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Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!
Donoven's family is concerned about his criminal behavior, so prison inmates show him why he needs to get his life together in this clip from Season 6, Episode 8, "Fulton County, GA: My Father the Inmate". #BeyondScaredStraight
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"Beyond Scared Straight" follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.
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13 Jun 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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A&E 5 aylar önce
Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!
Damon Gibson
Damon Gibson 10 gün önce
This show is pointless. It’s all bad parenting it’s not the kids
Sabahat Ali
Sabahat Ali 11 gün önce
A&E start putting background music names tho on every video
PlayShahidul 2 aylar önce
What Channel is this un TV?
matt winnekens
matt winnekens 2 aylar önce
They ruined the show when they did narco land
QUINTESSA EVANS 3 aylar önce
A&E when y’all going to have new shows for beyond scared straight
Rock Khan
Rock Khan Saatler önce
Little Don💩☻🤠
niurkaguzman48 3 saatler önce
momma got pregnant at 9. thanks OBAMA and the Democrats.
true community
true community 6 saatler önce
The mom has a smirk and have no idea why
Seeing Through
Seeing Through 6 saatler önce
Story time with adults who never grew up.What a waste of time to hope to learn from idiots.
?.??.? 9 saatler önce
That's gangster blood. Good for writing the.
ne0phyte 9 saatler önce
How’d steezy get in jail
•Dolphin• {Hearts}
•Dolphin• {Hearts} 15 saatler önce
*4:24** I almost thought that was LARRAY.*
WAZZA TELEVISION 18 saatler önce
He looks like Jon Jones
DataVanKult 19 saatler önce
15 and with tats. You need slaps non stop
cory brady
cory brady 20 saatler önce
I'm a nice boy 8
Mikomo xy
Mikomo xy 22 saatler önce
Im lucky im not there because i will be dyng laughing
T P 22 saatler önce
Sissy tampon boy put some fear into these kids.
TC Q 23 saatler önce
🎙..Preach.Get your life together not a game.
Clutch Master
Clutch Master Gün önce
4:14 even the two guards in the back are laughing
hardup29 Gün önce
pebbles 😂😂😂
Sk RaRi
Sk RaRi Gün önce
So many Black kids in America are useless
JOKINg Smiler
JOKINg Smiler Gün önce
Donoven look like a punk version of preach from all American
ALUCARD Gün önce
donoven moms so hot..deymm😋
Wayne Blake
Wayne Blake Gün önce
That was an EYEBROW?!?!?!
mr.clickbait Gün önce
He look like the baby grinch
Alanna Herr
Alanna Herr Gün önce
"i dont know why my moms concerned.." *continues to be proud that "hes a blood"
Tp Street
Tp Street Gün önce
Card trick Ace Diamond Ace Diamond
Tp Street
Tp Street Gün önce
Dice tricks 2-2
Tp Street
Tp Street Gün önce
Where Star
c0zy Clutch
c0zy Clutch Gün önce
He says he's smart 🤔🧐🤦‍♀️
Richard Rincon
Richard Rincon Gün önce
lol 🤦‍♂️! It’s fake, it has to be, because that kids is stupid! Takes a knife to prison???!
Bloodymachinest 321
Thumbnail looks scary
Marc Jose
Marc Jose Gün önce
My stomach actually felt bad
roverandmorecarparts Carranza
I’m supposed to be taking a shower
I Love Carlito Ganja
Wait a minute. How is that inmate going to preach to someone about stealing a car? What is he in for?
One THICC Spaghet Boi
And this is why you spank your kids 🤦‍♂️
Wyatt Mcintyre
Wyatt Mcintyre Gün önce
can pebbles be my friend please
Ctc Gaming
Ctc Gaming Gün önce
Why is it that all these episodes 80% black people
Svencio Gün önce
Why don't they bring big or tall man's
Plvxid Gün önce
Lmao the cop was dying in the back when he said “not me girl”
sree Rangan
sree Rangan Gün önce
These inmates should teach them real manners.....
Han Schouwman
Han Schouwman 2 gün önce
99% 1parent kids. Most of the parents are only maybe 15 years older.
Darkdragon699 2 gün önce
At 3:35.... that’s when they realized...... pebbles..... it’s the NEXT .....BOOTY WARRIOR!!!!!
PANCHITO y CHUY 2 gün önce
His momma thinks it’s cute that’s a big part of why he does it, you should have to earn a license in order to have children...
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