube Censorship Victim
It’s not statistically evident that police brutality occurs more against POC. you literally can’t prove it.
Elias Karsbrink
Elias Karsbrink 2 gün önce
Love Bill🔥💯
K Claw
K Claw 3 gün önce
Damn I respect Bill a lot more for cleaning his meat. Some people haven't grown up poor poor and it shows.
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 3 gün önce
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 3 gün önce
Sean is the best host ever
steven borgens
steven borgens 3 gün önce
water? milk? wtf. drink lemon juice if it's too hot
XO TX 3 gün önce
The regular river metrically paint because grasshopper holoprosencephaly return aboard a anxious move. right, gamy money
CrazzyJ0123 3 gün önce
I love how after all the smack he talks, at the end of the day, the only thing on his mind is going home to his wife.
KodiaksTV 3 gün önce
we didnt get to see them eat the 9th wing, they just disappeared, did they throw it away because he was too tapped out on the 8th wing?
Hand Banana
Hand Banana 3 gün önce
Why is it that the Bomb is hotter than the last 2?
Ramazan Aktas
Ramazan Aktas 3 gün önce
His head becomes a red LED :D
Thicker Constrictor
Thicker Constrictor 3 gün önce
Seems like the bomb is worse somehow then the two after. Here's my thing I absolutely love hot wings and I love super super hot wings. But I love them when they still taste good. When it tastes like shit and it's just hot to be hot that's when it's not fun anymore. I don't mind my face burning off as long as it tastes delicious. Once it starts just tasting like pure hotness and fucking burnt asshole and my face is on fire it's just fucked up haha and that's what I imagine the last three are like.
Aaron Artis
Aaron Artis 4 gün önce
The abstracted female inadvertently head because melody characteristically walk opposite a obnoxious reduction. magenta, ripe blizzard
randy timson
randy timson 4 gün önce
The utter diploma aboaly stroke because fish functionally moor worth a deranged cow. therapeutic, light join
PJ E Davy
PJ E Davy 4 gün önce
"..and it was everything why I love my wife." Big respect to Bill for how much he obviously loves her.
First Last
First Last 4 gün önce
I love how you can tell that Bill Burr is a real person because he's very serious about actually cleaning off the whole wing. Did you see the little nibble that Gordon Ramsey takes before he throws it in the trash?
YouTube Censorship Victim
Poor chicken died for nothing
akliq 4 gün önce
Bro really like dunking like Ds are good but Double Ds are better
aaahhhchew 5 gün önce
He was right when he said he looks super fleshy when he is skinny.
liquidbraino 5 gün önce
I'd love to be on this show, not because I'd ever want to be famous enough to be ON the show but just because I want to EAT that fucking chicken and see if I could even hang with those hot sauces. At what point does it become no longer about flavor and it becomes about SURVIVAL? I think that's where I'd hit my limit, if it's SOOOO hot that I can't even get the flavor of it - I'm done. Because flavor is everything.
Keon 74
Keon 74 5 gün önce
The effects y'all put on ppl be having me dead😭🤣
Keon 74
Keon 74 5 gün önce
Bill looks amazing to be 50
Pearl Brando
Pearl Brando 5 gün önce
Dominic Toretto would star in F is for Family
TheKaylich 5 gün önce
Bill Burr, a Man of pure willpower.
Stefani Higa
Stefani Higa 5 gün önce
Hi I know you play mayfield from the mandalorian a Star Wars show
r_ elentless01
r_ elentless01 5 gün önce
Wow he's extremely chill, was figuring a crazier bill.
A man Named Turd
A man Named Turd 6 gün önce
Bill must be proud of his boy
Lawn Guylanda
Lawn Guylanda 6 gün önce
Watching him sweat is hilarious
PhotoSensitive 6 gün önce
i didnt really know who bill was untill recently, this is brilliant and he is such a great dude to watch. very funny and great show.
MoonwalkerNow 3 gün önce
Dude, he's a mega talent. You should watch his specials on Netflix.
Lloyd 6 gün önce
Bill Burr is great
Cristian Lopez
Cristian Lopez 6 gün önce
Bill are you selling newspapers in the Forties with the jack and hand
Dennis Grass
Dennis Grass 6 gün önce
I saw this two years ago and didn't know who Bill Burr is. Thanks to Saagar & Krystal shoutout about Bill Burrs soliloquy pertaining to CNN, on "Breaking Points" Vlog channel I now understand Bill Burr can be funny.
Dennis Grass
Dennis Grass 3 gün önce
@mark arnold Maybe my presentation, just like Bill Burrs presentation on this video, could be improved. He doesn't tickle any thing on/in me to make me laugh, just like I didn't make you laugh. BTW, you don't have to call me "Christ".
mark arnold
mark arnold 5 gün önce
Christ, please leave your politics at the door or don't let it hit you on the way out.
David Mace
David Mace 6 gün önce
Cleanest jean jacket ever made and he is murdering it
Rashawn SmithMason
Rashawn SmithMason 6 gün önce
Bill Burr said fock ya question 😆😅😂🤣😭
Jon Carter
Jon Carter 6 gün önce
I wish someone would tell him drinking water makes it worse lol
elbeachu2 7 gün önce
😂 Bill u the Best..
britpack dog
britpack dog 7 gün önce
Never put water on chilli
Brian Cassidy
Brian Cassidy 7 gün önce
No fucking way! He's wearing the fucking paperboy hat. Joe Rogan hasn't wore one since Bill made fun of his ass in like 2016🤣🤣🤣
ProfessorFether 7 gün önce
ate a hummus sandwich on the way..."hey, can we eat the next wing now? i'm hungry" that about sums up "eating healthy"
potato=power 7 gün önce
14:40 who's who?
Gladdy 7 gün önce
They look so simmilar
Captain Hawking Republic Forge
Hmm... This is actually sum good interrogation method...
fanmadecom 2018
fanmadecom 2018 7 gün önce
WE NEED JOE ROGAN ON THIS!!! I know he's said he doesn't think it's a good idea/format or whatever lol idc. I'd love to see his little rascals hat on here 😂
Sleepy Swan
Sleepy Swan 7 gün önce
LMAO oh my God man bill made me wake my kids up Smh
silver surfer
silver surfer 7 gün önce
get joe rogan on
Dave Gammon
Dave Gammon 7 gün önce
I’m sure it’s not good to touch the mouth of the bottles to the meat. Slight contamination possible for the next star.
Lulu Moon
Lulu Moon 8 gün önce
Really see who people are this way
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 8 gün önce
Honestly all these celebrities are pussies, a ginger from Boston just whooped their ass
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 8 gün önce
17:44 Even when he's dying he's gotta worry about the liberal blogger mafia
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 8 gün önce
Gordon Ramsey is a pussy compared to Bill, Bill cleaned the meat off the bone.
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 8 gün önce
Can we all take a minute to appreciate that Bill finishes the whole wing before throwing the bone
Olin Devaney
Olin Devaney 8 gün önce
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Matthew Rendle
Matthew Rendle 8 gün önce
One of the best I've watched
xIVANDOOMx 8 gün önce
“You like that? F***you”
Nick Mowry
Nick Mowry 8 gün önce
Bill Burr 100% accurately describes every local-style IPA made in the last 4 years.
Man with a Bear
Man with a Bear 8 gün önce
I'm a vegetarian and I hate Peta!
Parker Sexton
Parker Sexton 8 gün önce
Bill Burr is great
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 8 gün önce
Best episode of Hot one's
Thomass Smithh
Thomass Smithh 8 gün önce
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Thomass Smithh
Thomass Smithh 8 gün önce
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hundred rolex
hundred rolex 9 gün önce
I had Da Bomb for the first time last week and had never seen this show, it doesn't surprise me he would rank it number 10...
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore 9 gün önce
At what level is capsaicin considered weaponized. AKA Bear spray
fareed rasheed
fareed rasheed 9 gün önce
The witty skin roughly imagine because weed renomegaly trade out a stale hovercraft. absorbing, courageous market
livewire 3 gün önce
These bots are getting insane haha
VAn Lit
VAn Lit 6 gün önce
Mainak Mukhopadhyay
Mainak Mukhopadhyay 9 gün önce
I dont follow your bicycle, Lance!😂😂😂
Laney Dela
Laney Dela 9 gün önce
Bill did not give one compliment to Sean about his interviewing skills. I'm glad someone kept him on his toes.
Clarity Growth
Clarity Growth 9 gün önce
I love how Sean stays so calm and on point and continues asking questions while Bill is freaking out!!! My god so funny. Sean says, “I know…I know. I’ve seen some crazy things from this side of the table.” 🤣
Chris Kendall
Chris Kendall 9 gün önce
Bill burr is the man
mark mullady
mark mullady 9 gün önce
Push it down like a man!!!! Don’t be a bitch like the guy on the plane to Syracuse
The Nubbs
The Nubbs 9 gün önce
I don't think this guy is human, he just swallows the wing and doesn't even flinch LOL
Jesus Christ Raped me
Have wwe kane jon from korn Marilyn Manson corey Taylor rob zombie aleister black bray Wyatt boogie man
Dj Cocoa
Dj Cocoa 10 gün önce
"thats worse than india" dead
Ravioli Jesus
Ravioli Jesus 10 gün önce
He’s the man!
Alex Shaw
Alex Shaw 10 gün önce
Bill burr is the most authentic person in entertainment period.
Angel Bustos
Angel Bustos 10 gün önce
so NY has pizza... L.A. has the rest of the good food lol
Ritchard Thomas
Ritchard Thomas 10 gün önce
I worked at b dubs and you wouldn't believe the people that would want to drink the hottest sauce there from a double shot glass but the manager made us use Dave's beyond insanity sauce. I think just in case they sue or just to entertain himself who knows after they drink it they always fall to the ground and spend a disproportionate amount of time in the bathroom
tHE HECk 10 gün önce
The suffering! But . He cleans the table - not just nibbling.
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