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Bill Burr is one of the most requested Hot Ones guests of all time-not to mention a standup legend, host of the Monday Morning Podcast, and co-creator and star of Netflix's 'F Is For Family.' But how is he with spicy food? Find out in this highly anticipated Hot Ones event. As host Sean Evans peppers Bill with questions, the comedian's notoriously hot takes get even hotter-even for him. Watch as Bill gets red in the face with spice and rants about everything from cyclists to cooking shows. You don't want to miss this!


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Season 7
Episode 9

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.



29 Kas 2018




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First We Feast
First We Feast 2 yıl önce
"I'd like to say f**k you to all you people for putting me on this s**t!" -- Bill Burr, to everyone who requested him
Amelia wilson
Amelia wilson 11 gün önce
Last comment
Keon 74
Keon 74 2 aylar önce
DaArtist Nelley
DaArtist Nelley 3 aylar önce
I want to see @jokoy on here! I bet he would clear the wings too!
Italian Milty FriedMan
sweet im the 500th comment, fuck you
KaykayGaming 3 saatler önce
respect! he finished all the chicken wings and didn't waste a single piece
Bozz LP
Bozz LP 5 saatler önce
He ate all exept the second last wing. Rewatch it, noone ate it. I think Bill said he cant eat both so they skipped it.
Obi Wan Cannabi
Obi Wan Cannabi Gün önce
you skipped one, second to last, lots of chat no eating
Miss Basma
Miss Basma Gün önce
U can tell Bill liked him 🥺
_KaiTheGamer_ Gün önce
People who say Boston drivers are the worst *clearly* have never driven in the Miami-Dade and Broward County regions of Florida. Good lord people here are terrible.
Jonathan Bartolome
Bills Overdue for another appearance on Hot Ones
Jade Motaung
Jade Motaung 2 gün önce
“Go Fuck Yourself ale”
Little Inkling
Little Inkling 2 gün önce
What's with all the dumb music like its reality show jeopardy?
Carlos P
Carlos P 2 gün önce
The hallowed beautician partly hate because peen immunocytochemically license concerning a wide-eyed hyena. true, weak poison
Jotte 3 gün önce
"I'm a minimalist. Yes, i'm a helicopter pilot" Bill only flying 1 helicopter out there
mayo naise
mayo naise 3 gün önce
Love how he says that "this is called the bomb" like it must taste good.
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck 4 gün önce
They all drink water...
Isaac Earl
Isaac Earl 4 gün önce
Random low blow to India haha
Chiquita GoneBananaz
Bill is so unselfish and humble! Love him
Brian Vigneau
Brian Vigneau 5 gün önce
Was that an interview with Bill Burr or Hellboy?
Fftydg H
Fftydg H 5 gün önce
The only time I’ve ever seen bill burr nicer is with mike Tyson. And that’s saying something.
ASMR SOUNDS 5 gün önce
Man I love this show
mike luera
mike luera 5 gün önce
Wow! He was the only guest I ever seen eat very wing. Respect 👊
El Dean
El Dean 5 gün önce
Try Vaseline
CarsonDoesStuff 5 gün önce
If Sean can interview Bill Burr he can interview ANYONE
John john
John john 5 gün önce
19:10 - Bill Burr does not look like Bill Burr.
Christian Comiré
Christian Comiré 6 gün önce
well bill said if you drink the milk isis wins....guess he was right
C 3
C 3 7 gün önce
“A card carrying member of PETA”. It’s that kind of pretentiousness that baffles me. You’re a member of PETA, ok, who cares?😂
TuaBehBeh Cocoon
TuaBehBeh Cocoon 7 gün önce
I came here again to listen to Bill Burr's bit about cyclists. Golden.
Nicholos Jones
Nicholos Jones 7 gün önce
13:36 truth
Jeremy Stevens
Jeremy Stevens 8 gün önce
The used cupboard postmeiotically like because minibus concurringly saw concerning a open buffet. cold, harsh tornado
Livia Perkins
Livia Perkins 8 gün önce
Why does he look like he has cancer? Am I being insensitive? I’m serious, not being mean
plotakma 8 gün önce
Dude please we NEED Joe Rogan on here
Dean Friedel
Dean Friedel 9 gün önce
These guys hairs burned off while they're f****** eating these oh hey f****** f****** your diarrhea for 2 days for publicity go f*** yourself the comics are like what what do I have to do for view eat shit ok or wait hot wings OOOOKKKKKKKKKKK
No Name, No Slogan
No Name, No Slogan 9 gün önce
Hahaha "fvck your question"
Omar Avila
Omar Avila 9 gün önce
He called bullshit on dabomb being third to last we all know that by now
Noe 9 gün önce
He said "what are you doing?" Shit had me rolling! 😆
Joey Nicol
Joey Nicol 9 gün önce
"I don't give a f*** what people eat. I just hate the flat-screen TVs."
HuiChyr 10 gün önce
How is that Bill face is all red but his scalp is still pale white.
Theophillus Baloyi
Theophillus Baloyi 10 gün önce
Bill Burr: *Dies Sean Evans: "So, anyway..."
Khotso Khitsane
Khotso Khitsane 10 gün önce
"now we get to see who we are as men" 🤣😂🤣I love that
The Narrator
The Narrator 11 gün önce
Bill Is so smart in so many ways and so stupid in others. The whole kapernic Thing he does not get kt
Motör Punx
Motör Punx 9 gün önce
what doesn't he get?
Bind Media
Bind Media 11 gün önce
I'm so glad they left in the Norway cheese story from Bill, that was the sweetest thing I've ever heard him say. Man what a great guest and dude
Soullessjedi 11 gün önce
Dabbing for head like a preacher 😆🤣
patrsn 11 gün önce
5 thousand cyclists were upset by Bills commentary
Curious_ Lobster
Curious_ Lobster 12 gün önce
Finally! “You got your rankings wrong here’” then switches da bomb to the top. No one ever hurts on the last 2 like they do on da bomb
PLHTV 12 gün önce
can you get Leonardo DiCaprio on hot ones?
cp224 12 gün önce
Bill Burr is a stone cold savage lmao that talk as he ate the last wing
_TheTop HatMan_
_TheTop HatMan_ 12 gün önce
21:41 the sheer panic in that "What're doin'?" Lmao
Texas Swift
Texas Swift 13 gün önce
Anything with Bill Burr is always a treat and this did not disappoint. You gotta love Kuby.
TheDevilisBlue 13 gün önce
Bill is right, da bomb is fucking painful.
iTzYoMaster 13 gün önce
Why is Bill Burr so angry?
Christopher Esguerra
Christopher Esguerra 13 gün önce
crum lee
crum lee 13 gün önce
Bill reminds me of how my brain operates literally 24/7
Christine W
Christine W 13 gün önce
Keith Woodcrest
Keith Woodcrest 13 gün önce
We need OzzyMan on Hot Ones. Pronto.
ArtOfMarcos 13 gün önce
A mirror match 😂
JJ Legend
JJ Legend 14 gün önce
Bill, the only reason Joe Rogan surpassed you, is because he's the definition of a "Sell-out". He gets a huge platform handed to him, but he also has to use to accordingly. Meaning, his platform is used for pushing propaganda and other misinformation. Sure, a good 30% of his content is truth, and him being genuine, but most of his show is just shoveled up horse shit. You're too real for something like that.
Pedro Orrico Boscov
Pedro Orrico Boscov 14 gün önce
The good old times when you could make a toast using chicken wings soaked in scorching hot sauce without wearing a mask
Abundant Avery
Abundant Avery 14 gün önce
Legend, he cleaned those wings
B Christmann
B Christmann 14 gün önce
Man loves his wife! 😭🥰 love that!
Brayan Miranda
Brayan Miranda 14 gün önce
Lol.. its room temperature who does that to someone xD
dubenstein 15 gün önce
I'm in tears when he ate Da' Bomb. Sean is rambling questions and Bill is suffering coaching himself on "getting the milk down his throat, don't breathe through your mouth." I lost it when He is asking questions and Bill says "I just hate the flat screen tvs". HOLY SHIT
Hoenir Canute
Hoenir Canute 16 gün önce
Im pretty sure Bill Burr never will go on a cruise ship :D
Vladow F
Vladow F 16 gün önce
Didn't realize how liberal Bill is, gross
Drones 16 gün önce
19:39 that burn though 😄
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 16 gün önce
“I’m going two. You like that, fuck you.” -Legend
Bazzyg 17 gün önce
@14:30 which one is Sean and which one is Bill?
P.J. Hughes
P.J. Hughes 17 gün önce
If fkn Bill burr can fly a fkn helicopter then Donald trump could be fkn president!!
Dom Valentino
Dom Valentino 17 gün önce
Wicked Cunt beer 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joe Stuart
Joe Stuart 17 gün önce
nolo _UPR
nolo _UPR 18 gün önce
The tough beer names 😆
SheaRecordmetal 18 gün önce
9:46 i love that Bill won’t advertise his favorite restaurants . Smart as fuck. He’s like fuck you , I’m not waiting line.
Hunter 18 gün önce
theres no way that last one is 3.5x stronger than da bomb
Harley Visser
Harley Visser 18 gün önce
Get dana white on here
Noah Hernandez
Noah Hernandez 19 gün önce
Sean just showed how good of an interviewer he is. He didn't piss off Bill
Acer Wolfe
Acer Wolfe 19 gün önce
Please please and again please guest PEDRO PASCAL! Yes! I'm obsessed with Pedro! I don't care! LOL!
Erin Jeanette
Erin Jeanette 19 gün önce
Am I supposed to answer that dude?? 😂😂😂😂 I love the dramatic sounds for the cough or the moment they react at all it's a violin sounds and winding up music ahahahaa
Erick Ollsonn
Erick Ollsonn 19 gün önce
Fuck all you people hahahha
alucard2d 19 gün önce
21:42 That "What are you doing?" was so sincere😂😂😂
Adam Suttles
Adam Suttles 20 gün önce
Definitely Not a Marine. I'm not one I just see them a lot. They get considered fatbodies and get corrected quickly in Marines. Mr. Burr... I really appreciate your mindset. Thumbs up sign.
Trev 20 gün önce
Its a shame we never got to see Patrice O'Neal on this show
ansion8D 20 gün önce
Dude, I wanna know more about this Danish cheese...
Dave Reid - Daly
Dave Reid - Daly 21 gün önce
1st class show, Brilliant....!!!!!
Naitsirhc Ylc
Naitsirhc Ylc 21 gün önce
When Bill said "what are you doin?" When Sean got the last dab ready, I felt that lmao
Paul Reece
Paul Reece 21 gün önce
Yes! Great show.
Javi_Lee 21 gün önce
if you gonna interview bill.. u gotto be fully prepared for reals... LMAOOOO
David Todd McCarty
David Todd McCarty 22 gün önce
Has anyone ever double checked the scoville rating on “Da Bomb” because it’s barely hotter than the one before it usually and it freaks everyone else out and then no one seems to concerned with the last two.
Brandon Frost
Brandon Frost 7 gün önce
I'm in agreement there is a pepper out there that reminds me of diesel
mrbejam 18 gün önce
I get the impression it doesn’t taste nice so all they can think about is the burn 🤷‍♂️
Kevvo 22 gün önce
Good point on Food Net... I really miss Emeril!
CUB1C 22 gün önce
The resemblance is incredible
Minchenko 22 gün önce
When he took his hat off Me: im looking at 2 white chocolate Maltesers
cjhan47 22 gün önce
Bill Burr is far funnier than Joe Rogen and Mark Maron. Far funnier.
Erin Jeanette
Erin Jeanette 19 gün önce
I don't even know who the hell mark maron is!
Roberto Mendez
Roberto Mendez 23 gün önce
What a wuss 🤣
johnny johnson
johnny johnson 23 gün önce
You can't just run lines wow Horrible scene for bill
Jacob Moon
Jacob Moon 23 gün önce
bill looks like he could be your dad lol
Jommamo Soffat
Jommamo Soffat 23 gün önce
I cracked a root beer just as Bill was saying it's his jam lol Cheers Bill 🍻
Scizor Bullet
Scizor Bullet 23 gün önce
17:08 is so fucking funny
MHatz 23 gün önce
even tho this is entertaining, Joe Rogan is right eating very spicy shit during an interview is the worst way to do an interview
HmmmVeryWise 12 gün önce
Isnt that kinda the point
Wiz Wit
Wiz Wit 24 gün önce
Bill Burr looks like the older drug addict brother of Sean Evans
Flashboxingtv #MPDKSAB
Torvald Rúnarson
Torvald Rúnarson 25 gün önce
He went MILK. Isis won :'(
Silvester Nicholson
Silvester Nicholson 26 gün önce
Wait a minute, they only put 2 drops, I thought the wings would be covered in that sauce...
TheMagicGuy 26 gün önce
Fucking channel has so many ads its unwqtchable
Richy 26 gün önce
Even eating wings he's hysterically funny. Respect😁👍
I can pull up my girlfriend
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