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Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!
The kids are brought into an area where inmates, who are locked in their pods, are yelling so much that one of them starts crying in this clip from Season 4, Episode 4, "Lake County, FL".
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"Beyond Scared Straight" follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.
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A&E 9 aylar önce
Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!
Unkown Caller Tartan
So happy me no In prison :D
Chenelle Fisher
Chenelle Fisher Aylar önce
Faisal Alotibi wdym lol?
Dena Graham
Dena Graham 2 aylar önce
How do you get in the program?
Journee Gaston
Journee Gaston 3 aylar önce
Thay scared scared
Justin G.
Justin G. 3 aylar önce
Full episode ?
kaelyn elizabeth
kaelyn elizabeth 14 saatler önce
he does not care at all about his own sister
The justice genie
The justice genie 18 saatler önce
Class there will be a new student in class he is from Israel. Girls: omg I hope he is cute Boys: 0:20
Sweetmz *
Sweetmz * Gün önce
2:21 Isn’t that the dude that knitted tops for girls and modeled for his own products because he was scared to talk to girls? Sure looks like him.
I feel so bad for the kid who’s scared.
Jeremy Francisco
Jeremy Francisco 2 gün önce
When my friend saw what happened at 2:20 this is something like what he said: “I don’t know how someone manages to get in that situation”
Zenaida Calvendra
Zenaida Calvendra 3 gün önce
1:51 Is When My Sister took The Best candy
S Moody
S Moody 4 gün önce
Somthing about this I don't believe
Cheat Master
Cheat Master 5 gün önce
2:33 this is something I’ll do if someone was scared of me just straight up look at them and scream
Ice wallow Come
Ice wallow Come 5 gün önce
How tf is that Antonys fault he’s a full story above
Ashley and Marie
Ashley and Marie 6 gün önce
The first guys talking to the girl who almost had a panic attack was being nicer to her and making sure he wasn’t harsh he was just warning her
Ethan Malhotra
Ethan Malhotra 6 gün önce
Help there scaring me wa wa
K I t s u n e
K I t s u n e 6 gün önce
Imagine if these inmates except the American one, turned to demons
Sunflower_ Roblox
Sunflower_ Roblox 6 gün önce
Poor girl 🥺
aj james
aj james 8 gün önce
1:34 when you entered a wrong restroom
ikhsan K. O
ikhsan K. O 9 gün önce
Is that true ??
anne grover
anne grover 9 gün önce
That one dude in jail was so calm and nice
Sh1ft Magn3t1c
Sh1ft Magn3t1c 10 gün önce
1:57 respect to the kind dude
「frappechino gurl」
I actually started crying for this girl...🤕
ArY aN
ArY aN 10 gün önce
What the name of alissa IG : Can anyone tell me ?? Please
Basma Abdullah
Basma Abdullah 11 gün önce
I feel bad for that girl
JJm 2
JJm 2 11 gün önce
I do not feel anything for her she got out and didn’t change a single bit. The cradled her too much smh
Maxxy Brooks
Maxxy Brooks 12 gün önce
Sounds like Kylie Jenner seeing a homeless person 😆😅😅"
Isaias Martinez
Isaias Martinez 12 gün önce
Who fells bad for that girl
Zahria Matthews
Zahria Matthews 12 gün önce
Let the sister out of jail
Uros Matijasevic
Uros Matijasevic 12 gün önce
2:08 poor girl she not desirve this 😢
Jake Bodley
Jake Bodley 14 gün önce
Her brother does not care that he made his sister like that and now she have panic attack
Randy Richmond III
Randy Richmond III 14 gün önce
What a nice inmate
EaZy Default
EaZy Default 15 gün önce
Me when I was 6 years old and my mom didn't let me get my toys 1:51
Chloe Hughson
Chloe Hughson 16 gün önce
Legend has it she never got out
GetYeeted 16 gün önce
1:54 that dude is honestly the nicest dude, he comforts her and he even asks "what you scared of?"
Ginfio 18 gün önce
2:02 She’s so *cute* that I can’t believe that she’s in jail. What must have she done?
Ginfio Gün önce
lynix vids o, I see.
lynix vids
lynix vids Gün önce
Things her brother made her do
Angel Daniels
Angel Daniels 18 gün önce
That guy that was nice looked like will smith to me-
gacha_honeybee z
gacha_honeybee z 19 gün önce
If I was that girl in the bun I probably would have passed out
Arther TC
Arther TC 19 gün önce
1:31 i tough it was ksi 😂
Comical Core
Comical Core 20 gün önce
that kid's smile just drops the second he sees his sister having a panic attack. he's smiling completely then he just sees her and the next frame is just a blank expression. i think he changed more than her in all of this.
Mensaro Blanco Ríos
Mensaro Blanco Ríos 22 gün önce
Van de q van a hacer lo q quieran y después son los primeros en llorar como niños pequeños
karlee warzecha
karlee warzecha 23 gün önce
1:05 his smiling makes me wanna smack him
YOWIE WOWIE 25 gün önce
0:35 Oscar proud really let himself go
YOWIE WOWIE 25 gün önce
1:35 when you lose your mom at Walmart
Eric Gaming, Anime etc
tell me what the name of the girl
Müd 26 gün önce
A little birdie in another compilation of scared straight said that the girl at 2:20 was faking it all. That she was trying to look innocent. So who knows, but there is always two sides to a story.
Minstrawberry0gurt !
Minstrawberry0gurt ! 27 gün önce
Honestly she never even changed she deserves it not only that Why do drugs and all these things knowing you could go to jail Then when it’s time to face reality start to cry
Usha Sunuwar
Usha Sunuwar 28 gün önce
She is faking to be scared so she can get out
And this white boy say I want that lil black boy?
Shiiii I would’ve been scared too
Dora Brezić
Dora Brezić Aylar önce
2:33 Woah there buckaroo
LoshyBeGaming 1
LoshyBeGaming 1 Aylar önce
Poor Alissa
Kiruramitsu Aylar önce
At least that guy is trying to help a girl to stay out of jail
Stina Kay
Stina Kay Aylar önce
I love watching these videos know I’m safe behind my phone screen
Falloutboy _2019
Falloutboy _2019 Aylar önce
DIY Slime
DIY Slime Aylar önce
2:24 That was my reaction when my whole class got a detention, but we didn’t do anything it was the boys that got us into it
『 Rainy 』
『 Rainy 』 Aylar önce
1:57 this man deserves a reward for being the kindest man in the cells :(
Shawn NC
Shawn NC Aylar önce
Jashandeep Sandhu
Jashandeep Sandhu Aylar önce
imagine this boy staring with this face right in front of your window 0:47
Karsyn Chappell
Karsyn Chappell Aylar önce
2:00 minutes that guy deserves to to get out he is the one
Tux BS
Tux BS Aylar önce
*Does anyone know this girl's last name, instagram?*
Tux BS
Tux BS Aylar önce
*Feel bad for Alissa.*
Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Rin Aylar önce
The first prisoner guy was so sweet yet just so scary like "She a woman. Hit me"
Baby Sprinkle
Baby Sprinkle Aylar önce
Oh no she almost had a heart attack poor girl :(
Baby Panda_UvU
Baby Panda_UvU Aylar önce
That poor little girl was so scared.....at least they took her out
Aldina Halilovic
Aldina Halilovic Aylar önce
How can someone look so pretty while crying tho?
million 1000000 and billion 1000000000
Jail is scary there is so shouting dudes
Elite Morron
Elite Morron Aylar önce
Tell you what I prefer your jail more than my country jail. Compare to mine this is much better. But I prefer not to go the jail at all.
Callum Jenkins-Parton
These kids deserve this
Dana Red
Dana Red Aylar önce
1:33 why she look like an npc character lol
Venus Vortex14
Venus Vortex14 Aylar önce
0:06 That smile is like he's entering the magical world of Disneyland.
yUmMy PeANuTZ Aylar önce
I dont think petrifying poor young children is a way to make them behave and discipline them. That poor girl was clearly having a anxiety attack and they made her stay there struggling to breathe. I dont like this TV show, I think it is strongly wrong.
Time Tesseract
Time Tesseract Aylar önce
1:34 *literally me trying to face all my life problems*
TheSilent Man
TheSilent Man Aylar önce
0:19 8 8 Like if u know what 8 8 is
Scotty King
Scotty King Aylar önce
I likes that man that was talking to the girl calmly didn't yell and he was nice. And her brother I'm mad at for smiling because his sisters literally having a panic attack!
Leonardo Sanchez
Leonardo Sanchez Aylar önce
1:53 that man looks and is Jesus
ed Delgadillo
ed Delgadillo Aylar önce
Gamer Plays
Gamer Plays Aylar önce
Prisoner:I've been in and out of jail since I was 10 years old Girl:I'm sorry
Xartell Aylar önce
Walke Nelus
Walke Nelus Aylar önce
I feel so bad for the girl and the guy tryig to help her out. big ups to him being nice and giving her advice without yelling and screaming
Sofia Mayo!
Sofia Mayo! Aylar önce
0:41 the kids is just smiling lmao
Llama 1122
Llama 1122 Aylar önce
I hate my brother and all. But I know he would never do something that mean as to ignore me having a full on panic attack like his sister.
Chenelle Fisher
Chenelle Fisher Aylar önce
Hey I liked that black tall adult prisoner that was with the girl saying they’re scaring me! He wasn’t feisty he was mmh! Pretty kind :)
Pink Unicorn
Pink Unicorn Aylar önce
The poor girl 😢
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