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16-year-old Joseph gets in trouble for smoking weed and sneaking out, but when he enters the jail program, he's shocked to learn what it means too be a 'boy' in prison in this clip from Season 8, Episode 5, "The Harder They Fall". #BeyondScaredStraight
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"Beyond Scared Straight" follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.
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30 Sep 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Stay up to date on all of A&E's latest premieres at aetv.com/schedule
Dustin Wulf
Dustin Wulf Aylar önce
Cristian POP
Cristian POP 3 aylar önce
No onegoing to talk about 666 likes
[“Scared Straight”], I believe, was conjured up and implemented by folks due to its intuitive appeal of doing something harsh or painful to kids so they won’t commit crimes in the future. But, the reality is that the approach is devoid of scientific investigation of human behavior”, says Dr. DeMichelle (Hale, 2010).
Flack 2020
Flack 2020 5 aylar önce
Good morning 😃☀️🌞 it’s morning in Ohio I hope 🤞 you have a great 👍 day lol 😂
0:20 Hypocrite? Genesis 1:29 - "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. "
Mekhi Warren
Mekhi Warren Saatler önce
The Boy sounds serious when he says no sir
Jewzor 10 saatler önce
Joseph - "I REALLY don't think I need to go to the Scared Straight program" I don't think so either, to be honest! 1:30
Inka 15 saatler önce
Joseph is kinda cute and you can see from his eyes he has a good heart
Jahki W
Jahki W Gün önce
What episode is this
Mexikka Fisherwoman
D Block needs to be a parole officer, scuuuurr them youngsters straight!
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Gün önce
Picked the kid up like he’s Riley Reed 😂
LordSaru1st Capricorn
Keo Kowalczyk
Keo Kowalczyk 4 gün önce
I’m sure this is a good parenting technique!😂
RajPlays 4 gün önce
It's just weed lmao
Kid Jammer
Kid Jammer 6 gün önce
So that officer was strong enough to pick up a 16 year old boy!
Matt 6 gün önce
That kid with the parted hair who got lifted, has the potential to become a Marine.
Liberty Worker
Liberty Worker 6 gün önce
Weed isn't even bad, shouldn't even mention in in these vids
Mafalda Costa
Mafalda Costa 8 gün önce
Man, I feel really bad for Joseph. I want to give him a hug so bad. His parents look like been smoking meth and they send his son to this program because he was smoking weed? Are you kidding me? Joseph obviously needs therapy and not treated like a criminal. I can see that this boy has a big and sweet heart, he needs someone to talk to. I hope this kid is better now and that he has a good life nowadays.
Karma Kangaroo
Karma Kangaroo 10 gün önce
0:53 yikes I'd leave the house too if that's what I had to look at.... jesus christ have mercy.
stifler man
stifler man 10 gün önce
Christian? The fifth of the ten commandments says; honour ty father and your mother....
Tacoma Sparks
Tacoma Sparks 11 gün önce
Funniest one ever
ER Barnette
ER Barnette 11 gün önce
My man Joe did nothing He wasn’t mad He didn’t know what a boy was He didn’t get the officer wet And He was listening he was just looking off into space thinking
FatUnicornHD 11 gün önce
Hold up I talk back to my mom so am I going to get arrested?
N3WSM4KER 12 gün önce
"Jonquavious" lmao
Seth Valentine
Seth Valentine 12 gün önce
"sMoKiNg WeEd AnD sNeAkInG oUt"...🙄
Chris Walker
Chris Walker 12 gün önce
2:27 this dude looks like Trevor in the background.
Dj Big penis
Dj Big penis 14 gün önce
That guy that was in for burglary was actually quite respectful and looked like hes realised how stupid his desicions were. I hope he gets his life together and live normally after his sentence.
TotaldramaEzekiel Fan
TotaldramaEzekiel Fan 15 gün önce
0:41 Joseph Joestar (MY NAME IS JOSEPH)
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett 16 gün önce
Browser Jay
Browser Jay 16 gün önce
Look how dirty that kid's house is I can kind of understand why he leaves the house and goes out. The kid seems like a normal person he just needs counselling or therapy not a jail visit and also I don't know why his parents are acting as if he abuses them and fights people all he does is abuse himself by doing drugs because he's depressed.
jan bjerregaard
jan bjerregaard 16 gün önce
errr the next president might be streching it 3:30
Nate Hawkins
Nate Hawkins 17 gün önce
Blushing megumin
Blushing megumin 17 gün önce
Imagine being an Asian kid who got sent here because of a B
Katie Leonard
Katie Leonard 17 gün önce
No offence but how can he be so attractive when his parents look like that 😂😂
63 61 79 den Hex code
63 61 79 den Hex code 18 gün önce
Weed is legal in my state
Señordarkness666 18 gün önce
"You got a Christian shirt on and you smoke marijuana? You're a disgrace!" Jesus much? 😂😂😂
DASTAN JAN 19 gün önce
So if you go to penitentiary don't be a boy or else you'll get rekt!
dhamani scales
dhamani scales 19 gün önce
Stupid_Tomato The 2nd
Stupid_Tomato The 2nd 21 gün önce
Ngl at first the inmates were saying he could make it through which is encouraging
1up 21 gün önce
No one : The kid : yes sir , no sir
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort 23 gün önce
Bruh.... they too harsh for no reason.
Skinny Fatz
Skinny Fatz 23 gün önce
How can a Christian be a hypercrit for smoking weed??????? If god exists he invented it XD
Joeythemuffin67 27 gün önce
One of the prisoners looks like Trevor form gta 5😂
Marc Archibald
Marc Archibald 27 gün önce
Haah we all know what this kid will be getting used for when he goes in eh. Guards should have had him practicing the "on your knees" command over and over.
Fail Zero
Fail Zero 27 gün önce
The first kid look like he has lousy parents. He doesn't even seem bad. It's just those parents don't know how to be parents.
Browser Jay
Browser Jay 11 gün önce
His parents are acting as if he abuses them and fights people when in reality all he does is abuse himself by doing drugs because he's depressed
Vanquish Media
Vanquish Media 29 gün önce
I do not think these boys are bad kids, they are lost and do not have positive influences around them. Just look at the little white kid Joseph his parents are trailer trash meth heads, no wonder he has problems.
Sonal 29 gün önce
02:01 travor is that you
vic Aylar önce
tell Joseph to hmu pls ty
Kill All Reptiles
Kill All Reptiles Aylar önce
I hate it when kids look like Joseph and still try to be tough.
Browser Jay
Browser Jay 11 gün önce
Joseph doesn't even look like he's trying to be tough, he doesn't talk back or laugh while officers and inmates are talking to him all he does is act respectful
xFUz3rx Aylar önce
0:35 This logic is so low that humanity is getting dumber and dumber
Caidon L
Caidon L Aylar önce
Most of these kids is from bad parenting
Jimin LOVES Taehyung
The first kid isn’t that bad but does need help. He doesn’t deserve to be in this, he needs help but not this kind of help. What he did really isn’t THAT bad. This is WAY TO FAR for him. (My opinion)
R.I.P KobeBryant G.O.A.T
Joseph, is a good kid. He always said “sir” and did exactly what they told him to do, and he never talked back or fought back. I feel like he just needed a long and good talk from his parents.
Isaiah Wood
Isaiah Wood Aylar önce
U can tell Ivan was just a scared lil boy
Kid Jammer
Kid Jammer Aylar önce
Joseph seems like a pretty normal dude and I think he just needs some therapy instead of going to the jail program.
Kid Jammer
Kid Jammer Aylar önce
How come Joseph is 16 years old, but he looks like he's 14?
• Justice •
• Justice • Aylar önce
Its only 2 years older but I get what u mean
Kid Jammer
Kid Jammer Aylar önce
Was Joseph even listening to Ivan?
Kid Jammer
Kid Jammer Aylar önce
Joseph doesn't like school and I don't either.
Drowwzi Aylar önce
I like how Joseph wasn’t even mad
BlueBoiEddie Aylar önce
Reading the comments it’s a good thing they shut down this program.
Maurice Coleman
Maurice Coleman Aylar önce
(1)everything is law (2)everything is law is a lie too. (3)everything is a broke law too (4)everything have a law (5)everything don't have a law too.
Jackson Aiken
Jackson Aiken Aylar önce
joseph *facepalm* i would never pick something up that was thrown at me
semone_ Houston
semone_ Houston Aylar önce
I like him
truthfilter Aylar önce
Joseph's dad looks like a gold prospector
Dorcy Lance
Dorcy Lance Aylar önce
I feel like some of the black officers and cons tend to get more physical with the white boys on this show. They always trying to break them down and humiliate them.
• Justice •
• Justice • Aylar önce
They are easy to break.
Juan Sebastian Arredondo
You know, ost of the times, I am like "yeah, scare those young thugs" but the poor kid is just depressed, dude he is not even near as problematic or bad as many others seen in the show.
I’m such a Loner
I’m such a Loner Aylar önce
The white kid was cute
LimberLlama3884 Aylar önce
Have literally gets picked up lol
Aspern Park
Aspern Park Aylar önce
"Wearing a christian t-shirt and you're smoking Marihuana" Yeah, and you're not a preacher nor someone to judge anybody
Kai Aylar önce
ivan looks like he could be sitting with one of those kids
• Justice •
• Justice • Aylar önce
Ikr, hes like 2 years older than them.
CJDKing Aylar önce
"I'm in here for Druhs, Pistuhls and Murda"
TwasButNowAint Aylar önce
WHAt he got in trouble for smoking weed AND having weed??? I bet he killed biggie and tupac...thuglife
Keven Gomez
Keven Gomez Aylar önce
That should be a song 1:46
tilik Aylar önce
2:33 “Pistoos,murr,droos” 💀💀
Matt From Wii Sports
Yo what Rico the Giant doing in here? 3:19
Cobaltium Aylar önce
1:54 when you realize u aint strong enough.
blowonmypoopipe 69
blowonmypoopipe 69 Aylar önce
"Are you and him boys or something?"
Jeffrey Chou
Jeffrey Chou Aylar önce
Why did the cop throw that water on him? He was literally doing everything they told him to do.
• Justice •
• Justice • Aylar önce
Thats what the program is for, to show them what prison is like
Olivia Godley
Olivia Godley Aylar önce
Hope he gets better parents
SanjiMakesEdibles Aylar önce
*ThEn YOu GoT Me wET* uh no my guy
Mythicmaster092 Aylar önce
Its never the kids fault its the parents fault. NONE of the kids on scared straight are asian. WHY? Discipline. Asian parents like mine would teach you a lesson if you do anything like this. So keep in minds lads. Discipline is key to success and not going jail.
NickEvershedMusic Aylar önce
How does Joseph look way different then his Methhead parents?
•K3IRA• A Aylar önce
Ivan is the only chilled inmate ❌🧢
Joiner44412 Fortnite
2:31 I found Trevor
Siren Head Returns- Horror Short Film