Best World Cup Match That Science Cannot Explain

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Yeet 3 aylar önce
Huge respect to the Korean goalkeeper. Incredible performance
Daniel 6 gün önce
@SonicsJoe we surely didn't We call him beet(which means flash of light) hyun woo
jaknap1 9 gün önce
German players were awful.
Professional Idiot
Professional Idiot 13 gün önce
@ВітАлій МилЯновСький I love Neuer but his performance in this World Cup is anything but wonderful
Carl Kokito
Carl Kokito 19 gün önce
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 6 gün önce
I remember when I watched this game with my family. Frankly, we had never expected to win against Germany. It was really amazing game especially Son’s wonder goal moment. Great game both team!
DucKanE Aylar önce
I remember when I slept through this game because I knew Korea was going to lose… and then I woke up to this lol. I respect the Korean players because they wanted to give their people and show them something to be proud of despite their previous performance in the group (that last sprint says it all; I was very moved by Son there). I also respect the German players for accepting defeat and learning their mistake. Such good sportsmanship from both countries.
Mr. Kulman the Destroyer of HOAX💪💪
Sin Thae Yong a Coach Of South Korea, His now be a coach of Indonesia National Team. His a very good football Coach in the world. 😊😊👍👍
ᄉᄎᄇ 24 gün önce
at that time I was in Germany, watched this game among germans and I was the only korean. and I thought of course team Korea couldn't win this match, but after 2:0 the atmosphere was very .... uncomfotable haha...
Mendbayar J.
Mendbayar J. 8 gün önce
I imagine, you couldn't even celebrate your victory until you get out of there 😂😂😂
Saoud Armageddon
Saoud Armageddon 15 gün önce
@강예찬 hahaha
강예찬 15 gün önce
jh 18 gün önce
Dede Muntu
Dede Muntu 10 aylar önce
The funny thing to me is , Korea was already out of the competition… But they made sure they took Germany with them 😂
S R 13 dakika önce
Germany: We will beat Korea today. Korea: Not so fast, mein Fuhrer.... 😁
김병준 2 gün önce
a game ia always unpredictable. this is why it is exciting
HaHa Travel Vlog
HaHa Travel Vlog 6 gün önce
@Jin Lee yess this is true.
Omo Oghene
Omo Oghene 7 gün önce
Really? I thought corea qualified.
Shane The MUZZ
Shane The MUZZ 11 gün önce
@MrDON Who cares Drama Queen, ya bloody Sook 😭⁉️ 🤣 🤣 🤣
Abel Valentín López
Es uno de esos partidos en que la táctica venció al talento Alemania se confió y lo pago caro Se nota claramente como Alemania atacaba por tierra y aire ante una muy ordenada y suertuda defensa coreana
Mario Sierra
Mario Sierra 4 gün önce
@LUIS ENRIQUE APOLINARIO LOPEZ si es suerte, fijate nada más las qué falla Werner, un delantero como Lukaku o Lautaro no las fallan
JuanSaltin 19 gün önce
Me sentí un poco mal por el coreanito que sacrificó sus bolas por el equipo.
Ni es suerte es entreno
Zuko Patric Mavume
Zuko Patric Mavume Aylar önce
Corea mostró disciplina y dedicación, especialmente el portero
Victor Marks Correa Roca
pareces que hablas de un conbate en el campo de batalla ksksksksksksksks
SilentNinjaPlayz Aylar önce
Son's goal was not easy he has such a pace 8:24
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal 21 gün önce
True, he was speeding
THGIANGTV Aylar önce
@My Life hay
SilentNinjaPlayz Aylar önce
@Joe Fairbrother He went all the way across the field to help germany score a goal but he only helped south korea score one
Denis Trindade
Denis Trindade Aylar önce
A época do início do var, que massa presenciar essa transição do futebol
이재훈 22 gün önce
huge respect to team Germany. The defending champion gave their ALL for ROK. No regrets, 100% football.
Vfx Karki
Vfx Karki 11 aylar önce
Love from Nepal🇳🇵 Congrats korea🇰🇷
LSH 11 gün önce
감사합니다 ㅎㅎ thanks
BINU🌕brawlatoon 2 aylar önce
thx(Im korean :))
nery torre
nery torre Aylar önce
Qué hermoso es el fútbol, por partidos como estos esque jamás dejaré de ver este deporte tan bello. Es el partido más sorprendente, impresionante y maravilloso que eh visto. Qué gran partido se hicieron los coreanos 😉
Renato Toma
Renato Toma Aylar önce
@Hector GM Yes you can thank them, they qualified Mexico. Como lo que no todos se dejan comprar...
Hector GM
Hector GM Aylar önce
Gracias a Corea , México califico a la siguiente ronda
Bruno Barbosa
Bruno Barbosa Aylar önce
this is by far the best world cup match i've ever watched. i cheered sooo much like it was my own home team winning it
lololol 8 gün önce
@JohnXD7 come on, u know we Koreans think it was an honor to win Germany.
anonymous 21
anonymous 21 10 gün önce
@JohnXD7 i am a die hard german supporter from bangladesh
JohnXD7 Aylar önce
worst match for me, cause I saw my homecountry play like shit in this wm xd (germany)
Александр Иванов
Был на этом матче! Сидели с друзьями на трибуне за воротами справа от камеры. Во 2-м тайме всей трибуной болели за рыжего корейского вратаря 23. Jo. ! А вообще у Германии матч провалил 9. Вернер. Как только получал мяч - или удар мимо ворот, или неточный пас, или потеря на ровном месте. После матча ночевали в палатке на берегу Волги. А на следущее утро уехали на машине в Саранск, на матч Панама - Тунис (1-2). Красота!
Guy Weisz
Guy Weisz 11 gün önce
Portero talentoso sin duda, quizá de los mejores del mundo, pero la que de verdad ganó este partido fue la santa Sueeeeerteeeeee... No recuerdo la última vez que había visto a un equipo tener tanta suerte cono el coreano en este partido. Tantos balones fallados de Alemania en situaciones de 99% gol. Pero bueno, si Alemania quiere recuperare, siempre puede volver a jugar contra Brasil, que contra ellos raramente fallan ;)
C2l3TlA/\/ 2 aylar önce
I remember watching this one and being on the edge of my seat. Korea's defense and their keeper put on a once in a lifetime master class.😤
S R 15 dakika önce
Probably the Russian ball was not that friendly for Germans 😁
The match was pre planned
Damir Kajtazovic - Relaxation Channel
Gooooollllllll ⚽ Gooooollllllll ⚽
Jou t7
Jou t7 Aylar önce
@Саша Саша No germans tried every singel way to score, but just could not and in the end they gave Neuer also opportunity to score, but lost the ball and thats why it was so easy for our son to score the goal.
Jea o
Jea o Aylar önce
Una bestia el arquero, no entendí si Corea ganaba se iban los 2 o que onda..
MOHANAN PK Aylar önce
Wonderful play by the Korean team with full confidence till the end of the game. This wonderful game will be remembered by the football world for ever.
Latif Kalieh
Latif Kalieh 27 gün önce
football is full of surprises. this is why we all love this sport
art vandelay
art vandelay 10 gün önce
For the Koreans, it was important to beat the German team. We didn't make it to the final anyway, but Germany has been a great soccer team for a long time, and winning such a team was very important to Korea. And there is a saying in Korea. 'Even if I die, I can't die alone'
Kim YongEun
Kim YongEun 8 gün önce
@lololol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ같이 죽자 마인드 동의 불가능?
lololol 8 gün önce
K, Im Korean but I strongly disagree. So we ask Germany to die with us or sth? Come on. It wasnt such a meaning!
⟭⟬SaM Sa_ _ _ ⟬⟭
This was one of the match better than some of the world cup finals. S. Korea is Asian's pride 💜
husky 4 aylar önce
I remember watching this game live. The fact that they were already out of competition but they played their best. Their passion towards soccer is in different level.
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski 3 aylar önce
Where you from ? USA ?
Salma Fekari
Salma Fekari 3 aylar önce
@namenlos thank u so much I've already read about it and found the answer which is completely right and reasonable. I once read in an article that american English is just a deviation from a norm that is due to ignorance or lack of intelligence. The british version has always been the ideal. And yes we don't care about their football; for us there is only one football game.
namenlos 3 aylar önce
@Salma Fekari the name of the game is FOOTBALL, because it was played kicking the ball with the foot. The name of the international federation is FIFA (where the second "F" stands for FOOTBALL). The Yankee call it soccer because they name FOOTBALL a game in which the ball (not really a ball, actually) cannot be kicked with the foot: it is completely irrational. In any case, the historical name is FOOTBALL, and the INTERNATIONAL federation is FIF(football)A,
Salma Fekari
Salma Fekari 3 aylar önce
@namenlos why he can't say soccer???
Salma Fekari
Salma Fekari 3 aylar önce
@namenlos no soccer
Alejandro Mendivelso
I'm Colombian but I cried with that game as though it had been my own team
cardphins68 23 gün önce
The Keeper for South Korea was great, at least 2 of those Headers were awesome saves! I give South Korea credit, they deserved to win this Match. You could see Germany getting frustrated as the Match wore on, then they seemed to panic once South Korea broke through with a score. I'm sure Germany will be back in contention, they usually are.
MeowBhai 20 gün önce
Ozil opened the defence absolutely. Should have been a goal.
KDG Kingston
KDG Kingston 10 aylar önce
Korea had fantastic defense i mean that guy sacrificed his balls for his team
Ebenezer Bediako
Ebenezer Bediako 17 saatler önce
tj hwang
tj hwang 6 gün önce
Azhar Mohamad
Azhar Mohamad 9 gün önce
Harold Kim Tagapan
Harold Kim Tagapan 18 gün önce
Drops 20 gün önce
that's really honorable balls
더모즈The Mods
더모즈The Mods Aylar önce
Since Mexico already had two W against Korea and Germany, everybody expected that Mexico's gonna beat Sweden. If Korea had two goal and Sweden lose against Mexico, Korea was going to qualify to next round. Players didn't know that Mexico lose
Siamak Behrooz
Siamak Behrooz 13 gün önce
Germany did not play badly in this game, but South Korea with the best team in its history and the best goalkeeper in the history of Korean football, plus the Koreans' high motivation to win, and of course The VAR !! He was able to beat Germany
el arquero y la defensa coreana fue muy impecable
Kartik Mesh
Kartik Mesh Aylar önce
One of the shocking defeats in history of world cup!! It was a battle between David and Goliath. Ultimately David Won!!
Dan Yu
Dan Yu 10 aylar önce
As a Korean I remember that night I was out with my friends at a pub and an older guy, sitting by himself, told us "Korea is gonna win" before the game started. We laughed so hard thinking that he was too drunk. At the end of the game, we were hugging and jumping together lolol
Fanta Aylar önce
존나 훈훈한 스토리네. pub이라고 하는거 보니 영국이신가?
Betty Parker
Betty Parker 3 aylar önce
@I AM HUMAN agreed.
Betty Parker
Betty Parker 3 aylar önce
@J stop with the racist name calling.
xlongyujax 3 aylar önce
@Exthasis I hope you're not feeling sad anymore. :)
Irvin Sanchez
Irvin Sanchez 3 aylar önce
Soy Mexicano, pero ese día todos nos volvimos coreanos, ya que gracias a ustedes pasamos de fase de grupos. Lamento que no pudiéramos ganarle a Suecia, para que ambos pasáramos de fase de grupos, pero algún día vamos a pagar esta deuda futbolistica.
Caio Ellery
Caio Ellery 19 gün önce
holy. shit. i didn't remember Korea's defense being so good. hats down to the goalkeeper specially, what a performance! if it were me, even more given how important the game is, this would've been another 7x1
Juan Sihuin
Juan Sihuin Aylar önce
Yo vi ese partidazo , se la jugaron con todo el corazón muy buena defensa de Korea.
eFootball TV
eFootball TV Aylar önce
Germany played well, pressured well but respect to South Korean's keeper. It was a thrilling game
HonkiDonki 5 gün önce
@John Wig The 0:1 happened right after a corner kick. Apart from the fact that a high defense line during a corner kick at your own goal is nonsensical tactics...in that situation there were 5 germans+Neuer vs 3 koreans in Germany's penalty area. And still one of the koreans was waiting completely unguarded right in front of Germany's goal. Who then scored. That's not tactics, but lack of defensive quality. And the 0:2...Neuer tried to be Ronaldo and subsequently lost the ball 80m (!) in front of his own goal. That's not 'sweeper keeper' or 'tactics. That is dumb.
John Wig
John Wig 6 gün önce
@HonkiDonki Umm ever heard of high defense line? That has nothing to do with quality but rather tactics.
HonkiDonki 11 gün önce
The way the german defense left that korean player completely by himself just before the 1:0 says everything about the 'quality' of the german team back in 2018. Not that they are much better nowadays...
이름 Aylar önce
As a Korean, It was awesome and unbelievable :) but I really respect German. They would be angry to losing but they agreed this game. Good luck to German at 2022 World cup!!
Besser als Du
Besser als Du 6 aylar önce
as a german, I can only say that it was a game with a lot of respect between both teams. both teams played well but the south korean gk was just incredible and the win was highly earned
polish Wolf
polish Wolf 3 aylar önce
@Jörg shut Up Jörg Germany lost hahaha
Yuko 3 aylar önce
@Chris Chihoon Hwang Cause this German side was trash compared to previous years. Idk wtf that manager or board was thinking, plus players were injured.
Manoleitor ARG
Manoleitor ARG 3 aylar önce
You have it inside
Jomosono Matuku
Jomosono Matuku 3 aylar önce
ya mentioning you are German surely makes the point much more clearer.
Toma 1
Toma 1 6 saatler önce
The scientific conclusion is clear. The defense coverage of Korea was precise and neat.
Check my about page link
We can all agree that he never disappoints us with her content.
axstin 23 gün önce
@oxyn's exactly
oxyn's 23 gün önce
he her wow
axstin 24 gün önce
Joe Lopez Fediuk
Joe Lopez Fediuk Aylar önce
vincyman80 6 gün önce
This was one of the best game . Son is a great player am so happy Germany went out.
lemigod 5 aylar önce
Son is a legend,he will always be best remembered for helping South Korea defeat Germany for 1st time ever at World cup,also for helping his team Spurs reach their 1st ever Champions League final.Great Captain for his nation.If I am not mistaken he might have won Asian cup for SOUTH Korea too.
Tristan Hahn
Tristan Hahn 4 aylar önce
@sami malek You talking like South Korea never won Asian Cup. They have the 4th most titles.
sami malek
sami malek 4 aylar önce
@Sunit Kharat wining Asian games is not wining Asian cup they are two different tournaments
Sunit Kharat
Sunit Kharat 4 aylar önce
@sami malek son was granted an exemption to his service by helping South Korea win gold at the 2018 Asian Games - which meant that he was only required to complete basic training over a shorter period of time.
sami malek
sami malek 4 aylar önce
@Sunit Kharat that was under 23 not seniors
sami malek
sami malek 4 aylar önce
@Sunit Kharat nope
Mohammad  Arafat
Mohammad Arafat 22 gün önce
In this match, ozil created a lot of golden chances for scoring but those useless forwords like werner & gomez could not use this chances for scoring. If it was podolski or kolse Germany surely would have been scored 3-4 goals !! Had to admit after the retirement of kolse , podolski,lahm,basti Germany suffered so much!!
HonkiDonki 11 gün önce
No idea why Werner is still considered a first string player in the German team. His only good trait is his speed, but his technical and scoring abilities are average at best. The dude might be good in a counter-style team, where he has plenty of free space in front of him and where he can get into 1:1s with the other side's goalkeeper. For a possession-based team like Germany he simply is not good and reliable enough. And Gomez...obviously, for quite a while there was hope he could take over Klose's old role as the target man who can participate in the short passing game. But unlike Klose, or Klinsmann back in the 90s, Gomez did not have the 'it' factor at big tournaments. If Germany manages to get another 'finisher', they will perform much better than during the last 8 years.
Play with CraY HunTeR
The Korean Goalkeeper had the game of his life... 🔥🔥🔥
waste Aylar önce
What an absolutely brilliant goalkeeper Jo was in this
Rosario Jimenez
Rosario Jimenez Aylar önce
Ohhh siempre recordaré este partido, incluso lo uso como ejemplo de vida. Korea ya estaba eliminado y no por eso iba a regalar el partido. Se enfrentaba al campeon vigente y lo eliminó del mundial, y no solo eso, sino que lo dejó último en la tabla de posiciones.
Erick Agustin LJ
Erick Agustin LJ 28 gün önce
@Rodrigo Hernandez para eso Mexico tenia que verle ganado a suecia si perdia o empataba igual pasaba suecia no tenia mucho chance corea
Rodrigo Hernandez
Rodrigo Hernandez Aylar önce
De hecho si México no perdia contra Suecia, Korea pasaba. Por eso aquella foto donde Son lloraba porque lo iban a mandar a servicio militar
Hanson Wong
Hanson Wong 10 aylar önce
Don't remember the Korean goalkeeper's name anymore, but I remember that he was a beast
Mike Bari
Mike Bari 3 aylar önce
Indeed! Try getting to a pro team first before calling them amateur.
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 3 aylar önce
Yeah he’s very composed and not getting flustered, professional performance from him and the rest of the team
풀소유 4 aylar önce
Cho Hyun woo
검정 4 aylar önce
His name is Cho heun woo 조현우 He became really fakous in korea after the world cup.
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia 11 gün önce
Referee was clearly on Germany's side, just for that reason, I m happy south Korea won!
Eduardo Oliveira
Eduardo Oliveira Aylar önce
2014 Com a camisa do Flamengo, meteu 7 a 1 no Brasil. 2018 Com a camisa do Palmeiras, perdeu de 2 pra Coréia.
Antoine Mozart
Antoine Mozart Gün önce
Germany could have played this way during a year they would have been unable to score a single goal ! They were abysmal !
Sevensense V
Sevensense V Aylar önce
If there is a Football God, he was with South Korea. Goalkeeper was INSANE. Out of nowhere, no expectation, his performance was WORLD CLASS. Like where is this dude now
rashidi allias
rashidi allias Gün önce
he is with ulsan hyundai fc
Phillip kim
Phillip kim 10 aylar önce
Seeing Son sprint down the pitch with all his might after 90 minutes of play. priceless.
account 7 aylar önce
@Wicked Øne You don't watch football very much and you clicked this video?
new god
new god 8 aylar önce
@Wicked Øne you are son
lela 10 aylar önce
@Wicked Øne he’s the player mate 😂 8:26 thats him running
Wicked Øne
Wicked Øne 10 aylar önce
Tf is Son?
Александр Ананичев
"Son, are ya winning?"
⚜️ ЯꪮꪀꪖꪶĐ Ꮦ
Para Son este no era un partido, era el partido.. Y pensar que Alemania cuenta con una gran cantidad de fútbolistas reconocidos (que korea también pero no a nivel de alemania en nombres) y con buen fútbol y estrategia se lo ganan de una manera categoría..
Jimmy Quispe
Jimmy Quispe 26 gün önce
utilizaron la estrategia de aguantar y aguantar hasta que cometan el minimo error para sacar provecho de eso, Alemania fue muy confiado de que ganaria el partido y cuando todos sus planes se veian frustrados comenzaron a bloquearse, el animo cambia y los koreanos supieron aprovechar esos errores...por lo que te das cuenta que asi seas una potencia en el futbol, mientras el equipo este unido nada podra con eso..buen trabajo en equipo
Sin dudas el mejor partido del mundial, me emocioné y todo xd
Chicken Films
Chicken Films Aylar önce
Eduardo Vargas
Eduardo Vargas Aylar önce
Una lección de Humildad ..
Anak Sunmori
Anak Sunmori Gün önce
Shin Tae Young is the best 😍
Rex Thrasher
Rex Thrasher 3 aylar önce
The beauty of sport. The team play, sacrificing, the possibility of surprise. Each team has its moments of glory AND anguish.
@kharjou i aint your dude. And why did you feel the necessity to respond to my message? You must've been the detention class seat warmer.😁
kharjou 29 gün önce
@캉한것은아리타우므 you don't have to display your insecurities like that my dude
Bts’s precious Army
What a game it was…that thrill ..when watching back then
J A Aylar önce
This is when Korea and Mexico became best friends 🤣
lololol 8 gün önce
Mexico couldnt save us 😢 😢 😢
1954Stevied Aylar önce
What about Algeria beating (West) Germany in 1982? The Germans said humorously that they would score 7 goals against Algeria and would dedicate the seventh goal to their dogs.
Derek Lee
Derek Lee Aylar önce
There are lots of comments from friends from Mexico that they are happy for Korea. As a Korean myself, I have to say, we didn't appreciate Mexico losing to Sweden. Because going into this game, we knew we can get into the Knock-out phase, if Mexico beat Sweden, and we beat Germany by 2 goals. This is why Son was sprinting desperately down that field for that 2nd goal. We have done our part. But Mexico didn't. They cost us our chance to advance. So Mexico? No no no we really didn't appreciate you losing to Sweden.
merlotpapi Aylar önce
@Derek Lee That's cool I also don't like Mexico and I'm not Mexican either so congrats on trying to get me there lmao imagine that's the best insult you can have. Sucks that South Korea got lucky as fuck in this match and still couldn't advance.
Derek Lee
Derek Lee Aylar önce
@merlotpapi lol loving your hypothetical. At least it's not proven, unlike Mexico, got knocked out in real life in R16 hahahahahahahahahah
merlotpapi Aylar önce
Its not a big deal you would've been knocked out in the R16 anyways
Monkey 24 gün önce
Ozil created beautiful chances for the striker but they couldn't make it
Fred Melo
Fred Melo Aylar önce
Alemanha pós 7 x 1... Que delícia de jogo, mano! Top demais ver eles se lascando! E outra: todo mérico a Coreia!!!! Jogou muito! E o goleiro deles que jogou pra krl! Foda demais!
A deadly reality
A deadly reality Aylar önce
7-1 50 million brazilians crying
The phycopath
The phycopath Aylar önce
Must appreciate Korea goal keepers and defense
М.д Басмачы
Прекрасно помню этот матч!
cyrus kho
cyrus kho 10 aylar önce
I remember watching this and thinking that the South Korean GK was an absolute beast the whole game, played such a big part in them winning this game
Tewoll Bantur
Tewoll Bantur 4 aylar önce
Apa pelatihnya shin tai yong
Jihun Jung
Jihun Jung 4 aylar önce
One funny story is that some players from this match gathered in Korean TV show, and they all joke abut that Keeper blocked very easy shot but he made to look like so difficult one. 😂😂
Black Hawk
Black Hawk 4 aylar önce
Nah not really Germany couldn't finish on most shots
Crayon Bouzu
Crayon Bouzu 9 aylar önce
Spot on
VeeR0 10 aylar önce
he actually played better than Manuel Neuer
Mário guedes
Mário guedes Aylar önce
Quero vê Brasil e Alemanha na copa. É pouco provável mas a possibilidade existe.
Ajeaba Ali
Ajeaba Ali 27 gün önce
There’s been many matches where big teams break, like England vs Iceland in Euro 2016
Chris Aylar önce
This just goes to show that a team cannot expect to perform just because of its history. Even Germany can fail to relative newcomers like Korea.
Al-Hikmah TV
Al-Hikmah TV Saatler önce
Coach Shin Tae Yong luar biasaa!!!🇰🇷🇲🇨
Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby 10 aylar önce
Whenever its a good team vs a normal team match, the underdog's goalie always stood up. True story.
호롤롤로 2 aylar önce
@account You cant report someone for being _bit_ nationalistic lol
account 7 aylar önce
@Colin Te Baerts Yeah, just report it As a korean that's literal nonsense
Colin Te Baerts
Colin Te Baerts 10 aylar önce
@KoreaIsGreatest Eh, let's just say I disagree
Tauqeer Gaming
Tauqeer Gaming 10 aylar önce
India vs qatar 1st leg indian keeper gurpreet singh sandhu made 31 saves and helped india secure a dull goalless draw
KoreaIsGreatest 10 aylar önce
Yes, Korea is best team in the world.
David Aylar önce
What a impressed moment... team Korea has amazing spirit
Ahmed Abdulrauf
Ahmed Abdulrauf Aylar önce
Korean Goal keeper putting masterclass on display ✌✌
Well, it was unforgettable memory as a Korean When we made a goal, my house felt an earthquake made with shouting and cheering from people :)
Dũng Đó Đây
Dũng Đó Đây 8 gün önce
Hello bạn Vietnamis
lololol 8 gün önce
@Dũng Đó Đây and we Koreans feel sorry about our deeds during Vietnam war.. Were sorry.
Dũng Đó Đây
Dũng Đó Đây 17 gün önce
Vietnams chúc mừng Hàn Quốc
Huynh Viet
Huynh Viet 17 gün önce
Korea is a developed country so you are same level as Germany. You should be confident.
even it was midnight
Victor Garza
Victor Garza Aylar önce
A proper match of football when you don’t know whether to be happy or sad
k0pe 3 aylar önce
I remember watching this game in extreme stress because I am a Mexican and if Korea beat Germany, even if they didn’t get to pass to the next round, Mexico would be allowed to pass. Fun fact, when Korea won, the Korean embassy in Mexico got swarmed by happy people and people were so exited, they jumped so mutch, that we were actually able to create a small earthquake. Lol
Nienau2 Aylar önce
Creo que confundes el día, lo del pequeño sismo "artificial" en ciudad de México fue el día que se le gano a Alemania. Y para los que niegan que se puede crear un sismo, ahí están los registros de varias agencias sismológicas internacionales que registraron ese día un sismo artificial en tiempo real en la ciudad, dato científico haha... P.D. México tiene mucho mas cosas maravillosas que cosas negativas, solo depende del cristal con que lo mires.
я ненавижу понедельники
"earthquake" lmfao
El niño rata gaming
i love how thsi turned to an earthquke discussion
ملك كاتلونيا
I like Mexico team Cause they brave team didnt worry about big teams Respect to Mexico
Deo Online_4
Deo Online_4 Aylar önce
That's why we love football 😍😍😍 It's very unpredictable 💪💪
Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez
No se porqué, me recuerda a los partidos "épicos" que gana el Real Mandril..💦 Un gol en fuera d juego y "la suerte del campeón.." 🤑
Eric Sewell
Eric Sewell Gün önce
I was extremely happy when they lost all because they have beaten Brazil
Mauricio Sidan Gutierrez Bada
Science can't explain it, but I can... With a single sentence... XD
Hieu Dang
Hieu Dang 11 aylar önce
How is no one talking about the Korean’s Goal Keeper. He’s the hero of the match
Axslayer Aylar önce
Me literally seeing 200 comments of the gk
Light Up
Light Up Aylar önce
The goalie was alright, nothing special. He was fine but no top score. I think these people only watched highlights
Hieu Dang
Hieu Dang Aylar önce
@owen9 you r late
owen9 Aylar önce
Everyone is talking about the keeper lmao
Noah Derborg
Noah Derborg 3 aylar önce
Puskar T
Puskar T Aylar önce
That's why I say "respect your opponents ".......great match indeed !!
Miguel 29 gün önce
"El mejor partido" pero Alemania y Corea del Sur no pasaron de fase grupos. "El mejor partido" y *fue un busca pies* 7:24 "El mejor partido" y el segundo gol *fue producto de la desesperación* de Alemania 8:11 que tuvo muchísimas opciones de gol. Corea del sur no hizo un buen partido, tuvo en suerte en *ambos goles.*
Gabriel Lizarraga
Gabriel Lizarraga 24 gün önce
@patito lindo :3 cuac :3 Aun me sigue sorprendiendo de que Corea eliminó a una poderosa Alemania del mundial de Rusia pero bueno en el futbol siempre habrán sorpresas
EddVladd 26 gün önce
Igual les ganaron los coreanos 😎
patito lindo :3 cuac :3
exacto, no creo que si se encuentran otra vez le gane ya que se veia que alemania estaba super desesperado por un gol y descordinado, estaban mall
Martin Kikz
Martin Kikz 2 gün önce
But i can explain. Germany lose from south Korea. Actually I was expecting to put more than two goals.
Yuri DommZ88
Yuri DommZ88 Aylar önce
El portero coreano intimida, muy buen manejo de brazos
kimchee smoothie
kimchee smoothie 10 aylar önce
I watched this live when I was in Korea, when they won, owner of the bar shouted "free beer for everyone!"
Ethan Bebetta
Ethan Bebetta 2 aylar önce
Perfect 🤟🤟👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Reinz XD
Reinz XD 2 aylar önce
U r like oh yeah
xlongyujax 3 aylar önce
The owner did the golden bell! I so wish I was in Korea, remember watching this at home in America.
Ad4m 3 aylar önce
Sahra.M 3 aylar önce
I watched this when I was in Germany evryone thought Korea is nothing 😅
SkW 26 gün önce
Wow, outstanding performance of Korean goalkeeper.👏👏👏👏
Miguel Angel Sanchez
Miguel Angel Sanchez 21 gün önce
Siento discrepar, pero para muchos, los 2 mejores partidos de la historia de los Mundiales de fútbol son, el 8-3 de Hungría a Alemania en el Mundial de 1954 disputado en Suiza y el otro es aquella semifinal de México 70 entre Italia y Alemania ganada, tras, prrórroga incluida, por los primeros por 4-3. Quiero imaginar que al decir "el mejor partido" os estaréis refiriendo al de Rusia 2018 en cuyo caso volvería a discrepar de vosotros porque así, de botepronto, recuerdo ya 2 partidos mejores que el Alemania-Corea de esa edición como fueron el España-Portugal de la primera fase (3-3) y sobretodo el partido de octavos entre Francia y Argentina (4-3).
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal 21 gün önce
Korea's goalkeeper and defence is something else
Omar0280 Aylar önce
Son Heung , The Legend
B. Duhlala
B. Duhlala 11 aylar önce
That Korean keeper was the MVP in this match
Man in Fury.
Man in Fury. 3 aylar önce
Nope, Hummels or Son was the MvP.
찐따 3 aylar önce
인수 3 aylar önce
Damn !!!!!! My god Koreans are just an exceptionally amazing race I mean futuristic technology crazy innovation highly competitive people well mannered cultured disciplined kind and extremely polite and honest and on top of that ruling in sports as well ... WOW BOW DOWN EVERYONE
개똥벌레 3 aylar önce
His name is jo heun woo
Tor Cow
Tor Cow 3 aylar önce
I do not understand a game today, January 28, 2022 (caen-niort), 12 corners fall and no shots on goal (min.62)
eva ツ
eva ツ Aylar önce
the korean goalkeeper is absolutely amazing
Jy Angel
Jy Angel Aylar önce
Jamás vi algo de este nivel Estuve flipando por horas ... tan baja la caída de un campeón del mundo
Dario de lafe
Dario de lafe Aylar önce
Que papelón de Alemania.... último campeón del mundo, lleno de figuras...!!!! Tuvieron ocasiones de goles pero el fútbol aveces tiene que tener esa pisca de suerte... lo tuvo Corea
Dwizikra Fitri
Dwizikra Fitri 8 saatler önce
Terlepas dari kontroversi, Korea memang hebat
Athmane Mehadji
Athmane Mehadji 7 aylar önce
The quality of the match could be explained by two facts: One team was playing for the qualification; the other was playing for the honor and the prestige.
taliban superpower
taliban superpower 5 aylar önce
@Celia now I'm thinking BTS
Frey 5 aylar önce
@Celia Not this one though, it was Olympics bronze medal
Robin Kim
Robin Kim 5 aylar önce
@Will Lee why would the coaches do that to the players?? Yes, they may have probably been informed in the last 15 mins from their staffs or maybe not... but even so, have you ever thought that might affect the players performances and mentality if they were told?
Will Lee
Will Lee 5 aylar önce
@Robin Kim You ever think about the Korean Coaches probably heard the score result between Mexico & Sweden then told his players during the match?
Robin Kim
Robin Kim 5 aylar önce
@Will Lee he literally just showed you 🤦🏻‍♂️
gabriel 27
gabriel 27 Aylar önce
Esse foi um das melhores zebras que já vir Ao vivo. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jiménez Aylar önce
I was stressed out during this I had to root for my Mexican Country And hearing that if South Korea wins against Deutschland, we are in for the finals Sadly, we lost, but thanks to Korea
노페인노게인 4 gün önce
스포츠의 매력이라고 생각합니다. 손흥민이 아닌 손흉민의 질주 진짜 다시봐도 소름돋긴함
Omer Cagatay
Omer Cagatay 3 aylar önce
Looking at the game again it still gives me the chills vith an unbelievable keeper this has to be the best win ever for the koreans Huge respect to the korean goalkeeper Incredible perfonmance
히이라기 Aylar önce
jo hyen wo is hero in korea also what if ask who is the best goolkeeper in the korea? a lot of peple will say jo hyen wo
Light Up
Light Up Aylar önce
I feel like the only people saying the goalie was sth special were people who didnt watch the match, just the highlights lol
Jou t7
Jou t7 Aylar önce
Yes that Korean goalkeeper is actuall national hero for being so great goalkeeper.
Samaptir Rani
Samaptir Rani Aylar önce
Zang Wei
Zang Wei 3 aylar önce
@Eliazar Torres 4:50 이 장면을 실시간으로 봤을때, 득점인줄 알았습니다!
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