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S WD Yıl önce
David was pretty spot on with his opinion of Britney's mom all these years ago......
hospitalcakewalk 24 gün önce
it's so creepy...
Brian McColm
Brian McColm 5 aylar önce
@シシ phwdepw
Distant Coff
Distant Coff 8 aylar önce
All THOSE years ago😉
シシ 9 aylar önce
Yes! He was spot on!!!
PeevishPolonium 11 aylar önce
Yeah! I was thinking, "Oh David, you have NO idea. Her mom's only the tip of the iceberg!"
Batastrophic Yıl önce
I always loved how genuinely chuffed Rob is to win the quiz lol
Nabaa Eyddan
Nabaa Eyddan Yıl önce
You can see lily's confidence growing throughout the video.
Beena Plumber
Beena Plumber Aylar önce
And you can see the precise moment when all her hopes and aspirations were actually crushed at 1:40:28
Octorawk Yıl önce
Such a fantastic line up. The cape gag at the start always gets me. xD
Danni Luxgarbe
Danni Luxgarbe 2 yıl önce
Just to put it out there: The Cutty Sark at one time held the speed record for transport between Britain and Australia until steam ships outstripped her.
coder49 Yıl önce
Oh damn, that's a pretty fun fact I never knew til now
Cameron J. Wallace
Quick correction: while weeping angels CAN send you back in time, they can also just as easily break your neck. So that's an answer too.
Es Obelisk
Es Obelisk 4 aylar önce
@Pumuckl didn’t moffat also write Blink, though?
Pumuckl Yıl önce
@Jeff David encountered the Angels only once, in Blink. They only sent people back in time, that's how the episode worked. Before the start of the episode, they got the doctor and Martha and sent them back to 1969. The DVD easter eggs the doctor uses to communicate with Sally were created with the help of a cop she asked to investigate the matter. The angels got him and sent him back to 1969 as well where he started working with the doctor and concluded the loop, creating the easter eggs Sally had already seen. The doctor specifically told Sally that they make their victims "live to death". The neck-snapping was all Moffat.
Pumuckl Yıl önce
At this point in time it's correct, but not in 2007
HazyWave 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much for uploading all of these!! Just discovered the Big Fat Quizzes in the last couple weeks and have burning through them. Love having a whole new batch to watch!
Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes Yıl önce
@CC Daly same here. it's helping me get through
CC Daly
CC Daly Yıl önce
Me too! Been depressed lately and it's really helping. I was just looking for Sarah Millican clips I hadn't seen yet and here I am
A C Yıl önce
This person is a life saver for Americans 🏈 🤠 omg this is the emojis that come up when I type American... I assure you I'm not a cowboy nor do I like football... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Baphomet 4 aylar önce
I swear I’ve just thought of the best show ever made… a buddy cop show where Noel and Brand are goth detectives, David and Rob are their goth interns, Jonathan is their goth police captain, Jimmy is their upbeat, energetic, murderous, Christian nemesis, and Lily Allen plays Lily Allen and is always just slightly out of focus in every scene that Jimmy is in but she spends the entire show just trying to convince Jimmy to sleep with her and offers him fish and chips while chugging cans.
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry 2 yıl önce
Rob's impression of David was really good
TechBro404 10 aylar önce
@pulgie impeccable lol
pulgie 2 yıl önce
10:25 it’s impecable
CC Daly
CC Daly Yıl önce
"DO YOU LIKE SHEPHERD'S PIE?!" Lily's just happy to be here and I love it
Seetha Golden
Seetha Golden 5 aylar önce
wow this is like opening a time capsule! I think this the closest I've got to time travelling! Oh how creepily fantastic!
Dana Payne
Dana Payne Yıl önce
Jonathan's face when Lily made the anal sex joke. Priceless.
Cutie Yoooshi
Cutie Yoooshi Yıl önce
David Mitchell is a national treasure
Beena Plumber
Beena Plumber Aylar önce
Pairing him with Rob was perfect. They feed each other well, and they are the perfect "square" antithesis of Noel and Russell.
Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Hall 2 aylar önce
“It devalues music.” “They made more on this album than the last one.” I loved Jimmy shutting down Lily’s nonsense.
meow 8 aylar önce
24:34 I'm not that big on Jonathan Ross usually, but the shocked/appalled face he puts on at moments like these makes me laugh so hard every time.
Kerri Gore
Kerri Gore Yıl önce
Fun Fact: According to Wikipedia, Lily Allen announced in December 2007 that she was pregnant. So it's entirely likely that as of this recording, she was in fact pregnant. Should have listened to her own song.
@DatGrrl but it's a topical quiz about current events, they have questions about events that happened in december but youre saying they filmed this in June or July..?
JoeBrrr 4 aylar önce
A day
DatGrrl 8 aylar önce
These programmes are filmed over six months prior to airing as proven with the airing of this year's BFQ almost one year after filming...buy a bigger helmet...
ILuvAyeAye Yıl önce
@Cynthia B They are aired right after Christmas, but they're not live - I think typically they're filmed in early December.
Cynthia B
Cynthia B Yıl önce
These are generally filmed right after Christmas, in this case 2007's BFQ was aired on Decemer 30th, so if she announced it in December then yeah, it's not entirely likely. She WAS pregnant.
mydemon Yıl önce
Jimmy is such a great host.
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 2 yıl önce
They remembered both the “goth detectives” and the “congratu-well” jokes from a year ago!
Sweet's Sandbox
Sweet's Sandbox 2 yıl önce
Noel Fielding really doesn’t age...
quikxfl Yıl önce
Money is a hell of a drug
Adam Davis
Adam Davis Yıl önce
I think he’s a vampire
Jesse H.
Jesse H. Yıl önce
1:13:21 That is the BEST thing I've ever seen 😂. Thom York, what a legend. So much to unpack in one clip.
Blue Moon River
Blue Moon River Yıl önce
Rob's teacher's pet act was the best part of the show lol
Justine Helene
Justine Helene 3 aylar önce
I love how years later when he appears on the quiz he completely takes over and hosts over Jimmy lmao
Lauren Kaitlyn
Lauren Kaitlyn Yıl önce
Omg this is giving me many highschool memories. This is the first time nostalgia hasn't hurt.
Cyn M.
Cyn M. 11 aylar önce
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Yıl önce
I'm sorry you've had a difficult past. I hope things are better for you currently.
Epik61 2 yıl önce
Lily definitely did not want to change seats
Punching Pixels
Punching Pixels 8 aylar önce
Jonathan's comments were so creepy. Acting like he has to protect her and calling her sexually attractive in the same breath he saying he's an uncle figure....feel bad that no one told him to fuck off. Maybe she just wanted to sit near the cool young people she can relate to.
Saintphoenix Yıl önce
Yeah even moved her chair away from Jonathan, she clearly felt uncomfortable at the whole thing
Radhika Somani
Radhika Somani 2 yıl önce
This is soo old Jimmy hadn't evolved his laugh yet.
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros
His seal laughter appeared sporadically here, so at least it seems somewhat genuine.
maxpf Yıl önce
seeing brydon on the latest show i have to say....the man got himself the best hair transplant ever
Hippie Custer
Hippie Custer Aylar önce
Just discovered all these guys. Thanks for posting these!!!
Thessair 2 yıl önce
Lily Allen and Claudia Winkleman would make a great team.
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Yıl önce
Just because they both have hair continually in their eyes?
Hungry 2 Know Where I'm Goin', Not Where I've Been
That would be too adorable and yummy... our screens would melt like candlewax.
Doryanna Isabel
Doryanna Isabel Yıl önce
Big yikes at David’s assessment of Brittney now that we know what happened with her conservatorship 😖😖😖😖 he was spot on.
Sarah Canonico
Sarah Canonico 2 yıl önce
Thank you for adding all the quizzes 🥰🥰♥️💪
Tesseract556 4 aylar önce
No problem
Fritz DeCat
Fritz DeCat Yıl önce
I wish I could dress like Noel Fielding and pull it off as well as he does.
Cyn M.
Cyn M. 11 aylar önce
I used to dress like that. My daughter saw some old pictures and she asked "were you out for Halloween?" 😂😂
He Ru
He Ru Yıl önce
These shows are like a time capsule.
dcs002 11 gün önce
The kids are the highlight of every show. "You better sort your life out mate!" "OK!" And they leave it at that. I just can't imagine adult actors pulling off lines like that.
Nathan Forester
Nathan Forester 7 aylar önce
Russell and Noel are the Mick and Keith of this show, which is a fitting comparison.
jay 6 aylar önce
I really feel Lily's frustration at being the only one to try and give that blonde lady the benefit of the doubt when everyone was ragging on her.
Mona Wolters
Mona Wolters 6 aylar önce
Which bit was that?
Donald Campbell
Donald Campbell 2 yıl önce
Russell and Noel best team on any BFQ, and so funny with Lilly and her Bum bum story
FramesPerSecond 6 aylar önce
Lily roasted Jonathan with that corpse joke🤣
freesimorgh Yıl önce
watching this in 2021, Jimmy has hair implants but Noel still has his own hair! Joke's on Jimmy!
Ripdbtp OO
Ripdbtp OO 5 aylar önce
Are you sure? Noel could be wearing a rug...
Joseph Fisher
Joseph Fisher 11 aylar önce
That was an unsettlingly good impression of David Mitchell from Rob Brydon...i wasn't watching at the time he did it and thought David was talking for a second
Mortanos 26 gün önce
Congratulations to Lilly Allen who (witnessed by all) has just reached her puberty.
Sumner Bukoski
Sumner Bukoski 2 yıl önce
Visible rage from Jimmy at 37:30 towards someone yelling from the audience.
kmp 8 aylar önce
I wonder if Ian gave back the money he owed to Noel and Russel
marco zethof
marco zethof Yıl önce
i just can not imagine paul mccartney being an asshole, he always looks like the happy funny and polite man, i bet when if i met him on the street, and i ask for a photo and a autograph, he'd do it, and be happy to take his time
Anna Helander
Anna Helander Yıl önce
56:53 to 57:12 No, David. You're not going mad. It's just either 2020 or 2021. That's all. Nothing to worry about.
Vicky Robinson
Vicky Robinson Yıl önce
he said congratuwelldone and my day has been made
Gilmore 2 yıl önce
Much cheerier than 2020 in review....
Sunshine Yıl önce
I've avoided them the past few years. Too depressing.
Handmade Darcy
Handmade Darcy 4 aylar önce
Wow. The Britney Spears' & her mother jokes are heartbreaking, now we know hat we know. 😢
Deanna Johnson
Deanna Johnson 3 aylar önce
Being named Deanna and having been born in '95 makes Paul's tattoo a little weird lol
Nemesis 01
Nemesis 01 3 aylar önce
Russell: Pregnant with pure evil! 😹👍
teavie 8 aylar önce
the fact that i was younger than the primary school children when this came out freaks me
joe lundine
joe lundine Yıl önce
Years later embedded diamonds on your face becomes a thing lol
ReasonablySerious 11 aylar önce
Nice to see Mike Rinder's work featured, actually
Epik61 2 yıl önce
You are the GOAT
Marla Mueller
Marla Mueller 5 aylar önce
1:34:51 Sounds like Jonathan knows what Noel is about to do. Was it actually Jonathan’s idea? 🤔
Jack Kennen
Jack Kennen 6 aylar önce
The best thing to watch in 2022
rezgingr Yıl önce
David Mitchell was not wrong about Britney Spears o_o
Distant Coff
Distant Coff 8 aylar önce
@ReasonablySerious Pure Misogyny
ReasonablySerious 11 aylar önce
I mean, it's not like that was a very difficult conclusion to arrive at.
vortexy Yıl önce
Actually not wrong about her mother.
Cider Fan
Cider Fan Yıl önce
Very accessible piece of material... I had to think about how Galaxy and Snickers would be related.
amittoibis 2 yıl önce
I'm addicted to this
J G 5 aylar önce
1:19:42 this joke was made in 2007. little did they know
Georgie 5 aylar önce
this came out the year i was born which is only mildly horrifying to me
Cobra Jin
Cobra Jin 5 gün önce
I really thought the Weeping Angel answer was "you blink, you die".
Amber in the box
Amber in the box Yıl önce
How dare u? We're not rapists. Lol they were spinning in their chairs. Lol. This got started right off didn't it.
Robby Robby
Robby Robby Yıl önce
the goth detectives I would watch that show
Rob Copley
Rob Copley Yıl önce
I take that back. Joe Wilkinson would never stoop so low as to make fun of Steven Hawking.
carey Taitt
carey Taitt Yıl önce
Oli Martino
Oli Martino Yıl önce
god i love john sheppard
noisyturtle Yıl önce
"If she's done nothing but charity for the past 20 years it proves she's never had to get a job." the truth in this statement is so real I could take a bite, digest it, and pass a little truth nugget
herb_rolls 8 aylar önce
she's likely a stay at home mom which is an unpaid job in of itself. there's a reason some men make their wives stay at home and it's because they can't do both at the same time and do it well.
Jill A
Jill A 8 aylar önce
Can a British person please translate what Russell says at 25:05 when he tells Jimmy what a paternity suite is? "It's a ____ for a dad"?? Please help
Kay P
Kay P 6 aylar önce
Settee (sofa)
Lïttlë Ädäm
Lïttlë Ädäm 2 yıl önce
Ah, so this is the year it started to go bad for Russell
PunkFrock Yıl önce
This was shot in 2007 therefore its not 1080p. This is how we used to live.
Derek James
Derek James 2 aylar önce
out of this whole thing...my only question... Noel...can i keep him
GoddessofEggrolls 2 yıl önce
So Jimmy stole his laugh from Thom Yorke?
PunkFrock Yıl önce
I didn't notice till I read your comment. I was distracted coz its Thom fuckint Yorke!! Thanks for the heads up.
Hungry 2 Know Where I'm Goin', Not Where I've Been
Cerys Matthews has an amazing face!!
Dingo Delta
Dingo Delta Yıl önce
10:04 there are a number of people I would have expected that from....NOT David Mitchell
Elliot Cowell
Elliot Cowell Yıl önce
I definitely prefer Russel Brand as a comedian than as an activist
Punching Pixels
Punching Pixels 2 yıl önce
Johnathan Ross trying to "flirt" with Lily is hard to watch.
LRS Yıl önce
His drug of choice is now politics. His dealer is Julian Assange.
Sandro Simao
Sandro Simao Yıl önce
John Hurt R.I.P.
Deathnote2539 4 aylar önce
I love how Lily just destroys Uncle Creeper there. 24:50
Ethan Burnell
Ethan Burnell Yıl önce
I actually have no idea what happened in 2007. I was six so that probably doesn't help but still.
Ethan Burnell
Ethan Burnell Yıl önce
@Jesse H. hello, much older person. How are you?
Jesse H.
Jesse H. Yıl önce
I was twenty-two. Hello young person.
Reginald 2 yıl önce
David is correct, the cutty sark is very boring
Steve N
Steve N 2 yıl önce
Why does the middle screen always look like it's written in a highlighter while the other two look normal?
Occurrences 2 yıl önce
Why not try a Big Fat Quiz today?
BeavzMC 2 yıl önce
2020 dropped in December, everything of 2021 dropped like a week ago.
BulletHole 2 yıl önce
i had to google john darwin canoe man because i dont remember him.. he is in the news right now...
Joe Hudson
Joe Hudson 2 yıl önce
Oof watching that lily Allen thing when Johnathan Ross called her sexy she looked uncomfortable, and how they discussed rape etc this is just so different to now, I mean this was an era where calling someone gay was a part of every conversation
AdoraBell Yıl önce
@Batastrophic it gets better on the rewatch.
ILuvAyeAye Yıl önce
@Themis88 Nahhhhh, Jimmy Carr getting Cat Deeley to "kiss it better" for David Walliams was worse. And as someone else said, the Mel B episode is definitely worse.
Batastrophic Yıl önce
@Themis88 Hah. Did you end up watching the one with Mel B? I haven't even brought myself to rewatch it. Unequivocally the worst guest in the show's history
Siggy Lloyd
Siggy Lloyd Yıl önce
@Unbelievable keep getting pissed at your invisible pretend bugaboos, it's funnier for the rest of us.
Unbelievable Yıl önce
Nothing wrong with it. They're clearly jokes. Unless of course you're an SJW degenerate.
Calvin Heslop
Calvin Heslop 10 aylar önce
Wait was that stoned guy at 1:13:24 where Jimmy got his laugh.?
Sakoya LT
Sakoya LT 7 aylar önce
“That stoned guy”? That’s Thom Yorke! He’s a legend
invghost 4 aylar önce
Im so sad that website isn't a real thing.
Platinum Patience
Platinum Patience 2 yıl önce
I've always preferred Russell over Richard in terms of being Noel's partner! It's such a shame he's rarely on...
quikxfl Yıl önce
He's too woke now, no chill
Punching Pixels
Punching Pixels 2 yıl önce
Russell takes a bit too much of the spotlight from the show. He's fun, but it's nice when everyone gets a chance to shine.
gorgeousgambler Yıl önce
Crimping power
Don't Panic
Don't Panic Yıl önce
May I ask after something serious along the foreign affairs line? The Iranian return of British sailors put me in mind of it: If we in the west respect national sovereignty so much, how is it we're constantly jeopardizing it with our naval deployments and increasingly encroaching missile batteries in NATO? We'd never allow another country to patrol our waters as we do or set up shop with their missiles so close to our borders, so why do we have the mindset that it's of no consequence when we do it? Is it to act as a deterrent that other nations don't do the same, a way to excuse the enormous expenditures of expanding militaries, give them something to do, or an excuse to justify the increasing growth of military spending? This bugs me some, like we're not actually policing the world, but antagonizing it to stay in business, doing something we wouldn't allow any other nation to do to us. Some absolutist part inside just views this practice as an excuse to violate other nations' sovereignty, as a threat that's inhibiting it. If we're so enamored with the idea of sovereignty, why are we always threating to violate it? Guess self-protectionism and national security outweighs ethics at times. Seems like we'd be just as well-protected, though, were we to keep to our borders instead of policing other's. It's not like these other countries have no idea of our military might were they to launch an excursion of conquest. Think those days are largely behind us. Guess we're protecting allies who aren't able to protect themselves more than we're protecting ourselves, yet it still seems we're just trolling the waters for capitalistic and commercial interests more than seeking to secure international safety for trade. Maybe, they just go hand-in-hand, yeah? Can't have one without the other. Still, can't imagine a world where another nation was doing it for these purposes and we'd be completely happy being under their protection. Reckon I'm just wondering if we're doing this right. We probably are, but why does it feel like we aren't, like we're taking advantage, like we're dismissing more productive and less costly ways of accomplishing it all, like we aren't seeking parity, but are still seeking dominion over other nations? That's all, that's all that's on my mind. Could use some feedback on this, if anyone's so inclined. But for now, back to the show... Cheers.
deaghlan finn-kelly
deaghlan finn-kelly 19 gün önce
You are indeed correct. The outcome of this policy we can see today, If we look at Russia and how this very dangerous war started, it was that the west encroached on her borders with NATO weapons being deployed along the border of Ukraine. Russia warned for a number of years about what was happening, this was ignored and here we are. The news tends to be quiet about that bit, making it look like Russia just got up one day, said oh nothing to do let's go to war. Remember the west going mad in the 60s over Cuba, well this is just the same. Also, strange how we take prisoners and others take hostages. The language used is always to pervert the people's view of the other nation.
kasketchayne Yıl önce
what is the "Panto" they refer to on this show? Johnathon asked Biggins if he was going to be on it....
J G Aylar önce
I had to look it up on Wikipedia lol.
CatsareBest 11 aylar önce
British Pantomime. Rather hard to explain but if you look it up you can see examples. It’s essentially an interactive stage production based on a mash up of all sorts of children’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Lots of cross dressing and generally adults getting to play dress up. Very uniquely British tradition (at least the modern version of it).
ergo norm
ergo norm Gün önce
year i was born!
Stewart Halliwell
Very poor compared to the year before
Butt Soup
Butt Soup 2 yıl önce
Headline: Noel Feilding refuses to deny rape allegations
J G Aylar önce
Diana B
Diana B Yıl önce
Wow! Talk about over share …Lily Allen.
Platinum Patience
Platinum Patience 2 yıl önce
Are you uploading these again?
Rikki Sixx
Rikki Sixx 2 yıl önce
I have not before and it was requested that I do, so I am.
Grace Minshull
Grace Minshull Yıl önce
god i feel bad for lily. jonathan ross is such a creep here
True Central
True Central 7 aylar önce
Wow - how times change, eh? Imagine a show now where 6 straight white men spend the first 10 minutes making rape jokes around, and sometimes alluding to, a solitary 22 year old woman. I don't think even Carr could pull that off in 2022.
Christopher K
Christopher K 2 aylar önce
Better times.
True Central
True Central 7 aylar önce
@Wf Coaker I'm not entirely sure about how abstract thought would change the meaning or intent of a joke, but then again, I don't think you do either. Rather, I surmise that you think using a word like 'abstract' makes you sound intelligent. In actual fact, it makes you sound like someone who does not understand the meaning of the word 'abstract'.
Wf Coaker
Wf Coaker 7 aylar önce
Back when people had enough capacity for abstract thought, they understood they weren't making rape jokes.
Callum Agnew
Callum Agnew 2 yıl önce
Don't suppose you have these in better quality? Thanks for the upload though.
Adrian Chambless
Adrian Chambless 2 aylar önce
Does Lilly Allen still make music
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Yıl önce
Why is Lily Allen chewing gum on TV?
J G Aylar önce
In later episodes they have whole picnics and spreads to eat. Not that shocking.
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 11 aylar önce
@Bruno Arnoni yes of course. They were doing it to show rebellion. They know it adds to the value of the show.
Bruno Arnoni
Bruno Arnoni 11 aylar önce
Noel and Russel were eating bananas and you think Lily chewing gum was strange?
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