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Check out the best showdowns and most epic fights between the teens, officers, and inmates from Season 9, including a one teen who has to be restrained to a chair, and one girl who meets her boyfriend in jail and shares with him that she is pregnant. #BeyondScaredStraight
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"Beyond Scared Straight" follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.
A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it's the network's distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at www.aetv.com for more info.




22 Feb 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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A&E 4 aylar önce
Love Beyond Scared Straight? Stay up to date on all of your favorite A&E shows at aetv.com/schedule.
Mark. x
Mark. x 17 gün önce
Wow be carful with them
9 Studios By Maxx
9 Studios By Maxx 20 gün önce
TRvid is drunk
Marta Masalska
Marta Masalska Aylar önce
Miriam Forde
Miriam Forde Aylar önce
Is this acting or is it reak
DK.pastor Aylar önce
Aqui é BR levaria td na brincadeira
Abbas Shanawar
Abbas Shanawar Saatler önce
Why I am laughing so hard😂😂😂
Alfie_Fusion 2 saatler önce
5:57 i think the tea is ready
Sir Conor
Sir Conor 16 saatler önce
8:45 tyreek: that wasn’t in the script
Theoretical hypothesis
6:17 me when summer is over:
sopota Gün önce
silly guy
silly guy Gün önce
This is crazy
silly guy
silly guy Gün önce
Good ol American children.
Rayanna Ramoutar
Rayanna Ramoutar Gün önce
I mean the boy was just trying to pull up his pants and they put him in the choke hold.
Savke 2 gün önce
Im feeling sad about first guy. Maybe he went thru not good past
Dewde1 2 gün önce
If it's real, I swear to god I'll stop it. I can't look at the suffering of young children.
Stupid Spinel
Stupid Spinel 2 gün önce
Seeing this makes me sad...but there is a reason they are jail....
Optimistic Beam
Optimistic Beam 2 gün önce
Me: *Opens a pack of gum* The Entire Class: 7:10
chzlly 2 gün önce
12 year old him: stealing guns 12 year old me: defeating the ender dragon on minecraft whilst in quarantine :D
NutritiveColt59 2 gün önce
1:58 Hee Hee
DiscoColors87 2 gün önce
IN EU-Area this is banned to be child teasing.
edwin younes
edwin younes 2 gün önce
That kid at 5:00 is just hilarious 😂 HAS YO MAMA EVER SEEN YOU CRY? *yes* SHE AINT NEVER SEEN YOU CRY LIKE THIS😂😂😂
Sonal Frances Engels
Honestly the kid at 5:00 is 9 or something! Isn't he wayyyyy too young for stuff like this. If parents can't handle such a young child they shouldn't have had kids at all.
Calvin's Vlogs
Calvin's Vlogs 12 saatler önce
He's 12
Naobi Sanasam
Naobi Sanasam 3 gün önce
In India, Bad children are treated by mom champal and everytime it works 100%.
IrdalienGaming 3 gün önce
what the actual heck is that 12 year old doing with a gun tho
so funny lmao
Clayton Belinga
Clayton Belinga 3 gün önce
1:02 am dead 💀 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 edit its 1:05
Jonah S.
Jonah S. 4 gün önce
“they gone kill me” lmaoooooooo
Edith Naab
Edith Naab 4 gün önce
If they all had african parents they’re lives would be different 😭😭
callme fran
callme fran 4 gün önce
That 12: domestic violence Me 15 and double the height of my mom: freaking terrified of not answering a call from her
- MrWhiteMustache -
- MrWhiteMustache - 5 gün önce
7:16 Think they actually have fun
하림조 5 gün önce
흐흐 꿀잼
s k s k s k s k
s k s k s k s k 5 gün önce
How dare a cop put his hands around a child? You're the adult, be the bigger person. Yes he was acting up but you can't do that
elias 3 gün önce
When the kids joined the program there were papers which stated that all the officers actions were legalized and their parents permitted all those conditions
DatBear 5 gün önce
12 year old: Stealing guns 13 year old me: ow i tapped my elbow on the table
Anonymous 5 gün önce
شفت ماقطع لشرطيين خبيثين بامريكا بس مثل هاذا ماشفت7:16 فطست ضحك هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
Kayson gordon
Kayson gordon 5 gün önce
Soooooo he picked him up by the nostrils??? 🤦
Daniel Kaz
Daniel Kaz 5 gün önce
Sorry for the kids and I hope they never do mistake again
Idid Yermom
Idid Yermom 5 gün önce
Let's guess, no dad in the house?
Aidan Luo
Aidan Luo 6 gün önce
I like making gold farms in minecraft
eizlan yusof
eizlan yusof 6 gün önce
Why they keep crying 😂
—MrBlooDude— 6 gün önce
This honestly made me cry to see these kids treated like this. They could have been taught any other way... this truly made me cry...
Flight's Hitman
Flight's Hitman 3 gün önce
@q q nah that guy is soft the though
q q
q q 4 gün önce
@Omoniyi Oluwashogo and you sound like a loser on the internet trying to sound tough
Omoniyi Oluwashogo
Omoniyi Oluwashogo 4 gün önce
You sound like a crybaby
LuckyClover8136 6 gün önce
3:44 Parole: Am I a joke to you? (doesn’t work with people who got ls without parole)
Theodore Mikesell
Theodore Mikesell 6 gün önce
12 year olds: scared of nothing me, almost 12: scared of the dark
Ryan Kisner
Ryan Kisner 6 gün önce
Show are insanee my cousin could be on here
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 7 gün önce
This show hasnt aged well
Flight's Hitman
Flight's Hitman 3 gün önce
What you mean
Spencer Burrow
Spencer Burrow 7 gün önce
5:51i swear someone full on nails on a chalkboard and scraped
Craftsboy Mobile
Craftsboy Mobile 7 gün önce
12 yr old is stealing guns 12 yr old Me: just sitting down watching TRvid and manages to get into this video :|
Zihendrix 8 gün önce
How did this 12 year old get ahold of guns in the first place. All I did when I was 12 was Minecraft, Roblox, just dance, eating Doritos and such not
Farhan Pial
Farhan Pial 8 gün önce
The last one will definitely give these kids a nightmare.
Sara Hri
Sara Hri 8 gün önce
Boston Real
Boston Real 8 gün önce
man is 12 and using gun while im killing animals for fun
Tracy Harris
Tracy Harris 8 gün önce
Bad man
DarkerBQ 8 gün önce
12 year olds: stealing guns 14 year old me:. *_playing roblox and raging over bc i failed a obby_*
Ethan Simmons
Ethan Simmons 5 gün önce
DarkerBQ imagine being older than 10 and still playing roblox
ThatManIsABucket 9 gün önce
Pulls pants up then turns into a fight
Karthick Venkatesan
Karthick Venkatesan 9 gün önce
Man I ain't got words to talk 😂😂
M. Saberhagen
M. Saberhagen 9 gün önce
California kids need this so bad...
Aaron Aka
Aaron Aka 9 gün önce
Mans was 12 and stealing guns, when I was 12 I was collecting 10 cent cans
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades 9 gün önce
These dudes 12 and doing drugs and me being the mature 13 year old I am, I’m scared to ask for 5 dollars for my steam wallet.
jamarley deane
jamarley deane 9 gün önce
I do approve of the concept of the program by showing the kids what could be the possible outcome for they’re outrageous habits and behaviors but it isn’t worth it to give 12 year olds ptsd I mean there has to more of a less harsh approach to these kids
Nevan Kiernan
Nevan Kiernan 10 gün önce
Nea Asplund
Nea Asplund 10 gün önce
When im whashing this i am crying becuse they sre treted wrong i know they did wrong but whyy do they do that
Amare cartoons
Amare cartoons 10 gün önce
This has gone to far😱
carmen Bonet
carmen Bonet 10 gün önce
7:05 (deflating balloon)
Random Not Good Quality Stuff
You deserve that kid I’ll see if I promise to save all of you you don’t deserve you deserve better if you crush them you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve this
Rishy Wills
Rishy Wills 12 gün önce
i hate parents now
Tee Dee Productions
Tee Dee Productions 12 gün önce
Unfortunate Observer
Unfortunate Observer 12 gün önce
When the 12 year old kid said "He says if I hit you that you are gonna call him and then he's gonna come and he's gonna break me in half." the mother looked at him saying it and you could just TELL she thought it was the cutest thing in the world, but she knew how serious the situation was and that if she squeee'd and called him cute, it would ruin the whole point of the venture. But just look at that mother's face when the 12 year old said it lmaoo
Thomagranate Imerson
Thomagranate Imerson 12 gün önce
All that over him just pulling up his pants
X TopGamerMollyX
X TopGamerMollyX 12 gün önce
boi they be crying but if i was them id be laughing XD I aint scared of anything and thats all i can say lmao
Karim Rico
Karim Rico 12 gün önce
This ok but not enough. This children the need to fly to Africa to do some hard work!
Alan Cantu Martinez
Alan Cantu Martinez 13 gün önce
5:43 the power of a black mans words, yessuhhh 😂😂
GaBo Games
GaBo Games 13 gün önce
No Time To Cry Boy 5:47
Relos 13 gün önce
The prisoners are having a lot of fun😂
Han Schouwman
Han Schouwman 13 gün önce
I feel sorry for the grandmother.
Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry 13 gün önce
All These Series Shows How Broken the American way of Life Is.Proud to Stay in Germany😎 Serious to Show Kids How it Is to Go to Jail and get raped etc?Proud to“Teach“ Kids the Hard way with a Television Series?Stupid like a Stone,Not More to Say as a normal Human....Sick Sociéty you See the Last Weeks.Nothing wonders me what Happens to the Last Weeks.Stupid People do stupid things.Nothing More to say if you saw these „Series“ 😑🤬🤬😡🤬🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
DaenQuinn 13 gün önce
Leave it to an american cop to abuse a black american minor...and you wonder why America is on the verge of collapse
Rebellious 13 gün önce
The prisoners are actually A-class actors
Domx Hcf & More
Domx Hcf & More 13 gün önce
I think we already know who the quiet kid in class is 😭😭
Einezweioctopi 13 gün önce
Well, 2 seconds in, and we all know who is gonna be spending the rest of their life in the clink... Of, course, it goes without saying, and it comes with the territory that it's *obviously* "Whitey's" fault....somehow, some way.
Rodrigo F.C
Rodrigo F.C 13 gün önce
El no darles una educación por los padres correctamente, sufren las consecuencias y el ponerlos a prueba en esas condiciones y los policías permitir eso es vergonzoso los dañan más mentalmente, no todos recapacitan de esa manera, aclarando se que muchos son asesinos, etc. Pero hay inocentes y por causa de eso los lastiman sea un inocente de 100 lamentablemente seguirá pasando. u.u
moe ali
moe ali 13 gün önce
darica: im pregnant tyreek (inner convo): i have to get the milk but HOW??
BlueSunset 13 gün önce
He’s doing all those stuff at 13 while I’m playing roblox adopt me at 13 ;-;
Martha Nyagaya
Martha Nyagaya 13 gün önce
midgetninja 23
midgetninja 23 14 gün önce
That’s actually sad that lil kids in there for what he’s probably just acting out take him home fr
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