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Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!
Donoven's family is concerned about his criminal behavior, so prison inmates show him why he needs to get his life together in this clip from Season 6, Episode 8, "Fulton County, GA: My Father the Inmate". #BeyondScaredStraight
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"Beyond Scared Straight" follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.
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13 Jun 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 2 aylar önce
The guards at 4:11 were dying of laughter in the background
Sac mai dig
Dawn LeDoux
Dawn LeDoux 3 aylar önce
Jacob Vanzant
Jacob Vanzant 6 aylar önce
A&E Love watching your alls videos. Really makes a guy think and be blessed that were not in a situation like that!!! God bless you all
Ariya Vazquez
Ariya Vazquez 6 aylar önce
A&E they lead there lesson
Sleep zone Asmr
Sleep zone Asmr 21 gün önce
NV Vibe
NV Vibe 21 gün önce
The cops in the back laughing
yonks deeps
yonks deeps 25 gün önce
They do be laughing tho
Chicken Preacher
Chicken Preacher 27 gün önce
Androopie 28 gün önce
Why does Donoven sound like Jon Jones?
CHT 28 gün önce
Channel Noir
Channel Noir 28 gün önce
What if the kids are on TRvid and they see this video?Anyone else want them to?
Ken_ 29 gün önce
I like turtles
Torch Staff
Torch Staff 29 gün önce
Okay, enough with the “I smoke marijuana” schtick. It’s legal now
Demolie Lewis
Demolie Lewis 29 gün önce
David 365
David 365 29 gün önce
smoking weed at 15 what a looser
Lord 29 gün önce
3:52 Yo they missed "5"
Grizzly Poota
Grizzly Poota 29 gün önce
The mom is smoking hot
Devils_Impact Aylar önce
what kind of eyebrow is that O.o
hxroin fathxr
hxroin fathxr Aylar önce
It's funny how the person who's in there for burglary Is getting mad at someone for stealing....BOI
Aryan Baer
Aryan Baer Aylar önce
Dave Chappelle sent me here. " I ain't taking advice from a convict"😂😂😂.
spoildboy 49
spoildboy 49 Aylar önce
These kids don't even need to go on this show they're doing everything a normal kid should do
George Bonta
George Bonta Aylar önce
All you have to do is teach this idiots about the stock market.
Zephyr 5059
Zephyr 5059 Aylar önce
3:36 bet
Nini Young
Nini Young Aylar önce
Your joining a gang it is bad your going to jail if you don't fix up your ways
Nyasha Shahwe
Nyasha Shahwe Aylar önce
I can’t be the only one that thinks Pebbles looks and sounds like Young Thug😂😂😂
John Cordero
John Cordero Aylar önce
Inmate: This is a shank and we can kill u with this Kid named shank: I have no such weaknesses
Ghost Freak
Ghost Freak Aylar önce
4:12 the guards are even laughing
Logan Malaihollo
Logan Malaihollo Aylar önce
Not smart enough
X Æ A-Xii
X Æ A-Xii Aylar önce
3:15 Grandma, what are you doing there?
G00D day
G00D day Aylar önce
"It's easy not to get caught You just have to be smart" Proceeds to bring a knife to prison with the expectations they won't know
GREEN SOUL Aylar önce
Donavan donvan duck "quak"
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez Aylar önce
That ma friend he in ATL
Bugiesilva GG
Bugiesilva GG Aylar önce
Tony"pebbles": people work to hard for their for sum rudy poo punk to take their car Also tony: i have 14 years for burglary😂
Nabil Noor
Nabil Noor Aylar önce
"not me girl":-\😂😂
Little Creative traylor
It’s funny how it say that the kid name Corey said stealing car and then it says gta
fire angel
fire angel Aylar önce
4:16 the cops were laughing, the one had to leave cuz he was laughing
Andres Mojarro
Andres Mojarro Aylar önce
3:39 sounded like it belongs to the street!
Albert Trevorson
Albert Trevorson Aylar önce
he isn’t smart, mom shouldn’t have any clue of what’s going on
Ryley Aylar önce
He said it's very easy not to get caught and then got caught 🤣
tsitsi- fast
tsitsi- fast Aylar önce
Those cops were laughing at some point and one of them went to the room and started laughing
Bennett Williams
Bennett Williams Aylar önce
It’s that real
66_switchblade Aylar önce
3:27 where are his shoes💀💀💀
Kemal Tasci
Kemal Tasci Aylar önce
Why does he say his name like "Danawa"
evilpool Aylar önce
4:23 the cop on the left lmfao i canttt
Micah Brown
Micah Brown Aylar önce
3:19 👁👄⚫️
Jerry Ao
Jerry Ao Aylar önce
What if I told you you're up against NLE Choppa and Snoop Dogg? They're crips lol
girls power
girls power Aylar önce
In this video the prisoners are pretty chill
Louie Stefopoulos
Louie Stefopoulos Aylar önce
Not me gurl lmao
미끄덩 Aylar önce
4:11 뒤에 얘들 ㅈㄴ 웃넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
미끄덩 Aylar önce
아 나도 영러 알아씅면 좋겠다 무슨말인지 아무것도 모르것네.....
ImjustDoingMe Aylar önce
Where he at now .?👀
Mr. Bacon man
Mr. Bacon man Aylar önce
4:18 the cop in the back 😂😂
Raman chaudhary
Raman chaudhary Aylar önce
My mans said it’s easy to not get caught but he on national television,self snitching 😂😂😂👍
Zxnte Aylar önce
Ain’t nobody gonna talk about that girls eyebrow
Shrimpdaddy127 Boi
Shrimpdaddy127 Boi Aylar önce
He do be lacking
Shrimpdaddy127 Boi
Shrimpdaddy127 Boi Aylar önce
He do be lacking
Niya Aylar önce
My least favorite cereal is fruity pebbles now 😂.
Daniel P
Daniel P Aylar önce
Mexikka Fisherwoman
Dang, Donoven is only 15, and he looks so much older, clearly his lifestyle has aged him.
Nba4 Dayz
Nba4 Dayz Aylar önce
“ you just gotta be smart” walking alone down the street
Joshua PAWLYN Aylar önce
Crip better then blood
walter xd
walter xd Aylar önce
What episode is this???
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran Aylar önce
The girl’s eye brow 😂
fiscal-spoon Aylar önce
Man I’m a good kid I like watching beyond scared straight but man I get scared to fo in there
ZEPHYR Aylar önce
3:59 this man is right
H E R S E N P A i
H E R S E N P A i Aylar önce
Chuckies left brows mad swollen 🥴
Isaiah Wood
Isaiah Wood Aylar önce
Eyebrows lmao....
Eminso Aylar önce
WTH happen to that eyebrow tho
Andy Lor
Andy Lor Aylar önce
Brought a knife to the program, I bet he's concealing a gun too!
Azeddine Faouzi
Azeddine Faouzi Aylar önce
4:28 wtf look het eyebrow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aintnofruity Aylar önce
He a bootleg lamar 💀
Kyrix Aylar önce
3:54 Grand Theft Auto lol😭
darkness101011 Aylar önce
Everybody rock gangsta until they run into pebbles 😂
Goated Editz x
Goated Editz x Aylar önce
Pebbles funny no cap
Xander Luangphakdy
Xander Luangphakdy Aylar önce
Him: in jail you gotta be smart Also him: brings knife
Cosmic Take
Cosmic Take Aylar önce
What is wrong with that girls eyebrows
Son Goku
Son Goku Aylar önce
Why dose pebbles remind me of Tyler the creator
Spezif Aylar önce
dude Aylar önce
3:55 also people put all their life effort into something so some punk like you would rob them
oyuncu kepçesi
oyuncu kepçesi Aylar önce
Can I see my crips 🥶🦋🐳🐬🦕🐟🌏🌍🌎💦💧❄️🌊🧊🎽🚙🚎✈️🚝🚅🧿📫🖌💙💙🚾🏧💤🌀Ⓜ️♿️🅿️🈳🈂️🛂🚹🛅🛄🛃🔵🔵🔷🔹🟦🟦🟦🇺🇳
PedawYt Dun
PedawYt Dun Aylar önce
Man said that he’s smart like bruh 😂😂😂
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera Aylar önce
So.... Were gonna ignore the white girls eyebrow?
TheRealShrek Aylar önce
Look at the cops in the back of 4:10 lmao 💀💀💀
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