Biggest FOAM rc airplane Crashes!

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Thanks again to @FliteTest Check out their video on making this Giant RC Airplane: trvid.com/video/video-WEKgTXl7xh4.html

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Special thanks to @Sam Foskuhl and everyone who helped out and made the event a success!!

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14 Ağu 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Eric Gavizon
that one shot of the gopro going down and looking up at the cacophany of aerated chaos surrounding the far-away behemoth was absolutely legendary
Bro, the guy who managed the
Kudos to the drone pilot for making some awesome close shots of a plane with a very unpredictable flight path!
Chris Hard
I've been around RC flying clubs all my life, and have never seen an event that looks this much fun. Also the skill of every pilot there is amazing.
This was wild to watch, and this idea for a final event was brilliant. I hope this design will be improved upon and we will get to see it sometime in the future
Daniel Baker
There's something about having that behemoth among all the smaller planes that gives thwe whole event so much more prescence. I would suggest going with a twin tail configuration for more stability. It looks to me like it was slipping and sliding in all the corners, and would def have helped regain control when you were in some of those near stalls. gorgeous flight. :) And the kids feasting, you're awesome for allowing that. :)
Christopher Woods
Drone work to capture this manic, intense mid-air action is outstanding. Some incredible skills from the drone op. And what a machine you managed to build in such a short space of time! This looks like a hell of a lot of fun.
That was AMAZING! The drone footage of the smaller plane spiraling into the ground was impressive!
shawn saunders
Dude is a genius. The world needs people like him. It’s great he is teaching the kids and community to build with him. Cheers to you future Peter. If anything Elon will hire you but I imagine you will be accepted anywhere or anyway you go. God bless you brother.
Paul S
I think the wings needed a tension member from the wing tips, but altogether a really great project! hope to see many more crazy designs it's inspired next year!
lisaw top
What an absolutely beautiful and fun episode this was, thanks Peter.
I love this so much.
koiun dwrru
Peter, Josh, and Sam all working on a project together is the single most wholesome thing this whole week. And It's only Monday.
John Weber
Kudos to everyone involved. I think the MVP goes to the drone pilots who did such a great job of capturing all the action.
LejsNarus 14 gün önce
Just thinking how hard it was to find the gopro in such large field. Kudos for the construction and the efforts, awesome video!
Noneyaone Noneyatwo
Hear me out, your struts could easily be reinforced if you place 1/4in paneling cutouts on both sides of every other strut and or rib and reinforce your wings and fuselage with fiber glass rods... Might come out pretty epic. If you're comfortable attempting to make your own prop you may be able to use a servo to run your prop
Willow Brown (AnarchoPupGirl)
The folks who put ribbons on their rc planes are all geniuses. It looks so lovely
quartelli 14 gün önce
Absolutely incredible video. Liked and subbed, so glad I found this because you guys are immensely talented.
Kris Kassens
Great job editing! Great story! I love the drone camera angles
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